The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on August 8, 1921 · Page 4
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 4

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, August 8, 1921
Page 4
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TOE FAIRRIOUNT NEWS Mrs. M. H. Cox is on the sick list NEW COACH SECURED $7,000.00,and tax, 15 cents on the hun dred dollars. FOR THE ACADEM' Elmer Gossett, of Vine street, is on I Additional Road Tax expenditures. the sick list. $3,500.00, and tax, 11 cents on the hundred dollars. H?1 1L fe E. H. Marshall of Oskaloosa, Iowa, at Head of Athletics, Succeeding Hallie Hamilton Harry Leer made a business trip to Marion, Friday afternoon. Poor expenditures for preceding year, and tax, 3 cents on the hundred WORK ON BUILDINGS FOR SCHOOL PROGRESSING. Work on the additions and improve-mentsto the high school building is progressing rapidly. Excavations for the two new rooms which will join the high school building and the Vine street building were completed in two days by Virgil Cage and Cecil Payne, who held a subcontract for the work, finishing their task Thursday evening. Friday workmen began digging the trenches for the foundation for the new gymnasium, 60x80 feet, which will be located on the east of the con E. H. Marshall, of Oskaloosa, la., Mr. and Mrs. Otto Hamilton left Monday for a visit in Oswego, Ind. a graduate of Penn college, has been ' RfXMin-nl mm nurh h tha tmiaf of V We place on sale for this week 500 yards of yard wide brown Muslin that is Rood enough for Sheeting or Pillow Cases at 2c per yard. Mrs. John Flanagan and Miss Nelia Fairmount academy for the coming McComfes spent Monday in Muncie. I school year. Mr. Marshall, who sue- 'ceeds Hallie Hamilton, head of the Will Dolman, of Muncie, greeted athletic department of the academy old friends in Fairmount Saturday last year, was formerly athletic direc-morning. !tor at Oskaloosa academy. He comes solidated building. 12k dollars. Total expenditures, $20,800.00, and total tax, 56 cents on the hundred dollars. The taxable of the above named township are as follows: Total Valuation of Lands and Improvements 3,189,460 Total Valuation of Personal Property 1,080,755 Valuation of Railroads, Ex- . . press Companies, Palace - Car Companies, Telegraph Lines, Telephone Lines, etc., etc. (Estimated from Last Year's Tax Duplicate) 617370 Amount of Credit on account of Mortgage Exemption.. 79,245 to Fairmount with an excellent record William Miller is reported ill at the an dit was not without much negotia- home of his daughter, Mrs. John tion that his services were secured. Treon. The outlook for athletics at the MISSIONARY SOCIETY ELECTS OFFICERS. The Women's Missionary Society of the Wesleyan Methodist churuch met Friday afternoon in the church. This was the last meeting of the society for the year were elected as follows: academy for the coming year are very W. F. Davis has 'gone to Traverse good, with many 'varsity men back City, Mich., where he will remain un- an(j many promising youths coming til hay fever season is past. j on a great year is expected by the Also 500 yards, yard wide good bleach ed Muslin, free from starch, just the right weight for underwear, per yard, 121&C. The Bee Hive Cash Store On Sale All the Time, AH Leather Shoes for the year were electd as follows: " friends of the academy. The schedule Miss Edith Bevington will return is neariy completed and will be an- i President, Mrs. Anna Folger; vice- this week from a visit with relatives nounced in the near future, in Indianapolis and Connersville. I president, Mrs. Frances Eddy; secretary, Mrs. Mary Smith and treasurer, Mrs. C. M. Crilley. Net Taxable Property of Township $4,808,840 Number of Polls 162. Signed, Orville Wells, Trustee. Dated Aug. 2, 1921. LADIES AID PLANS Mr. and Mrs. Everett Stout, of In dianapolis, spent Sunday with her mother Mrs. Rebecca Henderson. UNIQUE ENTERTAINMENT. I An unique entertainment has been J planned by the Ladies Aid Society of . . . . i. 1. . yit-j i r NOTICE The W. R. Lewis Shoe Repair Shop will be located on the north side of Washington street, next door to Dr. ES- NOTICE OF SALE OF REAL TATE BY EXECUTOR ' tne M. Ci. cnureii ir neuiicsuay hi- W. Henderson and son, James, tM.n An- 10. . the home of Mrs. I Brown's office for a few weeks, in of Morgantown, W. Va., are visiting Edith Bevington on South Mill street, his father, W. G. Henderson of West Inviutions in rhyme have been issued Lois Fankboner was the week-end order that we can build a new and up-to-date building and in this way be Fourth street. guest of friends at Tippecanoe Lake. each invitation accompanied by a min- "J;" better equipped to handle the trade 'ature apron with a pocket proportion-, , V and w . m m accomodate our customers. iutner tiaie, prominent larmer oi . w . for the of tne anro Mrs. E. M. Pernod and family are Have An Individual Suit Don't Be a Duplicate W. R. LEWIS. Green township, suffered a stroke of - t, tv ia sunnosed to guests this week of relatives in Jones- The undersigned, Executor of the last will of Mary Marley, deceased, hereby gives notice that by virtue of an order of the Grant Circuit court, of Grant county Indiana he will at the hour of 10 o'clock a. m., of the 27th day of August 1921, at the Citizens State Bank, corner Main and Washington streets, Fairmount, Grant county, Indiana, and from day to day thereafter until sold offer for sale at private sale, all the interest of boro. paralysis Friday and is reported to be deposit a penny for each inch of her) in a serious condition. waist measure and it is a matter of ; EXPENDITURES AND TAX LEV Mr. and iMrs. O. G. Fankboner and IES FOR THE YEAR 1921 " " " , . . I congratulation at this time that Dame Mrs. Will A. Taylor and son Junior, . . ... Mi0of. Waists I The TVllstPP nf Fnirmnunt Tnnmohin .-, guest, Edwin Seal, motored to Winona lake, Sunday. who have been spending the past two ' . . r. rmt - o weeks with relatives in Lafayette, returned home Saturday. Mrs. L. H. Henley and daughter, hold pennies to indicate the inches , expenditures and tax levies by the Ad-a round most any waist. An interest- j visory Board at its annual meeting, to ing program has been prepared for j be held at Trustees' Office, on the 6th Miss Marie, were shopping in Marion, said decedent in and to the following real estate, in Grant county, State of Indiana, to-wit: Lot No. ten (10) in Baldwin's out lots to the Town of Fairmount, in Grant county. State of Indiana. Said sale will be made subject to Mrs. R. M. Stubbs and son Ross Thursday. There was a time when Tailor made cloth cost more. That is not toe cw. We will M jou. Your clothes will reflect jtrnr individuality. American Cassimers for fall, $28.00 awd $30.00. "Our reepcnsibility is your guarantee." the occasion and it is hoped that a full attendance will be present Wednesday afternoon. day of September, 1921, commencing at 8 o'clock P. M., the following estimates and amounts for said year: Lyle, of St. Louis, are making an ex- ! tended visit with Mrs. Stubbs' mother, 1 E. B. Adams has resumed his work the approval of said court, for not less Mrs. W. F. Davis. at the Hoosier Mould Works after a Township expenditures, $2,300 and than the appraised value of said real vacation spent with his family at tha COMMISSIONERS ASKED Township tax, 5 cents on the hundred estate, and upon the following terms and conditions: One-half (1-2) cash Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Mittank, re lakes. turned home Saturday, after a week's visit with Mr. and Mrs. Dave Dem- ,TO BUY VOTING MACHINES. A representative of a voting ma-. chine company appeared before the countv commissioners in session in Mr. and Mrs. D. J. I?.ggs entertain dollars. Local Tuition expenditures, $8,000.-00, and tax, 16 cents on the hundred dollars. Special School Tax expenditures, in hand, the balance in six (6) months secured by first mortgage upon said real estate, with 6 per cent interest, with the privilege of paving all cash. CHAS. T. PARKER, Executor. July 25 Aug. 1-8-15. nick, in Gary. ed as Sunday guests, Emanuel Fate and family of Bluff ton, Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Forest Lane and ' Marion Friday and tried to induce daughter Gertrude, of Toledo, O., and ,them. to "P the voting machme for Denver Riggs and family, of this city. Ribble Bros. (OF COURSE) TAILORS use in the county instead of the old Miss Anna May Darnell are spending Members of th3 Congregational church spent an enjoyable day Thurs a two weeks' vacation at Rome City Bl,,K,c "" jajie i no action, however. The representa- ; ! tive proposed to set two or three i day, at the home of Mrs. Ida Ralph, the affair being in the nature of an all ran PEOPLE day picnic. Mrs. Rebecca Henderson and son, Hugh, accompanied by her grand- machines up for use in November to ; demonstrate their utility, but nothing ! further was done on the matter. The i returned from a two weeks visit with votinS mine idea will probably be Mrs. Dora Templeton and little son, of Lafountaina are the guests of the former's sister, Mrs. Chas. Davis, of relatives in Indianapolis. . oruuKuw up 8 Registered Notes Recommended for Savings and Trust Funds. Principal and Earned Interest Parable on demand. Payable through any bank or trust company. Denominations, $50.00, $100.00, $500.00. $1000.00 Write for Descriptive Circulars ing oi me Doara. The commissioners formally ad East Washington street. Mrs. O. B T. i!sm returned home Sand ay after a weaks' visit with her mother, Mrs, Thurza Rittenhouse. Mr. and Mrs. Will Gregg and son William, Jr., of Marion, arrived in Fnirmmint Sntnrilav frr crwnr1 f Vj journed at five o'clock Friday even- ing. The meeting was occupied with j Mr. and Mrs. Myron Peacock and son, John Charles, and Miss Ethel week-end with the former's parents . the consideration of the proposed bond . At r- r- , issue and little else was accomplished. ' Mr. and Mrs. Dave Mr. and Mr? Lon Hill were among SmUpv. ArrnmnflnicH Mr. and Mrs Gregg. the Fairmount? r who went to Benton Road construction and contracts were discussed generally. Chester Meredith to Middletown, Ind., Sunday, where Mr. and Mrs. Meredith Harbor on the excursion last Sunday week. boarded the 2:39 p. m., train prepara We buy and sell Stocks, Bonds and Reliable Securities. tory to leaving for their new home Mrs. Rosa Craig and son Oscar, Lena and Orville Huston and Harvey Cox, of Marion, spent Friday as guests of Mrs. Hannah Meyers and daughter, Elsie, of West First street. FAIRMOUNTERS ATTEND FRIENDS YEARLY MEETING. The one-hundreth anniversary of j near Baltimore, Md. Miss Helen Kahn made a visit with 5 Gas City friend recently. Miss Hahn was formerly corrected with the Gas v-City schools. Mr. and Mrs Roy Heck entertained the founding of Indiana Yearly Meet-ine of Friends, the largest body of Relatives have been notified here UNION SECURITIES Merchants Bank Building Indianapolis that a baby boy, Richard Lewis, was ! Quakers in the world is being conduct at Sunday dinner the following guests: H. C. Pearson, Mrs. Ella Patterson, and Mrs. Charles Hutchins born rcently to Mr. and Mrs. George Ramsey, of Lawton, Mich. Mr. Ramsey is the son of Mrs. Alice Ramsey Mr. and Mr. Albert Little, Mr. And Mrs. John Bailer, Esom Smith tnd family aivl Miss Grace Little, of Anderson, composed a party that made a trip to Celina, Ohio, Sunday. and sons Joseph W. and Philip J., of Marion. The dinner was in honor of the birthday anniversary of Mr. Pearson, he having reached his 78th milestone. and Mrs. Ramsey was formerly Miss June Bevington, daughter of Mrs. Edith Bevington. ed by the organization at Richmond. A number of the members of the Friends church here will go down to the meeting from time to time. Among those leaving today and tomorrow are Rev. S. Adelbert Wood, pastor of the local church, Rev. Graci Hobbs, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Carey. Mr. and Mrs. John Peacock, Miss Flossie Holdcroft, Mr. and Mrs. Clint Winslow, Miss Leora Bogue, Miss Dorothy Luther, Miss Elvira Pierce, Miss Alice Crosby, a trained nurse at the Marion hospital, was a weekend guest at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charfc-? Mason was a guest at an entertainment given by the Gas City Social Country club Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. William Bowers in Ga! City. The affair was in the nature cf an indoor picnic ow-its; to weather conditions. Mrs. Glen Rhoads. She at one time attended the latvr through a serious Mr. and Mrs. Alva Johnson entertained a company of Marion and Fair-mount people at a picnic party at their country home Friday evening. Lunch was spread in the orchard and a very merry evening was spent. The guests included Mr. and Mrs. Lewis DeWolf and children, Dr. and Mrs. Edwin Hulley and daughter, Mrs. Charles Hutchins and sons and Fran- C. R. Small, who illness. Miss Lillian Rhoads was also and William Elliott. a Sundav guest of Mr. and Mrs. Glen s visiting here from Greenville, N. C, will also attend the meeting. Rhoads. Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Curless and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. York entertained the following guests over . Sunday: Mr. arnl Mrs. Clarence Lem- BANDSMEN ORGANIZE BIG COUNTRY BAND. The Bandmen of Madison and ad- Emma Miller entertained at Sunday dinner Mr. and Mrs. Ed Harvey and If vou ler and Mr. otm Mrs. John York of ces DeWolf, of Marion and Xen Ed-Fort Wayne; cho Mrs. Merle York, wards and family, Claude Jones and f Fort Wayne, who has be?n the family, Charles Naber and family, "uest of Mr. ard Mrs. Charles York Mr. and Mrs. Lafe Ribble and Victor for a week. ISelby and family. 'iris? 1 son Alonzo and Chester Taylor, of : joining counties met m Anderson last Hackleman. Afternoon callers were Sunday morning for the purpose of or- and son ganizmg a Monster nana oi one Mr. and Mrs. Will Curless Burnell, of Swayzee. hundred pieces or more. . The Sunday meeting was the first rehearsal and t m p. oaa;cf0nt .v,;, iwas well attended. They will endea- w j a w j waste w vudiiivi va. i vor to play the better class of music the Fairmount State bank, who recently underwent an operation in the Grant Countv hosnital and who for There were musicians from Madison, Grant, Delaware, Henry and Hamilton The organization promises thp nasf. twn wtlr hna hwn ronfinpd l Counties Sugar 5c Pound WITH OTHER GOODS to his home here, is, his many friends I be a great success. The band is will be happy to learn, recovering ' der direction of Prof. S. B. satisfactorily from the effects of the S1,ck o Anderson who stated that he or-rationl t,H is hmwd will h pectmg one hundered and fifty bought Paint like you do Overalls you would save money. If 70a could only bold a ean of paint up to the light aad see any thin places in it, like you earn a pair of overalls, you could tell at a glance whether it would wear. Most paints, no matter how carefully you put them on. will always stay in a series of fine ridges. Between every one of those ridges are the thin Lther lour to able to return to his business. j mn8 ? ttend .the next rehear Puraie amounting to S 5.00 10 pounds ior.. . .$ .50 Purchase amounting to $10.0 0 25 pounds for $1.25 Purchase amounting to $15.00 35 pounds for $1.75 sal wnicn wan tie new Aug. 28. ...R0 Purchase amounting to $20.00 50 pounds for. Purchase amounting to $25.0 ( 60 pounds for. .... .$3.00 through them. Then away goes the rest of the paint. That's one of the reasons why some painta dont last. You cant hold paint up to the light but you can buy n make of paint that has a reputation that will stand looking at that way. Of course, we mean Lowe Brothers B it'll Standard Paint. Come in and ask for the facts. Mr. and Mrs. Evan Jones, daughter Edna and son Al, enteretained at Sunday dinner at their home on South Main street the following guests: ANNOUNCEMENT MADE OfTOMING WEDDING. A six o'clock dinner was given at Purchase amounting to $30.00 75 pounds for. ...$3.75 'Purchase amounting to $35.00 85 pounds for $4.25 th Marion college Friday for former William B. Kimbrough, daughter Ber- e,-, , . . . . , .. , . It ooesn-T wute we Purchase amounting to $40.00 100 pounds for $5.00 Purchase amounting to $45.00110 pounds for $5.50 PureV&se amounting to $0.00 125 pounds for $6.25 Purchases may be made in any or all departments. Simply take your sales checks of purchases made on any one day to the grocery department and get the sugar you want at 5c a pou:d in any of the above amounts. (Sugar, flour or meats not included in your purchase) FairmountTHardware Company niece and son Clark, of Dunkirk; Mr. : wnicn resoivea se into an and Mrs. T. J. Kimbrough, grand- armouncement Vrty when Miss Myra daughter Evaline, and grandson Wil- Felton "ocI her approaching bur, of Fowlerton; Mr. and Mrs. ma"iage to Ralph Trice, of Summit-Joseph Powell, of Upland, and Mr.jvllle' the announcement coming as a and Mrs. James Stewart, of Fair- complete surprise to the company, mount. Afternoon callers were Jack Tnose attending the dinner from Fair-Kimbrough, Misses Alice and Maude mount were Misses Myra Felton and Kimbrough, of Hadley; Mr. and Mrs. M,8S MiWred Ellingwood. Charles Engle and two sons, Billie J ' and Donald, of Alexandria; Mr. and Mrs. Myra Baldwin and Miss Zola ID) n. GSvi. Marion Indiana iMrs. Gardner Boseley, daughter Anna Beasley, who have been enjoying a land son James, and Mrs. Mary Stew- motor trip through the western states, j art, mother of Mrs. Boseley. have returned to Fairmount.' 1

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