The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 19, 1936 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
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Thursday, November 19, 1936
Page 4
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Thursday, November 19,' 1936 The Daily Clintoni&n, Clinton, Indiana; THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Love MOVliS Founoiu JS1S XOVKMUKR in, lt)l! ' Pete Voto, who has been living in Montana, Is back in Clinton. Established as The Weekly Clintontan 1890 by May Christie The Clinton riainaeaier nuiwucu THE PLOW THAT BROKE THE PLAINS AT THK.WAHAHH iTnim thfe western land a. Us hero .Editor nd Publiahei for cooking. Bat here she eouldl Rogerl" stammered the platinum L. Carey U1 1. 1M - J. ,..ln man BkV far a ... . . imi. I try out all the newest recipes. :if&.t.' yen h,UM," said T).i. t. krBcthr ehei'p; .he A big possum supper at Kibby's restaurant was enjoyed Thursday night by the following group: S. E. Meiuienhall, tile promoter, D C. l'101l. u ..... . j ... - . , . moment lost her voice. She stared and central theme, thiB Resettlement 'ntered at the Postofflce at Clinton, Indiana, as Second Class Matter. " ' Member Indiana Republican Editorial Association wa, ,ming ly co'nsid they walked with Mr. GutaanU the w k InexoensiveW fur was amazingly caesji, biio A ililinncrh innvnensivelv tw,D-i,,,n.. far-1 at the speaker, klantai trAti tn K. I . -,. , iJL If I Ann' C T Administration movie la a regrettably brief history of man's misuse of studio gates. rilllMtM. - . . , II ,La u I niSnea. W1UI U urilllll SWU"" m y - .as nretty a Mid was pretty I ing fazedl It was just a little trick at the 1 1 thought I'd pull on Roger. I'm a and homelike. HID. .l,nl.ul nn hami tht itftemoon." th ltUr po- ,,, , UK. ,J III.A HA fA rfriVN National Advertising Representative: GEO. B. DAVID CO. 190(1 Wrieley Bldg., Chlcngo. MIS Oeneral Motors nidg., Detroit 110 East 42nd Bt New York Johnson, C. E. Bingham. H. M. Ferguson. O. Davis, Justice Walker Col. Washburn and Albert Wheat, now deputy auditor at Rockvllle. Santa Ft station," she told the land. gooa inena oi nis. i live cruH some 400.000,000 acres or boh that now It is an arid wasteland a desert It is a worthwhile addi lady. "Here are our checks. Can way, down the corridor, oomeumes I work at his studio, y'understand." She had swiftly recognized Diana aa the girl in the photograph. Sou send someone to letcn tne runkst" . ' "I'll phone for them right away," beamed the landlady. She liked the looks of the new tenants. Phone 1 1 7 Phone 41 Sweetheart or wife. It was in barrassingl But life had taught her poise, of sorts. Also self-preserva- tion. At this psychological moment, Genevieve walked into the room. ' Pvnhthlt thm mother-in-law. l no uicaa "M " ' . j wished him to drive them anywhere. ..... 1 . . . . L or aia tney uesire ui rest i Genevieve was about to dismiss m. vif v. thnnWa fni tilii Irindness. Sam Taylor and family, who. It will he remembered, left Clinton for Oklahoma about two years ago, arrived buck home last week. The family drove through taking two months for the trip, counting the time spent In Iowa, where they ttopped for a while. Their 'hanker-In'" for Oklahoma is cured, they suy. tion to any cinema programunus-ual, timely, Interesting and Instructive. There is no hurrahing .bout the administration i It Is simply an objective lesson on the dangers of our people's shortsightedness and and the suggestion that it 1 sensible to learn from the mistakes of the past. ' You'll also be "Going Places" with Lowell Thomas, seeing a "Lover's Paradise" and getting Vivid scene on current events from Paramount News thought the girl. She bowed to but Diana said hastily that It would be a favor a ne would arop cnem at. an address on Sunset Boulevard? Uenevieve, trying to eppear eom-pletely at ease and in command of the situation, "My name's Bebe Bi "We promised to rune wan noger, Mother. You remember he wrote me lltCiy. "ItOUIIIJlWIIWM-"' you to a honsa agent? I know several good ones in Bollywood and thereabouts." Th accepted hi. offer. Without n escort and with such distances to be corsred, they would be at a dls-advaatan. "I do think It's odd that when Roger hasn't the excuse ef working, he finds himself unable to meet ns on our arrival," said Genevieve in en exasperated voice. Diana said brightly I "1 havs to telephone him this evening, darling. That was his message. He may have been out on location all day, for all we know. Meantime, we must find place to live." She thanked Mr. Gutmao for his kind offer, and they drove to a Hollywood house agency. Here it was tisrd to make the gents understand the definite financial limit they bad set themselves in "Souses at one hnndred dollars monthly and upward to one hundred and fifty dollars were on the lists. But anything lower had definite disadvantages. Genevieve would have succumbed to the higher price, but Diana was a jou. . to keep our first evening in Hollywood freet" Diana added nastily! "sne'a an assistant in Roger's department. Mother." . ' . What possessed her to eay that, she often wondered later, though THE DAILY CLINTONIAN'S PLATFORM: , ., , 1 To further every interest of Parke and yermiU.on counties. 2 To assist the revival of the Indiana coal mining Industry. 3. " To operate in solving Vermillion County's unemploy- 4. TrbeTSrClinton and make it the most attractiy. eit, of its sixe in the state. BRANDEIS AN ETERNAL LIBERAL Last week Justice Louis Dembitz Brandeis, oldest member of the Untied States supreme court, observed his 80th birthday by go-ing to work as usual, at 5 o'clock in the morning. His liberal views are well-known and vibrant. His career a. a lawyer was marked by important cases involving the right, of labor. Mr. and Mrs. M R- Scott. Mrs. Ann Scott and Matt Bright attended the theatres at Terre Haute Sunday. She did not wait to telephone, tnis time, since the press agent seemed anxious to get home, and telephoning was unsatisfactory, anyhow. They went down the long flight of ton stens to the car. and in a not even to nerseii wuum sue v- tntvlMliM ihrtt It arm to cover till Roger and whatever this woman short space of time Mr. Gutman NOVUM HER 1, and Mrs. Noah and Mrs. Noah Mr. Adams or TH: FIRST ABV 1 AT THE i'OJ-l'MBIA Everyone will find something personally appealing In this well-written and capably enacted story of a young couple that - encounter Inlaw trouble and almost find their dropped them in front or a modest apartment-hotel. They walked into the lobby. Diana approached the paasee blonde was to mm, ana to lessen, to som extent the criticism that Genevieve undoubtedly would be, feeling as to the presence of this young woman In his apartment when he was not there. Genevieve bowed stiffly, die-' approvingly. "And where is Roger?" , as tne aesK woone noov wa uurivu In a movie magazine. Palrvlew had as their dinner guests yesterday Mr and Mrs. Ed Relber and family, Jacob Reiher, Mrs. John Golden and Miss Mary Sturm or Bono. She had heard of charming little lutwiinir nn the rocks. - Of bungalow-courts wnere one couiu - l.a.;fB ,f MirM rflflini and the splendid cast Johnny Downs ss th h unhand. Varjorle Gateson as bath at $30 a month, end though It glance, and said laconically: zsu on the- second floor. Elevator's down the passage." She resumed her reading. Mr. ami Mrs. Ed Foncanuon of 'He'll DS in rTom tne siuoio any minute now, I guess. Make yourselves at home, said Bebe with an attempt at affability. She sidled to the door. Better go while the go- i, 'ci .UI.J I .n.l t QU- Htnmkkl BAmA took lots or nnaing, sne woum miu ...u: i:i .V. akji u' riim. his wife's selfish mother and Jane Hun,, ui-e. visiting relatives anil JJiana rejoineo. ner motner. "We're evidently to go right up. Darwell are .definitely outstanding. Shlrlev Deane, Dixie Dunbar, Gene friends here. Mrs. Foncanuon is a sister to Mrs. C.race .lenks of South TU 1 - .n CMMvlMn, IUK ("UU , ku ........ -.. thing about having an engagement. The daughter's explanation about Lorkhart and Wllllrn"' Robertson "Bohemian sort of place!" the Third street and Mrs. W. U. tierrisli Toward six o'clock, after endless driviag to unlikely spots, they landed half-way up Hollywood hillside. . t ' There, at the summit of a flight of stone stops cut in a semi-cultivated lawn, lay a rambling bungalow-court. , . , have other important roles. ner neing noger s assistant in uiv studio pointed to one thing ehe was covering UD her presence to ths latter remarked as they entered the tiny car and Diana pressed a button marked 2. The elevator creaked slowly and The arousing comedy is about mother by this tarradiddle, because When nominated by President Wilson, his confirmation followed a ,ix months battle in the senate, where foes fought to keep him off the bench. . It is interesting to recall that William Howard Taft. who later became chief justice, was among the ex-presidents of the American Bar association to insist that he was unfit to be a memW of the tribunal. However, most people agreed with his defenders, who asserted that the opposition was due to his exposure.of "the iniquities of men in high places in our financial system.' Mr. Brandeis, born in Kentucky in 1856, reaches back into the past and link, today with yesterday. He was at Harvard when Longfellow. Lowell and Holmes were on its faculty and when Emerson still lectured to the students. He has observed many change in his lifetime but still champions liberal views, applying them to new circumstances and conditions. some of those "Brain. iTusiero uncertainly npwara, men euijipea we've heard rumors about. she was eitner engaged or marnen to him. , .It was a darned awkward lf.,tinn anA what fnnl fthe had with a Jerk, and tney got out, "It must ha down this wav." said ufnc.iciB b ... .. - - - numerable stairs, but Diana went mad about the view. The whole of Hollywood and Los been to "ya-hoo" herself out of that Diana nervously, scanning the num of South Fifth street. Mud. which has a way of causing the upsets of the best gridiron teams, proved Itself unequal to the occasion Saturday afternoon at Sportlnnd I'ark and the powerful riinlnn football team annexed the mythical high school championship of Indiana by beating l.iuton, IS O. clothes-eupDoara, giving rise to mi iiimm lav neinw uieio lu bers that were printed in bold black letters on shiny white plaques up- .v. - j 'SWORN ENEMY AT THE PALACF Firmly constructed and well act MaMa m1mb nf tViA siinnet. Unas oi suspicions. TITl. .V. - Annm A .lnrf llAhinA U 11 U.ID UVUISi Bebe, Genevieve sank into one of Her face bloomed like tne rose d. this convincing picture or f SnMi, rinri nnra lik-nrrl her to. Wltn Only one bungalow was vacant. Its rental waa forty dollars a month. There was a side jporch to the living-room looking directly to the mountains, aa did the windows of the two easy-cnairs. "What a bold-faced, hard-boiled i 1.: MiMl RV.a Annan1 Innlf the thrill of this meeting. U n 1 : ,,. t m- .n htfaH young atorney who killed his brother takes Its place as a satisfying j,,, i.'K . jmi . orH Mirnrim him. You don t mind?" as though she had the intelligence mirf interestlni: bit of entertainment the bedroom at the back. ii a H.I -.I... An vnn tnen. TjlanaT uenevieve smnea toierantiy ml the childishness of her daughter. WTMl 4..Jm Utim .nnctllinn nMllH asked her mother, who was looking Its a worthwhile production, with chief acting honors going to Robert to assiBt a ooy who at, icasi. won educated and has ability, as Roger has. Had you not told me that, I should have suspected something quite er different, Diana I" X 11 OfcMiiy Him Kl.,'" f" Miss Jane Amour of Terre Haute spent lam night here at the home of her uncle and aunt. Mr. and Mrs David Llewellyn of North Seventh street. pale and fatigued. Ill,' Ll !.. In ,1, lhllnff.rAflm. on vne wail tor jubi su-by imiuua, Youna as the determined attorney niKUi v ... -'-n - -- . said the owner of the place, a retired "pro" tn the sixties a big, good- 1 ..,. amman whft ItnCW all AbOUt With quick, light footfalls, Diana THE STARS SAY By GENEVIEVE KF.MBLK For Friday, November 20 with strangers and in public disturbances. A woman may prove a helpful friend. A child born on this day may be Liiana torcea acarejess aniiie auu a nnm.hAla.nt ahruff. "HolIVWOOd'S Florence Rice as the girl he loves. Josenli Calleta as a wily villain and different from Park Avenue, darl ttonned at 22B. The door was ajar, everyone on the stage and in the vt p.mitleton as his own dumb nr.tivo iinH enter-: r Initiative and enterurise. It She drew a long fortifying breath. Nowforitl She wallr-i-In. self. Harvey Stephens. Lewis Stone movies. . . She pushed a pair of double doors 1 nvt rt anvtnep. WtXiA theV A pal ill. u toi i j d.,. ...... ,ui, u. . - prising day is revealed by the lunar iean toward public enterprise Rut the room was empty. No Leslie Kenton and John Wray also ing." Her embarrassed eye lit on the initials: "B.B." engraved en the top of the cocktail-shaker. She , knew that Genevieve would spot them in an Instant. She would avert further criticism, turn it to good account, bv nresenting the impos moved Inwards, revealing a large Rotrerl and be shrewd and crafty in politics, asDects. There is likely to be ag sennit themselves well. Mr. ami Mrs. K. .1. Hays of Walnut street have returned to their home after spending since Friday Willi their daughter. MIk .Mary Hays, who Is a Junior at Ohio Htale University. Miss Hays Is III nurse s Iraluing at the university. Two easy-chairs were drawn up clubs or diplomacy. Major Bowes presents a new doable bed on its en a in we aperture. "Mighty easy to handle, and saves snaceWe all use 'em in Hollywood." willi littln tahle set chummilv be sible Bebe in a hospitable light. group of talented amateurs in a screen act. shown with the latest tween them on which was a tray "Look, she's mixed these for us. Let me poor you one, 1 il 1 w with two glasses on it and a sniny cofktail shaker. In neWBreels. r She pulled the bed down. "Try the mattress. It's the beauty-sleep Unit T anlv have the beat." Mr. and Mrs. (I. Karl Brown and She smiled, her" disappointment uenevieve. i cure urea. "Though I didn't like the looks of her, and I think it very Bohemian of her to be in here so boldly, I fU;.lr f will h in AnA." rnnied.d (laughter, Patty Ann. of SiilHvau IUL1I1K. Ol'c w6""' - Diana was amused and Intrigued at the idea of using the cheerful little living-room as her bedroom at gressive and high-pressure methods that aren't satisfactory. Be alert to treachery or subtleties. With such precaution and the aid of an elderly woman, new undertakings may be successfully launched. Conserve the energies. If This l Your Birthday Those whose birthday It Is may-look for a very energetic and high pressure year, with the faculties and forces keyed to high pitch. Some reserve should be put upon these. ' Be alert to trickery and be watRptu.1 were the guests yesterday of Mrs. Brown's parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Carlin, of Nebeker street. Mivht- in Home one uia as ine Genevieve. A pick-me-up was just 11 ni e 1 " " J w " ' ' with double doors at right angles .. . . . j .i.- .unuin i.: - . ( TLn knnnlnw a uflH. Volcanic Ash The average volcanic eruption does not make the upper air dusty, but when the outbreak takes the form of a violent explosion great quantities of fine mineral dust (so-called "ash") reaches much higher levels than are ever attained by wind-lifted soil or by the soct from Ores. In the strong winds prevailing at such levels the dust soon spreads out in ar. enormous canopy, dense enough to produce a number, of, striking effects. wnat sne neeaeu. Diana Juggled the shaker that -Y... -.nM hovA InvAit 1a nitoh nilt ing, and Just the right else for nnnviAva and herself. to tne winoowi uiai. i" u., -perpendicular bed. Another door aa tha mAntplniecs. Probably a The English Spa, Bath Bath is situated in the county of Somerset, 107 miles from London. Its hot springs have yielded their beneficial supply for nearly 1,000 years'. The mineral waters were used by the Romans in the- First century A. D. A large culvert built by them for carrying off the surplus water is in use. "Come eee the kitchenette, darl- of the window, since it was obvious oloiefl-cuDboard. w." aha said to her motner. tog, . , TT" . Mu1- . mHuaniMIM. Ill - First Ministry of Sport The first modern ministry of sport was established by Czar Nicholas, of Russia, in 1913. with Gen Vovekoff as minister With a lift of the heart she saw upon the mantelpiece her own nhntntrranh in a nrettv glasB frame. She approached it, and as she J: .1 .1. J AlrnnHu in frnnt nt ' ' OtU vu, inc ow, - - tier (tne one tnai was m cm""" ..V 1 nnn.A Wifh a cheer from Bebe's demeanor as sne bounced from the cupboard that she had mixed its contents for Roger and herself onlyl ' For fear that Genevieve would suspect that, and notice that she was worried and downcast about It. and wondering about their footing, Diana kept up a running fire of conversation about the Hollywood : they had just toured. 1 (To Be Continued) Onrruhi. mi. in rtAi sixvau, to I. ,CJ J i.i..i i. fc ........ . - . ... eluding the latest kind of frigid-aire," announced the landlady with a proud smile, "and the stove is electric. It has three separate rings for cooking. Also a large oven. There's the temperature-indicator at the side." Genevieve brightened. Bella had never encouraged her to do much in the culinary line, nor wanted her in the kitchen on East 68th Street, even though Genevieve cherished a ful "Ya-hool" that froze on her lips at sight of Diana, out stepped a high decorative, platinum-haired vnnno, woman. "For goodness sake) I beg your nardon 1 tnouani you were i little Junior girl???? How Alginates Are Made Alginates ar. Droduced from a Hillsdale High School Items species of single-celled brQwn algae or kelp wrucn grows proiuseiy aa seaweed off the shores of San mnan Palif Rv refining the kelD. " Xew Department week 111 this column , will letter and answer from the students of H. H. S. to Each ' appear a lovelorn alginic acid of relatively high pur lty is 6ecurea, ana irom um tne various alginic compounds are ,.,-rr f ' v, , - v , , " ' . " . ?i . ' t - - f A V " -l 1 If' ' ' i ' ' . I 1 1 J '-' ,1 , '," 1 ". ' 'l,tfJH" ? " J- j li - . '--4 -f' 1' ' ; r ' ' ' ,.,, .'-.' ' - si W Ji) Morning Sickness Caused by Lack The comedy "Honeymoon Inn", by Jane K. Varlck consisting of fourteen characters will be presented by the Junior Class December lfi. The Yellow .lacketa lost to Amu Friday night in a hard fought game: Owe might guess the, reason for so many melancholy fanes Monday eras that we received our report cards. The local team plays Bellmore Wednesday night. Our new cheer leader. Ion Hardety. is making quite a success training the -heerlne section, bo let's all come tn tbe game :illd back Leon and the" boys. A ticket sale for the basketball tame Wednesday nlgbt is being l-elrt. Kacb student that sells fifty cents worth of tickets receives one free. Of Minerals Aunt Aimlra. This week the most interesting letter received will appear below. . "" Dear Aunt Almira. 1 am ill grief up to my neck and have turned to you as my last report to success In winning the love nf a certain brown-haired, blue-eyed haskelball star of Hillsdale high School. Honestly. Aunt Almira. I've done everything imaginable trying to get this handsome young man tn date me. Why. I've even let him ride by Bicycle, and yet he's never nsked me for a single dale. I want you to give me yonr most sincere advice as to wbal I should do. .My poor heart Is breaking. Hopefully yours. Morning sickness experienced b bo many expectant momera caused by a lack of minerals In the diet. During both pregnancy ana the nursing period, in addition w supplying her own body with min erals, a mother must aiso ufi"i i..miu i.. Ihp Arnwlllr Child. If her diet is deficient, her teeth, bones and other body structure smier, nature will rob the moiner oi min erals in order to supply the enna. Junior ilrl. l.onk for the answer next week. U'K WOVPKR Why so many seniors have been Si A lately? skinny people eat so much? absent Whj WHAT ABOUT HIS EYES? Why certain senior girl wouldn't re.n nn Hobo Day ???? Why an ex-graduate doesn't take post graduate course because of Morning sickness can be avoiaea oy eating Par 16 Balanced Minerals every day. Par 16 eaten every day will also guarantee an expectant or nursing mother of ALL the minerals needed by both mother and child. Eat ' 1. Par 16 Mineralized Bread (10c a loaf) or 2. PUS 16 candy iic a bar) or 3. Par 16 Balanced Minerals Tl jar at drug stores and at grocery stores wherever Par 16 Bread is sold); ; ha vp, vor hai' vara ......-.MIKfriKAUt TOUAK?.-. , "Rhodrsian Man" The term "Rhodesian Man" is the name applied to men whose existence is inferred from a skeleton unearthed at Broken Hill Mine. Northern Rhodesia, in 1921. These men are believed to have been contemporary with Neanderthal Man, but with somewhat smaller brain capacity. The individual found was 5 feet 10 inches in height. The features were gorillalike, but the teeth were distinctively' human. sentimental interest in a cute his See these New Lamps . t four Dttler't or -Our Showroom ChooM gcauiiie I.E.S lamp (approved by the IHuminating Engineers' Society) from a variety of new designs in table, bridge sod 6oor models. You'll God s complete display, at new low prices, at yoor dealer's note or at our salesroom. Be sure tbtt the lamp yon buy bean the I.E.S. certificate lag your guarantee of proper lighting. Of course it's a thrill to feel your child's sturdy muscles in a body full of health aod youthful energy but eye-health is important, too. He'll need his eyes aU his life-precious eyesight mustn't be neglected. Ask your eye specialist to test his eyes, and keep them ssfe with tajt light Givt Hit Eyes the Protection They Need with Proper Light You esn have safe light in your home hetlth-ful light tht protects young sod old eyes from dangerous strain. Better Sight lsropi are a derel-opmem of modern lighting science provide the right amount and right of Uo tor your home. ,i A Hree Days' Cough 1$ Your Danger Signal Ko matter how many medicines you have tried for vour cough, chest cold or bronchial Irritation, you can get relief now with Creomukjon. Serious trouble may be brewing and you cannot afford to take a chance with any-Uiing less than Creomulfcion, which goes right to tne seat of the trouble to aid nature to soothe and heal the tn flamed membranes as the germ-laden plii.Tn is loosened and expelled. Bven If other remedies have failed. iy jaa ttii ,;.I: J B5n03S NOHOOI Hj . v. S f 1 OOIl t we Ulswuraisru, jifui uiukg, m j authorized to guarantee Creoinulsion and to refund your money if you are not ealisned with results from the very first botile.CetCreomuluonrightnow.iAdvJ NORTHERN INDIANA POWER COMPANY

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