The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on August 11, 1921 · Page 4
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 4

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 11, 1921
Page 4
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS background, have a character all their own. GOOD OLD INDIANA ROADS LOOK GOOD TO TOURISTS At Salt Lake City tourists always The Fairmount News Published on Mondays and Thursdays A . S. ROBERTS, Editor and Publisher. Minnie McLucas Roberts, Associate. do three things, hear the organ recital at noon in the big tabernacle, float BUY NOW Mrs. Myra Baldwin and Miss Zola Beasley Return From Trip by Automobile to Yellow Stone Park, After Covering 5,300 Miles of Roads, Some Good, some Bad and Some Simply Awful Had a Delightful Time and . Encountered No More Serious Difficulties Than Punctured Tires and Blow Outs Occasionally. ' - TELEPHONES Office: Main 265 Res, Black 382-1 on their backs in Great Salt Lake and imbibe great "gobs" of Mormon propaganda. The Fairmount tourists did all that. They also ate a picnic dinner with a Mormon family beneath a clump of willows in the Uintah Basin. TVin onlniTvifi finer and most WOnd."?r- Dut cne driver was cautious ana care- ..i u v.i -ihlv , . . iui cvciib ui tnc v nvic " lui ana each mmcuity was overcome . the visit to fche uintah Basirif SUBSCRIPTION RATES. (Within Indiana.) One year $2.00 Six months 1-2 Three months (Outside Indiana.) One year $3.00 Six months ....1.65 Three months .'........ .90 All subscriptions payable strictly in advance; paper discountinued at expiration of subscription time unless renewal is received prior to ex successiuiiy. Hoosier pass, at an i . , va . d encios. Buy your season's supply of Gargoyle Mobiloils now at one time and you get 1 . Correct lubrication. 2. Lower price per gallon 3. Industructible steel drum FREE 4. Reversible plug faucet for drawing oil 5. Clean, fresh oil supply Now is your opportunity for real economy. ed on all sides by mountain ranges It was in the Basin that they attended . "Probably in no other country in the world other than the United States could two women make so long an automobile camping trip alone and unattended," says Mrs. Edgar M. Baldwin, who with her niece, Miss Zola Beasley, has just returned from such a journey to the Yellowstone Park. Lacking three days of having been gone eight weeks the two ladies tra the sun dance on the Ute Indian res ervation and where they spent two elevation of more than 11,400 faet was the highest pass gone over. Rabbit Ear pass was more than 10,000 feet high and three or four others were almost as high. One night camp was made by the side of the Platte river mar Fairplay, Col., at an altitude of 10,000 feet. That night, like several other preceding: ones, was happv days on the Crossed L ranch. at the base of the Uintah mountains. near White Rocks, Utah The dance is an annual event among veled approximately 5,300 miles, Miss !the Utes. Thirty-five Indian braves I ' "L : i . . ii a i xr I irnnronntlv nn infprl and bedecked in a viiiuy une iul iiic irnvricis. x: airplay, in tho heart of the mining district, like all other mining towns, is piration date. Entered as second-class matter at the postoffice at Fairmount, Ind., under the Act of Congress of March 8, 1879. TWO SPOTS. Most of the country young folks will have automobiles when they grow up, while the city folks are kicking about the high cost of hanging to straps in street cars. - , VS. V w J f I gay colors, danced for one hundred E. OEIlis Auto Supply Co. , Tires, Accessories, Oils, Gasoline, Vulcanizing Beasley acting as chauffeur the entire distance. During the trip all kinds of roads were encountered, most of them being far from good. Strange as it may seem, most of the machine trouble which the two women had occurred in W. V. Fowler, Mgr. Phone 226 The home town knockers are not i hours without food or water, back ana forth from a central pole in a large enclosure, their eyes constantly on the skull of a cow placed at th-3 top of the pole. All the time other- Indians, gorgeous in bright colored garments and beads, sat around in the enclosure and encouraged the dancers while tha drums kept up a continuous tuni turn. The dance, which is a religious rite, Continued on Page Eight hard hit by the dull times. It, Alma, and Dillon, are situated among mountain scenery excelling that of Estes Park. Utah proved to be about the most Interesting stats visited. Its mountain scenery is superb and its irrigated -valleys are rich and picturesque. Its ranches, with their tall straight poplar trees contrasting against the curved lines of the mountains in the the Mississippi Valley states, usually in or neaT towns where mechanics were easily available. "Bad roads are excusable m rough, mountain country or through desert wastes where the inhabitants are few often seen fixing up their own places tand making them look just as attractive as possible. The country boy does not always talk as fast as his city cousins, but am f ar between, bat rich, prosperous, he can tell things that he has done ; denser oonulated states like Missouri, o Sale rather than what heMs going to do, Iowa and Illinois, shtsold mamtam roads that are passable, especially those marked as transwntmental highways " is Mrs. Baldwin's opinion. . o THOROUGHBREDS PAY. A stockman, writes in the Indiana FOWLERTON DEPARTMENT Mrs. Minnie Crecraft, Reporter "After having stuck fn the -mud in , Farmer's Guide, giving his experience of the profits that come through using pure bred bulls. He had been us Kansas, Missouri and Illinois, on tne return trip the Indiana State Toad, extending eastward from Lafayette looked like the pathway to paradise ing a bull of the highest quality, and We will offer at Public Auction on'what is known as the Isaac Sluder farm, seven milos east of Rigdon, three miles south of Fairmount, three mile's north of Summitville, one-fourth mile east of Stop No. 7, on Union Traction, on Wednesday, August 17th Commencing at 10 o'clock a. m., the following property, to-wit: 4 HORSES One black team Mares, age 7 and 10 years, sound, 3,000 pound team; one brown team Mares, 4 years old, sound, 2,900 pound team. "Jesus, the Light of the World." Monday being the last night the man at th? thee of shipping some steers. -we had Birthday Dinner. A number of relatives and friends gathered at the home of Dallas Atkinson Sunday whero a bountiful dinner a neighbor who wss using an average 'in comparison t ths Toads ager gave fitfy cents to the first young person who would come to the front We almost shouted the glorious and range type registered buH, was ship- ; just passed over, pins' son".e of hfe- from mere joy at all the Books of the Bible, was served in honor of the birthday ' and name old and nsw. Miss Irene Hancock won the prize. The stock sired by fbt best bnTl welcome sight of good, old Indiana brought $144.08 tach, -while those j roads," continued "Mrs. Baldwin. The sirad by the artreage range type iTmndred miles -separating Williams-brought $88.00. This is the story ; port, Ind., near the Illinois lins, and of Herschell Carpenter. Those pres-en were, Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Starr, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Carpenter, Mr. and Mrs. Dallas Atkinson and son Orsn, Merrill and LaVonne Steelman, Sarah Carpenter, Miss Francis Murray, Miss Beulah Kneefller of Matthews, Hershell and Clifford Carpen in that comes from experience. Blood Fairmount, were skimmed over hours and -a half Sunday morn- will tell, and "it brings refcirns. four o ing. A fried chicken dinner at the ter. 240 HEAD HOGS Consisting of 100 Brood Sows and Gilts; 50 Feeders weighing from 100 to 120 pounds; 75 summer Pigs; 3 S,ows with Pigs by sida. 18 of these Sows will farrow in September; one Male Hog. All are full-blooded Hampshires, but not registered. i fir?-- f . 'f fKr. l t-.-..'-';1- ..-. old in ppring; one spring 6 SHEEP Consisting of 4 Ewes, 4 years lamb; one Buck 2 ysars old in spring. Family Reunion. Next Sunday, August 14, is the big reunion day for the Leach-Lewis-Harrison families. All those who have not received invitation cards to this reunion, please consider it an oversight and come, you will ba welcome. We insist that especially all relations be presenL Local and Personal. Mr. Clyde Partridge, who has been opening up a new field of work for Swift 3s Co., at Defiance, O. the past twTs waeks came home Saturday night. Mrs. Partridge and children accompanied Mr. Partridge back to Ohio, Sunday morning and will spend a week or ten days at Grand Rapids, O., visiting relatives there while Mr. Partridge finishes his work at Defiance, John F. N--3wby and family, Margaret Corn and Ollie Mann, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. jarvis. Mrs. Martha Ford, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Royal, Mr. and Mrs. John Leach. Mrs. Ida Ford and familyj motored Sunday morning to Canning Factory News. An order for two new capping machines, Ios. 2 and 3, lias been placed and they ar? expected most any day. The eight new packing machines are all set up, the tables built, and all set ready for work. Ttrmatoes are coming on in fine shape and the factory will be ready to start on the 20th of this month. The manager says, he wants at least twenty-one and more of the Tery lnest wwmen workers in town and the country to be on hand. Stewards Meeting. The Stewards of the M. P. church LEAVING THE CITIES. j end of the jourrrey, or rather the pro- Real estate sales dtring recent , spects of such a dinner, had something months have shewn a marked differ-'to do with the spe?d, perhaps, ence from those of the pst few years, i "Accidents jusl '.will happen. On the Previously th3 -renin drift has been of j retUrn trip a prairie dog, a chicken, a people wh were moving from thi ; cow a man amj a tree at different country towns into the cities. Now j tjmes nad the misfortune to get in the drift is Ihe -otker way. j.tne path of aftre Dodge with more or A Vig real estate firm which hand-,l3SS disastrous results. The prairie les property all over the country, re- Ljog and the chicken never recovered; ports that dually two rlirds of its the cow, a beautiful creature from a sales come from farmers who are ranch, limped nwayorily-slightly hurt; -racking elsewhere. This year two ihe man picktd himself up after his thirds of the purchases Yave come ' f an on the streets of THays City Kans-from -city men whe were -going into 'aSf smiled .-and said 'It's all right'; the country. These purchasers were I tne tree wasni damaged in the least, not thought to be city men who know 'ibtnt tha axle rif the car 'was so bent nothing of country life. Most of pty the impact that a costly visit to a them se?m to "be fellosvs wh original- oarage was th result." ry fame from rural districts, but who i In spite ctf .mud, rrodtes, -ruts, chuck after trvmg city life and its ups and 'qW sand, steep grades and sharp One Share in Thorntown Serum Company. FARMING IMPLEMENTS One McCormick mower, one McCormick binder, 7-foot cut; one Superior 10 disc wheat drill with fertilzer attachment, good as new; one Gale Surs Drop corn planter, one Ohio hay loader, one gang breaking plow, one walking plow, om disc with tandem, one 3-section steel frame harrow, one Osborne hay tedder, one Success manure spreader, two scoop shovels, one fan mill, good as new; two pitch forks; one combination wagon bed, one set brass mounted work harnesl, six leather collars, two 12-foot hog troughs, eight 2-foot hog troughs, one self-feeder, one hog fountain, one tank h?ater, one lifting jack, one 3-horse Fairbanks Morse engine, one Junior Letx feed grinder, one 2-hole corn sheller, one saw frame with 30-inch saw, one 4-horse evener, one gravel bed, holds two yards; several other articles too numerous to mention. m?t Monday evening att the parsonage where they transacted their business meeting. Reports and final winding up of the books before the conference to be held next weeTs t t3resnfield. The M. P. Christian Endeavors met Friday evening at the church where they made the appointments of different comnaitteees. Officers wers in-stitfed a short time ago and the society will stwn be Tined p for tha coming' year's work. downs, have concluded that the coun J turns the two women report very little 'machine troubV. They returned i with Indiana air in the 3 wo .rear tires try chance "is 'better. j Lafountame, where they attended 1 T' '"Hive Baotist church service. j and Mrs. Elge Leach called on (John Lench and wife Friday evening, Mrs. Ollie Duling, who has been on the sick list for a number of days is ; reported better again. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Langsdon and i Mrs. Ira Cask-sy wers in Muncie Sunday afternoon and evening. Mr. and Mrs. Perry Lees and fami Ladies of Center church will TERMS Mada known on day of sale, serve lunch. REVIVAL MEETING'S which where hew when the start was START AT LEISURE. j r.iade. The front tires and the extras, Rev and Mrs. J. Frank Hxrbison j feeing old to start with, naturally gave ka-e cone to Leisure to take part in : -,,Vsl... nnd eventual! v had to be re- Everett Covalt and Leroy Collins PttRL DEAN, Auctioneer ROBERT MORRIS, Clerk ly att&nueu the liees family reunion last Sunday at Marion. Missionary Meeting Postponed. On account of the inclement weather last Wednesday morning ths all-day animal social and business meeting of the Fowlerton M. Pi Missionary-society was postponed one week later. The society wiTl mwt at the home bf Mrs. Tura Jones "Wednesday and a more pleasant day is to be hoped for. Mr. and Mrs. Watt Fallis, who placed. In the Bhoe river valley, in heart of the Rocky Mountain district in Colorado, two blowouts occurred, the second within twenty fciinutes bf the first. Both happened on a perfectly level; smooth road with no ap-h.nMt- onlv "fcsth tirss -were a three-weeks' evangelistic service which will be held in the Lisur3 Christian chnrrh. "The "local pstor, Rev. 3. C Drake, will be sissisted by Rer. H. H. Wagoner, of Anderson, with the preaching, while Mr. -and Mrs. Harbison wTl hart? charge of the have been visiting in Muncie a few days returned home Monday evening Madge Smith and Carl Hunt spnt iPoblic Sale!! a 1 insf worn out. Inatt, one had been J5 music and personal work. This but the forerunner bf a number i going for days with 11 the rubber compVitely worn off. It was a clear case of sheer endurane upon tfce pafct f fire. An elderly raneihman, engageemnts which WKi agam taK Mr. and Mrs. Harbison out in the evangelistic Fkild. 'cleaning Out his Irrigation ditches by ' Myets tteanion. The Myrrs reunion was held August fJ, at the old White Chapel M. E. thurch, hear CarmL ReV; Myers and wife motored Friday afternoon to . Carmel, where they stayed over hight with their children and on Saturday morning thr?y met at the Old White Chanel church with a large number bf relatives and friends a sumptiotts dinner was served at the noon hour and a nice torogram was rendered in the afternoon. The Myers thildr?n gave a nice plajrlet together with the music and recitations given by others. Rev. Myers father who is now eighty-four and an aunt are the only two left of the old pioneers of the family and also of tha Old White Chapel church. Both wre present at the retm'ion. Rev. Myers and Wife returned home Saturday evening. I will offer at Public Auction on the W. L. Thompson farm, known as the Dick Wiley farm, located 2 miles north and one-half mile west of the Fairmount Academy and three and one-half miles southwest of Jonesboro on Monday, Auguot . 1 5th Commencing at It o'clock a. m, the following property to-wit: TWO HORSES Consisting of 2 Bay Mares, one 5-years old and one 10-years old, extra good workers in all harness, weight about 1,200 pounds each. ' last Sunday in Bunker Hill. Will Smith made a busines trip to Feirmount Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. James Scott of heat-Jonesboro, Visited Robert Lindley and family Tuesday Mrs. J. A4 Hardasty has been hear Marion for several days taking care of an invalid sister.- Manfwrd Philips has recently pur chased the Alice Seward property of the Seward estate in which hi? daughter and son-in-law, Mrk and Mrs. Fred Curtis moved the latter part of last Weak Mr. fthd Mrs. Will Smith, who formerly occupied the house, has mov ed to the Earl Rife property Mr. Oris Hiatt and MrB4 Wheaton. of No, ?, south of Fairmount. visited Mrs. Wheaton's daughter, Mrs. W. R. Murray Sunday. In the evening Mr. Hiatt, "Mrs. Wheaton ahd Mrs. Murray motored to Gas City. Mr, ahd Mrs, Andy Townsend and son Frank, of near Upland, called on Mr. and Mrs. J. G, Leach Sunday af ternoon. Earl Allen ahd family called on his brother, H, C. Allen and family hear Summitville. Sunday. Mrs. Merle Reeder of north Jotvss boro, visited Wilson Simons, Tuesday. Mr, and Mrs. L. P. Simons and son Everett and Mr. John Leach were Fairmount tallerg Saturday evening. THREE BlRTHDATS CELEBRATED AT ONE TlME. Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Osborn entertained at dinner Sunday for Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Kali and two sons, Herbert and Harrold, of Marion, Mr. and Mrs. John Moon and babyk Mr. and Mrs. Orville Hasty and baby Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Moon, Lova and Mary iMoon and Martha Mae Hasty. The occasion was in the honor of Mrs. R. P. Mcoh, Orville Hasty, and Donald Hugh Os-borns birthdays. Ice cream and an-jg.3l.fb0d cake were served in the TWO MILK COWS Consisting' of one Jersey, 8 -years old, fresh with calf by side; one Jersey and Holstein, 6-ysars old, giving good flow of milk, fresh February 4. TWO YEARLING HEIFERS Extra good prospects for milk cows. Movies at Fowlertotti A moving picture show landed in Fowlerton last Friday afternoon and made a three nights stand. It proved to be ft treat to tbxi kiddies and a hum ber of older folks seemed to enjoy the treat ft rell. After the moving pic tttre show elide pictures were shown and ft lecture given by th-2 manager on 23 HOGS Consisting of one 3-year old thorough-bred Chester White male hog, extra good; four 2-year old Durock brood sows, due to farrow In October; 20 spring shoats, ranging in weight fsom 50 to 115 pounds. Mrs. Charles S. S. Whitek was on Monday the guest of Mr-, and Mrs. Lon frfewberger, In Summitville. ttie side of the road, assisted in changing the tires in 1h3 first instance and a freckled-faced hoy lent his aid in the second affair. Both were accorded sincere thanks, augmented in Use ease of the Httts boy by a if t Of dime and some candy. Everywhere, especially in the fat West, people were very, very kind ahd considerate. Near Lawrence "Kan.v when the Dodge skidded in tV md and stuck in a deep rut bordering a ditch a half dozen men and rirls climbed out of the fords in which they were riding' and att laughing and pushing together, baekad the Indiana automobile tout tof the mud. Once in the rich bottom land tot the Missouri tlver the tar stuck in a hiuddy rut at least two feet deep. Just as th two women, one at the wheel the other pushing from behind succeeded in extricating the machine three men work Ing hear by tame urt to assist. The mountain scenery in Colorado was greatly enjoyed. In western Colorado a stretch tof (country wa gone through where the distance between towns wa eighth-nine miles with only a few. sheep ranchers huts Scattered in between. One day the tw ladies dined itt a hut ott mutton stew mutton thops and home-made bread, fcttlred by the two sheep raneher t'S!ttveS. Steep trades rtotk haMctoW roads canyon ab4 precipices tharacteried the ioum kjfough the mountains & Mrs. Rumuei Loyd, of Johesboro spent Wednesday with her mothen Mrs. Arvei Swaimk tof North Rush street. GRAIN 100 bushels old corn, more or less; 14 acres corn in field; 75 bushels oats. FARMING IMPLEMENTS One Wagon; one hay ladder; one buggy; one 2-row cultivator, Avery; one 1-row New Century cultivator; one Gale corn planter, In good shape; one John Deer frm nlow. Earl Allen, Cashier Maurice Warner President FOWLERTON BANK one John Deer walking plow, 12-inch; orva Osborne harrow, 60-tooth; ' J nnt Met work hnrnena nnn nf kn u. i ..n. , . . Mrs. Chas. Brush and son Mark, of Jonesboro are spending tew days with Mrs. Ma&ie Payne at her country home southeast of FatrmiSShti .. . , MKKjr Harness, one aouoie snovei, ana other articles too numerous to mention. fi Interest Pald On Time Deposits MONEY TALKS ' What does It say "Put me In the bank today. Spend We Hot tn foolish, Wayi( Let me cheer your future days, Though I'm hot large amount t will help your bank account Back Creek W. C. T. U will TERMS Made known on day of sale, serve lunch on grounds. 4 O. A. ECIERSTEAD Garoid Otfather, who W iis yes operated ton hy Dr. BrauhlliV Ui Hon, about two weeks &s H rapidly recoverihr. The doctor removed the stitches Wednesday morning and It Is thought the toperation fcai been a Povbrton Bank, Fowlerton, Indiana RALPH DICKERSON, Auctioneer ROBERT MORRIS, Clerk oiKiwai compl-te fc-iceess.

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