The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 17, 1936 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 17, 1936
Page 2
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Tuesday. November 17, 1936 The Daily Clintonian. Clinton. Indiana Color and nireetloM .. . Ta..t.l lnrtinn In UlA Wantitta Cooley of Gary. fa Tw. Among in r' , Southwest, thV four' cardinal tolori w j.-.i. arA -white football star who pUy In Mb hare Frank Curry of Crompion o. ...j tftnkel of Fatrvlew vU- P.FNTFNARY IIMC .la. a- Hulev Ik Hie rolleite coacn -r.7aoSTth"th, point. Nllli tirvifv - tied' Mr. and Mr. James Curry Sun- ev, Mia. Jane Hudson, who has hoen 111. Mr. nod Mr"- R" '"r':h "u" CMirlm Unrni'H spent Sumlny with nud Putsy Kelly hi" w""; 01 hp Richard Mortran of Term Haute were Sunday finest of Mr. and Mrs. Dove Guess. Mr. and Mis. John fiiactanrlo ac- eonipmied Mr- '' Wr"' M1,lnr'1 Holden of HI. Iternlee to Terre Haute Monday. north, west, soum day. , ' PLANS MEETING NEWS RECEIVED .FROM HILLSDALE Mr. and Mr. Enisene Bencttl ana Mrs. Joe Vereollo were in - Edsar linfsfll and family f near Yoddo. contribute mnsiwil; numbers a well as having ttctlnn rol. "Knock. Knock. Who's There?" a Silh- Symphony called "Toby Tortoise lieturns- and Pox Movietone Newn ure other inducement. Haute Saturday. Seiaion Scheduled on Wednes- Miss Annette Tureni " vi... ninehorlo visited frlenda Id (ieorpv Vereollo spent Sunday in Vaiis with friends. m Mrs. Jaener rilllhi and Chest Colds Rub on Musterolc. Ued by million lor 25 year. NOT just salve, but a "counter-irritant." All druggistsThree streftjths. l.unche, Served for Six Week by M. E. Aid; U. B. . Aumet Tak unndnr afternoon. MOVIES ... . ... . .. .. ti wir !)T1.VM day; Namet to Be Drawn lor Chriatmat Party CENTENARY. Nov 17. Mem- (Tn nun.- ' - .r. . 1 1 .. S children wi Sunday dinner uet! M AIIV or Mr. and Mra. Joe erc" Cedar Tark were Sunday dinner gnosis of Wr. end Mr.. Bert T.irchl SV1in von See the LOW 1!86 1III,1.SI)M.K. Si'f 1" Th'' M h ,bfi of the H. M. C Hih are to of Mrs. Mary (JUllo ana son, c of Klondyke. c,.-... eiiHsts of Mr. and Mi AT THK i'Al Afi: Kalharlnc Hephiiin da the 1"i- Aid in inlx liuv , ....l.,.r for th"'--' ana lsmnj. . Mr and Mr. Raymond va!!ae m..i..,i were Mr. and Mr. ;nie. t at the Half Moon ballroom jw.tlnesday nlkht with Mm. He" ,Turebl and Mr. Joe Vereollo a hontewe.. Nam will he drawn mm nvTEX raimsTMAS cards yon will marvel at their niart desicna and Tine paper and large French Fold sue... and also at their rx-..i..iv !.. nrloe...50 for $100, and ofl. Jimmy Ray. ana nrni.i.i llictenhotham of Crown ..h. i vmi. or iiianioru I d.-r tracie queen of Innuiry m l"v,vld histerbHl love rlnry of Queen Maw o; Seoiland. rrertrle March i H itull'W ell. the inun she lo. and ' I'.onclaa Walton is 1-oid liaru'ey, her ,.',o .. vi, nd Mia. Thomas Hurt the mildew "u ' " Kit s.t week, and heatiinlim M- n.e r. n ""''" the meal". , Kevival ervli-oa hesaii lal ff dav ul the C I. "" Sunday guoat of Mr. and Mrs. John for the Christmas, party. . mil r.,njm Dllrf Bfin. yan and' dnumiteva nt rilnion. Mis IniludiiiR your Name oo th card! Olaehcrio Mary Roll Sanflriane ana ai nnd f.U enve ones l.J nittnu. - t Mr. ano virs. itm "r j Junior. Mrs. Myrtle Chancellor nnd Daily Cllntonlan. I jealous husband. K!dred-e 'as the canny Queen Eliv.ab. th. Kr"'-, ,. , , Fenwhk, lall ; v tfi-itll'lt St I f tilt "'" ; . .'"lth, John Carradiue. Molly La-1 meat and Alan Mowbray are .inly a j few members of the iuiposiiiK east, i The barbaric flavor "f lth een-i ' c,..tinrt .iems most convincing. : aided hv the elaborate costumes and V.ociallv desipned sets. Mary Stu-h'rfg ronfli.i with her treacherous I ---ottish lords, her feud with Eliza-1 I i.eth her romance and inarriase, the j ' rum'erous executions -all provide j mi ncblirhts of 'he mov'e. i Hoy I.-M1 in '''"' A fn festival wax h"ld Satv.r i-i, )iy the OuMlan Kndei'V'T of the V. n. fl.iir.:h and wa ronsidered a saccess. Mr. and Hubert Carv vlRifH relatives here last wee... Mr.'and Mrs. Merl Pcarnmn returned home wilh them, where Mr. Pear-man has employment. Herman Harper and sen. Y.::"i-f. of rnvii.a v.fited his daur.Mrr. .dr. Fred Bonehrake Saturday. Mr. 11tr-per'a mollvr. Mrs. SWt "a"; who is . years olC "'M"';,P!' 1,1m home Sundny. Mrs. I-ula Donsrlas went to ! fate Fridav to visit the R -v. i: : ,rs. TVhitsnn. Tv. "V'"Mt .v.i vs t former minister here. Someone broke into S" ' Mrs. Orval Hutsun and Mole silverware. Mrs. Unison was vising In Indianapolis at the time V: goods was stolen. Tim M'cCarly is havintr s romtee lion roof put on his Iioiifp. T'-ie r.v of his home was badly .lamped ' 1 114 i.'" - -i cartoon and mtiieal a-Kuit Sleei.v T'roe" are shot I NuliieeW. THK ITN W IWVW AT THI1F -U"MI'l.l Ralph lieliamv and MarKiierite v-,.i,ir, nre ii-stliired ill "The Fi advances Wo 137iJiie ll! 1 Hoar." wlii;li tells the :..ry of : cer.rn-erful. r'elr !-:" , u-hn is boil on sui' i.le n seri. I i f f difficulties. He mwt I MarrueHte Cburc'hi'l who (lives him new ambition tn tiv'lt hib way ta i- ,i.. ,,l.u- Imiinrtnnt when til-' I cirl is falsely jvcused of murder In fire lost Friday. r-l;v.. Kin ir of St Berntee I clcarfns her the lawyer finds his ! most brilliant sue 'ess. ( 1 Other atiracliors are the cartoon rbnnt Craiy Newsreeis ana .r tor Hi of "The dulchine Hand." and her parents. Mr. and Mr? Charles Platz of nupnty. Ind.. un Mrs. Opal Mefown of t. Bern: were the (rues' of Mr. and Mr?. Be" Hamersley Friday. The y. E. Aid Members will hav an nil day mwtlnp r.t the home, o Mrs. Maud Jackson Wednesday Mrs. ATaeeie Brown of Clinto-visited her dautrhter. Mrs. Krna! Truehlood, and family la't v t-. Mr. nnd Mrs. John Ouerri of n' ton were the dinner iruests of it' and Mrs. Curl Johnson ! AT THR WABASH Mfrry and swinpy is this musiftil l.!.ni,-dv' with neh entertainlnu' pei- mrmere a Johnny Down. Stuart Krwin. Betty flrabltt. Wxie Dunlinr. Arline JihIct. Patsv Kelly. Jack I fey. Anih.inv Martin. Judy Gurland land the Yacht' Club Boys In the I ..TM..Mn Miirode." There's a rnl- M ..n.l .Mr. V. A. Self op A. Self sre l 1 , visited relatives lekinnr sridiron background d I tineiiiL'-daneillil fore- Gordon, of Brnzil here Sunday mT,rl done to such melodies I !."The Balboa." "You're SliRhily Ter-' rite " "You T) the nardimM ! ' TliUKta." -fa t-ove I'm After." and; ' T vus Tornado." i Stuart Erwin is the backwoods ; Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Mooie no Mr. and Mrs. Everett Self of South Bond visited relatives here Saturday. Mrs. Louise Vance returned I" her home tn Indianapolis Saturday after a month's visit with her moth- proven there for two year, with brilliant Miccew. Now, brought to America, it create an entirely new standard of modern motoring economy! ' The "60" engine is bttik in exactly the name body gize and wheelbase, to the same advanced design, with the same comfort and convenience cm the "85.w It h all the distinctive Ford feature for 1937. Ad it delivers V-8 smooth and ,uietner at peeds up to 70 miles an hour. Two engiBe sizes but only one car and one pur-pogc10 give you more miles and re aatisfaclion for your money in 1937. We invite yon to see thU very The addition of a new 60-Lorsepowcr engine to tie Ford line for 1937 brings yon a new, low price and gives you a choice of two V-type 8-cylinder engine. 85 horsepower for maximum performance. 60 horse-power for maximum economy. In basic design, the new 60-horsepower V-8 engine is a replica of its famous older brother the V-8 "85." But its reduced size and weight make possible a lighter car, with lower operating costs, and the lowest Ford price in years. The 60-horsepower engine was originally developed r c..i..,l anJ France, where fuel costs are n i u M 13 U S jr m I " OOPERATIVE modern car at the showrooms ot tue nearest u 3 or use iai ...... high and fuel economy is vitally important. It hat been o M.ttth StandcirnOT Main iod Vine St Tel. 746 We Deliver TeL 745 Vednesday and Thursday WE SELL FOR MUCH LESS - Body types available with 60 or 85 horsepower engine (without de luxe equip; mrnt) : Tudor Sedan, Tudor Touring SelUn", Fordor Sedan, Fordor Twring Sedan, Five-window Coupe . . . D? le tvpen, with 85-horsepoweT engine: Tudor Sedan, Tudor Touring Sedun, Fordor Sedan, Fordor Touring Sedan, Five-window Coupe, Boadatei, Phaeton, Club Cabriolet, Convertible Cabriolet, Club Coupe, Convertible Sedan. '480 AND UP At Dearborn Plant Tax( Dattwry 4 Haadlnfl, BaenMrt, Sparc Tire end Ac-ceworio Additional lined ta.. fed apron. Mod lid-typ. hood. U, -V ,p. Interim, entireir ne- V P -M,S2 . in all eWd an. V BRAKES The Ea-Atioa Safety Bl" new tori i M required l J - BODY-All tteeL Top, aide floor and frne Wdedhn. a lt .f .reat preel- Srfe., Gl. .fk- at at ni extra charge. COMFORT AND QUIET- A b oiy car wllhetir. tf hmly, whe yon -nt I. -no. k.n . W the rHood! Comfort of U,e Ford Cemer.P.i - soother .prina-aetion with new prem Iubticat.on. I.w ao.. a. of mounting hody and engine make thu a quieter ear. 13c I i Bordens PI i Lit Irradiated and Evaporated Witi. Your Purchase 3 TALL CANS FOR AUTHOttZIO fOW riNANCI PUNS . . . k . j -mm HI! tmt V- 0 pi! For Kraut Alt Good Solid Heads : 50 POUNDS FOR FORD MOTOR COMPANY I0 EUliriGE IV. EAT English Sty Aged- rzz 1 ;- - t j'':,i"lf 2 POUND JAR. Forvour cake baking, we have a complete SEE THE NEW 1937 FORD ON DISPLAY TOMORROW! You May Win a Valuable Prize by Visiting Our Show room. Next Week! line, euch a: Cake Flour, Figs, Dates, Wal- I nuts, Uurranu, rtaisms, -iixoii, Orange Peel. . .onus) ranborries c Cod Freab and CleaJi-lpOUND Li Cod 1 PHONE 427 CLINTON, INDIANA Cape 335 SOUTH THIRD STREET ' ' y,U X .i .... . - a"-

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