The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on August 4, 1921 · Page 3
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 3

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 4, 1921
Page 3
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS TELL W TO SEE ME, SAYS TOWNS HOW WOMEN OF MIDDLE AGE in his teens, of the name of Dennis, who wore a tall beaver hat, tilted saucily on ore side of his head, and a ragged blue coat with brass buttons, as ho walked beside the oxen, whip in hand, xvith trousers tucked In the tops of his big coxvhide boots. There xvas also a handsome young man in this party of the name of John McNeil, who wore a ruffled shirt ami swalloxv-tail coat, noxv much soiled by the jxurney. He listened to Samson's account of the Sangamon country and said that he thought he would go A Man for the Ages A Story of the Builders of Democracy IRVING BACHELLER erossexl the river. Odors of balsam i " 'in May Escape the Dreaded Sufferings of that Period by Taking Mrs. Block's Advice Hopkins, Minn. " During Change of Life l had hot flashes and suifered for two years. 1 saw Lydia E. Fink ham s Vegetable Compound advertised in the paper and got pood results from taking it. 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Kills Bed Bugs, Roaches Ants and Their Eggs As Well A 1" -ont package n-.ukes ona cjuart. enough to kill a million, and ocniiiir.s a patent spout free, to KCt thfni in the hard-to-get-al places. Your Iri!:f::st has it or iP ran pet it for you, or mailed prepaid on reoelpi of price bv tlie OWL. '""HKMICAh WOUKS, Terre Haute, lint, eriuin V, LX J. if nox'or peddlr-d. PARKER'S HAIR BALSAM RmoTr-fkafcnoraff -Ri nps lialrPfelllnc Restores CcJor td Baaty to GmT and Faded Haiti TTImvn Chrm. XV kg. Patcbtw W. T HINDERCORNS 1oqm, m. t4Tt All pain. vturf comfort So ttm foe, nit-ak wkiklnir ev. Ita. by mall or at iruc CUts. llisoox Cberuical Woras, FariciMtrua, M. Y. KREMOLA Si a woMntRruL rc rutcH ! ' t !- book I)r. o. 11. hRRBV COMPANY. Mlrt.kru itt,, Uilu.i. W. N. U., Indianapolis, No. 32-1921. Applied Psychology. "I 'd you call a plumbery nsUed Mrs. Cudspur. "to mend that l -iking pile?" "Yes." icplieil Mr. Ciolsiiur. hut he'll probably take his time about getting here." "Why lo oii t liink so':" "1 tried in in::. -'tor my emotion and talk in an or.lin:' ry lone ef x-oici, lint I'm afraid 1 treated the impression that I wanted him to liurry." P.ii-mingiiam Age-Herald. Snowy linens are the pride of very housewife. Keep them in that condition by using Hod Cross Ball Blue in your laundry, o cents at grocers. Unsentimental Critters. Short skirts ;uo said to enemirage the aetlvllies of mosquitoes. Maybe so, but xve don't see hox- they could possibly be noire active than they are around our oxvn botrousered shanks. Boston Transcript. To have some one present you xih a gift of chinaware is a sign of a x l-ding. i Don't give your sxveet heart a pen. pencil, or penholder or he will write to others and forget all about you. If a young man presents h girl with n calendar it is a sign he wishes her to hurry and set the date for t he wedding. A yellow garter to he worn n the left leg. made and presented by a girl friend, promises the wearer she will he engaged before the end of the year. If a man gives his llanoee an emerald, and with wearing the stone becomes paler, his love has lessened ; but If It becomes darker his love has increased. An ohl custom used to be to present something valuable on the first anniversary of .the wedding to a mun and Wife who would swear that neither of them In a year and a day had, either wnklng or sleeping, repented of their nifiriiage." . '.:!'.- I as I "-SHrTi' Box HciMOBI if? Every T-nic I Sit Dosn to a Juicy Stcik 'cw I Give Thanks to Tanc. Ho Declares. Kx.vx t ' no I s.o 1 i n o ;i - il.x to l;T':';:c 'or .:',k!'r. vu f th;,i .': " l Lad to Hxe en J.w, . It. Towi.s the ; prav pv i'i !'1!- v Me;-.: MarVo-. of Mat l I -;-vv-n iv.t'lv ami mash 'or : i-ar." s;,!.d we'l knoxxu and i ho Sanitary .;;!!. Mu. trouble ef the x t-v? xrt ate xxas gome !oH hill so fast I though; I Vp tnx bt!s, , sv. wnuM haxe to chf I x as s-x erxus xlrxNtdxsJ to see toght l XX vt I ;.ol I -or. e. ss ! recant Ht1 for mo anil h: in the ffiomiuc I xxas o facgxl o;t I dro-advd tx co to my market. "The money I spent for Tanlao xxas " ;o ivsj "-.-.xvstmev.t I ever made. I t n or drveunod a iwxl'otno oxxr '.1 dx il e xxovk it .;! for me. x as a'l I r. ceded to mak Throe bottles ' me as sound ;s a W!ar. I i.pvor feu tvtter or more !.;k xork5ng in my life than I do rght row. I vat av.x thing I want, my T.5:h is in gxd shape and I am t rimfv.l of inofiy. I sUv a'l n'gl't wnhon (urnii s xxxer ami x up -n 1 e imxcvdng as happy as a toy. "Not Mly has Tanlao ; aV nw uvl :u :nl r,n ut t '.ax aN- c.r-u! ?xx-ny-ft xtv!n!s ir. xxo'iVt. If av.y-v; x;jnt t k:o nrxv ' j xltat I thhk f Tar.'.ao li iI-.o:n .. vh- iktui I x ill lxx t. tM ;Vra. 't vttait-ly hai'."t an r"-" Tarlao is s,x,l lx Icvihii xrucc'.st . rx w ,--. AU-n '-M-r'".. . For Vienna's Needy. lit orx'or to a?! tho hnrsiry ijV of ittna a !a5il-iKxt.57;t5ot plan ha Ktt Vv!shh by a pra tioal :naa, tvtor Wostoti. an4 svprvx-si in priv.t iple Iy ?ho thnv ":oaUr c iv.:itv-al xartios ami xxvrr.axst xv-ia!. U xx t:lt! s t v.n a antral i.45n!nistr?Tix Intrvan ? ax--i?:i:x anl tUtri'.xtito h.?t I ari ;r'x4i! uUx'.'v.c: matvrlal for i.r'.arxlir! -v!o!'x ;s to st;.!-U-ii';a. ar.I aoh houx Is ish,Hl m-;-r V to have a jrarxS'-n i f at loast r. si-,'.arxx tn t rs. xxh.ilo !;;! c r farm l.ol.ihiis a'so fonn jxart f tho i'!.1.:'.. for the oeen-lion o; xx!;i; the is :kl to .-rr-roprtate !it.!VMx x rowt-. Tlu vhon is r.ov tinker t-j?s;..ration Ixy the srtxern!'-eri. BIG TRUCKS ARE EXPENSIVE -33c tc Highways end Crid;as Is Ccst'y Urr? New Vcrk Ptsns Tex en Tcr-,sj :?-t- r.r. ;o r-;-:r t! e !.'ct-,way of hrl-ix-s a .,'. .. to v. r.-io; tr.-V -ost'y ' v Y.r'c "St. s;:;;o art- an-it x :!! tax la v-F.vo ?': - a to! ye;.r. It i e-vie; 5 .'-..! a h:?l tha to: in ss Aor 1 x r ts r.ts1 that a x ea r to 1 1 X r!-.'' C !c;i ovs rv ; !t s M?V x DAY'S LiBGR AND MATERIAL Cecl Is Just as Great for Terrr.e-3rj H;;hay es It Is en a Per-.ra-ner.t Read. : ;v' mcer Th ef :-at:i:.' t a day's labor : co-: as r.tnch :nd a xx hon xx ho?i sav r" vvl : to a tee rrv ro:"-! a at:x-ut rxxad. t---.t'sfaetion do no of hi'i'x ay. ed to a t '!:; of ti,.-;i the r tr to . i '. r' : foniaohi for 10 Years HOW A DIFFERENT W0I.UH Earnestly Praisss Cat onto "My wife was a great stiffens from acid stomach for 10 years," xx rites H. D. Crippxn. "but is a different woman since taking "Eatonio." Sufferers frxnu acid stomach let Entente help you also. It quickly takes up and carries xxnt the excess acidity and gases and makes the stomach cool and comfortable. 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S'nots and f Trylor. wsth l! er xx v . tn the sjn-im-r of ftv,n ! r , . rsnr.. Vt.. t tr.f su tre 1ik5 of rVnty. Tl.Mr destination is Cxvmtry of th Sarxtmon in H?'.r.c. ?a rd Utt bk on - aAinon xxs u-otnI ct tV.e lttwtonn mer-.r.jt Ur.J of iMentx. t1. raw of river n III? nets drdintrc "batsnaiess. ?.-v.ery meadows of i;re??.rvl b".-?ty ',r: f.!:tx leted nix tir!er. Weei1 xv-.lh ' ?hi'.v svfs, -oerevl 'Uh r?.e r.d nivxs-.'.y level, withowt a sts-k or stone Ux xex the ruxxr-nva?u Tr.?tJ:er they xxere bound, to tKe r s-oton of soxemment Uri. T-.rouh New York state tV.e- ca?r.p tUe v: often tVex-rr ln -texl in by tam ers tor the r-:ht. CHAPTER . Continued. Ti-.e nan IxvkeI arxutil and leaned ovrr the xxheil a if ahout to irapart :seerel. ""Say. I'll tell ye." sjtul in a loxv txxne. A real, first-v'ass ixtixt rexer dves. You xmsnt: to sxe tny aetixxr.s." "This land is an itntiealion that you're rijjht, Samsw laushoil. "It prxve It." the strat .fer xvhls-ri"xd. ll.-ivn you any water here?' Saru-p n afiTxI. Th strarjrer leaned nearer and said in h'.s rnost eonf xU ntial tone. "Say, ntisTor it's ahout th lnt in the rni'ert States. Uijrht ever yonder in th? edge xV th.e xxxx,ds xprlnc eeld s tee Shirvt-pure xxa'-r. "lUxut the vily thir.jr this iard'll raise Is water. T5:?s land loxks to me ahont as raluable as so ratsoh sheet lisrhtnin' and I g:ess it can inove just hout is quu'k." said Sar.mMi. The strar.fer ansxxered lr low xn; -Say. Ml tell ye, a xx ild row don't stjnd still Ixn 'nxMih to five ye tiire to cit anytltinsr out xf !t. I've txtl a,x prayoxl. hut it's har-! tx rer tr; out of it." "L'raylr.? xxoa't dxx this land any iCHXxl, Samson ansxverx-!. "What it reikis $t mar.ur a4 p!enty f it, Yon tau't rk' here hut Sias. n't devvut to expxvt tied 'a Itr-p run a flea farm, lie knows too mu.h for that, and i you kp It up 1 lo'll Uxse all nspoct Vr xe. If yon xvere to buy nntther farm and hr.ns it here at t put u xiown on tep x' this x"'. yeu xould pn-ihly mAe a liviajf. I x'xuJdtt't like to live where th winxl evuid dis iota-ices." Ajrain the stranrer UantH.1 toxx-ard asson and saM in a half-whlspr : "Say. mister, I wxnldn"t xxant yott to mention It. hut taikin' o tleas, I'm like a dec with sx many ef 'eta that fce don't have time to eat. Some-hody has jrtxt to soap him xr he'll die. You see. Vermont I traded for five my farm over in hundred acrxs o "Elijah Brimstead Was a Frierxio'My Father. this sheet lightnin", unsigltted an' unseen. We was all crazy to go xvest an here we are. If it wasn't for the deer an' the fish I guess we'd a ftarved to death long ago." "Where did ye come from?" "Orwell, Vermont." "What's yer name?" "Henry Hrimstead." the stranger rhlspered. "Son of Elijah F.ritr.stead?" "Yes. sir." Samson took his hand and shook It warmly. "Well, I declare!" he exclaimed. "Elijah Brimstead xvas a ftlend o my father." "Who are your Brimstead asked. Tm one o the Traylors o Vergcn-aes." "My father used to buy cattle of Henry Tray lor." "Henry ,ws my father. Haven't rou lit know about ronr bad uckr IM I 111! . VtX 'U-ti M there. Sarah gae the Irh;h family a gool supply of cookies and jerked venison before she bade th.em good-by. When our travelers left, t ext morning, they stopped for a last look at the great falls. "Children." said Samson, "I want you to take a good look at that. Il's the most wonderful thing in the world and maybe you'll never see It again." "The Indians use,l to think that the Great Spirit xxas in this river." said Sarah. "Kind ' seems to me they xvere richt," Samson remarked thoughtfully, "K'nd o seems as jf the great spirit of America xvas in that xxater. It moves on in the way it xvills and rut-thing can stop It. Everything in its current goes along xvith It." "And only the strong can stand the journey," said Sarah. These xvords xvere no doubt inspired by an ache in her bones. A hard seat and the ceaseless jolting of the wagon through long, hot. dusty days had wearied them. Even their hearts xvere getting sore as they thought of the endless reaches of the roads ahead. Samson stuffed a sack xvith straw and put it under her and the children on "Kind o Seems A If the Great Spirit of America Wat in That Water." the seat. At a xvord of complaint he was xvont to say: "I knoxv it's axvful tiresome, but we got to have patience. We're goin' to get used to it and have a wonderful lot of fun. The thce'll pass quick you see." Then he would sing and ger them all laughing xvith some curious bit of drollery. They spent the night of July third at a tavern in Huffalo. then a groxving center ami xvest. There xvere way to the busy, crude and rapid for ihe shipping east emigrants on their Far West in the crowd men. women babies in arms Iri and children and h. English, !er- mans and Yankees. There were also xvell-dressed. handsome young men from the colleges of New England going out to be missionaries "between the desert and the sown." lUilTa'o, on the edge of the midland seas, had the flavor of the rank, ii"v .-oil in it those days and especially that day. when it was thronged xvith rough coated and rougher tongued, swearing men on a holiday, stevedores and boatmen off the lakes and rivers of the middle bonier some of xv horn had had (heir training on the Ohio and Mississippi. There was much drunkenness and lighting in the crowded streets. Some of the carriers and handlers of American commerce vented their enthusiasm in song. They had the lake xlexv and its cool breeze on their way to Silver Creek, Dunkirk and Erie. and a rough xvny it xvas in those days. Enough has been written of this long and wearisome journey, but the worst of it xvas ahead'of them much the worst of it in the sxvamp flats of Ohio and Indiana. In one of the former a xvagon xvheel broke doxvn. and that day Sarah began to shake xvith ague and burn with fever. Samson built a rude camp by the roadside, put Sarah into bed under its cover and started for the neare-t village on Coroners hack. "Now we'll Abe Lincoln." to oxrer and tTO UK COXTINI'KIV) Good Literaturo Still Produced. Amid the making of many books, good literature is still produced, as It xvns in the days of Thackeray and Dickens. Carlyle and Ruskin. Tennyson and Browning, Irving and HaxV-thorne and Loxvell and Emerson, out of the hearts of men and xvomen who xvrlte because they love it. and who do their xvork in, their own xvay because they know that, for them, it It tha beat way. Hcury van' Dyke. V v Xa y4J i ' 1 I V 7 The niatt ivstnnexl his tone of eon- tidxnxt "Say. I'll tell ye." he ansxxered. A man that's ns li foxd as I atn oucht not to advertise it. A hrair. that has tmited its owner as shameful as mine has treated mx should Ih exmdh! to do its own lliinkin' er tlie. 1'xe invented some thlnps that may sd!. lv hetMi hep- it' my luxk would tt;rn you turn "It'll turn when It, Sara- sxn assurexl him. I'rimstead leaned lose to Samson's ear and said in a tone scarcely audible : "My brother ttobert has hi own idiot axium. It's a real handsome xoe an' he has made It iay. hut I wouldn't swap xvith him." Samson smilexl. rememher'ns that Kobert had a liquor stotv. "Look her Henry Itritnstead. xve're hnnsxy." he s;ld. 'if ye furnish the xxater. xvx'll skirmish around for broad and :ivx ye as jrooxi a diiiner as je ever had In yer life." Henry tHk the Ihm-sx's to his barn and xvatered and fed them. Then ho brought txvo pails of xxater from the spring. Meanwhile Samsor started a f;rx in a srrxwe of smaU poplars by the tvadside anvl began l.fxling veni son, ami .arati got xut the treaa lxard atid the flour and the rxUtng-pin and the teapot. A she xvailed fr the xxater she called the three strange childre n to her side. The ohlest was a girl ef ton, xvith a face unx-ommonly refinexl and attractive. In spite ef her threadbare clothes, she had a neat and cleanly look and gentle man-tixrs. The yimngest was a boy of four They were a pathetic trio. "Where's your mother"' Sarah skxd of the ten-year-old girl. "IVad. Pied when my little brother was born. "Who takes xare of you? "lather and toxl. Father says Hod does most ef it. "Oh dear!" Sarah exclaimed, xvith a look of pity. They had a jreod dinner of fresh biscuits at.d honey and venison and o,rgs at.d tea. While they xvere eating Samson told Itrirostoad of the land of plenty. After dinner, while HrimMead was bringing the team, one of his chil-drn, the blonde, pale, tattered little girl of si. climbed ntx the xvagon sent and sat hoh'.ing a small rag ddl, xxl.lxh Sarah had given her. When they were ready to go she stubbornly refused to get down. "I'm goin away." she said. "Im gi in aw-a-av off to find my mother. I x'.on't like this place. There ain't no Santa C'lnus here. I'm goin" away." She clung to the wagon seat and -riexl loudly when her father took her down. "Ain't that enough to break a man's heart?" he saixl with a sorroxvful look. Then Samson turned to Itrlmstead and asktl : "Look hett Henry l'rimstead. are yott a drinking man? Honor bright noxv. "NVvrr drink a thing but xxater and tea. lt; you knoxv anvhouv who II cixe ye a; ything fvr what yott own here"; "Theies a nan in thx next town xho offered me three hundred and fifty dollars for my interest." "CVmo along xvith tts and got the mc.ttey if you can. I'll help ye tit up and go xv ho re ye can earn a living." "I d like to. but my horse is lame and I can't loaxe the children." "Put etn right in this xvagon and exie on. If thorv's a lixry in the place. I'll s-nd ye home." So the children rode in the xvagon and Samson and Itrimstead walked, xvhile Sar:ih drox-e the team to the next vsllago. Th.ere the goxnl xvoman bought ne xx- clothes for the xvhole nrimsteaxl family and l'rimstead sold his Interest in the sand plains and Knight a pxod pair of horses, xvith harness and some cloth for a xxagon cover, and had fifty dollars In his pocket nd a new hok In his face. He put his children on the backs of the horses and led them to his old home, xvith a sack of 'provisions on his shoulder. He was to take the track of the Traylors next day and begin his journey to the shores of the Sangamon. They got Into a had sxvale that afternoon and Samson had to cut some corduroy to make a footing for team and wagon and do much prying xvith the end - of a heavy pole under the front axle. ry and by the horses pulled them out. "When ol Colonel bends his neck things have to move, oxen if he is up to his belly In the mud." said Samson. As the day waned 'they came to a river in the deep woods. It xxas an exquisite bit of forest xvith the bells of a hermit thrush ringing in one of Its towers. Their Vail and the loxv song of the river xvere the only-sounds in the silence. The glow of the setting sun which lighted x the western windows of the forest had p. color like that of the music. golden. Iong shafts of it fell through the tree columns upon the road here and there. Our weary travelers stopped on the rude plan! bridge that and pine and tamarack came in a light, cool breor.e up the river valley. I guess we'll stxp at this tavern till tomorrow, said Samson. Joe was asleep and they laid him on the blankets until supper was ready. Smut after supper Samson stmt a deer xvhixh had xvadcxl into the rapids. Fortunately, it made the opposite shore before it fell. All hands spent that evening dressing the dter and jerking the best of the meat. This they did by cutting the meat into strips about the slye of a man's hand and salting and laying it on a rack, some tvx feet above a sloxx- fire, and covering it xvith green bouchs. The heat and snmke xlried the meat in the course of txvo or three hours and gave it a fine flavor. Ic!';cious bi-yond any kind of moat is venison treated in this manner. It kept dry. it will retain its flavor and lis sxveet- ncss for a month or more. They set out rather hue i.ext morn ing. As usual, Jk stoml by Hie head of CVdonel xxhile the latter lappx brown sugar from the limid palm ef the boy. Then the horse xvas xvont to touch the face of Joe xvith his big, hairy Hps as a tribute to his generosity. Colonel had seemed to acquire a singular attachment for the boy and the dog, while Fete distrusted both of them. He had never a moment's leisure, anyhow, being always busy xvith his xvoik or the flies. A few breaks in tlu pack basket had been repaired xvith green withes. It craked xvith tts load xf jerked venison when put aboard. Farther on the luv got a sore throat. Sarah bound a slice tf pork around it and Samson built a camp by the roadside, in which, after a good fire xvas started, they gave him a hemlock sweat. This they did by steeping hemlock in pails of hot xxater and, xxhile the patient sat in a chair by the fireside, a blanket xvas spread about him and pinned close to his neik. I'nder the blanket they put the pails of steaming hemlock tea. After his sxveat and a day and night in bed, xvith a warm lire burning in front of the shanty, .loe xvas able to resume his seat in the wagon. They spoke of the Brimsteads and thought It strange that they had nt come along. On the txxenty-nlnth day after their journey legan they came i it sight of the beautiful green valley of the Mohawk. As they looked from the hills they saxx- the roof of the forest dipping down to the rixer shores and stretching far to the east and xvest and broken, here and there, by small clearings. Soon they could see the smoke and spires of the thriving village of I'tioa. CHAPTER II. Wherein la a Brief Account cf Sundry Curious Characters Met on the Road. At Utica they bought provisions and a tin trumpet for Joe, and a doll xvith a real porcelain face for Betsey, and turned into the great main thor- oughfare of the North leading eastxx urd to Boston and xrestxx-ard to a shore of the midland seas. This road xvas once the great trail of the Iroquois, by them called the Long House, be cause it had reached from the Hudson to Lake Erie, ami in their day had boon well roofed xvith foliage. Soon they came in view of the famous Erie canal, hard by the road. Through it the grain of the Far West had just begun moving eastxvard in a tide that was flowing from April to Iecember. Big barges, drawn by mules ami horses on its shore, xvere cutting the still waters -of the canal. They stopped and looked at the barges and the long toxv ropes and the tugging animals. "There is a real artificial river, hundreds o' miles long, hand mnde of the best material, witter tight, no snags or rocks or other imperfections, durability guaranteed." said Samson. "It has made the name of IeWitt Clinton known everywhere." "I wonder what next!" Sarah exclaimed. They met many teams and passed other movers going west, and some prosperous farms tm a road wider and smoother than any they had traveled. They camped that night, close by the river, xvith a Connecticut family on its way to Ohio with a great load of household furniture on one xvagon and seven children In another. So they fared along through Canan-dai&ua and across the Oenesee to the village 'of Rochester and on through Lexviston and up the Niagara river to the falls. -and camped where they could see the great xcatcr flood and hear its muffled thunder. When Hearing the latter they overtook a family of pKr Irish emigrants, of the name of Flanagan, who shared their camp site at the falls. The Flanagans xvere on their way to Michigan and had come from Ihe old country Ihree years before and settled in Broome county. Nexv York. They, too. xvere on tlte'.r xvny to a land of letter promise. Among them was a rugged, frtck'od. red-hcutied lad, well along V - ...' ; itV " .."r. 4 TJ..

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