The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on August 25, 1921 · Page 7
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 7

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 25, 1921
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

THIS FAlimOUNT NGVS LIVE STOCK NEVS (THl FARM NEWS A T l y DEPARTMENT Y MINISTER DISCUSSES HIS WIFE'S TROUBLES Kox A. II. Eykos, fornxor pastor ot tho Watklns Iark rrosbyti in ohurrh, Nixshxillo, Tonn., says: "Afior sxolxig xxliat Taniac laa ho-oxxtnpllslxoxt In ny xvlfo'a oaso, I anx oonvlneod that It Is a moxilclne of prxxt ioxxvor and extraordinary inorlt. I do txot think I Ixavo ovor soxmx anything give Bitch ixrxxnxpt results. Mrs. Sykos Itad txxtx In dolicate hoalth for ton months suffering: from stomach trxxublo anxl nervous hroakdoxx-n. ,l frxMuontly soxight medical advice but Taniac ts tho only thin that ffnx-e her any relief. Aftor taking the mexlictno only a shrt time, she xras able to pit up and help xxith the household duties. I thtnlt It only a ahort time until hor health xxlll bo fully ro-storod.v, Taniac ts ld hy loaxlinp druggists ex-eryxvhere. Advertisement. SUMMER IS EXCELLENT TIME TO EXTERMINATE MANY HOG PESTS GOOD HIGHWAYS v : Tr.,Att,s of oomr xxxv-th ot i fJ TL lttnt Ahn tH POULTRY CACKLES CORING FOR GROWING CHICKS fcse-t a's ta Best GrexMh Xre Good C-oes. eriies. Feed, Water atd Free Rrc,e. X V"s i-vxr ,t Vy X. VxruU-xt St.xx tVy-Art-r.-.v-r-.t ct" AjtX'tcxV.iuxre.Xj Wc oavo Of gvoxv " eb.tcks OsV At-lv v'.rlrg xx,xr,x xxxwther, s xyxvs tra-tKHtr.t. say ssc.aV:s:s xxf tbo Vnttt ?matv lVV'.v,.xr;cy.t ot Kwx toy or xt xvoy.-.tor of & pexxl-ttx ovr,b boy..d fc'w Xtor.x tho tost o; Tv-.rv U' sv,iv ?s to to bad. Tie b.toks w.av to v.y.Att tttt'.e iV..oxs fr.v.x stwt:, xlsroxxxxx tvuvAxr, i stovs, rr.d ttoy may hax-e Kvn bxvb s er.Tvftt'.ty for tbo tf.rst twvx or tb.rxv xx-ox-Vs. to. r.r-.Vss thoy vxvlxv pvoyor j v-:.;v v.r d rAy.Aotrrter.t xbxvr.g tb.oir j later itvxxtrg vvf.od tT.oj- xxf.l not aiv aI- i Vsav l'.v ; y.'txs. 1 t. ! ; i 'l IVVW ' , 2 C t ll.... I i ?t- U J ' S3 3 XT" Nc,rss I ev-$ I -.-crater CnVs Aexxe-d t Ru C. t cn Gex-enft'-iet raw at . Bettjx--: t. ; wx v.. w. i-;.r vk.l 1 s vv ,s.-, xc ,0;xy".l AX-..I vt-yAxxsl v vx xxx-lc. Ar.ii v-loAn vb.Axlnt. vbA:T. s tlor.s tn lVrArtn-.or.t Cwav txx. Uox i J ; 1 r-'71 V IvJ:- a,V. r l wrt.. VNvry xv ,V xm- vxrx v. .l .RfS1 teU ! iiV- t -v-., CJ i 'mtA- j fx f I or sf.nx! rv.t xv. tb.o f.y. tb.o j i.Vv at. 1 bAr.x- xNftx-r. for lUv Ay,l xvi.tos r.y.l tf fv.r.,l '.boy sb.or.M to t j ti.! of At or .v bx- fWoxxir. tb.o xV.tvo- i f J. : ?tr1 t ror ovtvmAl tvxrA- .,vx ,Xy tl oil floAtln ox tlx sxxrfAoo xt tlxo s.rxxtxs xxjx.Ioxx-r. xy,Nl for Itoo j ri, tvr tf i tx th sxxn j -v Vi-V:xNl in a Atls-1 t,vi,,c tKx x!r nnx tooxnx o xx Arxn J f-'vrry m;'USt XX"V "iTr .Al 1- xx ill xxot Ho in St. tt tlx xx aI- j rx-nxV.tnxv of wwy. tlnxo xvl InKvr. It j t,w u vxvl tv tbo xllwvt wx vt j TEMPORARY SHEEP PASTURES rtesulta of Experiment Made by Da partment ot Agriculture, on 30-Acre Fieid in Maryland. tlfXvxM(s.l to tbe tVSo.t Jx.xXs lersrt-nxont xn VsnoHrx.x txx a iat-aore tWl tn Murx -la ml, xisxhI by tho tnitoxt tatos IV xjxrttxxeixt xxf Aciioxxlmro to lost iho o.xrryins oa-ixaotiy of ioiuixornry ixastxnvs for slivop. sxxtoioxxt ixasturaco xvas ixrxxtluoxl to fxirxiislx an axoraco ot TCx xlAys' jrrait-tnc xmx oach aoi-o for a nxature oxvo. This is oqutvatont to aboxxt txx-xx shoo) atx acxv for a so;xs,xxx of xi:xys, or txxxx jxmt xxiufv-haif sloox for a iSMltxy lvrtV!t. This ivxstxxrajix ts xxxxich nxxxro tlrtn ooniil to obtAixxoxt frxxnx ixoronntai prass ptxxxvn xxxx laxxxt of tho ohAraclor xxt X'aJxxx xxf lat usxt in tho osixorixxxoxxt, thx xfrixArtnxoxrt shxfix sixoctAiists say, txt not nxoro llxan oan to ohtainoxl frxxnx tho txost tlxo-pr:xss ivxstnros. Hxxxnt land xxxl for sxxch a sxxoox-ssiMx i xxf toxnxorary vxtxxros slxxul,t xrxx,iuoe fiMxx SO hx txM or xvnt nxorr jv.Astxxr- 1 & s. Lxmbs on fature in Maryland. ao than xvas xxixt-xixext tn this ixxstanoo. In sxxoh a systoxxx as iho one under trial there is xxxxt much choice xxf crxl to ho xxsxl in xllftex'exxt xxxMths It ts ohietly necessary txx xxxako sxxre ot haxv-tn xno ctxx rxMixly xvhoxx tho pxvoed-tng one Is tinishoxl. All the crxxjvs xxsoxt lu !lUk the thlrxl year of tho xvixerixnMxt, stinxulatxl a goil floxv-of uxiik txx tho oxxxps ixrodncexl jxii gXNxxxth in tho laxnbs and, after xxvan-ng, put Iho oxxos tn gxxxt condition fxxr fall hreoxting. Tho oxx-os anxl tandxs xxoro all pnre-tx-oxt Souihdoxxxxs Sxxxno xxf the exves raising lanxhs roootx-oxl a hatf-inxund of gxain oach d:xlly until May 1x and 2 head xxf oxx-os tn a fail-breoxiing xtxeri-xxwxt rooxtXTprl a light foexl ot grain dur tng Septexxxtor and ttotixlr. All Iho laxxxbs xxero kept for breeding pxxrixxxses and xxoro fox! wxxxe grain throxighxntt tl suixxxxxor. In xalcxxlallng hoxv far tlxo foexl actually prodncexl xvould rxx fxxr gtxxxxn shxep it xxtxs cxMxstderoxt that a lanxh atx xxxxo-fonrth as much as a sheep xtnttt Jxxly 1, ami after that xxxxe-half as uxxxch. A toiat of TCt Ixxxurs xvork fxxr a man and a toaxxx xxas rjxxlxxp,l fxr ploxvlng anxl seexting tho xt acres usoxt tn tlti dxder tho exxmtittxxns xxf ihls ex.xort-mont fall-sxxxxxx xxhoat anxl sixrlng seeding of xxals anxl peas soxvn bxgether at tho rate xt li bushels ier acre hate heexx mst satlsfactxxry for gracing ixx sprig ami early summer. Soy heans aro ready for grating ahxxut the nxtxtdle of July ami fxxrxxlsh most of tho fHHt xmtll tctxer. In NVxonxIxer falbsxxxxn xxhoat axxxl rye hax-e Ixeon xxsoxt xxxxxsi, thxxugh late seoxlings f oorxx anxl votxxt Ih-xus xx ere usexl In H't'.t for Iho first time xmx acres that haxl roceixt an extra txxp dress-tng xxf manure, Tho number xxf days of grazing from one aero xf each crxxp tu mii was as fxxlloxvs catxHxIalxt xn Its vxtxxro value fvr xmo mature exx-e: lxX!. lx y tr ss5 xxxxi.x :t Soy bexs SIX AlfIfix ,,..,,., Sx3 xx,xt uml v;xs., 3t lrly . W1t X.XXX.VXXVXX ll nxxxxxxxxxx. TYPES OF BABY BEEF COWS Three Important Factors Should 0 Kept in Mind In Making Selection of Breeders. In selxH-ttng xx-. frxxnx xxhlch baby beef Is tx to prxxxiucoxt, throe wry tnx-ixortaxxt factors shxMthl to kept In xxxlnd t 1, Tho oxxNvs sluxuld ha" at U"ast a fair amount of toef Ix1mmI, lxro hroxls are txxt necessary, hut tvxn or three cxsses xxf such hroexHng la x"s-setdial. Oxxxvs xxixh a preixtuxdersxnce of xtairy bhaxd xvtll nxt do for the prxv xtxxctixxxx ot haby,hxef, 2, Oxxxx s tost sutlxMt fxxr Ihls typo vxf breextiug usxxatty xx-otgh tka) iHHinds or ovor tn thrtrty hrooxltn coxxdltlnn. S hxng as ojxrl- maturity Is not sacrl Rcoxt, tho hoax lor oxxxvs are tho nxvt snltrthlo fxxr txahydxox''f xrxxductlon. Ste ot frame ralher than xroiht should gxxx-orxx In solecllnjt cows which aro to to used fxxr this pnrpxxse. 3, Tho exxws usot to prxxtlnoe lahy toevos shxxuld proxtuco enough milk t keep tho x-alxes fat and growing xvtttxout tnnch addlttotxal feed up to weaning tixxxo. In axldithxxx to these throe factors, sxtch things as constitution, uniformity ot brooding, color, ulae and early maturity should to considered. Fowl's Fatal Tit-Bit. Chickens ale fireworks tn West Axon, Cxxnxx and xtted spontaneously. Misguided patriotism or undi scrim mating appetite catisext the death of mixst of young Mareollus Rcnnlson's half-grxxxxnx chickens MarcxMlns had a lot of sxxnHxf-gxins xxitU which to celebrate tho Fourth of July. Sxxoa-of-gxxns aro explosive little disks xvhlch gxx off xxtth a stirring sparkle and crackle when ground beneath tho heel. The xxther day Marcellus" chickens he-gaxx to gx off xxith sttrrlixg Kparkllngs and cracklings. The cause of their unanimous ami spectacular demise xva revealed by a post-mortem performed xipon xxne of them. When the foxxTs crxxp was slit smoke inxxtred out ami xvhen this had clearexl axvay several fragments of a sixnxf-a-guu were found. Montreal Family Herald. In and Out of Matrimony. "Is this tho place yoxt go to see aboxxt dtx-orcosr" dcxnamlext a careworn Individual roxently of Leonard Qrasl-ano, the proprietor xxf the Ixxxot-shlnlng stand xxn iho xxest side of tho county exxnrthouse. "Sxxre,'"' repllext Ora.lano. looking rather Intently at tho man. "Txxxx better tako a lawyxr tn xvlth you or pick oxxo xxp In the haUxxay. There's alxvays a Ut xxf Vm haxxglng around. "Say!" ho ctxlioi after the sad ona, "dixtn't yoxt xmo to this here door txvo years agxx xxlth a skirt ami didn't 'yxxi ask a gxxy xvhero the xnarrlnge llcexxse bxxreaxx xx-asV "Yeh. What of ttb" "XoihinY MptliHl ltnard, "only I'm that guy. Yoi cxxnxo to the right Joint this time." Nexv York Times Iv's x Jong rxxod that has no road-house. Sua re Cx2eDoe1? CO 6 DCLLANS Hot water Sure Relief iJZJvOt INDIOC3TION P. D Q. P. XX Q. B BaB Hi Asia ut Tkelr Ess As Wt3 A aS cent package makes one quart, enough to kill a. million, and contains a patent spout fr, to gt ttxenx tn tho bard-to-ct-at places. Your Drurrtst haa It or can ret It for you. or mailed rr- rX on reeirt of tvrtro by tha OWL x ItKMlCAL. WORKS. Terr Kauto, Inf. x.enxalno P. D, Q. ta never peddled. VICTIMS" RESCUED Kidney, liver, bladder and uric add troubles are moat dangerous because of their insidioua attacks. Heed the first warning they give that they need attention by taking Tho world's standard remedy for tbaoo disorders will ofton ward off these diseases and strengthen tho body against further attacks, Threo si, all dracsists. Laokfse tka - mmm Cell Medal aax mi mm faaitatiaax Cuticura Soap The Velvet Touch For the Slrin Saa 2Se, Otateeat 2S sad SOe. Take 2Sc rt wt xr.o wnsMT WM- , xuv vt xxn no oxv on i? Mxio n,t xmi. , t tvit tno oHtXv-vn i rimr w ,11U" I xxx. ONE-MAN ROAD GRADER PAYS PxtitafcS Pln tor Farmers Community te Get Together and Pxr efcase Impiemetxt. thxov txxxx (oaxixs xf horst-s xi t Ixyxx txxxx xxxt to Ih rvxjn'roxl bx loxvl Axl (crsxilo ro:u'5. Noxx- xx-o hAx" XV,o xvxo-xxxaxx XxxacMxxx xxhtolx xUos Xho xxV ixx hAlf xhx tino xxvl xxxxxvr rsXA I.ikx aN xxx;vlorix xlovK xt tlxi xxxnx 5t S. xf xNxy lrixtnx bv rasmv lino. . 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