The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 18, 1936 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 18, 1936
Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana WtJneJay, November 18, 1936 ffcf Six Large Scale Realtors Apparently CLASSIFIED ADS Madame Schumann-Heink Dies in California Tue. Following Long, Glorious Career as Operatic Star SHOWER GIVEN AT JONESTOWN COLUMBIA (Continued nom Page 5) as outstanding, she subordinated hei artistic career to the tireMide. "1 am a mother -,ibnv. all." !il:i would say in proudly dini-ussim; tut eight children. Her youngest child George tWuHhintMnii Schumann-Ileink made his home with her. DR. B. H. SELLERS DENTIST 249 South Main Street Clinton. Indiana Markets CHICAGO. Nov. 18. Livestock: HOGS, 3.1.000: 10c hither; holdovers. 4. lino; lop. 1 9. 7 5 ; hulk. 9.25fi 9. sr.; heaVy, .0(i (fl'fl.75: medium, $.26fi.7S; light. Js.ifi P9.60: Ifiiht lights. s.t(l ft 9.25; parking sows, $8.5016 9.40; pigs. J6.(inir 8 50. CATTLE). 10.000; steady. Calves. 1,500; stesdy. Beef steers: good and choice. $9.5n tt 1 2 00; common ant medium. 17. on A 9.50; yearlings. $9.1100 12.00. tin. her cattle: helferB. M.fiiKft 11.00; cows, $4.25 0 6.011: hulls. $4.5006.25: calves. $4.50'9.00; feeder steers, $4 50 8.00; stocker steers. I4.50A7.50; Blocker cows and heifers. ft. 269 6.25. SHEEP. 11.0O0; steady: medium and choice lamhs. $8.50 T 9.25: culls and common. $6.00t7.50; yearlings, $6.50 ift 8.00; common and choice ewes, $2.00 4.00; feeder lambs, $6.0008.00. CHICAGO. Nov. 18. The bull State Farm Insurance Co s AUTO LIFE FIRE WIND Service Satisfaction Safety Economy FOREST AIKMAN, Dana, Ind. County Representative Phone 47-L American Legion f ciacusd Presents Harry Haags CSrcus Revue Tuesday and Wednesday Final Hour RALPH BELLAMY nnd Marguerite Churchill i Hit.Hin "CRAZY'S NEWSREEL" 10c and 15c PALAC y Thursday-Friday TOGETHER UNAFRAID THEY TRACKED THE BOSS OF THE cm D5) All Standard Acts j4 Em Changed Nightly U Zii CLINTON Are Not Worried Over Influx of Trailers; Building Boom Seen (Continued from Page 1) prominent realtor of Detroit, forecast that next year's construction will be 10 percent, of the peak, using the year's of 1026-27 as a medium of comparison. H. C. Thorman of Sun Antonio, Ii large scale real estate developer, said thai "a natlon-wlrte home build Ing trend has set In. There can he no question about II." HOSPITAL NEWS Mrs. Tillle Harrison, a pstlent at the Vermillion County hospital, Is ill a serious condition following a major operation. Kenneth Meyers, son of Mr. anf Mrs. Lawrence Myers of Sotitl Fourth street, who has been a pa tlent at the Vermillion County hos pltal for the past two months will malaria fever, remains in the sam condition. Artlinr Monroe of North Seventh street, who has been a patient at the Vermillion County hospital, wa." removed to his home yesterday. Mrs. Trexa Starlha, of North Elev enth street, who underwent an op eratjon about a week ago. Is gettln-along satisfactorily according to reports from, the Vermillion County hospital. '("Waff Mrs.- Elizabeth Lnwler was re moved from the Vermillion fount hospital to her home in South Blxih street. Mrs. Lawler is getting alon sattsfactoryily. drove Landls, of nana who bus lalned a broken leg yesterday, if getting along as well as can he expected. Mrs. 1, B. Silverman of South Fourth street, who underwent a ma Jor operation at the St. Anthony hospital, Terre Haute, several weekF ago, is getting along as well as can be expected. Mrs. Silverman is expected to hp removed to her home on Friday of this week. Mrs. Charles Meyer of South Fifth street, who underwent an operation about a week ago, is getting alone satisfactorily at. the Vermillion County hospital. Betty McDowell, daughter of Virgil McDowell of Rural Itonte 2-. who Is a patient at the Vermillion County hospital, is getting along satisfactorily. WOMAN SOUGHT FOR MURDER IN BAFFLING CASE riontlntwr -rom THSe 1 Capt. Clyde Plummer. ace crime expert of the district attorney's staff-announced that in his opinion Russell was murdered and had not committed suicide as was first believed. From friends of Russell, particularly a man described as knowing details of his affairs with women, the Identity of the woman, or perhaps her jealous suitor, who would have a motive for the bizarre crime. Plummer pointed out the careful attempt made by the slayer, if Russell was murdered, to conceal traces of the crime by placing the 'body In the swing, perhaps bending the lifeless fingers around the .32 pistol in an effort to make it appear a suicide. The fact Russell's automobile was parked on the Morris estate inclined investigators to believe be might have been slain the night of Sept. 24-25 and perhaps not far rom where the body was found. Copenhagen Fifth ef Denmark One-fifth of all the people in Den mark live in that country's capita' Copenhagen. v 1 NIGHTS Starting Monday, November 23 movement in feed grains continued at the opening today, although gains were not nearly as extensive as yes- .terday. Corn was to c up. with Decemher Bhowing the best strength, hitting $1.07. a new nine-year peak. WHEAT: Oec. USHt-'i: May 1154,-116: July. 103-i. CORN: (new) Dec. 106-107: May, 69t4-4; July, 90-96 ,; (old) Mav. 8-4; Julv. 95-95 . OATS: Dec.. 45; Mav, 44 45; July. 414. SOVBEANS: May. 135. LAWYERS FIGHT FOR EXHIBITS IN DENHARDT TRIAL f Continued from Pupre 1) hibits to thlr own criminologists, in preparation for Denha.dt'n exam- IninK trial Friday. In Reduction in Louisville since hts release on $25,000 bond, the one-time commander of Kentucky's national guard will top the Ifnt of wltnesseR at Friday's hearing. Two other wffneBseH who will contribute to the record are: George Baker, the farmer Into whose driveway Denhardt'n stalled car was pushed and who saw Den-hardt standing beside the car. after the first shot was fired. J. B. Hundley, Lagrange barber, who found Mrs. Taylor's body In the ensuing search, with General Denbardt's .45 automatic nearby. BERRY BELIEVES INSURGENTS ARE SLATED TO WIN (Continued from Page 1) F. L. Printing Pressmen's union has done everything he could to prevent A. F. of L. expulsion of the already suspended ten unions of Lewis" committee for industrial organization. Several dayB ago. he proposed that the A. F. of L. and the CIO arbitrate their differences. When labor leaders here gave this an ice-cold reception, he frankly said the proposal was a "trial balloon." Meanwhile, a hot batt'e raged behind closed doors, as the A r. of L. Beventeen-man resolution commit tee debated the burning question what to do about the Lewis rebel lion. FIRES ENCIRCLE MADRID; BOMBS ADD. TO TERROR (Continued from Page 1) Palace of (the Duke of Alba were among the buildings destroyed. "The government's planes successfully bombed numerous points along the enemy's lines of ValIieB in 1928 Mrs. Simpson When this photo was taken ii 1928 tn California, Mrs. Wallh Simpson, now much discussed be cause of her friendship with Kin Edward VIII of Great Britain waa the wife of Commander E Winfleld Spencer of the Unitei States navy. TUGWELL TO LEAVE GOVERNMENT POSTS; NEW JOB ACCEPTED .Continued trotn rage 11 culture and reHettlement administrator lo President JTouspvpH Dr. Tufiwell's confirmation of tlie report he had resigned came after repeated refusals to discuss the matter. The undersecretary of agriculture. who has played one of the most important roles in the present federal idminlstxation, and whose activities have also been the object of fre-'inent attacks by the admin. st ra- on's critics, said he had resigned rHrr in enter "private business" in New York. STRIKERS' MOB TRIES TO HOLD LINER AT DOCK (Continued from Page 1) vestigation. After an affidavit from one sea man that he was "shanghaied" for strike-breaking duty here, Capt. George Fried, local head of the United States steamship service, announced he would personally examine every member of the liner Washington, should it sail today. Belgian Population Gains The population of Belgium, most densely populated country in the world, with 707 to the square mile, is increasing 40.000 a year. Finns Weave Rugs for Bride Hundreds of years ago in Finland, when a man fell in love, he always started to weave a rug for his bride. Grumblers in Life They who complain of life as it is, have generally spoilt i. through their own ebuse of it. When good fellows get together! i c x y Evans Building AUSPICES AMERICAN LEGION BOOTHS - CONCESSIONS - CONTESTS ADMISSION 10c TO ALL Continuous Performance 6 P. M. to 12 P. M. Rates for Classified Ads and Paid Notices First day of Insertion: 8c for each reading line (one column line, like one o( these). Next two days Insertion: the same 8c charge (yon get three days at double Ihe cost of the first day). Next three daya lnsertlim: the snme 8c charge (you get a whole week, six days, at three times in" rout of one insertion). Each group of .three daya thereafter, 8c a line. Itlark Face (Ilka this), 10c per Jine. All l.,tflfMl mAu Inrllllllnff rlams and notices of all kind? must ho paid tn advance except uiose ny regular customers whose sccounu are paid monthly or those from organizations whose bills must be allowed before being paid. In Uie latter oase the person asking Uie uuhllcatlon of the notice will be beld. reoiiNllile for lt payment. Business Services A GOOD PAINTING JOB. We guarantee our work. Phone 173-d, I,owry & Simpson. FURNACE REPAIRING. Have that smoke pipe renewed now. Estimates free. Roy Taylor, Phone 817-W. U9' FOR SALE STOMACH ACID, GAS PAINS, IN DIGESTION victims, why suffer? For quick relief get a free sample of UUGA, a doctor's prescription at (lillis Pharmacy. cn Range. 657 S. 7th St. tlB 19IM Chevrolet Master 4-door sedan In A-l condition. Has heater and radio. Priced right for quick sale. 325 South Sixth street tli Dressed chickens. Mrs J. F. Car-lin. "6 Uavenport and dresBer. Mrs. John Lapworttj, Shepardsvine. w- Baby grand piano, like new. Can be had for small balance due on contract. Write Credit Mgr. 200 No. 3, Terre Haute, Ind. tl6 I'prlght piano, walnut finish and complete new action. Has piano bench with drawer for music, $37. Call at 1301 South Main street or phone 183. til Jersey cow. Two gallons irilk a day. John Toffolo. Fall-view, no Coal range, $5; library table, $4: used 9x12 linoleum rug. $1. Mrs. Harold Rubv, 240 South Sixth. Furniture. 653 N. Third St. U3' Used lumber and bricks. Ninth St. at R. R. crossing. tl2 YOU ARB LOSING MONEY ON furniture and other household articles which you are not using Cash In on them through the For Sale columns. For Sale-Coal For good coal phone 797-W. Otf FOt'ltTH VDISCOAL, rXIVERHAt, MIAMI SO. 4, AM) ItKAfK BFTTV SO. 5. HARLKY HUFFMAN, PHONE 10. Htf PAID NOTICES I5UMMAGE SALE! At Morgin'B building November 23 and 24. Sponsored by south section of Metaodist church. tlfi FVKI HALE! At Swine'iarfs Saturday. November 21. Sponsored by the Dailey Chapel chur;b. tl3 FCSl RENT Modern room. 458 Elm St. 112 Modern light housekeeping rooms. 239 Vine street. tla 6-room houi-e, close in. B. F. Harrison, 657 Elm street. tlO WANTED Watch and clock repairing. I. D Johnson. 343 South Main St. 14 River bottom laad. Will purchase tracts of 80 acres or more. Give particulars and price. Write Box 51. Alvln III. t26 Cat-hler for Clinton business house. Write O. Box 442. at once, giving ane, experience and salary expected. '!1 Wanted to Renf & or 6-room modern boune. Mrs. VanneBB, 646 Biackman fit. tl 2 F. D. R. APPEALS TO INDUSTRY IN UNEMPLOYMENT (Continued from Page 1) gested that employers bend every effort to hire unskilled labor. He was in possession of a most encouraging advance report from Harper Sibley, of the United States Chamber of Commerce, indicating there are less than 4 000.000 employable exclusive of so-called professional men now still out of work. Vera Greene Honored; Many Present for U. B. Class' Thanksgiving Supper JONKKTOWN, Nov. IK. A shower was given SalnrdHy evening at Ihe home of Mr. and Mrs. .lames Greene, In honor of their daughter. Vera, who Is to he married Novi 2S o Btigene Stewart. A largo table of gifts was pre-ented to the couple ,by Ihe large rnwd which had gathered at the home. Refreshments weie served. Those attending were Mrs. Ida Hutson and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Ornery Wooton, Mr. and Mrs. Mel- vln Stout, Mis, Brownie Miller and hildrrn. Mrs. Vlnnie Johnson onrt -hildren. Mrs. Thomas Dagley, Mr. tnd Mrs. Freeman Brown, Mrs. "leve Jones. Mrs. Mabel Glase and laughter. Mr. and Mrs. Edtl Mc-7nwn. Mis. Lois MeCnwn and daughter, Mrs Preston Dorfmeyer and laughter. Mrs. Brownie Wilson and hiidren. Mrs. George Price, Mrs. "Idith Tttsworth and children. Mr. -ind Mrs. Nelson Creene and chil-'ren. Mr. and Mrs Orval Stewart. Mr Clyde Stewart, Mrs. Harvey Mc-""a u ley. , v Gifts received from those wh'i mild not attend were: Rev. and Mrs. Hoy K. Laswell aii'a ramily. Mr. and Mrs. Willis Lawrence, Mrs. Omer Osborne. Mrs. Florence Mr-iarty. Mrs. Harry Wllklns, Mrs. George Fox. Mrs. Bessie Gliise and Mrs. Dow Cleghorn. A crowd of B2 gathered at th' home of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Ayrei Friday evening for a Thunksgivinr lupper and as a regular monthly meeting of the Companion class of the I'. B. Sunday school. A deli- lous supper was served at Hire-1 tables with beautiful decorations. , ind candles were lighted. After j supper games and contests were en-toyed by all. Mrs. Bessie Glaze. Mr. and Mrs. larryl GJaze and daughter. Dora Deane. Mr. and Mrs. Harold of Franklin and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Haze and daughter, Janice, of near Dana spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Thoniao Sinters and family or near Kingman. A man representing the Highljnd Lawn cemetery will give n special 'ecture Friday evening at the U. B. hurch here. The public Is Invited. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Glaze re-uined to their home in Franklin Monday after spending the weekend with Mr. Glaze's mother and brother. Mrs. Bessie and Mr. Darryl and family. The women of the Companion -dass will meet Tuesday pfternoou with Mrs. Dow Cleghorn to make more plans for the bazaar which they are to give in December. fUnfTH BASRETT ALAS MALI BALPM MOSQAII ANDT DtVINS stoaaos owslsvrou uoir 'Plow That Broke the Plains" Paramount News "Lover's Paradise" and Travelfilm 10c WED. & THURS. 25c MYSTERY THRItLSandtOVE U ItU. UAMJJt r-2 vr .nx nvnw j 0"i' l mm mo muxs msnim I I T i if Daring G-GIRL poses as a tough gangster's girl to unmask Big Shots of Crime Trust! t ' ' ' 'i f'-J ; L- 1 I J 1 Triplets Honored Guests at Birthday Party! 3 5!L: l r J ' II I T'iS J , 1 r St? 1 I C- V i I a 17-year-old mother were having the" time of their young lives when they attended a birthday party given by Maryanne Gaudet of Bomerville. Mass., right, when abc celebrated ber Drat natal anniversary. "Some fun. eh. kids'" That might have been the romment of these frisky bright-eyed triplets had they been able to discuss the situation But it is luite obvious that the Caire brothers Ronald. Ray-nond and Richard, five-month-old triplets born to Plus VSh'l ? 1 Cartoon . Musicd jj VSfA-jL t i

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