The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on August 11, 1921 · Page 8
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 8

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 11, 1921
Page 8
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THE FAm&lOUNT NEWS Lin Wilson made a business trip to Indianapolis, Wednesday. Good Old Indiana Roads WATCH WATCH For Less Than Half Robert A. Morris went to Indianapolis Wednesday on business. SUGAR (Continued on Page Three) J. A. Weyler of Fowlerton made a business trip to Fairmount, Wednes-day morning. for Canning We Have It jwas barbaric and pagan in the ex- t trame. . Ten tourists were present a j Mrs. Elsia Shane McMannis, of Gas the isolated part of the reservation City, was the guest Wednesday of Mr. where the dance was held is one hund- and Mrs. Abe Shane. red miles from the nearest railroad THE SPOTS THE SPOTS We are receiving our Outing Flannels and Blankets for the fall trade. Outing Flafttiet at prices that you can afford to make comforts. We will be headquarters for the trade wanting to jjuy cotton and outing. ' point. 1 Mrs. Lena Holliday has returned From the Crossed L ranch a trip from Greentown, where she has been on saddle horses was made by tha two making a two-weeks' visit. Indiana women, their hostess and the latter's sister, up White Rock canyon, The Johnson-Cunningham families where a campfire feast was made on reunion will be held Sunday August rainbow and cut-throat trout, fresh 14, at Callaway s Park, Elwood. .from the clear, rushing mountain stream which flows through the can-Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Roberts and j,n After eating all of the speckled family of Gaston, spent Sunday as bsauties possible, the four ladies car-guests of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Roberts ried back to the ranch eighty-five of in this city. tne trout. By the way, no claim is made by the Indiana women of catch- JUST A FEW PRICES THAU WILL HELP MAKE YOUR SATURDAY MARKETING A PLEASURE. Cantelopes, per crate $1.00 Melons, the rich, juicy kind 33c and 50c Fig Bars, per pound 20c Crackers, per pound . ; 15c Cooking Apples, 5 pounds for 23c Cheese, per pound 30c Proctor & Gamble Soap, 5 bars foT ' 25c No. 3 can Sweet Peas 20c Fancy Peeled Peaches, per pound 20c Prunes, per pound 12 1-2 and 20c Bread, two loaves for 15c Peaberry Coffee, per pound 25c and 35c Tea, per pound 35c Tin Cans, per dozen 60c Flour $1.00 PLENTY OF RIPH BANANAS AND PICNIC GOODS REAL VINEGAR The kind that will just suit your picnic lunch. MAYFLOWER The Bee Hive Cash Store Headquarters for All Leather Shoes STAR BRAND Mrs. James Walpole, who is employed in Indianapolis, spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. R. Scott in this city. ing the trout, the gamest and at the same time the most delicious of the finny tribe. Another visit in Utah, taken as a side trip from Jensen, was made to the quarries where immense bones of dinosaurs, seventy to ninety feet in length are being excavated from the solid rock. For pure adventure, unexpected Miss Anna Mack, of Indianapolis, is visiting with Mr. and Mrs. W. I. Sturgeon of North Barclay street. .Mr. and Mrs. Lew Newberger and Mr. and Mrs. Gten Lawrence, of Sum- Paul Lye, of Marion was calling on friends in Fairmount, Tuesday morn- Have An Individual Suit Don't Be a Duplicate mitville, spent Sunday afternoon at pleasures, independent traveling, free-the home of J. H. Wilson. ldom. he iv of simple, out-of-doors j life, the two women recommend an Ira Cleveland, of Akron, Ohio, and overland automobile camping trip. Ralph Clevaland, of Newark, N. J., However, it must be taken in a true ... i ennrfem an lilr a attiri ttrVi ig makpR t Mrs. James Thorn of Fowlerton, jwas a week-end guest of Fairmount i friends. PHONE 11 BOB LINDSAY, Proprietor are Assume tneir parents, r. ana ........ . best of 3verything and which is not Mrs. Elizabeth Bogu3 spent Sunday j Mrs. George Cleveland daunted by hardships and the lack of I Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bryant of Gas- Andy Rush and wife have arrived with her daughter, Mrs. Will Wiley, in -Marion. Mrs. Emma Lindsay and William luxuries. Ivaneck and family have returned to ! As to the danger of making such a ton, spent Sunday with the latter's from Louisville, Ky., for a short vis it in Fairmount. Mr. Rush formerly lived here and conducted a meat mar- Mrs. Will Langan and children spent Monday in Marion, the guests of relatives. their home in Pittsburgh, Pa., after a trip, there is danger, of course, but visit with R. P. Lindsay and family, jthe results of no serious accident were j witnessed m all the 5,300 mile trip and . . . ' t 4 . ... I ... in an auto mishap about two weeks Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Wilson enter- only one was reported and that was on . . There as a time when Tailor made clothe cost more. That i not true new. We will fit you. Your clothes will reflect your individuality. American C?.imers for fall, ?2S.CP afd $3.W. "Our responsibility is your guarantf." ket where the Buller Bakery is now located. tained at dinner Tuesday, Mrs. Grace an especially difficult mountain pass. , recovered. Brusch and son Mark, of Jonesboro, Hundreds of automobile tourists wers RIGDON and Mrs. Chas. S. S. White of Indiana- passed, a jolly, kind, happy "bunch Rev. Clarence Wilhelm, pastor of JJ polis., no molestations, node-,George Baptist in predations were encountered nor re Miss Josephine and Margaret Garner of Sidney, Ind., are guests of, relatives near Fairmount. Mr. and Mrs. Mark Crisco, Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Hicks, of Punxsutawney, Pa., arrived in Fairmount Sunday night to spend th remainder of the summer. . Marion, called on friends in Fairmount Mr. and Mrs. Carmen Jay, son ported on tha entire trip and there 1 Tuesday afternoon. Donald and daughter, Isabelle, of never was a visible cause for alarm Crawford sville, spent Sunday and along these lines. Especially gentle-! Mondav with the former's parents, manly and courteous were the scores I Ribble Bros. CF COURSE TAILORS The Fowlerton base ball team will I-.. . T r . r : i piay 1 1 if iv. ui Vs. it Mm i rum .uarion Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Jay, northwest of of garage man and mechanics with Fairmount. whom it was necessary to deal along! 0 ft vil- the way. Once it was necessary to Mrs. Dr. Miller, of Chicago, came Tuesday to join her son, Billie, who accompanied Miss Uva Day horn for a visit Dr. Miller will arrive the Miss Earline Bennett returned to pay fifty cents a gallon for gasoline, ' Mrg Frank Botte an(j son Phillip North Manchester, Monday, after but that was at White Rocks, Utah, I of Maumee Q f are of Mr and' spending the waek-end with Mr and one hundred and two miles from the Mrg char,ie parker and Mr and Mrs Mrs. Robert Dare in this city. Miss nearest railroad shipping point. No gd Bertaux Bennett is a student in North Man- blame could be attached to the dealer. ; " 'last of the week. Misses Fern Titus and Edith Fleen-er, Misses Dale Dickey and Lowell Coahran motored to Winona Lake, Sunday and spent the day visiting Miss Lenna.McClintock. Mr. and Mrs.Algia Hallowell, Mrs. Gertrude Dickey, Newton Jones and Isaac HalloveIl motored to Earl Park Thursday and attended the funeral of a relative. Mr. and Mrs. Pony Parson, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Bayless and children, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Day and daughter, Bess, Mrs. Emma Chaplin are spending this week at the fakes in Michigan. A large crowd attended the free show and band concert at this place Wednesday evening. A show will be given each Wednesday evening. Mrs. Hazel Hobbs and son William, have returned home after spending several days visiting bar sister, Mrs. Dalnhne Dickey. Misses Georgia and Edith Walters entertained the following guests at a party Tuesday evening: Misses Grace Sheppard, Georgia Cramer, Mvrt.N Fit. Kthpl Clnon. Rovii Shnw. : At Kansas City the lowest price any- Chester college. Mr. and Mrs. Ode Rybolt, Mr. and where was obtained, seventeen and Beharrel Curless submitted to an I operation Monday for trouble affect-i ing th- nose. The operation was ; performed by Dr. W. H. Braunlin at Mrs. Will Jcncs ar.d daughter were in Irdiar.apoiis Monday. Mrs. Bernie Allred and Mrs. Mary ; Wright attended the Muncie Fair ! Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Garner en- seven-tenths cents the gallon. tertained as guests on Sunday, Mr.. and Mrs. Mel Garner1 and daughters. ' - T ,. , , , t it SUNDAY SERVICES Marion. While it is not considered Lew Ca?kcy has gone to Hurting- extremely serious, it was very pain-burg were he will start the races to ful, several bones being removed, and be held ir. ccr.ntcticn with the fair the patient is getting along as well at that rlf-cr. as can b? expected. Josephine and Margaret, of Sidney, and Mr. and Mrs. Arley Arnett and son Robert, of Van Buren. i , ; On Tuesday, Mrs. Otto Morris and I children went to Crawfordsville, with Mr. and Mrs. Carmen Jay, where CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH The regular services of the church wU1 make a few das vis5t- As there are several wards from ! ...,t,rrn dMf in ti,o r.r,,t will be resumed with Sunday school f! iCountv Orphan's home at Marion, it -S0 a. m., and ening service at ; Mrs Theory and daughters. Hazel Uvitl no doubt be of interest to know 30 p. m. The pastor will be pres- d Mame of Kokomo, arrived in ! that visiting dav for the wards will t in the evening and will take for ; Fairmount Tuesday for a few days . - . . :. . snhiWt. "T Valti nf a Man." visit with Mrs. Christena Buller. Geneva McClintock, Carmen McClin-tock. Phoebe Watters, Leone Goen, Edith and Georgia Watters, Mesrs. Kenneth Helfin, Russel Hahne. Geo. Hardbeck, Wayne Balser, Roscoe Gardner, Jesse Goodrich, Wayne Jar-rell, Ed Virgil, Will Shepherd. Clar-encj Wyles, Walter Goen, and Law j oe tne nrsi ana iniru eanesviay ox ' - - 1 A cordial invitation is extended to all i each month from 2 to 4:30 p. m. NOTICE to be with us at these services. MARTIN LEE GRANT, Pastor, j rence corner. ine evening was The W. R. Lewis Shoe Repair Shop i spent in music and dancing. Candy I will be located on the north side of ; was served as refreshments. W....V. ;......,.. ... a - r- ! Mrs. Lawrence Soitzmesser. who Mr. and Mrs. Ab Jones entertained at a picnic supper Sunday evening at their country home near Swayxee. Guests from Fairmount were R. P. WESLEYAN CHURCH. 9:30 a. m., Sunday school, Robert , Brown's office for a few weeKs, in i,.,n;f.i . ci TK,ia,r if rNot SPECIALS Dcarbrrn FVnar. 2Hj rotton sack .......... .$1.00 Dcrbri Ffceur. 4 nstton sack ... ....................... .$1.90 Special price In barrel lots. A X A Fiour, 24 lh. sk .$1.05 Fresh Or Meal, per lb ......................... . . k . k . . , . . 2 'tt Pork ard Bea.ns. 2 large cans 25c Peanut ButUr. per Id ..... . .......... w t ........... . ,1$ Peas, tk.ns. Own and Tomatoes, per can ...................... 10c Navy Rcaits. per lb. ........................................... c Bui k Cf4Tee ............................................,...1 C Pea berry Offees. bullc ......... . ... t .... .............. ....... 25c Taggart Cakes an4 Crackers, Bananas, Oranges, Potatoes, etc, at price that will please u. PLENTY OF GOOD FRYING CHICKENS SATURDAY, Wheat MVdlings ard Wheat Bran $1.30 per 100 lbs, ton lots $25.00 Get Oor Poultry Prices. FEED. SIXDS. GROCERIES AND PRODUCE Lindsay and family and their house Carter, superintendent. Next Sunday j order that we can build a new and up- j js not thought that sh3 will have to euests Mrs. Emma Lindsay and Mr. last Sunday before conference, let us j to-date building and in this way be i have an operation, and Mrs. William Ivan-oek and family, make it the best of the year. Come, j better equipped to handle the trade Lawrence McTurnan and son, Roof Pittsburgh, Pa. j 10:45 Morning worship, preaching I and accomodate our customers. ' J rerVrnXr Mil" Judfth m W. R. LEWIS. iTurnan: Miss Clarice Shoffner has arrived 60 p. m., Young p wple's meeting. I from Greensbure. for a visit with "t30 p. m., Preaching by some vis-j Misses Vada Downing, Mary Seright, itin minister. Bess Winslow, Lavena Smiley and ! J r fr:ends. She will remain until j Mr, and Mrs. Amo W. McGraw, of the first week in September and will Parkersburg, W. Va., are guests of visit her sister, Louise Shoffner, of Mrs. McGraw's uncle, Layton Nolder Marion, during that time. and family. Mrs. McGraw will ba remembered as Helen Tigner, daugh- Phone 275 KELLY & SON ph 2 Mrs. Belle Kimes, teacher of class ter of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Tigner, who No. 5, of Wesleyan Back Creek and resided on South Mill street. Indiana Quakers her class enjoyed a picnic at Deer Creek, Tuesday. Thosa present were, Misses Olive Thomas, Elsie Corwln, Levelda Rigsbee, Pearl Ellingwood, Marclle Brookshire, Clarice Rigsbee and Bsrniece Ellingwood. (Continued from Page One) the re-declaration of faith, added a sentence which said that Yearly Meeting should caution ministers and teachers to use language which could not be misunderstood, but this was not Evan E. Jones, who has been away from Fairmount for several months and who had previously been In charge of th Interlocking tower at the junction of the Big Four and Pennsylvania ; understood in the resolution that was railroad tracks in this city ever since It was erected, has returned and re-stnned his old position. Sugar 5c -Pound VfTH OTHER GOODS Putt has anatinKitg to S 5.0 It pounds tor., . J& Purthave atMMmlinf to $10.0 0 25 pounds I of $1.23 Purchase amounting to $15.00 35 pounds for.....$l.T5 rrtha amounUng tn ttn.OO 51 pounds for 2 SO. Purtha awountir tn $23.0 0 CI pounds for ... $3.00 Puthase amounting U WO.O 0 T5 pounds fer. ...$35 Purehae am(untiag to 35.0 0 BS poands for $4.25 Purtfcas amatht to $10.00 100 pounds far. . . . .$5.00 Purthasc amauatiag to IIS.0 lit punds for . . . . .$50 Purtaae amooating ta tT 00125 pounds far $S.25 chape may made in ay r all departments, Siily take your sales check of purchases made on any . te.y to the tncery department und t tti sugar yu wM at a powxl In any the abov MnuhU. . (Sasfer, ftouf meats nt included In ytuf purchase) Bargains for Friday and Saturday Large Post Toaatics . 1 18c Cream Cereal, per package ; 22c Kelloggs K rumbles 10c No. 2Vi can Peaches , j 25c No. 2 Vi can Apricots J , ... ,25c Can 15c-grade, 2 cana 25c No. 2 Raspberries .25c No. 1 tall Pink Salmon 15c No. Yt fat Pink Salmon A 10c Ginger Snaps, per lb. : 15c Pimentos in glaaa, something new -25c Lux Soap Flakes, two 25c 5 Cakes Toilet Soap ; 25c One pound can Baking Powder 25c Large box Snow Boy Washing Powder . . . . . 25c carried. It was, however, referred to the committee which is to report back to the Yearly (Meeting. Ancil E. Ratlin, of Fairmount, was elected presiding clerk of the meeting on ministry and oversight and Isadore Wilson; recording clerk. The findings of the meeting on minstry and oversight will be reported to the Yearly Mtin kv Alio Tmmu tr...Kt Rev. H. T. Arnold returned Monday from Dunkirk, where he was engaged for ten days in evangelistic work at the camp meeting being held . there. Rev. W. D. Baker, of New! Castle nd formerly pastor of the ff Fr?d E. ,S.mith and Dorothy Fairmount wesleyan church, also Gilbert. slsted In the evangelistic services. The executive committee of the In- ' diana Yearly Meeting of Friends en- Mrs. A. J. Bush and three children, dorsed the Towner maternity bill and Nettie Belt, Vanas Ray and Donald asked for action on the disarmament Ervin, of Indianapolis, arrived in Fair-' proposal. J. Lindley Mendenhall, of mount Friday for week's visit with Waynes ville, O., was elected presiding Mrs. Busk's parents, Mr. and Mrs. ( clerk for a term of three years. The George Kendall, and her sister, Mrs. statistical report showed a gain in W. I. Sturgeon. membership. THE QUALITY GROCERY PERT DR1LES, Proprietor

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