The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on August 15, 1921 · Page 2
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 2

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, August 15, 1921
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS j anxious to perfect themselves in their As the police recruit strolled along The Fairmount News lessens that they used to "burn the midnight oil as the phrase was. - - - .. t . . v The ouly midnight oil burned by stud-! ed ?r.ts in these times is that at dances, j on I lublhed on Mondays and Thursdays 4 NOW j A. S. ROBERTS. Editor and Publisher. Minnie McLucas Roberts, Associate. supper parties and other festivities, j This does not mean that the present ; race of young: folks is decadent. In Sour grandfathers times, there ware 'no athletics to take up the attention, Many younsr people studied because that was the only form of competition existing: and there was net much else TELEPHONES Otnee: Main 265 Res., Black SS2-1 SUBSCRIPTION RATES. I Within Indiana.) One year $2.00 Six months 1 Three months (Outside Indiana.) One year $3.00 j OIX IIIOIIiUS ................... .1.00 Three Bionths .90 V Ill4lv" ................ ..-VI. j S I ! H X M H X H M M H H H M H M M M H M M N BUY Buy your season's Mobiloils now at one 1. Correct lubrication. 2. Lower price per 3. Industructible 4. Reversible plug 5. Clean, fresh oil Now is your opportunity E. 0. Ellis supply of Gargoyle time and you get gallon steel drum FREE faucet for drawing oil supply for real economy. . .... , indifferent to the printed page as the result of beinc: surfeited with it. his first turn off night duty, loud 1-rll. rt "Pii-o'" Mint V -ilr- ITn K,-lf v i m i v I v. 11 1 lliv (till V . 'V' 14- ouicklv to ths snot and found n house well alisrht. with a man half hansrinsr out of an upstairs window. "Help! Help " he yelled, jump will you catch me?" "Sure, an' Oi will!" replied If I the policeman readily. So the man jumped, only to crash to the ground and lie there stunned. Wheu, a few minutes later, he recovered consciousnes, he looked up at the constable reproachfully, and murmured feebly: "I thought you said you could catch me?" "Begorrah!" replied the Irishman, "Oi was only waiting for yez to bounce an Oi'd have had yez " "Are you going to garden next summer ? ' "Beyond a doubt," replied Mr. j Crosslots. "I made such a heavy out- lay for implements and fertilizer that I IVe got to protect my investment." Slat's Diary By Ross Farquhar Friday a lady witch stopped in at j ova Vmi co ff faxurXr nHrtllt: otliPT fokp ( & to see if are j j i t j I I expiration of subscription time un- j 'iratiVndate U reCeiVCd Pri0r t0 eX ! Entered as second-class matter at ! the postoffice at tairmount, Ind., un- der the Act of Congress of March 8, . f All subscriptions payable strictly j in advance; paper discountinued at Auto Supply Co. Tires, Accessories, Oils, Gasoline, Vulcanizing fcJ M a W. V. Fowler, Mgr. j nn'y periodical his tamily was aoie to IKuv wa a weeklv newspaper which 1 cave but a meager record of events. One of the most attractive ways of ; But -t was all that he hajt arui he was developing a neighborhood of small j so easrer to ?et it that he would walk homes is according to the community i a mil or m(?re each Friday, the day court idea. This scheme takes two or j the raper Was issued, down to the more ordinary sized lots, and lays out Jcross ads where the carrier would a litt'e garden or center in the middle, brm? the jittie sheet. He wanted then builds two rows of houses bord- j tie aper so badly that he used to trine cn the court, with one or two i ?et tjiere about a couple of hours beat the r?ar. Two city lots of about ;ore carrier, hoping that by some usual size, 50 to 60 feet frontage, and chance the mail man would come along running back 123 to 150 feet, will ac- ! eary so he could get the beloved comodate seven or eight houses, ar- ;ourai Quicker. house was cleah j ast ma did she . John anJ family entertained at think it is a sm for ! Smdav. William S.ullivan, wife you to go threw ; and dauitnter- of Alexandria John husbends pants smv wife and baby? of Spokane, pokkets. ma re- Wash Ruel Sullivan and fe, of plyed & J heInd.a u Mrg Carrie HastVf thot it wood be a!, .. . j u ranged on this plan. The result is to save cost of land, and if the central court is well developed and kept up ft W J with grass and flowering shrubs orjferred to grew up to become a prom-evergreens, a beautiful little neighbor- iner.t figure in politics and newspaper hood is created. The houses appear jwor m state. far more valuable than they would j fhe young people who in these under ordinary conditions. It has i times of abundant knowledge have proved a remunerative plan for P-j something of that spirit, will find rate investors, and it is an easy one -at the thirst for knowledge is alto finance. Iways rewarded. Those that know o how t0 u?e the tools of life, who have COSTLY ROADS. I been willing: to studv and inform A few years ago road builders and j truckmen dreamed of the time when ! paved roads would traverse Indiana, i the positions of trust and responsibil-in a closely built gridiron. But the ; ity. cost of these permanent roads has j o soared high and it would take until the next centurv to cover the entire state with them, unless a tax burden is laid upon the people beyond their j ability to pay. ! The result has been to persuade : manv people that paved boulevards can net be completed as rapidly asiTvh?re they piace their purchases, but they once hoped, while local materials, ; when thev buv at home thev help build like gravel or sand and clay, must for th; own'citv. F. II. S. STUDENTS HAVING REUNIONS. Former students of Fairmount high school who are visiting here from r. distance and other members living in Fairmount are having a number of reunions. Among those to entertain for those old school mates last week were Mrs. Lea McTurnan and Mrs. John Harvey, 3Irs. McTurnan giving a party on Thursday and Mrs. Harvey on Saturday, the guests at each party being as follows: Mrs. Guy Curtis and son, of Pasa Grande, Ariz., Mrs. Ross Stubbs and son, of St. Louis, Mrs. Alpha Tomlinson, of Summitville, Miss Anna Tomlinson, of S.ummitville, Mrs. R. A. Morris and son and the hostesses. Luncheon was served at each of the parties and a social rem-ineseent afternoon enjoyed by all present. Mrs. Albert Morris was shopping in Marion Friday. Mrs. Lawrence McTurnan and chil- dren, of Indianapolis, were the guests j of Mrs. F. M. Lathan Friday. Rev. Clarence. Wilhelm. pastor of! ths George street Baptist church, of Marion,. will preach at the local Bap-! tist church Friday evening at 7:30 o'clock. A general invitation is ex- i tA nuhli and ovarv nna ! will be welcome. Smalley and family. Afternoon cal- t i tt l a :r . 1 iers were ivnn iianirsi.v, u; onu baby, of Muncie and Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Yale of Marion. . COWBOYS AND COWGIRLS A STATE FAIR FEATURE Cowboys and cowgirls, all of them expert riders and lasso throwers, are going to give an extraordinary exhi-i bition at the Indiana State Fair dur- ins the week of Sept. 5, on the race track at the grandstand in the after - show in the coliseum. The con-1 gress" of riders from some of the most noted ranches of the western cattle country, including a number . . , -of daring horsewomen who were . broup:ht up" in the saddle, will give exhibitions in trick riding. Roman standing races and trick roping, Leonard and Mayme Stroud, who 1 ave won the championships at a number of "round-ups' in the far west. will show their skill as trick rop- ers and fancy riders. Another is 1 Heat rice Kirnan of Rocky For.l, Colo., j ne of the best trick horsewomen of : the western plains. Tommy Kirnan. 1 known far and wide throush the cat-..e ranch country as a roper, will give exhibitions in lassoing in which he will toss a loop TO feet in diameter. Kirnan will also ride in the Roman 1 standing races, when his mounts will be the same pair of broncos with ' which he won the championship race at Garden City. Kan. Most of the riders are from the famous 101 ranch shows and some of them were with the Buffalo Bin and Pawnee Bill wild west shows. The "headliner" is Leonard Stroud. an1 his most spectacular stunt is to crawl under a galloping horse and regain his seat in the saddle from the opposite side. Mayme Stroud won the world's cowgirls championship in the rontest held at Chicago a year ago. The exhibition is expected to be one of the big hits at the coming Indiana aSr- AUTO SHOW AT STATE FAIR The show of 1922 motor cars at the Indiana State Fair, which opens Sept. 5, will be limited in size only by the capacity of the big Manufacturers' building. All of the floor space has been taken by manufacturers and agencies and all of the popular makes of cars will be exhibited, as well as the "smartest" accessories. AUTO PARKING AT STATE FAIR The management of the Indiana State Fair is expecting many thousand visitors to come to the exposition In their touring cars from over the state, and parking space for 30.000 car na arranged. The uomODi1 w"1 be admitted at the ""ri"' "u 8Win le boy scouts win direct the motorists to the parking fields. PUtlDUE BAND'S DIG 0RUU The Purdue University Military sand of 100 men. which la to be the musical needltaer at the Indiana Pair the week of Sept. 5, will at tnat ttme m a new bans drum, wateh to betas ada at an Inftanaa tacsty. The drca carter feet ta caetor and war thren arVa-raf ft tateSc It Is an larra Cat a waecUa c&asstaw1ll be necessary to earry It. Hadre4a o' tiaa wire esrcfu: exact: before two asa isr Us Czx trtla 1 l.--nr ;mo H th rrir!oinfil reliance I for the ordinary back country road. A paved roa-1 costs 10 times as . , . . , ... wriid not nsnal'v over $200 as 1 ! I i Phone 226 A.AAA ..T. i i 4 FALL TERM OPENING WEEK Aug. 24 to Sept. 6 DAY AND NIGHT Call at the schobl, write or telephone for BUDGET OF INFORMATION iMarion Business College Phone 2060 Marion, Indiana Kyes Tested, (i lasses Fitted ly State Registered ori'OMETKISTS Dr. C. C. FARIS and Dr. EMIL FARIS Exclusively Optical Snth Side Sonar uaarion DR. C. L. FEN TON Dentist X-RAY Rooms over Postoffice Hoars 8 to 11:30 a. m. 1 to 5 p. m E. B. COUCH DENTIST Rooms over Hahne Drug Store Office hours: 8 to 11:30 a. m.; 1 to 5 AUCTIONEER STOCK SALES A SPECIALTY. Call at my expense, Phone 2. on. 19 Fowlerton. C. W. D1CKERSON FRANK RELFE AUCTIONEER FARM AND STOCK SALES A SPECIALTY Phone 1921, Route 9, Marion, Indiana Call as at our expense Yet such an enormous volume of literature is offered .the public in these times, that many people become Thev never acquire that thirst for in- formation that was characteristic of the older days when reading: matter was scarce and precious. ttorv is told of a bov who used . . 1 1 !to live m a remote viiiagrs wnere me That spirit of intense thirst for knowledge has helped many men climb the ladder to fortune. This boy re- themselves while others fooled and j frittered, are the ones who will take 1 Home Town Business-Local Business Civic Force When people buy out of their home , town, thev help build up the city une 01 tne principal iorces worKing to develop a community, is the body of men engaged in retail trade. You .Scan depend upon them for co-opera tion in an me civic rnierprts m And so it goes in all the fields of civic development. When you help on your home town business, you promote the growth of interests that are just as anxious as you are to see your home city develop and furnish all the ' advantages that can be provided in DINNER STORIES Count de Lesseps disliked to have any of his family entertain silly superstitions. One morning at breakfast a beautiful Dresden teacup was broken. The countess was greatly distressed and the said: "Now two more of the set will be broken; it always happens so. "Are you so superstitiousV asked the count, "as really to believe that two more will be broken fw -I know it." Then let us get it off our mindi," he said. And taking twe of the cups by th handle he dashed thca to-gtlher. The Czzy et Ce cc--ta p:rtl t"U.t fct. Ii4 tt mile additional ar.nuallv. Bv oil and ? If u want new buildings tar coatir.c a great deal can be done ' for -wur children, do you he'p your-to preset an inexpensive surface. ;lf a b' Fatronizing stores in some X X, a - ... ' - -.TTTTr ' . " V- FOR SALE FOR SALE Pure strain Jersey bulls and cows. Vrite, J. F. Tomlinson, Sleepy Hollow Farm, Logansport, Indiana. FOR SALFj Cooking and canning apples. Priced low. Byron Traster. FOR SALE Seven room cottage, elec trie lights, city water, sewer connections, barn, coal shed and four lots. Buildings in good repair. Price, $1500. 302 West Sth, St., phone 255 FOR SALE Crapes, blue plums and apples. Milton T. Cox, Phone 2732 Red. jtqjj SLE Down comes Saginaw non-hardening Salt. Now $3.00 per barrel, 100 lb sacks $1.00, 50 lb., sacks 55c. A. A. Ulery & Co. FOR SALE An Phone SG. electric washer. FOR SALF. Cheap, Detroit wickless six-hole oil range. Phone C4-1 Red WANTED WANTED To buy good second-hand base burner. Will A. Taylor, Fairmount News. AGENTS WANTED AGENTS WANTED We want a lady or gentleman agent to handle city trade in Fairmount and other vacant cities. This is a wonderful opportunity as you will be retailing the genuine J. R. Watkins Products including Watkins Cocoanut Oil Shampoo, Garda Face Towder, Fruit Drinks and over 137 other products. Write today for free sample and particulars. The J. R. Watkins Co., 67, Winona, Minn. LOST LOST Small suitcase between Fow-lerton and Fairmount. Finder pleas? leave at News office and be rewarded. Walter Skinner. MISCELLANEOUS TEN DOLLARS REWARD For in-formation that will lead ta arrest and conviction of parties who raided watermellon patch of Erastus Ballenger. RAILWAY TIME TABLES BIG FOUR Arrival of trains at Fairmount. South Bound No. 39, daily 8:35 a. m. No. 33, daily ex, Sun. 1 :26 p. m. No. 3, daily ex. Sun. 6:02 p. m. North Bound No. 46, daily ex. Sun. 8:57 a. m. No. 34, daily ex. Sun. 1:26 p.m. No. 40, daily 7:49 p. m. PENNSYLVANIA East Bound West Bound 12 m. l-4( P; m- No trains on Sunday. UNION TRACTION CO. OF IND. South bound 5:21 a. m., 6:51 a m., 7:42 a. m., 8:02 a. m., 8:51 a, m, 10:02 a. m, 10:51 a. m. 12:02 p. m. 11:18 p. m., 2:02 p. m., 2:51 p. m. 4:02 p. m., 4:51 p. m- 6 p. m.t 6:54 p. 8:02 p. m 9:30 p. m, 11:42 p.n. North hound 5:54 a. 6:51 a. m., 8:02 e. m., 8:51 a. m., 10K)2 a. m., 10:51 a. m., 12:02 p. 12:51 p. m, 2:02 p. m., 2:51 p. 4:02 p. ran 4:51 p. mn 6:02 p. m- P 7:10 p. m., 8K p. 10:16 p. 12:19 p. W. Carian Flyer, il4 on Cundij. Fairlv good roads covering the entire -distant city? ketone solitary rert state' aie of more economic service !nt of that money will come back to than paved boulevards reaching only J"" home tcwn to helP buiM "our the main lines of travel. j ree! schol house- 0 On the contrary, if you spend your THE HIGH TIDE OF MIDSUMMER ; money here in Fairmount you help Midsummer has never been a popu- I increase the prosperity of your local lar period of the year. Very few! business men. They are thereby able poets" ever dragged their verses on I to pay more taxes, which helps build July and August into newspaper of- your school house. Further these fices. Spring and Autumn have their j men are progressive and keenly de-respective celebrants, and these sea- j sirous of seeing the city grow. They sons seem to awaken lyric emotions i are just as anxious to see new school in the hearts of imaginative people. ! houses built as you are, because they But midsummer is popularly regarded know that better educational facilities as a period of excessive heat, flies, j mean increased population, and in-mosqultcs. and other disagreeables, -creased population promotes their The student of nature, however, ; business. The moment trade condi-finds no season of the year more re-!tions are such to warrant new school warding than July and August. Then j houses, they will vote and work for nature seems in her high tide of them, and try to persuade parsimon-fruition. Every bit of vegetation has ' ous taxpayers that it is good policy reached its full perfection. It lacks : to deal liberally in providing town the touches of decay that accumu-: facilities. sin in her case be- cause it wood waste so much time & that is a sin to waste so I mutch time. j Sat They is f ! new garage har started here ir town. The fellov ! witch organized it used to be a ani- j mal tamer for the biggest Circus on 1 Erth. So now ho is going to mend ; flivvers. I gess his practis will cum ! in handy. Sunday Sunday skool teacher ast ( Jake who was the wisest man in i America & Jake sed king Soloman. She sed Why was he. & Jake S3d .He i had a 1000 wifes & srot by with it & I lived to be of a very old age in yrs. Mnnrlav wVmn Jal-o .C- rt o Xr Tili , , . . , ters W3nt down bv the crick we seen , ' . ole man Keedy setting there a fishing witch he does so evry day it dont rain. He can set for hrs. without getting a bite. Blisters says he has enuff patience to lern his wife to swim, had a letter frum pa & he c!irc bp i minrintr hcolf vorv, only he misses u like the very ma : 'efS out 1 wird when she red it to me. Tuesday ma sed she wood give me a note to take it to the preacher to i get sum books. When he tuk & op- j ened it he looks kinda funny & then j begun to read out loud 1 pint wheat 1 lb, raisens 1 lb. sugar 1 cake of i east, he stops & sed Sonny tell yure j ma I cant fill the prescription, ma had picked up the rong paper off of 1 pa's desk. I bet he is glad he is away j f rum home. Wednesday the boss for whom I , been wirking for sed he gess he wood half to let me go as he diddent have enuff wirk to keep me' busy. I sed that is all rite as it diddent require ! very mutch. He was stubborn so I ! quit. Thursday this was the 1st time I seen Jane for a long while & she! smiled rite in my face & I dittoed. ! S,he has been out among the sun so j mutch she is all tanned & is brown in j the face & arms. Mrs. Lou Kimes and daughter Bonnie entertained the following guests Sunday: Miss Rea Myers. Fred Kimes and family and Harold Myers of Marion. Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Curless went to Noblesville Monday to attend the wedding of Miss Lola Vance to J. J. Lie-bense which was solemnized at 9 o'clock Monday morning in the M. E. church at Noblesville. Miss Vance is well known in Fairmount, having visited Mr. and Mrs. Curless on numerous occasions. The Farm Culture Club held their annual picnic on the banks of the Misstssinewm at Pearson Mill Fridavl of last week. The members and their guests took baskets carrying provisions sufficient for both dinner and supper and made a whole day affair of it, enjoying games, bathing, wading and boating. Rev. W IL Tsltoe will - aeon close his pastorate at the Grant church' and the membership has arranged to tend er to Key. Teltoe and Mrs. Teltoe a farewell reception on Friday evening ef next week, the reception to be held at the home of Glen Hhoads. . IUrr. Tttts expects to k traxfsmd by th ct:mst cta, t-t to jt wt ti tit yUCU i j j . I t i j j j ! j ' j ! I t late in early falL It seems the very prime of life of nature's year, when she is creating the most "abundant growth. A July sun may scorch the tender inhabitants of cities. But the country peo- pie take it cheerfullv, for they know that it is ripening their products. the most progressive town ef its site. tt is a pleasure to travel through ' S.nendingr your money at home helps the country at this period. Nature huild up your schools your churches, produces no more wonderful sight lyour fraternal societies, it promotes than a waving field of grain at theiths development of good streets and height of its fullness. The yellow S parks, and sanitation, in short every and shimmering surfaces of the i cause which adds to your comfort and wheatfield seem the carpet of a gold- - wellfare. en eldorado, and no hand of man ever j - . NOTICE OF SALE OF REAL ESTATE BY EXECUTOR The undersigned, Executor of the last will of Mary Marley, deceased, hereby gives notice that by virtue of an order of the Grant Circuit court, of Grant county Indiana he will at the hour of 10 o'clock a. m of the 27th day of August 1921, at the Citizens State Bank, corner Main and Washington streets, Fairmount, Grant county, Indiana, and ' from day to day thereafter until sold offer for sale at private sale, all the interest of said decedent in and to the following real estate, in Grant county, State of Indiana, to-wit: Lot No. ten (10) in Baldwins out lots to the Town of Fairtaount, in Grant county, IState of Indiana. Said sale wiU be mad subject to the approval of said court, for not less than the appraised value of said real estate, and upon the following terms and conditions: One-half (1-2) cash in hand, the balance in six (6) months secured by first tnortgaKe upon said real estate, with 6 er cnt i-eeest, wii tejrtirEr of win? aU ea. CUAC Y. PACZEa, Execctsr. JzZj 3 Acs. l-C-15. . . created so soft and poetic a color. And the glistening green .of the corn field, what artist in textile fabrics ever formed anything half so wonderful? Verily the people who coop themselves in towns when these gor geous colors, painted by the hand of j God, are revealing ?iemserces on the face of nature, know but a tittle fraction of the loveliness in which the wrld unfolds her heart at midsummer, world unfolds her heart at midsummer. ty to be seen within 100 miles of Fairmount and our people should en-icy it to the fulL ' o TC2 E2AL OF LEACNIirC. At scl.ii.1 eotsneticez:3itft of fom-t reari C.4 triors titJ to till

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