The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 19, 1936 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 19, 1936
Page 2
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The Daily Clmton'ati, Clinton, Indiana Thursday, November 19, 1933 fai Twi "Sworn Enemy" on Palace Screen. 1 the streets and In the store at various periods during the celohrutlon. There are now fifty. nine On k ley stores scattered throughout the Wabash Valley. OAKLEY WEEK IS . BIG ATTRACTION American Red Cross Struggling to End Accidents ip Homes, on Farms Qf Nation; 2,500 Croups at Work PERMANENT PWfl IS OBJECTIVE OF : BEITER, HAYDEN na:.ot of c.irjdcnt i-aui-es. "Almosi twice as many persons mer atcfdeniul death In the suppntu-d titTiinty of their own homes during lSSS n were falully Injured In nil kinds of calnfiil emiiloymenl." Bui K-liam Hairi. The Red Cross Is also carving (he AVht arninsl acrldenis to the form." Mr. Hincham pointed out. "Aitrlciillure ads all olhsr ihtu nations in the number of accidents In connection wl'li nccupntlons. with 4.4Hil iiersniis loiilnn Ihelr lives during the past year on fartnij ' This in V J-s '-i J " V ' v''f ..' A;r ;: (X. -:; a. . n..i - , ,1 i ,- -i Bis Appropriation, CoiuolidaUoa of Many Federal Agencies WM Be Proposed ' m roMnn I? r D CCCVC TC til L.L'i . . WASIUNOTON. Nov. 17 A diwl program calling for $!.rl.nou.n;ii. to. wind up the eioniKoncy TWA and to transform, it Into a pcruuiuvui federal rfsency will be proposed by the "PW.A bloc" In congress. Consolidation ot niauy of llio governmental agencies now having a .part tn puMic works projected together with a planning procrani by federal, state and city povernmcnts IB embraced In th program. JViler, Haydcn. ln-ader Rep. Alfred Belter. ( D. i of New York, who led a successful movement last year which ended with President Roosevelt approving t'JOO.OOO.IHiu for the emergency PWA, and Senator Harden tP.I of Aricona, will head tiia congressional RolR-rt Vounit. Vlorenre Rice, Joseph f.illela tffer sli-rhur chrcterl7-tfons In ronipelliiiK sioiy r Man Who Avenges lirother's !i nt Hands of Racketeers. In India ut Pleistocene Age There were men on the hills ol India in the Pleistocene Age. Tools found there are the same as those used in Europe. group. ; - i. . While president Roosevell has cr,,wd ' a-tcuneU. not fully disclosed his plans for Hie ,(m .,)(.,s re . u sul(, FW, beaded by Secretary of luleri-; aPO canva,sms .he or ickes, he was said today to .,. jchb(,rhn(, nit ,th ,,,ae,u ad Tor vindtoK up the emergency pub- ,irt.P Nearly jro.OO have lie works program soon as posMble. 1r,ke:) ,n -- fsr. K. I. Wf- Vlen prrnii-e IToi-neis will piny their "The president is anxious to fiel ; mirth gomo of backetlmll nt Scot-the govern mnt out of the bnnlne ' &n .Vidrjfdny nichl. Nov. IS. for sake, of mnployment alone and rrsnk tA,brmann of HiH.-dale vis-let private industry handle it." said 11() & hn(), )l(,1T T.hnrsaay ar.a Frl-B high administration official. tlav A plan has already been prepa-ed . 4.VPr.,, nf ,h younx ,,lr,ters have by administration public works ct- i -pportl;d inijnn a few rabbits over pert for creation of a permanenl j f WPekl.nj, vvf r cl.ismen. hnw-federal public works board to fuuc- V(?1. aflviEr Doy- lo Krt ttw -option in conjunction wilb stale an' ( .B, ( f paieuts before going ramniclpal planniuB boards. ni)nljn,. Consolidation of virtually nil , Tullio- Heher's girl surely live off agencies handling public worlis i" ()f tle r00(j ,ur jUI1;OI. i,pen the goal of the expsrts. Rivers and -ates fI!r in(,e 6(.hooI atart. barbora projects, no wuandled by , d Marv smith of Clinton visited FOR EASY CHRISTMAS SHOPPING, WE SUGGEST THIS SIMPLE PLAN, CHOOSE GIFTS NOW AT PENNEY'S, DEPOSIT WHAT YOU CAN PAY THE BALANCE WEEKLY UNTIL THE GIFTS ARE PAID FOR SAVE TROUBLE, TIME AND MONEY THAT'S WHAT THIS PLAN IS MADE FOR. ASK ABOUT OUR XMAS CLUB PLAN! The American Itod Cross durliiu ! P" W I11"' r'u"'h aE!", -" '" loonies uud ou the farms of Amcrhn according iti Judge. G. K. Htngliam. i chairman of the Vermillion riunt Phnpter or the Ued Oross, who said i describlne, the organized llahi thar 2,fifl) ohap-lers of or-vanluitfon !n all wctfnn of Ut count rv wn eo-opera! in. Judge PlTifr- snid thftl CP rooperation with the Rod mss, lioppiinlh. chnnihpri r com- hospitals. n -rcf, safety counctiH. puMic o?fW, .ioo1h thronuhom ili country had vnrkd diirtujr thr papt ftw momhsi ; crUoct!iije local home accident data I unjcromp fiicis and flppsijlinii flu-"s on iho niimlK-r of lives lost and 'nlnricw Hustninod In these ppomine-'v "pitiipi" everyday mlshito?. This; ' J-'t fp hfipf: li'od nt to4 prfn.nt j l'm. hn Mid. in ncnna.i.tiiiff 1tVj ' 'TiMio with the pncrs'.iv for 0!mi- : sc hool here j class of '36, i d.iy. Monday. Heleu Bain, wits a visitor the same Another Kor 1'ncle Sam William E. Maloney, Jr.. of last year's grcduating class, has fallen In step with six other St. Bo-nice boys and joined the V. S. Navy. He-was to report for duty 'Wednesday of this week. Maloney graduated with the highest honors. His mauy fiends, in school and out, wish hiro all the luck in the world. Several of his friends from Dana and St. P. entice attended a farewell party given in his honor at the Xlalouey Monday evening. Tt seems that teachers still have binhdava. I-ast Monday evening. Vavember 9. the high school teachers Burpri9ed Mr. Thompson at Ills home with a fried chicken supper. After supper they were entertained by playing checkers, euchre, and hearts, and listening to the,' radio. Refreshments were served. The teaches gave Mr TbomttBt" a nice birthday gift of a pair of L-loves and a scarf. Sew Eonrfinwnt A shuffle beard set ban been made In the manual training w and a court l being laid out on the hal- ONLY 10e-25e Mixed in "Sworn Enemy," Attraction ,""J"1""1 1 Jl fry"! -k. ' I I Oakley Stores Celebrating Their Twenty-seventh Anniversary of Successful Business Thursday marks the Innugiirntloit of the twetiiy-seveiith uumirtl Oakley V'eek, an uuuiversary cehibratlou of the oiiijiual fnnndini; nf the Oakley Kcoiutnij Stores. This year's cveul takes on sp'ilal rimilfli-auce due to the fact thi't (luring the past year 111 company adopted a new policy of, transform' iim all of the Oakley sloren Into lelf-"erve units. The change-over affected on Jan. IS of this year, met with Instant nosular approvnl with the thonsanH" of Oakl-.n- pfttrnns, and ar-rordlng to H V. Oakley, president, their cm.-t -mers responded to such sn extent to make this year's business (he t'reatet In volume in the twenty-seven years of history and de.vel.ip- jment of the Oakley storm. in onservaiice or inis tner, 31 r. Oakley has announced that during Oakley Week the twins, "economy jprd value"', which were "adopted" on last Jan. IS, will be personified lit live figures who will nppear on i 1 rn A Sport and Dress $ 50 The kind of coats that usually sei! for a great deal more! Rich fur trimmings, youthful styles. Sizes 14 to 46. The New Small Shape TURBANS Trimmed with veils and ornaments. A selection at 90c Bengaline GLOVES For Your Ensemble 90c Misses All Wool Plaid MACKINAWS 90 64-inch Colored Border TABLE DAMASK yd.49e Basco Finished TABLE DAMASK yd.69c All Linen LUNCH CLOTHS $1. CO Ecru Lace ' Cloth 57x72 $1.29 57x72 $1.79 72-inch Pure Linen TABLE DAMASK yd.$1.29 Single. Cotton BLANKET8 Large Plaid Design Full Bed Sire 36-inch Drapery Damask yd. 19 Ladies' UNDERWEAR 49e Medium weight rayon striped i OR, 6. II. SELLERS DENTIST . ' 249 J South Main Street ) tilntoo, Indiana COLUMBIA rnriHinv vi v " "THE FIRST BABY" with Shirley Deane ' and Johnny Downs Comedy "BRAIN DUSTERS" 10c and 15c Ladies Silk and Wool HOSE 49c J Newest Fall Shades Fast Color PIIEJTS Make pretty aprons for your Christmas gifts. For Shirtmakers 36-inch CHEVIOTS yd- lc 27-inch Outing Flannel yd. Qc Lieht and Dark Patterns Large Size - TEzmy TOWELS 2for25c White with colored border. Good weight. it) I ff axaiust u record of 4.0'ln deaths in trade and service Industries. 2. Sou in construction industries. l.COO from manufacturing, and l,tuo from mlninp. quarrying, oil and ga: wells." Indiwry has gone a long way." he concluded "by reducine Us acci dent frequency rate by more than half in the Inst ten years, and It is up to uh In the Red Cross, as well the prnrral' public, to do all in our p;m-r to eltminaio tne acctaetuB on the farm and in the home.'' eony floor of the gymnasium. A box hockey outfit is also being made in titc roau:nl trriiteng room. These are just two of the ijeas brought back from the physical education meeting at Tcn-e Huufe. Through the physical edticalion department. Miss C'-ipe intend to urbanize Girl Scout Troop. The bonks and instructions have been ordered. Miss Cripe slated that by the end of the school year she expects to have the troop a member of the National flirl Scout organization. Any girl within age limits is eligible. Cadmaean Victory A Cadmaean victory is a victory purchased, at great expense of life. The allusion is to the armed men who sprang out of the ground from the teeth of the dragon sown by Cadmus. Those men fell foul of each other and only five of them, escaped death. Respect for Electric Eel The natives of. South America have great respect lor the electric eel. end some of them prize his flesh. An early naturalist relates how the Indians drove horses into jungle ponds inhabited by the high- voltage eels. After the eels had exhausted, tneir storage batteries on the horses, they fell an easy prey. Sometime, however, the Indians lost a horse which bod been weakened by repeats"! knocks until it sank into the water: The common type of eei. known to every tresh-wntcr fisherman, breeds in the ooean. Young eels in the spring ascend rivers and streams by millions, sometimes traveling overland to infest every pond and tributary rHEPCTURES TONIGHT 25c "cHJaMlir MT8TSST 11HTHI OAJOB1 Of THE WCSil ITS "Plow That Broke the Plains" Paramount News "Lover's Paradise" and TravetfUm 1 , K H i j . , i i .--?Fi I - r m Mum I cm mux tamo Kmcrt term?. I RKHIIT MUHTn jutrrt ftAMrrr alan pa:.: JtfOWIOS 'JWSAJTTe HOLLO IXO"i Ancient 1 neier oi ir cnr The ancient tliealei of the Has. su-vivos in its put est ami .tio. vital torn, in Java unci Jai.. On r-ntal authorities sl;.te MONDAY SPECIAL! Only 7 Children's Coats Medium Weight 00 Mostly Small Be Here Early These!. Sizes, to Get Men's !4-lb. Winter Weight UNDERWEAR Men's Part Wool BOOT SOCKS Pr.SC For Hi-Top Boots t Here is just thi :hat men like,; belted back. 1 k;nd of a coat firjej tweed with single breasted! A "Marathon" Hat. New Shades at $1.98 - FUR LINED GLOVES For Cold Weather $1.98 Try Our "Town Clad" stoats Wonderful Dunbury worsted and twist materials that wear. Boys' Winterweight UNDERWEAR Long Sieve Ankle Length P U A Men's Tweed ns lweea the army engineers, ted in tbe plan. would be omit- ST. BERNICE SCHOOL NEWS The St. Bernicenchools. (crade and high, participated in an Armialict program under the auspices nf the American Legion on Armistice- Day Just before eleven o'clock .the American flag was raised with proper ceremony on the flag-pole before tbi Jiigh school buildin:. The high cbool band played America and the National Anthem. At just eleven 'the entire student body. faced the j east and observed a minute of sll-1 ence. Then the group went to the i bigb school assembly for tne remain-1 der or the program. , Margaret Maloney gave a talk concerning tire1 Unknown Soldier. Members of the lglon gave informal talks oh war experiences. Amerf-ranism'. end' pesoe." Mr. Thompson and Hit.' Henrfrin also spoke- on allied gubjeets." " . Tne band nrnde Its first appear-once' Friday. JCovember1 13th, at the first 'basketball ramp at home. St. Bernlee prayed Rbsedale. tiie score 17 to 13 In Rosedale's favor. A NOW . SHOWING VT y vFli ''Writ !7Vrk ) Men's Grey Suede Cloth Shirts 79a Sleep Comfortable on a New Feather Pillow Ea9Sc Curled Chicken Feathers Men's and Boys Pineapple Ribbed Long Sleeve, Dark Color Folo Shirts Buy Several at This Price Men's 1 3 Wool UNDERWEAR $19S Men's Stretch-on Red Rubber Boot $298 Laced at Knee Fine for Hunting or Work saaaanBssssBsaaninsEsx3s p - 1 1 PALACE "KILlOR CET KILLED" j was their pledge! ill X Z T Romance and Racketeers Are New Palace,,. . i.---eir Sweethearts, wives, children . . . these may be the innocent victims of gangland' ' moist terrifying crime! You will be fighting alongside these two ei they battle to smash the last of the big-money rackets! A Splendid Two II v. . il d i n r.i i ! i J This isliaiiliVi Plus Shorts Major Bowes News of the Day Hollywood Extra Hour Show! X X ixlni 1 1 Vmm t-s liSn.,,. I ' , n-i n ftt.An i i. i i .1 --im 'Th M

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