The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 21, 1936 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 21, 1936
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

i I ) The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Sa turday, November 21, 1936 Page 6 LOYAL MILITIA DENHARDT HELD Lily Denies Marriage Reports CLASSIFIED ADS CLAIR JONES CARRIES OFF HONORS IN CORN EXHIBITION AT SHOW Male Help Wanted GAINS ADVANCE THROUGH SNOW (Continued from Pago 1) closely watching the foreign sit na tion, which may yet prove Hie decid ing (actor In I In conflict. In another bid fot rnsclst iimsIsi-mice, lien. .Illelpo ic Llilltit, broad-iiisiiiia rroni Seville, charged lliat loyalists in Milihid, llrncclolnl llild 'ulencin an':iiilte(l (;M'nian niiil Itnl an cillzenH. looted tlie'r homes, and estl'oved t'leir iosn'ssions. . SHOWDOWN SEEN TODAY IN STRIFE AT SOUTH BEND (Continued from Page 1) would not grant. From one authority came expres-dons of confidence all early setlle-:ni'l)t would he reached; others say that it will Hike time, that sessions might extend over until next -week hut that the controversy would be ironed out amicably. Depth ol Lake Krie The greatest depth of Lake Eric is about 210 feet, to be found in a number of places in the broadest part of the lake A ' J ' A- i , ' t , x v IN COUNTY JAIL WITHOUT BOND (Continued from Page 1) himself as arrogantly its a Roman conqueror, the old warrior checked In at tlie .lull here and put strong Htecr lulls between himself ami the crowd, roused us only a Kentucky crowd can be, over Injury done a heniitiful woman. General Denhardt's heavy nrmy revolver was found beside Mrs. Taylor's body. In a rnailnlri ditch between New Castle and Lagrange. Nov. 6. NAMES OF NEW COUNTY CITIZENS ARE ANNOUNCED (Continued from Page 1) Judge G. Edward Bingham. Each person had two witnesses as to his character and residence. After the hearing in the afternoon all applicants were taken downstairs and grouped on the East side of the Court House, and their pictures taken. This is the largest group ever to receive papers at any one Naturallza-lon Day. When questioned on arrival in Washington together as to ''' therwere secretly married. Andre Kostclanctz. orchestra leader and LUy Pons, opera star, dcnie.l the report but smilingly admitted that the event might come about before. long (Continued from Page 1) Kin White t'oni - all to Clair .limes. Ten Kins Yellow Coin -1st, Ward t'mti'i ; ml Wendell llrown; :trd. iVard I'orter; 4lh, linnet Coffa. Sinuie Vellnw Coni 1st Wendell l!r"" :,r,, War,i i:t:;s iirown eggs. 1st. o. p. m. Pinion: Jnd, Knrl Easter; 3rd. Karl KliMer; 4lh. Annnlielle Pigg; and Hi, Hillie Easter. White Eggs 1st. O. P. M. Pon-'on; 2nd, 3rd. 4th and 5th. Andrew Pigg. . f U.S. Embassy at Spanish Capital ToBeEvacuated Soon; Americans In Barcelona Are Warned to Flee fContlniieo -rom rge 1 Thla rnnBi,lainunar.l ic, Hal, In (,', j . .. . """ " " mingoncy u ts nonevea mat n would not he practicable to give previous notice of this fact." 13 tfOUt own . ? 1 y Check Rates for Classified Ads and Paid Notices First day of Insertion: 8c tor each remlini? line (one column line, like mm it f hpRR I . Nest two diiys Insertion: the lame 8c charge (you pet throe anys ai double the cost of the first day). lhii,a HaVa InHAI-flon! th6 same 8c charge (you net a whole week, six days, at three limes iue font of one insertion). Kach group of three days there-ifler, 8c u line. Itlmk Face (like this), 10c per Hue. . All classified ads Inilmlln memo. rianm anrl nonce or an mm" "- regular cu.iUmicrs whose accounts arc paid mommy or immu ii ganluitlnns whoso hills must bo allowed before beuia; paid. In the . . . . i. nuHni, nklnip the oilier awu I" - publlcallon of the notice will be ni'Kl r-NHinillil tor im ity""Mf Business Services Twelve I'll torrnphs. Holvo twelve Ximis glfl piKlilenis. Make the np-Dolnlinent loiliiy. I'ashner Ktudio. U9 FURNACE REPAIRING. Have that smoke pipe renewed now. Estimates free. Hoy Taylor, Phone 817-W. "9 FOR SALE Turkeys, 9 to 14 pounds, fat. 20c per pound. 70 head. C. E. Woolen, Bug Island, west of Mecca. tl6 Four room house at 10G0 South Sixth Street. Inquire Dave Law-tlG Turkeys. Mrs. Terra nee Sandytown road. Boyd. tl Quarter oak office desk table with I wo drawers. Like new. 60 inches long and 40 inches wide. Dr. Mc-Guire. 660 Mulberry St. tl5 Overcoat, medium size. . 454 Vine Street. H4 4-room house on S. 5th St. Sacrifice price. Write Clee Graham, Tangier, Ind. tl4 ( our orders in now for Thanksgiving;. Turkeys, awsc, ducks and fat hens at lowest prices hi years. I'hone lilVW, Iteeder'a Feed Poultry Market- Dressed chickens, lln. Mrs J. F. Car-tie Huliy grand piano, like new. Can be had for small balance due on contract. Write Credit Mgr., 200 No. 3. Terrc Haute, Ind. tl6 Jersey cow. Two gallons 'milk a duy. John Toffolo, Fainiew. tlo YOU ARE LOSING MONEY ON furniture and other household articles which you are not using Cash In on them through the For Sale columns. For Sale Coal For good coal phone 797-W. 60tf FOl'RTIf VKIXCOAU VXIVKRSAI,, MIAMI XO. 4, AM) BLACK BKTTV XO. 5. HARLEY HUFFMAN', I'HOXF 10. tf PAID NOTICES Dance at "The Green Inn Cafe ' Monday night at Centenary. Ind-tl4 HAKE MALE! Thanksgiving bake sale at Lewis' Hardware Store Wednesday, November 25. Sponsored hy Center Epworth League. 116 Kl'VIMAGE SALE! At Morgan's building November 23 and 24. Sponsored by south section of Metuodlst church. tl5 FOR RENT t-room hou'e. close in. B. F. Harrison, 657 Elm street. tit Modern liglit housekeeping rooms. 239 Vine street. tlo Modern rorms with board. 356 Vine strett. tl5 Piemonte bakery and equipment. Inquire 30 N. 9th St. tl5 NOTICK! Big minstrel at Lyford School Tuesday, November 24. 7:30 p. ro. Singing, dancing and novelty music. Auspices of Parke County Recreation. Admission 10c and 15c. IIS WANTED Watch and clock repairing. I. D .Tnhnunn 341 South Main St. 14 River bottom land. Will purchase tracts of 80 acres or more. Give particulars and price. Write Box 81. Alvin III. t2 Help Wanted Boy for shining shoes. Moore Shoe Shop. 200 S. Main St. Help Wanted-Female Girl for housework. 618 Blackman. Call between 6 and 7. U6 WANTED TO BUY Timothy hay. alfalfa, bean hay and clover hay. Write to Frank Mc- j Neer. 1712 South Main Street, Paris, llliaois. 116. MAN to become contact man and investigator for national organization. .Experience. tiniiMCessary. Good appearance essential. No Belling. Write 750-770 Madison llldg.. Milwaukee. Wis. HI LEGAL NOTICES NOTICE OF ADMIXIHTIIATION Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned has been appointed by the Judge or the Circuit Court of Vermillion County. State of Indiana, administrator of the estate of Arthur W. Hedges, late of Vermillion County, deceased. Said estate Is supposed to be solvent. JOHN H. GILMOl'R, administrator. October 30, 1936. 1114-21-2836 Markets MARKETS CHICAGO, Nov. 21 Livestock: HOGS 14.000; steady; holdovers. 3,000; top. $9.75: bulk. 9.00 $9.65: heavy, $9.00 0 $9.75; medium. $9.25 (H $9.75; light. $8.75 $9.50; light lights. $8.50 H $925; parking sows $8.50 f $9.25; pigs, $6.00 0 $8.50. riTTiB' 400- steadv: calves: 200; steady. Beef steers: good and choice. $9.50 $1.2.10; common and medium, $7.00 $9.50; yearlings, $9.00 Iff $12.10. Butchev cat-tie:theifera. $4.50 0 $11.00; cowb. $4.25 fi $6.25; bulls, $4.50 O $6.50; calves $4.60 0 $9.00; feeder steers, $sjO 0 $8.00; Blocker steers. $4.50 0 $7.75; Blocker cows and heifers. $4.25 $6.50. SHEEP 3.000; steady; medium and choice lambs. $8.50 ffl $9.25; ii nml common. $6.00 di $7.50; venrlings, $6.50 $8.00; common and choice ewes. $2.00 $4.50 feeder lambs, $0.00 $8.00. CHICAGO. Nov. 21 Grains scored further gains today in a fair ly active opening. Wheat was Vs to cent higher, corn U to 1 H cent up and oats to Yt cent up. WHEAT Dec. 117; May, 11514-: July. 104-. CORN New Dec. 106-U2; Mav. 100-100; .Inly. 96-97; Old'-Mav, 99 '4-: July. 96-96. OATS Dec, 45-V-.; May. 447-45; July, 42-Vj.- CIRCUIT COURT HAS 20 CASES SET FOR TRIAL (Continued trom Page 11 sell, divorce, January 2. Joe Zerovieh vs Elizabeth Zero-vlch, divorce. Dec. 28; Federal Farm Mortgage Corp. vs Estate of James W. Hinds, claim. Dec. 21; Joseph .N. Jones vs Estate of James W. Hinds, claim. Dec. 21: Lewis Skinner vs Estate of James W. Hinds, claim. Dec. 21; Frank Barclay vs Jessie Morris Barclay, divorce. Dec. 16; Wayne Blanton vs Ellen Blantoti, divorce, Dec 31; William H. Collier vs Carrie Taylor, suit on account. Dec. 9. POULTRY EXHIBITION ENDS TODAY; JUDGE ANNOUNCES WINNERS (Continued from Page 1) Ponton; 3rd. Tony Savant: 4th, Tony Savant, and 5th, O. P. M. Ponton. Pullet. 1st and 2nd. Ponton; 3rd and 4th, Savant and 5th, Ponton. Old pen, Ponton and young pen, 1st and 2nd, Ponton, and 3rd, Savant. BI'FF ROCKS Cock bird. 1st. Karl Easter; 2nd. Elmer Newsom of Clinton, and 3rd. Wayne Randolph of Clinton. Pullet. 1st. 2nd. 3rd and 4th, Newsom. Cockerel, 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Newsom. Hen. Ponton. Young pen, Newsom. McLaughlin Hwerp BI'FF ORPINGTON Cock bird,; 1st. McLaughlin Brothers Hen. 1st. j 2nd. 3rd and 4th, McLaughlin ! Brothers Cockerel, 1st. 2nd, 3rd, 4th j and 5th. McLaughlin Brothers. Pul- let. 1st. 2nd. 3rd,' 4th and 6th, ! McLaughlin Bros. ! SINGLE CONE DARK LEGHORN ; Cockerel. H. R. Harms of Dan- ville. 1st. 2nd and 3rd prizes. Al'STRILOP Pullet. Ed Dirker ! if Clinton. LIGHT BARRED PLYMOCTH ROCK - Cockerel, Helen Randolph,: 1st: John Ponton, 2nd and 3rd. DARK BARRED PLYMOUTH ROCK Pullet. 1st. A. J. Acree; William Hankln of Terre Haute. 2nd and 3rd. Old Pen. 1st. J. E. ! Siferd. Young Pen. 1st. 2nd. 3rd and 4th. J. E. Siferd. WHITE GIANTS O. P. M. Pon- ! ton and Ruby Ponton of Hillsdale won all three prizes for cockerels and pullets. Grand Champions were McLaugh- j tin Bros, for the Buff Orpinglon. Cork Bird, Hen. Cockerel; Karl Easter for the white Rock Hen; J. E. Siferd. Old Pen; E. J. Acree, Barred Rock Pullet; and Andrew . Pigg for production White Leghorn Hen. Mieu ifOii ijlee fiuulo 9 77 A 1 1 It's silly 6-tube you can GRUNOW You and than the 1 to tie yourself down with a set when, for the same money, now own a big, powerful All -World " 11 ." " ' i IP" ' w GRUNOW "ELEVEN" OTHER $69 RADIOS Elavan Tubas Fiva to aight tubas Violin Shop Cablnat Old-tvpa squara box 41" Full-sixa Comola 34-37" Junior sixa 12" Auditorium g" or iq" DMkar Speaker TonTastad ..on,tor W cjffff NO BETTER TONE AND PERFORMANCE AT ANY PRICE know how much smoother peppier an 8 or 12-cylinder car it old "4." Same way, GRUNOW 1 1-tube Radio outperforms ordinary 6 or 8-tube sets 1 That surplus power means distant stations without effort without any annoying tone distortion. Tubes last longer, too ' Come hear the new GRUNOW now. Compare its full-size, streamline console, in matched walnut. Admire its rounded, flawless tone due to exclusive "Violin Shape" Cabinet that eliminates "corner noise" ... plus Grunow's famous 12-inch Auditorium Speaker. Pocket the $50 or $75 more you'd expect to pay for such radio perfection. Get that uew GRUNOW at RADIO'S HOME Where Radio Is Not A Side Line OSMON BROS. PHONE 169W . FOR FREE DEMONSTRATION 224 BLACKMAN ST. Buy Now For Christmas Eve Delivery HERE'S HOW GBUN0WCAN DO IT! UnlMlimbla but TRUE-that GRUNOW can offw this nipar-anainMml all-world 11 tuba pewar plant at th prie of a 6 or 8-tub "iuniar" moW. Hara'a WHY: 1. GRUNOW builds 2,000 radios a day: 2.Spioli on two boms models : J. Offers startling n.w dsdgn principlas found onlr in GRUNOW. LIBERAL TERMS Right now w'n offering amazinglr gs-vous trado-in allowaneo on your old radio, plus terms to suit th most modast income I No need to wait. Get a GRUNOW now! 2C i 1

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