The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on August 25, 1921 · Page 6
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 6

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 25, 1921
Page 6
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THE FAniKOUNT NEWS To Meet Fall Weather Half Way 1 Making Hictoryo tMPROVtD UNIFORM INTERNATIONAL StsndaySchool T Lesson 7 tKy HEY. P. . FtTSWATER, t D. xf Knjrltsh Uibt in the Moody R;hl Institute et Claoagtxv) t tKl. WcsteiH N?wsxtr tnlon. LESSON FOR AUGUST 28 - ir Ak J PROM ASIA TO EUROFE. TTNFANT MORTALITY in past ages has been something frightful, something almost beyond belief, and even today it occupies the time and the mind of leading physicians in all countries. The death rate among infants is being gradually reduced through new methods of hygiene, new preventatives and new remedies for infants. This reduction in the death rate has NOT been accomplished by adapting the precautions taken and remedies used by adults. Rather has it been to keep clear of the old methods, and choose after long research the precautions and remedies specifically applicable to infants. This being so, is it necessary for us to caution mothers against trying to give her baby relief with a remedy that she would use for herself? Will she remember that Fletcher's Castoria is strictly a remedy for infants and children? 1 Ll-vXX Tt:XT-Acts h tOI.lKX TKXT-Arj t!.cy Kid. rUexe ox the t.oil Jcsxi et-.rist, ant thoxi haU b saved. aiKt ihy house. Act ni.PKHKNCi: MATKlUAt.-tlom. I?:t5- a. PUIMAUV TOPIC A Wonvlrtul txream. Jl'XIOU TVXPIC Paul Ctvssos Over Into u Ml.-; ! xs to Puvv INTKKMKtxtATK ANl SKNtOU Txt lO lM-tr.r.iij? Work en a Now Cosit-'nont. YOPXxi PKOPt.K AMI AtxPt-T TOPIC P;ul CarrSs the Ucspcl to Kuire. I. FcrbidJen by the Holy Spirit to Children Cry Fop Frach the Word (vx 0). We have horx u lesson on divine Net Contents l&ThriA Praofaq rddane The tntitlnation of Paul atid Ids xmp:nieiis xxas to tarry in tlx"1 irovinoes of Asia pmtvhius: the xvorxC but xwdrary to their inclina tion tb.ex- xxere hurried alortj. There xxvrx tnatiy toide In Asia yet xxho ttcvdoxt the tosiel. They mtcht have mtsonxHl "Wtutt ditWivtuv xveuid tt tuake as to xxhere xve jiroarlu just I 2 1 so the t.osivt is tnvaehxHlT Thouilt sxHMntnsly small, the nuxstion as to m rrnttnT.-a TER CENT. ,1 xxhether the tesiel sh.ould be A a j 'r"T fr t tin i- y it1 it 1 i I . ""s:V' fen AMhlelVctarahVxtiferAs -i ;s9 1 frxwohxHl amon?: the exxle In the East or tn the West has detetndned I tintttheStomadtsaMPv the enthn tdstorv xt the i-ttureh. H:td they preached antonsT the pexile tn the East, Christianity xxvuld never have become xvorldxvtde. On the other band, by laying bold unon tho Urxelan tntxtlxx't nd cxMubtntnjt xvlth lb tie push atnt enerpy of the ltotuans It Cheerfulness anaNx--; Mineral. Not arou Keame xxrldxx tde. In the guidance xt the Spirit x-e find lttm just as ac I tive and as faithful la closing door as tn oocntns: them. "The steps as xx ell as the steps of. a gxnxd man aro Hi:Ut: Ar twv. ,us ! xltt wwt ittH" bust. Tho stcwv: ntv rtarltif. but TaU wvstt-.vr Its n tvnu.att as oat srev pv s that the txh of them a xV?y. but v: vt j ann at ftv In them. T vrjr thctti htnts of wlutor ant tho xMhvr llantx? buttxMxs fasten tho x-xvt. anl th Of Course You Love Your Baby, You Ioto it because of its very helplessness, because it can't tell you what is the matter when it feels bad. It can only cry and look to you for help. But the mere you love baby, the more you want to help baby, the more you ought to realize -what a wonderful remedy Fletcher's Castoria is tIt has been used for babies' ailments for over thirty years. In experienced doctor discovered Fletcher's Castoria especially for babies' use. It is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. Doctors who know what is safe and best for babies have only good to say of it. Don't neglect your baby. Get a bottle of Fletcher's Castoria and give baby a few doses of it. See how the little one smiles at you as if trying to thank you for helping it. Soon you will learn to depend on Fletcher's Castoria, made just for Infants and Children, and of course you would not think of using anything for them that was not prepared especially for Infants and Children. So keep it in the house. GENUINE CASTORIA ALWAYS orxlervxl et the tAM-xt.' We oupht to a truly reocstlo Ood's hand In the riex-nl!' su!i;uvi-. jus as thxv xvf "?,liut Ins" as xxelt as tn the 'Vpen xxuts. II. CtUed to Macedonia tvv. S 12) CtsftsllpatioiiMw xt!ar msy be brxmjtht up atn'ut ti. thtxat avt fastened there. T!e evur and bottom of the oxvU utv trhunwHt xx tth silk sttteitns- Wats xr tbs eharae-txr are made tn tte usual exxtor. thi xhrk bhiesx browns trays and tan that rexvr grxxxx- tirxsoine. Tte xyvt at the Hcht of rxugh xxah teinsr now hemmed tn on alt sides, a vision xxas srlvrn to Taut of a man wutnnm at xao xMf ther 's a noxv raxsiol xxhKh vct tx tuvt th nioxv-s of xx inter, xxhl'.e. tVc otbxr xxtll nxKrtake txx tat xnt tho fa'! aut for-bap n-.tjtrato to snoxxlos o'.Umvs. Th vlnrk vttt iMoturxM Is of amnte xxovtrs axl has a hr:v -:r of lxTr fur. tt ts h trtnu yvuthfut frxMn Macedonia pleadlnsr fer help This xxas the sxMution of the mystery jBCit Sijnatnrtpr ctosexl xUnxrs about them. There is a nesnttx-x and it pxxsltlve side to the in a I'tht tan has a border of aucr; ' Srhtrs cutdance. tf xve xxtll note tttxVel and inorrerate sexv.i v thei , , . v easvMx s nexv stvie v.ts. n tn tat xx iU atWt to yxxni xxor.un. The ( shA U l c vnwU,f XXr!M both xve shall be able tv determine Bears the Signature of that tuvds the hxU of an ertVUnU $tr cxxilesx fir! xxW UAe it. tt has a wtth a smxty the xrxixer course ot ae-tivn. tn x txter to be KmI nrijrht xxe tnust be sure that xxe are xxilltng tx dte arid this is twxhied. made of the maxxTial xf the xv-at. A xxrtx xvf thi Kind Is a xery oxhv. fortius: isssion xsooiialix t'X the tr.xvier xxiiose jour uextr.s: brines ur.hkxsi fer xhans In te'vrraturx trrxyv $r.rxtte v.-ade of the xeleurs, bar.H in lone er.ds that ate xxWcht-ed xxtth silk This model fv'.oxxs the tines of the eioy, and has three traits on eavb. side run-f.?r.r from the her.'.der to the br.e of Exact Gory of Wrapper. NOT UNTOUCHED BY SORROW t ALL PAID TRIBUTE TO GUEST the What's Next in Coiffures? And by No Means Least Were Words of Praise Uttered by Grandmother. Uoctcrn Canada Offers t:::i;h cr.d IVcjIlh Ad has brourht contentment and happiness to thousands of home seekers and their families who have atarted on hrrFRKB homesteads or bourht land at attractive price. Tbev have established their own homes and arcxireq prosperity and independence. In the great srrain-growing sections of the prairie provinces there be led. ptuy drfiitttely fer teadins:. nd thetx rxnuter xxill'.ns xbedlxnce as fast as the tight wmps. As soon as the xltvlue xxay was knoxvn they rxMulored butnevttate xxlicnx III. The First Convert In Eurrpe (TV. 13-loh The mtsstxMtarles xrent to Phlllrpt and sivnt sex-eral xlays studytnc: the cxmditions there. Tlte Jewish element tn this city xxas xrx?ry tnstptxtAeant J sx much so that they cvuld not afford it synapxpue; therefcre the xtex-xxut MJle xxerx aceustomx"Ht to wxxrshlp at the rtxvr side. To this humble patherinir rul came and preachxt txx the xwMuen pttherexi there. A certain xvonxan frxMn Thyatira betlex-ext his messagw and xxas baptlrexl. The xrork xt the t.orxt had a x-ery humble beptn-nlne. but tt xx-as destined to transform alt Europe and the xx-ortd. Eydia was v-.nn f Tith. eoitnro. and wide mil to do oaa on ravr i Fri!!i Und at $13 H &3 tn Urn land similar to that which through man? years haa yielded from 30 to 4Abaashela of wheat to fbe acre oats, barley and flax also in great abundance, while raUrina horses- cattle, aheep una hogs is tonally profitable. Hundreds of farmers tn Western Canada have raised crops tn a sinate season worth more than the whole cost of their land. Healthful climate, good neighbors, chttrrnes, schools, rurrl telephone, excellent markets and shipping; facilities. The cJimnts) aad soil offer inducements for almost every branch of agriculture. The advantages for In Noxv Kuglaml they tell of n pastor xxho had boarded for so long xxith a certain fatuity that when he xvas called to new fields of labor that family felt his loss keenly. "The best pastor xvo've ever had tn thi" toxvn," said the head xxf the family. 'l don't expect t see his equal again. "Such gnd xHxmpany,' said the xxife, "and !-x sympatlunle If the least thing xveut wrong." "He xx-as the easiest man to cook for I ever knew said the maiden aunt, "lie xxas always satisfied xxith xvhat he had ami never grumbled." "He bail such a nice disposition." satvl xvie xf the youngxr members of the family. While grandmother In her corner by the firephnv, shook her head dolofutlx expxM-ixMxoxx and xnrt she had need xf j tirlst. The stxps tn Lydla's xnxr- Teacher Entirely Mistaken tf She Imagined Smalt Girl Had Never Ex-pertenced Suffering. Kmlly Margaret a stx-yenr-ehl Columbus girl, ha straight blend hair. Tht ts a sxniree of much distress to Emily Margaret, as she Is not too young to appreciate the advantage ot curly hair, ami she particularly admires black hair . She xx-as at Sunday aehoxxl reexntly and the teacher xvas telltug ot the terrible plight of the children of the xx-ar-strlcken countries, lty the xvay xt Implanting a prxper appreciation of their blessings in the minds f the xhlldren, the teacher calked their attention to the xon-trat between their oxxn oxxndttlon and that xt the unfortunate youngsters oversea. "Why," she x-onohided. "yxu little one have no idxa of xxhat serrxxxv tueans." Kmlly Margaret was lr.x-presext. but she could not let the statement gx unchallenged. She addressed the teaxhor thu: "Mis" Wank. I'm a xv fully sorry for them, but all the same 1 do knoxc xvhat serrxxxv moans. Kvery time 1 ee a little scrlrl xxlth dark xmrly hair 1 have to shut my eyes txx kexp from crying. tnxtiannpoHs Nexvs. Dalryint Ktlxsxf rarmtas and Stock RaJalna make a tremendous appeal to industrious settlers wishing to improve their circumstances. For certificate entitling yoa to reduced railway rates, illustrated 1 literature, maps, description of tana opportunities in Manitoba, Sa- ' as she addexl her tribute xf affection. Ratctiewan, Aioetta and British Columbia, etc xvrite M. I. lOMNSTONf? ttS Trse!lss-Terminal Blda. Indianapolis. Ind. "I'll miss him xtrxMdfully." she ol-serxed. "He xxas the best hand at ketchtn motl millers that xxxr I di.l see." rhiladv tl hia I .etger. m 4:f III 4v i ..- J I " if s ; Traaedy Recipe. Take no iceVless, natural born ; root. Two or three big drinks of h:ol Honor. ; A f:tvt. lush-poxvered nntor car. Sak she fool xvell In the llqmr, ! place In the car and let him go. After "1 ic time, retnoxe from xvreckage, pineo i ;s I -lack, sattn-Jlnctl Iwxxt ami r.Tn!1 v!t?t tloxxcrs. Walton (Oa.) Nexs, And They Did. Hob and Jimmy, brthers, stilt In knickerbockers, have said their pray ers exery night since they began tx talk. They play hard all day and re tired at night. At bod time they start upstairs, undressing on the xvay, and at the same time saying their prayers. When they reach the hod there Is nothing to do hut fait asleep. " The other night on the way upstairs Hob said to Jimmy: "tuess we bad better xtrxp to our knees tonight; 1 heard 'em say a big storm xvas liable to exnte. And they did. Canadian Fisheries Rich. 1-ast year the fish products of her two xx'vasts netted to Canada the sum of rt.'VUUt. The Industry gives emplxxynuMtt txx bolxxeen Sx'.tHt and 100.000 xvot kers. xt xxhom about 70.000 are enggel tn tte sxa fisheries, nhotit 10,tX tn the fresh xx-ater fisheries, and the remainder tn canning, curing and etherwtse vrepar!ng the product for the market. s5en ?vt xx-xMthy of note: 1. Attendance at the piaex of prayer (x 1). This is the case xxlth most people who are saxvd. The Spirit of tied puts it Into the hearts of the people to www tx the place xt prajr. 2. I.tstxHtext txx the preachms: of the xxr,t of toxt (xx-. 12-14). The Instrument usvd by the Hoty Spirit tn the eonxvrston of sinners is the wrl of tJot. ""Eatth eonxoth ly heartnp. and tearlnc by the word of l?oxP (Uom. tOtlT). . . Iter heart xxas pxsned by the IahxI (x-. 14). UepxerativM ts a sn-tvnatural xx-xM-k. When the Uospet ts preactiert the Sptrit of l?od makes it lixlns and actives oteninp the sln-nx hxart for the reeep-tton xxf (Christ. 4, She xxas lxaptlvxt (r. 1?). It ts natural for the xmo who beliexres tn V?lrist to desire to be baptised. 5 Iter hvmsehotd also telieved tv. 15). Thus -xt w-e that hervs was a typU-at exxnx-erston. IV. A Spirit of Divination Cat Out tvv. to IS). As the missionaries xvent out frotu day tx xtay bo the ptace of prayer they wre aeeostevt by a ytxutiy xvxnnan ios sesswt by ik spirit of divination. She xxas owned by a syndicate et men who vterlvexl targe pains ftxxm her soxxth-saylnp. This act et the xx-eman became great annoyance te letul whs tn the name et Jesu Christ, eem-mandevt the evtt spirit tx cxmuo out. Here ts a case et a spiritual mexltum, fortune-belter, belnit freed from de-ntxxnlaeal iHvssvsstxNn. Many men ro-xtay are making tnoney by the depra-datten ot xcenianhvvl, anxl they resent nil effort bo xlestroy their Infernal business, even try to destroy those who tnterefere wtth their business. Mere s everywhere Satan blocks the way as the Compel et Christ ts eats tied tnbo new fields, but the Lorxl is apain triumphant. New Pelsone Discovered, t'niled Xtttes chemist itiscovcred tiew poisons ihr.inji the WrM war. NOTICE THE DIFPG17EKCIZ la Urn aaarnlng. fjifus food builds strength. fo T JJ em senn t4ver,arMnr Ktaners uvnx-Uh imnnnaannpiiMk S 1 SSWaa llSi OlMtl fcr taaaatts) ewMwsacv. saniiaa Iwa. at Si. aww. I TUKttte ts an uneas-ness tn the air j fiat xmIs ajrainst it. Very sxft, ligtit abottt xxitTi:tv tt is tinvp for a . ant lat-px? iutts are txroinlsert fxr hijtft chausxN vrvn knexx it is wining ' xxxifttva and their ebarnx ts to be tn-but ;st xbat ts it? The fad for xTeasv-d by a fexv short .and xxayxx-arxt K-bbxM bair, x-r hair drest tx tonxk as C wrts fut tn at the treasure or xtisere-tt tt fvr tsbtMt. has nxade a vftt i tton of the xx-earer. More than on sttoxvs-s i'bir Nxawso this styV ts atthvNrlty xx lit tanneh a -ery ttjrhtx sx yvnthfuU but it has bo-tv "xione txx Svihtiy etjrteit frin?e aefess the fot--xtxNatb " ut noxx- exvn its x.extxs are ; bead and tb.o farvxrabie consideratton vxilitns; tw aeknoxxierp? that tt has no ; xxf a short part sxt the side of the x-vtf-tSlsttnxtion. Thosv xxho tnxvnt' olt-1 fure ts exiderd. MtxM re viwta-.ittn and xtmls- l.t-vt xxx xxr ixkx that r:C fcexv ideas that xxp win faxr t y i rtw xn at the mxnt are st the xx inter sxason. tn the mvanUm the ptvftt hAxWW xnx-nen and to thos we txndency that aVrars to be raafc- ,Arv lol iung tx rtsk stHtitns tug beadxxy ts tiftln? the hair xvy f their oxxn batr br Inoessanttr xx-nvitut frxvm the faxv ar.d tartly xt the xrs ; tt. tray hair suffer west from th tn xMres that Uoxv wore ciosety j wtnjt rr,vW hetee many maitxNns the tims xf th hd. j VI aomttvd xxxt.. Ttxeso fAostitAuxn nourishment with no burden to the U-sticn is secured from that famous food GrapeNuts. The nutriment cf wheat and malted barley; From which GrapeNuts is made, builds strength and vigor and delights the taste. "There's a Reason SCHOOL KtIS VOl NKKO FKXCIt.KT, latent holder for pencils, etc.j leather mad-. Fleaees teacher. Send IS cents te HrjKTON-TOVNX3 XX) . Hollywood. 111. Agents Wtd Wt.KX FKVRKf ro Tea Want Belief? If ytu do, send ne.eent stamp tor circular telllna- row how to irt It. ... . ACMR CITKMICAI. XtTATtY lit Aasairta St. Um Asutelea, Calif. i $79 A WEEK GUARANTEED tor enioe 4 aversa Creseo Raiaeoats day. Oatnt FRKK We Txelrver and Cs'leet. Impreved Mf. Ce, Dept. 1st, AsfUansi, O. Arvr Uhxs banfsdmunt a x-bastw.xst ; pt?xNs tml thenxsetres tv atrHxtt any the stytes tn ettfrtt?!i. and-x'dnitnishext pxxmpadour ts anuHig the txvwrestants fvvr rw. Snalt nd ScHbr Spirit Gei tn the Church. Tbere taay be some who ask, "Does the Hely Sptrit till the church today and transform the hearts and Uvea of men as Ue dtd In the days; et the wt xxtixvd hair, tt ts m xt the rv?t b. xemtng et t hatr-xtressvs atloxxttvj: th fcair at th back to be arranppvt either bith or txx vmx the bxa t x-r xMevl tn FRECKLES W. N. Indianapolic, No. 3-1921 . wxvct x xmxnix mwmo vmkh -''

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