The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 20, 1936 · Page 7
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 7

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, November 20, 1936
Page 7
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Page Seven The Daily CHntonian, Clinton, Indiana Friday, November 20, 1936 mmmm Beauty Part Indian Am TLaJtlnrr UlcodeAs CAYUGA WOMAN INJURED !N FALL story makt k an even tiifirn han-np nut-door movie. It's last and lUlity with top notch aitint lor us OP' Tom Keene u lid Motilf Mine hattle ;or pt-fity Marshii Hunt and a tah-ulously l it h told mitip out where Tiien a re in i 'ii. Ii rry '" Rnstei " ('rah he, an Indian chiof, repays a t'avor lo Tom in ih: nxritinc (Umax Rohevt (-mrnines. Itaymontl Han on tnd t;ien KriKsun have mi pjrrri in a rohs. Yak. Half Bison, Half Ox The yak's sliapy coat of hair enables him to exist comfortably in deep snow, and to survive blizzards Much would prove fatal to cattle. The yak is half bison and half ox. For centuries he ha.- been ihe best friend of the Tibetans and his wild neighbors. He can carry heavy burdens through high, treacherous mountain passes, and subsist on meaner fare. The wild species, confined to uiacces.-ible areas of the Tibetan phitcau. sometimes stands mix let tail a. the shoulder. The wild yak is soi.d b!at k. The Milky Way The milky way i. a hazy, somewhat irregular band of lin!it, about twenty riem ecs Wide, winch completely encirt Irs the heavens. It can be seen on clear, moonless, summer evenings, stretching entirely across the northern sky. The unaided eye Rets the impression that the milky way is made up of faint sIjis. The telescope confirms this impression by showing that the light of the milky way is caused by millions of stars. In reality these stars are en at suns and ihry appear faint only because of their immense distances. Mot of them are so remote that several thousand years are required for their liht to come to us (or ECONOMY and MOVIES swokn i;m;iii:s T THK VM M i: You'll i'pprciaii t his n;it roin-l.tuatinii r,f i'oni'(ly and tiK-lodraina. art lot) ai::I runianrf. as well ;is fiiif-perfoi marn-cR (y Kohcrt Ynuim. Nal P'-n diet on. Klor ii'p Hbt Joseph f'iillfMa. a wis Sinn', Harvey Stc-i.-hk and K-tHiri. The ' lat-'s how a sniHil LTuiip of viriim ttrd t'-Iativf-p of d"p.tiifd virtims arc fnit to "t:'t " a crippled racketeer I,1",.'!' of Jirirmful ! p'etla- i' us. They un.te in their Pi'fnrts to 'rn 'i vejitrea we u pott hint, w hn-ls Ht-i'vs nn a nnni'ter of nli-p!ots and onnf er-p).,ifi. IIi'f sin pri sin L'lv ntd. " vs of The day and a recent Ma-Mir I-tt wi'-i amateur rehao ;ir hNh en lltf pin;:ram. Mrs. Mollis Gillis Breaks Hip Wednesday Noon; Taken to Danville Hospital CAYrCA. Nov. 2 Mrs. MMlii-. r.iliif. 74. f"!l ;il h-'r lioln" ami nUirf W-ilnpt!ay ai nwin ami hnk' h'-r Iilp .he tr'pp'd nvir a ! ' of zini lhal iiiiilT li'-r iluvp. tr. S. V la-roh as ral!d and IMr slip -; r. mov-d to St. Khza-In-th hohpital in Danville in th V.'at-hon amliiilan. o. f x -a--7a the comedy Hid I'ni w ra SATISFACTION use DouLleTrsffdflJouUcAlionf Efg BAKING Wf POWDER Some Price Today is 45 )earsAqo 25 ounces for 254 i Full Pack No Slack Filling Hhort feiitiiii are ' Alivti: Jmiiu .1 ii nior." N'ew sreel. DR. B. H. SELLERS DENTIST 249J South Main Street Clinton, Indiana Mfal for Hummingbird HiitiHtu.'rbitds jn captivity thrivt ..n a mix'me of hoiu, condfnsed n i!k, meat ex raft, and a patent l.H.d i'i on iriitittn. vith fruit flio foi siu.i'k hetrrri meals. I. men 4.0U0 Year Old Well preserved linen cloths have uccn louud in Egyptian mummy cdse:- which were more than 4,000 years old. READ THE ADS T!ic Hoynl Ni-ithlior of Aim-vira niir pave Mrs. Ham- llatj)f-t. formerly'i- Harv.y. a shower t!:- Ironic "f Mr. Roy All-- UVdll' f (lay niiih'. 2H ii i:ki:r with i-uti i:i:s .fa Airs. Harp'-r received many us riftR for bT rfp li"ni'-. f:fl:i" v I S F(DOd . laved rturil'r I "if evi-lllns AT THK WAH.tH ; .capjy dialo-ne and rapid a ?ioti j .vi'h many (nn'. ations make it j i nf-t tn jTjipnslltle to o!''e ilii ntnr-1 j rif-r m-'-t'Tv until tV fademit. In! i the cr"w 1 a-p flail f'atrh k. Ayres .forp foi'ipf "it. Krnesf Ctm- . --art. I: n! Kr!!y, tfiw Steven and j overiiber L: j f ITT) Festival refr- sfino iits of -iji ndwirii.. U ij!"r and foff.'e were served to t'te f nests. Thor.e prcept were Mrs. "at'M'r of Clinton and Mesdantes Clayton Rrit'ht. Mnpe-p f'hapnt'in. H'ritoh" Harvey. Mji I!ar:-r. John Crvval. John Kill:. Jls'li W'ur. Cloy I H-r-burn. IllmilK- Watson. Maym- l.yr-sapp, Martlia lieam Itamp. .loiin Ilason. the M :? !i"an f'rvstal. Lucille Siitliff. and Master IVr.ny Harper hp t 1; r 7 l f I fXJy 2 TIennv Hake-. The t.rM'ilinL' murdei '. 'tefuiM in 'rrnt ff 'i horr'fierj wit-i 1ci;i.ii yet tV-v f:-itc! n. IL'ht of1 ei'her the murderer or S v.-jjtpon ; The identi'y of the slavpr (k finally ! ev";.ifd by a photoirrti ph wiih-h ; 'ni'etied to he taken m :he tim1 of j the rime. It will krt'p you inter- j Pted. ' Rnh. Ps.'-. Tf" y- pi" 'lie pi i sicnl roni"dy Vo - n n ' - t., -j .(( ;r 'n "The phaiitsiR! !li'T"r " T THK tX1 I Mf'l ! Title han-np Z:m"- f;ro- : ,1 PLEE ZING hi $1 COFFEE nuck siiiht S3iu MeKee. who will leave next eek !or Central jke, Miih.. was honor guest at a farewell dm-lt supper pi'A-n Wednesday niylit :.t the Keith Sa!fcer eafe. Those present were Ted I)e erler Hasford. Rdd Russell C-oree Cry.-'al. Holi Cosiiy. Charles Bert Milikin. Howard Mr-fani-l and l.nte Fultz. ' rOVB QVA9lAHX Or WmMMH COTTEM GROUND ONE POUND GLASS JAR . THREE POUND GLASS JAR Will Be Served With National Biscuit Co. Cookies All Day Saturday. Be Sure and Come 25C 71C Laurie Iouglas Winning a contest to select the 'most beautiful university co-ed in America '. Laurie Douglas of Oklahoma City, who boasts a trace of Cncrokee Indian blood in her vein, won a film contract and is now in Hollywood for her movie debut. COLUMBIA Friday and Saturday LARGE SIZE &Sd 1.1 CUP AND SAUCER OR DINNER PLATE 24c Claude Laws left Friday noon to drive a load of rattle to Iowa for Jerry Ppeneer. Mr. Spencer and f.. mily are moving to Iowa. Mrs. John Harper visited from Thursday until Friday with her gis-tei-s. Mm. Pete Hirkman of Clinton and Mrs. Elmer Combs of Terre Haute, at the Combs home. 74 1 in 11 Zane Grey's "Desert Gold" With Larry Buster Crabbe Marsha Hunt Tom Keene Comedy "Absorbing Junior" Short Universal Newsreel ONLY 10c The Wonder soap Powder Mystery visitf-d horn1 folks Sunday. .ir.-;. Car! Millar and snn and Charles Tiuzle ncrf in TVrre Hail-: Friday. Mi-s I. m Ml riv.ll who livpj; r.orih of lir'-. ip -taying at the tiom-f "akfi-!d .laf-kson near Almori-1 H ri:aip this week. Mr. and !r. AHrt f;i!more and) hildrn to S'.inday dinner guests! if Mr. and Mrs. H"tlry Cilmore. j '.Mnday -venin'j H"tty Ann Oilmorc tar.-d Mo:i lay iiijrFu w ith Mrs. M.i -,t:it'-:,-d of Hills '.ale. ' 1 Mr and Mrs.. Mnrt M'Her spent j Try It-If Not Satisfied Money Refunded v& or 10)9C SUMMIT GROVE BIRTHDAY DINNER Sunday and Monday . bag lfl or tcrlnlitf -do net pour 5 lb. Pail J4c Mrs. Rose Miller Reaches Age of 87; Mr. and Mrs. Tom Vickey Move rMi?.dny in Irdi:.naioliv Mrs !ayino!d ;onet of Kairvjew ai- m patted t'lern. Mr. and Mrs. Hert Hint and M' SCMMIT OROVK. Nov 2 ft In and Mrs ( iiarles fh,r7. of Depu'v honor of the eiflity-se.enth hirthday I ';'d on Mr. and 'rv Mori Millet -d:K--d iv tj-.enin;:. News Takes Aces to Traiel More lhari 2.,,r.f0 years aso. wiie:. Use Ro-nan E-r.pire was ai tlie heii'it of i'.s ciory. a star exploded in the constellation I.accita. But :t ymk til! tr-:'av for astronomers tr teiOtoe a-.'.!e nf t'C ee"t piee-zing Wheat Flakes tf He Plee-zing Peas l..-n.H. IVIv That l.--.a V.. a n m id s.. Cake Flour ee R2A1TCIKIES V,, , JACK FROST Salad Dressing, Realm Full quart 24c ll ($ IT T (Hr & Wi Sandwich Spread, Realm Full quart 24c j W s? dfrA ii Mustard, salad style Full quart 10c wiaS"-l23 rixrpCTcan::: 13C of Mr. Ilot Miller. Mr. and Mrs Mort Miller entertafned the folliw-ine at dinner Thursday: Mrs. Iittra Mack. Mrs Sarah Harper. Lauren Miller and Mrs rarl Miller. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Vickey of near renter have moved into the John Khrles property on State lioad 6 3. Mrs. Ros- Miller was the Sunday dinner euest of Mr. and Mrs. arl Mdler. In the afternoon Mr. and Vrs. Harold Maek and son of Clinton called. Ray James of Missouri is here vis-ifins relatives and friends. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Chtir-h and daughter and Mr. Churrh's mother of Dajia calied on Mr. and Mr. Sol Mushier Sunday. Henrv OMniore of Terre Ifaut. PfCATO First I. S. Census in 1790 The first United States census was tal;en in IT'.'O In that year the population was 3.929.214; in IWK it was 5.308.433: in 1810, T.ZlU.hol: in 182U, 9.638.453; 1830. 12 S'ifi.020; 184U. 17.069.453; 1850. 23.191.876; 31.443.321; 1870 33,558.371; 18S0 . 50.155.783; 1890, 62.917.714: 1900. 75.994.575; 1910. 91,-972.266: l''2l), 105.710.620; 1910, 25c & SAT. FRI. 10c 24-Oz. Jar 24-Oz. Jar 23C EEALM PEANUT BUTTER SEEDLESS JAM plee-zing A Combination of Grape, Apple and Raspberry THEY TRIED TO PIN THIS KILLING ON A WOMAN . . . but cocky newspaperman uncovered the real solution to this thrilling tmery. ONLY 10c-25c PALACE NOW SHOWING PLEE-ZING CALIFORNIA PE ACHES2 Lar , cans 35c Noodles, Pleezing 12-oz. pkg. 13c Cocoa, Trueworth 2-lb. can 15c SAKBWICH COOKIES vanilla or chocolate 2 n. 35c CRACKERS excell sodas 2 lb. boi 17c Romance nd Racketeer Are Mixed in "Sworn Enemy," New Palace Attraction "KILL OR GET KILLED" , This was their pledge! t : f LEAF LETTUCE RADISHES Button Bunch 5c f&rClh rtflftMC for 1 Ufi! FANCY HOT HOUSE 2 Lbs. lgC SPINACH fresh 2 tbs. 15c Grapefruit seedies 6 25c Sweet Potato eSJerieys 4 1 7c ! ''' t I Cranberries u. 22c rv CORN FED BEEF SALE SIRLOIN STEAK, tender, lb 21 C ROLLED RIB ROAST, no waste, lb.. 21c SWISS STEAK, tender, lb 17c POT ROAST, lean meaty, lb 13 c BOILING BEEF, short ribs, lb 10c HAMBURGER, fresh, lb 1 c PORK SAUSAGE COUNTRY STYLE ib. 15c I BOLOGNA or LIVER SAUSAGE STEAK or ROAST VEAL 2 lbs. 29c lb-121iC You Save ' at ' Nation's Plus Shorts Major Bowes whh LEW AYRES GAIL PATRICK Poul KHy ioyts Compton ttimy Bokr Emit Conor! Ontlow $tvm br Sweethearts, wives, children . . . these may be the innocent victims of pangland's most terrifying crime! You will be fighting alongside these two as they battle to smash the last of the big-money rackets! You Save at Nation's News of the Pay Hollywood Extra 345 South Main Street SP Phone 345-Free Delivery Serial and Musical Comedy St"V A fl-Mi lh-aiiia!ic Trpl MOV " Tal a lftH' iRV -)l'Klt n :k. hiki.i-.ivk ai:i:li- A Splendid Two Hour Show!

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