The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 19, 1936 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 19, 1936
Page 6
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Tfiei Daily Cllntoniari, Clinton, Indiana Thi-at'Dy, November 19, 1936 Tf Six Campus Date Bureau Flourishes Mayors Hear Amendment Urged CLASSIFIED ADS SHIPPING STRIKE GETS ATTENTION AT AFL SESSION this loth day of November, 1938. EVERETT E. RHOADBS, Clerk of Vermillion Circuit Court. Everett A. Davisson, Atty. 1112-19-2736 Rates for Classified Ads and Paid Notices Klret day of insertion: 8c for each reading line (one column line, like one of these). 'AV, H-iva Innertlnn: the Bams NOTICE OF ADMINISTRATION JV Notice Is hereby islven that the undersigned has been appointed by the Judge of the Vermillion Circuit - : I t. t J VI Be chaise (yon set three day at double the cost of the first day). Next three days Insertion: the snme 8c clnrne (you get a whole munic aii davs. at three times the (Continued from Pago 1) port today. ' In this, Androw Kuriiseth, Kan Hunter anil Paul Si liarrenliera vullcil upon tlx fi'rii'i-Htluu to ko on "iM'onl ataiiml "outlaw" Milken. hikI ;n favor of olirtcrvan I unreenwtit' between shipowners still workers. This report shared atlenlion here today with the reply of President William fir i of the A. F. of I... to Charles P. Howard of the Typographical union, who is secretary of the rebellious and suspended committee for Industrial organization headed by John U Lewis, but wIiohc union l not Itself a member of the Lewis fart Ion. Recently, Howard denounced the position of the A. F. of L. In extend i p 1 -t n, ftim Itianrtinn). Court of Vermillion Counly. htate of Indiana, administrator or the estate of Joseph Marietta, late of Vermillion Counly. deceased. Said estate Is supposed to bo solvent. JOHN .1. MARIKTTA, administrator. October 31. 1936. M. C. Wiggins. Atty. 1112-19-2736 Kach group of three dayi there- S n Htm Itliirk Face (like this), 10c per :i m ",.j"asn ew :! line. . All classified adB Including memo, rlnma and notices of all kimlH must NOTICE FOR ItlDh 1 cr mCS?V'1i. by Notice is hereby given that the he paid In advance exroni mono 1 Wo regular customers whose account Commissioners of the Counly ol Vermillion, Slate of lndiuna, will ia ,... tntv r thoHfl from or al- gaulzations ithoso bills must be receive sealed bids up to the hour of two o'clock In the afternoon of Uie ing an Invitation to the !wls lac 1((1 DOIOT" tn-uiB ... . . . , t. n..,-ui.ll aMklnir 1 ; 7f if 1 i , Hid 'ti'0 ir the Hon to abandon their industrial un IllHt-r iww ... : . . i publication or the notice will be held ion rebellion, come hack Into Ihe A. responsioie ior i fj1-"" Friday, the 4lh day of December. 1986, at the County Auditor's Office, for hooks, blanks, stationery and supplies for 1937, In accordance with the specifications therefor on file in said Auditor's office. F. of L. and ficht out their dif:r Business Services ence. IteplyitiR to him today, Creep reminded the Typographical union When the committee In charge outlined plans for the annual sophomore prom at University of Oregon at Eugene, they Insured the success or. the affair by establishing a date bureau where Lore Windsor, aeated left, and Betty Crawford, right, supervised "pairings" for the event. . Each bid must be accompanied by bond or bid bond in the amount of that FURNACE r EPAIR1NG. Have i. .1.. . ..auiurl nnw. head that be was still a member nl the A. F. of L. and that he should Estl- smunw y'P' Phone Roy Taylor, mates free he here attendlui? the federation tl9 Two Thousand Dollars ($2,000.00) and must be to the approval of said Board. The Board reserves the right to reject any and all bids. 817-W. 3nnual convention. By order of the Bfiard of Com FOa SALE Jlf ; - .MP missioners of suid County, the 6th day of November, 1936. C. B. COOPER, Auditor Vermillion County. Indiana. 1119-2736 PARLEY PLANNED TO 'TALK OVER' BENDIX STRIFE Overcoat, medium size. 4B Vine tl4" Street. Pardon of Ste. Anne I One of the most colorful pardons in Brittany, France, is that of Ste. Anne, mother of the Virgin Mary, which is celebrated every summer at Aurny According to an old belief of the Bretons, Ste. Anne, a native of their country, fled to the Holy Land because her husband was cruel to her. After his death she returned, to Brittany and Jesus, the legend says, sometimes came to visit her. Amendment Thirteen Amendment Thirteen of the Federal Constitution reads: "Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been luly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any plai'S sub-lect to their jurisdiction." This amendment was adopted in 1865 to abolish slavery and is interpreted as applying only tj a condition of enforced compulsy service of me person to another Mayors Hoan end La Guard la Addressing the United States conference of mayors at Washington, Mayor Fiorello La Guardia of New York, president, proposed a constitutional amendment as "the American way" to meet national problems. La Guardia, shown at right, in conference with Mayor Daniel Hoan of Milwaukee, further proposed that the entire social security program be administered by the federal government instead of in part by the state as' under present lawv (Continued from Pagelj 4-room house on S. 5th St. Sacrifice price. Write Clee Graham Tangier, Ind. 114 (Set your orders In now for Thanksgiving. Turkeys, geese, ducks , v. ...... i,,u.nut i.rlrra In use. Markets . CHICAGO. Nov. 19. Receipts of hogs today totaled 34,000, or '5,000 higher than expected. The liberal phone 155-W, Keeder's Feed & out. Heretofore both sides have been adamant. Bendlx. In an Interview yesterday, said : "We will never agree to a complete organisation of this plant. We cannot operate as a closed shop. It is economically impossible." Poultry Market. 111 HUBERT BROOKS tl5 Range. 657 S. 7th St. supply gave the advantage to buyers and early bids were 10c lower with best swine at $9.70. Shippers were good buyers but big packers showed little interest aa they received 10,-000 hogs direct. cident in 1928. Funeral arrangements are not complete pending word from relatives in Flint. The body will remain at the Frist funeral home until defi-nito arrangements have been made. til ue Made of Soybeans Soybean protein is made into a waterproof vegetable glue of high tensile strength which is used by furniture manufacturers in the preparation of veneer work and by airplane manufacturers in making airplane propellers Opinions "Everybody is entitled to his ipinion," said Uncle Eben, "but if ou's goin' to fuss with everybody whose opinions ain' de same as yours, you's goin' to end up mighty 'onesntne " . DIES AT COUNTY HOSPITAL TODAY (Continued from Paee 1) 1934 Chevrolet Master 4-door sedan in A-l condition. Has beater and radio. Priced right for quick sale. 326 South Sixth street. t!3 Good to choice steers of light weight sold steady to strong and the heavy moved slowly at the recent Mrs. Matt Brooks; a sister, Mrs. decline. Cows and heifers Bhowed a stronger tendency. Bulls and calves were steady. Receipts totaled 6,000. Lawrence Taylor; and a brother, rtoy Brooks, all of Flint, Mich.; and Holy Flowers The peasants believe that the pink flowers that, bloom along the wayside in Poland grew from the nails that fastened Christ to the cross Their legend has it that the nails were carried by sparrows from the top of Mount Calvary and buried In Poland to save them from disrespect. The flowers are shaped like nails Short Waves Use Pipeline Short waves have been experimentally "piped." They travel inside long tubes free from outside static and without interference of nearby receivers. They race through with a velocity of about 167,400 miles a second. another sister. Mrs. Pete Voto, of Receipts of sheep and lambs at 15,000 were 3,000 heavier than ex Dressed chickens. Mrs J. F. Car-lin. Davenport and dresser. Mrs. John Lapworth, Shepardsville. tl2 Baby grand piano, like new. Can be had for small balance due on contract. Write Credit Mgr., 200 No. 3, Terre Haute, Ind. tl6 Jersey cow. Two gallons milk a day. John Toffolo, Fairview. tl5 North Fifth street. pected. Salesmen were asking highen prices for fat lambs. A brother, Sam Brooks, also a dia mond slar, was killed in a mine ac CHICAGO. Nov. 19. Grains opened irregular today with ; wheat M,c up to 14c down. Corn was un tl3 changed to V4c off, oats unchanged to V40 down and soybeans J EASY ; :' AW0 Furniture. 553 N. Third St. WHEAT: Dec.. 117-; May, 115-11$; July, 102 -4 . CORN: (new) Dec, 1054-: Used lumber and bricks. Ninth St. at R. R. crossing. tl2 YOU ARE LOSING MONEY ON furniture and other household articles which you are not using Cash In on them through the For Sale columns. May. 98-: July, 94-v; (old) May, S7 94-98; July, 93. Is Your Car M.6&tiy for OATS: Dec, 44; May, 44-b-SOYBEANS: May, 131-13iv2. 2s For Sale Coal BIG ANNUAL CLINTON POULTRY SHOW HAS For good coal phone 797-W. 60tf EXHIBITS OUT TODAY FOURTH VKI. COAL, UXlVEItSAT,. MIAMI NO. 4, AND BI,ACK RETT IT NO. 5. HARLEY HUFFMAN, PHONE 10. 01 Remember the days and nights of weather last winter! Remember when (Continued from Page 1) PAID NOTICES He is considered a competent and your motor stalled! Remember when you almost froze until the towing car came! Don't let those performances be repeated the winter ahead. Now Is the time to "get set" for winter driving and Schrader's are prepared to take care of your every need. efficient person in that capacity hav ing had several years qf experience in that line. Saturday evening at 7 o'clock a PRESTONE WINDSHIELD WIPERS Is yours In good condition. We have complete replacements for all banquet will be held by the association at the Royal Neighbor hall on Elm street. , RUMMAGE SALE! At Morgan'B building November 23 and 24. Sponsored by south section of Methodist church. tl5 FOOD SALE! At Swineharfs Saturday, November 21. Sponsored by the Dailey Chapel churcii. tl3 FOfl RENT Prestone is the most gatisfactory and economical anti-freeze you can use. With Prestone you need not worry. Does not 2,70 boil away. One lining lasts all winter, gallon Windshield Defrosters EVERY ONE We have a complete line of the newest on the market. See the new SLEET-FROST SHIELDS 5-room house, close in. B. F. Har. rison, 657 Elm street. til' A REAL GOODYEAR! models that fit on tne winasnieiu on tne winasne Keeps sleet, frost, ice and snow off wind Vacuum or eiec- $2.79 shield, insure safe, clear vision lor win up trlr onerated Modern room. 458 Elm St. tl2 Gateway to Nova Scotia In the days 'when men still went down to the sea in wind ships, Yarmouth, southwestern gateway to Nova Scotia, was the home port of a fleet of merchantmen whose sails dotted the seven seas. In the middle of the Nineteenth century Yarmouth boasted more ship tonnage per capita than any other port in the world. The house flags of Yarmouth lines were familiar sights in the West Indies, Europe and the ports of the China tea trade. 75c to $4.50 with heater unit ter driving. A necessity.. Modern light housekeeping rooms. 239 Vine street. 115 built by world's largest tire maker to give you these famous features: CENTER TRACTION BtOWOUT PROTECTION in every ply SUPERTWIST COW TOUGH THICK TREADS LOWEST COST per mile of lofcty WANTED Watch and clock repairing. I. D ?0t?t x Johnson. 8 43 South Main St. 14 HOT WATER HEATERS As Low Q QC All tested nationally known ma!ie fully guaranteed new 1938 improved types. Junior. Standard and Deluxe sizes that give ample heat for any model. HUNTERS ! Schrader's is Headquarters for Shotguns Rifles Ammunition River, bottom land. Will purchase tracts of 80 acres or more. Give particulars and price. Write Box Check our values and prices before you buy. Even at a low price you can buy a Goodyear the public's first choice for 21 years. 51, Alvin 111. t2" Wanted to Rent1 5 or 6-room modern house. Mrs The Deepest Lake The deepest known lake in the world is Lake Baikal, in East Siberia. It is the sixth largest lake in the world and the greatest fresh water basin in Eurasia. The length is about 412 miles and the width varies from 15 to 47 miles. The surface area nearly equals that of Switzerland. The deepest sounding has been 4,073 feet and the average for the entire lake is 2.307 feet. In proportion to area it contains the largest volume of water of any lake in the world, containing approximately the same amount of water as the Baltic sea and the Kattegat strait, although their surfaces together are 12 times greater. Vanness, 646 Blackman St. 1 1 2 bee the New Salesmen Wanted SURE CRIP MAN WANTUI) for nearby Raw-lelgh route. Write Immediately. GRILL RADIATOR COVERS Silver finish with zipper fastener adjustment for warm weather. Will keep your car warmer and your heater will slve bet-ter satisfaction.. Many styles for every car, 95c t. $1.95 Rawlelgh Co.. Dept. 1NK-79-SAC Krpeport. III., or see F. B. Crawford HOW'S YOUR BATTERY? gave time, trouble and annoyance by installing a new WU-lard that will insure your itart-ing on cold mornings. $4.95 125 N. 4th St.. Clinton, Ind. sen Help Wanted The Latest and Best Mud nd Snow Tire pulls you through without chains. For passenger cars and trucks Boy for shining choeo Moore Shoe Replace those dangerous smooth tires now for new GOOD YEARS. LECAL NOTICES THE SCHRADEH POLICY 18 SATISFACTION OR TOUR MONET BACK! MOTKJE OF FINAL SETTLEMENT OF ESTATE MANY NEVER SUSPECT CAUSE OF BACKACHES This Old Treatment Often Bring Happy Relief Many sufierrra relieve sagging baekiehe quickly, once tbey discover that the real mum of tbeir trouble may be tired kidneys. The kidneys art Nature'a chief way of taking the eiceae acids and waste out of the blood. Most people pam about 8 piitU a day or about 3 pounds of waste. Frequeot or scanty passafes with emartin and burning ahows tbera may be eameUiiuf wrong with your kidneys or bladder. Ax. eioeas of acids or poisons in your blood, when due to functional kidney disorders, may be the cause of nagging backache, rheumatic paina, lumbago, leg pains, loss of pep and o- ' ergy, getting up nights, swelling, puttiui under the eyes, headaches and diziinesa. Don't wait I Ask your druggist fur Doao'e Pills, used successfully by nuUiuns for over 40 years. Tbey give happy relief and will help the 15 miles of kidney lubes flush out poisonous wast Uom your blood. Get Dotal till. Notice is hereby given to the creditors, heirs and legatees of Jessie Prout. deceased, to appear in the H. J. Schrader & Co. 300 S. Main Phone 11 Vermillion Circuit Court, held at Newport, Indiana, on the 30th day of November, 1936, and show cause, if any, why the Final Settlement Accounts with the estate of said decedent should not be approved: and said heirs are notified to then and there make proofs of heirship, and receive their distributive shares. Witness, the Clerk of said Court, Phone 11 Roy Staats, Mgr. 300 South Main Street

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