The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on December 5, 1976 · Page 26
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 26

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 5, 1976
Page 26
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Page 26 article text (OCR)

B4 Palm Beach Post-Times, Sunday, December 5, 1976 99 Tape Recording Case Suggested Christmas, "Is in the Air! From Post Wire Service TALLAHASSEE - The Attorney General's Office has indicated it plans to challenge the constitutionality of a state law prohibiting persons from tape recording their conversations without the consent of the other party. Deputy Atty. Gen. James Whisenand said this week he has filed a motion urging the 4th District Santa and his helpers have been hard at work putting the finishing touches on Mall decorations. And Santa will be in the Mall every day until Christmas Eve to talk to the kids. The Cub Scouts and Brownies have decorated trees . . . on display throughout the Mall. Beginning December 6 and continuing thru December 17, carolers will perform from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the Main entrance. We hope you enjoy the choral series and decorations. And remember, you will find something for everyone at Palm Beach Mall . . . IT'S FOR YOU! SANTA'S HOURS: RCA Workshop Helps Out Santa Monday thru Saturday, 1126-1221 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. Sundays, 1128-1219 1 1 a.m. to 2 p.m. 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. 1222 A 1223: 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. 1 p.m. to 10 p.m. 1224: 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. 1 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Court of Appeal in West Palm Beach to send directly to the state Supreme Court an extortion case involving tape recorded evidence thrown out of court because of the statutes. "The facts of the case would seem to make it the perfect test," , Whisenand said, adding the statutes prohibiting recordings "would seem to stifle law enforcement and consumer protection efforts." The case involves a Riviera Beach private investigator, Harold Walls, and Stanley Gerstenfeld who were charged in Palm Beach County with extortion based on a tape recording made by Palm Beach investigator Francis Antel. In an unrelated case, Antel has asked the Supreme Court to dismiss charges of forgery pending against him. As related in Whisenand's pleadings, Walls and Gerstenfeld visited Antel at his home Feb. 19, 1975, threatening physical harm to him unless . paid $5,000. Antel recorded the conversation and sought help from law enforcement officials, who arrested Walls and Gerstenfeld. Attorneys for Walls and Gerstenfeld challenged the admissibility of the tape recording based on statutes which require all parties to a conversation consent to its being recorded and prohibit the use of illegally obtained recordings in the state's court. Palm Beach County Circuit Court Judge Timothy Poulton upheld the admissibility of the recording but a month later Judge Emery J. Newell, acting on a petition for rehearing, threw the recording out. The state appealed Newell's ruling to the 4th District Court Sept. 15, 1975. The tape recording law has never been reviewed by the Florida Supreme Court and Whisenand says the issues raised "are of paramount public importance to effective law enforcement." The court should decide whether an extortion victim has a constitutional right to record threats made against him and whether such recordings can be offered as evidence, he said By MARY LAVERS Pott StiH Writer What is a child's Christmas without toys? A small stuffed elephant or a plastic car could mean the difference between a tearful holiday and a happy one for hundreds of needy children throughout Palm Beach County this Christmas. Liza Johnson is the mother of two such children who would have awakened to a bare tree and empty stockings Dec. 25. Both of her children are pre-school age and must be taken to child care centers while Liza, not her real name, works two jobs: one ending late at night and another beginning in the wee hours of the morning. Her life is described by social workers as "always going around in circles with seemingly no end. Even though she tries very hard, she just can't seem to make enough money to support her family. As a result of several unusual elves, dressed in jeans, pant suits and some with RCA badges attached to their clothing, Liza's children will receive toys this Christmas. For the past seven years, employes, past employes and local residents have spent many an hour in Santa's workshop in the RCA plant in Palm Beach Gardens, making old toys new. In conjunction with the Salvation Army's Empty Stocking Fund, the people in Santa's workshop repair usable toys to be placed in the fund's toy store later this month. Parents of needy families, whose names are referred to the Salvation Army, may then come in and pick out a toy for each of their children. Cash Donations may be sent to: The Empty Stocking Fund, PO Box 789, West Palm Beach, Fla., 33402. A list of the latest contributors appears below. Edward ft McKenns, S5; Nelson Diaz, 3; William J. Minhel, 3; Max Handler, 3; Sidney C. Hand, 5; Evelyn Bailey, 5; In Memory of John H. Jackson, 15, William Brainhard, 5, John F. Warsh, 10, Harry R. EricKson, 10. Georgia Mann Hetrlck, 5; William E. Dobbins, 1; Anonymous, 5, William Wagenbaugh, 10; In Memory of Berlin Griffin, 25, Rafael Fanul, 5; George C. Lea, 5; Michael E. Krati, 5; Philip H. Reid, 10; C.J. Klarman, 25. Walter Demaskey, 10; C.S. Dalfon, 5; H.E. San-drldge, 2, In Memory of Alma, Lionel, and Jack Wertheimer, 50; Gerald B. Henln, 5; Walter Teu-bler, 2; F.D. McCray, 10; Josephine B. Oobson, 10; T V. Goode, 5. Arthur C. Blemker, 10; Mr. and Mrs. George A. McCurrach, 15; Ethel H. Benthien, 5; A W. Glis-son, 35; Mr. and Mrs. John J. McDonald, 10; Richard F. Meldrum, 5; Marcus Hertel, 5; Earl G Pel left, 2; Leon E. Schloss, 5; Laura E. Murray, 20. Katie G. Patterson, 10; Alice Marlon, 5; Phillip J. Hopkins, 5; Gladys Owens, 30; Bertha R. Baker, 3, Esther Robinson, 5, Joseph J. Delatush, 20, Wilbur B. Simmons, 5, Mr. and Mrs. Morton S. Bernard, 1. Walter w. Scott, 5, Robert E Parrls, ; Mr. and Mrs. Frank T. Hord, 50; Bill Wagner, 100; Byron D. Scharft, 2, Allen J. Datflnee, 2, Roy L. James, 5; C L Brumback, 10; Mr. and Mrs. R.M. Funk Jr., 10; Jackson L. Thatcher, 5. Kurt R. Lingberg, 10; Alfredo Lobo, 3; Mrs. B F. Granqulst, 5; Mrs. A.L. Drysdale, 100; Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Gringle, 100; Sara Mechur, 10; Edward R Falls, 5; Harry Bauer, 5; John J. Conbov, 2; Claude F. Curtis, 3. Evelyn W. Warren, 5; Mrs. Fraier Holilohner, 10, Mr. and Mrs. Chester Reed, 5; Carl G. Nord-strand, 10, Lazar Serbanuta, 5; Antoinette Malle, 1; Edward M. Rushing, ; Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Hetterlch, S; Coleman Noahson, 12; Joseph S. Caldwell, 5. Albert Pearson, S; Wm. B. Hodglns, 2; King Merrltt, 100; Virgil B Parks, 50, O A. Stock, 20; Thelma B Salt, 5; Miles Chandler, 2; Mr. and Mrs Kirk Stlmson, 3; Mrs E T. Moreno, 5. William M. Barnes, 10; Edward V. Nightingale, 5, John W. Harbin, 5; Eugene L. Pllon, 3; H Philipo, 3, Louts Chandler, 10; Mllo Bacon, 3; John M. Gay, 5, Ellen D. Major, 3; R E. Kranlch, 5 BE A COURT REPORTER GOLD COAST SCHOOL OF MACHINE SHORTHAND MfOM 1.30 l 842-3168 Store Hours Monday thru Saturday 10 a.m.-10 p.m. Sunday 1 1 a.m. -7 p.m. Key Ken llourt Monday thru Sn'urday 10 a.m.-9 p.m. Sunday 12 Soon-S p.m. Charles L. Ramsey, 5; Mr. and Mrs. B A. Hoer-ber, 2; Albert J. Vulllemln, 10; Albert S. Plnder, 5; Mrs. Clifford L. Smith, 3; Monday Morning Club, 25. Anna D. Nelms, 5; W R. Stone, 5; Mr. and Mn. Walter A. Sherman, S; Ethel S. Welch, 2; George B. Mehlman, 10; Joseph F. Bernstein, 25; Mr. and Mrs. John Bareman, 10; H.F. Stoner, S; Kathryn McCulloch, 10. Howard L. Sanford, 2; Viola McCarthy, 5; Anonymous, 1; A.J. Smalley, 5; Charles Kllnga-man, 10; Herbert E. Fields, 2; Mrs. L.H. Lynch, 10; Maurice B. Arons, 2; M. Bates, 3; Rena Gil-boy, 3. Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Pfundsteln, 5; Mrs. Robert Leroy Warfleld, 10; Phyllis A. Dletsch, 5; Mrs. S W. Kagan, 5; Philip R. Moonves, 15; Mrs. Charles Erbsteln, 25; Budget Fence Inc. 100; Harry G. Stahl, 5; Alex Davidson, 1; Mafias J. Abril, 1. Richard B. Keller, 2; James R. Thompson, 20; Charles F. Philips, 10; Don R. Kohl, 10; Warren M. Wells, 5; Olivia Regan, 3; Mr. and Mrs. James W. Short, 10; Annie Hazen, 10; Herbert H. Faulconer, 20; William A. Ross, S. G E. Ahrens, 10; Frances Campbell, 5; Robert V. Santagelo, 5; W. N. Dubree, 5; Gladys Cot-trell, 2; Allen I. Morrison, 10; Karl A. Larkln, 25; Jane C. Uspensky, 10; Estelle R. Reld, 10; Mrs. Jarru C. Thorp, 2. Greta Smiley, 3; Charles Bower, 5; William H. Peck, 5; Sol Kronovet, 5; Eliot S. Frosst, 25; E.A. Burdlck, 25; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Beard, 50; Ricky Daniels, 1; Aino Laukka, 5; Charles Op-penhelmer, 5 Leonard Clark, 10; T.J. Wright, 5; Mrs. Joseph Brialmont, 4; Mr. and Mrs. John J. Walker, 5; Mr. and Mrs. R.A. Westerfleld, 10; J A. Hagland, 2; Alvln W. Boettcher, 10; K.L MacQueen, 5; K. Leggett, 3; Marcel Deprez, 2. Ernest R. Schwager, 2; Robert A. Croft, 10; Frank S. Trhlln, 5; Edward C. Whipple, 3; Norman R. Latham, 100; John T. Pratt, 3; Evangelln E. Pugliese, 10; Olof Wester, 2; Mr. and Mrs. H A. McNamee, 10; Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Robinson, 10. Joe Mamino, 1; Mrs. Albert R. Hand, 5; Sven Thomason, 2; W.S. Wlrth, 5; Royal Powers, 5; Peter J. Mlnlck, 5; H.R. Nichols, 5; Max Menlg, 3; Lyle E. Mason, 10; H.B. Benedict, 5; Roger B Colton, 5. Garland N. White, 1; Mrs. C.G. Kellogg, 5; Mildred Kovacevlch, IS; John G. Rut, S; Raymond H. Neubauer, 2; Raymond Seal, 10; S.V. Stoddard, 5; Rose Rtcz, S; Mrs. John E. Vissert, 2; Anonymous, 5. John H. Evans, 10; Paul Benton, 5; Mrs. Fred H. Lane, 5; K M. Conklln, 25; Mason H. Williams, 2; J.W. Bowers, 10; Wendell Smartt, 2; Irving Kaufman, 25; F, Ferrel, 10; Woodrow Aklns, 5. Richard Gordon, 10; M. Weill Cauller, 10; Harry F. Dlefenbach, 10, Preston H. Taylor, 25; Mr. and Mrs. Walter Baumgart, 10; Harold Lackey, 3; Harry W. Locke, 5; Robert Scranton, Jr., 5; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Tuson, 5; Belle W. Flchtel-berg, 10. Louis Warren, 2; William A. Bluso, 3; Mrs. F. A. Thomson, 3; John C. Chew, 5; Albert L. Schmidt, 5; Carl Bretz, 3; Mr. and Mrs. A.H. Marston, 25; Erwln F. Roessier, 2; Sydney S. Goodman, 5; Mr. and Mrs. Grovar C. Herring, 10. Marttl Saarnlo, 2; Emli Schlumberger, 5, Henry Fasel, 3; Eddie L. Riley 10; Lydla W. Jones, 5, Racul Jacorson, 5; R J. Burnup, 15; William Bared, 5; Frances Lazette, 10; Charles Damsel, 1000. Mrs. Samuel Schutzer, 1; Eva Bridge, 2; Eleanor Murgltroyde, 2, Mrs. Arthur De Young, 25; G.W. Pritchett, 10; Mrs. Arthur A. Anonson, 10; Mrs. Paei Case, 10; Janette Smith, 10; Mr. and Mrs. Harry F. Peterson, 10; Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Furtado, Sr., 5 Dr. and Mrs. H.D. Callaway, 10; E L Sams, 5, G. Allen O'Neal, 10; Alan Kaiser, 25; Lllllam Martin, 10; Mrs. Wm. K. Zlagteld, 10; Mrs. William M. Halley, 5; Cheney Brothers Inc., 25; Eleanor B. Williams, 5; Mrs. Henry T. Park, 10. ' William Wilson, 5; Zelma Soderberg, 1; Jemru Sonenbllck, 25; Bruce T. Treadwell, 10; Don E. Kntght, 2; William J. 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Vantage Point, the Palm Beaches' finest high-riie resort apartments on the lake, offers you total luxury living features such as: complete electric kitchens; full-scale dining rooms; entertainment-sized living rooms; master bedroom suites with walk-in closets and private bath; wide-view balconies; master TV antenna; and an 'in-apartment' laundry center. Vantage Point's hotel-like services include: uniformed doormen ; sophisticated, closed circuit, round-the-clock TV security system; ample parking; pool attendants; individual storage lockers; 4 high-speed elevators; a telephone message-service; and our very own Courtesy Station Wagon! PLUS: lighted tennis courts; heated swimming pool; card and backgammon rooms; billiards room; party room; shulfleboard courts; men's and women's saunas and exercise rooms ... all at no extra cost! Fifty-Six Hundred North Dixie On-The-Lake Wft Palm Beach, Florida H407 Model Apartments and Rental Office Open 10 A.M. 'til 6 P.M. Seven Days a Week For further information or descriptive brochure, telephone 844-8917 BROKERS PARTICIPATION lk'"1,rp" $2W 100 solid state chassis for longer, dependable life Detent L'HF tuning lets you "click in" LHF like VHr With In-I.ini oiclure lube and memory fine luning STARRED ITEMS ALSO AVAILABLE AT APPLIANCE STORES HOMESTEAD 247-7330 MIAMI SHORES 754-3533 CAROL CITY 625-2655 SUNSET W PLAZA 271 3410 AWESTCHESrER-226-5050 DELRAY BACH 272 6990 I CUTLER HI0GE CORAl GABLES MIAMI HORTHSIOE WESTLANOMAll HOLLYWOOD MALI ET LAUDERDALE WMPANO W PALM BEACH N PALM BEACH KfYWESl P.. 23M2MI 44 J511 37S5411 192121 (23 6100 9I7S211 73 4000 14( 1000 833 2411 144 133 24 4621 OCuXS 2.13 30M 442 2J44 '3I4 I0U 'HUM 5M71M -tH-HM "ill Hid '7I? UW 'U3 M4I '144 IW :. , 'For Easy, Convenient 24-Hour, 7-Day Catalog Shopping Call Thesa Numbers - . ,

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