The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on August 11, 1921 · Page 2
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 2

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 11, 1921
Page 2
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS MUSTAPHA KEMAL PASHA Resides producing more paper than any other country in the world, the United States wastes more. SWIVELED-PIPE VERY USEFUL FOR WASHING RESERVE BOARD AVERTED PANIC 1 922 U. S. TAX FOUR BILLIONS SIGNS POINTING TO BADATTERY Practical Hints on What to Do to Get Long Life and Good Service From "Juice" Box. l l . r&.-A I Now that Greece thinks it has the Turk on the run It refuses to think of anything but a fight to a finish. Eastern educator says Americans need ideals more than ideas. Rut can you have one without the other? When the number of hangings equals the number of murders the number of murders may begin to diminish. nard times will keep a lot of us away from the beaches this summer, but there is plenty to see at home. Many a man has enough confidence In a friend to lend him money, bnt he doesn't always have enough money. Going around and around in a whirlpool for an hour is at least better than going down for five minutes. If the high price of shoes is due to a shortage In leather, maybe fat men ought to be compelled to quit wearing belts. WATCH THE BIG 4 Stomach-Kidneys-Heart'Liver Keep the vital organs healthy by regularly taking the world's standard remedy for kidney, liver, bladder and uric acid troubles COLD MEDAL lEMm The National Remedy of Holland for centuries and endorsed by Queen Wilhel-mina. At all druggists, three sizes. Look for the nam Gold Medal en cry ioi and accept no imitation Pesliy Bed-Bugs P. D. Q. Trv Just once P. D. Q. NR Tablets tone and strengthen 3 ll organ3 of digestion and elimina- E tion, improve appetite, stop sick if If headaches, relieve biliousness, 11 correct constipation. They act B promptly, pleasantly, mildly, yet W U Tonight, Tomorrow Alright 1 mm Also of Great Advantage in Pilling Radiator. End Can Be Swung Around Without Splashing Water Over Shoes, Car, Etc Section of Garden Hose Is Quite Ample. A swiveled pipe connection with the hydrant as is shown in the illustration is of advantage in the garage for filling the radiator and for washing the car. The connection is two lengths of pipe about 1 inch in diameter, joined by means of four standard elbow fittings and a short coup ling. This is attached to the water- main brought up about 3 feet from the floor, with the cut-off valve placed on this pipe. The water main is usually located in the end of tlje garage farthest from the entrance. The swiveled pipe will permit of swinging the end over the filling cap of the radiator and this is filled with- POSITIONS FC WASrliriG CAR Where Much Cleaning and Washing Has to Be Done, as in the Wagon Shed or Garage, This Swiveled Pipe Will Be Very Useful. out splashing the water over the floor, shoes, hood, etc.. by simply turning the water on. A 4 -foot section of garden hose is ample for use with this extension when washing the car. Tlie hose is lilted with a screw connection that may be readily unscrewed. Popular Science Monthly. TIRE MADE FROM WHALE SKIN First Soaked in Tanning Mixture Until Perfectly Soft and Then Plunged Into Mold. At the automobile show in Seattle, Wash., a tire was exhibited made from the hide of a I'aciRc coast whale. The whale sk:n, thick ami rubbery, was soaked iu the tanning mixture until perfectly soft and then plunged into the mold. At the tannery it was said that such tires can be manufactured at one-fourth the cost of those of rubber. Hides from shark, wolf fish and whales can be used. AVTQMOBHX Some speed have sockets so deep that a small screw- sinks all the way into the socket. For the man who drives a big, heavy car the possibilities of truck pneumatics are worth consideration. . In Turkey there are American. English, Italian and German motor vehicles in use in Constantinople. Of the .Ho establishments for the production of motor vehicles in this country S are located in Michigan. Do not get within range of the exhaust pipe of a car while the engine is running within a small closed garage. In Philadelphia all garages are taxed according to their capacity, the tax being ?2 on a garage holding one car. If strips of brake lining are tied around the jaws of bars used to bend plated or enameled levers, pedals, headlight rods, etc., scratching will he prevented. I-.- I 1 1 f I X I! II ii tL.-.' (J r pipe, aud f .7 rmirtGS i section cr ,y j VARIIIHG WILL BE ADEQUATE Car Is Run Much at Night Current May Not Be Sufficient When Charging System Fails Have It Attended to. Sooner or later your electrical system will fail to charge the battery. When that happens your engine will begin to miss explosions and shortly after will refuse to run. Before this calamity overtakes you there will be plenty of warning. The lights will go down more than usual when the starter is used. They will brighten when you speed up the engine and grow dim when you slow down. These j signs point to a weak battery and j should not be disregarded. If you j have been observant you will have , noticed that the ammeter registered a , low charging rate. This indicates that : the generator is not charging as it 1 should. Rut the fault may be in the 1 driver and not in the generator at all. If the starter or the lights are used too j much the current will be drawn from i Jhe battery faster than it is being charged. So note that your battery cets the proper balance. If the car is run much at night the battery may not receive enough current. Run the engine more during the daytime, so as to replace the current that ha been drawn from it. When Charging System Fails. If the charging system has failed, due to some defect, have it attended to at a service station, and have the battery charged immediately. Some owners prefer to charge their own batteries from the lighting system in the house. This is a practical melhod and one that will grow, especially where servic-c stations are not available. Special apparatus is required, but it is not expensive. It may be connected to any lamp socket usinc volt current. This may be direct or alternatinc, th apparatus differing according to which current i used. For direct current a rheostat is employed which brine the current down to the rieht amperes, usually ten amperes for the average battery used en a startinc and liehting system. For alterating current a rectifier must be used to give direct current and to give the right amperage. The positive of the battery must be connected to the positive lead from the apparatus and the negative of battery to the negative lead. This runs the charging current into the positive of the battery, reversing the chemical composition of the plates. Then, when the change is complete, charging is stopped and the current may he drawn from the positive in the usual manner. Prepare for Charging. Refore charging you must see that the electrolyte covers the plates. Noth-inc but distilled water; should ever be added for this purpose, and then only after the battery is charged. The electrolyte should cover the plates at least a quarter of an inch at sill times. Hav ing inspected and corrected this condi tion, the filling caps should be re moved to allow the gas to escape. Then adjust the amperage according to the capacity of the battery. A discharged battery should start charg ing at one-tenth capacity. Thus a 100 ampere-hour battery should start at ten amperes ; a ,sixty ampere-hour at six amperes. In an hour or so the hydrogen gas will start to come off very frely. This is known as gassing or boiling. When it gases freely you diminish the charging rate one or two amperes. The battery will be fuilly charged when the electrolyte reads 1.275 to 1,300 on the hydrometer. This will take about ten hours. The volt meter reading will be about seven volts but the hydrometer test is more satisfactory. Gov. Harding Further Describes Working of U. S. Money Reservoirs, STOPPED GENERAL COLLAPSE Concressienal Commission Is Told Re- j stncticns cf Credit Saved Financial Crash Country's Bankers "Passed the Buck.'" Washington. Au?. S. The ebb and flow of :mnetary credits through The federal reserve system was further described before a congressional coni-rr.iss'u n by Governor Harding of the ressenv hoard. - t.ave twelve reservoirs 01 j money in the reserve banks," he said, "and we can put a pipe line from one to aiiot!. er of them hon need's be-ooHi. ;oi cr.-:,i for local money supply, sdways rrni'-nilnTing that the l.;tn ' :".e r.v.-l art- -cured by Ioer:l rmMit-r bar.ks. "The fe.U-rr.I n-M nv board can outline a crvdit policy, but It is very difficult t -nforeo it Kt-anse of this member t ank prT isi:ion. There are 3V ".t of th m an 1 they take the responsibility ir. the first ir.sT.inee. "Sore of them hob', unused lending power, -nhilv o'hers In credit strin-getc go the Federal Reserve batik arid get wider, even dancerous -tensioi .. That was why we ha I to tal.l:sh the progressive rate, to pen-nsir Tht- honv!cst borrowers, but we hope we'll r.tver have to put progressive rrites in effect again." "There is a prevailing impression that the break In general price during lPl'O was due to the restriction of credit, and that the reserve board was respoiisii-le for the restriction." Itep-rrer!tr.t;ve Mills (Rep.). New York said. There is nothii.c in it." Governor Hariiir.z replied. "Our efforts were devoted in If20 to preventing a !ate cf our lankincr system. col- It !nt our duty to enhance or reduce prices, but credit is based on prices, and in 120 we had most sig- , liincant sirr.s That a break was com- ; inf." j -Wba- ,lo yon think woi:! l have hap- j ped i:' you had not adopted a re- j Mnitk'ii policy?" asked Senator T:i- r-r; (lUr.). Wisconsin. I "Vou car. tell what happened in j Cuba." Governor Harding replied, j "Thert would have come collapse ac- j graated by harking insolvency." ; "Surpose the board had restricted j earlier." Senator I ..en root said. ou:i t -M the rise in prices h-en lessened V "'s pnbr.Me." Governor Harding Sid. -ril be frank with you. Had interest rates been put up earlier, the runaway movement of prices and spccu'atiou tnier have been checked. And it might have Yvn better." liepivsentative Sumner (IVm.) of Texas. rgr-st ! that The word nas b-er. passed o-t from the reserve hf.nks" dur'.nc VMO and telling npr.kers to kwnre of prices and credits on farm products particularly. -Nothing went out from the reserve board that i inconsistent with my ptatenMnts." Governor Harding replied, "but I want you to understand th&t in hu'-nen psychology a country hank r declining to loan wants to retain friendship of the customer if he can. No bank wants to make a per-sooal enemy. The banker passes the buck, rnd says the reserve bank has called in all loans and he csn't lend. That let? him out. but creates that widespread sentiment you cite." Governor Harding insisted it had not been the policy of the reserve board, or Its idea, to reduce prices, or to spread the Idea they are going to fall. "Toa must know the pressure which cpon us to issue general statements," Governor Harding said, "nut we never issued one unless silence would have made matters worse." MEXICO PUTS TAX ON AUTOS Iwiport Duty cf About 50 Per Cent cf Cars Value Announced by Obregcn. Houston, Tex.. Aug. 8. L. Garza i IjeHt. Jit AlVilU V1 'U - I - H 1. 1 LI V 1U 1 statement that President Obregon by executive decree, effective August L, imposed an import tax amounting to approximately ?0 p?r cent of the value of popular-priced American cars now being shipped into Mexico. The tax, according to Senor Leal's advices, is 75 -er.tavos (about oT1 cents) a kiio-gram for the first 20 kilograms weight : 0 centavos a kilogram for the next 5X) kilograms, end 50 centavos a kilogram- for every kilogram over TT0 kilograms. It would mean in American money a tax of approximately on a car of 1.650 pounds. McNary Bill Is Passed. Washington, Aug. 6. President nT-i'ir;r won another victory In the smate when It passed the McNary bill extending the powers f the War n nance corporation to assist in market Ing surplus farm products abroad. Bandits Get $40,000. SL Ixrais, Aug. 6. Three bandits held CD and slugged Tommy Felaido. post office messenger, at Wood River, ni nd escaped with three mail poaches, one of which contained $40,- i I I I j ! j I Secretary of Treasury Mellon Asks Ten Changes of Congress. WOULD PUT LEVY OH AUTOS Declares Suggested Revenue Reductions Can Be Made Safely Only if Government Expenditures Are Cut Down to the Limit. Washington. Aug. G. The cost of running the United States government for the fiscal year of 1022 will be $4,550,lU0.0i. according to revised estimates placed before the house ways mrl means committee by Secretary Mellon. He estimated that receipts would yield S,"AKW"1 and customs $37.-im.X0. leaving S3.S30.OO0.O0rt to be raised in taxes. For the fiscal year 1022 the present law would yield S3.S7.".O.0O in internal revenue and customs. The revised laws would yield 5n0;V.O0.0'O, Mellon said, if the rovdo!i of the corporation, income and excess profits taxes is made effective January 1, 1021. -These figures do not include the estimated receipts from the suggested 1-cent tax n first las mail matter and 2-cent tax on lank checks." he said. '-Those, it is estimated, will vield sll7.Oi!0V a year, or $72,000.-tii from stamps and M.Vto.OO( from bank chocks." With these estimates Secretary Mellon also submitted his recommendation for lax revision. "This revenue." said Mellon, "can U- reduced with safety only if. and the extent that, further reductions arc enforced in the spending depart ments of the government." Secretary Mellon estimates an increased revenue from the new tariff law. if enacted by December next, cf STO.t . t for the six months of the f.-cal 1022. and SKO.Ori.noO in ih- risi-al year 1023. TTrcinc a chance in the income tax law because of dwindling receipts from the hisrher surtax rates, the secret a ry snid the revenue from the surtaxes in 1021 will be 0.0 0i and the call from the surtaxes alove 3 ler cent, which, he as the maximum, will le l.-ss than $lrtiii. A small immediate loss will result fro;; the chance, but in the end they will be heavier. Mr. Mellon sucgested that the normal and surtax combined should not exceed 4 ier cent for 1021 and 33 i-r cent thereafter. Mellon sugcesteI as a substitute for il!.rtce profits tax. rapidly Ihh-imu-ing unpriviluctive. an Increase of Tv jer vnt in the present 1 iHr cent corporation inciune tax rare, and repeal of tlie S2.' personal income tax exemption. Collection of back taxes ar estimated to yield ?23..nni ." in 1022 and 33.c in 1023. but it micht yM, .ossihle to s-cure an additional tpi.yv'v fr-m this source in 1022. he a!mittei. He rv-iuiiraended n -duct ion of one-half of ihe freight and passenger tninsp rtation taxes by January 1. 1122. and repealed totally by Tannary 1. 1023. The loss of revenue would be s r2.i VwM in 1022 e.nd Slsti.MHK in 1023. The ice cream and fountain tax should le repealed, as also the excess price taxes on wearing apparel, l ne loss would be less than $2o.0u0.. ne said the tax on perfumes, cos- - , l ; : : . metics ano proprietary mencne i evaded and is irritating and should be switched upon the producer or Importer. The secretary recommended dou bling the present rate of documentary stamp taxes, increasing the revenues bv $30.iO0tX for the fiscal year 1022 and $7O.0.00rt for the fiscal year 1023. He suecested the 2-cent stamp taxes on eacn sicm n.rv ,n tax of 1 cent on first class postage as a '-convenient method of taxation. Kn annual federal license tax upon motor vehicles averaging $10. graded aecordinc to power, would yield SSo,- YOHO in 1022. He succesbpd an increase in tax on cicarettes from S3 to So a tnousana and sp.cht increases on other tobacco products to vield additional revenue ..r --;ivemn 5n 1022 and S-TT .000,000 in the fiscal year 1023. Seeretarv Mellon said there would be relativelv small payments to ran roads in 1023 as acainst the S-4o,im,- 0 payments of 1922. France Gets Papal Nuncio. Paris, Aug. 4. Resumption of diplo matic relations between rranre anu the Vatican have been formally ef fected bv the arrival In this city from Rome of Archbishop Beneventura Ser- reti. who will act as papal nuncio here $40,000 Payroll Holdup. Hackensack. N. J- Aug. 8. The conntv prosecutor's office was notified that six armed bandits had held up the pavmaster of the Barrett Mann f"rmrin comnanv at Shadyside and escaped with a payroll of $40,000. Plans Aid for Cuba. Washington. Aug. 8. Official ar rangements for the relief of Cuba financially are In progress at the State department; hut It was stated that they have not reached the point where announcement may be made. If Pesky Devils Quietus as a preventive or to rid Ued Hugs, Roaches, Fleas and Ants. Kvery family should use P. D. Q. house cleanirs time to guard against th Pesky Devils and to prevent moths. F. D. Q. is not an ( insect powder, but is a new chemical that kills insects New portrait of Mutapha Kemal Faha. .xwnivc head of t:e Turkish nationalist fjovernnior.t. against whoso armies the tJroeks are fighting in Asia Minor. SOX PLAYERS FREED Seven Baseball Men "Not Guilty" of Throwing Games. Commissioner Landis Says -Black Sox" Will Net Be mitted to Play Again. Seven Per- Chicago. Aug. o. The -Rlack Sox" were acquitted. It took the jury two hours and fortyeven minutes. The defendants are Eddie Cicotte. Claude Williams, Joe Jackson. '"Chick" GandiL. "Buck" Weaver, "Swede" Ilis-berg. "Happy" Felsch. ball players. and Carl Zork. St. Louis, and David Zelser. LVs Moines, alleged gamblers, Amidst the wildest enthusiasm the ball players pounded each other on the back and foucht to shake hands tn1 jurors, who had absolved them of the charge of conspiracy to throw the 1010 world's series games for :?l,o.v. There had Uon only one ballot taken. Judge Kenesaw Mountain L,?ndis. supreme dictator of baseball, intimat- ed that the -even "Black Sox" freed by a jury in Judge Hugo M. Friend's court of -omplkity in throwing of the lf10 world's scries classic, would not be allowed to play baseball. The statement issued by the judge declared that "regardless of the verdict of jur. .r. no man who threw a came of ball" or participated in any way in the throwing, could ever again take his pla-e on the diamond. Charles Comiskey. owner of the White Sox. stated that the seven men oar. not expect to rejoin the team. BURY CARUSO IN NAPLES Funeral of Late Tenor Interrupted by War Among Camera Men Singer's Jewels Guarded. Naples. Italy, Aug. 6. Incidents not altogether pleasant occurred while the Caruso funeral procession was on its way to the cemetery. There was a veritable war among photographers seeking to take pictures of the scene, one of them maintaining he had received the exclusive right from the family of Caruso to take the pictures and that all others must be excluded from that privilege. Operators of moving picture machines alo quarreled, a local house claiming the exclusive right to transfer to the celluloid views of the streets traversed. This claim was up held in certain quarters and others were not permitted to operate. Measures to protect the property owned by the late Enrico Caruso have been taken by the authorities. There was some uneasiness over a string of pearls that the de?d tenor bought in Pnris ten years asro and said to be valued at 1.0CV.yw francs. The loca tion also of a ring set with a valuable diamond was the subject of preoccu pation in some quarters. CAMP GRANT CAPTAIN SHOT Prison Farm Commandant Wounded by Bul'et Fired From Ambush. Rockford. HI- Ang. 4. Capt, Rolw ert Ferris commandant of the Camp Grant prison farm, was shot from am bush about four miles south of camp late vesteriav. He lies at the base hospital in the camp with a bullet in his back. The shooting occurred In a place where the south-bound cement road penetrates a dense woods. Harding Visits Hospital. Lancaster N. H Aug. 8. President Harding Interrupted his vacation at the top of Mount Prospect to go on an errand of mercy to" the army tu bercular hospital at G orb. am, 25 miles away. Bandits Hold Up Train. Greenville. Ill- Ang. 8. Two bandits hoarded a Baltimore & Ohio passenger train at Beeeher City at night, held tip the express messenger and escaped with all the sealed express iacfc- to 1 and their eggs. Each package contains, free, a patent spout, to enable you to get to the hard-to-get-at places and saves th juice. A 35 cent package makes million insects and their egrgs. Your druggist has it or can get it for you. Mailed prepaid upon receipt of price by th Owl Chemical Works, Terra Haute. Ind. Steady Young Feller. "They tell me that your hoy. Josh, has grown to be a iniddlin' wild young feller since he come back from traveling around with them marines," said Farmer Iirown to his neighbor. "Wa l l." drawled the father, "tre-. ain't exactly what I'd call wild. He's been goin' to the movies a coupla times a week, smoked cigarettes, drinks a right smart lot of lemon sody, and has started to collect pictures of them show actresses. But I reckon the boy ain't bad he's just sowin' his wild oats." The AUTOMOBILE PLATFORM IS UNIQUE jmiJm-BmmmjijmmL-jmmum m 1 laaaaarwiw 1 p ma P-L, - Sou ire 1-1S FOR INDIGESTION 1)11 Quickly Relieved by WAKEFIELD'S Blackberry Dalsam Wakefield Blackberry Balsam haa been the aureet and quickest remedy (or Diarrhoea, pyyeiuery. Cholera Infantum and Cholera. Morbus for 76 years. While tt ia quick and positive in Its action, it is harmless and does not constipate. It checks the trouble and puts the and bowels In tbetr natural, regular condition. Of the millions of bottles sold, no case haa been reported where a cure waa not effected when directions were followed. Every home should have a bottle or mora on hand ready for sudden attacks, tea and tl.00. 1.0 bottle holds t tlaaea 50o sice. Sold everywhere. FRECKLES POSjtTTVl.V arDe. nil's Rehef r lW IHDJGESTIOHjJ KSSvCyjljpi 5 Bell-ans Jcbd-Ll Hot water KjriVE Sure Relief lliis uuiqin; uuoiu. v.... pi.nix.n.. -o i.m win- !.. teliiuan ,i wilt be seen all over the country. You drive your car upon the platform, the service man gets under It, changes the oil in tlia crank case, transmission or differential while you sit in the car and see him do the work. Then all you pay Is your gas bilh Keen business rivalry and a bid for the motorists business brought forth this new mechanical accommodation for motorists. g?s. 4 in currency.

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