The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on August 25, 1921 · Page 4
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 4

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 25, 1921
Page 4
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS X xxxz Trio Cni ftiniiM-4- IAtt( I that he s sensitive to criticism, and I IlC trdinilUlini S that h uU like to suppress adverse ; comments on his work. Published on Mondays and Thursdays j o . Mrs. Ed Brown and children. Mrs. Vera DeShon and children, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Henley and daughter, Mrs. Alton. Henley and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Rush and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Newsom .and family and Frod Mrtdith of Marion, Mr. and Mrs. John Devine, Mrs. Bessie Pen Battery Service SUNDAY SERVICES M H M M A . S. ROBERT, Editor and Publisher. Minnie McLucas Roberts, Associate. BANQUET THE WAY TO SAY ICE CREAM. Just as ice cream has been enthroned in tho American family as the Queen of desserts so Banquet has come to be a byword in Fairmount for the purity and flavor that it owes to its origin, rich pure cream, spotlessly sanitary in its manufacture. Queen of pure food desserts: Banquet Ice Cream. Buy it at Xen Edwards. Advertisement, TELEPHONES Office: Main 265 Res., Black SS2-1 nington and children, Mrs. Doris Fal-lis and son, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Davis and family, Elmer and Harold Jay, Paul, Addie and Melvin Barkdull, Alta Demaree, Jeanelt? and Irene Edwards, Marcus and Ben Winslow, Hubert Wilson. Dora E. Wilson and M We wish to announce to our trade that we have H just installed a new Tungar Battery Charging Out- fit also a complete eauinment for rebuilding Effit Wilson. CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH Sunday school, 9:30 a. m. Evening service, 7:30 p. m. Subject for the evening, "The Hands of the Living God." Welcome. MARTIN LEE GRANT, Pastor. BAPTIST CHURCH. Sunday school, 9:30 a. m. B. Y. P. U 10:45 a. m. SUBSCRIPTION RATES. I Within Indiana.) One year $2.00 Six months 1.25 Three months .75 (Outside Indiana.) One vear $3.00 Elizabeth Henley and fecu Brown are spending the week with relatives in Carthage. r 1 H H H H M M H Get your good things for Sunday's dinner at the Christian church mark?t Saturday. Batteries. This is the result of the many requests and inquiries of a large number of our customers along this line. Our customers can now avail themselves of this valuable service and with reel battery experts behind us we can guarantee absolute satisfaction. We can furnish you with a new B. and G. Battery of extra high quality if you need a new one. A 2-year guarantee with each Battery. Six months 1.65 Three months .90 1 All subscriptions payable strictly j in advance; paper discountinued at j expiration of subscription time on- j Thursday night prayer meeting,! 7:30 p. m. v . Friday n ght at 7:30, preaehingr by! less renewal is received prior to ex piraticn date. Christian church market in Swift's Creamery station Saturday. Get your order in early. Rev. Clarence Wilhelm. , LILLIAN DUNBAR, S.upL The undersigned will offer at public sale on the B?njamin Lukens farm, about three and one-quarter miles west of Sumrnitville, Ind., on Monday, August 29th Beginning at 10 o'clock a. m. the following property: Entered as second-class matter at the postoffice at Fairmount, Ind., under the Act of Congress of March S, 1S79. FRIENDS CHURCH Bible school, 9:15 a. m Miss Doro- The ladies of the Christian church will hold a market Saturday in the Swift Creamery station on North Main street. 2 HEAD OF HORSES One sorrel; mar?, 3 years old; one sorael gelding ! ILLITERATE AMERICA J thy Luther, superintendent, I Preaching service at 10:30 a. m. j Sermon by thi pastor, Rev. S. Adel-jbert Wood. j On account of the Wesleyan camp E. 0. Ellis Auto Supply Co. Tires, Accessories, Oils, Gasoline, Vulcanizing W. V. Fowler, Mgr. Phone 226 L. L. Pearson is again in charge of the Pennsylvania railroad station af- meeting which is being held at the . . . transfered to the . f 1 iransicmi i "11 ; Ter navinir own .. .. - . . Dr. J. J. Tigart, United States commissioner of education, said in a summer school address, the other day that whereas or.e man in four drafted for the United States army could not read and write the English language, yet only one man in 5000 in the German armv was illiterate. Wesleyan camp grounds, there be no services Sunday evening. Upland station lor a. few weeks, lne change is only temporary, however. ww www ry 2 years old. 3 HFAD CATTLE One Jersey cow, one Shorthorn cow; one Jersey cow, 7 years old. 10 Head of Shoats, weighing about 110 pounds. FARMING IMPLEMENTS One Mc-Cormick binder, one McComiick mow-br, one P. & Q. corn planter, one road wagon, one 2-horse wagon, two on-3-row cultivators, one steel roller, one 12-foot harrow, two sets work harness, two 3-horse breaking plows. About 70 acres of corn to be sold by the acre or by the bushel, whichever wav is the most suitabls. Two M. E CHURCH v. ! Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Beasley, John Next Sunday all services will And yet our people think they can!, regular hours. Sunday j and Elizabeth Beasley and Mrs. Julia Ice left this morning for an overland beat out the Germans in the industrial ' noo at 9.30 followed by the morn- trip to Tennessee and Alabama, where they will visit relatives in both states. competition of the coming years. The ( ing sermcn at 10:30. Subject, The thorough evlucation of Germany Per" j Manifold Savoir. At 6:45 the Ep-mits their people to be organized in. league meets with Byron support cf community ends, and they'-. raster as leader, followed by the stacks of hay. R?v. S. Adelbert Wood, pastor of M tu k at st 1 1 1 1 - ui v 1 1 v . i . ; . M ; subject, The Law of the Friends church, who attended the TERMS OF SALE All sums of ?5 E. B. COUCH DENTIST Rooms orer Hahne Drue Store Office hours: 8 to 11:30 a. m.; ) to S AUCTIONEF R STOCK SALES A SPECIALTY-Call at my expense. Phone 2. 01.. 19f Fowlerton. C. W. DICKERSOr WET WASH CHEAP AND QUICK NEW CITY LAUNDRY J. L. Conrad, Agent 1 . 00 r. ' . 5 " .... . 1 . . t,. , . lor under cash in hand, bums over ! ..... . . v.. . . lor under cash in hand. Sums over vr"" Vl w . Diminishing- Ketum. MiaweeK pray- ( yeany meeting at wenmona, nas re-. j5 months with approved securitv. mass for the military domination cter service Thursday evening at 7:30. ; turned from a trip in Michigan and g per cent. interest from date until the world, so they will now be organ- You are cordiallv invited to any or all ; Ohio, where- he joined Mrs. Wood on paid. 2 per cent, discount for cash, iied and drilled to control the world : of th?se services. j a visit with her relatives. Rev. Wood Lunch served on grounds. industrially. stated that they spent last Sunday in HANLEY THOMAS And while they develop their peo- ! Toledo and it was claimed that it was rUrl Dean, Auctioneer. pie with this marvellous system and H R CREEK enough to frost at that time. Oscar Vinson. Clerk, efficiency, many of the taxpayers of ' maiar.a kick on prFu-; S um- Edwards preached at! cient to give the young folks the , R . Creek Sur.dav morninc that be- 1 insr his regular time at this place. elements of evlucation. o Mrs. eda Bateman a missionary 1 f rom Bombay, India, gave a splendid I I Krture at Back Crek Sur.dav even-, ine. Mrs. Bateman was born ami THE LIBERTY OF THE PRESS. An illustration of the way politici the newspapers raised in India, and gives very inter- ; arvs tvv to dictate to . - 1 ' information concerning that was recvntiv civen in Lomum. -i . countrv. Mrs. Bateman was former- the resu.t ot an attack on iremiw . ... - ... c.,,,,.. .ixnrhter of Lloyd Crce, and Lorvl Curzon, the . ' Sallv Winslow Stephens. ! home ' cTvtarv for foreign atTairs. orders Marcus Winslow returned wer? issued that the newspapers con- .Saturday evening from St. Joseph,! tro"ed Vy Lord XorthcHffe were not . -jn very sick with Ty-to be given the news customarily ; pnojj feVer. furnished to the pi-ess. j Miss Dora E. ilson returnevt home mc an r.ewparer m?n are Tuesday evening from St. Joseph. .wl-'Vi . tl nnx- ih radical Mich- after spending three weeks at j thar.Kfcd to sax tha. anj such rauul t heaUh -s much m attempt to limit the freedom of the rrovej rress is rare in this country. But j Mr. and Mrs. Grant Barkdull re- j -;il o ac tarsceiveti wora trom tneir son. .ioeri ert for I msry 1 V Ul , -- - esise l:., . Thov j oarKUUll, lliat lit- Mas '"wiif; ale ng that t!.ev " ! Colorado with the expectation of - .-"t issu orders forbidding wcu'.vl line a claim. g of news to offending newspap- j Ralph Edwards. civi who has been week went to past ers, out m practice sucn utr-i'itn , Tmuir nr (- C.ll T 1 thev crt very little m-, avu, iu, ,. i Mrs. Frank aness returned home may f.r.d that formation. Saturday aftT having snent the past ! wetk with relatives at Elwood. metimes have got"nl Pub! c men s the result ef reason t complain as ?!a:.n as Mr. Lin Wilson ts at Indianarnlis j looking after Sate Fair affairs. j The Back Creek school will begin ; Monday. September, 5. All the par- j bitter ar.d unjust-.f.evt attacks ct recK-less journals. Ycu can not blame a man who has thus been maltreated, jjs. THE SEDAN " ' lPV THE SEDAN if he hards out no favors to the news- ? mfxi to pre5tent the first Ja A parers that has so wrongfully abused ; hort program is b -ing arranced and : Mm those that are interested in me wei- i tnose tnat are- inieresivu m me ruipped with Electric lighting and start hard. nTTnv mli-fa pf Ah school should be present But on the oth ing system, demountable rims, non-skid tires, both front and rear, tire carrier and extra rim. , ' f - Mrs. Hubert ilson is soemimg Mr. and ucians wm not iterate a nepar;th wwk wilh h.r parent teierate a newspaper ;th wwk wilh h,r narents. that offers any criticism ef their acts. , Mrs. Frank Gift of Dunkirk. If fault is found with their doings, I Mr. Frank Vaness and Rev. Frank thev aume that the same is dictat- ! Edwards moterel to Elwood Tuesday. I Miss Pauline Scott is spending the ed by personal dislike or other impro- "week wh Mrs. Mert Woollen of town. motives. Thev reser.t such com- motives, iney reser.t sucn com- per , R k r u ne;ehborhool had too unrvnrrcLaCrCin mcnts so keenly that they will ignore a picnic in Lin Wilson's grove Wed-such a newspaper sv far as they dare nesday. The day was mao'ry n-to i o-able by a big picnic dinner, tennis. 1 " . ,. . crequel- horseshoe anvl baseball. The b:g and broad minded states- !tceMcrm XVas served in the after-man expects that newspaper men will oon. Those rresenr were Mr. and frequently differ from him. He ; Mrs, Herman Rich and children, Mrs. knows that when he offers himself as j Ch?r!:s Thomas and children. Mr. ... . ... - ami Mrs, Ernest Smith and children, a candidate for public office, anyone, Qsborne BHss anti chil. has a right to express adverse opm-Jan ir. aTHj Mrs. Schuvler Smith-ions as to his service. The big man Vm anvl children, Mrs. Walter Scott takes these differences gwd naturedlr I children, Mr. and Mrs. Charles ,i ; 0,t- . . Hoskins anvl children. Mr. Stanley and m a s porting spint, and tries to and cnildren Mr. nd Mrs, see that the representatives of such 'ohn Carey. Mr. and Mrs. Bennett a newspaper are given every chance .Knight and sdren. Mr. and Mrs. to learn the facts about his perform-1 Wm. Kirkpatrick and children, Mr 0 j.,fv. Tf A.m Robert Wilson. Mr. and Mrs. Ed ance of duty. It does not pay any sttmt Mr, and Mrs Ed Howell and public man to give the impression Umir, Mrs. Charles Jones, Mr. and -xV- Many Ford owners can afford to own and operate any ear they may ehoose, bnt they prefer a Ford "because it is a Ford.' For, "because it is a Ford" means dependability, ease of operation in traffic, ability to park in small spaces and it means, qniek, rare transportation. And "because it is a Ford" means pride of ownership, good taste and genuine Common Sense. A Ford gives all that any car can give plus real utility, minus extravagance. The demand for Ford cars of all types is greater now than ever before; yet, due to" tremendously increased production it is possible to secure reasonably prompt delivery if yon aet at once. New Fall Millinery i i A Reasonable Cash Payment tzO the Dalpnce Monthly Will Purchase Any Hodol v Ytoo Fordo Go Dy Thon Co DUV" We wish to announce to the ladies of Fair-mount that we hare the smartest of New Fall Styles. Wonderfully clever shapes and patterns. Snappy creations at popular prices. We cordially invite you to look over our stock. I0RIEW1EISM-TF(!DIS (CflD tlarica. i" CLUNK & KAUPJvlAN Summitrille, Indiana

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