The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on August 18, 1921 · Page 2
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 2

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 18, 1921
Page 2
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THE FAIIU.rO UNT NEWS E. LEE TRINKLE CHARLES YV. FRENCH RELIEF WORKERS Tfc KinrcHii ONE NEIGHBOR RUSSIAN SOVIETS YIELD TO HOOVER Insist That Politics Shall Mot Enter Into Plans for Relief. XVftrn Nwtppr Union.) 1 Tt 1 Vjex - o v . f - - 7 i' V - 1' x i"" v. ii I ' y.- in i S-J Jl I ft h i ( m ri READY TO START - CreaUsl Movement ot the Kind h. History to Cost smooaocacca Will BEGIH IN SEPTB1BEB Ceuictt Appoints Ccnmis fee Soccer to Stricken Rus-st Meexer Saj-s Wcrk ef Re-5tf WiSt n lcTred:atety. lst:s. Arc. ti. The greatest relief vr.:o-r.t in the Idstv-rv xxf the civil -I-.- w, ri,! is sxhodaled to bc-ctn tn !vf:v.Sr xxhen an an.-.y of xxvkecs smt twK'iov; xf ton ef srpplle 'i.xadc R-s by xxray vf tessa n-l liU-a v . !or te to;r.t direct Son of Hee-; Ibvxvvr atut Lord CVrron. Thoy ; cv.x rr.te xxith the sxviet ?wm- raet. j as an accomplice xf John W. TT.'s jv r.vtv.our.t fset. xxMvh i.Ttxvve I Werttnr.ct'Jn siv! others tn a scrixs wr .5Ti n ef the wvirt pwrenwnt J t g mall and bond robberies, is ex:-b.x t-.o -- world, !xv.t!W a prao-1 to he a xx itoes for the presoett- tb.t vvr.'i'oy tV.w Ins tw afl- ; TELLS ANOTHER Point the Way to Comfort and Health. Other Women Please Read Moundsville. W. VT haA tulren doctor's medicine for nearly two years oecause my periods were irregular, came every two weeks. and I would suffer with bearing-down pains. A lady told me of Lydia E. Pink- ham s V eg e t a b 1 e Compound and how much good it had done her daughter, so I took it and now I am regular every month and have no pain at all. I recommend your medicine to everyone and you may publish my testimonial, hoping that the Vegetable Compound does some other girl the good it has doneme.' Mrs.GEOR.GE T, 915 Third Street, Moucds-ville, W. Va. How many young girls suffer as Mrs. Tegarden did and do not know where to turn for advice or help. They often are nhlicred to earn their living bv toilincr 'day in and day out no matter how bard the pain they have to Dear. .very gin who suffers in this way should, try Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and if she does not get prompt relief write to the Lydia . Pinkham Medicine Co., Lynn, Massachusetts, about her health. Such letters are held in strict confidence. S Cuticura Talcum 13 Fragrant and Very Healthful Soap 2Se, Oiatawat 2S aai SOe, Talca-i Sc. New One to Her. One of Kansas City's welfare societies provides a summer camp toe children. Each c hild Is given a thorough outing for $1 u week. Children are not accepted under the age of nine, but now and then a well-coached child gets by a fexv months younger. The other day a little girl with nil the earmarks of seven years applied with a dollar at the camp. "How old are you!" she xvas asked. "Nine,' replied the child glibly. "When were you eight!" This was an unexpected que-tlou. -Eight!" she stammered; "why. lo you liave to he eight before you nine!" Kansas City Star. The use of soft coal will make laundry work heavier this winter. Red Cross Ball Blue will help to remove that grimy look. At all grocers, 5c Advertisement. To Make Rain. To Canadians goes the distinction of proposing one of the most novel uses ever conceived for an airplane. Winnipeg men are reported to he organizing an nerlal irrigation company. The aim is to cause the rain by spraying liquid air in the clouds from an alr-I'lnne, thus causing the moisture to condense. Recently dust was thrown front nn ulrp'ane on the clouds 5,00 feet high In nn unsuccessful attempt to cause rain in Pretoria. Quite So. "Remarkable family of girls, that!" "Clever!" "I should say so! Elsie Is the state tennis champion ! Maude paints so xvell that she has come very near tx selling a picture; Janet sing like nn opera star almost, and no girl In town dresses ns effectively ns Clara." "There's another sister. Isn't there!" "Oh, yes, Mabel. But she is rather dull, I guess. She only works anil supports the family." New York Sun. Possibly the most pitiful case of mistaken Identity is where the human wolf regards himself as a gentleman. The World war Is at an end, but there are still a number of local issues in course of agitation In Europe. Never talk about your aches and pains. You will get the other fellow started and feel under obligation to listen. Parts faces a serious water shortage. Water Is used in Parts for mixing water colors and for washing the pavements. It certainly is not nrudence and forethought that prompt people who cannot swim to persist In going out In canoes. Men who complain loudest of the cost of feeding their families pay the cost of the gasoline feed without a whimper. Or. Einstein says he had a good time explaining his theory to us Americans. So that Is what he wa doing, explaining it. LTACV Y CXDLL HATS ELECTRIC PAOTE K3ADY TOB VaX-BKTTBR THAN TSAPS MwiBtloaa ta It laanagaa t a Try RatarMtea, OoekroaetMa. litt aa Water flwtwiT food ad nrooertraiM ara cairtetaof dlaaaae. 9aafM hieetrta Paata foreea theaa paata to raa ih raninf iwr wawrM i irv a sir. Mean (US. "NoMy baoh U It faUa. C. 8. Govmaaaax boys Is. i i 5 y i , f , -S . BylMau V M who would bring hom the wealth ot the ItKllea mun carry th wealth Ot the Indies with him. says the Spanish proverb. So tt ia in traveling; a man must carry knowledge with hint It h would bring home knowlodg. HOT WEATHER GOOD THINGS. A good-sired fowl Is not always made tender by ordinary cooking. The following method Is a good, one: Cut the fowl In pieces at the joints, xv ash and dry, roll in seasoned fiour and fry brown In hot fat. Put Into a baking pan, sprinkle over it one-half cupful of celery and two tahlespoon-fuls of minced onion. Cover with hot xx-nter; place another pan over It and cook in the oxen until tender. More xvater may be needed if tho chicken is an old one. Cottage Chicken. To txxo cupftils of cooked chicken, cut in pieces, add one cupful of cooked macaroni, one-half a large canned pimento, one-half ot a grated onion. Prepare n xxhite sauce, using one cupful each of. mtlk and chicken broth, three level tahlcspooufuls each of butter and Hour xvith one teasHonful of salt; mix with the tirst combination and cover xvith a rich biscuit dough. To keep the gravy from going into the crust, place an inverted cup or small bowl, well greased. In the center of the dish before pouring tn the grax-y. The gravy xvlll thus go under the cup. Loosen the crust and remove the IhwI licfore serving. Watermelon Cocktail. Cut n chilled melon into thick slices, remove the seeds aud cut out xxith a x-egetahlo stamp or a potato cutter Into halta or shapes. Sprinkle with a little poxv-xlered sugar and serve in stemmed glasses as a beginning for a luncheon or dinner. Peach Betty. Use tho soft crumbs from the witter of a stale lent of bread. Mix three cupful of crumbs xxith one-half cupful of melted butter. Have rady a pint and a half of sliced . caches. ihit the buttered crumbs and fruit In layers In n baking dish, sprinkle each layer xvith sugar, grated orange or lemon peel. Rake one hour. Coxer the dish during the first half of the cooking, but re-mox-e to brown the crumbs. Serve hot, xvith sugar and cream. Apples may be used in place of eachcs, or any juicy fruit. Quinces are delicious baked in a casserole. Add boiling xvater, orange peel and sugar, filling tho center xxith sugar and butter. There's a dance of leaves tn that aspen bower. There" a titter of winds In that beochen tree. There's a smile on the fruit and a sm tie on the flower. And a laugh from the brook that runs to the He a. Bryant WHAT TO EAT. It is not necessary to be a graduate of household economies to understand planning a well- Ill 5 balanced ration of " TiiTTfcatTVv. palatable and nu- l fTZj tritous food; but m ll V ,l is "N1 hat fmX"jtJry study should be put upon the selection of foods, for a small amount of food lightly combined will give more - energy than a large amount illy combined. Some one has said that the selection and organization of fowl In the diet Is as Important as the organization of an army. A properly disciplined force of soldiers ts more effective thau an untrained mob, xx-e will agree. One of the essential things to remember I the different groups of foods: L Foods which provide protein which builds muscle; these are milk, eggs, cheese, meat, poultry, dried peas, beans and lentils, as well ns fish. 2. Food which furnish us starch and sugar; these are cereals, meals, flours, bread, macaroni, potatoes and such starchy foods; sugar in various forms such as honey, molasses, candles and sweet fruits, preserves, sweet cakes and desserts. 3. Foods which furnish fat. Supplied by butter, cream, olive oil, corn oil, bacon, salt pork, suet and other cooking fats. 4. Foods which supply mineral salts, vegetable acids and body-regu-lattng substance. This is a most Important group and has been sltghted in the planning of the ration far too often. We find these substances in apples, pears, berries, melons, oranges, lemons and other fruits; in salads of green vegetables, such as lettuce and cress; In greens, like spinach, green peas, tomatoes and sqnash. If these four divisions are included tn the dtet there will be no lack of the necessaries for growth and health' WThen purchasing supplies Jfor the L family table think in terms of these group. Some housemother will say: "My family xvtl! not eat such and such foods, or certain members of my fam ily will not eat the kinds of food necessary for them to keep In perfect health." With rare exceptions this ts admitting your own lack of properly training the children to eat the things that thev tsnouia eat. All Um TO BE FREED Maxim LStvinetT, Soviet Special Envxjy, Says Every Facility to Leave Country Will Be Given Americans, Rica. Lot via. Aug. 15. Tho Russian Vvtet go-ernmcnt will eomhat any at-rotrpt to tnborjoct politix-nal Viostlons tnhx tho Russian famine relief. Inn tt Is jsufttctentty iracttel to soo that tt the InxUtinc xxf Americans tn prison Is an obstacle to tho footling of a mutton Russian children, tt ts lst that tlorlort ttonxx-crs sttpttlatton In this respect W granted, declared Maxim tho soviet special omy. hero. M. Lttvinoft made this explanation of tho Russiannegotiaton with tho Aun-Mrtcnn relief administration In talking with tho American oxx-sxapor exxr-res;xvhMits. I to iwiexxoxt tho famine situation to them and explained the situation from tho Russian viewpoint. tn addition to those bold in prison in Russia, declared tW soviet envoy, ex-ery facility to too.xe would bo given by tho sxxviot gvu-emment to any in tlo exxtmtry exvn to tho extent of advertising for then In tho nexxipapors. Obviously the government cxxnld not undertake to locate them att. hoxxexvr. ho added, as exvn tho list tho American goxmment had prepared xxis prolvxblv Inaccurate, and Itn many cases the names Inxro no ad-. drvssts. A telegram xxa sent to Moseoxv by him suggesting that all Americans whosx adxlrossxvi cxmiM easily be ( teamxl bo tnndoxl up tmnuMliatxly and gtxvn an opportunity to leax-e Res- sla as a guaranty of tho good faith of tno sxviet gxxx-ommcnt in us uesire iu ; pennit e cry American to uit Russia who desired to do so. At Informal conferences xvith aids of Walter L. Rroxvn. Ee.ropean director of the American relief administration, held here, the suggestion xvss clxen to M. t.5txnox-s sec'retary that tho addresses of some of the Americans xxvre si xxvll known it xxoxthl bo easy to send them out Immediately. M. Litvlnoff statel that Rritih. French and e5h?r subjects xxhose repatriation bad been arrancxM long ago xcere still appear'r.g noxv and then asking for passHrts tx loaxv Russia, lte added that If the rutted Slates Insisted on the delivery of all tho Americans m tho list handed him tho Russian famine probably would he ever before tho last man could leave. "Mr. Hoover has stipulated that all Americans Imprisoned In Russia should he reteased. tho soviet representative continued. They hvo Inn kept In prisxM fxxr certain reasons and sxxme of them have tcen accnsexl of gravo txnenss g?inst t!o cxwrnmont. tne Kalmattano ex-e had Ivren condemned to death." T1e newspaper Novy Put. tho otlt-cial soxiet organ at Ricn. has said that Kalmattano (oto ef tho prisoners who came out of Russia this xvoek) had loen condemned In connection with a plot to ergantre a mtlltary mutiny acatnst the sxortet gvxvornment In 1PIS. -Still."" said M.Lttvtnoff. the sovtet government was sufficiently practtcal bx see that tf tlds xvas an obstacle to foediug 1.0O0.CW children, then the conditions should be fulfilled. I realise thr.t this condltKxn Is of sxxme ln-pxxrtancx to America, bul certatnty If It xrero only a question of Russian In-tvrual affairs, our attitude would be quite- dlfforert." . London. Aug. 15- Tlte Russian fatn-r.' was dlst'nissoxl In the house ot tixrxls. Sex-eral memtxers adx-ocated the sjstem enp! yed In India, exxplng with tdmltar visitations, namely the establishment of largo famine ramps on the great itnes of migration, where the people could be retained until the return of normal conditions permitted their restoration to the native villages, w!ere means could bo adopted In the meantime to preserve the framework of xillag; life and Insure a pure xcater supply. Lord MacDonnell thought that the gxxx-ernment ought to make a grant of from 30,000,000 to 30,000.000 for the purpose ot relief. REFUSE RAIL MEITS PLEAS Thirty-Thrta Roads of Eastern Group Turn Down the Demands f Brotherhoods. New Tork. Aug. 13. Demands ot the railroad brotherhoods for restoration of the wge scale' effective Juue 30, and for the withdrawal of all demands for further decreases, were refused by S3 railway presidents, meeting here. American Valuation O. K.d. Washington, Aug. 13. The American valuation principle for assessing tariff duties tn modified form was accepted by the senate finance committee. Chairman Penrose announced. Experts are .working out details. Prof. Henry C. A, Adams Dies. Ann Arbor, Mich- Aug. 13. Prof. Henry Carter Adams, widely known economist and for more than 30 years head of the department of political economy at the University of Michigan, died at his home here. -t hst'e XV. French, arrested h Chi- KENNEDY GUN FOUND Weapon, Believed Used in Murder, Washed Up by Waves, Arthur C Burch ard Mrs. Madaynn C Obnchain Indicted New Evidence Feurd. Lo Angotos Cat-. Aug. IX TU rtartttnc rpr ovlonoo that swayvtt tt o lnl jury tn finvt'.ns an hutietuiont for numlor ajrAtt Arthxir Cv, lUirch, j .nv mTOT!raMr, apiinst Airs, aiavia-lTtr.o Otoochatn. tn Uio str- tnit ot John tV.Nn Konroilr, xras a thorn In tho knoo of tho aoonsoxt man. tt t toamod. Tho thn wrss sinUar to ttKs foniut r.oar tho ?it horo Konnoxly s-hot. tt doTTf!pot a!o that oviittnce ha bon swml by tho stat that the rfaln tr,r.ranoo trokor iatvl a ocrvt vst tr Rxvrvh tn his nvnt tn tho Uns- sott hxtot ttiroo rJhts hrfor ho xvs saln. rt- xrs sinnraOit to tho r r rr xrMan xxs xrax-ovi to htm frmn Hrcis xv?r!ow. aco.Mtinc to a stxvry h1 to tho t-tr;ot attorr.oy hjr Mar- rot 0!!snxMr. a l?.nttross of tho huiUl- tr.?. xxhro Kor.v.ey had h?s eCA A tron'or-'ons strtco h?.s Ihm tsVon tn tho raso hy thx f.nd'.nc xxf a x-rtton of tho prin xrhtth rrsdoxt Ko?nox!y's tlfo. Tho stooge f t!o shotcrtn xxtss rooxx--oro! thr'vvch tho offorhs of roixrors xrro rnvi (Mastorovl tho loaci noar Sf.rha XI.xn!oa xxtth jvxstors xxfTorir? a roxrard fMT Its roovx-ory. It xvns fot?xd hy Wtlltam Wytte, a hos Anstos rf-tnc oontraotor, xrho xras cawptn.c on tho Nach. tVsp;to tl.o ttiv.tottont of Mrs. Ohott-oha!n. as xrotl as of Arthur C throh, for tho mnt?or xf tho fornors sxroot-hoart. John IVtton Konnonty. tho sbto Is stfU-xvorktng. tt ts boltovtNt. to tn-dnoo tho fortnor tv toll an ontlroty noxv wrstotj c-f tho phxHtinjt" at Boverlr Glon that xtl comrtoto the caso agatrst Rnrch. CUT -MARRIED MEN'S TAXES Heads ef Families Exempt From Income Taxes Up to 2,500 and $400 for Each Child. Washtnjrtxxn. Aug. 15. Taxos xcere reduced for hoads of fainllios with moAlorato tnootaos by Ropubltoan members of tho house wars and moans committee tn whipping tho rorenue Into final shape. Tho ewmpttoti applying to Individual Incomes was Increase! from to for those whose net income ts not more than So,00CV Tho action was taken on tho motion of Representative Longxrorth of Ohio. No change was made tn tho present $l,t exemption applying to single persons. Tho exemption for each dependent will be $-hX3 as agreed upon earlier In the week, this amount being twice tho present JlX) exemption. It was estimated that the $500 In crease tn the exemption to whtch married men wtth incomes of loss than $5,000 will be entitled will mean a loss ta revenue of about $30,000.0001 The Increase In tho exemption for each do-peudvut will mean a loss of $20,000,- 000. 250 DROWN AS DAM BURSTS Milan Is in Receipt ef Dispatches Tel I-.. ing of Disaster Near Chlnsa, Milan. Aug. 15. Two hundred and fifty persons were drowned by the bursting of the tsarco dam near Chlnsa, according to Information received here, . Rob Gamblers off $2,CC9i Minneapolis, Minn- Aug. 15. Two men with four pistols walked tn on a card g&nte in an apartment house here, picked up $2,000 table stakes and walked out. They passed up diamonds and watches. Fail Mail Train Robbery. Syracuse, N. Aug. 15, Attempted robbery of a fast mall train Just east of the city was frustrated by railroad detectives acting under orders from the railway matl service tn Washington. ll M V ' 7 - -ft? k ..1 1 LT!L, Slate Jfenator H. Leo Trlnklo ot Vvthvllle. Va.. has Iwn uotninatexl in tho IVmooratic primaries for jlxxx-oroor of 1rjilnta. He is one of the most prominent men of that state. HARDING, SR., WEDS Father of President Marries Nurse at Monroe Mich., Town of Marion Congratulates Physician on His Arrival Home With Bride. Xtarion. O.. Aug. 15. Marlon congratulated Or. George T. Harding, father of President Harding, on Ma marrtaco Thursxlav at Xtonroo. Mich.. to Miss Alice Sex-ems. his stenographer and er'oe attendant for the last elent years. Scores of surprised lownsMk ior-sonally tcnderxl lnst xvlshes to tho venerable physician and his bride, both of whom are well knoxvn to Marion residents. Efforts to keen the marriage a secret xvre ef no avail, although not unt It- after tle cixv.nle rachevl Marlon six hours after Rex-. Frank T. Knoxxies. a Presbyterian minister at Monroe, had iMotonnccd them man and xxlfe. did Or. Harding admit that he bud become a tonedlot. " Arriving at the Mat ton here. Or. I lardimr and his bride, hurrying to catch a trolley car. xxetv met by txvo local nexxspaper men, xvh offere! congratulation and transportation In an automhile. They accept oil loth. He said that Miss Severn and lie left Marlon together Wednesday morning and xvent to Oetroit. "We xxore refused a license In Windsor, Canada. Iw4miii.o we xxer not residents." Or. Harding said. "We passed Wednesday night in Oetroit at the homo of Mr. and Mr. Louts V. Sanborn, xvho are relatlx-e of mine. They accompanied ns to Monroe, xvhere we xxtre married shortly afternoon. I know I am not going to ho h'.neomo noxv." ho told the newspaper men. At tho doctor suggestion Mr. liar-, ding was taken to her home. He then asked to te driven to his home, four squares away. First official announcement of the marriage xvas telegraphed to President Harding by an employee of his newspaper at Marlon. Or. Harding, xvho ts seventy -seven vears old. has been a practicing physi cian lu Marlon for fifty your, lib bride xvas born In Xtarton county fifty-two years agxv Ho father. Oscar Severn, was one of tho pioneer settlers of Marlon county. He and his wtfo died several years ago. SENDS DISARM BID TO FIVE President Harding Invites Britain, Franca, Italy, Japjp and China -to Conference November 11. Washington. Aug. 13. Fxmnat Invitations were sent to Great Britain, France, Italy, Japan and China to attend the conference on disarmament and Far Eastern questions at Washington November 11. N Tho Invitations are identical and brief, except to China. They will be seut directly to the foreign office and copies handed to the diplomatic representatives ot tho powers here. The communications place no limitation on the scope of tho discussion to be-had. It is suggested, however, that the question of naval armaments "may naturally have first place," though It has been thought best not to exclude questions pertaining to other armament from tho subjects to be considered by the conferees. Asks Recognition. Budapest, Aug. 15. Unreserved acceptance of the terms of the peace resolution, passed by the United Stares congress early tn July, has been asked of the Hungarian national assembly, by M. Banffy. Say "Jatz" Lowers Ideals. State College, Pa Aug. 15. "Jarx Is hurting the standards of taste and the finer sensibilities of many college students, according to Prof. A. R. .Warnock, dean ot men at Peunsyl-Tanla State college. o 5trtvr.";o ; h V.t r.-A r.UT-.t r.a rwh a .o- j n;;!:cia. ntl t'o mIm"1 I I s sl'.tvlT o-sonti, owtnc t tt cwttv oi trsntx-tst!M- lo.v.!or nral. ho ha-.t proxto5lr r?! roocr.!! o KoWkv sn tho oTino ta TAwr of to now rW- tn rtor that t.o trtorrsatKvaat roltot rfrnlat!-.B ny haw sxtpw T1o tMr-i rNvrT stoi xtU bo !l'-tr.vr,.t r.r.l n"trtixt of thou- saxt of OTor:oot xvrtcors. It tvs hH'.:oatol that Soorotary ltowr tror.M r-e akox! h ov'.ahorato !th Lorxt CV.rrx. trh l.toj-l Ooorco stsktoxl, hsi s-4xl tho r" pt VX 5-arrlrc tn tnvU. TT.o tr.trr.a"!r.l orsaniTatUn xrt!? xwrc tr.o foi-wuvp hrd l!nos: "Trvt x HI ho oahlisho1 to I xh!.-h r:,.w!;. to of tTatn am! aM swio xr-5 ho mhol. I A't ra.v ar x!U hv rowr.trnoto.t rv!t irt tVo wr of oarrxinc t 1 51". -.'. r.os xrUl tx -4vrNt to rovtto vrV- tn -vr costo.t aTva. A chs.t:t of hoyp'tat xxtn ho rstah- t; t troMvtxl that tho xcyvrk xt!l sro!iMy last for t toat txxxx yoar. wrtoT-'.r..c tt toast Cvv xvorkor tnt vstlr.c tho n-ortX a r.'.?rtrwm f sr- Washer, srron. As.f. t2. Rss5sn ro-!lot wxrk xlll h slartoxt tmmo-.ttatolx-, xtarT of Corarcoroo llovor an-n.Rov-! after an hottrl? oonforonoo t lth ! " tor.; Uar!ne at tho WhUo Wnttor lroxm. Enrn !t-ror tor of ho Arwnan rotVf at!mtnt-tratior.. of xvhioh Mr. Hoxxxvr t tho host. is ?To to artixv tn Rvra. tt xx-s satoxl. I to xxi'.l or.tor tnto tmmxl:ato r.fvcoos xtth tho sovh-t authort-tto on tho rtx",t'a xNt IstrlhuttvM. U. S. POTATO CROP IS SHORT Unexpected Peer Outlook tn Yield Serdiofl Price Skyward, Says Government Re pert. Washington, Ar.. IX. A short potato crop ts sotuUnjt prioos skyxrsrvt. ac-oiMxiin to tho LVvftrtmont of AfT-Cct-tartx xtth tho oatlvsc for a ytotd. of c.iy Sl&.tXXtX httshotss tho r-rtoe at-toadj t hihor than a barrel. Tho prosont crv fv. If tt amounts tot t SWWUW bnshotSv xvill ho throo-fonrths of last roar's yield and the s4.WiV.tst tftneo t?lft, when It fell tx The North xx os t nd Far Wost xx '.ll ytotd thotr avora quota, but condV ttots are uafaroraWo tn the hoary ixroduotn trtiS of Xunnosaota, Wtsoon- Mn and Michigan NEW ROAD PLEASES HARDING President Sends CersratuTaticns t Members ef Dixie Highway Association. Vasht?vrton. Aug. IX. The White ltCK?so. XL XL Allison, . rrostdoat Dixie ItUhxcay Aswtatlon, Chtcagv lit. : I bosr r t rrosont to the mom-bers of tho Dtxte Highway assoctatton my cxxasratulatiotts and.rordlal best -the on tho oooasion of the opening f another link tn the groat highway which Is to bo added to the ties which bind the Colon txxgether the proat hijhxxays which the American people aro bttUd'tif bo tneke s economtoally ami socially one 10040. as never before. WARREN G. HARDtXa Saves Train From Wreck. AVarronsburg, Ma, Aujt. 15. Conrad ISrosnahan, tpectton forenwin, soronty-throo years old, sarod Mlssonrl PaciSo passongor train No. 16 from being xrockoxt xchon ho flasjped the train be- foro tt reached a xcashout. Sinn Fein Rejects Proposal. l.c-ution, Aug. 13. Tho London " Hailv Express toarns that tho Stun Iiu reply a reoolroxt by Fremtor tJtoyd tloorgo tn Paris Thursday, was rrgnrdedl by htm as a reflection of his 1 1) - tear tcrr.ts.

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