The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on August 4, 1921 · Page 5
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 5

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 4, 1921
Page 5
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS By Charles Sughroe MICKIE, THE PRINTER'S DEVIL The Boy Speaks His Mind ; -J VJ j T jj Emma Mae Rybolt and Almeda Town- send all of near Rigdon, and thy had l! trtt inrint trvrv Mrtiro IMIllUt-lDUKriUULy IN Hi VV O j j 1 " ' r.nd Carl, visited Zella llazolbaker and family Sunday. i . . Payne and family and Frank Payn? and family were the guests Sunday of Tine Harrold and family , cf Upland. William Mason and family enter - tamed at dinner Sunday, Lon Dossen j and family, of ummitville. Virgil Carmony and wife spent , j Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. i Mrs. William Todd and son, Paul, of ' son and Palmer Talmadge, Mr. Wil-Leander Carmony of north of Fowler- near Radley, spent Friday faternoon 1 liam A. Lewis and children, Guindola, ton. iwith Mrs. Cleftie Hughes, Bertha re- ' Zella and Vern. Mr. and Mrs. Don The moving picture show given by tV hsrd Kivs last Wednesday even ing wis well' attended. Another show Mrs. Dannie Richards and son and i will be given next Wednesday even-'and .miss vjiailys I'ayne took winner Jat-j Sunday school every Sunday morn-urday with their aunt, Mr. and Mrs. i ing at 9:30. Everyone invited. George Crabb of near Summitville. Eflie Bell Couch returned home Sun- ' as their afternoon euests. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Mart of near Fairmount. Mr. and Mrs. Cleftie Hughes and chil- ; dren, Martha and Herschel, of this 'place and Miss Bertha Todd, of near Radley. Forest Nash spent Sunday evening with Mr. Everett Conway. turned home with them. i H 1, '' ( 1anrhtr I POINT ISABEL Mrs. Jennie Lane and ri:. -u -u ti , i i;, Elizabeth, of Elwood, Msit?d relate es. this vicinity recently . rt k; . Jt'"V"i:7 r' oV j '.i IWH VfVS itKT.'. 19. ii" Hll'IIX UHVI. two dauchters! Haxel and Opal, at- tcndod the ice cream supper and mov- nxxr hu- at Ri1on lat WVd. nesday night Mr. and Mrs. Walter Jarvis called on Mr. and Mrs. Harrold Perry, Friday evening. Lee Williams, who has been quite is able to be out again. The ice cream supper which was held at this place last Friday even-inr was well attended. A good musical program and also some good -'"dings were a f mture of the evening. .vlr. and Mrs. Frank Williams were Elwnod shoppers Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Hins and children. Kenneth, Lendell and Gen-evive, visited Mr. and Mrs. Colonel Hipes, Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. llliam Fleener and daughter. Miss Garnet, took Sunday uinner with Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Muriess ana iamuy. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Seward and chil- dren. Ivan. Lee. Berlin and Mary Ellen, called on Mr. and Mrs. Sher- ........ TT;,ws fam K- Snn. 3V overling. Mrs. Margaret Seward returned to ...v .vv-...w. her home last week after an extended viit with relative in Muneie. - - - - " Git VNT !! . : L; " ' ! j rion, took supper Tuesday evenir.p: iwith Mr. and Mrs-. i-Yank John and familv. Mr. and Mrs. Chnrt-?3 Cox had asr their company SunUy, Mr. and Mr?. Burr Smith of MarUm, Mr. and Mrs. Charley Presnall ar.d Mrs. John Co We would be ghia to see you iX Sunday school, Surdity. FOR SALE It always pays t advertise in The t : m t laimiount itews, FOR SALE I li-irt fixture. 1 rarr.t ' " sweeper, 1 gas beating stove, 1 laundry stove, 1 buse burner. Bargain if sold at o.-.ce. Dr. Rigsb i Red 173-2 rings. WANTED WANTED A good cow. G. W. Kendall. Phone Biacli 179-2. WANTED Fall ilowing by acn. Prices right ar.A v.ork rruarante-.'1 Phones 2C0 ar.d "77. WANTED -T tuy ai I bale str..- and hay. Phores 'i"0 and T.77. MISCELLANEOUS Large farms to for small on'", and small farm 5 to deal for larger ones. George B:nvn, Fammitvil'c, Ind., R. R. 3, Phone 1935. FARM LOANS If you want to bci row money on your farm, see 0. Ji. Scott, Fairmount, Ind. M,pm,- - TAXI TO MARIO,, W. G. Moon wdl run taxi to Marior Saturday's abcu every two hours, f lirting from the postoftice about 8 a. m. Special trips any time, ary where. ' v .;n 4 . j 1 .. 1 1 1 I11 lUIIIC li'l. UU UI1U Ulil-L' you back safe. day from a three weeks visit with ' her aunt. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Har- vev. of near Upland. J L ri cunuay evening, .oiuer i nuerwwu. ; ,f rjfti p;.i, n ' r"l.:" Ji ' V t ti2"1 i nsn pj ami son, 'i near i.'uaiiu, t,cn;i Hazelbaker and wife and Mrs. Bossi?' Couch. Mr ar-a Mrs K F Rirhar b.nd ! their guests Sunday evening, D. E. Riehaixls, wife and son, Virgil Car- ; m Miy and wife, and Mr. Kussell i Kimes. NEW MULBERRY Mrs. Vina Moorman. Mr. and Mrs. Pearl Hunter and baby wer the guests of Albert Moorman and iami-ly Saturday. Mr. ami Mrs. Loyd Duling and son, I. ester, were the guests of Matthews friends Sunday. A number from this place attended "he funeral of Mrs. Belle Kirkwood, Wednesday at Matthews. Mr. and Mrs. Pearl Hunter were the guests of Clyde Moorman and family Sunday. jr aruj jj"rs Emory Carter and ; familv visited friends at Tinton. Sun- i dav. lis Onal Miller was the truest of M! fw-ctal Williams. Sunday. ' Doxey Miller and t red Sanders wviv in .A'.v.vanuiia, k-.uuivt.i . William .Miner is in very wui . health n t v.,n nilVI 1 , V O V'. -V v.-im 1 Yercie Duling and family, Mrs. Dul- ing were. the guests of Lewis Hardy and family, Sunday. m. t i 1..1 .HI. .1 1 1 I .'I 1 WUII a-,-,,.', IH . chu.h at Fowlerton, Sunday. i The threshimr ring of this place , j, ,, thoir i.usinoss meeting and social th(k homv of Wilson Saturday ri"1,-,;V"...'"' ,::V"V:.. "ii i on .rrm:m. .vmicry -n .u;aim. Lvd Dulir.g. Doxev Miller, Clyde r -1 J - Moc-rman. Wil le Mittank, L;b-rtv Hamilton. Thu man Kellev, Pearl Hunter. Jesse Oran. Verlie Couch, Davo Pavne J. P. Wilson and their- faroi.s ice c,cam at,d cake were ervoj John Ti- a-d fam?h- wore ! djV d:nner FUrr5 rf Artie Miller Sun anil family. . . . , . The farme rf - person township, will hold their annual picnic at .ev .in il" ill ; j - I! iat , - i V - Raymond Robertson spent Sunday W(?ij js iocated on his farm. The j When you want ar. r af-o rile for plen-p.fTernocn with A. J. Weyler. ,, ! guests' departed about 4 o'clock wish-I SUre or health, phone W. G. Moon, O .. 1. v....w.. ............ ... hAl.l - . ' . . . . c averaging a little over forty-one bu- shels to the acre. A social good time was enioved by everyone and every- one enioved th?ir share of Banquet ice cream and all kinds of pood cakes, Thoj present were, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Harrison. Mrs. Carrie Kimes ' and daughters, Margaret, Lucilc and . Georgia, Mr. and Mrs. Willie Leach j land children Harold. Bernice. Clark-I Jessup and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Andy Mann of Fowlerton. Mr. and Mrs Stewart and son, Mr. Ben Underwood and sons Basil and Russel, Mr. and Mrs. Wick O. Leach and children Hazel. Delbert, Kenneth, Robert and Marivan, Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Rich and children Allison, Rosa, and John William, and r.ynt from Kokomo, Mr. Zola, Llovd Smith, Miss Iva Wood of I Summitville, Mrs. Retta Criscoe of j it 1(1 f. Vli.'fll. LiHUC dim imunni Fairmount. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Davis and children. Mr. and Mrs. Hahne and ! .... ' . . . t-. I I children. Mr. and Mrs. Uave W hybrew "1 son John Miss Margaret Keever t vavnc, .Mr. ii".uarK . and children George. Wilma, Wilbur, Hattie and Myrtle. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Swaim and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Golladay and children. Silver Wedding Anniversary. Sunday, five machines motored to Carthage to attend the silver wedding anniversary of Mr . and Mis. Thn IT. Osborn. Those present were, Mr. and Mrs. John S. Duller of Fairmount. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis F Brewer rnd son. Mr and Mrs. Palmar Wood and druichters Iva and Yula of Sun.-mirville, Mr. and Mrs. Wick O. Leach Kenneth, Delbert, Robert rd Mavivan. Mr. a.nd Mrs. Burr tra.-h frd. sen Dale, Mr. and Mrs. 7;mr Osborn. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Leach, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Little and Llovd Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Eliza ; Snvth. Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Rich and children Rosa, Allison ar.d John Wil- j jiam, of this neighborhood, Mr. and , Mr, John Avers and family and Miss ; - -r ward of Straughn, ann .ur. ana .wr. JOim cisoorn. 1 nose goinjj iui.r. w filled baskets and a fine pitch-in din- - 1 ,, j . r-r -ni ti .,u. certainly enjoyed by every one. . The crowd took as a present a silver ! 1 fruit stand. Mr. John Osborn -is a , son of Zimri Oesborn of this neigh- 1 borhood. Mr. Ooborn is the owner of j a fine farm and one good feature, they 1 have nlentv of natural tras. as a gas r. rnd Airs, usnom many more h anniversaries - . - - - RADLEY Asa Davis of Marion, took dinner E. F. Tuesday with Mr. and Mrs. , . . familv . ,. ,f Mr. ar.d Mrs. Roscoe Shoekley and daughter of Marion, and Mr. and Mrs. ; Clarence Elliott and children, of tv-j.i- -f Snn.lar at th. hnmn . o Vin.,tt , rhirles James Mr . -ir. ana .irs. ..n.frit.s .mi. U. w k'nlrnmV thi wk. '- -- - Miss Docia Christy is spending the week with her aunt, Mrs. Link High, of Elwood. Mr. and Mrs. Harley John and sons of Huntington Beach, California, spent Tuesday night and Wednesday with Frank John and family. Vern High, of Elwood. is snending this week with Mr. and Mrs. Ike Hall. i . Tj:nnni;. cnnr nA ored to spent the dav. , Austin Kilgore and family of Ma- Where can you find a house for rent, or where can you find a renter for your house. An ad in the classified column of THE NEWS will find one for you. , j i . - ! " ' YOU CANT RURY AN ADVEH-I, TISF.MENT IN THIS PAPER. TKh. NEWS IS READ THROUGH. Gordon and Ethel Howell and Or-villo Allen attended the Academy VA class reunion Sunday. The East Back Creek threshing company hl their settling up meeting- Thursday night at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Kd Howell Ice cream cak? were served to the members Rev. Frank Edwards and John Edwards returned home Saturday even- ing after having- spent a week at Westland. Wednesday evening prayer meeting was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Osborn Bliss. Rev. and Mrs. Frank Edwards motored to Phlox, Wednesday. (IMMUNITY ITEMS Mr. and Mrs. James Hinds and children of near Elwood and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Movn and sons Wayne and b loyd, spent Wednesday with Mr. and Mrs. James Thorn on. Mr. ard Mrs. Okie Collins and children spent Tuesday evening with Wilbur Wimmer and family. Mr. and Mrs. Will Todd and grar.d-;vaghter. Martha Hughes motored to Markle, ir.d., one day last week and s-.ient tne" day with Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Powell. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Chamness had as their sruosts at dinner Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jones and son Ho- ward, Mr. and Mrs. Ray an Ness and daughter, Ilettie Xiise, and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Rybolt and children. Misses Beatrice and Sarah Mart are spending the week with relatives ; near Sweetser. Air. ar.a .Mrs. ieri iwm vm.-imnu-u We-.inesdav evening for Mr. and Mrs Will Tod. Mr. and Mrs. James Ty?art and c'turrhter Gladys and Martha Hughes. Miss Madeline Payne and Paul Todd were callers at the Todd home. Ic cream was served. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Van Ness and daughter, Hettie Louise spent one evening recently with Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Chamness. f r Sh-niaYi immer and sons. ....... - ... . - Frtsl and James, have been visiting, at Peru. . . Mrs. Pearlie Elliott is 'y covering trom several wocks ii.ns Geraid Murray of Marion, is soend- . w tivs at this " - T'.a- , . , , Mr. and Mrs. Albert .arnueniai a , u cVdidven wvre rtnsts Sunday of W il- liam Mart p.nd family. A delightful evenine was spe?it at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Told Frivlav when tl y entertained tor me members cf the Aaron Worth and I -ttV R df-o W. C. T. U. and a few m- v-ted tniests. ptter scripture reaamg bv Mrs. Anna Winslow and praver by Rev. Hiram Harvey a musical content was ";,en n which Miss Irene Thompson " n the silver medial. Miss Bernice Ellir.gwd receiving second nors. other contestants were Mises v,;th WrJsrht. Lena Mart and Viola K;estrd. A ratreant sriven by the Little Rid"- :irdv scNol was also enjoyol, after which refreshments of ice cream and cake were -served to about guests. r rB is-tt P!rV and chil dren Vvinp west of Marion, were m.A t r'nnpr Sunday of Kaipn t 11 1 r.;i.. v;n;-. c,,iv h been -Buffrinc William IN ' " . . ;v. -iS the reu!t ot be;nc thrown from a horse. Mrs. W'l-'am Mart is entertammg her neic Mrs. Norman nd children, of West Id"ron. this week. n-ill Dill and Mrs. Anna Lei- . . . t .,1. ...- w.le 1 motored to Rush county W and will srna ineijrnuuc ... "'Vmp of the Odd Fellows The wwnber -SLhe JiV Certain iViS? S i?kTrU m gwur fam; lies at an ice .upper . 1 V2t FHiott Dorothy Die- . M'w.V?Sr!' xtlT; t... ter Goble, Claud Scott JJJf Hamilton motorxl to Indianapolis, Sunday, and spnt th day. rey. iiuian r.i aW T V -miss '- Mi Marie 5 at : nner Sunday, Misses - TVhM. Gladvs Tygart, Jeanette i8 M ".' t . Mr. -d Mrs. Will Dill spent s . Marion. led o Mrand il Emor'Ault TuVs- ! day evenjnp. . Miss Dorothea W'mmer called on i Mrs, Pearlie Elliott Sunday. pr II mnvrv i ivr n W " Zella Raaslhaker has a new Ford c'v . Mr. and Mrs. D. R. T?ir-Mi mrA son and Mr. and Mrs. Bill Craw and i family soent Sutdar afternoon At Mers Park at Marion. Mrs. rank Payne caned on her sister. Mrs. Geo. Roberts, Wednesday. 1 R. Richards was in Hartford Citr, Tuesday evening. Mr. rseie Couch and sons, Clayton ' i 1 ; ' : i ! n n me. Mr. and Mrs. Dalphne Dickey and Mrs. Mariorlill spent last week at lake Tippecanoe. Mr. ar.d Mrs. P. F. Rayloss, Mr. and Mrs. W C. Wright, spent Sunday visiting Mrs. Mary Stigleman. Mrs. Stigleman is in vory poor health with heart trouble. i Mrs. Gertrude Dickey and son, Herbert, Mr. Ira MeClir.tock, motored to Huntington, Sunday and attended a reunion. Miss Reulah Sward of Muneie, i sror.t the week end visiting Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Markle. The Willing1 Workers nuA Saturday ?.t the horde cf Grar.t and Ora Floe-rer. The evening was spent in music and games. Ice cream and cake were served. , Miss Grgia Tsttors spent last week visitir.g in Ehvvd. The neihVrhood threshing mvt-ir.g was held Tuesday evening at the home of Mr. srd Mrs. Alcia Hollo-xv-e!l. After tV.e business of the even-ir.g ke cxvam ar.d cake was served. Mrs. Mar.dy McCe of West Liberty sport last wees visiting her s?ster, .Mrs. J&vm Mciurran. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Gosr.oll ar.d haby of E'.wood, spent Sunday visit- ir.g Mr. and Mrs. Chester ANemth Mr. and Mrs. Ora Todd. Mrs. Ida Hee?v. Mr. ar.d Mrs. Cur.rr.rgham, spent Sun- oay ro e-t y ?t the home of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur MilVr. Mrs. Kste Hu-tor. ?rer.t last Wed- r.esday visiting Mrs. Jar.e Bayless. RACK CREEK o Rev. Grace Hobbs preachevl at Back Creek S,ur.vlay morning and evening. Mr. ar.d Mi-s, Linus Haisley left Saturday morning for Ohio, to spend, sbvut a month with friends and relatives at different places in Ohio. Miss Dora E. Wilson left Monlay morning for Su Joseph. Mich., for an extended vacation. She was ac cxmpariexl by Miss Reta Trader Fairmour.t, ct Watt Richardson and family are staying t the heme of Mr. and Mrs. Linus Haisley, while they are visiting in Ohio. JcV.n Edwards sper.t Saturday ard Sunday with Paul Newsom, of Marion. Rev. Grace HeVbs took Sunday dinner with Mr. ?r.d Mrs. Aneil Winslow. Mr. Stanley Carey and Mr. and Mrs, Schuyler Smithson attended the all-day meetir.g at East Bethel, Sunday. PauMr.e Scott met with an sutonio-b:le scyidcr.t S.turiay morning, while riding in a machine owned by Glen 'iVac.vk er.rou'.e to Ohio. The parties cf the machine returned earlier than they c ected with several bruises s.nd scr&iches. The your.g people of the Friends church in town, who recently gave the missionary play of " Bob and Mary Motftt will net be able to give it Friday right at Back Creek as it was announced. Loslie Harshbarger. one cf the main characters met with an automobile accident Saturday and would not. be able to give his part this wieek. They will probably, give the p!ay in the near future. Ron Id Shaw of Marion. spnt Wed- r.esaay r.-cr.r wun i-aui Karkdull. 1; 5,4.1 who iiui narKouii. Mrs, Allen Togue and children of the northern part of the state snent iuesov evening wtu her brother, Alva Dickerson and family. Aunt Mary Ejliott show, a little improyemenu Se is not yet able to set P, but is on the mend. Mrs. Hat - tie Atknison is assisting Mrs, Ida Winslow in caring- for her niother. irC, R.U of North Carolina, ved at Ancil Winlow's Friday. he Gleaner Sunday school class Mr arrived taught cy Air. Stanley vrey p,cnick- cd at the river Sunday afternoon. Those envying dAe trip wre, Mr. Stanley Carye John and Irene Ed - wards, Pa'mer Ltt. Paul Todd, Paul Newscm. Paul and Addie Barkdull, Cecil and Merle Brown Thelma Faulk ner, Susie Woods, Fanni Spanpcler, Fred Thomas, Wilbur Hoskins, Stephen Scott and Charles Smithscn. Melvin Barkdull alonr with his rrand parents, Mr. and Mrs, Henry Roberts and cousin Arthur Pavne, wpnt Sunday on the excursion to Ben-ten Harbor, Mich. The regular W. C T. U. meeting will be held this Thursday at the home of Mrs. Cora DeShon. Roe Bundy is spending a few days visiting his father at Elwood. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Oox and Jauhters. Mary Olive, and HerherUne I .u.v..., .7 L-.- .home of Xola Little, lhose present r rrio KiViK- th rit of' t u t :i uimay nit- 1 oy 11c iruimui . tuehomot uenry laroerin nonor jnc,r,h Pavne of Leesbursrh near - ... ' the northern lakes. A bountiful dm rer cf all the good things to eat was served at the noon hour. About sixty were present. The evening was passed in a social way. Mr. snd Mrs. James Payne enter- (tamed Saturday .nr. ana .Mrs. varies Leach and family of Fowlerton and Mr and Mrs. Josenh Pavne and Idauarhter. of near Loesburgh. Last Frillav OVening the "Willin tne V llliniT yorkers' sewing club met at the .Friday afternoon. I -.! : ; . ,l...l. Miss Nell Miller of Lebanon, spent j one dav last week with Ruth Covalt . t 1L. T TTo. vriiiur nri jbor last Sunday. Zola Little took dinner Saturday evening with Mrs. Dr. Braunlin in Marion. Lloyd Smith spent Saturday night with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Esom rt . v ? - a. Tan. .!.J 1 o "V j v" iw fri. ' , ! , Esther Dav Monday 1 1 V T r" Mrs. Charles Elliott and son! Lsther IiaMs, Alom ax. jh Rhoads, tola Underwood. Car-, charl returned home Monday even- ! i Dickerson and Zola Little. The,. f 8pendinff the weok end in1 afternoon was sper.t in wins and a . co am, Madisonf Ind. ! 1 LEISURE social time. After the refresh-' Dayid Hall of c, lmty, has; I ments of sandwiches pickles and 1 Alexandria, for a short visit . xt T v. K , orangeade were served a b"e lfteT spending a few days visit here1 Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Nash and, meeting was held. The girls wUh brother Ike Hall. I family entertamevi Sunday, Dave meet-at the home of Irene Pa ne next Tynrnsta imott U entertaininir I Miss Vergia Elliott, Lester iKDie Smith and his aunt .Dora Grindle.M DJ ftnd paul E1Hott mot Miss Vergia Elliott, Lester Goble, Kytf Trstei, ( lueses Fit-tel hy St:itt lit istt!Vi OPTOMKTIUSTS Dr. C. C. FARIS and Dr. EMIL FARIS Exclusively Optical Suth Side Squaw iltrlon DR. C. L. FENTON Dentist X-RAY Rooms over Postoftice" Honrs 8 lo 11:30 a. m. 1 to 5 p. as E. B. couch: DENTIST Rooms over Hafine Drug Store Office hours: 8 to 11:30 a. m.; 1 to & AUCTIONEER STOCK SALES A SPECIALTY. Call at my expense. Phone 2. on, Llto Fowlerton. C. V. DICKERSON - FRANK RELFE AUCTIONEER FARM AND STOCK SALES A SPECIALTY ' Phone 1821, Route 9, Marion, taRn Ca3 as at our Tnompson and children and Frank maou, 01 r '""" Mr. and Mrs. Win Trout entertain- Sunday evening their son-in-law, t. T-V " J J L r iwmer 1 m uu uauviut-i , uaiuri, near Rigdon. Mr. and Mrs. Cleftie Hughes had as their Sunday afternoon guests, Mr. and Mrs. Wiliiam Todd and daughter Bertha, Miss Gladys Tygart, Miss Marie and Mildred Todd of near Radley and Miss Jeanett3 Edwards, of near Fairmount, Mrs. Clarence SUrt entertained at 5 dinner Wednesday, Mrs. Ora Todd, Mrs. Austin Jackson and Mrs. Hues- n f Kon Mr. and Mrs. Ash of Windfall, spent the day. Sunday, with Mr. and Mrs. r civil x .n j j , ! ; . Claud Scott or uus place, faul Elliott of Radley, Lester Goble and Misses Dorothy and Mary Dickey and Rigdon, ! anA Vervie Elliott of Radley. motored to Indianapolis, Sunday, to spend the the Hamilton children's mother. Mrs, Carl Hamilton, who has sanitarium, for over t uii.,. unrbM vKn , l?r vZl Z .j.v" I n J5,V"f '. . " r Mrs. William Todd of near Radley, re turned home. Sunday evening. m am-. m m m . j Air. ana iurs. Clarence Aiarx spent : Friday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Ira Rybolt. of near Risdon. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Nash nert . Saturday evening with the Ir'er's j parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wolford Nash. .r- Nich K. imm -mai4 -re 1 several weeks, but is improving some i Mr. and Mrs. Qanee Mart enter- tained at Sunday dinner, Mr. and ; Mrs. Loren Coopt and children. Ruth and GaynelL of Fairmount, Homer iDay and daughter, Garnet, Mr. and Mrs. John Ltwaon, Mtsa Joyce and irom Mortranrown, . spending the week-end with her sister- j , . m c :u in-iaw, airs, essoin omuu. The West threshing ring finished threshing Monday afternoon. Th?y met Wednesday night at Burr Leach's to settle the accounts. x Victor Payne, Mr. and ;Mrs. Charles Teach accompanied Josenh Payns Rome Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Leach and Victor Payne brought Jim Leach and John Payne back home with them as they came Tuesday evening. Zola Little snent Sunday afternoon with Mary Ratliff. Irene Payne spent Sunday with her grandmother, Anne Payne. Mrs. Nan Smith is spending this week with her daughter, Mrs. Effie Pavne. Madeline Payne is to leave the first of next week with her sister, Mrs. Lucile Winn and family to spend a few days at the lakes. Ice Cream Social. The East threshing company completed its season's work last week and on Wednesday night celebrated the close with a big ice cream social at the home of Clark Leach, east of Fair-mount." Final settlements for the season were made at -the business meeting held; early in - the evening. The report- showed satisfactorly, considering the dry season vand the crop's yield proved to be exceedingly good. Albert Utpe havfcy o test oats. , cf Losantville, snent Thursday witnj the latter's parents. Rev. and Mrs, , . Frank Edwards. I Mr. an.1 Mr. Glen Smith and f ami- J t-C ly ipent Sunday at Radley. I

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