The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on August 8, 1921 · Page 2
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 2

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, August 8, 1921
Page 2
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS Rev. Walter Thompson nd son ixxxx: as they could to help their fathers and mothers. who was nluekiner a chicken. He watched the operation gravely for some time. Then he spoke: L y-r take off their clothes every night, lady?" .-aV..-SS..Jifc. M M X M N M M M Another Drop Gargoyle With this drop in prices buy your season's supply M M H M M M M M H M N But when a hoy learns that his city cousin is able to pro into a factory or shop or store durir.jr vacations, and earn money which he can keep for himself, it makes the country fellow restless net to be having any enter- prise of his own. This failure to at tach the boys and jrirls loyally to ! - . . i lleir nome me, nas oeeu me pnna- reason for the big drift to the I .cities, which has thrown the national life out of true balance. j When vou oreanize the bovs into a 1 . " i ca,f c"b r rS dub or other scheme giving them an enterprise which is their vetv own, vou change a boy's in Prices On Mobiloiis M engine with the correct M you need not hesitate to of Gargoyle Mobiloi's now. Steel drums furnished Without charge except the 15 gallon steel drum, which costs you $1.00 extra. We sell high grade lubricant for your transmission, differential, timing gears, etc. Drive . . x.. Jf )M1 MW,oK PRETTY WEDDING. our free crank case M him several vears of agricultural! 0 M M M M M M M M H M M M M H M M around and let us fill your grade of oil. service. W. V. Fowler, Don't forget E. 0. Ellis Tires, Gasoline, study. He sees the door of hope op- j Mrs. John Peacock was the scene of j ening wide to him. He watches that ! a pretty wedding at S o'clock Satur- Miss Oneta Collins and Georgia beloved calf grow up with a tender 'day evening, when Miss Dicea Goble j Voorhis, of Greentown, spent Friday and eager eye. He figures up the re-'of Middletown, became the bride of J as guests of the latter's parents. Mr. turns of animal husbandry- You can't Mr. Chester Meredith, of Baltimore, and Mrs. M. K. Voorhis, west of make him believe there is no money Md. mount. in farming. Not many boys who Just proceeding the appointed hour, have had good encouragement to en- Mrs. Ola Oatley sang, "Until" and "I : Mrs. Mary Snangler Kirk, of Mans-ter these competitions and who have Love You." after which Mrs. Myron field, O., greeted old friends in Fair-any willingness to work, will ever , Peacock played Lohengrin's Wedding mount Friday afternoon. Mrs. Kirk leave the home town for the uncertain March, to the strains of which the was formerly a teacher in the Fair- Auto Supply Co. Accessories, Oils, Vulcanizing Mgr. , J$ 1 roblishtNl on Mondays and Thursdays A . S. ROBERTA Editor and Publisher. Mir.nie Mc Lucas Roberts, Associate. TELEniOXES O-nce: Main Res, Black 3S2-1 SUBSCRIPTION RATES. (.Within Indiana.) One vear .. $ nil ; :.. ,:,.,.Tu , 7 .- Three months 1! 11! T5 tOutside Indiana.) Or.e year Six .months l.So lnrve months .10 All subscriptions payable strictly in advance; paper discountinued at expiration of subscription time un- less renewal ;s received prior to ex- piraticn date. Entered as second-class matter at the postotSee a't Fairmount, Ind., under the Act of Congress of March 8, i ;o lot TWO SPOTS. The city folks don't seem to mind the tiucks and cars knocking ever the 1 pavement but out in the country a little bird will keep them awake. Seme people can't seem to understand that whenever you get a new . appropriation cat of the government, a new adauion to tne tax mu comes along to ray for it. If the people of Fairmount who lamant the weedy condition of their grounds, would pull up one weed whenever they cross their lawn, their place would soon be covered by nice silky grass. o THE UBIQUITOUS TIN CAN. The American tin can has been a great convenience to the housewife, and has saved many food costs. But the disposition cf these cans is a problem. Seme people, make heaps of them in their back yard where they disf gure a whole neighborhood. Others dump them along country roads where they spoil rural scenery. The city of Havre, Montana, decided that it wanted a canlcss community. So they etTcred two cents a can for all old ones delivered to a designated place. Many boys and girls went into the business of picking them up. As a result 63,700 cans were collected, at a cost of $103.60 besides something for trucking. When you clean nearly 70,000 cans out cf a community and dispose of them in seme place whre they will be out of sight, you have made a tremendous gain in the appearance cf that town. o CIVIC ORGANIZATION WORK. In a business men's organisation or civic progress society, one of the chief problems is how to win the attention and secure the co-operation cf the most forceful personalities cf the community. "The Nation's Business" magazine, deseribir.e the work of a commercial organization secretary, remarks that "much of his time is spent in talking with drifters into the office, which is the reeocTiized place for such citizens as have little to do and much to say Such persons have time on their hands, and are full cf suggestions cf things that ought to be done. Many of their suggestions are good. But to get thines done, it takes a different type of people. You could not per suade these talkers to serve on a The Fairinount New ! ? ; ; FOR SALE FOR SALE Blue plums and apples. Milton T. Cox, Thone 2732 Red. FOR -SALE Cottage 1621 Red. cheese. Call WANTED WANTED Fall plowing by acre. Prices right and work guaranteed. Phones 2(10 and 377. WANTED To buy and bale straw and hay. Phones 260 and 377. MISCELLANEOUS When you want an auto ride for plea sure or health, phone W. G. Moon, he will come and get you and bring j you back safe. j 1 i NEWS WANT ADS. GET RESULTS. Where cm you find a house for rent, or where can you find a renter for your house. An ad in the classified column of THE NEWS will find one tor you. 5 Fridav afternoon. Miss Edith Holmes spent the past i week as the cuest of her sister, Mrs. Flevd llavden. B. F. Thompson and daughter Hazel attended the Thompson reunion at the home of Nelson Thompson near Marion, Sunday. D. J. Templeton and Mr. Glass and son, D. Oliver Glass, of Wabash, vis- ited with Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dyson, the first of the week. Will Langan arrived in Fairmount Saturday from Logansport, to spend the week-end with his family, on ley avenue. mount public schools. Dollar-a-Weck Plan for Buying Uncle Sam's Securities Gains Big Headway. The PoJlar-a-Week Government Savings club has become the most unlver- Us members range from Maine to Cali- fornla aikl every day brinRs new strength to It. The Seventh Federal Hesoive district v: one of the nrst of the twelve Federal Heservo districts in ff tTT ti si tlvinir start In the or- p.ini,.uion of !,Uar-a-Week clubs, and mnv n rnks high In the list of dis triets. The IMlar-a-Week club is takinj: j firm iTot In Industrial plants and . stows. Workers group themselves to S "wr n" 'akf "' purchase everv week of the new SI treasury Savings Stamps. Membership ro,p,ire j ment in a club calls only for the pnr j j-;,,; f om ,f the stamps every week ; Kour of these SI Stamps, with a few additional cents, can be exchanged for j a $" Go eminent Savings Stamp, ot vonty of them for a S2. Treasury livings CorttnVate, which hears the rate of 4 per cent interest compound ed quarterly, if Held till maturity These Certificates are short-term. rock -hound, ahsolutely safe, virtually tax-free, easily redeemable in case of need, and they never depreciate, hut always are worth more than was paid for them. No applicant for membership In a Iollar-a-Voek club Is ever 'Mack hailed. Every member becomes rich er for joining. Any postmaster can "initiate" a new member, and anyone can join at any organization or Indus try where government savings securities are sold. In the last year, according to the Savings Division of the V. S. Treasury Depart ment, half a billion dollars "h: boon lost to Americans through fraudulent stock an 1 oil deals. Think of it! If this money had been diverted to government saimrs securities. It A-ould have gone into the ehannels of Joeitimato trade and industry ani' helped the population as a whole. The Dollar a-Week Club, composed of purchasers of Ooverntnent $1 Saving Stamps is growing apace, until now it extends to all parts of the country , Jt is particularly strong in Industrial communities, stores and offices. Mem hers asrree to buv one of the St a inns i 0eh week. Any Postmaster can "initiate" a member by putting him on the roll. No umbrella ever manufactured can measure up to Treasury Saving Certificates as a "rainy day" safeguard RAILWAY TIME TABLES BIG FOUR Arrival of trains at Fairmount. South Bound ' No. 39, daily 8:35 a. m. No. 33, daily ex, Sun. 1:26 p. m. No. 3, daily ex. Sun. J6:02 p. m. North Bound No. 46, daily ex. Sun. ,8:57 a. m. No. 34, daily ex. Sun. 1:26 p. m. No. 40, daily 7:49 p. m. PENNSYLVANIA East Bound West Bound 12 m. 1:40 p. m No trains on Sunday. UNION TRACTION CO. OF IND. South bound 5:21 a. m., 6:51 a m 7:42 a. m., 8:02 a. m., 8:51 a. m, 10:02 a. m., 10:51 a. m. 12:02 p. m. l:18.p. m., 2:02 p. m., 2:51 p. m. 4:02 p. m, 4:51 p. 6:02 p. m., 6:54 p. m., 8:02 p. m., 9:30 p. m., 11:42 p4 m. , North bound 5:54 a. m., 6:51 a. m., 8:02 a. m., 8:51 a. m., 10:02 a. m., 10:51 a. m, 12:02 p. m., 12:51 p. m., 2:02 p. m., 2:51 p. m., 4:02 p. m 4:51 p. m., 6:02 p. 6:51 p. m., 7:10 p. m., 8:02 p. m., 10:16 p. m., 12:19 p. m. Marion Flyer. Annuled on Sunday. Limited. Phone 226 w 4k A AAA A Kyes Tested, (llasses Fitted by State Uegistereu OPTOMETRISTS Dr. C. C. FARIS and Dr. EMIL FARIS Exclusively Optical Suth Sid Kcniare . HaHon DR. C. L. FEKTON Dentist X-RAY Rooms over Postoffice Hours 8 to 11:30 a. ic. 1 to 5 p. m E. B. COUCH DENTIST Rooms over Hahne Drue Store Office hours: 8 to 11:30 a. m.; 1 to f AUCTIONEER STOCK SALES A SPECIALTY.-Call at my expense, Phone 2. on. 19" Fowlerton. C. W. DICKERSON FRANK RELFE AUCTIONEER FARM AND STOCK SALES A SPECIALTY Phone 1921, Route 9, Marion, Indiana Call u at our expenae YOU CANT RURY AN ADVEK. NEWS IS READ THROUGH. " a m a v a a t a m aa a. A a a.. Phone 2280 Anderson "My wife made an awful fuss last nijrht because I was out late." "Why, it wasn't unusual, was it?" "Oh, no. But she happened to be in wh?n I jrot home." " 1 hose reiormers are "These reformers are knocking the bottom out of everything." j "Yes, I suppose they will soon be j trying to shut up the theaters for maintaining lobbies on the ground ; ! noor. PEACOCK HOME SCENE The country residence of Mr. bride, accompanied by her maid of honor. Miss Ethel Smiley and the groom accompanied by his attendant, j Mr. Myron Peacock, met at an impro- vised bower and altar at the foot of , the stairs where they were united in marriage by the Rev. Oscar Trader. . After the ceremony prayer was offered j by the Rev. Grace Hobfcs. The couple friends. In .r. f tbp evening re-! ,,i, .f .l.,y i vsiimrnv, aLi. iiij; uut "v v v v ative scheme of yellow and white were j server!. In addition to those taking : part in the ceremony the. following i guests were present: Mr. and Mrs.; Jacob Kirby and family, of Middle- town, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Kimes, Mr.. .n.i Afro rv-1 o rnintAn Tr Oci-ar s Trar Mrs. Sarah Reeder, Mrs. j Asenith Hiatt, Miss Alma Smiley and j ... , . , , F1SSIe Ho'acrafU ; SMALL LAO INJL REI) ; WHEN HIT BY AUTO. Elbert Locke, eight year old son of , Mr. and Mrs. Robert Locke, of North Main street, sustained painful and severe injuries Saturday evening when he was struck by an automobile on East Washington street, driven by I Charles York. The lad was walking '. along the street with some older boy?, ; when he made an attempt to playfully ; trip one ef his companions. To get t away from the older boy as he grab- j bed at him, Elbert dashed into the street. Seeing the auto aproaching he stopped quickly, but doing so, stum- bled anel fell. Mr. York was driving ! slowly, but was unable to entirely ' stop his car before he struck the lad. as he was attempting to rise from where he had fallen. The hub of one front wheel struck the boy, giving him some painful bruises. Either by being hit by the machine or in his fall he also sustained a badly sprained ankle. He was hurried to the office of Dr. Aldrich where his injuries were given attention, and he was then taken te his home. FAMILY REUNIONS FOR NEAR FUTURE. A number of family reunions are scheduled for August and September. Among the invitations issued recently are the following: The 14th annual reunion of the Dul- ing family will be held Thursday, August 25 in the J. O. Duling grove,, one-half mile north of Fowlerton. V. j B. Duling, president, Earl Duling, j vice-president and D.' Chap. Duling, j secretary-treasurer. The 14th annual reunion of the Homer-Walker Coustns will be held Sunday Spt. 4, at the home of J. W. Richards, Jr., three-fourths mile north and two miles - wesv of Matthews. Oliver Buller, president and Pearl Buller, secretary. The Allen reunion will be held at Mounds Park, Anderson, Sunday, Sept, 11. C H. Allen, president, S. E. Allen, secretary. Miss Ruth Schlagenhoft as in Mar- ion, Friday. Dale Long was in Marion on busi- f J : ucsj rnuaj mui mug. Mrs. Thomas Djson is recovering nicely from a several days sickness. Dick Wiley, of Jonesboro, . was in Fairmount on business Friday morn- mK- Mr. and Mrs. Webster Ferry, of near Marion, were in Fairmount on business Saturday. Mrs. Arvel Swaim spent Friday as the guest of her daughter, Mrs. Samuel Lloyd, in Jonesboro. kiss Edna Bell, who is employed as bookeeper, at the Marion Shoe Co., spent the week-end with her parents,' Mr. and Mrs. James Bell, west of ; I I j I chances of city life. Rimilarlv tin irl who has mined some club for canning or other domes- . tic arts, comes to feel pride in the aehievements of the country house-4 wife. Sh? sees that skill and effici- ency produce wonderful results in ' managing a country home, and she has little desire for the coor-ed up life ' of city factories and offices. o Home Town Business Pleasing the Home Folks A great deal of very second rate merchandise is being distributed in these times. The best way to avoid being disappointed by imperfect goods is to buv merchandise of your home stores, which feel personally respon-s He to thoir local public for the delivery of satisfactory values. If you go into a store in some strange city, the salespeople del not have a personal interest in you, and feel less concern to make sure that you are supplied merchandise of first class character. Also in a large city store, there is not so much feeling of rcsponsiblity for the quality of goods. There are many careless and extravagant people in large cities, who elo not care much whether goods give satisfaction or not. What they want is something that will look pretty and stylish and last a little while. If it has not substantial value, they don't care much, because they keep buying new stuff anyway. A large part cf the stock of big city stores is selected to please such peeple, rather than those who want quiet an ; substantial goods. Furthermore, the big city store does not sutTer as soon if it distributes poor goods. People do not return goods as much as they will to a store in a smaller place. It is more bother to ae geods back. In a town, like Fairmount, however, the store that distributes anything: defective hears from it in a very short time. It simply has to make good on its merchandise, or it would be overwhelmed with complaints. The DINNER STORIES J LoU-s C. Minette, accepted for en- i lament in the United Ttates marine at Tulsa, Okla., recently, said that his mother was an American who maried a Frenchman in Italy. ne was tjorn on a snip flying the ; Sr,., colors while Iving in the ; English channel. At the age of five j nig parents died in Sweden, and he ' was adopted by a German, who ! , . . li - tr: J ?t.l UrOUul rum IO me umitru uuim. , His adopted father is not a natural-! ized citizen. j "Would you class him as The Man Without a Country? the recruiting! sergeant was asked. "Man without a country nothing:,' j said the sergeant. "I'd class him as a League of Nations. If you struck one of those golf balls and hit a man in the eye, what would you do? asked the man who was interested in first aid to the injured. "Oh, Td have to play it from just where I found it, replied the enthusiastic golfer. A slum child was enjoying his first glimpse of pastoral life. On a little stool he sat beside the farmer's wife, ! ! 1 j j ( , , ' j ' , committee that had to co around mass oi us customer are rwi. from home to home and get the pub- t care for display, who do not lie to wake up and join in with some shams at any price, and who movement resent a superficial appearance of The real business leaders often ?et ff quality that is not backed up by a ousted with civic movements be- al fts. The whole policy there-caue there is so much talk and so (f of r h?m" stores, is to select little action. Thev have no time to Ps of substantial value that can waste on discussions that do not re- e distributed with entire confidence suit in actual accomplishment. that the make P001 aml PTOVe There ought to be in any communi- i UP the claims made for them, tv a few of the business and social . ; LOOK HERE! Anderson and Marion Truck Express wants your stock and overland hauling to Indianapolis 45c per Hundred leaders who would be willing to give time to public work. Many business men heln out such movements a lot by letting their office help do some of the clerical tasks thereof. But for the actual work of arousing the pub- lie and soliciting co-operation, it is commonly necessary, to depend on young hustlers who have their repu- tation to make. Elderly people who have never done anything but talk nave proved a aeaa weignr on many civic efforts. Our civic organizations in Fair-mount should be looking all the time for young people and newcomers who are willing to give time to public causes. Community work brings many rewards, and it helps ambitious young paople to make friends and create a place for themselves in the community. BOYS AND GIRLS CLUBS When the leaders of rural progress began to organize calf and pig clubs, etc., among the boys, and canning clubs among the girls, few people dreamed of the importance of the movement. Formerly boys and girls felt they had no interest In the development of , a rural home. They should perhaps have argued that as they are getting their hoard and clothes free, they ought to be willing to work as hard Special Notice To .Tonarisfts - Special low rate excursion to Niagara Falls, N. Y and other, points on the Great Lakes each Sunday. Daily cheap Tourisfa fares to Detroit, Mich, Niagara Falls, and other Lake resorts. Daily low Tourist- feres to Winona Lake, Wawasee, Tippecanoe and other lakes in northern Indiana. Low far excursions to Toledo, Ohio, commencing Saturday, July 9th, and each Saturday until Sept. 3rd, 1921 via the Clorer Leaf railroad. For further information ask Loral Agent or write Trade Department. Anderson, Indiana, UNION TRACTION COMPANY OF INDIANA ' Fairmount, . . j

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