The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 25, 1936 · Page 1
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 1

Clinton, Indiana
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Wednesday, November 25, 1936
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Nliould Ton Fa to Receive Your DAILY CLINTONIAN by 5:0 P. M. Phone 41 or 117 and a ropy will be brought to you at once. THE DAILY CLINTONIAN WEATHER Generally fair tonight and Thursday; colder tonight; rising temper ature Thursday afternoon.- Volume 25 Number 17 Clinton, Indiana, Wednesday, November 25, 1936 " Three Cents 7 ., Hungarian Duelist Thanksgiving The Guest of Honor K I Mill Prime Minister of England Is Firm on Sea Freedom Point EPIDEMIC FEAR RISES TODAY IN Comes off Well in First Two Affairs DIES; OPERATION SAVES BROTHER LONDON, Nov. 25. Prime Mill later Stanley Baldwin todny thun BUDAPEST. Nov. 25. Dr. Fran Sargns, Hungary's marathon duel BESIEGED CITY deied Britain's armor-plated resolu ist, still has smin more affaires tlon to defend freedom of the sea d'lionnenr to get off his hroBd Three Thousand Madrid Civilians I t a tense cabinet meeting devoted chest and yet another eight chu and Ordered Out of Subway lenges pending, hut the outcome to the Spanish, Rnsso-German, other European crises. MMfi V3 II I'M I If I the first two clashes Indicates that Stations; t amine Is Concern the chivalrous doctor has a long The admiralty. Baldwin told the other ministers, has ordered the Simplicio Godino Liver Despite Death of Lucio; Physicians See Good Chance for His Recovery BOYS REFUSED EARLIER ACTION life ahead of him. iavy to make every precaution at An apology was the result of th first; a light pistol wound in th1 REBELS IGNORE FOREIGN PLEAS wee to prevent interference with lrltlsh shipping by either the Span right arm of his adversary the finale of the other, both chalked up as sh rebels or loyalists. The cabinet also considered the victories for the honor of the doc ext of the shipping embargo bill, tov who fought because of money- NEW YORK, Not. 25. Tha stout heart of a little brown man beat rhythmically todjajr in living lesigned to prevent British ships marriage charges. Dr. Sargas was elated. running arms, which will be presented to the house of commons MADRID, Nov. 25 Three thousand men, women and children who for the past month. have sought protection fromi dally air raids on Madrid by hiding in subway stations were ordered to evacuate their subterranean sanctuaries today owlnf to fear of epidemics. Spread of disease am mm the fam proof of a thrilling new miracle of medical science proof that Siamese twins can be parted and still live, it least temporarily. In a delicate operation believed 'o be without precedent In surgical SEVENTY-FOUR CASUALTIES IN history, the living twin, Simplicio GERMANY, JAPAN UNITE STRENGTH TO BATTLE REDS flodlno, was separated last night from his dead brother, Lucio, In York hospital They were 28 years CHICAGO CRASH old. Three Die in Hospitals Today- as One Beats Death Simplicio still lives almost 13 ine-mcnacod population of the capital prompted this and other extrenr measures of a similar kind. Mar In City Fighting for possession of Madrid was confined today to a struggle fo-mastery over the University City sec lor, where a large fleet of rebe! planes attempted a raid but war , beaten off by loyalist aircraft. The rebels apparently were attempting to reinforce Isolated groups in the vicinity of Clinlco but hours after the daring operation. Kesult of I ram Accident Last Night; Nine Are on Death List At 10 o'clock last night, Lucio Reports of Military Alliance Add to Importance of Agreement Signed Today; 3 Points Are in Document nodino died. Immediately there began a drama unparalleled in medical annals. CONDITION OF 10 CALLED CRITICAL Tense-faced doctors a surgeon PACT ANSWERS RUSSIAN SPEECH 1 J ' ind three assistants waited as the CHICAGO. Nov. 25 Seventy-four bodies, one 'living and one dead. mangled bodies, nine of them life were wheeled into 'he operating less, reBiilt of the worst railroad ac room. cident In Chicago history, stunned Forty-five minutes later they had BERLIN, Nov. 25. Based on the teclaration that "both nations are united in the battle against the de-itructive spirit of bolshevism," a the city today. severed the twins. Two men and a woman died of Injuries In hospitals early today tc Doctors Encouraging Saying a transfusion will not be German-Japanese pad of far-reach-'ng importance was signed here to- necessary, physicians guardedly said bring the death toll to nine, as numerous Inquiries to determine the iay. loyalist forces strenuously resiste' (all advances. A few shells droppe into the center of the city during Hi usual morning bombardment. Powers Flouted Meanwhile, rebel leaders, asai' ignoring demands of Britain an-other neutral European powers- tha' safety of foreign shipping be guar anteed. today rushed plans for thr bombardment of Barcelona and thr temporary loyalist capital. Valencia The insurgent radio at Teneriffe. announced that naval assaults on the two ports were "imminent." while Gen. Francisco Franco, rebel generalissimo, hinted that he war now concentrating on cutting off the loyalists arms supplies when he stat Simplicio has an excellent chance Electrifying Europe, especially 1 cause of the fatal rrnKh nr a live and become the first man to since reports persist that the pact survive such aa operation. carries a collateral secret military understanding, signatures in behalf Since their birth 28 years ago. Lucio and Simplicio had been bound of the western and eastern powers ogether by a cord of muscle at the were penned by Joachim von Rib- Shore Line train into the rear enC of an elevated express train las: night, were begun. The wooden car on the end or the elevated train. Jammed with passen gers homeward bound from thr day's work, shattered like an egi shell as the 90,000 pound stee base of I heir spines. Physicians were uncertain whether an opera bontrop, German ambassador to COMMITTEE OF THREE SEEKING Baptist Church to Have Services for Thanksgiving Today Union Thanksgiving erviceg. will be held at the Baptist church thiB Britain, and the Japanese ambassa COUNTY HAS 17 ENROLLED THIS SEASON ATI. U, tion would be successful. dor to Germany in Von Rlbbentrop's Years ago doctors at Walter Reed hospital iu Washington, D. C, office. Ceremony coach of the speeding North Shon PEACE PARLEY train plowed Its way through th High foreign office authorities screaming men and women. witnessed the momentous event bo terrific was the Impact the New Record for Number on Lists but there was some mystery at-tached to the reason for Von Rlb Formal Invitation to Lewis for first car of the North Shore train gested such an operation. The twins shook their little brown heads tear, fully. They said. "It isn't because we are afraid. We'd rather he this way than apart." Last night death gave no alternative but to operate. ed "no decisive attacK on Madrid if at present contemplated." Messages from Malaga asserted that a bomb dropped by a rebel airplane fell close to a British cruiser In Malaga bay during an -air raid on the city. Following up its charges that German submarines torpedoed the Mig-(Contbiued on Page 6) tore all the way through the wooden bentrop's flying here from London to sigh the compact, rather than Negotiations to Be Sent .Soon; Last Resort Is Planned coach to the rear end of the next evening at 7 p. m., for all Protestant churches of the city. Rev. H. C Chapin, minister of the Presbyterian church, will deliver the sermon of the evening. The theme of his subject is "A Thankful Heart." Members of the Baptist church have arranged a special program for the affair, which is opes to the at State University This Fall; Buildings Are Being Erected BLOOMINGTON, Ind., Nov. 25 to the last car of the elevated train Baron von Neuratb, foreign snowenng splinters and bodies to TAMPA. Fla., Nov. 25 A formal the tracks and to the street 25 feet Parallel to a similar Italo-Ger- invitation for renewal of peace nego seventeen Vermillion county students tare included in the record- below. man understanding, making this Poison Fumes on Itead Listed tiations will shortly go forward from the American Federation of Labor to veritable three-power front, the German-Japanese agreement points out that the 1935 Moscow interna breaking enrollment of 5,557 at In dlana university this fall, according to the announcement here to inree women and six men were the suspended unions of John L. Ship Proves Fatal To Five at Dock killed, and at least ten others are Lewis' committee for industrial not expected to live. The dead: day of Registrar Thomas A. Cook- tional communist congress "chal lenged the world." Special Matinee For Children at Show Here Today All school children will be the guests of the American Legion and son. The present enrollment renre- The note will be dispatched by the This Is the German-Japanese sents an increase of 333 over that of last year at this time, a gain of special committee of the A. F. of L. (Continued on Vuge il) Entertainment Is Given at Schools' Assemblies Today General assemblies were given at the junior and senior high schools executive council named to try and make peace between warring fac 4 per aent. The enrollment is distributed as JOOSEPH C. DIFFENDALL, 64 ROY LARSON, 36. RAYMOND WIN-BERG. ,45. JACOB J. BORCHARDT. 55. QUINN L. MORRISON. 37. SAMUEL SCHWARTZ. 45. 'MISS NELL WILSON. 35. MISS VERA LE FEBURE. 35. MISS MARY MULLEN. 27., follows: Bloomington campus. tions of union labor months ago, and recreated by the federation annual Harry Hacg at the indoor circus, which the American Legion is spon Colonel Lindbergh Is Reported Safe NEW YORK, Nov. 25 Fumes from a refrigerating plant in the hold of the motorship Empire State, following its arrival at Brooklyn from Chicago, had today cost the lives of five men. They included three stevedores, a deckhand on the ship and a delegate of the Longshoremen's union. Three other men. 4,809; Indianapolis campus, 748. Between four and five hundred ap convention. It is headed by George soring at a special matinee this M. Harrison of the A. F of L. Rail In Unknown Place plicants for admission this fall had to be turned away due to over this morning. At senior high school two accordion numbers were played by Ray way Clerks' union, and comprises crowded conditions In the medical two other members. Felix Knight of mond Gosnell. accompanied at the Infantry Unit to the Railway Carmen, and "atthew DUBLIN, Nov. 25. After being including the second mate of the ship. Joseph AnderBon of Chicago, school and to the fact that the law school and the social service depart afternoon at 3:45 o'clock. The show has now been running for two days and will continue for the rest of the week. Each night 12 Standard circus acts are given, and are changed each night. The show-begins at 6 -p. m. and is continuous until midnight. The acts include clowns, educated performing dogs, ponies and pigs, Woll, of the Photo-Engravers. Committee's Vlewigint .. ments raised their entrance require were seriously affected. The Empire State had come ments. Men outnumber women Leave Soon for Jason ville Camp ON December 1, 1936, a motor nearly two to one. with 3,696 meu Harrison revealed that he and his fellow members of Hie peace com through the Great Lakes and the New York barge canal with a cargo enrolled and 1,951 women. mittee interpreted final action of the federation convention on the CIO of canned beer and iced cherries New Itowinltorj A new dormitory for women acrobatic and numerous other acts ized battalion of Infantry stationed dispute as a mandate to make for helped to meet the housing situa- Jargo, the African Jeep, will have at Fort Benjamin Harrison will pro from Traverse City, Mich., Stevedores swarmed aboard to unload the cherries, which were chilled with solidified carbon dioxide. mal overtures to Lewis, his United ion here this fall and two more piano by Mrs. Gosnell, Rev. R. W. Bishop, pastor of the Baptist church, gave a short talk, Marion Gilfoy. accompanied by Ceorgeann S lover at the piano, sang two numbers, Mrs. Nina Aikman Thomas of Newport gave a talk on Junior Red Cross, and Lyman Foncannou, accompanied at the piano by Marshall Boatman, played two saxaphone solos. At Junior high school Tommy Weir played several aocordion solos. Mrs. Thomas spoke on the Junior Red Cross, Rev. Harold Hotch-kiss of Fairview, gave a short talk, Herbert Hallett. accompanied by Mr. McCord. played the trombone. ceed bv motor from. Fort Harrison Mine Workers and the other nine unions affiliated with the Lewis In buildings will be ready for occupancy about the firBt of the year. its part In the show. Miss Ruby, the girl of the air; Will Browning, comedy rope spinning; Silver Lake trio, novelty Ro m.Bsing for nearly 24 hours on a short hop across the Irish channel, during which time friends and ail-port officials expressed alarm for his safety. Col. Charles A. Lindbergh this afternoon was reported safe. An official of Baldonuel airport, from which the American flyer had taken off early yesterday evening. 8a id "we are definitely assured Colonel Lindbergh has lauded safely in England." The exact place where Colonel Lindbergh landed was not learned immediately, hut officials were relieved to learn definitely he was safe. This was something they bad been unable to do throughout the night, despite efforts to reach the Lindbergh home in Kent by tele The men were caught by escaping dust rial union rebellion against the to Sbakamuk park at Jasonville and establish a camp. This battalion will return to Fort Harrison December 2. There will he 350 men in the he music and the administration A. F. of L. buildings. A new building for the gas and succumnea quicsiy. i no representative of the Longshoremen's union, William Jacobs. 42. Moreover. Harrison said that if an medical school is under construction here and a clinical building is now movement and the camp will be conducted as under war conditions. appeal to the CIO as a unit does not (font hilled on Page (I) who was among the dead, had des- , rended into the hold to aid In res Continued on Page 6 man rings; Melvln Duo. high double trapeze; Raymond Duke, clown; Gregory Brothers, comedy tumbling; and several other actB will also be presented. The show is good entertainment for both old and tnung. Colonel George V. Strong the com cue work before police and fire de manding officer of the 11th Infantry wishes to extend to the public Lyman Foncaimon, accompanied by Cast Announced partment squads arrived with gas masks. Marshall Boatman, at the piano. an invitation to visit this camp dur The Umpire Slate Is owned by the Former Resident Injured in Crash That Took 1 Life played the saxophone, Myron Wa ing the afternoon of December 1 while the men are at Shakamak Federal Motorship Corporation, and is registered at Buffalt. N- Y. with ters, accompanied by Mr. Met ord. played the basB horn and Mr. Stute- STEP TAKEN TO phone and despite contacts leading Knglifh airports. For Junior Class Play Next Month From more than fifty juniors who state park. The 11th infantry is a le played several piano selections. FORM 'C CLUB motorized regiment and .makes all DRUM CORPS TO WPA WORKER IS of its long marches by trucking. This movement is being made with MEET ON FRIDAY competed for parts in "Digging I'p STRUCK BY AUTO view of training so that in time the Dirt." the three-act comedy to CONTRIBUTIONS TO RED CROSS he presented during the week of De All members of the American of war the traffic problems are already understood and worked out cember 14 as the school s initial dra Legion drum and bugle corps are that troops movements will in One person was killed and another injured in an accident that occured Sunday night just east of the Indiana-Illinois state line in Indiana, on route 10. east of Danville. Wilbur J. Young. 54. of Covington was killed and Jimmy Ghiglieri. formerly of Clinton and now of Terre Haute, is in the St. Elizabeth's hospital in Danville suffering slight injuries which he sustained in the accideut. ,' matic offering in the new gym. the following students succeeded in cap terfere with normal civilian activl- Following is a list of recent contributors and tt.elr donations to the Red Cross: Every man who has received a letter in athletics from Clinton high school is asked to attend a meeting in the banquet room of the Clinton Hotel on Tuesday, Dec. 1. at 7:30 p. m. The purpose of this meeting is to organ a "C" man's club and try to revive the school spirit that has been lost in the past few years. Other subjects will be discussed at the meeting including plans for the opening of the basketball season hi the new gymnasium. ties as little as possible. to meet at the borne on South Third street Friday at 7 n. m. They are to play at the Harry Haa? Indoor circus, which tbe Legion is sponsoring. turing the chief roles: Frank Kamtn. Clarence Datigherty of Water street, WPA worker, was slightly injured about the head yesterday when he was struck by a car driven by a Miss Morris. The accident occurred at Main and Mulberry streets while Mr. Daugberty was at work. He was treated by a doctor and was then able to return to work. Brooks, Joseph Webb. Wayne WOMEN HOLDING Kamm. Bert Shepherd. James Bos- tick, Catherine Zorzi. Louise Dalla. MARKET TODAY Ruth Crosby, Jean Dal Sasso, and G. A. STORES OPEN UNTIL 11 Hairy Call, fl; Earl Talbott. 11: Mr. and Mrs. Guy Harrison, $1; Albert K. Anderson. $1: Charles Ferguson. 1: Mr. nnH Vr William' "iolet Law son. In addition to these principals. he cast will inHude ten or twelve TOWNSHIP SCHOOLS CLOSE minor characters, for which roles efinite assignment has not yet been Clingerman. $ 1 : Mr. GhiKlieri. who was driving the Danville-Terre Haute bus, had stalled because of motor trouble, and he was working on the motor when Mr. Young crashed into the rear of the bus. Dr. I. D. White. Vermillion county coroner, was ralltd to Danville yesterday for aa joint inauest, and Mr. Young is said to have been killed instantly. TENNESSEE VALLEY. Nov. 25 Women of the Tennessee Valley church are holding a market today at Swineharts store. Everyone is invited to lay in ingredients for a Thanksgiving day dinner. THE TKMPFRATI RE By The Clintonian thermometer: ! a. ni., 44; coon. 44. completed. Daily rehearsals are be RELIEF OFFICE TO CLOSE The WPA relief office will be closed all day tomorrow, Thankugiv-ing. It will then be open Friday and Saturday, and will close again Monday; sn that employees of the office may attend the State Social Service convention iu Indianapolis. John Valente. secretary of the Indep?ndPHt Grocery association, announced today that all Independent roT- will close their stores at 11 a. m. Thanksgiving day. Prartically all other nrrocery ' stores and business houses in the city will rem am closed all day. All township schools will be closed Thursday and Friday for the Thanksgiving season, according to Dr. Odetl Archer, township trustee. School will be returned Monday morning. Mrs. Archie Carmichael, 50 cents; a friend. 50 cents: Mrs. J. W. Fon-cannon, 50 cents; Mrs. Leonard Haywcrth. 25 cents; Mrs. Bridget Davey, 25 cents; a friend, 25 cents. ing conducted in tbe senior hi ait school auditorium until the new! stage is completed sumeiiim- within' the next few days. I

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