The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 17, 1936 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 17, 1936
Page 4
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i Tuesday, November 17, 1936 The D&ity Clintofti&fi, Clinton, Indian fas 4 THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Love Foundtd 1912 "Sweepstakes on v . . 9 hv may Christie Established as The Weekly Cltatonian 1880 The Clinton Plalndealer absorbed in 1908. P As It Appears To Us Aa prop man or a mechanic of some sort. She dlseonraeed conversation. CHAPTER Xin Genevieve bad wanted to go to tha Diplomat) which waa absurd, a how could they en one hundred dollar week! and as soon aa possible put an end to the meal. George L. Carey Editor nd Polisher ntered at the Poatoftlce at Clinton, Indiana, as Second Class Matter. Member Indiana Republican Editorial Association National AdVertisinsr Representative: GF.O. B. DAVID CO. nnn Wrlgley Bldg.. ChirnKO. MIS General Motors Bldg . U 110 East 4 2nd St.. New York 'See von again." The yoong man Diana waa Ui rough with keeping half rose and nodded to them pleasantly aa they doparted. front, through witn apenaing the had not rot Bha da- up rhat at 'such Impertinence I '" uenevieve Kcndt'rw are tnvftrd to contribute to tills column, but rach Irttor inuat be limited to 2i0 wonls. o contribution will Im iiollihJ unlru It Ik KleniMl, although the wrnVr'a iihiiih will not be prinutl -rpf by rfUst. murmured. longer did her ankle trouble her. Snaking her head at the clamorous Indians, she walked .towards the rear of the platform. - Th boy In the yellow leather eoat waa atrolling with two beautiful. Important-looking young women. They were laughing heartily at his sallies. His arms ware linked in theirs. "He'a nice thought Diana Shs would have liked to join them. But she must hurry back to Genevieve. She felt anxious about Genevieve and her cough, and the ahadows round her eyes, and her general appearance of fragility. Thank God they had left the rlg-ora of a New York winter for a sunnier, milder climatel She would look out for Genevieve, A rirl across the aisle aald to her companion, in an awed tonei Phone 1 1 7 "That'a Jerrv Nolan over mere 35" Phone 41 the fellow In the sweater and the vellow lacket hs'a the best song writer In the movies. He's getting two thousand dollars a week I " 'Did von hear tnat. Genevieve! C1IBS4 cs (tan una naw in on a false basis. "We'll take a enta little eonrt-btmgmlow, Gensvleva. I'va heard you can get two-rooms-and-kitchen-etto (or as low as f 30 a month out there. It's fashionable to livs modestly la Bollywood." "Umphl I dont believe It" Genevieve was azhansted after the Eaektaf and tha departure. Bella ad bean tiresome. Bella had been enraged by the new tenants to stay on In the hoas for their four months' lease, and Genevieve had encouraged her to do so, because that meant her treasures would be well looked after, and reports sent eat to her. "I cant eosslbl afford to take He's getting two thousand a week I He's in the movies I And vou snub bed hira sol" Diana gasped. THE DAILY CLINTONIAN'S PLAJFORM-- 1 To further every interest of Parke and Vermillion counties. 2. To assist the revival of the Indiana coal mining industry. 3. To cooperate in solving Vermillion County's unemployment problem. .. .. 4. To beautify Clinton and make it the most attractive city of Hi size in the state. ende ago was Introduced In the more fiuvorable mines. Mining machine runners were forced to suffer fifty to seventy five percent reduction in wages when they ceased cutting coul for men to load and began cutting It for machines to load. In short, the machine runner that made 20.-01 to J25 00 per day vas forced to accept $10.50 per day and work at break-neck speed like a galley slave. Of course, this favored few were left on the Job at a wage which ninw any ordinary wolkl'u- man would appreciate. But one shudders with honor when he looks nhonl the community and sees the nrMt army of once, prosperous citizens who were able to go in a coal mine and earn from twelve to fifteen dollars per day, but because of ihis favoritism In the mining Industry are working on relief subjects of charity and of pity. At this time there is a move on foot, by these labor fakers, to obtain positions for these former miners at the prevailing wage of fifty cents per hour on W. P. A. leading them to believe they are their friends. The Workers Alliance has resolved itself to a program, likewise of favoritism, which brought this community to its knees. Xow, 'et this be understood, we have never hesitated to work In the interest of all workers, and we are not going to do so in the future. We make no secret of our disapproval of the recent so-called advance in wages which was granted to the W. P. A. workers, but we do object when 'h; men who fought the battles, attended tbe meeting, and paid from their meagre wages tbe nickels, dimes and quarters that financed the struggle, only to find that Ihey were to receive an advance of ?4.0n, when non-participants in the higher brackets, namely tbe 163.00 group, were to receive $6.00. For. be it understood, that hardly a one of this lat EDUCATION IN MUSIC on oo such a trip," Genevieve had ld tha weeping Italian. Other states may be doing the same thing but it is worth noting thet Luther A. Richmond, state supervisor of music, has set up a five-year plan in Virginia, designed to give pupils in every graded school personal experience with music in the hope that this will develop a feeling for music and make the pupils ready for more extensive training. The reason we call attention to the Virginia plan is that there are communities in the United States which are of the opinion that 11!) H. SI h 81.. Clinton. Indiana. Kriltor of The Ilally Clintonlnn: Dear Sir: In further reply to the false ac-ensation made in your paper of Friday, November 13th. 19.16. We are asking you for the privilege of making further statement in regard to Workers Alliance. Inasmuch as the accusation was1 made by a man who claimed to be a member of the Workers Alliance, (John P. Smith), we feel that We are entitled to this courtesy. Not that we have any apology to offer for our conduct as members of The Workers Alliance, or any other organization. Our record in behalf of the unemployed workers of this community we feel Is sufficient for any self-respecting American citizen to stand on. It Is no secret that we have not been in strict accord with the policies of Tie Workers Alliance In recent months, and for this we believe we have a very good reason. At the inception of The Workers Alliance, we were very enthusiastic about its program for the simple reason that It proclaimed lo champion the cause of not only the unemployed workers, hut the promotion of a program thai mould result in a beneficial way to the entire community. But suffice to say we have long since known that the above was too much to hope for. and as proof of this, we cite you to the recent five point program, with not a thing to offer for the direct relief worker, but an attempt to advance the W. P. A. work any music in the public schools involves a needless and foolish ex ' tfJM pense. llose tne winoow, Lriana. Geneve! va now coughed fretfully. Diana did aa she was told. She looked with compunction at her mother. Genevieve waa aa thin. Her cheek-bones stood out sharply In her beautiful face. "The wanner climate win snit yoo, darling. Yon look a if a puff of wind would blow you away." "Dr. Woodhouse said it was best for me to get out of the cold of New York this winter," Genevieve admitted. Diana looked anxious. "I was so busy thinking about my sifly career that I" 'Oh, I'm all right, Diana, The main point is that your ankle's strong again, and you're fit to tackle this big opportunity." It grew monotonous on the train. Genevieve alept a great deal. Diana read, but the thought of Roger came between her and the printed page. She found herself staring out of the window, thinking and dreaming of him, boor after hour. The day passed. Two days. Neither of them bad talked to any of their fellow passengers. Diana would have liked to break the monotony by meeting someone from tha movies, for on this train It was l j, I Iff yfvn ter group attended a meeting, or paid a single cent toward the financial support of the organization. "See you again," the young man half rose and nodded to them pleasantly as they departed. A FIGHTING CANCER SUCCESSFULLY If early records are to be believed, the human race has contended with cancer for more than five thousand years and the mys terious malady remains beyond the control of modern medical science. There are. however, a few hopeful signs that the toll of this fatal affliction is being checked, if not lowered. Figure, of a prominent life insurance company indicate that no more persons are dying from cancer than 25 years ago although better diagnosis has caused more recorded cases of cancer. Then there is the hope held out to sufferers that early discovery of cancerous symptoms, followed by prompt treatment, will, in many cases, lead to complete recovery. Men and women should carefully guard against ignoring unexplainable lumps, scores, etc., and consult physicians and surgeons promptly. You can't do much to save the I 30.000 annual cancer victims in the. United States but you can do a lot to prevent being one of them or to save your family from suffering and death. obvious there were plenty of mo An km. kMt rith hr career, make "Who Is? Who'a he'?" Gene- This was a gross and flagrant display of favoritism, which seems to have met the approval of the local. tion-picture people Dashing blondes galore, and ttinu not ma dashing. l .. l. ...... m mfW .It.t nf money and aave it, so their appalling financial worries would be at an end. V1CV KU I " m their compartment, breathless after tha walk back through the sway Sleek-haired young men, impeccably dressed, who studied scripts state and national organization. At least no objections have yet been Within a matter of twenty-lour mnA nlavl noker and contract. Tbe third day, at luncheon in the dining ear, Diana and Genevieve hours, and less, she would sea Eoger. Directly she looked Into hut eyes, felt the clasp of his band, everything would be wonderful, i Tl... lnlnanfla t9 tim mail haV ing coaches. "Why, the boy who sat opposite aa at luncheon, darling." "That tramp I Two thousand a week? Don't be silly, Diana." "But a girl on the aisle aaid so. I distinctly heard her as we passed. He's Jerry Nolan, one of the most found themselves opposite an oaa-looking young man. Km was wparine old crrev flannel heart thump and tbe blooding in ber veins. important song-writers in pic What were careers compared to tures" 1,1 ArmmmA In otnftlMl that 1 , XT- MatA i -1,. Warn, trousers, a dilapidated sleeveless sweater, and a greasy-looking suede porta jacket in a faded mustard color. His sweater had obviously shrunk, so that the large bones on his wrists were in evidence as he helped himself to pepper and salt. He waa a cheerful-looking youth star, for magic things could happen . . . i - . , rjr.if l Ak garbage man wouldn't wear!" (ienevieve look out ner smeuing salts. What a credulous child Diana in UH sxuaios vl nimywwu, most magic of all was hers already, in advance. a I she bad done rignt to cnap- Diana was In love with Roger. Tha train ran Inta the Santa F6 eron her. with an excellent appetite. very ardent overtures from the opposite Bex. If This ! Tear Birthday Those whose birthday it is may ers. Don't misunderstand us. in common with all other good citizens, we would like to see the pay and working conditions of the W. P. A. worker advanced far beyond his fondest dreams. But the Workers Alliance., as we understand It. and we are sure we do. is an organization composed of unemployed workers and when any organization ceases to function In behalf of all of its members it faiiB of its true purpose and only becomes the instrument of favoritism, and this vicious monster Is responsible for all of the evils that beset this community today. We have not hesitated to attack it in the past, and we will not in the future. It was favoritism in the raining industry which created every unem "Hollywood bound?" he ques registered. While hundreds of good citizens have not yet been allowed the privilege or been able to secure one day's work on work relief. The Workers Alliance have apparently placedgthelr Okeh on this program of favaritistn wbicb hasbeen dished out by the National Belief Administration. We 'are not surprised at such favoritism coming from the relief administration, but when tbe representatives of the organization that poses as a friend to the workers is as silent as the tomb on this Important, subject, we do not beitate fo stat emphatically that we are unalterably opposed to sucb practice and have the courage to stand by our convictions. It is beyond us to understand why any Individual or group would try to blacken our character because of our loyality to ourselves and our fellowmen. which is "Bat geniuses are always eccentric, mother. Some of the biggest Hm lnv fa s r hAhhv depot in Los Angeles. - -: . A press agent from her studio immediately took Diana in. tow. : He anticipate a lively and prosperous clothes. Haven't you ever read the tioned Diana. She nodded. "Movies?" Another nod. He (Tinned. "I thought so. had brought ber a oeautuui Bouquet of orchids and liliea-of-the- nllav Rahfnil him Wfifl a whole movie magazines, oarnng, anu seen their pictures?" Genevieve regarded him How inroertinent he was I In oenevieve yawnea wnmj. "Your business is with the pro battery of photographers. THE STARS SAY By GEXEVIEVK KKMBLE For Wednesday. November IN A very lively, progressive arid intriguing day is the presage mail" from the predominant stellar operations. There will be contacts with corporations, mergers, secret soci;-ties and political and diplomatic circles, all concerned with undercover agreements of a subtle nature. New business contracts are seen, with property interests increasing through industry and fidelity. In the private life, there are hints of ducers," she said. year, with much of an unrigging nature. Properly values may increase through new contracts as well as industry and steadfastness to certain influences. A child born ou this day may be active, shrewd and given to secret Tbe tram drew op at Albuquer- Tha .... r HflcblM An the those old clothes, how could he afford to be traveling de luxe? "I noticed tbe old ballyhoo between you and the photographers at Grand Central when we were start platform, hung like Christmas trees Lliana ana uenevieve were snapped on the steps leading to the platform. Diana was photographed with her flowers, in close-ups and long Shots. But her eyes strayed nervously, excitedly, for Eoger. There waa a crowd to welcome the train. -Yet surely, by now, he could have found witn goods to aeii. One hawk-nosed Indian vended erimM nt aMtvlv cnlnrpd bpads in in understandings or connivance. While ing. Such a lot of hooey, lsn t ill And the reporters giving the usual ear oil I" commercial and faithful in business tricate pattern. Another was laden ployed man in Clinton today. Witness the slashing of wages in favor Genevieve flushed angrily, but Diana giggled. For there was some it's private career may lie notable for indiscretions. of mechanical mining, which a de- her among them! The press agent had a car wait thing so comical in nis uin, ,wm klinr eves something so friendly, too that one could not take offense with baskets. A inira wun rugs end embossed leather work and moecasina, Diana waa delighted. "Tbey make these things on their reservation. Let's buy something, Genevieve. From that squaw there with the papoose on her back. What a darling baby!" at him. She thought be had a frank kind of face, though no one could have called him rood-looking. ing. Soon Genevieve and she wouia be spirited away. How appalling if she missed Eogerl As though by telepathy, her press agent said : "I've a message for you from a chap called Dexter who "Any Suggestions?" j tbe case in this dastardly attack. !In closing we wish to state tbe above is a matter of truth and rec-! ord. aod we challenge anyone to j siieeeBefuIly contradict it in private j or public at any place or any time, j What this community needs to ciar-I ifv the favoritism in all phases a I thorough congressional inVestita-I tion. and let the chips fall where Genevieve said icily: "Having made ber social debut and now about to make her professional de-bnt. I sea aothinr strange in the But lienevieve was pracucat one put her foot down. "We shall need every penny to see us through the months ahead of us, Diana." "nirav (inmAtve. Comine out works in the Art department of our studio, it seems. As a matter of fact, I haven't met him myself, but 1 - A 4,a aa T Braa UlAV. press desiring to have my daufh- ""n offense meant. I'm aure.1 ing-the office to say to tell you he's tbev may for a breath of a.r?" aaid ths yoong man cheerfully, still mnninr. lie added: "You'll like FRANK W HI." MAN HOWARD PAIKE. "No. I feel tired. I slept badly last night. Or perhaps it'a tbe change of climate." Hollywood. It'a a well spot." "You know it?" asked Diana, nnable to get down xo tne train, out he'd like to look you up and dine with you this evening. Here's bis 'phone number. Hempstead 0027. "Are are we going to the studio now? Maybe I can aee him there?" Diana suggested. . , wanting to male amend for her "I'm sorry, darling. We must get mother's snubbing. "Sure I do. I've a job there.' He thrust a large hand through a mop of unruly blond hair, his eyes rid of that cough of yours. The well-known California sunshine will turn the trick. Meantime, me for the platform for a few minutes." Diana went off. It waa tn take long deep in bed." The press agent grinned. t w ....1. ,.. nerhsrm. ' twinkling at her. "Not on your Ufa. But I work at Diana was silent and worried. (To Be Continued) fttnw. mi. aii mi mala. , breaths of the high, bracing air. the studios. Thought Generis, dlagnetedly: Good to stretch her limbs, for no YESTERDAYS vtvbmtuok it. ihii A quartet of Clinton tiiniruds claiBB tbe record for 1 hour and r0 miuutee bunting lor this tieasou to date. Torn Daniels, tkiy H. Blan-sou weal la Mr. Brlgg"' car Tuesday, tor a bunt tip in the neighborhood of Bellmore. where Mi lianlel and Mr matlMiB were familiar with ei v font of ground In an hour and (, minutes, iify lim. they killed i rabbit and 1 1 quail. Mi sad Mm. J. L Horuey gave an onib avenue. Mr. Beecber is prin-ipai of tbe Lintou high school. Hippopotamus t'nder Water The hippopotami's is said to be capable of remaining under water lor ten or twelve minutes. READ THE ADS Biggest Apple Kegioa Nova Scotia's Anr.apolis valley is tlie biggest apple-growing region in the world. The first apple tree, a C r-avenstein. was planted in lli-Si by a French colunift from Normandy. elaborate AitiDiv aanday evening for Dr liati Tucker Miller and bis n ! ce. Mlaa Louta Kodell. of Ttrre DR. B. H. SELLERS DENTIST 249 South Main Street Clinton, Indiana 4 New York's Highest Hater The highest body of water in New York is Lake Tear, on the southwest slepe of Mount Marcy in Essex county 1,300 feet above lea level. Haute Mi aud Mrs Kr.nk R Mill-Ur, Miss Llia Ogle, Dr. F. H Bcder I and i. U Itawson were guests. I Friends of Ceorge w. Higgius. the I gioom. are claiming that George W.I Crae J'inie attended tbe bridge party si 1 li Terre Huule House last I evening given by tbe mi'mlier of the T-iie Maine ctlnit''i of the M. I. W. .lub. Mr. tivd Mr. lulif'S Tulp of North Tenth aireet entertained n: dinner laat eveninc iu honor of their first wading anniversary at the home uf Mrs f'ulfa sister. Mrs. I'aul Huugerford in North Eleventh treet. The guest list included: Misee Matauerlte and Josephine Vietti. Talmi Lahtl. Mabel Stoddard. Agnes Llewellyn. Louise Roberts. Mrs. Anthony LePaee. Fred Ricau-da. Toivo Labti. Dave Lawson. Russell Lowry. Don Paine. Harry Johnson, aud Mr. and Mrs. James Cnlp. The out-of-town guests were: Miss Sarah Carli and Harley Wrighteell of Brazil. .Miss Lucy l'uti. Frank Nicholson end Jstnl r'almer of Terre Haute. Mr. and Mrs. Laton Conoeiiey of Marshall. Ind.. were guests Thursday of their auuts, Mrs. Howard Ei win and Mrs. Elizabeth Dozier. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Beecber and family of Lintoa. are spending the weekend with Mrs. Beeehers sister, Mrs. Robert Janjea, of Whil- j was "let otf easy by tbe boys.' A j group of his fneads took him down j to Terre Haute Monday evening. ' and just showed bim the city in a so-I c iable sort of way. Phone 44 MEYER BAKING COMPANY FOR Butter Krust Bread DOUGH-NUTS BUNS 'ROLLS Prompt Service j George Sturgeon. Ray Harrison, j Willie James. Homer Slaier. Tom j Daniels. Claude Jonee. and Oeorge I HargTove enjoyed a big dinner at jibe Clinton bote' Monday night by j virtue of the fact that "Tuck" Slet-i er had fa'lea heir to a turkey I ) I h -4&.L -... j MM Mm - -MMa i i " Kotemht IT. 1121 ! Miese Marie Ferguson. Thelma 'LaPlante, Oiletta Griffith, and

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