The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 20, 1936 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, November 20, 1936
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

V li&y, November 20, 1936 The DJy QlntonUn, Olnton. IncHaa Ffef Six ! CUdct like Cat AtUcki Rat, Dies; FeI'iCJartHi Character WillLhre la Mexonr of Wlrte. Ustomm SOLDIERS FIGHT IN STREETS OF MADRID TODAY Pontiffs Illness Causes Concern at A'atican CLASSIFIED ADS Markets CHICAGO. Kor. t. Craini Rates for Clarified Ad and Paid Notices First day of Insertion: Sc for each readinr lue one eolunia line, lik KC4aiiiis::u'4 firum Fa II . i. rf n L. rf lr Bits S'b j inK'k j4 t''j w " "" -- ' ' Ibwug .ar4 nit; 1 ik.1,.-4. .tid 1Je4 I.. tm bMn ta craw WW n ' Vi13a' opened irregular around Ike revi-,1 ous closing rt today. Wheal was I lifM-Jiaid. iioi-M tt 1 down, oat.. "c o " and ! soybeans Vc ao. n ..!-. Tle only wi rtr. i.uM slnt wiiw ilia Ortr C1. Te'. a4 M.r : vu R,iUna. v-'' "B4" ! H w.niJ -a ,oa,r ' ' s a jroJ "oof He would j ,!:. 1. ii.e rm.f -,1 11 Silir Fr-ti. Jly-Jj', fill a Hand; iBWtat two Insertion: tbe same r rharpe ! J"y double the cost of fiTWl - Xert Hi" dsys sertlc: tune e chare a whole week, sis days. lree Unt WMUT: Dec.. 1U'-: May. J July. I'"-. CORN: new Dec. I 'i-1 : May. : July. 4 H-1 : old rust of out insertion i. Kac tX'-uji t Ure thereafter. Sc iine. tUar Fane (like this). 10c ter liu. WtnTl'd 3U: Hill S1! at jit1' Rf'. Irfrii Lhance lo urrcDoer May. July. OATS: rx.. 4 ; Mar. V II: July. II V. SOYBEANS: May.'18JU. CHICAGO. Km, i- LtTe1.ock: HOGS. I .(: fteady: fcoldorer l.oi'd: op. IK.JS: ulk. t.i ,S: fceavy. IH.Odg "5: medium. Ili.Sf. 1irb1. IST6S.C: licht lights. B.Se.M: iMtrkmie sown. I 6Hi 11.25; J. I6 CATTLE. J.OfH': weady. Ci. t(i; tLdy. Beef nwT: fotvd o -bojoe, f U.Wi: wmnioii nd r? uld oft ,iB '"ra ' AM dasstfkw' "As ta 'SU"'" ria mm mm of all k" be is advaaoe V T reel tr ecu sriMMir M -oauhlr " tion oae fcU ,w hefcre t 1 bmM- aw the rna ariun ..uMicatiuu of be U b,4d r.llt.l- tw a fmym-mlL. Business Services 3,,r .MK.uti, .fbh- was Lb0-bm.a is tow ia lh- j, , ,T of bb ''liiur U1 IH'W C11.1VT "Ii" t If r-n- !j aa iosomsis ff-r t-.e , . lt Iftf T Kiiw wli mm miw kirn. 1 KcAU I FIC j ! . v "i t V k' '-J 1 1', ' A) ind:iuiii. I7..5(: yeariiocs. 14. J 6. Butx-ber callle: I beifera. l.S(g ll.v: . .): nils. H.SdS .SS; ealrw, !M.Sf .; foeder m.eere. H.f.6 !.; Blocker tt.WS'.'i' .orker o and oeife.. t 85 KI KNACE KEIPA1K1NC. Hot that smoke PJe renewed 0- E,lti mate free. Tailor. Phc-ne .I6. gHEEP. T.'CK: meady: medium .nd choiee .Mie-i6: iOuIIf aud eonmotu $6.W$'7.51; yearlinee. It.Sfie f.JE: aud thoiee ee. H..t: tlfE BBU TEE 1BCCII CBI B1TI EXTRA VALUES Lew Everyday Prices and Week-End Specials! WEEK-END SPECIALS FOR SALE feeder lanitw. l6.Mg 8.t'. Turkeys. Mrs- Terranoe ojd. Baiidrtown road. I1" j.rtr oaU office desk table with 1we drawer. Like new. t inches long and inches ide. Dr. t-liutre. C Mulberry St. H fW3 41 Vioe 3I Overcoat, medium eiae. f'tftreet. "Bwklf Duck" "Bambay duck" is the tra decs me given to the bummalotiu lizard fish fharpodoo nehereus) related to the salmon, but marine, which is caught in large ijuantitie oo the western coast of India. It is dried and salted md exported all over the East. The dried flesh is used in India as a relish The term has come lo mean dried fish eaten -with curry. tin first poet at tS- Are of 22 FnmtLriJy a etuOezit and choliLr. tke rved the churcto t& the Apcity 4 libraruLD and ransl&1.ur xitii IV 2 8 After trwc yttLn its iapaJ nuncio at Warsaw, ne returned to Milan as carclmal and was eWr-ated to i tufbvat rfboc a the etiurcfi la Apr T l22 Because otf tin A(h-anoe g nd &fictiun -Jt3h Bright twe. ww6erat)ie eonoera tuts toeen felt of it for FOfe Pit XI antorniTj hae itftde it necessary for turn to modify ius :ustuin-y rtemanding schedui fcom b MLiHui. the on f ft ajlk anUl sn-iuift D&mias AchiUe Efl-tU raoatwesj COFFEE 3 & 49c 4ewW ButIUurf. U. Sal 1TC PEACHES 25c rvTBT DAT f-room liouse on 6. 5tk Bt- LOW PRICES iir Drice. Write viee .rtui.ui. tlf Tau:ier. lud. Avtmduifi HJ'B jt. .-rup SUGAR 10 - 48c SUICIDE THEORY GAINS STRENGTH IN DEATH PROBE milfc-ee mr.r.i i jour or Kivin- TurkejK. geee. ucke 4 1M lm tow frit i " Piiunr I5.VW. Boeder 'e Puulf Haj-ket. Range. 5T E- 7th St. tl& T 1 niii BEER Tmr C All foi r 4I25C Ma Records a 1! Mistake Mistake lake and Mistake brook celebrated Kova ScoUs trout waters, were named by early Seventeenth century colorisu. who had, mistaken their waters lor those of another river. The School EKperience Experience keeps a dear school: tout fools will learn m no -other, and scarce even in that, for it is true we may grve advioe, but we cannot give conduct. However, they will not be counseled that cannot toe iplrd in Sor 2 Weevil Enemies Sixty -sin kinds of birds are known to feed upon that formidable cotton destroyer, the boll weevil, thus performing a service to mankind of inestimable value. The orioles are eaid to be the most efficient bird warriors against these insect pests. Sate. 10c Chaw Campbert M & Con 2 f 23i CntlT.CBi Clie Blitl Klblett 2 23e Countrr CiS Spaghrtii 3 2Se FrBaCotar,.229e Country CluV Rorfteri Tsm 5e Warr tnp 5t iMrm iter. c SUver Diut 2 2Se 38 Chevrolet Master -doo' eedan in A-l ocudition. Has heater and radio. Priced right for guick sale. 826 Bouth yiJOB street. US Dressed chukens. Mrs 3. F . Ca.r- acua - 24 & 75c SUPER SUDS 2 2Sc PalmTive Smi 4 19t Motor 03 fmialr1 52t i Continued from Page 1) him the Sunday before his dea:.fa that he was involved in a un running -ent.erprihe. Streugi-hening the suicide theory was the report by Frank Webb, assistant county autopsy surgeon, that the bullet which killed Russell was of .32 calibre, ibe same as the automatic jpistol clutched in Russell's hand when the body was found. tl hn. grajiil uiauo. like new. Cax be had lor email imlanoe due on contract. Write Credit Mgr, 20 No. 8. Terre Haute, lud. U6 Jersey cow. Two gallons milk a day. jatau Toffolo, J-airrjew. tla Kilcfcea Kies2er Kareitnn Ealbi 3c-17e Fvr C. Li rm Katnral Electric Current Natural electric currents, having no relation to thj weather, flow-through the earth and often circulate in grounded electrical equipment to such extent that they set in motion and even damage receiving instruments. During one week many years ago. notes writer in Collier's Weekly, these currents were ao strong that they were able to carry telegraphic messages, without the aid of batteries or any other source of current, lor more than 300 miles. Cufiee. 14. XSt JUDGE'S RULING IS AGAINST DEFENSE IN VENUED CASE FREE!. 1 P. T-iuit DwTt j "it cb Lb- Ttnrnt Tr-c Cvokte Kurniiure. 5S " Third Bt. tli' YOU ARE LOSING MONEY ON furniture and other household articles tih you are not using Cash in or them through the For tale colum-is. rocr Blue Eti Bisfiuick 27t bmU Fax. lie Crist 3 & 53c Erawi Swjif t St Sal ttit 5e For Sale Coal CRUKEERRIES 2-35c far Lhc Thu-tgivmi Mt ! Continued from Page I) 1 of the state of Indiana, the -children ! of an illegitimate child, who died be-i fore the putative tat her. has no right j of inheritance and that children of an illegitimate child can not inherit I from the alleged father of the ille- s- 29c For good coal phuae 7'-W. WI FXH FTH VKIKCOAL. CKIVHISS!-MIAMI Jill. 4. AKO BLAC KITI) ti. . MAKLtV HIFF-MAN. PHONK 10. CRJIXSES Exrr lrv few MtrOJUK fcoc. 1U- Ific Hillside Carvings Though guide books can give the tourists of England much in explanation of what they see, there are some sights which can never be explained. Illustrative of such scenic mysteries 'are the hillside carvings such as the famous White Horse cut on the mountain slope in Berkshire. Probably the most mysterious in origin is 'The Long Man" cut on a hillside at Wilnung ton, Sussex .rr4f(il S f 10c fifiies PAID NOTICES gitumate son. Value of the estate involved in this proceeding is said to approximate 1130.000. KOIMAOE SALE! At Morgan s 1uilding November 18 and 24. Sponsored by south section of Meihodist church. tl6 "-"rr Thanksgiving Gillis3 Candies Fresh Delicious & Priced Low In Boxes or Bulk fa-toes 15 & 35e Celery 5e Gripes 2 13e Leaf Lettuee 2 l 15e I .eel Potatoes 4 " 18e Lettuee 2-"-15e MW V. 1 fk Cri Lftflfl LEGO LAMB STEAKS I Cm Hail LI ROASTS, CHOPS Lb. I Ulf food kale: At 8win"hart' Saturday. Norem-her 21. Sponsored by the JMiley Chapel chuvch. t13 Falm Tree I'se Taxed Before the English occupied 1 Egypt, in the last century, every ' possible use of the palm tree was i n excuse for some tax or other, and the tax on this most important : tree grew so heavy thai many root-' ed up the young seedlings rather , than pay taxes on the tree year by 1 year. Wanted la Kee Jumbo The London too was overwhelmed ay a great storm of protest in 1881 when Jumbo, the largest captive elephant ever known, was sold to Barnum. Meetings were held, editorials were published and a aong was popularized in a vain effort to keep him in England. At h sailing he not only received countless messages of sorrow and ban voyage but aiso thousands of presents, including dolis. eiderdown quilts, games, sewmg machines and book Collier s Weekly. Steaks, Roasts FCn RENT 6-room houst close in. B. F. Harrison. 5T Elm street. tl4 15c fElr 3UNTE-5 FINE BOX CA.NDII-S 60c, $1. $1.20, $150 and $2 'HITMAN'S FLNEST CANDIES $141-50, $2 ad $3 BRA CHS BLACKSTONE or HYDE PARK CHOCOLATES, Pound too - -3e Chops Lb. Minister Ends Life Modem light housekeeping rooms 239 Vine street. 1S Modern rooms with itioard. 356 Vine street. Fiemonte bakery and equipment Inquire ZSV N Stb St. tl5 Big minstrel at Lyford School Tuesday. November ?4. 7:S P m-Singing, dancing and novelty music Auspice ol Parke County Recreation Admission 10c and 15c tH Lb. 23c Lb. 19c Lb. 15c Steaks Roasts Fresh Picnics r BULK CANDIES Fisdge Turkeys 10c dowen Cboco te Pippin Tarkeys. .-lc each Did Fashioned Clear Candy 7AC Open kettle, fire cooked, lb. a T Chocolate Cream Drops. . . .-.10c It Chocolate Junior Caramels . 24c lb Chocolate Stars 19c lb Hershey Kiase 25c lb Chocolate Pea-ut lc lb Chocolate Peanut Clusters ... 1 Sc tb Boston Baked Beans Candy. 15 lb BEEF WANTED . ) STEAKS LB. POT ROASTS LB. HAMBURGER LB. ITatch and clock repairing. I. D Johnww S4J South Mair St. 14 1 CHOICE CHUCK LB. ) Choc. Mint Patties. 10c dose-Cream Wafers, seven flavors 10c dozen All Hard Mixed Candy 10c tb SO", Filled Mixed Candy 15c All Filled Mixed Candy 19c tb Cm- non BaLs lc tt River bottom laud. Will purchase: tract of scree or more. Oi I tartlclar and price. Write box , si iiv.n 'S i Dainty Rich Wlupps 24c lb VanUla Choc Nips. . 24c lb Chocolate Chip 24c tl. Gillis Special Mix: Create, Com and Chocolate 10c lb Opera Cur it Hard Candy 24c 15c RUMP ROAST LB. SWISS STEAK- LB. PHILCO 320.00 rtoi UMtilin. James Fox. iti-W tl3 r.n i fs I lii.'ij an "iJiiuk fag Pfaloo hr tadio for seven comcoipvc No a ka der SPECIAL LK oSa wudt big Beffonnmg ssdu so little aaey! Cos and and the otfat r glorious aew 1937 phitcaa th hew post arrived. And ask abom tbrh hv Hul ca Fsv-ga Txmmf SytUmm new FIIOOIIIG P 3 H toMlota Catfi- Steafca Lfc. 70 Eeci'i-s Bcceless Hzddsck lb. f 4ic Jack Salmon lb. 8jc 1836 Pack Genuine bilker's Holland Herring Z:z 99s We'll Have a Complete Line of Th-oks'ivio j Poultry Hesshey Bar 3 for 10c j-lh. Hershey Bar 15c 2 for 29c j-lb. Mild & Mellow Bar 10c Help Wanted Bov for shining shoes Moore Shoe Shop. rf S Mam St. ; Help Wanted -MJ ; SALESMEN OR R'XTE 'EN to take oer regular Coffee aud Tea Route B ' line of Food f'toducts j Home Ren.--die. Groceries and Hoi-, iday I'nlimued -erritory .'. Real prcpo..lioo to iiumers Steady ' work Ac; quick- The Kenuedy Produ.-ls Co.. DfPt- Ho Fokomo Indiana. nj Help Vanted-F2EaIe IN co i Km and ttal). trul a d'-tortrt-:ul etutt? S""" r """i UBw " - tr Sa 5 f Uttjin brwk mJrJ EAST TK-MS Soger GateBgr French poliucs were thrown into an uproar by the suicide of Roger SalengTO 46. Socialist minister of the interior, whose death wrote tin to one of the stormiest episodes in the regime of Premier Leon Blum. Salengro had been the center of a controversy based on charges that he bad deserted 10 the German lines during the World war Sentenced to death by a wartime court martial he was recently cleared by a national jury of honor. ----a A. J. Doughty Furniture Phik o Radios Floor Cowering "Quality First, Price Always Lowest" 234-38 Elm St. Phone 361 n Bis'kman ri '.. US' liirl for hf isework Call between si

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