The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 21, 1936 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 21, 1936
Page 5
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Page S The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Saturday, November 21, 1936 DANCING INDIANA'S GRID rFAIISTRUCKIH' One Opinion- Bowling " rx ; 'v I. Clinton's ?36 Grid Campaign Is Ended With 38-0 Victory For What, Its Worth t i TO . LAFAYETTE KesuiTs o z o X H Dorman's Tavern Good Orchestra Your Favorite Beer On Tap Wines Liquors Mixed Drinks by Davit J. Walsh ATI05iAL I.FAGl'K Clinton Ire 112 W. Bevridge Beatty r James . . . . Markie . , 6 . 114 . . 168 111 . . 11C 153 m 122 82 111 16 125 122 DO 4 even has the make up. Moreover he's the only specimen extunt who has coaws back from the linilm of the forgotten and. personally. I'm beginning to wonder whether he hasn't something in common with the automobile. Anyhow. 1 suspect he's ber; to stay. ' Shannon Handicap 146 10 Laterals Baffle Squad From Bicknell in Contest Here Friday LOCALS START SCORING EARLY dFISH FRY Totals 750 709 823 four were Incomplete. The Bulldogs intercepted one. failed to complete any and 11 were incomplete. Clinton (SN) Bicknell (0) Yeager I.E Hsll Phillips hT Weaver Phillips !-C Fleyke Rodish Ui Petiot dough C Barr Lebel Rf Frailer McCrea l.T Straizabosco. . KK Bowers Ave CiB Dnlton Morley l.H. . .. Holmes 175 1C4 Bratukas 169 Murdock ISO Colombo 163 WPA RECREATION DEPARTMENT NEWS 144 171 Ave 11 STEVE'S TAVERN Jacksonville SATURDAY BEER 5c and 10c C !...:L-. All IfinJ. Benuettl 200 20S Weaver Magnabosco. . . . RH. 125 161 198 18 157 79 103 178 164 14 2 Cazzell The first aid class for Monday has been postponed. Mfskunas FB. . . - Score by periods: Clinton IS Bicknell 0 Totals 863 83 Cooperative Bondi 133 140 Gulnn .121 12 Fenoglio 132 140 F. Scbelsky 1 118 Lanzone 17 116 7 38 0 0 0 Steve Giordano, Prop. PIXKHCRST. N. I., Sin. 21 Perhaps the scoreboard' right. Perhaps this Is only the senii-flmtl round of the professional Golfers Association championship that is to be played pn Plnehurst's most exuding No. 2 course today, un enviable ceremony and. therefore, neither iini'i'te nor original. Bat for those who still ran tingle to a touch of romance, the story If Wild Bill Meblhorn. the man who came here with his cuff protruding and wasn't eapected to last any longer than bis competitive laundry, as it were. Today, he's in one of the semi-final round matches with Denny Slmtc of Boston, aud may In I he brow u October maturity of a vicarious life on the links wind up with his first show-window championship. The other semi-Bnal couple two of the tremendous hittets of 'Rolf. Jimmy Thomson versus Craig Vood. and the local clientele doubtless will go a little frantic about that one. But I still think the story is Meblhorn. Thomson and Wood, friends oi long standing, are going to give the people iuite a show with their tee-shot contest in which .100 yards i! a mere flick, of the Angers. But somehow you've got to go with and for Meblhorn. He has all the hack-ground and right now he's beginning to get plenty of foreground, too. He DANA DEFEATS NEWPORT FIVE Record-Smaabing Crowd Astwed . For Backet Scran; Records t - Of TcsLms Snow Little ' J " Esjfw for Either : r-r LAFAYETTE, Ind.. Nov. 21 Midwest as well as Hoo:r gridiron iu-terest was focused on tbe Kose-Adu stadium hera ihis afternoon at 2 o'clock as Iudiaoa's alalwart eleven attompted to chalk up Its third sUaight victory over a Purdue elev-ea thai bss'beea disrupted since mid-season 'ky, Jnjarles in a game that decided raner-up noaors In Big Tea raea as well u possession of the covetd Old Oaken Bucket. Although a lew reserved seats aud plenty of general admission standing room ducajta were available at game litra, a record-breaking crowd was in attendance. Tbe Hoosier . rivals entered the game with identical records for the season as far as wins and t"vs-s are concerned and altbouKh Indian was favored to repeat Its trlnmpuf of the Bast two seasons by virtu oi its superior reserve strength, there was Utile, to choose between the lro eivens. Indiana's only losses of the season bare been to Nebraska and Ohio State, while the Boilermakers' only setbacks were at the hands of Minnesota and Fordham. A terrific battle was in prospect between the two husky forward walls as they attempt to break loose their respective hall carrying stars The Middle west's two outstanding all-around backs. Cecil Isbell, of Purdue and Vernon Huffman, of Indiana, were matched against each other in a battle for individual honors, although it was a certainty that team play rather than individual prowess would tell the final tale. TONIGHT F I 5 II JtM TURTLE BEER WINE Betty's Cafe NORTH NINTH ST. NEWPORT. Nov. 21 Dana had a Newport hide today. The local basketball team trailed through four quarters last night to wind up at on the short end of a 32 to 22 score. Stull. Dana pivot man. dropped in five field goals to cop scoring honors. wmM Totals 655 676 743 Tfuns Kamm 118 134 126 Frazier 136 136 Stone 157 13 Gilfoy , 86 IIS 89 Mills 113 126 17 Handicap . . .. 52 62 52 Totals 557 723 . 738 ' Indianapolis New Combs 142 175 Homey . 142 137 107 Timmerman 127 150 14 Rlrauda 160 152 158 Norton . .... 121 124 121 Totals 6S2 735 704 T. H. Tribune leds 104 148 108 James 156 167 170 MiClung 143 140 136 Anbury 151 l'S4 150 Cuerrl 120 120 120 Handicap 56 56 66 VEWPORT (22) FO . 3 . . I 7 Pearman, f . McDonald, f .Vewlaad. t . TONIGHT AT Roberta's Tavern BUNFiRD, JND. Beer' 5c and 10c Walthall, r FT PF 2 0 0 1 1 1 1 2 2 0 2 2 0 Mack, e Laws, e Monte Carlo Cafe 1301 North Seventh DANCING TONIGHT Good Music ALL POPULAR BRANDS Ice Cold Beer, 10c Wines O. BFXTBAMK, Pr.spri.-tor Sims, g 3 Van Sickle, g Reed.,; Totals 730 779 740 F.xchjuigr Totals ( IMV. (K2) stni is ii READ THE ADS PLACE Cheek ...... 130 FG FT PF 1 1 Lemstra 155 169 154 156 178 10 B. Griffith 180 Hegarty 121 Handicap " 10 1 3 2 2 0 s Strabm. f 3 1 Adams, t 2 1 Johnson, f Stull, r f Brown, g 3 2 Wagner, g 1 0 2 t 129 174 141 . 1 678 16$ 12 159 191 135 86 131 88 116 88 129 Date . Black Clinton high s boot onded In football season lam niitht with a smashing J8 to 0 victory orer Birknll. The eame started one hour late hu I It did not take two mtnutea after the opening kirkoff for the winner to be pointed out. Mas;nabosro received the ball and brought it up to his own 40 yard line. Mlnhunnr then made several Ion gains, one a lateral Xrom "Maggie" pulling the ball on Bickoell'a 10 yard line. After two line drives the ball lay on the foot line from where Misnuass carried it over for the first touchdown. Phillip' kirk for tra point was blocked. ) First Fnmble Bicknell raceived the second kick- ' off and on the second play fumbled. Yeager fell on the ball on the Bick- ; nell 3S yard line. After one play '"Maggie" dropped back and threw a neat 20 yard pass to Phillips who in turn lateralis to Yeager and he galloped over for the second touchdown. Mishunas' kick for extra . point was blocked. Clinton 1! Bicknell 0. Just before the quarter ended Magnabosco went through the Biel;-nell team for 20 yards and the third touchdown. A pass for extra point was incomplete. ClintonlS Bicknell . Aerial Attack Falls Ri knell took to the air but this was broken tip on two different oc-i casfons when Ave and Morley inter-' cepted. A few minuts later behind the perfect interference of "Maggie." Morley. and MiFnunas, Are skirted bis rlgbt end for 5 yards and a touch down. The plunge for extra point was good making the score 2". . to nothing in favor of the Wildcat In the third quarter, the second team waa substituted led by their oneoniing; star. Tony Berto, who reeled several long gains, with addi- lional beLp from C. Moore, and the fine second string line, the scrubs carried the ball from their own forty; to the three yard line wbe the iret. team was again brought back into h game. They muffed the ehancej to score by fumbling. But it was not long until the ball was bank in posftesHion of the Wildcats. "Maggie passed to Ave who laxeralled to Mishunas for another touchdown The try for extra point was good making the score 32-0. tMt Marker The laBt touchdown was made by McCrea, Wildcat right tackle, who ran 20 yards for the marker aftej picking up a blocked punt. The game ended with the Wild-eats 3rd team in possession of the ball. Clinton made J 5 first downs to Bicknell's three. The Cats oojnple-d three passes, intercepted two and Totals 718 786 G. C. Mnrphy Co. 511 Moore 163 186 141 162 171 103 Universal, Indiana HalfaooHalf DANCE Plenty of Cold Beer FISH FRY EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT Everybody Welcome Totals : . . 462 464 TOTAL 1 KEWPORT Wenters 5 109 K. Nicholson 94 93 Cooper 62 89 R. Nicholson ..... 64 75 Totals 14 4 II Officials Referee, Clascoek; Mylea, Tasso 165 Roll 118 C. SheJsky 15 White 113 Totals 744 457 94 ; 130 ; 94 671 Dance Tonight Dreamland' Ballroom Music by Chat.- Scfattte OrerW&tra Dancin? 8:30 to 12:00 Ladies 10c ' Men 25c 763 770 Asbury 68 ... 57 Mack s Match Astderson Leads With CoiUy Buildings There if greater number ol large and costly buildings on Manhattan Island than upon any other equal area in the world. DIANA Benetti ".7 97 126 156 GllXoy ti 5 7 3 Ricaaaa "83 6 85 Totals 373 423 459 TOTAL 1255 By E. C SECAR THIMBLE THEATRE Starring Popeye ; HOME AN' I GOT T f EVER COMING ) PWPI'J KPrJ ME fs POPPA. I ftlti'T . i UCK.PAPPV? XH2E.L7 .,.'.V '7' 1 : V ' ,. ' : ' . l!... i-' By RUSS WESTOVER TILLIE THE TOILER -tr-r : 1 fTHANKS, MRS. pHAS,MaS. I I I SOT TO THtWK'KS jl SEE-,,r, "TKA-T'S WELL, TUie MOW WtUL. TOO ,SS fcTXikiS TO LOOK LIKE NO Be U3MJ MOM U3Mg -J KsOUIji f; ? MTTLE K.SS OU j rsT i. VM "SO STAD ME GOOD N16HT: SPECIAL! DANCING TONIGHT Music by tbe - ifTi Si 1 -j-.T 1 haik 6wi, J t UbmX: Tlf si T " HEAD . . , , , it- ' : Provence String Band CHICKENDINNERS Ice CoM Beer FLOOR SHOW Honeymoon - Cafe H) K. 7tb m- ' Clintosu Secret Operative 48 DANN DUNN 7 UH 1 TABLE OKE, DUOHEp, BUT I STILL THINK T HUH. I FOK 7 SO TH 15 THE RUE T"l j U. THEE fcUCCESFUL CROOT5 i wELL. WFPE WE I --V ROa. NtGWT CLU6- t I ftOOOsEK OR LfcTER OKIFT JNTO ) tR. ACE. TWE Y OWNED BY THE ORRQMe) I THE NIGHT CLUB& ND 1 EXPECT 6I-4A.WES.T tJIGHT i nunc I t.Kt-ri . rT isniiun 1 trc BA.BT ro KIO EXCEPT tOW CLUB tN TOWN SEE W.L K FOOL FER. LOWING THIS GLITTER MV&ELF ICEEP VE I l s Sunclay Special! n.&orxl, ACE Lt."msis . :rr r;..:, r r i u, -r T . itwc iuce? wurrv. lets eye bri&kt. chw?ue! 1 -'r v 1 f ) ! s Ii ttms to VENETIAN L TSs rwtHECtC 1. X 5-" ifj fCr v O i W ( Ire,' K PI6MT. 6Ct W": GARDENS PARI. fUJNOttf Malt Doe ausd FAT WILSON At (he rM rTAUAX SPAGHETTI Our ttpectalty Good haadwlctirs Cold Bear MIXED DKIVKS ft ii'i -vf: J?- ill mm

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