The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 18, 1936 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 18, 1936
Page 4
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Wednesday, November 18, 1936 The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Found') ltlt iBDehindthelcen Sweepstakes on Love Established aa The Weekly Cllnionlaa 1850 Th Clinton Plalwlealer absorbed In 1108. -J ' . w m m . . m ' mm fOLLYUJOOD CHAPTER XIV George L. Carey. Editor and Publisher atntered t the I'osiorfir at Clinton. Indian, M Second Class Mattsr. Member Indiana Republicaa Editorial Aaaoclatlon Bernie Gutman, a tlred-looklng man in th early forties, smiled at Ths nsws photoerapher had sur- ber enthusiasm. Everything charmed Diana. ronnded the young msa with the aarnly blond hair and mustard Everything wa novel. iarkvi. Th towering vista of mountains of marriac. Freddis la terribly embarrassed If you ask him about It, but ths letter was from 11-year-old Marian Althouse, of Chicago, who wrote: 1 hav natural early hair and very white tasth, I lovs H wa trvina to dsdea them. By HARRISON CARROLL 'P-rtM. IMS, Kla IVuafM Sisdksts, lac HOLLYWOOD Being married to a star is not without Its diffl-rultles. Dr. Joel Pressman, for In-lance, ha not been abl to get an exclusive photo National Advertiinir Repraaentativa: CKO. B. PAVID CO. lliftd Wrlrlfr BIdg.. rhlraao. II CleneraJ Molurs MM.. l)'r lt 110 Kssl 42nd St., bnt finally he good nsturedly agreed to bs tain. Gens Tiers saw this. up the Hudson. This wa lik It There wss a hush about tht place. As if, behind the walls of ths Innumersble bungalows and low-storied wooden and Krners buildings, quite a number of people were working and studying. Which wss quit true. Th Burrow studio of th International Film Company wss a hive of Indus, try. But scarcely nun-lik in it habits. Dianss Bret thought on entering it wss Roger. Net realising m th least its far-dune Iota and depart- New York tney were gradually approaching formed a drop arena to sn Incredibly bright stags, so that everything had aa air of unreality. "Hollywood Boulevard 1" breathed t-i amafesd. you very much and would Ilk to lssrw was to disconeertea avsr marry you aa soon as I am old Rnrer't non-rrival la dt atten Phone 117 tion to that Roger ainst indeed bs Phone 41 J Diana, drawing a long breath. How low th ballding were that flanked HI It did not occur to ber that this enough." Whan Coileea Moors was build mdtno4 when had railed to asset her en her Brnrai, to wslcoms economy of height might owe any. thing to the danger of earth. set to Hollywood. Ferhans ha tnieht b at ths ttu ments. Its acres and acres of snakes. ... grounds, it ramifications, shs graph of Qau-ilrtte Colbert. It was supposed to be arranged a t Claudette's last portrait sitting. One proof of the doctor's choosing was to be printed for him (lef Psrhsps the press agent was "Almost lik Msln Street in anv looked eagerly about en a ehanr of sighting Koger. country town! sniffed Genevieve, smrtajrsn In me messsirsT H look them to th Diplomat for luncheon. Smartly dressed fries and women who, after th excibment of the ' We ll ro in snd see Finch nrL ing her bungalow at First National, ahe accepted a number of suggestion from Mervyn I Roy, then a gag man. (Ths title "comedy eon street or" had yet to bs Invented . To those of us who data bark that far in the Hollywood scene, there is a touch of drama in the fact that the same bungalow will now be used as the office of luncheon la th smart rendezvous. Finch is yonr producer. His bone. beginning to be tired. She was lies) U plaee, hot mo via psopl were aotscsablv absent exasperated that Diana should dis low is down tht Isne." They followed the long, loping stride of the press sgent down interminable paths and alleys until at the end of play such a eountrr-cousinish won- alone. The negative was to Diana ate little. She msd aa to slip out for a minute and der at what seemed to her to have ne aesirojea. , :y,mn Le Rov. hesd or hla iwn eail an Hempstead 002 T. good deal of fakery abont it Drive-In" restaurants where one a row they reached a white painted bungalow with a picket fence about it After aa mtermmabls waft she got ths number. A woman 'a voice ate in one's sutomobile, and which But, in some wut on the Warner Brothers lot manner, there ! Mervyn chose it rather than a suite was a sup and Uia doctor presently. , th ew offl Rural ft mleht seem outside, bnt were shaped like enormous sows, asked her whom she wanted 7 Then inside was a most modern suite of indeed I And those theatrical-look cam another lone wait "- r Warners. tng mountains with homes nestling actress wue appearing in news i "Mr. Derrtera room dors not an offices. A small, sharp-faced secretary with an Oriental look sat at a m curves and perched on preci- swer. Click I Ths communication licesl It was all too fantastic to a Hers and there In Hollywood. . . . Seven of Mae West' friends are ws Cut wf. papers all over the country. He must have been a good picker, because It even made the cover of a magazine. lne-blooded Darlinrton.the hub of large desk. She wss talking on the telephone. She hsd three telephones. As she wss talking, ths other two rsng loudly. So he was not tick enough to remain at borne? Or hsd shs been going to be vary whose universe was New York Park Avenue. nappy, come IHE DAILY CUNTONIAN-S PLATFORM , 1. To hanker every interest of Parke and Vermillion coontie. . 2. Ta assist the reriraj of the Indiana coal mining industry.. 3. To cooperate in lolring Vermillion County' smemplov .i ment problem. . 4. To beautify Clinton and make it the mort attract city of it tixe in the state. UNUSUAL ELECTION RESULTS Overlooked, perhaps, in the general ahuffle two Ohio elections j deserve passing notice. From Jackson come the new that township voter approved a bond issue of $ 1 4.000 to pay off a judgment obtained by Betty McGhee whose baby feet were badly bumed five year ago when she tottled into a heap of smouldering ahe left in the garden of her home by highway workers. From Springfield come the new that the public school of that ' city were closed when voters defeated a 3-mill special levy, which school board members said was necessary to keep 12.000 pupil in school. It seems that the board has no operating fund and owes thousands of dollars, most of them to teachers. These are unusual results of election. The township deserves , a vote of thanks generally and the city of 70.000 a Bronx cheer, re- gardless of what caused the trouble in it school finances. callinc some kind of a hospital T They turned rieht at Cabuetura 1 he press agent made the ladies She knew that Koger lived on Wonder why Barbara Stanwyc k roorning. The Boulevard and shot ud. uo throueh Bsntet Boulevard. and Mae Clarke, who danced in sit down on a leather sofa, and disappeared th return, one of three doors on the far side of the room- lanuenga rass. star has fust Th press afreet was going to It rrew wilder here, and orettier. bought that He reappeared oresentlv. waited thought Genevieve. Certainly, one had to admit that Hollywood had ; 5 nr. take them to tbe studio directly after they had finished luncheon. Roger might have recovered and gons there? If not, maybe, she could induce Bernie Gutman (the till the secretary hsd spoken on her telephones, snd then ssid briefly; "Mr. Finch is out Where can I lo. the same show together in the old Broadway daya. don't speak when they meet in Hollywood? It was quite evident the other nigiit at the Trocadero when Mae and her fiance. Dr. Frank Nolan, were there and Barbara and Bob Taylor came In. cats him?" an extraordinary pictnTesquenesw. Shs craned her neck up at the mountains, at th Spsnish homes set in their green gsrdens on dizzy pinnacles. Ths red-tiled roofs aforementioned publicity man) to many unset sapphires to pass out as YuleUde gifts. . . . Eleanor Whitney is quits 111 again, this time with flu. . . . Hollywood' nerviest actor is Paul drive them to Roger' address Hfc's on set B." May I use your telephone a sec later? ond? IU try to get Falconer." flamed in the sun of early after . She glsneed at Onerier and noon, and the white wails stood out He'a on set D. Or be was, fif thought how beautifal her mother sharply against the saffron hills. teen minutes ago when I stopped by." Ma West hocb a shame to have sums of. rooked, with color in her cheeks and that eager air of interest in eyes that had looked tired end sunken sack across the rreen lawns and Ponaast, who'D ' fering rabbits for 20 cents apiece and broilers at 17 cents 1 It kills the play the part of the compose! in oa ths train. The luxurious sur down a long alley and between what looked like enormous wooden barns. Then through a big door into what effect of th scenery!" she criti ' rounding of ths restaurant were her metier. She expanded here. Ehe Itaytime", with his broken hip in I east. The script has been cized. It' adorable I So new I So dif talked eayly with Mr. Gutman. ask. ferent!" Diana declared stoutly. appeared to be a three-ring circus. It literally was a circus "shot." There were elephants, giraffe and a couple of camels. ins; that he point out celebrities to Everything about thi new life her. He told her there were very few stars here in the middle of the The nimrods of filmdom are now hot for wild boar hunts. Preston Foster bagged five on Santa Cruz island, and will shortly be a member of another expedition which will include Franchot Tone and Gary Cooper, If he isn't working. Foster will take the party over on his boat aa soon as "Coast Patrol" is finished. You Asked Me and Tm Telling You! Mrs. Thomas McNulty, Glen-dale: Clara Bow lives on the ranch mosttf ths time, but she still gets into Hollywood occasionally. The fans haven't forgotten her either. On the last trip, Clara and Rex . she would like. Wasn't everything she wanted in the world right here? light-rope walkers, trapeze ar- day, for most of them were work, inc. Koger. tier mother. An interesting tists, and downs, snd bareback riders. arranged so he win not have to do any walking. . . . Now, it turns out that Mary Msjruire, Warners' 17-year-old find from Australia, has two other sisters, both actresses. Tbey ar Patricia, 10, and Joan, IS. Both arrive here in a few weeks to make their home in Hollywood and seek film career. . . . Fred Keatuur't new quarters job at the studios. Dot Tuesday and Friday nlehts Mr. Falconer was dtrectine. and How wonderful to live with Koger in one of those adorable mountain- tney eeme here to dins and dance. Ill be very happy to escort you and Hiss Darlirurto run be sturirested. top homes, fsr from New York, much too busy to talk to anyone. They watched for a little while. Then the press agent suggested they call on the studio general man from everything thst made life un- They passed the beautiful swiraminf pool, known as the oertaia and difficult! ar completely Japanese, even to They switched off the highwav. ager. Lido, on tbe wsy back to bis ear. They were kept waiting fifteen turning to the right Presently pale minutes in sn outer office pefore s In the bright sunshlns of early December, people were lunching; andsr rayly striped parasols, ai yellow buildings came in view, and the glimpse of a cupola or tower. haughty secretary with pince-nez ushered them into the great pres and big green gates. trmeo. DEMOCRACIES FEAR WAR The western democracies. France and Britain, are declining to challenge the dictatorial powers in Italy and Germany for fear that ' to do so would mean war. Mussolini and Hitler seek a new ally by creating a Spanish gov- 1 emment favorable to them, which will make these power stronger in the future. Sooner or later the French and British will either have to oppose these dictators or allow them to run Europe, directly and ; indirectly. France and Britain dislike helping communism, as exemplified by Russia, in any struggle against the fascist nations. The responsi-bility of carrying a nation into war is vast and one would hesitate to criticize either the British or French leaders. Sooner or later, how- j ever, the struggle for mastery of Europe will come and the great 1 power will have to take sides. J j ence. 1 the butler who goes with them. . . . And it is Alan Lane, who is rushing Anita Louise these days. Today's Puzzle: What well-known actor, supposed to he on a ashing trip, la really having his nose straightened at ths Cedars of Lebanon hospital? The gateman let them through. He saluted the Dress scent were spotted in Frank Kerwin's Merry-Go-Round, and were not allowed to escape before the onetime "It" girl of the screen had signed about 30 autographs. Freddie Bartholomew hss passed a milestone in an actor's career. He has received his first proposal Big in importance In the movie world. Mr. Goldman was small in ' "And freermg In New York!" eosmnented Diana with a ray little laugh. Shs felt better aow that they were on the move. Excitement Up a long curving driveway bor dered by ah robs and flowers, and physique. The press agent explained ' ' to him about Diana. He shook hands with her absent-mindedly, said he before them an ornamental door. Beyond it in the magic, anknown ran along ner nerves. Toey were oa their way to the studio that not noped sue would ne nappy among territory of the studio. Dianas fate them, and rose in dismissal. . - only offered ner ta enance or a career, but included Roger on its staff. awaited her. JJiana did not know whether to The information man at the YESTERDAYS and Mrs. Hobert Collier. front desk hsd a perfectly blank I In ths bright, busy streets, she waa amazed at the presence of so many automobiles. Two out of every three f amities fat ths Stats of expression on his (ace. lbs com feel snubbed or smused by the curt-ness of the officials, but decided It wss all part of Big .Business. Who wss she but a very small tadpole in a very large puddle? Mil. 1H. IMI1. ings and goings of stars, near- stars, the great and the near-great, were something to which he had California owns a ear, and though the roads are wonderful, cities and The press aeent then took theni' long been inured. Mine Jennie James of Vine street has ben very tJ I with typhoid ferer but Monday's report is that she if improving. towns are congested with motor to Mr. Goldman's Second assistant .' His own position wss paramount tfne. He told her to report next morning in importance, he considered. For The bridge club met with Mrs. H. M. Fereueun Tuesday afternoon. ' Mrs. F. L. Swinehart. Mr. W. H and ; Bonner. Jlrs. W. Brt Conlev and ! Mrs. I B. Hupp were substitutes. JIim Lelia Ogle had the hishen '. score. Pith adrjre at eight o'clock in the make-up de was he not tbe one who decided who tretd friend kindly support. "Everyone belonging to Hie stadias has some sort of a ear," said Mr. Gutman. Be smiled at Diana's partment and ask lor Nr. Kayser. should ro in and who be debarred? "remaps yon would like to msse THE STARS SAY HI GEXKVlEVlJ KKHBLK For Thurwla). November 19 Very active and progressive affairs are the auguries based on the a tovr of some of the sets now?" bright face. "You'll have to get one." He nodded nonchalantly to tne press agent The ladies, the nod meant, could go through. He Mr. and Mrs. Charles Walker and dattjrhter. Loral lie. were rlnitiog Mr. Walker's mother. Mrs. Laura Walker of Alberton, Sunday. uggested the press sgent. Liana said quickly: "It would b If Til. I Your Birthday Those bo? birthday ft Is ar tbe eve of a fortunate and pro- Tbey were sooming along WQt-htra Boulevard which waa a mass pressed a button under the infor The annual fair of the Sa'Ted mation desk. There was a buzzing interesting to visit the Art Department" then blushed, and hated herself for blushing. ..norfa fur tiiis dav. Km- ?re isive year, with superiors, iuflu of ears at that hour of the day. They turned right into a beautiful. tree-flanked street of charming lit They paid their visit but the , !r.ce was so vsst that it was oncer-. Heart ihurch will be held this yearj the laat I wo day of this month and) rt. It. IfKiH. tb- first two of next, at the Eaeles j Louise SU-holn. daughter of Hall It will he in rlmrge of Mrs. i Mr. and Mm. Lee Xichols of Clinton. Fred Kohner. Mrs- Jonn Mrgween ; ind.. ha? Ieen rbosen a a new mem- tain whether they would see Roger Dexter. sound. 1 be door at tne outer end of the small waiting-room or office automatically opened. A couple of men tried to slide in behind Diana, Genevieve and the press agent Imperiously, and suddenly corns to life, the man behind the desk ordered them back. They came reluctantly. plorers and others In places of pow-lent al persona" and elderly sonvii er and Influent should be sourht disjtowd t'i be seuerous and solid, for advancement, friendly count! fri ndly. Swk lliew for pronwliun, and solid cooperation and support j popularity and Siiali'ial inf-rea garb new alat-t may prove Brian-I Hif-ii hopes may lie lulfllled with iallv profitable and increase (heil.'use in 'power. Mr. Gutman, however, had acu '''her on the editorial staff of the De-ofj . . . ssam the support and frindtbip men. Refreshing his memory from the telephonic memoranda in his pocket ne made inquiry after the new scene-designer? fauw magazine. i nie raaeazme if tle homes in bpanish, English Manorial, and Cape Cod style with a dash of architecture from other countries. Eseh house bad its tidy green tswn and innumerable flowers of bright color. "Genevieve, do see the huge red and yellow roses as big as young cauliflowers!" Diana exclaimed. Even th trees flowered here. "One hears of the heartbreaks of Hollywood, hut disappointment must be so much easier to bear in tbe sunshine!" I A few steps down tne corridor may he turmoil siandinz and populariiy. A child Wn on tliis day those in hieh places for meritorious prnnositions- publisbed four tin and Diana's party emerged on a amhitiou and "1H In- i Yr5atile. shrewd. An elderlr woman may prove an To learn that he had not been m well-kept path that wound under shady trees across a trim lawn. that day, nor did they expect him till tomorrow morning. Raiher like the garden of the (To Be Continued) convent!" she thought She had had Spainvs War Mr. and Mrs. Mike CaMellina en ! Pertained yesterday with a delightful dinner party in honor of their 24h w-ddins anniversary. Covers : were laid for about iu enest9. ltss. awe rma period of schooling in a convent I Wally Simpson's Landlord i teresting and exc-iting based on actual fact Ppecial fciiMerti; are Time" and a i-artoon "Sleep:. ' Mr. and Mrs D. O Bireati and dauK?ier oi South Fifth s'reet siifiit rep.erday in Brazil a? be euetf of Mrs P.urjan s parents. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Branner. t Mist? Mary stnrm who lirea nnr Hono. waf tbe weekend ffuest of 31 is Heieo Louie Adame of Tafrri' , I'ark. THti riVL HOI K' XT TffK COM'.MKM role in "The Fna! Hotir" a a on-powerfnl and MH-i-ef-s'ul lawyer who loa" his iwtupy, j?t halth atid hi? self-respect due to marital diffi' iil-tUi. On the reree ol auiffde. be Bidets Marjsuerit-f f hurrliill. who -re him a de;re t fiant hi 'way baJt to the top, h'he erronemi?-1y a'-t-ue-d if murder and iu proT- Mrs. Kffie Harrison has returned I to her home In John sireeT after l r i y IF , 1 (: - pefidir U'e past few dayF with her daughter. Mrs. Roy M. M. fiord. and "Mr. rioyd sud chiidieu iu Bfilaaiy r-a- bt r w-r- 6 m I f f - ". - i - " i ., 0 . - fit..;-'- tm.- "la, , f " - , i -' ! ; , i I . I- :.ilit:id-i. Ijj wi'f-'H i havr inz Her in e, brilliant height in IJawiaet'e. John i' MfKay aud Maw tupportjiia !aHs A rrtK. "Crazy Mr KvrMt ;iviivo, I K. O. Hut -hiu-u. i id ffen were l he anf-a.t4 j Mr. J. W. pter- ' her pareT1. Dr. i iMr. and ' r and Mr Mikw Rjih yeBieTday the Ttom- ; Mrs v. H rill; Chatter 10 of "The rimbiu Hand ' ar aJdtni f-4tui-i RiJfline ii: rrn.sf.jiJ "THE Ifjtm TIMT HltoKK THK l'UIV" tT THK H4 B 4 sH MOVIES ',ir mm-!)1 . H-ettliin'Jii thi t'(du'- work log throuxh the j dmini'ratiot). rffTK Mr. sad Mrm. Cutbbert Stewart, of 16 Cumberland Tarrac. Reiifl Park, London, ar ihown at Berrouda, one of their stops on it round -the-7c-nr3d tmxr. Their addrepn ha berrome world famous smea thtt Iszotioss home wat .eased by Mr. Wallie Warfiehj Simpson, Ameriean baantj, wbo has been constant companion of Kins; Edward VIII. 'MARY OF wnfrTr.4Jt' AT THK I'AlJirK A triumph of ihawmanhip ierHioa a, it, fir-t major movi--"T'nr !1 "Mary of Swyjilaad." dramatinuz j Plow That Urol." th- Plain COURT NEWS ; framed a dtrorre- from AiTin Harry ' Hammrrily in. Vennfllfon Circuit ! Court Tuesday. Plaintiff was given in interwtinr: feature with heamiftil f.htorraijjy ta tua? renreiFent-lion of tb- lone history of th" lormj in th- We-i wih inuFit i: t rbif a 'Citnpaiiin. (hd&' ' In the utory ar1 hmum! pialnia-f. Marf Stuart, wbote rlamoroa anl i tragi t.arr is one of Uie ri beet j rhiv-n in the titrholeo' Iuh rc-1 t ti-y hiftory of Kurope Katharine ' Hfpburp and Ftedric March are - j pTrr-4 aud are k9iA4 hv an array MCW PORT. Not. 1 Klwood Williams of i"aysa. -nieri a p!-a of not auMly to failure to provid. Vermillion firt-uit Court Taeday afternoon- His bond was fixed at thf rnmody of thtr two rhildten, Naomi Kaye and Alrin Ray Hum mruly. until the further order of the eouri. Th- divorce action wa based on cruelf.. Hammercley i now aerTinp a ent-Rte in aUite priaon. Mrs. Haminerrrley was repreintd by Attorney K K Sel of ta!enl inrhi&ne WUtrenr Kid- Ukn a they r-r found When von rede1. Jobu CarradNie, Voroni Ol- ha X you wil! undr-!an't JVniebfa. Walton. Alan Iow- bow man ba maiii- an arid vuf-hrtv. Frieda I B-ryi . Ralph Tor fa'id of a 4Ki.aftft,ot--rn- bt tf fha. X trial dale wa aet. 71 je alfMlaTii tlleg-8 that h ta:'- ed to provid- iiee)mary food. lo'h- , I r-rdaut territory. and KoVrr Bar rat I iur and -CG0UIW it giiV A wrn romaa-- i a Lrtvr j n u' a' ' j li-n I el U ir Tr-nrmml Irov Wa-, Pa . UiHl Tuiicuas. in iid? : we jin- n4e-iviif aax bt if P i"a' and Praount Sewn are READ THE ADS ; aan rttl- and bat? many no in-'al on the T-ea t SHbi-Eutix - Hiimnieraiey- was

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