The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on August 15, 1921 · Page 1
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 1

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, August 15, 1921
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1 E FAIBMOTOTT NEWS 1 PRINTED FOR A PURPOSE TO HELP FA1RMOUNT GROW TWICE A WEEK Monday and Thursday. SOUTHERN GRANT COUNTY FIRST ALWAYS. Forly.fourth Year FAIRMOUNT, INDIANA, MONDAY, AUGUST 15, 1921 Number 76 77c Port of ALL NOW READY FOR CAMPMEETING NEGROES ESCAPE POSSES' SEARCH Grand Prizes Go To Those Who Really Win Them &?-isJr&-i VOTES ARE GRADUALLY DECREASING THE WORKER WHO WOULD WIN MUST WORK NOW STANDING OF CANDIDATES SHOWS THAT IT IS STILL ANYBODY'S RACE FRIENDS WHO WOULD REALLY HELP A WORKER, SHOULD DO SO THIS WEEK. WHILE THE LAST EXTRA VOTES ARE STILL BEING GIVEN. I i i LAST CASH PRIZE OFFERED FOR NEXT TUESDAY ""v i7Z i: Miss Indus Pierre A. J. Wejler Miss Maude Kimbrough Mrs. Herman Jones Miss Lova Moon Mrs. Lou Kimes Miss Zola M. Little Mrs. D. E. Richards Mrs. Minnie Creeraft Frank Hilton Mrs. Doxey Miller Floyd H. Drown Miss Lillian Dunbar Franklin Packard Edward E. Hale 648.400 618,200 648.000 647.500 600.000 600.000 598,500 397.400 596.S00 550.000 265.800 270.700 200.000 200.000 200.000 The contest days are slipping hy, and the end of the News subscription campaign will he here before we realiio it. Contestants should bear in mind that the opportunities offered today, this week. now. must he grasped or w ith tomorrow will come the thought. "It might have Wen that Sedan Car might have been mine. Because we do not want any regrets of this kind, we are constantly urging you to take advantage of the opportunities we are giving in the way f EXTRA VOTES fir it is these ETRA VOTES which will make the winner of the GRAND PRIZES. For the week ending Tuesday August 16th. we will give 80.000 Extra Votes for every 820.00 worth of business turned in. For the week ending t NV C FFICERS NAMED BY INDIANA FRIENDS IVrtlard Ouarterlv Insists on Kemov- al From Richmond Declaration Of Certain Words Indiana Yearly Meeting last week cted the following officers ftr the Presiding clerk. S. Edgar .year; Nicholson, of Kichmond; recording IcWk, Isadore Wilson, of Spiceland; clerks. Roy Wollam. of Spice - ' Missing Men : UVA DAY TO SAIL. r?fn DITCMT CfkrtM rUK KlfcNl :UUIN Fairmount Young Lady to Enter on Seven Years Missionary Service in China Miss Uva Day will sail Sept. 15, from Vancouver for the Orient where she will enter upon a seven years' service in me missionary neiu in China. Miss Day will leave Fair-mount the Saturday preceding- her date for sailing and will stop off at S? whr she will give a talk be vrV C,usincfs ,rirInf'fss ot T North Shore church. This is the; class of girls Miss Day addressed ' during a previous visit to Chicago and who afterward notified her that her j passage and an n?cessarv details oi UVl JVlUK HV IiUl UVVII ill lUIIVU . 1- t; by them. From Chicago Miss Day will ipo to .Minneapolis for a orief visit ... . rlomt ,.,. Miss Mary Scott, daughter of A. B. .rktt rr tViic it "Tic Tl:ir line lmil special training for the work before her and in addition goes forth with a heart full of devotion and enthusiasm. MEETING IS CALLED FOR KIWAN1S CLUlt. Invitations have been issued for an-l other meeting of the proposed Kiwanis club, to be held this evening in the dining room of the Masonic building, at 7 o'clock. Some forty applications 1VV" ' . T . V 1 ... , ana 11 nou irat ne nessarj any oDiigations, otner tnan to pay ior u : i ; 4- u riun the good time that will be afforded by the evening's program, which will be largely impromptu. Bill Mallard, ! of Chicago, and several other good speakers will be present, and it is assured that in a social way the evening will be one well worth while. ANNUAL REUNION OF HARVEY FAMILY. The annual family reunion of the Harvey family will be held Friday, Aug. 26, at the Fairmount Academy, Fairmount, Ind. The reunion will be an all day affair and will be taken up with games and play for the young folks and meeting renewing old friendships, for the older people. A big dinner will be served at noon. The reunion is held each year, one year being held at Mooresville, Ind., and the next year at Fairmount. The family is scattered over the entire stats making necessary the alternating between the two cities. The Harvey family is a prominent family and many of the members live in this city. HAULING GRAVEL FOR RANGE LINE ROAD. In order to get unloading facilities, the gravel which is being put on the State Highway, . formerly the Range Line road, ons mile west of this city, is being hauled from siding No. 6, of the Union Traction Company's lines, 1 mile south of town. The gravel is shipped here from the Stilwell pits in Madison county, in-frorii 'three to" five carload lots and is being hauled to the highway 'with wagons and teams. A lade number -of teams are engasred in the -"work;" and all are under the super- vision of 'A.'M. .Seright of this' city lTeeetttly appointed patrolmart fbr the Alexandria -Marion division. l - J HOW WTE Wftj W v W i KIT htm lUi JOHN? 11 j j ' , : t TEN THIRTY WHRt Cftrt THAT Pj l " IlEVI FULLER ! PASSES AWAY. I Levi Fuller, 78. died Thursday . morning at his residence on South ! , Barclay street after an illness of sev- ; eral weeks. The funeral was held Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock, ser-! vices being in charge of Rev. E. B. Megenity, of Gaston. Mr. Fuller is i a well known resident of Fairmount, : having lived here for a number of ; years and was also a civil war veter-; an. He is survived by three daugh-j tors. A ouartet romivsnl of Mrs. Mont I Brown and daughter Llora, and Mrs. Will A. Taylor and daughter Margaret J furnished the singing. MARION BUSINESS COLLEGE STO OPEN LAST OF AUGUST. Collojrc opens the week rf Ausr 0 j tO Sept. 6. The constant demand for , . , , help and the excellent opportune ties tor advancement tvr those who qualify, should encourage your.g men ana women, wno are not m scuooi. aim i parents, who have sons or daughters t,i educate, to investigate the courses 'offered by this well-known school of specialisation. It is one of the Indiana Rusiness Colleges. Chas C. Cring- is president; Ora E. Butz, Gen. Mgr., and James T. Maher, Prin. PRECINCTS IN SPECIAL ELECTION. I herr were im nrociners in tne sne cial election on September 6, it wns announced yesterday as the attempt ! attempt! the election officials will be named by the republican organization, excepting the judges, who will b? recommended by the democratic chairman. , LAD HrT BY AUTO TAKEN TO HOSPITAL. Elbert, the young son of RobeTt j Locfc, wno was struck by an automo- ; street, was taken to Marion last week oy the attending physician, where a number of X-ray photographs were taken, one of which disclosed that the boy suffered a slight fracture of the skull in the accident. He is said to be responding nicely to treatment and it is thought that he will recover within a short time. FOWLERTON W. C T. U. TO MEET THURSDAY. The Fowlerton W. C. T. U. will . v r - r..v. Cot.:. , aft?rnoon Aur. 18, will be in charge of Mrs. Sjnith the mothers superintendent. A good program has been arranged also Mrs. Mattie Commack Gibson, of Jones-boro, has been secured for the afternoon address. We urge W. C. T. U. members to be present and extend a cordial invitation to the public. Mrs. Willard Dickerson, President. MAY BUY FARM NEAR FAIRMOUNT. J. W. Henderson, of Morgantown, W. V., who has ' been visiting his father. W. G. Henderson, of West Fourth street, returned to . hiJ .home Friday accompanied Jby his. sonv James Henderson... Ir. Henderson is very favorably impressed with 'Fairmount and surrounding eountrv and contem- ''plates "disposing of i'his ; property andpuWhasingacfarm Sn''1isVicin - ity in the near future. -,XiW r1 j j I ; ' i 1 r.ltAX (f PREPARATIONS COMPLETE Foil ANNUAL GATHERING OF WES-LEYAN METHODIST CHURCH Accommodations Added to Bv Erec tion of New Dormitory Making Provision For Largest Attendanec in History of the Church Conference Sessions Important. The anhual conference of the Wesle-yan .Methodist church of Indiana will hold its first meeting" next Tuesday on the camp ground northwest of Fair- mount, and is the forerunner of the annual camp meeting:. Rev. II. C. Bedford, D. D., President of Marion College will preach the op- ening sermon on Monday evening at 8 o'clock in the tabernacle. The con- iorence will continue the remaining part of the week and there will be something worth while each evening in tne wa"" preaching services. urm tne conference all busin3ss for the year will be transacted, confer ence officers will be elected, appointment of ministers to places be made and ordination services administrated. Already workers are on the camp ground getting- ready for this important meeting of their church. Camp meeting commences Saturday evening August 21. Rev. J. Clement, of Gaston, S. C. and Rev Fred DeWeerd of this city, will have charge of the evangelistic work. FAIRMOUNT UNIT TO MEET WEDNESDAY Excellent Program Arranged For Township Agricultural Association -""""k ai- The regular monthly meeting of rairmount lownsnip agricultural .-s- will h hM t Fnf Rran.h Wednesday night Aug. 17, at 8 o'clock. The program for the evening will be given by district No. 1, Back Creek, with Charles Christopher as chairman and the following program has been arranged for the evening: Invocation. Reading Miss Pauline Scott. Accordian Hector Varvet. Reading Miss Mary Haisley. (A speaker will be engaged for the evening.) Vocal Duet Misses Mildred and Pauline Scott. Further discussion of coal and fer- tilizer orders will be held and orders - "- - - ON 'PHONE BUILDING Excavations Made to Determine Amount of Dirt to Be Removed For Foundations and Basement The first work on the new building for Citizens Telephone Company was done Monday morning. Workmen began digging along the line of the trenches for the foundations and ex- j cavations for basement in order that an estimate might be made as to the amount of dirt it will be necessary to remove. This work is preliminary to the preparations of the estimates to be made on the architect's plans. These plans have not yet been received but' are expected in a few days, and the the estimates will be completed, and bids for contractors received. It is the purposeof the company to push the work as rapidly as possible, it being the desire to have the new building completed and ready for occupancy before cold weather sets in. The building will be one story with basement, and adequate in every way to house the new and modern tele phone plant the company expects to install. The excavations disclosed the fact that underlying the site is enough grvel for all cement work on the new building, NEW SANITARY FOUNTAIN REPLACES OLD ONE. The new sanitary' drinking fountain ordered some weeks ago to take the 'place of the one which' stood at" the ! corner of Main and Adams streets and which was recently condemned as un sanUary, Has been installed- and. is now in use. The new fbuiit&in'was purchased 'by pdpular sutiscriptiotis from the.;btisiness7' mehr Jl: W." tale furnishing it at actual "wholesale" cost. j MYSTERY SURROUNDING ASSAULT ON WIFE OF GAS CITY FARMER IS STILL UNSOLVED Alleged Negro Assailants Evade AH Efforts of Officers and Posses to Locate Their Whereabouts Suspects Held at Various Places Prove Not the Men Sought For. The mystery of th? assault on Mrs. William Lemons, wife of a well-known farmer living near Gas City, is still unsolved, the whereabouts of her alleged assailants or their identity being unknown, despite the fact that a continuous search has been made ever since the assault was made last week. Although they worked on the case all day Sunday it is understood that Monday morning Sheriff Fowler nor his deputies had any new clues promising definite results. It is believed that the two negroes are either in hiding1 in the woods someplace near the scene of their alleged crime, or have succeeded in getting entirely out of the country. Five hundred persons living in the vicinity of the home of Mrs. William Lemons, of near Gas City, who was brutally assaulted by two negroes last Tuesday afternoon during the absence of her husband, some armed '.with shotguns, ropes, and clubs of ! every description, scoured the vicinity late Friday evening in search for the assailants. James Browne, a boy, reported he had seen two negroes answering the description of the men, in the weeds, near the river bank, only a short distance from the Lemons home. The word spread like wild-fire. Workmen left the factories; farmers left their fields; men left their offices and, in a few minutes, a crowd of several hundred infuriated citizens had gathered. The search proved in vain, however, and no further trace of the men was discovered. Not until an hour after it had formed, did the posse disperse. There was intense excitement all over the county. Sheriff Fowler, Chief of Police Phillips, of Marion, and the police of Gas City, went to the scene, but there was no trouble. $50.00 Reward. For the capture and deliver to Al bert Fowler, Sheriff of Grant County, Indiana, or for information leading to the arrest and delivery of the follow ing: Two dark skinned negroes who com mitted the crime of assault, robbery and rape in this county. One man was about 40 to 45 years of age, very black, weight about 200 lbs., about 6 ft tall, head was bald on front part and had heavy curly hair behind, had one lower tooth out a lit tle to the right side of mouth; when seen was wearing black soft hat, black shirt, yellow trousers. This man also had very thick lips, and a very mean look on his face. One man was small, weight about 140 to 150 lbs., about 5 ft., 5 inches tall, smooth faos, very black, was wearing a striped shirt, an advertising cap, had been light, but waa very dir ty and greasy, wore light blue over alls. They were driving an old sorrel horse, very poor, but tall; an old- spring wagon, with side-board about 8 to 10 inches tall, used a board for a seat and rode with their Jfeet over the front of the wagon. Breast harness. Report any information to Albert Fowler, Sheriff of Grant County, Indiana. ALBERT FOWLER, Sheriff Grant County, Ind. M RS. ELLA BUCHTEL TAKEN SERIOUSLY ILL. Mrs. Ella Buchtel, proprietor of The Hat Shop, was taken critically ill Friday and upon the advice of - her physician was removed 'to the' Grant county hospital at Marion, making the . trip in the Parrill & Lewis ambulance. On Saturday Mrs. Buchtel submitted to an X-ray examination' which disclosed' an obstruction in the - valve leading ' to 'the stomach, the opening: being entirely closed. Mrs. Buchtel is being furnished nourishment by injection ari"d 'is responding nicely to this treatment: "Oh Tuesday an operation wtn be'perrdfmed to remove the oh- JsMic.fcibn. 67 t4t 7 , i r :.. t it,... r rM... 1 irirwi- ;t -III rtlllll .1 . uu I. V I v. 1 1 I n Lie - t vi' n-.i amirtimcmsT cieiK. nesier - !L. Reagan, of Spiceland. Portland quarterly meeting directed a proposal that the Richmond declara- of the board of county commissioners ininiD-r ecure a cnarier win do uken at th2 meeting ticm ef faith be the only authority to economize by reducing the number dd.l tomjrht. Every one who might , as the commiUee is ready sub. tive doctrine, and the Indiana Yearly ' Gf precincts to thirty was declared im-be interested m such a movement is ; fin&1 Everyone is wel-Meeting should ask the live years ' possible, because of the law on the j ,nvted attend tonight s meeting, . com? mpeti meeting of Friends in America to re- ' subject. Accordingly complete boards j although those who attend are not j move the words "but they should not j must be named in all precincts. All!1 so dom- P1'"? themselves und?r!pR;T WORK" DONF be adopted as a creed," from the de- claration. The communication said these words had a tendency to mini-j mize the importance of the declared faith. The permament board of the Yearly Meeting will consider the pro- posal. Sneaking before the Indiana Yearly Meeting of Hicksite Friends in North ' j A street Friends church, Albert J.bile several days ago, on East Adams Brown of Indianapolis, urged mem- notibers to assist m the organization oi Tuos.kiy Aucust 2Srd. we will give j 50.00 Extra Votes for cvory j wor;n oi ousi:u-ss lunnu in. nus i POSITIVELY the last EXTRA VOTE to be given, ar.d because of th:s fact,! every effort shouM be made by the car.didatos to collect all "promises' j this n,nv. An ioea scorns to ; prevail that the LAST DAY is the! time to lend a helpir.g hard. This is error.wus. fvr on the contrary, all ; eV..iiil.l b.i ctYin when it will cive the candidate EXTRA VOTES For an instance: Suppose you -xrt to aid vour . r I- .... . ... . . . ; vorne i..i it i..i-vi. s-ui'v i i- j a $20.00. t i t, -.i.-f : l(?th., it will mean 50.000 regutar vote pras h'atw n .i.n by next Tuesday, August 23rd, it will mean 50.000 regular vote and 50,000 EXTRA VOTE; if given after the 23rd., it will mean but 50.000 regular vote, and your delay in making good your promise at the proper time will deprive seme worker of 80,000 or 50.-000 EXTRA VOTES. This is a hardship on the worker and may have turned the scales in his favor making him a winner instead of a loser. - The News is offering workers a Ford Sedan Car, a Vietrola, an Electric Washing Machine, a Seller's Kitchen Cabinet, and cash commissions, for those who compete to the end of the race and do not win onj of the GRAND PRIZES and have won a SPECIAL CASH PRIZE, will be eiven 10 per cent on everv dollar's ! worth of business they turn in during the contest. We do not guarantee that you will win the Ford Sedan Car or one of the other prizes, but we DO guarantee that you will win SOMETHING, either a PRIZE or a CASH COMMISSION. This is what we said, this is what we meant, and this is what we will live up to. We know you are tired of hearing us say it but friends DO IT NOW subscribe THIS week. Of course your subscription will be appreciated NEXT WEEK, but it will assist SO MUCH MORE if paid NOW. So if you would really help, make tout payment when it will count MOST for the worker, in the way of votes, nd that time is NOW. Last Cash Prize The last CASH PRIZE will be .-ned Tuesday (tomorrow). It will be another $10.00 and will go to the best worker for this week. The standing shows that it is still, as we said last week, anybody's race, and for that reason not one of the leaders can afford to let down one iota in his efforts, while those who - hold fourth, fifth, or seventh or ninth place Kava it in their power to move to any point. ,It means just work and " that never-say-die spirit. : - ... m . an international disarmament society based on the lines of the Anti-baioon League. TELEPHONE COMPANY INSTALLING NEW SYSTEM. Miss Mary E. Jones, of Indianapolis, is in Fairmount to install a new accounting system in the office of the Citizen's Telephone company. This will conform to the requirements of the Public Utilities Commission, th Interstate Commerce Commission and other organizations to which the com pany submits reports and will greatly facilitate the workings of the local office. FIRST TOMATOES ARE DELIVERED TO SNIDER'S More than 100 bushels of tomatoes were delivered at the local factory of the Snider Preserve company Friday by the farmers of the surrounding country, which, with a truclc load of fruit brought here from the 'Marion factory of the same company, were used in making a small test run. Tomatoes are expected to arrive in in creasing numbers from tins time on, and the first regular run of the Fair- mount plant for this season, will be made next Wednesday, it is now thought. Ripe tomatoes are -arriving mahy days ahead of the ftverage and it is believed that a long and successful run of the factory is in sight.' .

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