The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 23, 1936 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, November 23, 1936
Page 5
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Monday, November 23, 1936 The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Page 5 FIRST BLOOD FOR NOTRE DAME! Southwest's Bombers Blast Again 'ITS!. - Iff? "''.I'', - ' ' fa 1 i . GRIDDERS STAGE MORE UPSETS IN WEEKEND PLAY Northwestern Blows Opportunity for Honor; Georgia Ties Rami; Marauette Has Chances Ruined NEW YORK. Nov. 23. Ttir national fool hl I rhaniplniiHhip ro longer nod to he matter for speculation, hccsiifte thorp lun't fcnlng to bo any, from Jba present outlook, and If the east pots Into the flose Bowl It will he as customer in the j f'j .. y WAS M-toAUkl X- me soumuesrr 'A"Lr"!JJESh t ilu" ' -ato or -me J i V -A stands, this adding up to a "RIiik Monday" on a half dozen fronts. . with some of last week's experts still listed as missing. Northwestern., which apparently 4 srj?y tA j : had the national title, along with the . BiR Ten crown, securely clinched, let the former honor slip - v al Saturday in that 28 to 6 defeat against Notre Dame, which was first to beat the Wildcats and by so dad Some 33,00(t pcrMni nltllPKM'd Hie ilefcat of the Xorthwextrrn Wildcats Dig Ton title winners n! the Xotre Dame stadium in Nonth Bond. Ind., Haiti rdaj, by the Fighting Irish of VHre lnune, who won 86 to fl, to win what to them was ihelr most rmprrssive victory of the year. B Wllke Mt "i"1 ball), Notre Dame half. Is shown as ho start oil out on a .LVyard run In the first quarter to score the first touchdown. -r- -SAOcriajj Srae arme wntcxep Texas CHSiST7Atfe JODD- TZXAS AGeiS suttPK.sf TnrnorWtiWri-ju. ran or - saXHucvrr. po ita(mihs use I 493 485 Mills 192 C Schelsky . 214 148 135 153 136 team will throw gloves with the I heavyweight champion; Chuck Col- Totals 907 774 845 2526 newly-organized Clinton outfit, l.'nder the watchful eye of Curt Hoopston 149 George the local team has been go-. Ing through some fast stepping doing established itself as the greatest comeback of the season. A week earlier -the Ramblers routed Army, after being swamped by Pitt and nosed out by Navy. , .. fiastc-rn Cpscl While N'orthweatera'a Ipsa, was a terrific shock to -the midwest, the suffering during the day 'Was not confined to j hat sector. . Thcrs was plenty to go round and the east got its share. That Fordh&ra-Ceor-gia 7-7 tie. was outstanding. When toe crackers, who had beau whipped four times, puUed that one thy virtually . knocked Fordhan right out, of the Rose Bowl . and Louisiana, State, or Alabama .Into It.. Fordham jrevioasly , had . been .tied . by Pitt, but had 'hoped to go to tie Rose Bowl. , Th .Hams' chances rarish 176 Stevens .". . . 166 Dagson 171 Ro.vden .... 195 liohlender . . 160 602 450 472 531 475 177 139 131 154 170 One Opinion For What Ir s Worth by Davis J. Walsh 155 170 182 145- workouts and will be in the best of deibank. A. A. L. sectional welterweight champ. A new face on the Clinton team will be that of Dale Reed, an oncoming lightweight. Bra2il will be led by Mort Brad-shaw. sectional A. A U. heavyweight champion, and Flash Gordon, a tough nut from Indianapolis. The first bout is scheduled for 8 o'clock. , condition. Among the well-knowns that will Tolals 868 801 761 2430 appear on tonight's card are Johnny (One Round) Barcus, sectional golden Glove and A. A. U. light Westville Bowlers Take Close Match; Murphy Five. Win The Diana---Saevt. Shop bowlers journeyed to Westville Sunday only to get nosed out by 18 pins In s match with the Nu-Grape team. BenetU, in his usual good form, took individual honors with 598.. Meanwhile on the local alleys the fl. ('. Murphy five upheld Clinton by ladling out a defeat to the Hoopston All-Stars. Hesults: Dianas Brasnkas ... 173 169 221 511 B. White ... 120 144 171 43.", Colombo ... 174 179 15 512 Ave . 1S 210 19 563 Benetli 185 192 221 59S Totals 841 894 941 2676 PlNEHLftST, K. C. Nov. 23 Somebody said here before the semi Amateur Boxing Card Booked for Capitol Theatre Amateur boxing wiii be back iu Clinton tonight at the Capitol theater when Brazil WPA recreation Dance finals a few nights ago that, if you took away the windbreaker and gave him a cutaway and carnation. Denny Sbule would have the look of a snutll town undertaker, steeped in the appropriate melancholy of bus trade. the hitter of all the golfers In tle world, averaged more than 300 yarda to be seldom less than r,0 yards in front from the tees: yet tu: won only six of the 34 holea played. It is perhapB the most fitting commentary on this match between swashbuckling power and icy calm that Thomson went one down by losing the first hole with a bungled putt and never was "up" at any time, morning or afternoon. So. whether he looks like a small or a big town undertaker, the point seems exceedingly unimportant and. DANCING seem to he. goue now,. .. Pitt's Chance- . Pitt sUII ha an outside chance for the nomination, bat just an otUr side chance.,., Beside tying Ford-bam, the Panthers, lost to Cuqueane and play Carnegie Tech Thursday. For Jlarquntu;. the season and. Rose Bowl hopes are ovar. .The Milwaukee eleven's chances of getting the western Invitation went overboard with that 13 to 0 defeat ladeled out by Duqnesne. TURKEY Given Away WEDNESDAY NIGHT November 25th Everyone Skating between now and Wednesday night will have an opportunity to win. COLISEUM ROLLER RINK . , Westville 159 163 Buskirk .... PeB-ESo Cafe TONIGHT GOOD BEER WINES UQUORS GOOD MUSIC 524 570 52-i 492 585 202 192 189 156 197 '212' 178 168 210 o z o X l.aiy 166 Starks 156 I'l mill 168 Timm 178 As to that. I suspect that, under this forbidding exterior, there beats the golden heart of a child and all I know is that he didn't merely beat Jimmy Thomson out of the Professional Golfers association championship by 3 and 2 in the final yesterday be buried the man under a bower of fresh-cut divots, spading him down with a No. iron. If ever a championship was won from the fairways and not from the tees, this was it. Thomson, master Dormans Tavern Good Orchestra Your Favorite Beer On Tap Wines Liquors Mixed Drinks lea6ce BOWLING besides, maybe his apparent gloom was come by honestly. Anyhow, the firat prize here was $1.000 and all I can say Is that this week of heartbreak was worth a million. ' Totals 827 931 936 2694 ! . C. Murphy Co. - Moore 132 194 203 529 I Tasso '...'...' 164 ''187 651 R Griffiths . 169 133 166 468 Ktandings THIMBLE THEATRE By E. C SECAR Starring Popeye Teams Won Lost pet American Legion ... . 6 0 1.000 The Daily Clintonian . 5 1 .83.1 Rexall Slore 5 1 .S33 Butter Krust Bread . 3 3 .500 Dreamland ,Club .... 3 3 .500 Winters Drugs 1 5 .167 Mike Auto Body Shop 1 5 .167 Daniels Produce .... 0 0 .000 Khmm- THE'V THEV SWIMMED BEHIND MUST LIKE Vft- SER SHIP ALL THE VJM pPOPPrN, COME ON HOME-) WHERt'D "THEM COME FR0!? WEUU.TELL'EM TO 5WIM BfCK COME ON, POPPA, -pLZ'ty 6ET CO 60IN1 r- FROM ME I6L&ND- THE 7 KIN NOT FOUUOW YA OH LAND 6: sr c - .a- k? lar I Individual Averages Legion Lemstra. 10: Rader, 123; Lundie. 137; Manahip. 124; Bentley. IDs. Clintonian Smith. 133: A. Van Horn. 113: Hope. 121; Carey. 146: F. Van Horn. 130; Tate. 135. Rexall Caaebeer. 128: Hain. 112: Skidmore. Ill: Stevenson. 149; K. White. 124: Horney. 151. Butter Krust Bartlett, 122: F. Meyer. 127; Boren. 123; Kirkman. 137; Cooper. 156; C. Meyer. 113. Dreamland Nora. 129; Vardu. 142; Mattioda. 144: Muzzarelli. 128; Griffith.. 130;. -Fmnchetti. fck. Winters Montgomery. 122; Collins. 120; H. Stewart. 165: S. Stew TILLIE THE TOILER By RUSS WfESTOVER TILLIE IS BEING SWAMPED VvllTX DR. De BUNtCIT FAMOUS SCIENTIST AND KIATUK-A.LISX DOPEO iTOOTTHISwy LETTERS FROM BALD HEADED ADMIKER-S WALLV VAIHIPPLE STILL. MAC'S rZtvtfO- fop Ttu-te's Hand, had THIS TO 'SAY THE GREAT THE IDEA OFA 1 usten tq this, mac - NO-NO -THATSl art. 126: Burroughs. 94; Toumans. 89: Winters, 91. .Mike .1. Kendaci, 111: Weir. 125; Nardi. 101: M. Itendaci. 103; Welker. 118; Bonomo. 80. Daniels Fowl. 127; Harding. 108: Berrisford. 126; Daniels. 128: Archer, J02. High Individual Game H Stewart. Winters 194. Tonight's Hctledulc 7 P. AI. Clintonian vs. Butlerkrust. Mike vs. Dreamland. 9 P. M. Daniels vs. Rexall. bwalon vn - Wtmer " " KISS MAXIMS HAIR I AM A MILLIONAIRE I0Z SOPPOSED ToJ GROW IS ABSUPDj yEAfeS OLD AND HWE BE A GAG ALL "THIS -TALK ABOUT BEEN BALD SINCE CHILD THE VNHOLE HOOD VJON'T you BE "THINS fS A TILUE'S KISSES MYSTERY THE RflCT THAT ME. MACD0U6AU- rVS the same head of haiiz- im appeakamce that he hao befdke He was supposed CAMTTAkS ON My DOME SOt WONT PASS ON NNVTHOOT rrsoSERiouSLyJ etaoviiMS HAie OK) That short wave's dome i; rc T7- lEAWINS AT LEAST ONE ; -f -aT r -J' "TILLIE HEIR- ?HE SPELLED hac -rii i ir'e 4 HA1I2 vJKONQ j r "to hasc Been Balo mac is still fexr PBOJES THAT ACT- Dili HEADACHES CONE, . SIMPLE REMEDY DOES IT I ' wfn 'SSES ota macs - V : DOME TSESPOMSI8LE UAU.V HE VuAS HEUCQ. AS BALD AS A DOOCKMO& Bald,6ut that a cek-tain Dye made HIS HAie INVlSl&LE AND I'LL PE CWE 51ZOVJIW3' OUT 7 7T-71 , Headuch caused by eonstlpation j sre gone after one duae of Adlmiks. j Tbih cleans poisons out of BOTH j iilMec and lower boweiK. Ends bad j sleert. nervousness, Whib they last J SPECIAL lftc Trial Sizes on sale at Powell's Pharmacy ." . A.'V.''1 j DANN DUNN Secret Operative 48 If THAT SUVS AWFULLV ' TuFPP C UABi IP "X arc nD G!"VT a UCM UCDC - "S HA,' THERE15 ACE BART 7 NOW OR THE ROGUES' GALLERY PICTURES ARE WRONG --NOW TO J INTERESTED IKJ TH' I.JLfT SIGNALED ME llM HAVIN6 I MATCH f X . 1 ACE HE LOOKS LIK.E f TO MEET HIM IN U LDVELV 1 TH Guv &ITTIN BEHIND J? A COPPERI'LL iTHE SMOKIN' ROOM-riME-WHy- WHATS IS WATCHIN' PRETTV ,1 KEEP MV EVE ON : WONDER WHATS f WHAT'S LI UP' CLOSE I GOT MV EVE Sw-s HIM. UP?? A WRONG?? iCHARUEff ON HIM I'LL COVER , C, r -lYs -i TfV 4KM WHENI vuh L-efcvE- SHADOW HIM TO ill J WHEREVER HE LIVES I AM IN LUCK . AM IN LUCK Q HUT AS OA.N WATCHES ACE BART AND DUCHESS, ANOTHER WATCHES DAN IT IS ACE BART'S BODYGUARD, CHARUE . -r- I SPECIAL! DANCING TONIGHT Music by the Provence String Band - CHICKEN DINNERS Ice CoM Beer FLOOR SHOW Honeymoon Cafe 4MI N. TIB Bt. ClintOB.

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