The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 21, 1936 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
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Saturday, November 21, 1936
Page 2
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Saturday, November' 21, 1936 The Dally Clintonian, Clinton, Ind mna Some Steed, Eh! Buffalo Moths hiifTalu mollis are not really mollis al all, atior;:nR lo an authority they are beetles', and their propel name is carpet beetle. Why tliev are called buffalo mollis is Special Judge'sCompleteOpinion In Scott Case Published; Clinton Man Fouo Not Guilty at Newport Rel Estate TRANSFERS J not known maybe because of their (Continued from Page 1) Letters of Junius The Lellers of Junius, a remark able series of political lellcts to the number of (i!, were written under tlie pen name of Junius and ap peared at intervals between January 21, 1789, and January 21, 1772, in the pages of the Public Advertiser, tlie mo:;t popular newspaper in Great Britain at that lime. Masterly in style, they atlacked all tlie leading characters of the government, not excepting royally. The authorship has been attributed to no fewer than 50 persons, but it is generally accepted that tliev were written by Sir Pliilin Francis. Flour From Ohio When the first Ohio shipment of Hour, consisting if 100 pounds, arrived in New York in the thirties, crowds gathered around to see what Ihe Buckeye country could produce, observes a writer in the Cleveland Plain Dealer. This flour was made at the Venice, Ohio, mills, erected in 1833 at the first permanent market for wheat in the Kirelands. Seeing this enormous shipment brought in, a few New York merchants were bold enough to predict that Ohio in the near future would be able to furnish the East with several thousand pounds a year. destructive habits, and the fact that the larvae are rough and furry. There are six varieties of carpet beetles, but only four of them have been proved to be serious house-pests in America. These are the common carpet beetle and the furniture carpet beetle. Of the four, the first and last species so closely resemble one another that only a microscope will show the difference. The result of their activity is alto about the same. . Stale, Bank f WwiKi-hf George Neel, receiver, to Brute Nietaols. N' lnt 15, block 4, original plat of Pans. 2.06l. v ' Orvllle. Huteon. el ui. by B-Cooper, auditor to ll.uiey Stokes, lota 17 aad 18, Osborne's sdd. lo Hllsdale. $11. 4. - ' Wabiwh Rel Katsta Corporation to Caleb Marshall, lot 22 In rlrle Park H. ., pi. Ei SKU 4-14-S; 1 $1. Wabash Real Kstale Corporal Ion no mailer whether lie be administrator, executor, guardian, trustee, or trust officer of any kind, so long as he is under the Jurisdiction of ibe our! and remains such ot'fioer lie is accountable 4o the court only. Now In this case it seems to uie like that even alter Mn. Scoil. whs discharged from his trns(. -thHt Is. his resignation -aveelted the eourl .cMMliiiied lo assume .turiedic-lion of hltu unlll the question of tfce Dual alluwanie of bis -fees for services determined i and until It Carve With Primitive Tools The Bataks of Sumatra, carve elaborate designs wilh primitive tools unl paint them red and black, completely covering Ihe building? which resemble arks en -lilts. to 0. F. HoUBlon, 1m-., lot 6 In Me- Dr. G. R. McGUIRE Chiropractor r-rf Service. Palmer GeaUoate. : Blackmaa Street iMiald be detrmiiied - as to what p-SV i- - . . ; jM i tit fit; ii..iw a ii London's (Ircut l-'iie Tlie great fire of London ularled in a baker shop in Pudding Lane. Tlie fire broke out about 1 o'clock on Sunday morning, September 2, ltilid. It spread rapidly to the Thames, and burnt the water wheel I hat supplied most of the city water. Tlie fire burnt itself out on the fourth day. Six lives were lost and tlie total property damage was estimated at 10,7110,500 pounds Troubles '"lain' so important to fohgit oiu troubles," said Uncle Eben, 'iis il is to 'zamm' into 'em an' ,'n.d out h"W lo cure 'em." amount should be paid for il. That is Tery evident, i. Mr. Scott did not unestion. that jurisdiction. He came ilito ronrt Slid lltigaied. And sppar-saitly . the.: reieiier. lr, Mariella. must have likewise ri'ciigui-ed and acknowledged the jurudirlion of the ennrt. , ' -; This pioiecdiiiB was had In the cause in Hie original rase wherein a receiver was appointed for (be Clinton Trust Company. The I'llmoii Trust Conniany was x purtv to all lf DR. B. H. SELLERS DENTIST 249 J South Main Street Clinton, Indiana tiojsclly Most PruCut-tivr A single housefly can produce tiUd eggs that will develop inlo mature (lies in about two weeks, these may be followed by seven or eight generations during a single season. sterling. j Tainting Old Custom I People painled their homes in an- cient limes. The fourteenth verse of the twenty -serond chapter of Jeremiah reads: "1 will build me a wide house . . . and it is ceiled with cedar and painted wilh American Legion tUe iiiweedtngs bad in Ibis iMiurt in tliat. ma4ter: The receiver succeed-1 lug -Mi'. Scott represented Hie trust 1 in .that matter. In other words, he represented the Clinton Trust Cnm-j panyi ' Now Mr. Marietta was Under, the ordors and supervision of tlie court. Unless authorized by the or . Mrs. William LaVarre Something new in the way of transportation was tried by Mrs. William La Varre, wife of the explorer, when she accompanied her husband on an expedition to the Peruvian Andes, above. Her success in riding a native llama disproved an ancient theory that this beast would lie down and refuse to move if burdened by any load ver 100 pounds. If he wants authority to bring suits he must petition the court for that authority. I don't think there is any statute. If counsel disagree willi me on that point we'll gel the statute and check It up. But the court thinks he is right alioilt thai-. Now there Is no evidence In this case in start with Hint Mr. Muriel la had any authority to piwe. ute suits. He was appointed rcccher I mi I his authority wood lie wholly controlled hup such aulliority us given hint l the court, iris appointment as receiver no doubt would III ligenera! way give him a right to lake uikvm'v 8 ion of the assets of the trust liul further than thai -- the court doubts whether he'd be any further aulbnr-ixed than that. II doesn't appear in evidence. ,. We'll look aT the order o his appointment to see what Hun provides. Now Scott's appointment, as you will -recall the order, set out the au-Ihorily he had. Now, here's I lie older appointing Mr. Marietta tecelv "i as disclosed by the order bonk "The -court" now has under ronsld oration the appointment of a re reiver for Clinton Trust coin-pnn and the depositors and creditors of said ('Union Trust Compiiny liav, recommended in writing Hie poinlnient of Anthony Marietta a. rei-eivcr. and Ihe court lindiun bin-to e a auilnlile person now appi' the . said Anthony Mi-ielta receive for Ihe said Clinton Trust Cmimnny of- Clinton. -Indiana, and IIm-r I" bond in the sum of leu tlmuiuin dollars and directs the same to b. made payable to the Vermillion c it cult court. It is further ordered adjudged and decreed by the com-that Anthony Marietta, recommend ed in writing by the depositors an.' creditors of tin- said Clinton Tru-Compuny as receiver for said Clinton Trust Company, he. and he is hereby appointed receiver of tb' Clinton Trust Company, of Clinlnn Indiana, and bond tixed in the sum of ten thousand dollars, same to in-made payable to the Vermillion circuit court." Now that's bis appointment. 1 take it that under Hint appointment after be ouaHficd he would have tin right to take possession of such assets as might conve into his hands as receiver, but the statute in reforenci to receivers provides that "the re reiver shall under the directions ol the roort" und If you gentlemen recall, the receivership statutes art very meager, very meager. Iet'i-have the receivership statutes. Now here's the section ofithe statute In regard to receivers. "The receiver shall have the power undc control of the court, or the jiid-.- thereof. In vacation, to bring any action, to lake and keep possession ol the property, to receive rents, roller debts in his own name, and general ly to do such acts respecting the pre perty as the court and the Judge thereof may uulhori.e.' (The remainder of this opinio" will appear in Monday's Clintonian Purification of Water The popular idea that water purifies itself every 200 feet or even every 10 miles is wholly without foundation states an authority The eventual purification oi water con-, taming sewage depends on the rate ol flow, the amount of pollution and the type of material througli and over which the river ows ; IHDOOR CIRCUS Presents Harry Haags Circus Revue der of the .ourtI think 1 am .correct in the statement that he could not bring suits. That is the law. H.lra 1 lUck'ee'H 4 1 11 add. IO I'll Vll- . $65. Cayugll Home Savings mid ,l.min Company to Coin Full'.. Il 1:1 1,1 Janiee & llosford's 1st sub. $1. : Martha J. Butler lo Blanche Jefferson's Inventions At Monticello, the beautiful, mountain-top mansion designed and lived in by Thomas Jefferson, are many examples of this statesman's inventive turn of mind. In tlie entrance hall is an enormous clock which lie contrived to tell not only the time but the days of the week, as well, and which was wound by a huge crank, from a ladder. In Jefferson's own bedroom he had the bed so made that it could be raised on ropes and pulleys, and concealed in the ceiling when it was not in use. This gave him more space in the room for his work table and chairs. Perhaps it was the first roll-away or in-a-ceiling bed. ,(ironls. purl lot S in Worone's out D5) All Standard Acts Changed Nightly Ua CLINTON First High School Teachel On February 13, 1635. when the Publick Latin School at Boston was organized, the people of the com-, munity, led by John Cotton, voted that "our brother Philemon Por-mont, shalbe intreslcd to become scholemasler for the teaching and nourtering of children with us." "Liltle Fnslanders" The term "Little Knglanelers" came into prominence at the time of the South African war of 18U9-1902, and -was applied to English-;-men who preferred to see England small, contented arid self-contained rather than a world empire with all the attendant dangers. Beth'a Kid. to Clinton. l. " -Wabash Real Ealate Corporation Wiatfred-Stlne. vart lot 1 hlo.k j, Marts Aj R. Matthews add to . (Him. $1. ' -Wabash Real Estate Corporation to William H. Walton, lot 240 HlR-gfns, add.;. part lot 62. Fairview Park sub., lota 29. 81 and 149 In kind SHfmvtilde sub. add to Fairvlew Park. $1. Wabash Real Kstale Corporation t Katie Fox at al. lot 193 in Commercial Club add to Clinton. $1. Wabash Real Estate Corporation to Oertrnde James, lot 17, Hl(rgln add.: Iota 200 and 212 Clinton Commercial Club add.: part lote 91 and S In HiKKlna add to Clinton. $1. Wabash Real Estate Corporation to Delbert O. Taylor S4 lot in block 12 original plat Clinton; lot 12 John Vannest add. to Clinton. $1. Wabash Real Estate Corporation to Anton Agbe et ux. lot at ' in Knowle Bogart's add o Clinton. $1. Wabash Real Estate Corporation to Martha Gugltelmotll. lot S4. ii Higgrns add to Clinton. $ ' George Berrist'ord et ax, to U. Ci. Wright et al. trustees. I.ot 8 in D. W. Pentreath's 7th add. to Olinlon.' 1. Margaret Berrisford to Doinenlc Contantino et ux. lot in in ftlendulc 2nd add. to Clinton. $1. Wabash Real Estate Corporation to Perry Barton, lot 161 In Commercial Club add. to Clinton. $1. Ethel Bayer Ralston et al to U. G. Wright et al, trustees, lot 8 In block 1, Matthews add, tp Clinton. $1.: Delia Tucker to Ernest i. Williams et l; aart lot S in Blue 27 original plat of Clinton. $650. Mary Novella et al to Homer B. Miller at ux. part lot S 4n Harry; iWbltemb's fith add. to Clinton. $1,750. Gertrude James to Francis M. Perry, et ux. lot 17 In Hlgglns add.: lots 200 and 212 In Commercial Club add. tp Clinton; lots 91 and 92 In Hlgglns add. to Clinton. $1. . , Anna Markello to Maria Audi, lot, 57. in Glendale 2nd add. to Clinton. $500. . '-, i Russell Burnett to Dan Potter el ux. pt. SBi 2B-16-10: $1. Mary Tooiey et al to Dan Potter et. ux. part SEJ4 2t-H-l; $1. ; .-Elisabeth A. Long to Zona Z M; loner, part lots 51 Hiid 62 In orifsina.1 plat of the town of SI. Beruice. $1.. Russell Burnett Is Mary Tuniej, et al, part SEW 2-H-l: 1. Pauline Brinnn et al to .Charlre IS. Rieiiardsou t hi nan SW4 !l-1-S; 40 . Acres 2.00. Earl Bl et u to Bt. Bernlce Building: Loan & Savings Aseoda-tion., lota 42. 4 3. 44 ad 4 ft in W. F. Peters ub. to 8t. Hernlce. $80. Margaret Berrisford to Minnie D. Farris. lot 32 in til. Paul add., to SI, Bernlce. $1. f Jacob .Mc Bride to Jasper N. Frist. N I C H TS Starting Monday, November 23 lot to Cayuga. $1. . l.unda Crumley to Paul E. (Iriiin-ley, lot i in block .1 Colletfs add. to Eugene. $1. Lula Andrews et al by Earl Smith, sheriff lo Terre Haute Savings Bank, .part lot 14. block 4 .original plat Uana; lots 27 and 28 Taylor s add. to Dana; SVj lots and 4. block 1 and NVa lots 5 and 6, block 8 In Alkman's and add. to Dana. $7,504). Ila James et al to Cliloe James SWV SWIi 17-15-9: $1. Evans Building Aiicpirrs AMFRICAN LEGION BOOTHS - CONCESSIONS - CONTESTS Island of Borneo More than two-thirds of the Island of Borneo is included within Netherlands India, the rest is Britain's. -f '- ' A Queen's Bath In a corner of Holyrood palace grounds in Edinburgh is a small tower called "the Queen's Bath.' where Mary Queen of Scots is sai'J to have bathed in whilv "-i"e Peel Off Flaws of Pearl As a pearl grows, it is possible for an expert to "peel" off flaws or imperfections if they are not too deep. While a pearl may be bettered in this manner, it is well to remember, that fine pearls .re sold by weight and the larger the pearl the more' it is worth per grrin. ADMISSION 10c TO ALL Continuous Performance 6 P. M. to 12 P. M. Bleaaor Elliott to Conoetta Fadale. lot .i!4 9uuido aub. 2d add. to Fairvlew Park $1. Werner Neukirch to Beuluh Shookinaiuout lot .49 in perryaville. ' JitMI.: . I . John' C. Cliwr.nicn et al to .lames E. iKobinsnu, kit 17 In Mosbarger & Hold's add. ,to Terrysvllle. $1. The Flrwt National Bank of Cayn-ra bv osph H. Stahl. receiver, to tlie Cayitga Home 8avigs and Loan 1 I vS; m RYTEX PERSONAL CHRISTMAS CARDS Association. Parts lots 9 and 10 in the original plat Cayuga. $75. . N'ema I,. Edwards el al to H. S. Pinsnu, j) acres in Sft-14-9: $1. Clarence A. Harrison et ux to flock Tyrrell, lot , block 7. C. W. Sliennrdsnn's 2nd add. to Clinton. 225. Harry S. Wlittconil) et ux In Sliel-hert Wrlglit et ux. pt. NK'4 ' 7-1 -!: Joseph Maricihi et ux lo .Michael Carroll, pail lots 47 and 4S. Chum's Ford add. to Clinton. 1 0. i When von see the new 1036 KVTKX CHRISTMAS CARIIS you will niarvej .at their smart designs and tine papal- and large French 'Fold aiz... ,and also, at their extremely low price... 50 for $1.00. Including your Name on live cards mid 6ii envelopes to match. The flnUp Clintonian. First Boat on Western Rivers Nicholas Roosevelt built the firs-steamboat to navigate on Westerr rivers. He named it New Orleans It left Pittsburgh in September 1811, arriving at the mouth of the river in January of the following year. During tlie trip there was ai earthquake, hut the boat escape., damage. The boat then went ini the New Orleans-Natchez trade carrying freight find passengers The boat sank in 1814. Adoption of Cross as Emblem Although the figure of the cross was used as an emblem by nearly all pre-Christian religions and further sacred significance was added to it by the Crucifixion, it did not become the acknowledged symbol of Christianity until tlie early part of the Fourth century. Collier's Weekly. I aw loll 22, ti sad 24 In U. H. MiUw's tli add. to 8t. Berolee. $1.. William N. Diirbin et ux o flreat i bakes Foundry Rand Co., 70 aerea in FOR 3-15-J; $1.. ... First National Bank of Cayuga by Joseph H. Stfihl. . receiver, .to llr Cajruga Htuae Savings and l.,oa.u Association, lots 2116 and .M in 4jron V umi mm m urn tn im PRINTED WITH YOUR NAME Here they are these ultra-smart cards that are always so individual. French folder style . . . exquisite stock . . designs especially created by Bytex. ft Karanoviclt J? I .ts i 3L FUNERAL HOME INC. m m m GAS01M Service? Watch our service man as he Btarts with a real cleaning of your windshield... circles your car-.checks every attention your car needs! Quickly... systematically... while your gasoline order is being filled. Lightning-Action service! And he'll fill your tank with Uihtning-Action gasoline. ..Texaco Fire-Chief. Full power. . . no waste. 24-Hour FREE Ambulance ' Service (j r-y. Phone 1 W. P. GILFOY Service Station 120 S. Main Clinton, Iniana 1 -' u1 - f& CE OR SEND REMITTANCE TO CLINTONIAN LEAVE ORDERS AT THE OFFI THE DAILY 512 S.4tfa St.

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