The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 21, 1936 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 21, 1936
Page 4
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J Page 4 The Dally Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Suturday, November 21, 1036 THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Wabash Sunday, Monday and Tuesday Founded "Sweepstakes on Love ' Established as Tbc Weekly Clintonlao lt0 Tha Clinton Plaiadealer absorbed In 108. f W ' W 0 a V asT aW CHAPTER XVII Cssjprqr L Carey..,. Editor and Publisher Jntered at the Postofflee at Cllaton. Indiana, aa 8econd Claaa Matter. Member Indiana Republican Editorial Association pick her up in plenty of time." He hoped that Genevieve didn't expect to accompany them? If so, he'd tell ber plainly that mothers were re Geitevieva inquired about the disastrous 8ant Barbara earthquake i whereby and wherein the oil-wells had been swallowed up. Or had garded aa exress bsggage if they tried legging along with their daughters to the studios. Definitely, they, entirely? Roger said they had. National Advertising- Representative: CEO. B. DAVID CO. ISOfl Wrlgley Bldg.. Chicago, -lit General llotura Bki., Detroit 110 East 42nd St., New York uiey were not welcome. Genevieve punned the subject Why hsd Genevieve coma out Reginal" Diana said to hersslf. How achingly she remembered his saying to her, in the wood I ami grove in the ballroom at the commencement of the party, when he lad sp-pesred perfectly sober: "Don't you know I m crazy about you, Diana? What are we going to do about it?" Her face burned at the thought of what she had answered: "1 like you toe, Roger ... more than like . . . you know!" It had all gone from his memory I But stay! That was Impossible! What about the letter he hsd written her after he had flown from Memphis to Santa BarbaTra, directly here anyway? Why hadn't she stayed where she belonged, in New lorm Phone 1 1 7 Phone A I Roger remembered thst the witTi an air of sympathy that hid her real f ecliair. The oil eould fill the pockets, could it not? Well, since there had been plenty of oil, couldn't it overflow the fissures and jet op again? "Not a hop in Hades!" Roger answered gloomily. Diana wished her mother would house en Esst 68th street hsd been rented for the Winter sesson. The Darlingtons must be pretty hard up. In the same boat as himself I His car was parked across the desist. The topic was not cheerful I street from his apartment house. t m whs bad recent If lost a huge on learning of the earthquake that had wiped out the oil wells? ... "I could aay plenty more, and wish I had ssid it before I left New York-hut fate intervenes" 1 ney got into It. THE DAILY CUNTONIAN'S PLATFORM j 1. To furtber every interest of Parke and Vermillion counties. I 2. To aaaiat the revival of the Indiana coal mining industry. 3. To cooperate in solving Vermillion County'a unemployment problem. 4. T leautify Clinton and make it the moat attractive city of Ha aize in the state. Genevieve remarked tactlessly J hen It can bmt out some-fcsrs tlssf surrestsd Genevieve. nnere a tne nig Lincoln, KogerT "I sold It. It was a eas-eater." "Your father's properties arc so fsr J Ths letter had been beaded: . Darling Diana." That meant he loved her. That Diana broke in hastily: "AH the nunc, an tnejr not, last it a perfectly possible he may strike oil nest people in Hollywood ride in little cars, Mother. Don't you re- somewnere else on the property 7 what be had ssid in his sober senses st the commencement of th9 bsli hsd been sincere, even if he had for "All our lsnd was drilled," ssld memoer sir. uutmaa telling us so? Which reminds me, we'd better be looking out for a second-hand Kofer laconically, Confound the woman I Couldn't NOT FOR FUN! That the natons of the world are engaged in a race to rearm it seen from the estimate of the League of Nationa that expenditures car." gotten itl There in bis shabby little ear, she ssid to herself resolutely: "Fste shsll not intervene! At seventy-five (Hry fooper, ldier-of-fortonr on an iniHirtaiil Biisfkm, aurcumha to the wile of beautiful Madeleine Lairroll, aha in bring paid by a 1iioee war-lord to 11 hlaa to deatj-actitw. It hapfMns In "lne IhwiiI Hied at Dawn." opening Hunuay at (lw Wahowh theater iuvJ Gary altimatelr wins in tli in gripping; game of heaita laid against the bat'ltirround of modern China. "rn find one for yoo tomorrow," Roger volunteered. He Dressed the Sim leavs Bad alone? Dizzy already, her questions were donbl irritating. "But your father will buy more land, then? He won't rive up! He'a treat expert, isnt he?" dollars a week, he's closer to me starter, let in the clutch, and they now than when be waa a million oia a semi-circie on ounset Boule vard and were off. aire) I love him and, please God. I'll marry him!" im we have to Dae for all of K Korer laughed harshly. "What will he one for money?" LAUGH RIOT The alarm clock ea the little table right away?" anxiously inquired Genevieve. The fifteen hundred dollars ef the rental money for their So it waa as bsd as that? But MOVIES foi armament in 1935 amounted to $9,295,000,000. This compares j with $8,281,000,000 in 1934 and $7,436,000,000 in 1933. j There may be simple-minded citizens who think that the nations are spending this money for fun and that they have no idea of fighting. One can assume, if one wishes to, that Mussolini, Hitler j and Stalin are enlarging their armies because everybody else is doin j the same thing. In fact, if one persists, it is possible to believe that j she wnuWnt be able to rest nntil beside Diana's bed rang boisterously. She stretched out a hand to silence it Where was she? house hsd gone to pay off the accu she bsd probed further. muiatea taxes on it, plus their tra VAIX AI MAUKL AT THK TAKACK Pale sunlight streaked in on her fares out here, (t struck her now from a small window whore the tnat, bad they asked for it. the In. She made a deprecating gesture with her hands. "Surely a few thousand dollars eould be raised, somehow?" "My father would never take the chintz curtains left a gap. She Clark Gable and Marion Da vies are (he scrappy lover. "Cain and ternationsl Film Company would have paid Diana's fare, at least She would turn in an expense ac rubbed ber eyes and looked around. Surely this waa no bedroom? This trnne risk of drillinr a 'wild rat' Mabel," who hate earn other all through the picture until the hapt the Japanese want equality of naval tonnage in order to keep peace among the Chinese. rss a living-room I Then recollection came to her. Roger replied testily, "and to drill in proven oil land costs at leant one count, se snrewa, as she hsd been in New York. "I can find a small second-hand She was in Hollywood! She was go' inr to ths studio for her make-un hundred and fifty thousand dollam car for you en deferred payment.' Prosen oil territories where drilling said Roger as thev rode alone ending. Clark Is a heavyweight boxing rhairnp who cannot attract a crowd; Marion is a ttufical-comedy star with no box-offie draw. A smart presB unite the two ia a pub su is eomaarauvaiy ssfe are very "Fifty dollars down, and twenty a test! The alarm had been set ever-bight for half past six, snd in ons hour from now, Roger would coxae forherl sV?-' ""Ja. swnui as pretty reasonable." It seemed stranre to hear him scarce ana terribly expensive, either to lease or buy." Generievs licked toe ash off the end ef her cigarette and contrived She sprang out of bed snd softly talk economy, thourht Diana licized romance and tnetr earning" .-, padded into the bedroom. Genevieve wryly. When she had last ridden u Keep an air of childish wonder on was sleeping. . 1 with Roger it had been in his seven- ner racs teat veiled her tense She thought now pale and fragile thousand dollar snorts automobile. Genevieve looked. She felt a wave shiny with chromium and all the "Oh, but ssrely be will have his JAPANESE TEXTILES Considerable publicity has been given to the import of cotton textiles into this country from Japan and it is interesting to note that the American textile industry plans to send a committee to Japan to discuss the problem with Japanese manufacturers in the hope of working oat a satisfactory solution. Naturally, it is regret able that Japanese textiles should come into the United States at extremely low prices and compete with the products of our mills. There is, however, another aide to the proposition. Japan buys approximately 25 dollars worth of raw cotton latest gadgets. comeback? He has always been so of compunction. For last night, after Roger had gone away, she bad chided her mother for ber lack of Not tliat she minded now. The loss ef his money, she told herself Roar to unexpected heights. Row-op Kama in fine, as the limber-Jawed newpaper man, with Allen Jenkins. Ruth Donnelly, Pert Kelt on. Walter Catlert; E. E. Cllve and David Oar-lyle assisting. The production vat put on with a lavish band. You'll enjoy watching Clark in the rms. Harry Beyer's band offer? norm-popular musical numbers, with a car- stsuncniy, would only draw them Genevieve bad flared np. srhleh active ana enterprising." "Not se easy at sixty-five, and money being s difficult to raise." He added with a shrug: "Maybe in s few years, but I'n afraid it will e awfully hard. The blow has nearer to each other. Snuirrled close to Roeer. witit waa unusual in ber, and hsd called Diana ungrateful and impertinent "If you think I'm going to en Genevieve on the other side, she felt safe and happy. Regina was fax a war. There shattered nia aealufc. The doctor courage a boy without a nickel to his name to hang about you, new would te no more worry about her. 'e ve burned our boats and gambled from us for every dollar's worth of cotton textiles she sella as. ; toon and ne-wered included. on coming three thoussnd miles to tie epose aDout ner now. "1 Regina and all of the gang make a name and a career for you, - were flows at tne train to see vou T. V. Field in 4Iofpy,M CVrftuii-bta feature KuiidUij and Monday. oir ana wipb you good luck: recommends a quiet life for some time, tiD his heart is steadier and stronger." Diana broke in. She knew what was in Genevieve's mind. Genevieve was worldly and ambitious. liiena resented what to Roger oust seem like aa impertinence. "Tell us about your work at the studio, please, Roger. You like it? ieu find it interesting?" she asked then you're mistaken, my girlf" Genevieve had declaimed, all in a . breath. Indeed they were, i d a grand Moreover, in the first eight months of this year, Japan bought more goods from this country than she sold in the United States. Besides, Japanese textiles imported into this country amounted to only about I per cent of our total domestic cotton fabric production. send-off. They were awfully sweet I don't see that Roger has any snout it. ner. Other prominent players are Genevieve butted in. Diana waa Catherine Doucel, Rosalind Keith thing to do with my career." Diana had flung back. "You're right He kasn's. He's detrimental. Gettinx involved with embarrassed. and Lynne Overman. You re much too eeneroua. tastily. "Certainly I do. I would like it him wont get you anywhere." "Wk.1 X- mim Mnttia.v" store if I had a freer hand- There s LitUe Sybil Jason stars in "Changing of the Guard, in color, shown with paramount News. Diana, in saying Kegina was sweet. Don't forget the. day she rushed around to our house and told you she thought you'd been underhand fOPPV AT THK OOMT-MHA W. C. Fields as a carnival barker skips d roily through an ordinary story leaving a trail of genuine chuckles in bis wake. Rochelle Hudson scores, a, bit attractive daughter, while Richard Cromwell makes a perfect small town Ii-mhi. W. c. starts you off with fhe gallop-pingr giggles as be takes his small larnival to a rery small town and proceeds to fleece them with hie patent medicine cure-all. Mig Hudson sings one song Hi an appealing man- iso mora damned interference. Diana was indignant . "That Hollywood's a hot-bed of She said, placatingly : "I suppose ana must expect thst at the begin- in keeping quiet about your motien- for, with possible radicai change in the domestic life. A child born on this day may be keen, rereatlle and fond of unusual investigations. In its private life it mar be romuutic and home loving, although capable of making a home anywhere. sting. VI course It s different with e. I'm an absolute greenhorn. I gossip, and if your name gets in the . papers in connection with a f 75-s-week employee at the stmdie, you'll . be marked 'chei-p'!" "How can you say such a horn'Me pirture test! And tbat reminds me" Genevieve was inquisitive about this, because she hadn't believed Begins and had called ber bluff about it "she told us you'd hall be sunk if I'm not bossed." She smiled into his handsome. sulky eyes, and Ms look lightened. thing? Roger's a gentleman. Yovr were glad enough when that col a. sweet ebud, liana. Ha was THK fsKVKRAL IMK1 AT IAW AT THK WABASH Put Gary Cooper into a Chinese revolution and you've got something. Add a distinctive touch of glamor (Madeleine Carroll), a few flue supporting players, a top-flirht director and you have a good screen umnist m Mew 1 one wrote "That eras entirely different" put a most important question to ber at her coming-out party, Roger 1" Her tone was arch. In the bright light from the tall street lamps, Diana fancied she saw him reoden and look annoved. How Because he was rich then, and TH2 STARS SAY By OK.MiUE KEMttLE ' For fteiKlay Koveatier 22 Sunday's horoscope is a rather propitious one for affairs of church and state and In social and romautU ways, but it has a somewhat ominous hi nt of trouble tn employment, with superiors or in connection with litigation. Those whose birthday it Is may look for ft pleasant, happy and prosperous year, with encouraging financial prospects, but they are advised to be diplomatic and amiable with employers, superiors and those in authority. Sign papern with caution. In the .private life euddeu or aehsatiunal romance mav be looked he's poor now I That's batef jJ of , encounter a year of much confusion you!" and delay through treachery, deceit could Genevieve say such frightfully intimate things to Roger? Donx be a rooi. it isn't the money only. There are other things I don't auite like. Think back over and enmity. These may be overcome, now eould she be so lacking tonight however, through vigilance and di in ordinary tact and reticence? tonight, and use your common- mighty fond of her. fcne was as different from her mother as chalk from cheese. "Would you like to go to the movies?" he suggested at the end of dinner. "Going to the movies is the principal diversion in Hollywood, strange as it may seen. Like a busman's holiday I" "Diana has to be up so early," Genevieve said quickly. She thought to herself: ''Hasnt he sense enough to realise that?" She added aloud, rather sharply: "You mustn't be later than seven -thirty tomorrow morning, Roger. She nae to be at her studio at eight." "The same studio as mine. I'll 'The truth about her confounded sense. plomacy. For Monday, N'oveni1r 23 Monday's astrological forecast is a rather doubtful, confusing and perplexing one, with omens of probable delays. postponements or obstacles to cherished hopes and wishes. There is an element of treachery, enmity and greed at the base of this, although vigilance may offset such duplicity. If This lit Your RirtlMlay Those whosH birthday it is may She meant Bene bringing the A child born on this day may be studious, a dep thinker and dis party waa that I mixed my drinks and I haven't the foggiest notion what I may or may not nave said to anyone, Mrs. Dsrlington either to cocktails to bis apartment, and the red-headed woman in the restaurant reminding him about the party, thought Diana, white wiw posed to he rftineut and aloof . although (1 may he 'friendly, kindly and spiritually inclined. Kegina or any girl present. iiis well-shaped. eulVv mouth snapped drama. Gary Cooper in an adventurous American out to fight against General Yung, a marauding gunman who plunders .the poor of China Gary pet tricked out of his money aud his freedom by the wiles of Mif Carroll. Iiut escapes. Akiui Tama ruff, as the general. Porter Hall a tile girl's weakling father and Dud-ly Digges bf Mr. Wu add preaUy to he film's worth. The photography ib beautiful and the etittre sbow u really a "moving" picture. The P(uye rartnon, "Hold That Wire." and Fox Movietone News are oilier attractions. . shut. He looked angry. anger. (To Be Continued) cownsM. IBM, kibc rwtnm smdiu. iss. Which goes for me aa well as "Now you be nice!" H'bra Dog Foams at Mouth The so-called foaming at the mouth in a dog is due to the excessive saliva which cannot be swallowed because of the gradual paralysis of the throat. Foaming at the mouth is not a constant symptom of rabies and frequently is misleading, as it occurs in other diseases. Discover Wail Paln'mg A remarkable wall painting of th story of the Prodigal Son dating back probably to the time of Queen Elizabeth has recently been brought to light in England. It was discovered beneath paneling. The blues, reds and yellows in the mural are almost as fresh as when they were painted. gone to Xrw fork and Pennsylvania ou a business trip. Ray Kotiul aud MiM Lalimiuie Bruce of Koutii Hend married in South bend on Monday .November 12. Mr. Kolit'l is the sun of W. and Mrs. (leorre Kobel 0j iy. gauspnri. Ind The Kobe! family formerly DVitl in r"atrviuw Park Mr. and lrs. A. Hollar of I.a fayette. Tnd.. are the jui'tBU of theli YESTERDAYS Frank R. Miller spending - -fw days with an attorney, a friend tif iii named Anderaon. ovr at Lin- L'UlU, 111. Britain Has Instruction Trains Britain's riiilrcsis run instructed erio exhibition trains throughout the land leaching children all pnafces of railroad lite. son and dauirhler-ln-las-. Mr. and Mrs. Hen Hollars of Myrantore afreet. Racket ra Slavery Days Id the days when, slavery was reusing great excitement in Ohio and particularly Cincinnati, a group' of miscreants in the Oueen City made their living by working a racket, says the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Kit only did these fellows make a business of hunting and capturing runaway slaves for the reward but they would kidnap free' negroes and carry them across the Ohio river to sell them Into slavery. MiBF Loruine BatidiTd and Mi Sadie Huntpr visited in Brazil, lud.. Suturday evening tuid Suuday. fusion, of Tbrowiug Kice The custom of throwing rice at weddings is probably a survival of the ancient Roman practice of scattering nuts altei a wedding party. Intelligence ef tae Chimp' Scientists say the chimpanzee's inarticulate tongue has hutted his cultural and mental advancement Still the chimp' is the otily animal except man who is intelligent enough to employ toots ui the accomplishment of his wishes. PALACE 11 P. M. AUo SUN. -MON. is. is n i ijf .: f0r: r Charlea and Hose Hujcford. Ilvinp nam of Clinton, left Thursday uit-'lit for St. PPterHljurii. Ha., where III-- will spend the winter. J. .! Flyiin and son. Areliie. wen In Terre Haute on business Saturday. Mr. and Mrf. -lumen Knk'r liove moved inlo Mrs. KhalT new home on North Third street. ,-, sll ..; f." folynesisn Royalty Polynesian royalty is a tnuque institution. The men and women of the native ruling families are superior persons in both physical snd mental attributes. The chieis, kings, and princes, and the royal women as well, are tall of atalure, light brown in color, graceful, strong, and handsome. Id Fiji, ai in other British possessions, native rulers retain power and authority, and Fiji kings or chiefs are revered by their loyal subjects as the lineal descendants of the founders of island communities in past ages "ancestors" or . gods of 500 to 1.000 years ago, according to tradi tion. Mr. and Mrs. i:. : Wright. Mif J Maria Van Duyu and Mies Bessie j Van I-lUMi epent yesterday evening in Terre Haute. N N. Todd, prinripal of the Law- ' renceville hieh nrhool definitelv j turned down all offers for a came: wiiii Clinton for the AViiliasl ehnm-i inoEship lliie week k at- learned ta- da from C,. W. MfiUeyuolds. super- -iniendent f schools. Todd was of- , fered $r,As east! by Terre Haute men t in five $ie hills to be jiiven him ; immediately on a-feptanee litrl re-j fused tliTs offet the Jerre Unilbe J men report -d. - " i Ket AU satsa Deadly The beiief that most snakes are capable of kJlu.g man is without foundation. In fact only 200 of the 2.000 known species are deadly. Oi the others, only 400 are mildly venomous while the remaining 1.400 are otirely harmless, writes F. Mssriik, Saint Dis. flennton Island, in Collier's Weekly ? - M4.KIO TMVIF. 1.4KK AH1f! to rbe Ktrvx -ttwesrat Kvea ol the -ar -H'AIS AND MAUL. Joe Vtetti, of Fairvipw Park, lias

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