The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on August 22, 1921 · Page 2
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 2

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, August 22, 1921
Page 2
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS The Fairmount News hocks and larkspur and geraniums and j syringa that used to surround it. ! These forever make a picture of Mr. and Mrs. John Weaver, Mr. and J Mrs. Clarence Brewer and Miss May j Weaver, of Burlington, Mich., arrived in Fairmount Saturday evening for a j 1 visit with relatives here. i New Pastor For Fairmount Church Published on Mondays and Thursdays ; poetic romance in his soul. The i charm of that picture has led some to A. S . ROBERTS, ... . -v - t - 1 give up a cramped little niche in some Li ;tor anj mniiiuei. Miss Edna Bell entertained as week Associate, j big city, and go into a place like (Continued from Page One) Minnie Mc Lucas Roberts, ' end guests at her home west of Fair- Oce: Main 265 Fairmount -where he could raise and enjoy flowers. So this publication is not merely a TELEPHONES Res, Black SS2-1 j ticallv every room on the ground was : mount, Misses Hezel McCormiek and taken before tkhe close of the con-i Eva Mayer of Elkhart, both of whom ference last week, making it' ncessary , are in training at the hospital there. to provide for those who come later j ; ntM tfcA orvmTKl Mrs. Ethel Pearson has accepted a SUBSCRIPTION RATES. High Values At Low Cost "1- i- ! M M Never before have you had such values offered at such low prices. You cannot afford to buy tires of questionable worth M and value. Ten years ago a 30x3 Goodyear sold for twice the amount it sells for today. M If you need a tire don't fail to let us show M you our complete line of Goodyear and ?J i picture book which government offici-i als have pot out to fill up spar? time. (Within Indiana.) ' Art H M H H H M H M H M Duson Mrs. The sessions of the missionary so- position as Director of Van ; "t ..t. t hosoital at Kalmazoo, Mich L. Northan of Sheridan, conference Pearson leaves Wednesday to assume president of the society. Mrs. Nor- her duties in the institution, than is also president of the general j conference with twenty conferences Miss Thelma Turner of Marion, ,vr-o,. Wfc h nrwsMea. as well as Miss Harriet Meyer, John Lindsey and vne 5"cay l"5 ! Ttie P1"" gateway which appears on Three months" -! " " " " " 75 i the cover, lined with forms of oreep-(Outside Indiana.) . j in? and flowering plants, suggests One year $3.00 how many people can find the path to Six months 1.65 happiness. Everyone who is eneour- Three months 0, , , . , . All subscriptions payable strictly thereby, to take up flowar culture in advance; paper discountinued at ! helps make his community more beau-expiration of subscription time un- i tiful and mak it a better home town. less renewal is received prior to ex- piration date. 0 " ! CO-OPERATIVE TRADING DAYS Entered as second-class matter at j An Advertising Club" representing Auburn Cords and Fabric. presiding at the general conference Wilson Payne of Fairmount, Mr. and ; esion Mrs. Charles Brush of Jonesboro, re- During the meeting reports for the turned home Sunday after spending , i . rr received showed the work of the the past weeic at uppeeanoe LaKe. year t4 J. iv rcrQ f MTvh R -i-ne mercnanw oi ioia, ivan 1S79. i veloped a method of drawing trade j society to be in a most nourishing con-that is proving a large success. They dition, all of the reports from the Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Cecil of North ln - -ci r,.i At;,vn nv" tA i A-rmt mi;ftnarr organizations be- us str-et, entertained as guests at BANKER-FARMER MOVEMENT lvl" " " " , !. - the Sunday dinner .Mrs. icie namDeriam E. 0. Ellis Auto Supply Co. Tires, Accessories, Oils, Gasoline, Vulcanizing i-i i n it occurs everv taturaay. it is an- ing most erawi.iiig. - - i . j r u r; m;v. I I 1 J ' ; CA .ac-V n nc tar the 8UU 11 lVUIldlvl, VII i.tLlult, U.V r-tCT-( Trm-UtinvT srri- ' nouncea DJ a iui. uC&l.Krr iua ... .i w. and Mrs. Marion Ellingwood and t-h: j ... ... w & - , -j. s..-;--i f , tScc5tiqo fnp cultural enterprises. If a farmer ,meni' I1CT4 ; ....... ... wante.1 monev they loaned it to him, ! Each business man announces the year were received The chil-but th v made little effort to develop i m two to four items of bargains, dren's fund amounted to $S U8S7.94, Phone 226 W. V. Fowler, Mgr. family and Miss Lillian Dunbar. Lucille Jones, Pauline Jones and Fred Jon?s have gone to LaPorte where they will be the guests of Dr. Ben Jones and family. While there v0. ed to oe a specially iow price. line society oi me muiana njiucirun: movement years, however, a spread all ever the Arangement is made for the mer- amounted to approximately ,uviu, country among bankers to promote farm prosperity. ' r;,t Frad will submit to an operation for t , some -v'u. x m . ... . ... . 1 lif iit.j-'v .......... ... .... . , . A TWICE-TOLD TALE .v v..--. -r, 4 -y. noia use win oe covered oeicu'n u;e was awanieu uie imhuci iu. ..v. organize thotr business on a sound ac- .,.,!, . . v- ! Doan's Kidney Pills tha same that Mrs. Kimes had. Foster-Milburn Co.,. Mfrs., Buffalo, N. Y. Advertisement. vc;c ,vt- Vsvp jite,i dinerent ads ey going irom one oi largest amount, w-oo i.-- ! the. advertissd stores to another, the ed to r airmount. VV'UUVU.t, .. -1, them to buy labor saving machinery. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Leer and Mr. and 1 Mrs. Will Leer will leave Tuesday for j a motor trip to Washington, D. C. i One of Interest to. Our Readers. ' visitor can get about all he needs on j Interesting talks on their work on TViJi- Varo K.xn rprv timminent in or- - Good news bears repeating, and when it is confirmed after a long purchases, at reduced the west coast of Africa were given ibv Rev. and Mrs. Walter Jennings, ' . -" ' r i - boys and girls production nTJ nst OI prices. While there they will visit Wayne C1BPS msi naie nu ' ...r.w.o. ..:J f St-m Leer who is an instructor in Maryland State University. ths . lapse of time, even if we hesitated to ! believe it at first hearing, we fell se- 1 ne AuVertlSlng v.iuu guansiu:a w no naic v 1 1 Mauvutu c. . . T - -w-l oil rvcit fwir trvare : Rev. and Mrs. Jenn- .v- v.i-.- that each article advertised is a genu- Leone, Africa NOTICE To the taxpayers of Fairmount Township, County of Grant, State of Indiana: Notice is hereby given that the advisory board of Fairmount Township, County of Grant, State of Indiana, will meet at the office of Orville Wells trustee of said township on the 6th day of September 1921, to hear any and all objections to the proposed estimate of expenditures and tax 1U,' 111 XTVl ZZJhl 5ne reduction from the regular figure, ings will return to Africa this year, as will have much larger resources which . . , & . . . .,, , t j n.i-, t, i ot:vt1 The occasion is further made inter- will also Rev. and Mrs. Decker and they can use to develop agricuitur&l 1 t - cure in accepting its truth now. The Mrs.' Angelina Pearson will leave following experience of a Fairmount Thursday for an extended visit with woman is confirmed after nine years, her daughter, Mrs. Mary Dimett in . Mrs. Louisa Kimes, 6th & Vine Sts., , eslinT IO ine ianiri, u aiiauciuruis j in . uuuv ; for auction of farm products. The j Friday afternoon was devoted to an industry in this neighborhood. o Friday "Knightstown. Mrs. Pearson will be says: "I was having nervous spells Kl KAL IlllJll ".Al accompanied to Knightstown by Mrs. and my back ached. My kidneys Myrtle Gilbreath. Mrs. Pearson had , were weak, too. I used Doan's Kid- levies for the year 1922: notice of" The Hamilton. Mol Chamber of charges two per cent for his j the missionary society and the W. M. ervic -s indisposing of farm products, W. B. Rev. Aaron Worth, the patri- several falls last winter from which ney Pills and they gave me complete j which was published in the Marion ! relief in every way. Another mem- j Leader Tribune and the Fairmount she has not entirely recovered i r.e nrst oays oi tnis scneme are j arcn oi i nc cumciemc, icaim-u by the Dry Goods Reporter to urday night. Both conference been a "howling success." gelists. Rev. Fred DeWeerd of Fair- News on the 2nd., day of August. 1921. ORVILLE WELLS, Trustee Fairmount Township- Mrs. "Mattie Payne entertained at her countrv home southeast of Fair- .T.iT-ri Viiiti i s fmtliTtr fwni- ' mmirit snd Rev. John Clement of imrovemer.t that must help trade a lot. The business men have been solicited to subscribe to a fund to maintain the roads of the surrounding district. They pay the farmers $1.00 a mile for dragging the highways, so that the cost is not very great. A KiiiTioii Actor iVst tciVa 5rt murll retitive race for trade. The merch- : North Carolina, are on the ground and munt as Sunday guests at dinner, Mr. and Mrs. Will Wilson, of Marion, ber of the family has also used Doan's with benefit." (Statement given July 6th, 1912.) On November 22nd., 1920, M7s. Kimes added: "If I have any signs of my kidneys being out of order, a short use. of Doan's is sure to give quick relief." Price 60c, at all dealers. Don't simply ask for a kidney remedy get ants of Fairmount are constantly of- will have charge of the -evangelistic f ering bargains at cost pices, which , work during the camp meeting, which wins attention to their stocks and gets continues through the week. Mrs. Otto Morris entertained Friday evening at six o'clock dinner for Mrs. Icie Chamberlain and son Ronald of Detroit, and Mrs. Monroe Cecil. v ,v, tbA .nr-iP'P in the wa5- of coming to their; Mr. and Mrs. Miles Rush of near Rigdon, Rush Matthews of Bardstown, Ky., Mrs. Ellen Brusch of Michigan City, and Mark Wilson Brush of Jonesboro. Afternoon callers were Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Wilson of Thus they win the friendship condition, sxores rounding country in good LOCAL BREVITIES PATRONIZE HOME MERCHANTS of a very wide circle of peopie, and their business is done on a low level of expense. These bargain day me-, thods for general offering of induce-i will make itself highly popular with the outlying country. The section referred to has been . - - . Prof, and Mrs. Otto Hamilton are fi!!lllllllil!ll!i!!ill!ililii!llliillll!llllllllllllllll!!:il!l!lill!l!!l lllIIIHIIIIIIIIIIf rainer m in roaa in rro-, . T,, th mercVa of a citv in Indianapolis today. f Mr. and Mrs. James Dimett, of nat 'Knightstown, were dinner guests of tubal i located a one of the P outlvine countrv. and Miss Selma Denny, of Kentland, is Mrs. Angelina Pearson Sunday. Af- m tr.e cow-.iry to enr., y a compel- ;t ndi-'th? guest of Mrs. Mattie Langsdon. ! temoon callers were Mrs. Frank Coah- merchants might well consider er.t hichwav eneir.eer. As the result our some further development along such j TU)' ran, of Crawfordsville, Thales Pear- Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Payne of son, of Chaffee, Mo., Morris Barnes, : lines. Sale of its progressive spirit, it has 12 marked highways now running into its center, and tourists come here from a wide teerritory. OH ! South Bend, are entertaining a baby of Marion, Mrs. Omer Richardson and j girl. ' daughters Mary and Lucy, of Jones- . bono, Edward Owen, Mrs. Margaret Miss Thelma Turner of Marion is Reeves, Mrs. Myrtle Gilbreath, Miss ; the guest of Mrs. Mattie Payne and Mary Ellis, Miss Glen Moon and Mrs. i son Wilson this week. Lucy Scott. Slat's Diary By Ross Fartrahar Friday pa was a worrying about he didder.t no what was to become of us if times kep on Andrew Weyler, Ju'ian Mayer and , "he members of the Rebekah Lodge A. J. Weyler were in Hartford City ! will give a pot-luck supper at the ii if ii ii Sunday afternoon. I. O. O. F. hall Wednesday, Aug. 24. ROADSIDE ADVERTISING. Formerly many business men used . to erect little signs along the road-; side advertising their business. As all kinds of advertising help some, this may have had effect, though commonly the signs got so defaced by weather, r.nd tsrret practice by boys, ' that they did give a favorable im- i pression. Nowadays people go so ' fast in automobiles that they may not j read a sign ur.l??s it is a lartre and! getting worse, ma ' The committee announces that one of Ernest L. Baker, Jr., returned home i the features of the evening's enter- sed mebby yure ole ' unkel will die & I , ; n j ! : Friday evening after a few days visit . teir.ment will be the discussion cf ab- will leave a last ; with relatives in Indianapolis. Let there be no ab- j sent members, i sent members. Also a good program will & testiment, pa up & sed that Vt. and Mrs. Orion Fuller and son ' has been rrprard- , r z wooa oe just aoout : Basil of Messick, were guests Fridav ! it rv , his luck because he Miss Lois Fankboner entertained at . night of Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Green. all reddy has got j a pleasing picnic party last week in 1 honor of her guest Miss Carolyn Adams, of .Marion. Music and games j were enjoyed by all at the Fankboner a testiment sum ; Mr ard Sarnuel L!oy cf Jones-place here in thej spent turaay mjrht and Sun-house he dont no i dav as g ts cf Mrs. Arvel Swaim. where. Pa cum j staring creation that defaces the beauty of country scenes. Some farmers thir.k it pays to allow the sides of their buildings to be covered with circus posters or painted r.otices. In so doing they give valuable advertising fex le?s than it is worth to them. A well painted set of buildings is good advertising for any farmer, but when he allows his walls Is here and those contemplating having Public Sales will do well to consult us before placing their printing order. The right kind of Printing at the right kind of prices. I home, after which the company went s home frum his ! Mr. and Mrs. George Blackman of ; tn a crow and enioved a nicnie lunch. trip yesterday. Marion and Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Baker Those present were Misses Carolvn Sat. Went to , a n-nnV t xi, iVcdctor . xt a x r .- tt i t-: j " ill V' v mm l lit v v iv c , . . i ill i v ii.i-.i . .ii. A. W 1 1 i O , i . L KM 1 1 Illl II I I IlIHI. . the city with pa & j Lakes. and roofs to be used in th interest of some other party, he takes attention j ! Mildred Comptcn, Ruth and Freda ? Myers, Pauline Gift, Mary Albertson j ' 1 - T I " ma a shopping & , awav from his own product, and di-iet ars dinner at a calf eta ry witch is' Miss Addie Leach left today for a! and Lois Fankboner. verts it to some other fellows. News- , "here you walk around & look at the 'several weeks visit with friends atj paper advertising these days is the j iiies ..Ke ycu was at a funeral only Jsumvan, ureencastie, inaianapons ana : F. M. S. TO MEET real productive kind. f 5"oa take what you think you want to s other points. 1 The FairmoMmt WITH MRS. DREYER. On account cf a death in the familv 0 ' & half to pay for it wether you Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Weyler and of Mr ch.rles Raujrh. who was to eat it or dont. Sunday out at Unkel Hen's for family entertained as Sunday guests, ; have xn nostpsa for the ron.l.r dinner today. Pa sed he cud shute as j Mr and Mrs. J. A. Mayer and family j monthly meeting of the W. F. M. News of Fowlerton. strate as the next 1. So they got out of the M. E. church, the meeting will Charles Barrick of Indianapolis and William Barrick of Cutler, are the guests of their brother, G. M. Barrick and family. be held with Mrs. A. F. Dreyer, who will be assisted by Mrs. M. L. Bart-ling and Mrs. Mattie Langsdon. At this time the mite boxes will be opened and all members are exepcted to be present with their mite box. Lt Miss Maude Briles has resumed . is requested that each member put her her position with the Mill & Elevator name on the box as this feature will company after a week's vacation enter into the contest. It is also re- covers Southern Grant County and to reach the farmers of Southern Grant no better medium can be used than the Fairmount News. spent at Maxinkuckee Lake. quested that all those who have not paid their Bible Woman money will arrange to have it at this meeting. Mr. and Mrs, Albert Morris, Phyllis and Cleo, and Vem Ross An out of town speaker is expected to FLOWERS AND HOMES. The United States department of agriculture recently issued a very attractive booklet called "Growing annual flowering plants. It makes an Id fashioned gardner's mouth water to look at it. He wishes he could have all these lovely old stand-bys There are citical people who will say it is no business of the government to spend the taxpayers' money issuing booklets about flowers. Some will regard it as a little incongruous that this book is issued as a ""farmer's bulletin." They -will remark that Mowers never helped a farmer raise salable food products. And yet there is a connection between flowers and economic prosperity. A town that had abundant flower gardens, would be far more attractive than others. Real estatee would be worth more in it. It 'would have a wider reputation for culture and pro-Sressiveness. If the farmers who receive this bulletin are hereby incited to plant flow-en, the result must be to make wond-crfml imrorements in rural. neihicr-hoods. Beautiful homes attach people to the soO. Uaay a man wLs CUM from an U fasUoned horse, Z1 fcvc fcrrU tL Cra tX a h? a rifle & had a shuteing match. I gess pa can shute strate all rite only not in the rite direction to hit what he shutes at. Monday pa & me went a fishing A Jake all so. I off en wondered why crawdads run backwards & I ast pa witch told me it was, to keep the water frum running in there eyes, nature is a wonderful discovery. Taesday John Post cum back home today he has been gone 20 seven years. When he left home he was broke & when he cum back he had the same trat so I gess his expenses must of ben pritty hewy. Wednesday pa told ma he thot she diddent love him enny more because he has got to get his own brekfast. Ma says Why deary t love you all the more so on acct. of that dear. Tkwmiay Jane rum home with her pa ft ma from there vacation. Shi had ben a m laminar among the sun-lite 6 had fcs her arms all tanned up. f wtf.t 4 ir fexTay and got tanned to. ttot on cay arms neither. motored to Newcastle Sunday where be present and an interesting program they were guests of Mr. and Mrs. has been arranged. Every one is wel- Maek Schultx. come. -1 m m CDinnie fa Aiadl Miss Floy Huston, who has been SAYS BOBBY TO JIMMY: touring the western states with an "Gee! You make my mouth water! orchestra in Chautauqua work, expects cher life I'm goin to have some to be home within the next ten days. Banquet Ice Cream, too! Miss Huston has been having a very AH aids K7fce Banquet. Grown pleasant trip recently through Mis- s It also. There a reason, souri, her tfip. taking her near the Edwards. Advertise-OsarTc mountains. A present she is r ia Cansas.sjsd wSl irrivi in lPair . . V. r . ' ' ' bbest aUui tLe tHt at CUmber. YCU CAlfT CUS All JSftJL- At&t a tbort rest at htae ex?ectii r: xTTi PAPTTt. TS1 to tstar DtTauw Univenity. inDtllD 'rnnwSn. Tali It Ovqit ii Aim rATCcircs coins 4..

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