The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on August 11, 1921 · Page 5
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 5

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 11, 1921
Page 5
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TOG FAIUMOITNT NEWS MICKIE, THE PRINTER'S DE11L By Charles Sughroe TAe LiY 0!e Gdwe of Advertising tAJs)VSO AS vT OV4 V ACTH UOOvJ fcfc G0O0 SES. AMD ALU A FELUEfc fJOO-0 HAJFTA OO -to CUI& A UVL.U'0 "to GY (OMtt'UMieor AN GAR, A.TJ4XrA)U GOlW At TYC &OTTOKN )A TUEViSHOT TViUT kAWUTlES "tO CROSS r OrF.TW GASOUM9. AHO V COAST OV 7 St 13 V, i WW- r- v effaces NEIGHBORHOOD NEWS Mr. George Steelman of Carthage, toon dinner wuh Mr. and Mrs. Zimri Osborn. Wick Leach is attending the Muneie Fair with some of his best stock. Roama Hannon the four-year old daughter of Francis Hannon spent Motored to New Oastle, Sunday spent the day with relatives. C . k a. v. . . . - k Si ' It A LEISURE ft Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hasty were the vY.5 ' xr T'rL , ?r x, and family and Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Hiatt, of Phlox, and Emory Ault and family of Bethel. ; Mrs. Rosa JStinpr and son Carl, ' and Connie, Mildred and Aubrey ? Stinger spent Sunday with Mr. ami Mrs. Alpha Titus and children. Mr. and Mr. Thomas Jones and son ; Howard entertained at Sunday dinner ! for Mr. and Mrs. Ancil Stewart and ; son Floyd, of Fowlerton, Mr. and Mrs. : Deck Friend, of Fairmount and Mr. ' and Mrs. James Stewart and children, Mary and Harvey. Rev. and Mrs. Frank Edwards, of j Back Creek spent Friday with Mr. j and Mrs. Jacob Stisrs. s,tii t x laruijt awvr:vo mik guest of the former's brother, Mr. and Mrs. Grant Barkdall and son. Mrs. Emma Ryboit. of this place. ",,vl "" Registered Notes Recommended for Savings and Trust Funds. Principal and Earned Interest Payable on demand. Payable through any bank or trust company. Denominations, $50.00, $100.00, $500.00. $1000.00 Write for Descriptive Circulars Melvin, and Mr. and Mr. It. E. Fayne and daughter, Madeline, Mrs. Veda Batsman and children, Henry John and Veda Thcna, and Mrs. Thena Wiley and daughter, Loiiise, took dinner with Mr. and Mr. James Payne, after church services. Mr. and Mrs. Dwicht Osborn, enter sent Sanirdaj jiif ht and &inday withj Mn ;ttvl Mrs. Elmer Omier and 1 kfl Wilson FU-nk, ef Point fAmilv xvvre .mrtainexl at the form isari. !er parents home, near Greentown, Mr. and Mrs. Frank kakins anvt Sunday. Bertha Oomer eomingr home children tshe and EsU near vith aftet speding a week Ixndee spent Tuesday with the utLjtit5w, ter's mother, Mrs Emma Ryboit, and ain' Mr. artd Mrs. Clarence Mart I " Mr. CScftie Itutrhes entertained h: Mr. and Mrs. Ray Stinger and chil- j tained Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Robert dren spent Wednesday with Mr and I Moon and family, and Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Jeff Brown and children. FOIXT ISABEL John Moi and family, w-est of t air-mount, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Nail and Thursxiay afternoon Mrs. Wm. TckW, i i Mrs, James T $rt. Mr. Bert Todd , l t";i.i- tsa ti.. tl.lvv.t : We buy and sell Stocks, Bonds and Reliable Securities. family, of Marion, Mr. and Mrs To,id and little Xen Tovld, all of nearl . Mrs. Ralph Clark, who became sd-0rvUle na?t and fami,v southwest Radley. ! JJ ax was removed j wf Fairmount i honor of thr birth. Elwood, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Todd and son Xen, are spending a few days with relatives in Rush county. Mr. and Mrs. George Sternburg and children left Friday for a visit with relatives in Illinois. Mr. and Mrs. Orlis Evans are entertaining a baby girl at their home. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Elliott and Mr, and Mrs. Delb-rt Yontmoyer to the Hoppenrath hospital at jAV, Mrs. Robert Moon, Orville Monday ftemoon with the heie she underwent an operation for , H d H h 0sboriu frmes parent Mr. and Mrs. Enos 1 f pendirfU. She is m. a. w v. M ww I VV uwf MVM fu kni A S W I " " - - ' UNION SECURITIES Merchants Bank Building Indianapolis entmeyer, ot Elxxxd. I . . v. ' "" of Leesburg, James Pavne, of Fow-i xtw -s. vv.i. v.. '. broucht home. .... ... t.. .. son Charles, and Mr. and Mrs. James children er.tertainevl Sunday evening, t 'f, Bf? rfit ikkI ;Ud on their uncle, Mark Payne in j Tj rgart and daughter, Gladys, motored Miss tne Von and Miss Jeneva Pkk- IlJiJt6n and Lester Goble, motored ; Munci Greenfield, Friday and spent the r:g. of lJw4 and Walter Tner and Indianapv.lis recently and spent the : Mr aM Mw 2imti Cslorn MrjS j ht at the home of Mr. and Mrs. tVewey Lel, of CurlisviUe. x . . . 'Will Osborn and nephew, Mr. Gill, of John Deck. Mrs. Ewma Ryboit took Monday mit. tw wnns . Tennessee. Mr. and Mrs. Claude" TW mnv friod of M,-s. Parlie witft cancer iar some ume is ,,k . ,..;k tM hAi . rn.v.. j i ui i .v.- i r a t . with Mrs. Am Kilcoi-e, of s"v ..... . . !..... t W ! . .... .iv. ; Esiiivii. will Liau.iu iuiv ciitt n9 iivivi Mb niTr living Ul I'll, nuvi ..II? much worse, there is no hopes of her k.j.v m. t iw- v iNrcv ' - - lomunson near JManey in ivosiusko is lmnrovintr T.lir,. .r. s:.,. i Ksinrt ; Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Mart ot tnis lxYTVIv... Mrs. Delia Kirkpatrick attended the be up part of the time. ben county. John Payne spent Saturday with Russel Underwood. night aul Todd is spending the week in the" southern part of the st-ite. Rev. Frank Edwards will conduct Hs usual services at the R?dov church next Sunday. Everyone invited to itend these services. Joyve and Emma Mae. of near Rio, 11 to .be up and around, spent Wednesday with Mr. and Mrs. t ' "J "otts iton. CVster RxlWt of near Ricxlon. Mr j.n.1 Mrs. Thonias Davis, Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Exrclt McCord and M Maurice Davis arid little son James, srent Friday with Mr. and daughter. Helen, and Miss Satta Da-r . , vis. of Muncie. visited relatival m Fairmount W. C. T. U. meeting at the home of Mrs. M. A. Hunt Friday. . The Back Creek W. C. T. U. will furnish dinner at Odie Kierstead's sale Monday. j Mrs. Delia Kirkpatrick will be hos-jtess to the Grant county W. C. T. U. o-ntive next Wednesday, Morris Clark cf Lynn, spent a week with Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Osborn, Mr. Clark left last Thursday for his heme near Lynn. James G. Payn? snd Arthur is on the sick list. Mrs. John S. Buller spent Wednesday with Mrs. Albert Little. The West threshinsr ring held a this vicinity Saturday night and Sun Mrs. Mart entertained her day. Frank Smith a Civil war, veteran. sister, Mis Joyce Ryboit, of near Ricion for a few days kst week. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Todd and grand-di5;hter. Martha Husrhes. of 1' BACK CREEK who has for several years resided in Elwoed. but is well-known in this Fern Thomas, nursj f rom : Radiey calle! on Hughes and Mr aisl tr. Cleftie community, passed away Ia& rcek at social at the home of their president, j He4hel Sdav aft the home of his brother-m-law in Mr. Burr Loach, Friday evemngj Mss llerscfcel at- h RU Aftw business meeUng ice cream Wabasl near Kyos Tested, (i lasses Fit-tel by State Registered OrrOMETIJISTS Dr. C. C. FARIS and ' Dr. EMIL FARIS h hospital, spent last week with i .i -. eiiMrnl hx- th fallow- her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Denny . Al-t rii .1 ifvMrtAl wwawmtirrj.oaiuumj. -v-. -JV. - . pi. . j TkJ. . - RvKlt who has boon in mg: Mr. and Airs. Joe r aucet ami nomas. one vim i. mu.o..-., , tTTn Jn.wh4 th TfcSme time is much grandson, Mr. and Mrs. James Payne ' evening accompanied with her sister, j Lexxl, of panisvil!e. and son Arthur. Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Mrs. Blanche DeShon and little boy. Air. and Mrs. v.iaronce Aian ot : . ... . , r .w j i ., t.-.. ti. u Mv rMM r-x.wu Mr. and Airs, snerman mpes naa usWn (iM ymiure.., i mi ikw . Mr. and Kev. Vturv is v.rey wl ivaus, FOR SALE Emma Mae of near their guests Sunday evening. Misses leah, Mr. Arthur Osborn, Exclusively Optical Nicholson, tJamet t leener. Airs. r.a arouse ana son vanos, .wr. pravuru m uovk v. rt.Mrvwl tv xivtJn. s. Grace Sutb Side Sonar Marion Hamilton, Messrs vjr.anes r.ixa fmun ana sen cveret, .ur, na ti-. f .-v.. evw -i rw tir l-VanU ifsnnn and children. ! Mrs. ela Bateman, of India, gave j OR SALE Pure strain Jersey bulls i day aftcrr.oen to speml the afternoon Beaulah viilS XIr tx- and CuilcSS. and cows. Write, J. F. Tomlinson.J , vnii,.. K m k'Mma I Mr; I iiin an.1 a soienuivi nuasiuiiaij kuhvh v daughter, Stella, but not f.ndir any- "V "Slrtw "" :V Y; Rw?. , Rack Creek Sunday svetiing. She is one at hcm rctumext to Rigvtxn m,;,?ain,, "1 .-V:v- " i tk Harhtr f Mrs. SUllie Stenhens. auvt iiviuv-hivk: vamy -... .nv vt.v.i.., - ....... - r...:i and Fred. Mr. and Mrs. David Payne a returned missionary, who was buried ! E,sd Dv swere servetl. Smith, whose and children, Glav. Joe and Bertha, . at Jonesbwro, two weeks ago. 1BU1 .fvstn, iniiiiva, jk:iu .iiv ..... . .:. -.. .' . i,, strvnv,! hv fire recently Mr. Frank Kosrrs. Air. and Airs, ueatn Sleepy Hollow Farm, Logansport, Indiana. FOR S.ALE Canary birds and cag?s. Phone 2. FOR SALE Down comes Saginaw non-hardening Salt, Now $3.00 per barrel, 100 lb sacks $1.00, 50 lb.. 1 Edwards. Barkdull motored tane cuiway airemwn .Mr, ana .Mrs. 1 i .s. w .. w... c..-k 1 k-.k.. r-.;. ? r vk -r,i with Johr v-in -v t.Nrv. rtf ar living m part of the house oceu- and baby, Doris, Air. H. fc-. weeK-ena jonr Ko ash and daughter Ireta, t " 'v rjx-w.n rv,v,.. Anrr Miss ! Paul and Add.e DR. C. L. FENTON Dentist X-RAY Rooms over Postoffice Honrs 8 to 11:30 a. tn. 1 to 5 p. m rear Swayiee and Mr. Carl Itamiltontl - --" - -v; - -v ; - - . to Devin, Saturvlay s pending Sat- relatives. and el.Uvr?y., of tv-r K.gdort. - . I iv.. rx-n t r..l t Rrr I oh unlav and Sunday with ent to riain-school class .Ck& "K f4 v P" ';; and ehiMrea. Gladys. Joe, Paul, Thorn- u RV. Frank Edwartis w Mrs. Wre. Toxld of r.ear Radley, Mon-, 5, GKvNT ! sg pf d fl-i Saturday, davtvemr.r. . h-i..-:. :n v.i the GU-Aner Sunday sacks 65c. A. A. Ulery & Co. , uuur l.vvii is vij nv . . ..... , 1 ; Mr. ar t Mrs. Lwreree rsasn ana -u: 1 50ns, Rxhard and Forest, wre Marion M j H.-non. the . I tATI c a T TT Yt 1 1 idol v-'ai-Mtvia 4. mv" Tuesday night. A chicken fry, which vr oali-d.u piums ana appies. consisted of ?ight fried chickens, pick- Milton T. Cox, Phone 2.32 Red. les, buns and hot coffee were tne main 1 E. B. COUCH DENTIST Rooms over Hahne Drue Store Office hours: 8 to 11:30 a. m.; 1 to 5 WMMIMTY ITEMS Zottage cheese. Call sappers Mf.dax . Francis Hannon, is seriously Ul at her , Mr and MrJBud Hiatt and daugh- near FlimTOitvii ter Aftn entemmM Sunday ex-enmg M George Robertson and daugh-' Mr. and Mrs. Debert entmeyer. Ur, Bomiee? attemle.1 the Mother's Mrs. C ftie Hughes and son Her- . h M th hcm of Mrs. w. schel. spent Motway wUl W. Hur.t, Friday afternoon. Mrs. Oarence Mart. yi Madeline Payne left Monday: There was a surprise on Delbert s .j.w v.. ;tr Mr Mrs. FOR SALE-1621 Red. features of the evening, me visitors present were Leon a, Lorane and Tni. of Walkersville. and Mrs. Ajnna Howell snent one day Dorothy and Mary McCov and Laura recently- with Mrs. A. E. Prine. j Brown, east of town. The members Mr. and Mrs. James Tvirart and present were. Misses Elizabeth Hen- MISCELLANEOUS ft ebster. ir.g his SStK birthd Ice cream and xiSn children. .i,n.).f Vr nA Mr TVr-1 lv Fannie Snaneler. Susie Woods, and Largs farms to deal for smallnes AUCTIONEER STOCK SALES A SPECIALTY. ease were serrww tne xoi:owing: , . y Thena. the re- Elliott and" son Charles, and Mrs. Zenna Howell Jones, Ethel Howell, j and small farms to deal for larger .MF. JTxl fcrs. WW'n . ,ir . . . J Tn.1l an.1 O . l. nr. . . O.. rw.n.-,n Mi Jr1 famine nnne IZmrcra Ttvin.-n Knmmitx- 1U jCall at my expense. Phone 2. on. 19 Mrs, Marion Frt-e, Mr. andAIrs. Ho-1 Mrs. Thfna aTa child, Louise, Mr. and" Mrs. Frank Muchmore, at Scott, Cecil Brown and Addie Barkdull " Ind., R. R. 3, Phone 1935. ward B;her. A.r. and Mrs. Cs. ErUe f Bloominjtton. stvent Saturday night Lafontaine, other cuests at the Mach- j and Messrs. John Edwards, Paul xKi Mr! p wti Sunday with Mrs. James Payne. more home Mr. and Mrs. Oar- Barkdull, Gordon Howell, Stephen FARM LOANS If you want to bor-Ger:e, Mr. ar.d Mb, k .istrong Mr? Emma Harrison and son. Art, pnce Elliott and children, Elizabeth Scott Charles Smtthson and Merll mo on your farm see Q R. arl tMw. snt Sunday in Fowlerton Lucile and Richard, of Uniondale, Mr., Brown. They decided to have a con- Fairmount, Ind. Tsd Mrs, W ill Holley and daughter. xr Mrs. WillatvL Johnson ,.i a R Mrrv and son Ger. tt bt-n the bovs and girls which , Fowlerton. C. W. DICKERSON lena. Mr. and Airs, KoPert uuse andi spent Sunday with his father, Dan rr. and Mrs, Roscoe Shockley ; will begin next Svunday. Johnson and sister, Mrs. Dessie Rob- and daughter Mary Alice," and Mr.? Rv. Gurvis Carey of Kansas, is erts. . . . . ' and Mrs. Everett Murray and son visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. daughter. Mary, Mr. and Mrs, Badie Psiree, Miss Musa Siainbrook. Miss Lucille Shawhan, Mt. Earl Ertle, Mr. TAXI TO MARION W. G. Moon will run taxi to Marion Saturday's about every two hours, starting from the postoffice about 8 a. m. Special trips any time, any where. Miss Marie Hunt spnt Friday nignt Eari. all of Marion. A deliious bas- John Carey and brother, btanley FRANK RELFE AUCTIONEER FARM AND STOCK SALES A SPECIALTY v'w- v " iv.,;!pL and Saturday with Berniece Robert- kt dinner was served at the noon Carey. Air. leets and Air. v ii&ur nerce, v.. s. Mmj ;n Frank Edward" and family Mr. and Mrs. Ed Crouse and son, afternoon, a number of pictures were 1 took Sunday dinner with Mr. and Mrs. srent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. taken of the gioup and a delightful ; Otto Henley. Mrs. Blanche Horine, who recently tained Weir.esday the latter's brother, Mr. and Mrs, Boone Level and children, Garrold and Meridith, of Gary Brown, east of Sumwiitvuie. day was spent by all present. j Mrs. Allen Tague and nve children. Mi Orace Little of Anderson,. r. rt!Ba Wimmer snent Thurs!-Uf Walkersville. snent Tuesday night n IK r umimis remui, & "nPi..K Phone 1921, Route 9, Marion, Indiana Call as at our expense It always pays to advertise in The sper.t the week-end with her brother, ' j4V afternoon with Mrs. Lulu Stinger, j with her brother, Alva Demare. They ; rapidly and is again -able to resume Mr. and Mrs. Albert Little. j Mrs. Anna Howell and Mrs, Ralph j were on their way home from visiting her work as stenographer at the Ser- Mrs, Mark Leach and son came Howell and children, Deloris, Ripley county. vice Oil Co Sunday evening to visit with her hus- anj Herbert spent Wednesday with! Mrs. Veda Bateman and ilAwit Fairmount News. HACKLEMAX M band's people. Mr. Leach will join Mrs. Carean Relfe. at Fairmount. 'of India, and Mrs. Thena Wiley andj her her in three or four weeks. i Mr: and Mrs. Will Todd spent Tues-: daughter, of Bloomington, spent Fri-Last Friday evening the Sewing ay aftrnon with their son. Or Todd , day, Sunday night and Monday with , L.K mt at. Irene Pavne's. Those -T -if nr TiimlAn. ? Mr sn.l Mrs. Grant Barkdull. i Mr. and Mrs, C D. RnrwJnthir re4nt Sunday afternoon with the former's father. Mr. Tom Rrvwdrshir present wer?, Madeline Payne, Gladys jjj Maud Kimbrough spent Sun-1 Mr. Schuyler Smith son, Charles and Special Notice To Air. arsi Mrs. Harvey Peterson near Leach and Carmella DicKrson. ine afternoon with Mrs. Evan Jones Russell Smith son, Stephen Vott an1?M Marion, took dinner Sunday with Mr. i Gene Mullin motored to Wilson Lake, cirls will meet at the home of Gladys at Fairmount, To uuristts Leach next Friday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jones and Wednesday to sF-nd the remainder of j Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Johnson spent n Howard, were guests at dinner: the week there. j Sunday afternoon with the latter s Monday of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Cham-; The West Back Creek threshing parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dave Whybrew. 'company held their settling up meet-. Herbert Mittank spent last week Rev. and Mrs. Frank Edwards, of ; ing Monday night at the hotne of Mr. j with his parents in Marion, Mr. and -Back Creek, called on Mr. and Mrs,; and Mrs. Charles Christopher. Ic; Mrs, Carl Mittank. I Witon Elliott one day last week. !cram and cake were served to the j Mrs, Emma Harrison and Mrs. Dos-: Misses Connie and Mildred Stinger j following: Rev. Frank Edwards and: s:e Roberts spent Thursday in Marion; entertained Sunday evening for Miss- : family, Mr. Odie Kierstead and fami- ; Mrs. Effie Payne left Tuesday morn- es Carms Thomnson, Sarah Martjlv. Mr. Earnest Smith and- family, ing for Lake Webster, where she Lota Thompson, Beatrice Mart and i Mr. Charles Thomas and family, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Gibson and children. Milton Waytsiire is visiting for an indef nite time" with relatives in Bow-ling Green, Ky. A. W. Rich is mending slowly from the effects f a broken ankle. Miss Mae KCtnmer spent Saturday night and Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Kemmer. Mr. and Mrs, Walter Gibson and children and Mr. and Mrs, Harvey Peterson motored to Michigan, Tuesday to spend a week visiting relative. joined her two daughters, iiaaeimc Leona Thomnson. ; Herman Rich and family, Mr. David ' Payne and Mrs, Virgil Winn. . Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Howell snent ! Cobart and family, Mr. Grant Bark- i Special low rate excursion to Niagara FalU, N. V, and other points on the Great Lakes each Sunday. Daily cheap Toaritta fares to Detroit, Mich., Niagara Fall, and other Lake resort. Daily low Tourist fares to Winona Lake, Wawasee, Tippecanoe and other lakes in neither Indiana. Low far excursions to Toledo, Ohio, commencing Saturday, July Sth, aa each Saturday until Sept. 3rd, 1921 via the Clover Leaf rail-read. For further Information ask Loval Agent or write TraKc Depart -eaV AaJir . Indiana. Chester Payne, who has been visit- Tuesday evening with Mr. and Mrs. i dull and family, Mr. Alva Demaree ing friends and relatives in this ; Burl Cox. . and family, Mr. Watt Richardson and i neighborhood, left Tuesday morning ; Mrs, Liza Todd and daughter, Ber- family. Mr. Ben Rush and family, Mr. I Martha Julian spesat last w?ek with her grandmother, Mrs. Tom Hasty. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Eddington and Mr. and Mrs. Jake Steirs visited Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Oscar .Gibson of Sims. for his homa near Leesburg. - ; tha, Mrs. Lucy Tygart and htc-. j and Mrs. James Lynch, Mr. Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Ramsey Wood spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs, Andy Kilgore. Miss Dorothy Wimmer spent Sunday Mrs. Veda Bateman gave a mis- Gladys and Martha Huerhes attended Knight and family, Mr. Bert' Wimmer sSonary talk at church Sunday mom- a Mother's meeting at the home of .jnd family, Mr. Walter Scott and - Mrs. M. W. Hunt, at Fairmount Fri family, Mr. Stanley Carey, Mrs. Bernieee and Raymond Robertson day afternoon, a splendid program was . Alice Thomas and family, Mrs; Delia pent Wednesday of last week with . rendered and the r3-r-ss given by SmitVt-m. Mr. Clyde Smithson. Mr. Dessie and Emmit Carmony. Mrs, Delia Kirkpp.irick was also en-! Ancil winslow. Marcus and Ren Wins- Mr. and Mrs. Ed Crouse spent Mon- joyed. ' Sow. Mr. Roe Bundy. Mr. Miles Oris- T11 a birthday party on Mr., and Mrs. Imer Chamness had tonher, Mr. Murton Christopher, Mr. Miss Locile Brown, the daughter of as their diime- Tiests last Thursday, i Johnson and Mr. and Mrs. Charles -Vr. and llrs, Gary Brown. Mr. and Mrs Henrv Shenard, of On-; Christopher. Mrs, John Osborn and Mr. and cinnati O, Mr. and Mrs, Lindley Iliatt Wednesday evening prayer meeUng afternoon with Mildred, UNION TRACTION ICOMPANY OF INDIANA Mr. asd Mrs, Warner Wilson and children were guests of Mr. and Mrs. John Hilton Sunday. ilr. aad Mrs. J. R. Davis and fam- )

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