The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 20, 1936 · Page 10
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 10

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, November 20, 1936
Page 10
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Friday, November 20, 1936 Hie Daily Clintonian, Clinton, InSIanl Page Ten ehind the Seen RECENT TIDINGS FROM BLANFORD King Edward Frowns on Scalpers Selling Seats for Coronation; Plan Is Made to Control Cheap Tickets 'HOLLYWOOD private ataiids have sold for less than $!!S. The enormous ileinaiid for stand-ini: fiiom and fin- seals lias been favorable for the speculator. Instances have been brought to tho attention of t lie auihorities where speculators have purchased blocks of seatB by paying 10 percent of the total cnsi, ami then reselling them at Inn or as niiicli as lioo percent prntll. The renin! price or f.'tilo has been paid for a sinal" seal immediately facing the Abbey entrance. tion will ho distributed to ticket-anencies, who will offer tlieni ut controlled prices (expected tu he about ten dollars) to I lie general pi,jt. PrntttH from the sale of seats to the public. It is expected, will lie devoted to the memorial fund to the lale King (ieorne V. Plans now Inking shape indicate Unit ahout 1. :!"(. (inn uf tho millions parking lHiilnii will be able to view the procession May 12. Thousands of seats have been sold at SLTiil apiece in the vicinity of Westminster Abbey. Few seals on and that they are bringing the live baby boa and the cured akin of the mama boa back to prove It. By HARRISON CAKROIJ. :pHiat, 1936. Ktag Feature ayadli-ate, Ine. HOLLYWOOD Advance ballyhoo about the richea of Fernand Gravet, his fame as a sportsman, etc, put the French actor in the spot of having; lot to live up to. H oily woo d'a vill Just cover the cost of huililinir. This action, it is anticipated, will urli prnnti'ors speculating on privately owned parts of the route. It is believed stands can be constructed to seat upwards of a quarter of a million people. About 100,-iiimi i these seats will be needed for diplomats, members of parliament, and privileged visitors from abroad. From the remainder certain blocks will be allocated to semi-of-riital organizations such as war veterans, buy scouts, and girl guides. Seats remaining after this allom- LONDON. Nov. 2ft - Annoyed at reports that speculator are attempting to obtain fantastic prices for Reals along tho route of bis coronation procession next May. King F.dward today approved, a " heme wlii'K'liy thi' government wilt provide rlii'sp seals for spectators. Th" official office of works, whiih controls nearly two-thirds of the IS a, -mile coronation route, will build huge stands wherever possible. Afl--t provision of seats for offi ial jiirsts. the remaining seats will be mid to the public at prices which A&P FRUITS AND VEGETABLES ARE LOW IN PRICE . . . and Quality is Never Stinted!!. You Asked Me and I'm Telling You! Madge Davis, Newark: Mrs. Fred MacMurray is at last up and around after her Illness. She made her Brat trip out of the house the other day. Incidentally, the doctors still can t decide what waa the cause of her mysterioua fever. The Impact of a new personality on the screen always brings unusual fan letters. Simone Simon has received aome prizes. A Syracuse youth addresses her as "the fourth dimension girl" and wants to marry her and live In the fourth dimension. From Japan cams a letter written on paper ICEBERG ailing up process la attll going on, but everything: o far is in favor of Mervyn Le Boy's new atar. Gravet pleased the film crowd by nuking for a n American stand-in. But he made his big hit by his Immediate and LETTUCE Solid Crisp :' Mervyn he Roy that was watermarked 'Simone Simon". But the funniest of all was from a Negro girl, who wrote that she saw "Girl's Dormitory" 5c Head Honor Margaret Ann RuffattoU With Surprise Pariy on Eighth Birthday ISLANFORD, Nov. 1!) Miss Ell nor Kuffallola pave a surprise party 111 honor of Hie eighth birthday of her sister, Marfsaret Ann. Games were pl&yed and guests enjoyed a piano solo by Theodore Ftuffatola. Ire rream, rake and other refreshments were served. Mr. and Mrs. John Titbeiosa and daughter Catherine Ann of Paris. 111., spent Sunday with friends in Klondyke. MiES Minnie Cantor and son Johnny and Mrs. Anton Olaeherio spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Daptista Uuffattola and family. Fred Nora and Felice Tuberosa spent Sunday in Dana on business. John and James Massa of Indianapolis spent the weekend with their parents Mr. and Mrs. James .Massa. Mrs. Frank Ciaeotto spent Sunday at the home of Mrs. Rock (ilaioletti. Miss Alice and Dom Matlloda spent Sunday with Miss Deleva P-rona of r.lanford. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Osella spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. John Seo-ondina and family of Universal. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Enrico and daughter Mary of Clinton and Mr. and .Mrs. Lessee Buffo of Danville spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Mattioda and family. Frank Osella and John Mattioda spent Tuesday in Terre Haute on business. Miss Elinor Ruffattola spent Saturday in Terre Haute visiting friends. avid interest in football. Hollywood la nuts about football and when the news got around that Gravet had attended three games In two days, one of them a high school contest, the celebs decided that the French actor must be all right. 2 times and, after that, her grandmother had a doctor in to examine her sanity. Cranberries t 21c Potatoes I'.'iu 4 17c s..ik 5c Apples 0IJ" J."',t,4 " 25e Celery Here and there in Hollywood. . . . When Mae West goes on a personal appearance tour with her picture, she'll carry 20 trunks, one more than Marlene Dietrich's famous record. . . . Someone tipped Harpo Marx about a GRAPEFRUIT SL 4 19c FLORIDA ORAKGES jBT D-25c THE GANGS ALL HERE! Mickey Mouse and all his friends I Minnie, Pluto and the Goof! A new adventure every day on o FREE picture card wrapped with every loaf . . . iusl ask your grocer about the FREE 48 page scrap book, with a DIFFERENT recipe on every page. Start collecting the adventures of Mickey Mouse TODAY. PANCAKE FLOUR Aunt Jemima' Randolph Churchill, son of Britain's chancellor of the exchequer, in our midst, wears the only fur collared overcoat in Hollywood, and talks the arm o9 everyone about politics. His conversation was about the election at the Cafe La maze the other night, even when he had the fascinating Tilly Losch for a companion. Charlie Chaplin, who was along, and who, ordinarily, had rather talk political theory than eat, waa the one who finally changed the subject. SOUPS Tall Boy Vegetable of Tomato 10c 25c 25c 25c 3 3 Pki Tall Cam Lge, Bota. Qt, theft plot on his 112,000 harp, so he has carried it home and is using a rented one for rehearsals. , Gertrude Nie-sen, who has created quite a lot of interest among the unattached lads in Hollywood, was at the Clover club the oti -T TOMATO CATSUP SALAD DRESSING 8c Sra. Pkg. Lge. Pkg. 17o QUAKER OATS Prince Albert, Velvet Gertrude Niesea TOBACCO And Half and Half xi4 10c Cans 25C Tail 'C can 5c Milk Wkita Houta YOU'U be os ready for fun as Mickey's gang if you eat our bread every day. It is packed full of calories and pep. You con taste the GOODNESS in the first bite. It's made from the PUREST ingredients, baked in the CLEANEST plan. Keep up with Mickey and his Gang! Buy a loot TODAY. LEWIS LYE lona Puree" Pltili Con Came Ivlllll Armour'a Swansdown Choc. Drops Dates night with Craig Reynolds. . And John Howard, who must be a favorite with the fans from the number of letters I get about him, waa at the Cafe Lamaze with Andrea Leeds. She's the U. C. L. A. co-ed whom Samuel Goldwyn discovered and immediately put into the picture, "Come and Get It". It ought to please Andrea to know that David Selznick spotted her at the Lamaze and asked who she was. Picture making is more exciting in Panama. The Paramount troupe that went down to get background shots (or the new Lombard film, "Swing High, Swing Low", has been hacking its way through junglea. On one of these expeditions, Assistant Director Eddie Anderson discovered a small boa constrictor. He wa - in the act of capturing it when Mama Boa glided out of the undergrowth and wrapped herself around his waist. Eddie, who had never had anything more dangerous around his waist than the arm of a pretty girl, let out a yell that is described as the loudest thing heard down there since tlwy were dynamiting 'or the Panama canaL CapL Paul Wing rushed to the rescue and titled the boa with a machete. We are assured this story is true Can 9c lona Flour... 24 lbs. 73c Pas. 25C' ''"MP'S Baby I'iuhIs 3 cans 25c I.- 10c Figs p 10 ii- 25c Raiah Currants 12e La. tt- Pks. 10c Crisco mai Oratufs Caa 24-Oz. Loaf II TWIST BREAD A&P White Sliced Lb. WISCONSIN CHEESE Today's Puzzle: The servants of what famous star got fixed because they were selling souvenirs to fans? C WAIT DISHEY tNTWtists 25c 23c Lb. Tin Rich and Full Bodied BQKAR COFFEE BUY BELL BREAD BETTER TASTE BETTER TOAST , IP fr(iMi) OHC1H,3 mer residents now living in the southern part of the state, called on Salem College for Women Salem College at Winston-Salem, N. C, for women was founded in friends here Sunday, 12 By E. C. SECAR Starring Popeye 3 THIMBLE THEATRE VJtAERE fRE VI . f i S0MWN-F0U0WIN- CSEE ft THING ) A 61NMftBN(J : ( P00PDECK PfPPV? ST. BERNICE BOY ' GETSJAREWELL Going-A way Parly I Given for Maloney Youth; to Join Navy This Week ST. BERNICE, Nov. 19 Mrs. William Maloney entertained with a going-away party for her bod William Jr., Monday night. The house was derorated in red, white and blue. Junior will join the U. S. navy the latter part of the week. Mn. James Stratton was called to Terre Haute the first of the week on account of the death of her grandmother. Earl Blue and family have moved into the property formerly occupied by Mrs. Elmer Long on South Slain st reet. Dale Goff will move into the property vacated by them. Pauline Inman of Terre Haute called on her parents here Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Caither entertained a number of relatives and friends from Odon at dinner Sunday. Mn. Arnold Rogers entertained the members of her bridge club Wednesday. Ouests were Mrs. Walter Glass cud Mrs. Lewis Leek. Mrs. Arnold Rogers was in Paris, III., T! ursday the guest of Mrs. Grace Kecuedy. The Roal Neighbors gave a kid party at ti.e home of Mrs. Lewis Leek Thunday. Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Inman and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. R. TJ. Arm-sirong and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Ch -esewright and son and Mr. and Vrs G. E. Hopewell were Sunday gu' sts of Mrs. Rebecca Wagner in Fai-view. M. H. Inman went to Indian Springs Sa'urday and returned Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Williams, for- - j -' : R. . ni ICC VACCTXCD TILLIE THE TOILER . 4. Dy lUJJ ,HJIVTLI " p -, tv.. r uc 1 - c iT 1U6 ROSi.MAl H OLAJI- C-3 iciti ' . , kiow till C 3UST TO PlctOME SAVS HWS HAIR HAS SIAIiltu aiJvs.a TO M-VC -THAT'S HE'S ALL VMliOMt3 iai -ruiaiwriaj: Tl-UST LflCKOFHAIK. COULDN'T LET HS WtFE SEE VT APTEa ALL I f THAT'S ALI yy Y ' I MOW BOTH OF T i -you SET BvCK. yy y TO BOSIMESS r yyy f,. .ttoj and r6ETj y A about THisf " V'S, FKiODOCED By YOU THAT NEVUSPaPH PUBUQTy WW ry J- Him om the head, I'M GOIM6 o KtSSV MA61C VMHaT'D t TELL LET YOO KfSS My BALOl ME AO i i v I 1 ' V fl t i J VI 1 fUH? T VAS I I I I I -THAT K.lS'S ALL V "V I i ft-WSHT Thanksgiving Excursion to -ri I -v.- Chicago Ltm t! l Iim brMtoMi, i wrt $4-25 Round Trip in Coaches Secret Operative 48 DANN DUNN AN DUNN, SAFE JUST BECAUSE VOU SO IM YELLOW, EH-WEU.; WOLF, I THINK. I'LL STEP OUT FOR A VHILE AND 7 AW. QUIT VER DID OWE STRETCH DOEoNT WHINING. DUCHESS THI6 GET YDLlRELr KtaVDY Il TEU-IKtG YOU. ACE BART, I'M 6ICK AND TIRED OF BEING LOOK AROUND SOME OF DEAL WONT BE WORTH MEAN TH? COPS'LL TAG VOU nnh 11.1 T TMMK VTIUVF I'LL SHOW VUHHUH THE BRIGHT SPOTS VOU rrv-4PCQ UP IN THIS STAV HERE LIKE A GOOD A PLUGGED NICKEL IF WEfeF SEEN THIS IS LOST VOU'RE NEPVE-VOU'RE YELLOW WEXL &O rw it am' unu PLACE-WHY THERE 5, . FELLOW, EM ? YELLOW, THAT 5 WHAT THE AFE WW I NOTHINS TO DO TELL YUH( y ? i HERE. CiOING-Tlckets good In comfortable coaches on all trams leaving Wed.. Nov. 25. and on train leaving at 1:15 a. m. Ttaurt., Nov. 26. ITUtNIMO Tickeu good on II train leaving Chicago Dot lalcr lira Midnight of following Monday. Children ball tare. tajor your turkey in the bif city. Alwaya something to ace. metning to on. Tune for 2 days at interna-tiomal Live Stock Exposition, opening Nov. 28. Atk Loral Agent about regular --ark-en -4 ncunuons. for ticket, etc, ni.AEITicket Agents, phone No. 4. 1Mb FAMOUS SECRET OPERATIVE, AFTER A. FRUITLESS DAVb SEARCH FOR ACE BART. THE mm COUNTERFEITER,! BECOMES RESTLESS AS THE EVENING LENGTHENS Chicago ami Eastern Illinois Railway

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