The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on August 4, 1921 · Page 8
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 8

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 4, 1921
Page 8
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"'r 1 THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS Mrs. Olive Wilson is the truest of j Raymond Barr, of Newcastle, spent het mother, Mrs. Thurza Ritt?nhouse, j Saturday night with Chester Davis. who lives west of Fairmount. .fj Friday Miss Hilda Harvey spent with Miss Bertha Davis. Aire- You Picking Up The Snaps? Something New Misses Dora E. Wilson and Reta Trader have gone to St. Joe, Mich., wh?re they will spend a couple of weeks. Miss Elizabeth Davidson of Marion, is visistmg friends in Fairmount, this week. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dare returned home Monday after a two day's visit with the latter daughter Mrs. E. E. Bennett in Warren. Mr. and Mrs. John Siegle and fami-ly and Mrs. Susan Vetor spent Sun- j day in Marion. j Just what you have been waiting for. Wash Goods in checks, in yellow, red, green, brown, blue and lavender at Here Are Some That Won't Last Long Jesse Hippie returned home Men- Mrs. Everett Davis and son Joe, of Sarah day after a week's visit with relatives ! Minot, N. D., Dorothy and 'a Scott of Terr Haute, are visiting with in Pittsburgh, Pa. j Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Davis and fami- J sly. I Miss Earline Bennett, of Warren, i j was th? guest of Mr. and Mrs. Robert ! AT i Y-t-ro Y-f Kp(vr. Hflpl Pi -i rr WnnAav nicrVif Yard 30c Per i Leach, Ortense Dean and Messrs Marcus Winslow, George Leach and j Richard Jay, picnicked at the river i Sunday evening. Mrs. J. D. Cain, of Indianapolis, was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Andy Cain Wednesday afternoon. The Bee Hive Cash Store Mrs. Glen Campbell and son, Chas., of Anderson, are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ackerman. Graham Wafers, per pound l-.lGc Flour $1.00 Peaches in syrup, per dozen $3.00 Peaches and Apricots, per dozen 2.25 Bulk Pepper, extra, per pound 25c Pink Salmon 12 l-2c or 2 for 25c Corn Flakes 10c Peanut Butter, per pound 15c Tin cans, per dozen . COc Jelly Glasses, per dozen 55c Tubs , .$1.00 and H.10 Apples, 5 pounds for 25c Bananas, per dozen, 15c, 50c and 25c Lemons, per dozen 50c j Mr. and Mrs. Merle Scott of Terre j Haute, motored to St. Paul Minn., to visit with the former's sister, Mrs. j Stanley Clements formerly Miss Mary i Scott of Fairmount. You will soon want these, tco All Leather School Shoes STAR BRAIND Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Weyler and ; family entertained at dinner Tuesday- Mrs. Veda Bateman and daughter I Miss Earline Bennett, of Warr?n. Thena Vsda and son, Henry John, of India, and Cicero Winslow cf Bloom-ington, spvnt Thursday with Mr. and Mrs. Henry Roberts. Mrs. Andy Areford and Miss Nellie Zinn, of Morgantown, W. Va., are guests of their aunt Mrs. Ed Bertaux. ; Mrs. Katherine Buller was the we?k-end guest of Tilly Cox and Watermelons Real Indiana Mushmelons PLANET DESTROYED BY HEAT Have An Individual Suit Don't Be a Duplicate ORIGIN of DEMOCRACY Man's First Sin Ed Kimball of Marion, was the Sunday guest of Mr. and Mrs. Lafe Ribble. Possibility That Our Ovim World May Meet the Same Fate Through the Rays cf the Sun. Here's a Good Place to Buy Sugar for Canning The Mayflower Phone 1 1 Bob Lindsay, Prep. Mrs. Arthur Tomlinson, of Summit-ville, ealJed on friends in Fairmount Wednesday. Worlds, with probably millions of human beings lik onrsvlves. have been destroyed and turne.1 Into gloxv-Ine g:s by a stupendous conflagration Denton Tomlinscn of Summitville,; In ti e h axons. Democracy, self rule, was born of ' the suggestion to our Mother Eve, "Ye shall be as Gods.' Gen. iii-5. The proposition involved th? denial of God, the theocrat, and the overthrow of His theocracy in this world. The desire and work of satan in his enmity against God was accomplished i when' the woman Saw, Desired and , Eat, Gen. iii-6. The devil, Sat,an, had undertaken to j dethrone God in heaven was defeated ! was in Fairmount on business Thurs- There v. a ;"-.-.e when Tailor made cl-.xtht- cst more. That is not true row. - F.t x c Your clothes xxi'.l refect ;-r individuality. A r.-. eric an Cr-iraers for fall. 0 rtd 5-xM. Vnr n -p-:l:t 5 is your sur.rsr.tcc. " ' iay morning. Tl.o srm to which those worlds be-orcvd must have rushed into a zone if honied gas :.nd have had Its atmos-ohero sot on tire. ft va toward the rr, rf lat summer that the vast outbreak was !1rt Emerson Rigsby, of Arlingson, Ind.. pvas the guest of his sister, Mrs. F. R. and east out. Enraged by this act of j t-vvr last vneck. How They Stand Count of Votes Turned In To Date. syen. but It was only hvjoly that as- God his enmity and wisdom seeks op- j t'ortunitv still to defeat God in His , tronomors realize! Us awful s!;rn:n m - ' -t--"- r-anr-o. Now It l known that the star eancht tv-e had it heat in- Iur. -.ay ine guest ox tv.s parents, uev. ; vvhh h and Mrs. F. R. Eddy. i creased by no less :n amount than !ie ! hundred thousand time in Ihe course Junk Discussed By Town Board (Continued from Page One) mission to put in a filling station at his grocery in the north end of town, and the warrants for the payment of the salaries of the school board for the half year ending Aug. 1, wore approved. Otherwise the town trustees had a quiet evening. Ribble Bros. tOF COURSE) TAILORS Work and svicceevlevl completely in the dethroning of Him and taking over the government of this woild, "A j Trinec of the pow?r of the air which now ruleth in the hearts of the dis-. obevlient." f The fall of man was brought by or ' through the imbibing of the s?lf rul-i 1 Leo Shields ar.d daughters, of Jones- I , bew, were in Fairmount on business Wedncsdav afternoon. or a row tiavs. Pan finne Imaclno; our own sun nlllnc tK sky with its Maze and send ing f irth a heat hundred of thtt- mg spirt ot thei uevu, aian. Man sands f times greater than It (1ihs at 'received a superabundance of Satan's 1 stvnt to mle. More than could bo TO mmmvy Mrs. S. E. Baker ar.d son. Edward, 4of Mur.oie, are spenviir.g a few days 1 v ith J. L. R;csbee and familv. t utilize.l in thr members cf lr.s own C5 pivsotit. Itr.r.ianity wov.hl be ithervst as a loaf dtn pod into a whlohot fnrnaov at-d the earth itself won'd melt with ferx-ott I oat. Yet tl.etv :m thovo xh predict suoh a fatx" as tVat fr our planer. : Miss Xora Alton has returned fnm V.or vacation which was sent with fi-itnds at Dayton, O., and Dettvit. MtK tng it within himself, only using it in rule ethers njso. Forgetting the other "members of the race had imbibed the sam? energetic spirit has been the source of all manner of conflicts, larger and smaller, through the adolescent ago of the race's life. Man's reasonings are in tbat wis-o-m that was gotten up in the reasonings of the serpent accepted by K-e. ptsr lr.g the - k Mr. Electric Meters. elas-ono(l jueter G!ars-Ccvered The n-e of the ln-vasinc. and SUNDAY SERVICES j I ...... - - r--- UNION SERVICES Sunday evening xvill be the last of the series of out door meetings. We anticipate a great service.. We ha-j a partial promise of the Fairmount band. A good speaker is assured. i!r. Willis Smit and two daughters 4 o?.r "1 A 'CVv V tnanv rvn!ra) st a - of tlastor.ia. X. C, are visiting the Ttuo to nature the xvorut ts pass- m 5a vi-r. of : rday o-atlo-rs Roth. i it ... ... ... h ... ...... j- . k . . a . . .. . . . Mi.e. w nd Mrs. Jason; l" " '" " uvamus-.x-surxrs hmioxv ?rr beyond the maturing time of life. ; 'bt thv will rl.--tv in crvater Xow naturallv thinking in more ma- ar. .i Mvs j f rn'.or's pat vrts. Mr. i Smith. lure terms suggested by experience and teachings of the wisdom that Eve Woe or.tortainext at s saw xvas wuched safe to man in be- ... f.v oiirr -s Kdith t.'oyd anlj Pr. ar. I Mr?. L. D. Holiday and r.s, and Miss Marv Earhart return-" mnrbers when dlixeries hoo-Mue easier. tVmpnnlos whb-h av n-sin t tv ters tir.d th:it thvy faoilitaio the settlement of exnplai?it. osj eolally when a myter is sn-qvrted f er p-'nc:. Ci-botrere t-vfer a meter that ran he seen xxerklng. Tb.o obbtions t. class er- M K.-;"-.'ocr. Criokton, of Tell your friends and come. Meeting at 7:00. In ease the weather is inclement the meeting will be at the M. E. church. H. T. ARNOLD. Pres. C. B SWEENEY, See. Ast.r. cvt Monday fivm a ten days xuting at j Tippc-oanoe lake. Fairmount. Miss Lillian Dunbar , Leslie Wi'bern , Miss Moth Winslow , Miss Indus Pierce Mrs. Lou Kimes Charlie Darnell , A. J. Weyler Miss Phyllis Cooper , Floyd II. Broxvn P. W. Harkdull . . . Miss Fay Shane , Miss Mable Mann llornard Strope , Fairmount 11. V. I). 2. Miss Lova Moon Fairmount. R. F. D. 3. Miss Zola M. Little Mrs. Doxey Miller Mrs. D. E. Richards Joneshoro, R. F. I). 1. Miss Beatrice Howell , Frank Hilton ... A , Miss Golda Pattison Joneshoro, R. F. D. 2. Miss Helen Leach Marion. R. F. I). 3. Miss Maude Kimbrough Marion Miss Virgie Huber Joneshoro Miss Alice Little Miss Winnifred Coppock ... Fowlerton. Mrs. Minnis Crecraft Sims Miss Ida Fay Ioskridge Iferbst Franklin Packard Swaysee. R. F. D. 3. Miss Margaret Keever Miss Margaret Comer Ioint Isabel Edward E. Hale Mrs. E. L. Fear Summitville. Mrs. Herman Jones Matthews. Miss Mattie Martini Miss Irma Boyer 100.000 loVoi 497,500 482,700 .78,000 482,S00 93,000 207,100 8S.800 80,000 78.000 78,000 491,200 403,000 205,800 391,800 100.000 481,700 78,000 200,000 498,000 91,100 78.000 87.000 358,000 78.600 100,000 78.7oV 78,000 200,000 , 50.000 497,000 97,500 , 82,400 Pr. Stexvart rerumo-il t Mr. and Mrs. Otto Hamilton return- j ,,:-v,i r'r ,,u l11" - ?.-ri. O.. Tuesdav.i r- t!-. i,.x.0 cM.4v. ts . ; m if-rxMno. i nexvuness ot tto xtge Tit"picanoe i home i. uviiix. v. unia x xix'in ? It w ith Mr. and I f 1 I i k. : '''' ooxyr xx tsoi nisrsu eause a poor, w here they haxx been camping . , . t k - r.tor a tow e.;-.-',rs. Lirco'n coming as gods by the partaking of h-- ferhiddo-i fruit or tree. In the pei footing of that knoxxledge man is now overcoming that ox-cr ' abundance of the snirit to ru'e utilising it xvithin hmself, only usng it in feUoxvship xvth humanity to benefiting with unnumbered opportunities to unbounded prosperity under this perfected Pcmooraey. Put look again. Eve Saxx, Pesired, Partook. James t-15, says, "When lust hath conceived it bringeth forth sin and sin wheii it is finished bringeth feth death." The sum total: This world demoe- j racy is the finished product rirenin; for the grinvling of the rock Daniel ' ,T;y McEx-xj- rtume'i to Panville, I Tuesday af'Vr a short visit with - s ra rents. Mi. v 1 Mrs. J. J. Me- . , , - j i.i !.:! e-i'ii i:ikoi care ot ov a ten for tw or throe weeks. j sVot rns,,r,enty no trouble from ; ibis s,v,m-v has been ex-iMrienexMl. Mrs. Carnegie, of Vineland, X. J., ; tn,eiis:it!n. which sometimes ap-with her father, Mr. Ward of Uas I pflrs on the xntsde of the glass cnM City ca'led on Miss Weyler in Fair-! bo present n the Inshle of metal exxv-meur.t Wexlnesday afternoon. j Nns notlei urn (nsH- . ! Hon of the outside. F.leetrioal World. Jesse Shepard and wife of Plv- ? ' .xvr. M. E. CHURCH. Miss Ux-a Day xvill occupy the pulpit of the M. E. church next Sunday. Miss Day expects to sail for China in a fexv xx-eeks where she will engage in missionary xxork. It xvill be an uplift to hear her. Sunday school at the regular hour 9:30. No meeting in the ex'oning on account of the Union Services. Prayer meeting on Thursday 7:30. The Epworth League meets on Wednesday 7:30, with Deloras Schlapenhaft as leader. Everybody invited to all these services. C?-..-'.?. ManWr r ? family of Wash---gtcn C H., O'S'c are visiting their j-x-V. M. W. ,t and family, mak-r. g th trip by r;t;r.tobile. mouth, Ind anv! Mrs. J. J. Coleman j saw cut out cf the mcuntan. Daniel i 'i;-4. "The Iron and Clay toes are j l fovnvnt on that Kingdom's Image, , j Amen." The xlisobedience in the rrarden of j Pittsburflhers Will Bore. - Aftxr having tried, for a number of yv-nrs. O't oxx-r and around the hill sttrs-omidrni their city, the rvsl- and daughter, of Mation, callevl on i Rev. F. R. Eddy and family last week. d ots of Pittsburgh haxo decided to i Fn put man-out of the character dii!ce the heart of the difficulty jnd image of God into the spirit and; Mil.. w' im..i.n ill Till. am'lll llivi l .un: wv. ...... v. .v ..... - . life became dead. Therefore lost his Tlie Loyal Berean Bible c'ass of the Christian church will hold, their mor.tly mating next Monday evening the h mo f Mr. and Mrs. Mark Al-'.:crts ., ?t Marion. inheritance. Man has been endeavor-in exrer since by his own works Mrs. F. R. Ed-ty and children ae-ccmpavuexl Rev Hody to Marion, Sun--d.xy, where th r rt o-ded the quart-Hy meeting cf t'-e Wcseyan Meth-,i ?t church. Mr. and Mrs. F.tsil Applegate and t -xt sens. Carrel ard Elmer, of Mun-.:ie, are spending t'lis xxc-ck with Mr. md Mrs. Ben !Tatsfcen and daughter, CVdy, cf Korth vEf.'n street. NOTICE The W. R. Lewis Shoe Repair Shop will be located on the north side of Washington street, next door to Dr. Broxvn's office for a few weeks, in order that we can build a nexv and up-to-date building and in this way be better equipped to handb the trade and accomodate our customers. W. R. LEWIS. wrought out in that wisdom eotten up ! in his fall, to bring himself in to J favtr with his maker again and ther?- j by regain his inheritance without confession. Confession Is iot in the J vocabulary of Satan, hence his chil-! drn dx not learn it. J In this enmitv against his makar Is ' tunnelins opvrtlons hax-e leen got-Uh under way .xhlch, xxhen computed, xxli; nsnlt In a douMe-tuhe bxrx that xx HI accomnnvdate pexles-tHan. sttM?t car and vehicular traffic. says Popular Mechanics M&FaMne. The estimated ctxst of the ttrdertaklng Is het-ven 2JHHUW and 3trt.tHttM. and tt Is expectexl that txxt years will be required fvxr Its completion. It estahl'shes no precedent, as another bore, made several years acrv has given satisfactory service, nl- Mr. and Mrs, Charles Sv S. White, of Indianapolis, arrived in Fairmount Wednesday night to be the guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. It. Wilson, the remainder of the week. The Women's Missionary Society of the Wesleyan Methodist church will be held Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the church. This will be the last meeting of the year at which time election of officers will take place and a full attendance is desired. Ml relucting tftxl's way. Jesus, the Seed promised (in the cool of the day following that morning's awful trag-exfy with eternal consequences impending) that should "bruise the ser Arch MeEvoy, after a txvo weeks visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Ben ttueston and 9ughter, Mr. ard Mrs. Bail Apple-grte and sor.s, tc-ck Sunday dinner itH Mr. and M.-s. Chester Applegate ar.d sons, of ne&r Margie. U. J. McEvov, rturnexJ to his home! ",wwww ror wsk or strw Miss Laura Moreland returned to her home in Oxford Ohio., aftsr an extended visit with her sister, Mrs. Lincoln Stookey. pents head. That was the day in j in Pittsburgh, Pa Friday. Mrs. Me-! 1M,'r' Evoy will remain here for two weeks ' Jwt. I PUNS UV BY DIVINE RULE wfcich "God so loveth the world. John iit-16. And this being the time of the foundation of sin in this world the flesh and the devil, it is declared of Jsus that, he was slain upon this Mr. and Mrs, J. M. Roth and Mrs. vuin and xaurhter of Terre Haute, ar.d Mrs, M. 1. ?Joth and daughter, Fmma, xf Elvod, called on Mr. and Tirs. W. J. Roth l?s week. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Morris enter- j Wathtngtcn Jxidg Will Prattle tha tained at luncheon Tuesday night in PHneipl et New ThMighf and honor of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Curtis, of j Trutt ClitnH. B. P. Buller and daughter Estella, entertained Sunday at dinner, Mr. ami Mrs. Clarence Buller and sons, Lea and Deo, of Summitville, Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Buller Mr. and Mrs. Ru-fus Green and Delma-Larve. , NOTICE OF SALE OF REAL ESTATE BY EXECUTOR The undersigned, Executor of the last will of Mary Marley, deceased, hereby give notice that by virtue of n order of the Grant Circuit court, of Grant county Indiana he will at the hour of 10 o'clock a. m., of the 27th day of August 1921, at the Citizens State Bank, corner Main and Washington streets, Fairmount, Grant county, Indiana, and from day to dav thereafter until sold offer fn day ("from the foundation of the I world and before in the council i chamber of Father. Son and Holy I Ghost. ttIn the fullness of time. Phoenix, Art Dr. and Mrs. .Will j Taktma, Wash. ttareourt M. Tay tss j " and and this promised seed was broucht forth hy a member of Dsity, the Holy Sntrit, overshadowing the Virgin xt lor, retiring Judge ot the Yakima su Airs. .......... . . . .. .. ... t Stewart, cL Oxford, d Louise Moreland and Mr. Lincoln S,tookey. ilnvr vjuii, u5 timivuiixit ire win resume practice of law "In acwrvlanc Mary, bringing forthmanifesting in Ilia t..l t). 3..v rlrtrl .Tnhn til. . Mr. and Mrs. Jc Shane and Mr. -d Mrs. Floyd Srane and family" re-x:rnevl home Su.Ay fim a fishing .-sr-.d vacatio'n tr. in Michigan. White Vo, Michigan they x sited in Kewc-agcv, Gr? Rapids &rd T!iree Rivets. A letter to Miss Uva pay from Chicago brings tJv3 news that her passage, support and outfit are being taken care of by the Young Ladies Business Class of North Shore Con gregational church, Chicago, before whom she recently spoke. The Fowlerton base ball team will As I shatl apply the teachings of . 8 The second in the God head to meet the Marion Mailable Iron Work JjJ e ChHsto h jJ , JRlf M& tt tedel "head team Sunday afternoon at 2:S0 Vtock I J ). wpt no of a new and third race of beings cry at Fowlerton. Both teams will pre-1 Rhl Insults, as wunsel or assist Jn Abba Father. Through Him ent a strong line-uo and a rood tame ! w not ttmt Uwt we become heir of God by confessing saVa at private sale, all the interest of ' said decedent in and to the following real estate, iff Grant county, State of Indiana, to-wit: Lot No. ten (10) in Baldwin's out lots to the Town of Fairmount, in Grant county. State of Indiana. Said sale will be made subject to the approval of said court, for not less Mary Edgerton celebrated their Reuben S. and ones, cf Mario, is assurexi. t k..t...- ... Wf ..(.. k.. ,. t . ; . . 1.4. :.(...ti. r,Mti inn v-i wt T-iiiuvg mi- ivBins nis ix5fc iiinrrimiin-! ration tn which they are already tn- . Life. Jesus was the true light which ; than. the appraised value of said real I . ' .a. m volved t shall consider I have ren veth Clighteth) every man the cap- j tiered the highest legal service. t Jf5 V J'J J,?!!v ihl t kH . . .... ... . itVt. John i-9 reaching back to the i Mrs. C It. Hubbard and children, of Tulsa, Okla., ar the guests of Mrs. HubbarxTs parentis Mr. and Mrs. Wil-liant Llmlsey. Mr. Hubbard will ar redden wedding, Those from Fairmount and vieirsity who aHemied were, Mrs. Mart xatl:.ff, t R, Small, Mr. and Mr. Fred Halsley, Mr. and Mrs. 3. t. Farriwgtcn and daughter Beatrk-e, Mr. an f Mr. Leonard LittL J. T. Walthall, Mr. and Mrs. Winifred Thomas and svn, Mrs. Margaret "TV.ernas anxi x.voghter Helen. The Fourteenth Annua Reunion of the Homer-Walker cousins will be held Sunday, September 4, at the home of J. W. Richards, Jf. three-fourths miles north and two1 miles west of Matthews. Oliver Buller- ia president of this association and Pearl Buller is secretary. f SJST Vrt7: Nil or promise but not bevond IV No n LM, I" tTti T vanaclty or good seed left In man to no Bxwt chatTte My clients wilt pay uUiyate up into Eternal Life, us estate, ana upon me iouowing terms and conditions: One-half (1-2) cash io hand, the balance in six (6) months -secured by first mortgage upon aaid real estate, with 6 per cent interest, with the privilege of paying all cash. CHAS. T. PARKER, Executor. July 25 Aug. 1-8-15. rive later to join hi family for ure n uicj- tnuiK is ngni ana ineir many teach. MMKt tiittrvM i AtTtttto pcArnrr means Jutlti short tlslt before they return to their j r I r c ow too nome. 4

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