The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on August 4, 1921 · Page 2
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 2

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 4, 1921
Page 2
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THE FAIRMOUXT NEWS MISS MARY OTOOLE CARELESSNESS WILL LESSEN TIRE'S LIFE CONTRIVANCE TO WORK UNDER CAR Runway Is Easily Put Together and It Will Pay for Itscif in Very Short Time. o, ks funding OF ALLIED DEBT Seal-: Committee Approves Harding Flzn for Dealing With Allies. if I MAJ. BRUCE R. CAMPBELL Mat. It. Camptxdt. t'!ls JAPAN ACCEPTS BID Will Participate in Forthcoming Conference on Disarmament. MELLON MAKES STATEMENT '".-strrtior: B;!ICsrnfsjn Amend-mcrt Reo,uiri3 Thr.t Funding Be Cc--c-!eted Within Five Ye.s U. S. Not Ccmraitted. -I ;r...tor.. J':!y i.-l'Hxo-r.loiv-the administration, hill civics .r.rv Mrnket authority to eor-t-": tion for the ntrdies of : v i c i v Oil vl d.-hts. v ;.s orderx-d hy the ' emphatically denied charges by Mrs. PV;:r,ve vr,imi(V. It carries IVrg '.oil. lefore the special hxue- in-e.t'ee a:'i'1:;HTt v.V""is that j os;ipt,tic vnvr-.mituv, that ho re- ' i to -o:v.pleted within :xe oeived $.a frxn th PergdoU fam- ; ily to aid in freeing Hiwat Hersdo'l Mvllen forn.aUj :v'xs,v. h t otv a court-martial. ;? tit .-. r -"-( cOtv.m-tbH. V .Vplv ' Wetccmes Opportunity to Discuss Facile ad Far East Questions MACHINE QUICKLY ELEVATED Inconvenience of Crawling Under, neath Automobile Is Done Away With and Work Dona With Minimum Amount of Labor. When trouble occurs either with the under side of the automobile motor, or the rear end of the car, it is somewhat inconvenient to xxork without a Pit. To partially overcome this condition a trarase man built n sort of runway, as illustrated, by which the end of a car could be quickly elevated about two feet olt the tloor. thus nl-hovinjr fairly easy access to the parts. Two xvedse-shapod pieces were constructed of heavy spruce timber, five feet Ions by two feet hish. in tin rear. The inclined ends of the timbers were fastened tojiother by las screws and the vertical hacks secured to each other by a length of strap iron. The horizontal surface of the uppermost timber was hollowed out to receive the lire and the strap iron xas continued INCH" f r 5t ; .f' Run Your Car Up the Incline and Work Deneath It With Ease. The Contrivance Is Easily Made and Pays for Itself in a Short Time. outxxard in a orrospondms curve which noted s a bumper to prevent the xx heels running off the back of the tipport. Much Time Saved. The oar can be run up this Incline xithor by powot or ny hand, and the Povsary xvork don' xxith a minimum amoutu of imainvenimH and labor. Of xourso it is not necessary to intuition thai it saves the repair man's hack and rerxos.---Thorn1on liallett in Popular Science Monthly. DON'TS TO MOTORIST IN SUMMER SEASON Don't park your car over night under trees, for the foliage, aided by night mists, has a deteriorating elTta t and stains the finish. Certain trees throw off a dew which, if alhwxed to remain on an unprotected surface, will ruin I he varnish. Don't allow any grouse. 'U etc.. to remain on surface of car for, aided by rtte heat of the sun. they xvill dry and crack the finish. Imn't allow mud spots to stay oq the finish for any length of time for they xvill leave a mark that cannot lie removed without injury to the varnish. STl-'0 1 M ,ioh nt-oo U $u i --et a. ..jt NQRTHOLIFFE IS CALLED A LIAR King of Great Britain Disputes Alleged Interview With Publisher. SAYS COMPLETE FABRICATION Throne Authorizes Statement to House of Commons Denying Any Such Conversations London Editor Cables Denial. Lou.lon. . us. I- Prittto Minister 1-loyil tioorsr in tho houso xf intn-nuxns ival a statement xxhioh ho sahl tho kins !ia, authorirxnl hint to real n his majesty's behalf. His majesty, tho kins." the statement says, "has Innl his attention U-reetoxl to ex't-tatn statxnttents tvportins att nrerxiexx xxith I.xnl NorthelilTe, ai'ivarins in tho 1 hilly Mail, ami re-rxvhnvl in thx Ihtily Kxpress ami sono e-tJior nexx spacers. Tho. statements x-otttainetl in tin ivport arx a mturleiv fahi ioatiott. No stub eitt xersatiMs as those xxhich are alleeO took j'a.-o. e.or xxere any sttcti rxN marks a thoo alh-jn'-xl m:tle by hi tMa.iosty. "'His ma jest x aKo lesitvs it to bo n.ale mlte xlear. inastnttoh as th ex-ntrary is snawstx-! in tho interxiexv. that in his sihh h to the patii anient of northern Irelaml hx flkxxexl the invariable x-onstitutional raetiox rx-latins to sieeohos frxxtn thxx thron in parliament." The fntorx iexx to xxhix h lhx prtnnier rxferrxl tiotl Kins toHxrsx-1 as sax-ins to Premier I.loyd xJers jnst Ih-fix his majesty left for Ireland: "Arx you sxxitts t shxt a;l tho ,.. tnlanl"- to xxhi? the prom'er xxas juoto-.l as ivp'xins; "No. yxxur majost." "Vxll. then, xon tettt hhih t some agreement xxith thetn. satl the ktns. to tho interviexx. "This i:x on. 1 ean't have my thine o;m t kn, (n m manner." In his iutrotlux-torx tvmarks Mr. I.loxd tiinxt-sv" said: "Statot tits have ;.iMcarl itt taUi rsats of the Irish anl l'ns''h ptvss atti'.hutins xinl of nn-5 MHtteiox to his majosty the ktns tv-j la;iti; to Irih poii.-y. Thoy appear i!:e lxnt ot att nierx loxv xvui-n .or Norshohto s tits t, haxe cixn t!:j lnr,l States a?l t have -aus t l- torwatTh'l to his nexxs-papers hoiv for puhlnaiion. "It nite ite:pxsibio alwaxs tfol 1XX tl'.Ov, .tutni! ;ii!!s strttetVitts. btit hotv tl.t x are :' a very categorical ( harator atd at'.ributo xery svriott-i y:aten--nts to :,- s,v-tv?gn. and more-oxer t' ex are ah i:'atl at the prxs, ent mona-nt. if boUoxal. t. ptaindi- s'!!Us i!; rh::;li .if Irish sel- tt....." "l h-n i' is may to s,uie;h8nc ifts f six x-ritVitV! for ends s;ir cj Hiis. 1 :oi I n.etst (by tho kttic) to s-.erilizo ti. f-i;".l tttalicnltj whio'i is yaleavn it's to f I , omi tho in tx o, ;i the l' U ! S'.'ii-s p oi l . : -e a Hies. Priiish ami to ?p Iro- North-S;0 said ;ndo;s; :d:e !l empire an tfttsrrate lard." Was'ainc l!vo pup;. ho : ad s, - a. AUU. publio a I. abb I. ud tiapi t prix : to st tviary f Kits Jo. : "Piease -uxoy to 5 mv httttthie dutx. mx ,'.", " ." " ! -i ver 1 havip.p ueivd ip xxorxl xr xxrls as statt by the prime minister. I gave sip h interviexx ." HURL PIES AT RED SPEAKER American Legionnaires Break Up Meeting of Socialists at Boone, la. Itoone. la.. Aug. I. Mrs. Ida Crouch llazlett. national Stxetalist !eo turer from New Ytrk. xxas ieltel vvith pastry ami nlets, off the strxH'ts f lhxtxpe when she criticized the present form of gvefnmcr.t in the United Statxs. A near ri t resttltxl xvhem tnemlxxrs f the local Aittertesm l.egitxn pxst ami supporters of Mrs. llazlett dashed. In the midst of tne trouble the etty and exxuntv authorities ordered Mrs. llazlett frxxtu the streets. FOUR IN FAMILY ARE KILLED B'g Four Passenger Train Hits Auto- mobile at Grade Crossing Near Greensburg, led. ttreensburg. In!., Aug. I.-4ames Xndersxxn. his wife and two sens, aged six tuonths Rtn! two years, are dead following an accident in which their automobile was wrecked at a crxxssing near here by tUg Four passenger train. Tvvxx other sons of Mr. and Mrs. Anderson, ridlm? In another automo bile, survive. Urges Fall Road Contracts. Washington. Ang. 1. Governors of the xrarixxus states have been urged hv Secretary Hoover to let their con tract for rad construction tn fall rather than In the spring, as a rowans of relieving unemployment. Many Die in Callao Rioting. Italhoa. Ianama Canal Zone, Aug. 1. Forty persons are reported to have been klllexl at Cnllar, Peru, in a riot of Spanish, ttallan and French sailor, according to private advices receive! here fror.x t.hna. j j 1 . : ; 1 i I ; j Motorists Continue to Disregard Simple Rules. Undertnflation, Scraping Along Curb Stones and Bumping Into Curbs and Obstructions Are Among Common Abuses. Tires have improved so much in quality iti recent years that even when abused a sood tire gives such a good mileage that the motorist is usually satisfied that he got his money's worth. It 11 1 motorists continue to show disregard for a few simple rules, and their carelessness greatly increases their tire bills. The three ways in which this carelessness manifests itself chiefly are underinfiatioii, scraping along curb stones and bumping into curbs and obstructions, according to the observations of the service department of one of the largest tire companies. Improper inflation costs more than all other faults put together. By the simple expedient of taking the trouble once a week to make sure that each tire is stilticlcntly inllnted. a car owner will add amazingly to the mileage he gets front his tires. I'nder this head it is xxell to repeat the old admonition the tires should be pumped to the same figure in summer its in winter. The expansion of the air iu the tires in hot weather is so infinitesimal that it should be entirely disregarded, and the tire pumped up to the prescribed figure. Scraping along a curb is an exceedingly common form of tire abuse. An evidence of the commonness of this practice may be found by noticing the number of tires that are peeled or scraped on the outer side of the tire while the inner side is in erfVot. condition. Humping a tire into a curb, particularly when underintlated, is one of the most serious forms of mistreatment, for it causes breaks in a fabric foundation which quickly bring the tire's usefulness to an end. AUTQMQBSLE Moior vehicle registration giops exci-eds ll.f). in Al- In I.ritish India, there is, at present, an oversupply of automobiles. Shanghai leads nil other cities in China xxith the registration of .",' motor vehicles. Seven diiTorent kinds of steel are used for the production of America n-nv.nie automobiles. In Tokyo, the capital of Japan, xxith n population of 'J.TOO.OOO skills, there are only o.fHtil automobiles. . The United States government Is now reoxMvins more than $d.(HMi.noo jn attiomiibile taxes every ".') days. Most prominent of motor clubs in P.razil is the Associut icuo Antomo-billsta P.ti'.siloria of Ilio do Janeiro. January 1, 2,"W automobiles were stolen in New York city. ThH is at the rate of about fifteen cars a day. The federal government provides automobiles for the departments of slate, interior, labor and the attorney general. Since January 1 permits have been issued in Philadelpliia for the erect in of ."aid garages, at an estimated cost of about ?1.00'.00. Motor garage repairmen in Norway must be experienced In the construction of American, Dutch, English. French, German and Italian cars. 5 .x - '; I V a." ft - sv V w V v.-.. ti . . X V- x, X . . T1- i. a X- o ;r. ;v.v.:tte iv.qr.irv as to Ms sow ; , the extort to which the 1 S; -,r had !nt"i xp,vaiMvl j . Us. M a hv'-.tstraiou on ill T ot pax XP.ts Ot" o; I ; ir.teresi. Tl.. c ittsj. ho ssi,-. "o ostsno;rort !" in :et.t '. r two or three- vav. sr.l r.h-st-,'on; sr' Mtt of v-.s;v-o!,otl tv, ::s. " entire' st n h for- :sn i-.'wrrr.i r.t carry U'.-j: m nlth j r,':o:,:,V't- i-roivannoss. aft or this cov-I -;-:' ',.-:. ; ot.'Jv t ro-.-i-o!. a s;.tis Vavor tjr.V:nc of its cNtinc short I tir, i "c-tior.s t, this tvr.ntry." i x!v. Mf U n !io that ho t'l nf ' yU U- n .hh ,! that ho no j tto-.V .-.r y oM:.ttlon h:vl hoo' in.tswo.1 !. eortnur.t thntch nooia- :...s ; l..;,!,w IwtwooM Atr. U:th- vo - tnisv.ry n,l a ItritlshoT- ,:!. fto,r.Ml 'svts,-,! tn finstn t nV'-, t! ... .,..: -"'s ' v. nr.cs. I thv .o-, :;-,t i'osr.ntitnn-atton xva ;on :t lot tor to . IV oxt- wi;h Mr. Mollon's rr.r- ' x.v.wv.i in raor of prviit iv-tVo s'.:n;n!trtttiov, hill -ro-''.:r.xo? wors for tlo tr:s- x;th aiol l.yns. '.ir ;-.s oM'.oort'.s iho rrinoip:'.! . n or." th.o ;otor ahl. "Avhloh. - , us tw;th.-v.t aivrel In- ? O : ? as- o ' . , iv t?-iOr is iv vi ,r o-uht of ;ivr!!n; in j V: otV-r than thvo ot tho :o.v ,;.! 5ry. Xo :Mt''.ori'y haw !uir. ir ,-is , v.;s ,w;x-i to h. vs;.siv:. t;roov. Uo-v ro;H'"l -n-l 'r.rco -.v.vtios. . tr' s :,:s ov o o;, ? n:r trios. Th '"r j 1 tho?v ! ii; to r:ty Tt.--, v ; s 4 "Cor ; . I'ort't xxiih t error now-: . Tb sitnatMx xxhtVh vx. t'.x i-suvx is c'.x otn- ? U-r.l ,rxxv,-H xxith it th r'-.s: h-x o arpIo vxv?- .sOtv Vt ;' of t;o-rtx;:n Vvl r 1 i oris per. .-n ! of T i!od V pa x - ; to r '. x !.": tv-j'txo: !";.:u-v .v ! 0 t! t'! : CT . Nox.-tv' n; ht-s bee-i t II. N f V.V.M. " ;s ! rx 2- as " p. s- ' ' -;s !-.en trkon Mt t'. V.e v as to.xade to d o do .p.:-xt pocoti.tioi's in x "s !'.-doivnl;v at.d the - to le t?.k tx xx ouM ;.,:. for for furth r ;i-r- a I e .or a M.H r y . ho -. e r utex-. Mr. Mellon s;ip ho xx-i'x?. if crants,l the ath,rity askl. xt-ain frux enoh debtor natloe statexort emNxljtnc Its offer in s-et-.Mp.t He suggested that it might V p-sss;de to ptaxxtde in thx suhsxs. m-t.l tw-cxxtiTixxs for the payment xf ho hT rtvI intxrest nd the payment ,vr irt -est vp.xt irtorxst by 'terea:lns inferos- tr.t s of the Kxnls to he is-sa! I y the doi tor exxuntry in snhstl-tt.t'oo fv the sxvatr?ti'S r.ow . held. This p'r.. the secretary s;ti I. met xxith te sppiwal f the trx'sSh-nt and the uM pnxivnhly j ,( xisx-d iv.txvst .te xvx f--'ita?e the to,avkotpg e-f tho xx JAPS WORK ON DISARMAMENT Genera! 5-taf rd War Orfrce Mske Strarate Investigation ex Curtailment ef Forces. Tekxxv. J-,;v ?V The Japanese cen- ' oral s -afT ar.d the xxar xtti it is n-t. rst.xttl here, are making svparate ;xestigat$.xns in xnnotlMi with etir-ta'lmxr.t xxf the army. Thtir reitt xx 51 Is sr.hraUtexl ttx a jxx-r.t cxxunxMl xxf f,r dsn. nvy and xvar xleivartment. Tt e Nich Niefcl says that If the pxxw-,v. rostHct thxnr armies rationatly tin'' n:,v ef the Japanese war detriment x ,.' he to do ltkxw!sx Arrest Ncrth Dakota Banker. Parsxx. N. IV. July m T. U IXelsek-er f VssxMithHi. N. heatl of a . . .. i m..m strtrc Xl tXfP.KS 5X111 ltT-Itts.X nuro -it-ii In xther bitiress nctlx Ities suhtnltrexl to airxst In rargxx xn a charge of vio-(,,,-.(.; the r!eral Ivar.k lavxrs. U. Ss Squadron Quits Lisbon. 1 tCr Jnlv :V The Atuerix'ttn na- v-5 sxr.ndron. xr.u n ras o-'n vistimg s t. b k k . . . . . f .-..... t v'i'lixl for tlibraltar. Ptvs - ixksd xp.P' it'.a NtIe Mrewll to Uear Admiral Cl-.aes P. Htighcs on the Iieh'.gn. : tl It j , I Miss Mary OTooio. leader in eixie affairs and Saw at Washington, xiho l,n been nominated by President Ilar-05ns to be a judse of tho municipal court of the District of Columbia. Miss O'TnoU is tin tirst woman selected for the District municipal bench. WEEKLY MARKETGRAM U. S. Bureau of Markets and Crop Estimates. V ashir.eion. Wrek Kti'lin J;ix 2S. KUtlTt! ANPi VKUKTAHI.Ks? Kansas sacked Karly Ohio Tolatoos staty tt Kansas l ny. t-Iosinc around tl MUr-at to!mrt in Ohioas at l.x-l.: t. l.ouia tt.75':;. v'alitornia salmon lint ean-tatnusws, chieagxx, weak. $2.x-2.T5. Arkansas Ptook Jt.2.2 In tr-tM!e xx-eslern eitlos. Texas Klberta eache i;o.iily stady in Clttcasxx at t-vLV-3.T5 ir la. Kisket. It A Y t.icht storks and receipts of titn-othy -ausr,l steady priois in t.'hioaso and Minneapotis Ne." I timothy, finoaso, t"-t.' f tnnoatolis t'S ; prair'e. Minn-aplis. Jt5. x l.i-ato jr.V. omiia $tt..x. I'KKIX- IVmand toi all feevtstitfts iiht. tluten tw and hominy feet have In en l-.eax-ity xnrraottt for recently and trad is xveH supplied. Many corn mills report betr.jr sold ip. (ui;otd July lran JIS .0. j nii.ldlinirs Jit'1, -nnapol:a: 3tf poi oont ; o,t ttiis-d ii at JCS.O Atlanta: xx -kite lu-m- j ;ny fel it. l.ouis $:4 l x"l t.-ap.; ; Itr.soed meal $4! M Minneavolis. f:",. l,viil- j :!tln-i:i I l.l'vn STtH'K AND AIKATS--Oii,.as' live stiH-k: l'ri p of how and re storrs " nnx-el upward dnrinsr tlie xx wk. Hoes i:p j .-o-T.V. l?ott-r si;i'li h'oef steers up L-.V. ) 5ther wx s and heifers alnxut stv idy. i x-ea! oalves and stookers arid !.li' . sUr'M! low-;-; iai lan.t'S dtl " d : I -oC. j Yeavhnes slightly lovvrr: ew a ino'.ancel j and teoder lants up .vs on btr sm.'p. j J'y i'h',:i5n prtot-s: I los. tor. S'tl.T.'. Putk sf vales u S inodinni :nl o wt t- f s:,-ors $7 2 to $" ; lutol:or .-' f anvt heifers J4."-' to JS To: fei-sifr sters f XiX . to Sr.L."- b'Bht ad m-diom xxoicht val oa;xes .T." !o tltt fat latnts. ' to f. fill-;- !mht to 'r.?1 "nritnes t- ..' m J 2:". fat rmv it. to ?: "e. July ;.vh! urate meats : Borf $lt.x to $xv; vhI tll-o to tlt.i'V laaih t;.i'x to $ m , noittorx Ji4i'o to j;; . .ieln loins ' i to $;. hVax-- lois Jl.. to JJJ ' IxxllTY PtiOlCTS But'or markets h virc xx-.v-x stead-.- to tV. xviih tradinc fftirty a. iH.-- Inad wOl d!striti!t-d oi :s st'ids Cliv" iiMili,'' ste-idx-v -Va-i-Tt; tV:-1 xe-t-k. X isons.a twxar-1 -rir advanced psain Mon-Vvi sr. a: piimarx- markti i-r-fiiH llo ovor xx tvk ,-eio iss n x a no, to !' 'av axre-d v4n . sits l-,v, tt i--es : T irs 2' , 22o. tuM( Ixaisies 2! ! rns x o-an Amerteas 2:V. i; tl. I X Tl mai'Uets durin.r Ii xet ep.'oic .h-lv 27 xx-fo mostly nnsottlrd xxitp. a i a: v s atn'Ut ots.M na docl'n- s In t'hiojft cash market No. 2 rod xvinter 1 wheat at l.s- N'o 2 hatM xvin;. r . i.s.-.'. n S :J: No. 3 edod cuvn c!ov at O.V. N 2 yellow- .-otn elost.i sv. No 2 pxv v-hlte eal closed at ?.V. For I tho xx e, k- n'hic-aeo ,lt.?- v heat i-p Sv-. i-s at $1 2s Ohiivien Jutv corn op t"-c. ; elosth- a" M'ni'eapo'is .taly Wheat i tp 4"jO. elosam P.t Jl X'hiiVisro Septem- ! l-r xv-teat op 140. elosmc at J1.2T; Chi- I at CVo Min"e--xjs-i;s Se-ntomtwr vehoaf an ,.i.,ir1v $1 sn.,,. k-,.w 1-0- teraWr wheat tip 2o. otosies at JklTxr. TRAGEDY IN CHICAGO COURT Lawyer Succumbs to Bullet Wounds and Police Officer Believed to Be Fatally Hurt. Chiontx. July Itil. Polity Sergeant Henry I. Kellogg shot Htut seriously wounded Attorney Lemuel O. Ackley and then Injuretl himself probably fa tally in a onarrel in a eeoxvded li- vrcx aurt. vvhetv Chief ,lustiex Mo- IVxnald xxas sitting. Kellogg fired five shots. One hit Ackley. one crashed !eteon Judge McIVmald's legs, ami the policeman xvoumled himself with txvo shots. Attorney Ackley died at the Coun ty htxspital an hour after Indus shot. URGES FALL ROAD CONTRACTS Secretary Hoover Asks Governor of States to Let Contracts Then, to Aid Employment. Washington. July IxtVGnvemors of the various states have been urged by Secretary Hoover to let their co. tracts for road construction in fall rather than In the spring, as a menus of relieving unemployment. Letting or contract in the fall would necessitate employment of men. during the winter l handle the nccossary supplies and road-building materials, he said. This prcedure was already in effect tn some states, he said. Quit Tcbacco Raising. Windsor, tnir.. Aug. l. Abandoning tohaoex growing because of decreased prices, many Kwex county farmer have planted their fields to potatoes, which are resulting tn large profit. Greeks Cut Off Turk Retreat. Smyrna. Asia Minor, Aug. 1. The retreat or the Turkish nationalists operating on the Ismid peninsula is reported tt have let cut off by Greek columns which have appeared 00 miles orth of F.skl-Shebr. Hughes CaiTs Note Agreeable. W a!-hiiion. .Inly "JO. ,?m:t hn u-S that sho will jvr- lonnrMM; ... " :to ni t f -!ato ni tro orth-Matns' 4" ton imiVmm t Olsartnann'.t ant ITastortt :fi'air. So rotary Hucho sr.R.MiiirtM. Tito a.ToWan.-o w:s O.o- Hho, a ;itw.!1' erjnfnl j ati! as ontinly alostc tho liros that j l" il WU' iriHH! Iv (IKS ulom no;t. ! Tho iio; follows: j -ti. A ......... ..w.t i.w ! taVon no?o ot tl o rontonts of tho ...... . ... .x.. I .xnton,-an tnrn,oratnt,iT o, "" , T'I Ii:T:UU 111" AlHI'E U .111 T; VsisTins in rxply io tho Jatnoso -.onnvan'!uin of .Inly t."5 on th-o snh.Wi t of si onforonv n tho Invitation o-f nrrain!' ht-1 hohl :t W:vl"vcror. "It I --:s h- hn't;ch! to tho cov orv of tho !ni oil knoxx . , xf tho .Tajxanoso r.'rni that tho xvomnM.t Tr.?.s St:;os -s xxitlip.jr to xxi'h Ai!::''i:ivv of ovViii-! rx-:riic o nco;.t:t nri.r to th.o rwsiiii of j ;Vo -o-i-' ro-tx :it,t t!:.t it oti!ors aH isaho o aIjnst In that aon-'a tho !-'U;;-v ar.. ox,-. of tho l'aottto anI Var Faiorn tt.otNn.s to ho Iis-, iss,t at t' o rxxxtxsxvt -vfon' -x "Tl o .hvtsnosx- cxxxon'.r.otxt. ot that tnnlorstano'inc aro hay to Ihx a'lo to 'nfoitn th.o .V'.rioa.M cxx-xrttn'nt that ao. V;X1 xx 15,' 1.0 ' ov.osti i - s tav.r tntent ton , htvi"r.tir- for a -.till ovthraiv tVio Pa;. and ra t ! -yferxr.' d:si nssion r Of.' .... it-Q.-t, 1 1 tV.e .t; panes, that sox-ernnn'-tit th ac ?vi.i 1 n tt arr.' !-l d : Oxx vd - a-tt o: s of I'-.o d:.s. itd at i;t- f."o'eo-tio'. ;l ri iti :'!V' iv s.;,n n-.pvro h-r'-s er r.o!t pr'' loti'.s sn h as o ,-! a a prrtio-t;-v.trttcrs that may h tx carhsl si" -pushed f:'o-ts vhx-M s, r",p"'ois,y ;x O'ded." TO FIGHT THE KU-KLUX KLAN Teans. Tired cf Multiplying Out-' rages. Prepay to Resist Further Outbreaks. IVawntxnt. Tey.. July 2X Organiza lion of a hand or men to eonnxsT si-1 leceI a tivitiss of the Kit KIux Klan In sxxuth.eflst Texas, with the announce! Inrentitxo of cxxndnetlntr oen warfare if tiexvss-iry. xxas rxrtexl in si exxmmunloation to the Kti-Klnx Klan thrxntch a loxttl r.ewsivaxer. "We have watted for lltars of the klan to d'X their duty." sajrs this no-tb "bet it seems they hax-e not the nerve nor desire to arrest their metn- 'r vitate the law. i-MPi HrncrnrtM nc DAIClr', pUn r OLLU W HI J l t nun iw Japan Said to Be Considering Offering Suggestion No Fertificaticns " ef Island Zone. lAMulxxn July A declaration for "the freedom xt the PaxMfie" will he nntxtxsetl bv Jatvan at the Kar Kast mfr.v tn W.shinstxn. said To- kvx dispatch to the Ltxndtn Tinier The Txxkyw i-axmvspxnlent utuler-stamls that the Japane-ae foreign nH'tce stud the xxrar and navy departments are considering the advisability of sug gesting at WashSngtxMi that tlw island the Pact tie shall ntxt be for- tifiexl. Sav Spanirt!s Lest Heavly. laxndon. Aug. I Twenty ttnnisand Sivanlsh trxxxnxs and rebellious Moorish trtlsnn-n have heen kllle-tt wounde! w capturexl In the violent battles that have been racing in Moroecx sairt Tangier Ilspleh tn the Lxxndon TltneSs Decrease in Exprt. Washington. Aug. 1. Kxports to . . k .V k. &l mm. VI .1 5 Fxmve en "x!nj i,.-Vi-"- 1 Mte thvse tx South America tn j rreast more than $3(krtV.t0 xhtrlmt I the fiscal yxpar ending June Jul last, a I extntxxrel with the previous year. pie I j t s t: I in j f , I 1 . n ROPE STEERS FROM AUTOMOBILE Ik . . o I he wild aial xxamlly West la no longer so wild nor so woolly. Nellie, the star mount of Deadwood Dick, is no longer a horse, but an automobile. The photograph show a cowboy roping steers on a ranch near Marfa. Texas.

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