The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 23, 1936 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
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Monday, November 23, 1936
Page 4
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Monday, November 23, 1936 The Dally Cltatoniaii, Clinto. LxlUna Page 4 THE DAILY CL1NTONIAN i5S behind the'Scen ".Svyeepstalces on toye V by may Christie " Founara jgii Established as The Weekly CUntonian 1890 The Clinton riainueaier m"iu .-. PHOLLYUIOO into words. "Those eyebrows will all 1 ceit, I assui e you it'a .been antirel IIIIQ WU1US, X uu m a knocked cut i f me is the past foul have to be pulled out," he snapped "all'nf thpmt" criiffned Diana Oorge JU Carey Edit "d P"" Entered at the Poatofflce at Clinton. Indiana, as Second Clsss Matter ' Member Indiana Republican Editorial Annotation amazed. Yes. The line's incorrect, we n hours, R 'Ki r," she laughed, "tout , it's amazingly interesting. 1 cant . wait to see the tests." '' ' "Don't be disappointed if tbe first ones don t turn out so well. T.mj have to do a good deal of exnen, grabbed a plane and reached hei aids in a few hours. You Asked Me and Pm TelHng vn..f imwv. Hfuiiman. San get a much better effect for the cameras by painting them at an running towards tne temples. ...... a .Infla tin tA her and menting, you know," ha explained National Advertising Representative: GEO. B. DAVID CO. linn wriglev Btdg., Chicago. -! General Motor. BluS.. Detroit 110 East 42nd St., New York Francisco: Dolores Costello shuns to her. 'Just so lui.g as they do give me a the headlines, but sns is suu stared into her eyes. "You'll have to have new eyelashes." He took a step backward, screwing up his face Li. .... man InW.P ''RmWD. her lr,K I e..l w if 1 Grot mv contract ha attended on false prctunse." a concert with tits Marouia da la Phone 117 Phone 41 (Jrunaico, Italian conu- " .n0aia T AAA hmr now and then "onsei:ce l liw cusp oack. is New York spotted you at once. Van1!! knm k Vm all dead. Diana chin's too short. It's entirely out of Eroportion to tha rest of her face, ee that?" in lb lata spots, but with do one once you cet itarted." Um," said Brown. He nodded. Mouth's too wide, and it droops She enjjyrd ner luncn wita um Immanaolv 7 her r MTSFIj far By HARRISON CARROLL Opyri.kt, 1KM. Kins reslares s.sdlcate, Im- HOLLYWOOD Looks as If the Hollywood lads won't have a chance with, the new Goldwyn find. Andrea Leeds. Her affection, if shopping for rings together means anything, are already spoken for by Arnold Kunody, the Insurance man. Maybe there's a catch in tt though, for the young actress stalled like a Hollywood veteran when asked to confirm the engagement rumor. By way of making you acquainted, Andrea is a former U. C. L. A. co-ed, who got a screen test by appearing in a 16-mlllimeter film. She Is a willowy brunette, reminiscent of Rosalind Russell. Nearly all the critics singled her out for praise In her first role. Edward Arnold's daughter In "Come and Get It". Providing she can put on 10 pounds, they are going to test her for a lead In "Hurricane". man. . . , Captain Phillip Astley can claim the titla at Hollywood a champion to the left. Brown said laconically, "Lip-stick'll lift It." IT I . 1. 1 1 ...... .....1 mJaMilD mous stari in the restaurant. Despite the custumed players who lent a f ancy-drors-ball atmosphere, there was an air of informality about tha commuting husband. He returns THE DAILY CUNTONIAN'S PLATFORM rotmtie. 1. To further erery interest of Parke and VentiiUion cotmt. ; JL To the revival of the Indiana coal mining industry. 3. To cooperate in solving Vermillion County, onemploy-j meat problem. . 4. To beautify Clinton and make it the moll attractive city of it. size in the date. i IDS IIUIU UIBII V 1. v. auuw.. forward after sUring solemnly at to London tha. first or ana wsas. h,.t uiUl H halr In tims, to SDend CHAPTER XVIII "Just because he's handsome and popular and people like him even if he's lost his money, you have to hold it against him!" Genevieve had smiled unpleasantly a smile which spoke volumes. "Instead of hanging about his apartment and wasting time, you should hava had your hair shampooed after the four days on the train." Diana could have retorted that tt was her mother's fault they had waited that sue herself had suggested leaving but what good would it do? "f can shampoo my hair -right hara." She had retired into the bathroom and locked the door. But she had kissed her mother goodnight. Tired as sha was, she could not have slept, otherwise. Now, at half past six in the morning, she tiptoed out of tha bedroom, for rear of waking Gunevieve, and set tha coffee pot on the electric stove in tbe kitchenette, and bad her bath, Genevieve was np and In her ' dressing-gown when Diana emerged. They breakfasted together. Genevieve fried bscon and eggs, and made the toast in the electric toaster. "Ought I to wear slacks to the studio, mother? Or would that seem too casual?" , . . , "Certainly it would. .The pink snorts suit, darling.'' It had been bought, extravagantly, for Genevieve. It was a very pretty suit and had been made down for Diana by the nimble fingers of Bella, tha Italian maid. . . . , us . mt wm nsi meeiv Diana, tie lookea ai air. R.ajti, .' -1 .. . ana ml f t IT. 17 place, unc em up w vne cvunw, and got one's food and carried t to one's table. Even the stars did that. Christmas with Madeleine Carroll. Cain halna whar It t- thes tWO raialllK U19 rpm",i miiM his hand to the left side of his face. "Hello there. Roger." said a mala . , W " ., have given up the idea of spending "You're right, St in man. ner face is lopsided." Then to Diana: .ill, ,L. ImI . i .In hw voisinff voice diret'liy behind Diana. She had heard it before somewhere, dba a vacation wen, out, mm mum mm --TalaL-ina SniohM tlXYl nlctureS. SllS looked up. nVCBIi IU, hk ret, j .-n the eyebrow higher than the right one, and fixing the left corner of ' .v .?.u l:r. un and Captain Astls; will take a trip "Hello, Jerry, uiana, una is jerry Nolan, the prize wit of the studio. down tne nut in nis new o-. Jerry, this is Diana Darlington. She's Just arrived from New 1 ark on a contract Sit down, Jerry, ana 1 . IU, a hita with Tl. " aa Hera and there in Hollywood. ... RHn rwuitcw Brut l-arioria Lans your icuuba wiuj mi w stick." Thought Diana: "I must be hideous, ano never knew itl Isn't this dreadful?" How on earth had the studio scout ever engaged her? "Let's have a look at your teeth now. 0pm, please. Smile." Jerry took Diana's hand in his and are ahoppicg for a church to be mimea in. mey ouo t denomination, just so It's pictur shook it heartily, remarung uiai. na had had the pleasure of a Bite with her before, and now he would enjoy nothing be.ter, but he'd swam by esque. . . . When James KirKwooo She gnnnea unnappuy, levimg tiv. monster. Was this an aee- SU tne glKJ.i uj uriiTci a av.ia m La! . 1. . "a n. In t aI. " ar.4 ft Olivia de HavUland toured the Broadway spots on the arm of Junior T fmmi., which ia naws to Hollywood, where she is never seen with anyone. Incidentally, the gossips are curious to see if Junior will take up where he left off with June Lang. Since he's been away, she has been reported engaged to Vic Orsatti. But Junior was busy on the lone; distance phone as soon as he got to New York. guessir-g contest? was like a j.g-saw puzzle to fit the opened here in -Mulatto ', ms w year-old son, Jimmy, was out front with LUa Lae, . . - Sights to see: Doris Dudley telling Marcel. La-maza how to prepare crepes suzetu. And with ice cream, too. vot so oaa, not so oau, m mured Mr. Kayser, rubbing his tiny hands tosether. "Fairly nice teeth, . . (.. . UMMk.. nnf in amile lyric lo int.- music in wti, i-. " aa driving him crazy he was heading for the deep, silence and the no" fac last night." Diana s hair was natu tory. "That's what I call my oifiot,'' in ICl. OUt. rciiKin . " so broadly when you r in front of of all things. . . . Mary Maguira, be grinneu. rumpling iiw savp sw hair. ' ' rally curly, WOK was a blessing. Diana chatted with her mother as l j A Ana Ira .nwipVP toe camera.- t l . a , rtiM Then he Warners' Australian una, -u ucmn going- to the Tropics with Tom LANDON'S SPORTSMANSHIP Gov. Alfred M. Landon of Kansas is back on the job at Topeka j without a gloomy outlook, expressing great satisfaction at the thou rands of letters he has received from people all over the country. ' Although badly beaten in the presidential election, the gov- j erncr prrlaim. the "world of beauty" jn the United State, remark- j ing "what vatne, what desolation, what richness, all combined j within a single country." He terms the people marvelous, earnest, active and enthusi- . astic. He says, they are "friendly, fair, live decent lives, take their j politics seriously and studiously. i Moreover, the governor thinks that presidential campaigns are S "wonderful" and should be "maintained as they are now." He j thinks they bring the people into closer relationships with their gov- ; eminent, develop enthusiasm and deep interest in public affaire and ; bring home to the people many facts of wide importance to them in their ordinary lives and business activity. j We think Governor Landon exhibits real sportsmanship in ; these observations which reflect credit upon him. However, his J sense of fair play is more evident when he answered the question of j a reporter who asked what was the most severe shock that came to i him during the campaign. Governor Landon's reply was, "The; t I I J .1 r L nnMiml nf iK- United : added, brusquely: "Your hair's too Brown. . . . The Britishers have Another subject of speculation "We met on the train," emueel Diana. She liked Jerry's frank face. "Say, when she's through today, brine- her to mv place for a cock dark. VN e Better maxe you pionuc looked much less fatigued. She had put a touch of rouge on her cheeks. At twenty minutes after seven. among the match-makera la the cabled Buddy Rogers asking bun "Flease no. 1 mean, dsb . , a ahaua it " t in mfTCil friendship between Margo ana : ana mm uaiiu iu p"j tail, Roger." said Jerry cheerily. His romance dium. Dec. 70. It's benefit ap- Roger arrived witn nis csr. - ft.a.1 -virlentl Mtnented Francis Lederer. BHM .1 w l.m.ik . Diana, but they paid no attention. "Her skin's good. Call Miss He nodde J Co tnem, ana aepara. seems to be proved, by the crown, so uuaay with Mary Loos .1 ...nit ,.1,1 waning her tirade last night concerning hi ml She snoke pleasantly to On the other will try to be there. 'nisumg. "He, u Am.m nice fellow." re Uolden." 1 - a lln,MI Alf. - . han.-i h unit Uuto ars ftnaeoara- t, him enn nf mffee DeaiuiK M7 - - - - , ferent shades of powder on it, ana - a . - ..J 1;.,1a IwirMi Twl' iuzla: What romanca ble. Last weea, wnen sne was i ' which he accepted, although he said 1 I 1 . . A VlT-M W OUtj.fl- marked I cper, looking after him. "One of tne best. If ever anytme'a in trouble there's a real pal." "He loci i nice, but be does dress l.. " . , a Hi... T nnT. a vanciy Ui puva ruu uwo : aama In San Diego, trying to get her ac- between two stara Is threatened companist Into this country.- she with a eoohusi because hslsnC ailed Lederer for help. He getting a divorce fast enoujhl HI 13, mi u,i "All the evebrows out. Miss Golden. And she needs artificial 1. . trnina will vflll?" 1W umi ruhiui " Cahoenga Pass, with its sari ran hills and bright foliage and brighter signboards, was radiant as they drove by. " ..' "Excited, Diana?" He slipped an .twin- Vat- no . lTlitTt-Tl t. thing, Jerry today looked even un-tidier thai lie hsd on tha trail,. Diana went into an inner room YESTERDAYS wouldn't wobble from ibe path of truth. "Oh, that a his little eccentricity. He makes loads of money. I first . Ll . a T.A B.. A 1 1. W nrhaaa with M us Golden. In three-quarters of an hour she was tTEiiiformed. Then came the camera teat in an "I'm drvinely bappy, Roger. It was sweet of yon to get up an hour nttv umd vii ,,. a he'd click-J with his first nuuucaL 2. NOV. and Mrs Has bn.uanuy clever, out never 11 V.A... .1 Tn tmM. it'a , --haT other part of the studio. Lights li i .-..11 ha Half-1nTen men earner ana come iur uue. SVu, thrilled to his toach. She . Frank Janws Mr. unique tlv.t anyone so success, ul in booing or tne crowa wno k - . . f.lf.rU.lDecl diner diucu un ire,. - - were b-Iding lights about her. They kept sncting simngw eiiiiCTouiia nis line as jerry is, mwuw - v modest. And he's swell t) Ids ,u.l t.a'a a fimnf Alt mirk. sov. as.iasM- Announcement lias been made of the uiarriaze uf Miss Margaret Muir to P. S. Jones which took place on Saturday afternoon, Nov. 17, at 5:3 The ceremony was performed by UJ KU iucs aa W 1 . . . .1 . .Law fall m, her MM States was mentioned. To me, that was the most severe stricture , s..naay ihe loiiowing friends upon the fairness and decency of the American people. . . I feel that and relatives: Mrs. Hester Kelp. Mr. the present of the United Sure, occupies too high an office that JLL. She keeps 1-oose for him out I 're snuggled closer. "Like old times, isn't it, Duna? Old times in the new Ufa out here. That's what I want" She could have shouted; "And yon shall have them, darling. I want nothing better in the world than to be with yoa. Yon all the time!" . at varyirig-angles. "Hi, there, break he's got a gTano piaca wun t a imm . .. .hnnn-h HUl'll nau ' alla- her ne: nic ner on vims buk onih tie root!" "Her mouths H 11I11II 1 1J, . . luvuku J " -" pect it f-ora his appearance in thf discussion of his policies should be greeted with boos. It was ,-.., jamfc8 and Miss Jenoie crooked." et cetera. Rev. Benjamin Hist at the Methodist church. iaCb, Iir quiiai a evuiwiw. n At ha f past nine, tne aireciur. Jamt-s. really distressing to me and 1 hope it can be stopped.' books sti. pictures aa weu as dcuic l. , MM-na, nf rriuie. Mr. Fslroner.amvea. MTT-. " i V. ..... ha nrct test nOW. and he wr.tua most of his own lyrics One of the strangest experiences of Diana's life was to take place on her arrival at tha studio. .. . Miss Ecllington," he said pleas- anttv. creetuie ner wun m miw i weu. ni... i.l a .. . . I... rA TlnBiT en. There is some indiistion of a change - . - . . . 1 1 rt Other people Baa usually consra Mrs. L. A. Thompson of Indianapolis was the Kuest. Friday to of ber mother. Dr. G. A. 'Just b easy, jusi oe yourncn. Diara felt terribly nervous, how thuse abo tt any member of hi- own. red her a very pretty girl, although of minor importance, however. weakness. vanitv was not her w The regular meeting or the Don't Worry club was held last evening at the home of Mrs. Grace Squires in North Seventh street. Prixes in contests were awarded to Mrs. C. K. Goodbue, Mrs. Mary Brown, and Mrs. Dot Wheaton. Disputes may menace prh-aie affairs. ever. . T.,t nr, mizinfflT. U1V fSVOr- "Smi!. please. Turn your neaa. -VI- Hil aha MitfM illV. cHT- Look ovr mere, euipi owy UW ,ajlIWD - ' isbed as to her appearance was to J LUUiK. . . ... i . The Ftnile, it seemed, naa neen 100 artificin;. sex to tn s extent, oaa wm impressed. It tocx one man to Judg another. "He irvst get a huge salary, I suppose?" "Twenty-3ve hundred a wee." "Gooiinmsl Is that possible." "Certain'y," said Roger. "Hi pictures are sure-fire,' as they say here, at tl.s box-office. The e's a rumor that he may produce his own. Knt he's too modest to talk shoot She was to be made over for the cameras. Highly skilled men and -rr MnurifUr hum Mal- A child born on this day may have splendid lalents and versatility, and lie energetic and ambitious, but ii may jeopardize its eucj-ess by an impetuous, wayward, tempestn-ous and violent nature. It hai all to be done over agaui. Mrs. !W. H. Bonner entertained her bridge club Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. H. M. Ferguson. Mrs. Msrgarei Bence. Mies Clara Hupp and Miss Callie McMechen were guests. And a,';iin. Ana again. . - - In, l,,nah Dl ariet for the renovation of gTeen- horns luce nerseu. coo w w u A i; " ' " ana found her way to the commis-sary. Roper was there. The place was . i . aa.;.. lfiLiurr man and ilrs. Charles Straw. Mrs. Loren Lambert. Mrs.. John Barcns. Mrs. Albert Henderson. Frs. Freeman Keener, and Mrs. Max Walworth attended tbe J. W. G. club theater party in Terre Haute last night. THE STARS SAY Por TiH-Mlay, .Novc-oibT 24. By EXKVIETi KEM1U F. A VERY Hvely and exciting dur is read from tbe predominant luiu.." afpecu. There may be stirring nn-nicnts in business, Willi the mind and energies und-r high pitch, but tendencies to strife and violence outlook is auspicious and there is promise or promotion in employment. If It Is Your BirUiday Those whose birthday it is are on the eTe of a very lively " rine year with tbe enegit and faculties fpurri to high piicb- There are excellent prospects for nww in business and in euit.loyrueia (OBI UUU Roger deposited her at Mr. Kay- aer s maKe-up oepuuneoi m w.i -Ks mnfwnfw was on. Speaking of huntsmen, friends of u,. r,. V Gtui.L- and !;irfc l.vdsv de- IU11 VL WlcitDtniE-,",",,.. " " . " women, many of them in period cos When you see the Mr. Kftvser looked like a baby it." It wa' o iarter of one now. SW was due back at Miss Golden 's. t, . a . a aha a.nt ttaS ... RYTEX CHR1STMA K.Ju? AwnnntA oat OZ UW unu vsw "rr M . M n- a4- r.-WDIiriirflv. He flut- . : v.; uiw. lawns and he left her at the door of Mr. Kaycer a suite. "I'll trr to get off at five or there tume. ...La Roger looked amazed at the transformation in Diana. She had removed her mate-up, but she wore her artificial eyelashes and her new, tilted line of eyebrow. "Yoa look pixey-ish!" he said, grinning. "If I ever had any natural con- Knu mw, "-' , a . neck op at her and uttenne queer little sounds like "toh! tchl' an eaM, mala aj,atSTltS will marvel at their smart designs- ' . and fine paper and large French j other day. Both saw tnree different Fold size and also at their ex-, rabbits "settin" and took shots at treinely low price... 50 for $1-00. ;,em an(j tnejr cf,m home without a including your Name on the cards vouched for by one and 50 envelopes to match. The, - ' Daily CUntonian. f wt M ne know aud who yt nt abouts I II 'phone yon, Diana." Misses Barbara and Janet Frame entertained the members of the Jolly club at their home in South Seventh street last nihi. Bunco was played and prises awarded to Mifis Audrey Vales, hiah: Mrs. George Vales, bunco; and Mrs. George Hill, (To Re Continued) with him who sUred at her silently, critically. . Mr. Kayser'a clucking changed OJOTUU. iil.S The Big Good Neighbor Link Smugglers With Mystery Overman. Catherine Doucet and j Rosalind Keith are in support of the 1 famed- comedian. You'll laugh and laugh. Mis? Lenore Merriman eutertatn-d the member of tle Fortnightly .-lob last evening at the home of her Sybil Jason and her scotcli grand- Bimer. Mrs. J. F. Adams, in iwars- K " , . . $ Rl:Bu.eiI f 1 imcn street. Miss Luella Cloutier ( father are ita.urea in t,,.,.... -! wan in charge of tbe program. Mrs.! the Guard", a short all in color. : A. D. Spears gate an interesting I shown with Paramount News, i discussion. The next meeting of thej - t'AJN AM MBEL" j rluh will be at the home of Missj Mar uaret Davis with Mist Mabel i ' Cltarwatprs in charge of the pro-1 At the Patar ! gr.,ni. Blond .Marian Davies is the Jlab-ri of this team, a mueicul-iniedy star hose box-office appeal is nil. Clark MOVIEESu Vr BiW mWr . .able is a heavyweight boxina ,..,. r !a, in np,n.iiu lai-liK ........ .or I..UV. I'liaUip WUU' K' , int. .,r.-fc lot of drawin: a million-dolLu- gai ! ,'r . "Tr" ... ,. i lloscoe Karas is entertaining as the i I-aid iu bandit-ridden China, thi. i i,. ,he . )riiit newspaperman bo unites tne ; lust-moving adventure story Uiii'"-"1 ' . . ,. , !o In a publicized romance and at- (.arv Cooper giving s sin-ere. tw " - i r..iet I . . . irats peon e in flocks. Jliss Davw fuued perlormance as the hero anC ,ra ' , ...... ,, ,. ,. .. Uud Uer leadms man fipnt ai! . beautiful ladeliue Catrol. as lU ... .,,, UHt know : hernine tlurv iu un AllLeriCIX1 I will end happily. a it d'-e- sf'.ei : it soldier of toriune out to get Chine. : , . ,...A Alien .iiik 1 (intern! Yaua. who is a cruel war , " " . .. . , 1 . . ; . ijir r uhl-traluer. Perl Kelton lord type. He is tricked out of bin iriS u,r l"u f u...,u,h . . ., ; Ku'.h Donnelly. Hobart ( aianaugn ' Tru.A,im un. n munev uv lie ui- n.-.'ier ij,ileii and David Carly! blond. Miss CarroH. He lat- lurinp :e iniportant rbanu-u-rs You'l! oujoy watching dark in lb" ring. , L'lL-.hern.J - f i I fli.vff r escape and "gets' boih :be (;n-'ral and the hlond The General, by he way, diK 'a the middle of l!;"-night hut that's too long a titl Aliim Tamaroff, Dudley Dgge A Harry Ber Ualld Act. caltour and newsrel are special short sub Porter Hall end William Fras ley de- j jects serve speial notice. i Another angle came to light In connection ith the mysterious death A pupeye carioon. Hold mat and p-ox Movietone News ! Wire" 1 conclude the program. Still Coughing? No matter how many medicines you have tried for your cough, chest cold or bronchial irritation, you can get relief now with. Creomuifcion. Serious of I .eld Russell, found dead on tne estai oi i-u.-.. "'-'- Morris in California, when pobce ad vane d a theory that the 28-year-old scion of an old Virginia family i ad committed in panic over a death threat received from ati international gui. running ring It was suggested that Bussed had been "marxid for deatn" because it was feared he would betray the gang. One of the U- existing photos of Russell shows him ulh a former awef-tlieart, Lalhan Kearns. as they appeared abt a year ago, above. 'Mvrmidon" At Ihe (VdumJilfi- Ror-helle Hudson is the charming , Poppy" In this colorful story of carnival life with her fond papa. Professor Eustace MeOargle. in the person of W. C. Fields, stealing the aIiow. Fields i a likeable old fakir who rets himself and his daughter in a lot if trouble wiih his Muffin ahi'.ity. Richard Cromwell, Lynne trouble may be brewing and you cannot afford to take a chance with anything less than Creomulsion, which goes right to the seat of the trouble to aid nature to soothe and heal the inflamed roembraneB as the germ-laden pitiegm is loosened and expeBed. Even if other remedies have failed, dont be ctisoouiBged. your druggist Is authorized to guarantee ejreomiusion and to refund your money if you are not satisfied with results from the very first bottle. Of Creojnuiiion right now. (Adv.) Oil B. H. SELLERS DENTIST ' . 24-'J South. Main Street Clinton, Indiana ' "Myrn; don." in Greek mythology, wa. one of a band of warriors who fo!k'..ed Achilles in tlie Trojan war. Tl.e wo.d has taken on a meaning of a subordinate who is unquestioning and unscrupulous in executing the orders of a superior.

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