The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 18, 1936 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 18, 1936
Page 5
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TSe Bauly dlntorJai, Clinton, !n3iolt Page Five Carrying On the Ruth Tradition Three Ghampions at P. G. A. National l ourney OALSASSOOU SIDELINES FOR PURDUE SCRAP PROMOTERS MAY JOIN HANDS FOR BOXERS' WALTZ WetWday, Nov-eftSe? "&t 1936 1' S- " i v;. cots v' ,r v& f - Former Clinton Gridiron Star Jacobs Offers Garden Share in ' n.Miaea C v JT al , I . . v. v, fi . s S'O. f j. - r Loius-BnuJdock Atlantic j i City Match Booked vv. k February 22 Mr 'M Wl . UT TI ' ". r,m Definilrly Out of Classic; Suffered Knew Injisry in Ohio Contest I. U. SPARK PLUG IS HIGH SCORER Christopher Dal Sasso la i-allow-IBs; a bitter pill with a smile this Indians university's football (quod tangles With' Purdue it TVest Lafarette Saturday IXovember SI) la the f limactle content of the season for both team. Senior grldmen of both schools will be eager for the opportunity to itVve their beat in thta. their lent, game above all others. Bnt Chris Dal Sasso. th!t?h senior. ' i J ,1i - ' , "r 1 c trim - i im old num cow- I , I ( xtT A I 'iT?'VY ' r V. Lr I -Bysau.)EU iDOt f 1 Joe It W8COorM xJT onus- yr If I vJumsai Fsr HOLD-OUTS'.' UHr ,?-l ? . , n ..ij.. Paul Banyan star tackle and captain of the Indi Oene Sararea iukany Revolu ana eleven, is doomed to wateh the battle from tuft' bench. Coach Bo for the past three years as they appeared on tht course, left to right. Gene Saraien. champion ir 1933; Johnny Revolt, defending champion, anc Paul Runyan 134 title holrl" Will one of them repeat ? That a a question which I bring decided on the links at Pinehurst. N. C. Dsn the National Professional Golfers association tourney is in progress. Here are tbe winners NEW YORK. Nov IS Madison luare Cardan may Join the jnth O'Uttirv Club iif the promotion of the proposed 12-round no decision bout between Jim Braddoek and Joe Louis In Atlantic City February 2!. Mtke Jacobs, promoter of the 1tn Century, Jias already talked the situation over which Col. John Kiipat-rlck. the Garden prexv. and only the fSnn.noo guarantee offered Brad-doek is causing tbe colonel to hesitate. He thinks that sum a little High. Tbe Colonel's okay woul'l automatically sweep away any and all threatening legal entanglements. The Garden holda-.firaddock's contract for the first defense of his title, against Max Scbmeling next .rune. Of course this ticht arouldn't be worth a thia . dime if I.onis knocked out Braddeck in February. I Alternative t ' . . ' If the Garden does not go in wdh Jacobs, it miight te legal steps to nrevrnt a - Ijoais-Bradnock igbt to protect its interest in a Ixmhs-Sehmeling fight. But Jacobs is prepared to guarantee the Garden that it can go in with him ou tbe promotion of a fight between Sehmellng and the winner of the Bradrtock-Louls battle. The Braddock-Louls fight is sure ODDS AND ENDS FROM SPORTS that a slight error was made when he wa allowed to box Louis.... j I rior to liiat Brescia had appeared j only in -prelims. i Chris Cagle. the crest Army hack I of a few years ago, has bepn serrlng;-as gut coach at Nw York Military academy-.. -Ten seniors on the Du-j gnesne eleven have played tinder McMlllln himself hat admitted as much Injured la Otite (iinr Capt. Dal Sasso eatne out of a mti-up early In the Ohio State fray, October H, with a severely lDjtired leg. and has been finable to return to the Tlnenp since. Chris has worked palnsukfngly to 1hrow off the lameness, bat has made lirtl-progress. After three weeks of rain effort, be has heard the physicians' sentence pronounced over him strict warning seal not any srrlmaee the balance of thia year. Dal Saseo has been' a regular on , One Opinion For What Its Worth by Davis J. WaUh body else for the pros.. . .Dutch Clark of the Detroit Lions ie about tiie bet runninc ha k in th circuit. Boxing Commissioner Bill Brown pave Izzy Janna2ro. who boxe Barney Ross for the welter crown, a thorough balltnR out for foul fitrht-inur and profanity when Izzy boxed Ceferino Garcia to determine the challenger for Bamy. .. Jorge Bre-eia, who was belted out by Joe Lonis in his last start, is coin? back to the Argentine for a long rest.. . .Reportedly he isn't too fond of the way hp is being handled. .. Even-one aprps four different eoachea during inir i four cohere ypars. PTSEHURST. N. C Nov. 18. Todays activities will concern Tirrtl. .kr.nt n all TOO thpmSelVP With the flrSt atld SCC- X E W YORK, Nov. IS. Bronko Naearskf nf the Chicago Bfars is rated by Tnany as th? 1st linp plunpr in thp history of football... He hadn't slowed up notif-eably sinff fli? days when he waa burkine fnr Minnwota. . . Hp averar four yards a try. . . . Here are hiK dimensinns 6 fe't, 2 Inches; 23ft pounds, size 19 neck.. . .He feels pvpd biseer to the unfortunates railed upon to tacltle him.. ,H is fast on the pickup and faster still by th time hf tears into the forwards.. . He hadn't killed anybody, but for a derade he has be a preat help to The bos-tal bufiineMt. . READ THE ADS conclusive 18-hole rounds of match ond rounds of the event, after two play, morning and afternoon, the ! desultory days of the qualification, annual championship of the Profes-, and great will be the excitement suddenly thereof as 31 matches go on me eional Golfers association first iee this morning. . Bnt some how the thing will lack erediMlny jto draw at least IStlLeOO and the j winner against Schmellng mould i draw anywhere from tl.oon.non to '$2.0(10.90(1. A Schmellng-Braddork j ftaht probably wonld not gross over ' 1250.000. Therefore. Jacobs wiys. t T i h is to the Garden's interest to go in j with him on a double Joint promo-! tion. the I. C. varsity. for three seasons, fince bis sophomore year. As s lopbomore, he played through most nf the game in Indiana's 17-6 triumph over Purdue two years ago: rays this game furnished him th biggest thrill pf bis grid career. He Injured a fortnight before 'tlif Purdue' encounter cane along las' year, but worked back Into shape ! time to participate in McMlllin-roacned Indiana's second succeselve triumph over the Boilermakers. 7-0. Tbronghout his service in Roosier irridfare Chris ha been a popular ' figure among his team-mates an " members of the coaching staff. High Hrorer The alert Indiana fleld-leader en-jiys the distinction of being one of the "highest-eeoring tackles" in the Western conference. Chris fs re stopped being a sort -of refind clambake today and settled down to the grim business of survival, with some good, old-fashioned grade A hating on the side. For cold malic-! and a good deal of internal bleeding, there is none so consummate in one reVpoet dr so plaintive in the other as a ranking professional golfer. Even the wives stand on the sidelines and hide the agony with a brave smile, openly gloating one moment and glowering the next. It's Just not comical with them. After all. it's liable to mean junior's winter reefer. i Incideutally. pro football is en jnyitir one of its grelest seasons. . . ; Tbe National league teams are ail I drswinp well. T. .The nvr American ! league hasn't caught on as well a . mipht be exported, but is prom '"in j... Another football gTeat is Ralph j Kercheral of the Doaers. iwst kicker of the day on any cridiron.. . .H' without Walter Hagen. the man with tbe mahogany complexion. Somehow, indeed, there must be a touch of melancholy in tbe midst of the general buster and uproar, for Hagen, eliminated by a stroke yesterday. was most definitely Hagen to the golf galleries of two continents and never his exact like shall be seen again. Among other developments. In a very full life be won four straight championships in the P. G. A. for a record, that still stands and, when he finally lost, it was Leo Dtegel SI AND EZRA WITH FAT WILSON THURSDAY Continuous Entertainment. 8 P. M. to i A. M. i who made him do it. And Diegel today alao is one who Ifftaiids in the wine and watches the jahow go on without him, after be-' ine a cooBpieunus part of the re-jliearsal. Oddly. HaRen and Diecel tied at 157 for 3t holes, one ntroke .out of the qualifyint? tie. A Good Time For AU A Good Time For All Gregory's was reearded as the longest eollece punter whfle at Kentucky and mw boots them a mile farther than any Starring Popeye By ECSECAR THIMBLE THEATRE If VaJELL .THM S UL)HrXT BONDER F JUL EVER I IT'S GOIK' TO BE V POOPDECV. PfPPV, a , , itU i rt TA V SOU Rt UOlNCa.lbtxi'T U T ' nion 1 1 ntAPtu i u act incn uu wwww ROCKS rVirMM AN' THEM UtJttTlVWtU-Ht , SEX I VAM STErXUN I r-tEL SUKRV K3K j V0U. I REPsLLV OOy CHANGE ME WftV6- tTOUT O HEREE DcRt OL' CWIU7.ED J SHEMM-E- I DOUT7 VJANT V6R , vMPTHrXPiTrurr- I CfsH'T HELP FEEUN6 rttM PMIKi FROM HtS ITA FEEUN fU- SOUK t UVreR SET ftN' FttH SORRV FOR. HIM HOME DOU0H IN ME CHEST- rSK SMOKE ME k I PIPE-NO ' mm . . l hit rKi i TROLieuE.NO '5 '. -"xAW if TTo. 1 aaBBBV' . V sponsible for IS important points In Indiana's scoring records. He launched his collegiate pigskin career auspiciously enough. breakin" through the Ohio University line ir his first game to snatch up a fumble and run 27 yards to a touchdown. Early this season be demoralized the Michigan university team when he crashed through the line, "stole" th' hall, from the bands of a Wolverine back and dashed off S yards to r ton rb down. Da II Sasso was an all-stare big!-school gridster when he played for Clinton, his borne town. Like man" other I. U. athletes who have come from this sturdy mining district. ISO-pouDd Chris has proved one of the most powerful linemen ever to play under the Cream and Crtmsoi' flag, as witnessed' by his recornttlor on several all-Western Conference teams. ttJORRV, 4 JOS PEftCE ii-as j ' ,rt r7- tT- r-1 i r-TU J .,1 Sziwi .4 By RUSS WESTOVER TILLIE THE TOILER XOMPIU' TUPITET2.--E MuST i j'OiAy-j j BUT, MAC, I CM'T fieuKE j i r- ', - THEM It llit:i-3 lou i w7 anouMj aituvu S ' I tf S 1 "SOME MEAO Or WAVK. a. i ocanv fiirAPictuee VHAST5 OMEMEADOF WAVK. Al K&nV-fiEr A PICTURE Eghu Nattr at la The eggplant m native of India, whtr ft has been frown atuce remote antiquity for jts large, svhrte or .Bark purple, flesh rtrit. ' iriiS. I fcS.ltr- I IVVlHEtSt MOOT M ONE sr-Jt Htt it-Ill I . - .vryr j Mac ask. -THv2O05M HIS OFf CFW'MCTV! TILU6 IF HE 'A ..... I - ' I i-r . S . ' ' I i i i f i . kiA ui) i i i r - i ur.Ax: i i i t i . it S Le . v m AT THE HAIRCUT SHA.L.L. I TrastirsTtiby Only lu Fartitner The Eskimo of Berinf Strait, tt im said, u trustiaw among hit own, but ran be fully trusted to pay a debt inc-irred lb a white man. SET A Tll-UE V3 MafBattsai Bat N Elect aa Ufa The mafneturm of the earth has little or do effort oa the vital processes of the being liviraj oa the earth. DAN DUNN Secret Operative 48 TONIGHT MUSIC BY BOB CASHNER AND HIS BAND AT THE D2A1IA irVlNE UQUOR BEER OKE, BOYS, fLL BE HVMIELl VES, MR. YsJ THAT WYMIE'S A TthATS GREAT, 17 THE WtCV WE'RE SET UP T 7 ACE BART, THE X PLErJTY C1' .ROUND THE LAT HAVE BA.RT t GREAT EN&RA.VER, - ACE. BUT THEVtL MEVER CATCH I BI& SHOT. HOME ERHING OP THE WEEK FER IT THE BILLV I USED Tb HOW ABOUT US SEE, THIS BO ATT '5 F-OM THE SEA" I CwDcr-rcn T'l I TH' COUNTERFEIT RE ADV. MONEV L THINK I WA5 GOOD TH COPPERS tjl F AST --THERE,'S TH ' : A WHAT DO VOU EXPEI LTED AU. OOU6H-DONT ACE. WILL BE " AT FAKIN6 DOUGH HOUSE -TWO HOURS AN fS UWOW, BKS BOY ? HAVE VOU W DfSAPPOIfMT MEEJW - J WAITING I BUT HE'S GOT ME ; y A HALF AN' IT'S -JVr- , mNft DAHCiKC o z s mm H Dor mans Tavern Good Orchestra Your Favorite Beer On Tap Wince Liowori Mind Ovinia

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