The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on August 25, 1921 · Page 8
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 8

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 25, 1921
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

THE FAtnr,:ouNT Nnvs I Mr. tele Tomlinson of Summitvtlle was in Fairmount on business Monday K. M. Pernod made a business trip to Marion Wednesday afternoon. WATCH WATCH morning. Miss Lillian Dunbar was the guest City, Dad You Know Mr. Aba Tult of Kansas Mo Is the guest of Mr. and of Mrs, Blanch ltoriue Wednesday. Lowell Harris of near Marion tailed on old friends in Fairmount Monday, John Underwood. Buy Quality Goods And Save Mcnsy Mr. And Mt? J. A. Smalley of Cincinnati are guests of the format's sister, Mr. John Underwood. of the telephone a two weeks vac , V Myrtle Wright oluee is enjoying tion. Miss Mrgar4 Evan of India napo Charles Darnell and Bob Davis are li was the week-end guest of Miss THE SPOTS THE SPOTS Isadora Rush. spending this week at Tippecanoe Lake, DUl you know lhat we tU as good a lot of Men's Shoes as are told anywhere Choice $5.00 Per Pair and A, family Mrs, J, John Underwood "and their ernes Is Mr, and Miss Mary Carter of Warren, is That Right Smalley of Cincinnati, were quests of the. guest of Fairmount relatives this relatives in Huntington eounty last week. Sunday, Mis Martha Little assisted as clerk in the Bee Hive Wednesday ,,!ts a wonder hat $5.00 will huy. Choice of anv man Shoe in our store $3.00 per pair. The Bee Hive Cash Store, Mrs. H. J, Keisert. who has been Seelhem in our show window Mr, and Mrs, Arnold Barrlck spent Tuesday evening with Mr, and Mrs, Thomas Kelley, visiting her bother, Chas, Bright j and family, has returned to her home j Good Luck Olio.. 2 pounds for 50c . 24 Heavy Can Rubbers 1 15c Fancy Apples, 4 pounds for !.25c Itananas. 6 l-2c Graham Crackers, per pound 10c Tomatoes, 3 pounds for.. ,-10c Starch, 3 pounds for 25c Com Beef, 1 pound can............ .25c Peanut Butter.. 15c Tobacco, 3 for 25c Rio Coffee, per pound, 15c and 18c Cream Cheese, per pound 30c Swansdown Cake Flour 38c Peaches in syrup, per dozen $3.00 Flour, per sack.. $1.00 Corn Flakes, 10c; three for 25c The Bee Hive Cash Store in Detroit, Mich, Thomas Kelley called on relatives and friends at Uberty Center and Warren Sunday, Mrs, Esom Sjuith and sons William Miss Cora llernly of Indianapolis, spent Thursday, Friday and Saturday as th guest of Mr, and Mrs, John Harvey and Mrs. Lenore Edwards, and Lloyd, are visiting relatives in Bluttton this week. V Mrs. rytha MittanV, of Pendtetxm, is the guest of Lewis Mittank and family. Will Johnson, who taught the past year in the Anderson high sthool, has Miss Emma Huston of Chicago, for the past week has been the guest of Mr, ami Mrs, Buchannan. Have An Individual Suit Doixt Be a Duplicate S aCVVpieVl jn?lltVH lUl lire "niiuiR year in the Technical high school, In-! dianapolis. Miss Margaret Furvianee is making a two weeks visitjn Adamsboro and Fcru. The Mayflower Rev, Clarence Wilhelm will preach in the Baptist church Friday evening at 7iS0. Public is invited Miss Nolia McCombs returned home Monday from Auburn, where she spent ten days as the guest of Mr. Phone 1 1 Gary, Is and Mrs. Bob Lindsay, Prop. William Tomlinson of Summitvill? Mr, Dave Denniek, of visiting her parents, Mr. Lewis Mittank. Clarence ) was in Fairmount Wednesday after and Mrs. J. R. Fink and Proem and family. noon calling on old friends. Mrs. tiiiie Shidaker, who has been visiting her cousin, Mrs. James Bell, has returned to her horn? in Harveys- There a time hen Tailor made tMH? cost ww. That is not tine new. We ill fit von. Your clothes will reflect jour individuality. American Ca timers for fall. ad S3o.d. 1hir nv-snsihilitT i your rxit ante." .Miss Marfraret Taylor has returned ! from Swaysce where she has b?cn J spending the past week with friends. George Street, Wayne and Basil Street of Rigdon, spent Tuesday with Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kelley and Mr. and Mrs. John Morris, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Mittank, Mrs. Mary Wright and son Eugene, and Mr. and Mrs. Clark Davis picnicked with friends near Shirley Sunday. J burg, Ohio, Mr. and Mrs. Walter W. Rush and daughters entertained at dinner Monday Mrs. Martha P. Wright and Miss Leona Wright of Indianapolis, Mr. and Mrs. Barclay Johnson of Fuller-ton, Cal., and Mrs. Edgar M. Mrs. Anna fluff and children have arrived from Louisville, Ky to spend the winter. The children will attend the Fairmount schools whih hero. No matter wjiat you pay. No better shoes made or sold. Choice $3.00 per pair. The Bee Hive Cash Store. son and and Mrs. tt rover Kademaker and d. T., of .Marion, spent Sunday Monday with Mrs. Isaac IVlph family. Every pair of men's shoes in our store are alt leather No substitute used, choree per pair $5.00 The Uee Hive Cash Store. Mrs. Duf? is the daughter of the late Ribble Bros. i A. R. Long. Rex l-amb is building a large fac- (OF COURSE TAILORS Jimmie, the little son of Mr. and Mrs. Rama Sellers, of South Walnut street, was taken very ill on Wednesday evening. jtoiy at Mount emon, u., lor tne I manufacture of milk bottles. Mr. Mrs. Frank Bender, of Fort Wayne, is the guest of Mrs. O. P. Andrews for the week, after which Mrs. An-drew will accompany Mrs. Bender to fjogansport for a short, visit and from there they will go to Fort Wayne. Lamb is secretary of the Essex Class ! t t v-. ar, danc-hter :comnanv which for more than two Mrs. K. M. Pernod and family returned to their home in this city Monday after a visit with relatives in Jonesloro. -4 Oral .Woe, cf Lafayvtt are i?iting years operated the Bell Bottle com-the fcrntVs rAvr.t. Mr. and Mrs.'pany plant in Fairmount until it was Elsie Smith let a week or ten days, destroyed by fire. Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Barrick have returned from a three weeks motor trip, visiting in Muncie, Newcastle and Indianapolis. ROYAL THEATRE The Timely Prices On Timely Goods That Will Save You Money Fairmount Flour . ..98e 10 pound Dark Kuro 00c 1 pound can Itakinyr Powder. l!)c 2 pound broken slices Pineapple... .25c 1 4ound bucket Peanut Butter 25c 1 pound Ginjrer Snaps . , :.15c Come in and let us quote you prices on canned fruits before the price jroes up. Now is the time to buy. A full line of fruits and vegetables for Saturday. THE QUALITY GROCERY BERT BRILES, Proprietor Mrs. dames Farmer and children of SumnutviHe, drecly Bright of Koko-mo, Mrs. 11 .J. Keisevt of IVttvit, Mich., Miss Cynthia Oickerson of Caston and Uiehard and Joseph Bright wro guests at dinner Sunday of Chas. Bright and family. Miss Lenore Ramsey, who hns boon taking a spcial course at Northwestern University, finished her school work last Friday and left for Iwton, Mich., where she is making a short visit with her brother, Ccorgo Ramsey and fam-ly, before returning to her home in Fairmount. Mrs. Icie Chamberlain and son Roland, returned to their home in Detroit. Mich., Wednesday after a short visit with relatives here. t 1 1 Mrs. John Buller spent Wednesday j 1 afternoon at the bedside of Mrs. Klla Buchtel at the Grant county hospital i , a Marion. Mrs. Buchtel's condition jt was somewhat improved over that of j Tuesday. On Tuesday she suffered j 4 severely and her improvement of Wednesday was most gratifying. Will open under the new management on Thursday evening. August 25, with a Paramount Super Special "The Woman God Changed" A cosmopolitan production, A romance of Hroadway and Southern Seas. Of a hectic race for pleasure, stilled in the peace of a lonev isle. Of a life unworthy cleansed by trial and wreck that taught a man ar.d wonn how to live. Also l athe Keview. Friday Duglas McLean in "One a IVintlte Paramount Picture. Also a Good Comedy Saturday Thomas Meighan in "White and Unmarried A Paramount Picture, The story of a crook with a soul. Also a Good Comedw Otto Ilaislcv and family, who hav Ken visiting relatives here for the past few days, have returned to their home in Niles, Mich. Mr. Haisley has held the position as superintendent of the public schools in Niles for s-.mie years, hut was formerly a resid Mr. and Mrs. Marion EUingwood on Tviesday ent?rtainevl as guests at dinner, Mrs. Icie Chamberlain and son Roland, of Detroit, Mich., Miss Lil- ent of Fairmount. .. r-.. l.,.. i ....... - , . . u ii5 I daughters Margaret and IiOUse, Mrs. Juha tee, Mrs. hdgar M. BaU1vir, . . - Otto Morris and family. Miss 7.ola Beasley and Miss Eliaheth Beasl?y attendevi services at Friends Back Creek church Sunday evening where their cousin, Mrs. Veda Bate-man, of Bombay, India, gave an ad ill w gwe We have iit&Med a new mxchine and picture without tntermUfcn. dress on tl.e customs of that far away land of the Orient, Only Firstclass Pictures Shown FOR SALE In a grime of baseball staged Tuesday afternoon at the home of Joe llolloway, near the East Branch school house, a team representing the Monroe Township Federated Farmers, defeated the Fairmount township players by the score of 7 to 2. Blair and Clyde Monahan formed the battery for the locals. FOR SALE Pure strain Jersey bulls and cows. Write", J. F. Tomlinson, Sleepy Hollow Farm, Logansport, Indiana. GRAPES FOR SALE Sc., a pound. Oliver Haisley. Sunair Sc Powundl After Having M if r, r FOR SALE Best Kentucky coal that can be got. Prices right. Oscar Loy, Fairmount, Ind. WITH OTHER GOODS you do it this FOR SALE Grapes, blue plums and apples. Milton T. Cox, Phone 2732 Red. an honest-to- tin. F. W. White is in receipt of a letter from his uncle, Frank' II. Rigdon, a well known former Fairmount and Marion resident, now located at Long Beach, Cal., in which he says that just now business on the Pacific coast is exceedingly dull, but says he believes now is the opportune time to buy property. He also says they have an abundance of the finest kinds of fruits. IB. pounds or.. . .$ .SO 23 pounds lor. ... ,$1.23 55 pounds for. ..,$1.75 50 pounds for .... $2 SO 60 pounds for. ...$5.00 T5 pounds for. .,.$3.73 v paint that has Pnretas amounting to S 5.0 1 Purchase amounting to $10.0 ( Purchase amounting to $15.01 Purch&s amounting to f2Q.d( Purchase amounting tn $25.01 Purchase amounting to $30.0 1 Purchase amounting to $55.01 had to buy more gallons, and it took too long to apply. You'll save money by doing your painting now. Youll make money by using High Standard. lastinfMss.' Tou nevar saved a cent by using a cheaper paint than Lowe Brothers High Standard. Even if it did 85 pounds for. ... .$4.25 FOR SALE Seven room cottlge, alec trie lights, city water, sewer connections, barn, coal shed and four lots. Buildings in good repair. Price, $1500. S02 West 8th, St, phone 255 Purchase amounting to $40.$ 0 100 pounds for $5.00 Come In and ask for ft U per gallon, you detailed explanation. Miss Dorothy Luther entertained at dinner Tuesday, Mrs. Martha P. FOR SALE An electric washer. Phone 86. WANTED Purchase amounting to $15.00 110 pounds for $5.50 Purchase amounting to $TO00 125 pounds for. . v. .$6.25 Purchases my he made in any or all department. Simply tke your sales checks of purchases made on any one day to the grocery department and get the sugar you jsrant st Sc a pouud in any of the above amounts. (Sugsr, flour or meats not included in your purchase) Fairmount Hardware Co. Wright and Miss Leona Wright of Indianapolis, ,Mr. and Mrs. Barclay Johnson of Fullerton, Cal., Mrs. Wal WANTED To buy old paper and rags. Deliver to junk yard or call Phone 187. Lee Halperin. ter W. Rush, Mrs. Clinton Winslow, Mrs. Wessie Payne and little daughter and Mrs. Edgar M. Baldwin. KSfrfT (Sr Marion WANTED Washing to do- Mrs. Zena Barrick, South Barclay street. Cosmos, Nasturtiums, Gladiolas and other late summer blossoms were us vfv a .wry & zm. irRmn z.. FARM LOANS If you want to bor ed effectively in the decoration of the prettily appointed dining table and the dainty sun-parlor. row money on your farm, see O. R. Scott, Fairmount, Ind. I ! .JO

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