The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on August 4, 1921 · Page 1
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 1

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 4, 1921
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mi EAIEMOIJNT NEWS H All PRINTED FOK A rCOTOSK TO It Ell rAIUMOUJiT GROW TWICK A WEEK Monday and Thursday. SOUTHERN GRANT COUNTY FIRST ALWAYS. Forty-fourth Year FAIR MOUNT, INDIANA, THURSDAY, AUGUST 4, 1921 Number 73 D Apples CUT EXPENSES 1 OF ELECTIONS JUNK DISCUSSED BY TOWN BOARD No Candidate Shows Grand Prize Lead In News Contest ' mmmt&kM THE EXTRA VOTES AUE BEING GIVEN THE VOTE THIS. WEEK j fcLj: .jL:L:-YK ! t - -n' y IS AX OPPORTUNITY FOR THE AMIUTIOUS WORKER TO GRASP ! S fgrf"-r KjJ (I RJ" m? miss maude kimhrough is the winner of the cash I iS , " ffirA 'T.iitii'.tii?SlF f PRIZE AWARDED THIS WEEK-IT IS STILL AX Y BODY'S RACE. I jmzllkt & vMVi, iPHjB ") 1 & Pi Vtiml -Ws 4a FOURTH CASH PRIZE OFFERED FOR TUESDAY! fillf- l" ' vla-S j THE I'KIZK LIST - PiiS'" fPSt FIRST GRAND PRIZE A self starting, electric equipped Ford Sedan j fep WTV f Car, purchased of th Universal Motor Company, sole sales agents for ! i ' "? f . L Grant county, through W. M. Brock, Fairmount representative. w llVlS$ vVY A rTT " SECOND GRAND PRIZE A $150 Yictrvla, purchased of The Pioneer t . ikr -"Wv 0 A Drug Store, Fairmount. j - V W SWiVV A A M ' THIRD GRAND PRIZE A $143.73 Electric Washing Machine, pur- j A 0 11uAM vV THE PRIZE LIST FIRST GRAND PRIZE A self starting, electric equipped Ford Sedan Car, purchased of th Universal Motor Company, sole sales agents for Grant county, through W. M. Brock, Fairmount representative. SECOND GRAND PRIZE A $150 Victrola, purchased of The Pioneer Drug Store?, Fairmount. THIRD GRAND PRIZE A $143.73 Electric Washing Machine, II , - - l" 11 i I l purchased of the Bivyles Electric Company, Marion. FOURTH GRAND PRIZE A $75 Seller's Kitchen Cabinet, purchased of Parrill & Lewis. Fairmount. SPECIAL CASH PRIZES Special Cash Prizes aggregating at hast $50.00 will bo given away from time to time. NO LOSERS There will he no losers in this campaign, for any candidate competing to the er.d of the campaign and failing to win a grand prize, or a special cash prize, and turning in at least $25 in cash subscription business, will be given 10 per cent commission on the business he (or she) brings in. COMMISSIOXERSCOXSIDER PLAN-TO REDUCE THE NUMBER OK PRECINCTS IN COUNTY Estimated That Some $1,750 Would Be Saved Taxpayers By Proposed Change Fairmount Township To Vote in Fairmount and At Fowler-ton According to Plan. At the suggestion of John A. Jones, Republican district chairman, the board of county commissioners, at their session Monday, took the first step in a proposed plan to cut the costs of elections, by cutting down the number of precincts in the county from G7 to 30, the following being the proposed reductions in precinct voting places: Sims township, from 3 to 2. Voting places at Sims and Swavzee. Fairmount townshin from .1 tn 2. Voting places at Fairmount and Fow- lcrton ami i"Mv td place. Monroe township from 2 to 1. Washington township from S to 1. Pleasant township from 2 to 1. Richland township, unchanged. Green township, from 2 to 1. Liberty township from 2 to 1. Jefferson township from 4 to 2. Franklin township, from 7 to 2 or Van Ruren from 3 to 1. Voting place at Van Huron, Center township is to have the num- ior pf precincts cut down as low as possible, city of Phis township includes the Marion. Wherever it is thought advisable, two or three pre - cmcts will be consolidated. Approximately $1,750 will be saved by this plan, it is estimated. ' Expenses for each precinct is divid - 'd as follows: Inspectors, $12; judge, clerk, M; voting place rent, $.; m,.ls for inspoetor, judge and clerk, moving ballot boxes, $2; inciden-$1; total, $50. tab A special session of the commission- In this business of winning the Ford Sedan Car or c.i.y rr.o of the other Grand Prizes the News is offering, candidates are reminded that it is not only getting the subscriptions that count, but in getting them while they ccunt the most in the way of EXTRA VOTES. Any candidate who expects to do clop or hold a lead that wilt make him a GRAND PRIZE WINNER, must cet results this week while the 100.000 EXTRA VOTES are being gi' en. Those who are prone to think of the good work done yesterday are reminded that the PRESENT and the TOMORROWS must see results, if Yetcrd:is record be maintained. No matter how well candidates worked lat week, if cvod work is rot ! r.o - - KIWANIANS READY TO ORGANIZE CLUB r; xyill l0 caj jn about ten days to i -v nn l to D0 removed and thrown , .ho votin , an(, ;thor!uway. Many other arguments were ,KumiM u'1"1' h-ius .nm uimr. i... nresenteil shnwinc whv 1 hp mnk v:ird this week and next week, whs'-- the EXTRA VOTES are being given, iV.ev will be left far behind in this race for the FORD SEDAN CAR. The EXTRA VOTES, given the past week were taken advantage of by many of the workers, as a glance at the Standing of Candidates wiU Ovwv Thcv realize the meaning of these EXTRA VOTE PERIODS and arc cvirg about this business of sub- critt'or. eett-rc in a svstema.lC, Vi:ir.ess like wev they are working ctTective'y. Miss Maude Kire.btvugh, cf Marion. R. F. P. ws the winner of the $10.0'. CASH PRIZE awarded Tue dav. Miss Kimbreuih 1 .... .i . t.. nm-Nii Hiijuji.mrma n v.v - tion. " n i ..1 ,- IUVMI IT t'L Ulil UllUPIVU IIHOL Ul ., . , ... . r ; Green UPLAND STILL HOPES -FOR II. S. COMMISSION. Trustee Albert Fisherbuck, of Jefferson township, states that he feels certain Upland will have a commissioned high school when the fall term opens on Sept. 5. After the town, ship advisory board failed to make provision for adequate school facili- ties by refusing to enter into a con- tract for a new high school building, the state board of education some months ago revoked the Upland i school's commission. The advisorv ' board has as yet taken no action that will insure a new building, but Trustee Fisherbuck believes that the board will in the near future make the necessary arrangements that will insure a renewal of the school's commission and adequate housing facilities for the, school. It is not thought that a new building can be started and completed thi year, but the resident? ot L piaiKt and .icnerson township are insisting that a start be made. . ; M'EVOY NOW PRESIDENT OF THE SCHOOL BOARD. t a meeting of the school board -vWt elect- he!ll Mon,av J. J. McKvov wa , . , . - .. . , ,. ed president of the board succeeding lony 31. rayne, whose term ot ottioe . CXpiroa Aug. 1. James C. Albertson t i -w. ,. was ciecieu treasurer au viis n- i , .1 i i Ki,',, flirt Ml -im nf f., li.ivl bern. the new member of tho ... xvas piocted secretary. Tho ncw oarvi will have much im- " i . . , .. . . i uiai ;. iiiviu ti. t llV.proN CmeiltS to the high school building will re- quire much of the attention of the ooard. a representative ot iienutr.ian . , . ... .... ... ........ . - e. tin nr 'i rinn - jiijii n a t- , ......v... v ...... .v 111 I I HHn Pll l IIP II IIll I Mil 1 (If I IIIs -- - - - - . w - - new amuiRMis ie iiw ouiuimir, arroi-vi in r.iirm.Mint Tn.tx- .,) hnr. . . ll:i: i .1. . l. -l i; . . . moMng tne nre escape preparatory to tne starting oi tne w orn wnicn was begun Tuesday. The contract calls for the completion of the work within mnetv days. SHOK REPAIR SHOP IX XEW LOCATIOX. W. R. Lewis and Son have moved to the Elliott room on the north side of East Washington street, until the old frame structure which they have occupied for many years, on the south side of the street can be torn down j and replaced by a cement block build ing one story and basement, 18x34 feet. Work on the same to commence 'at once. WAR MOTHERS HOLD INTERESTING MEETING. There was a good attendance at 1 whJch fuU rf n i terest from start to finish was given: . ngMildred Lyons. Reading-Maude Scott. p HolHngworlh. Paper Mrs. 0Shaughnessy. i raper Mrs. Alice namsey. After a brief business session the menS' adjoimed to meet Mondayj bept. 5th at the home ot Mrs. Martha . Listenfelt on Fairmount Ave. lout. l i : ' ; . ; : i i auernoon uio ooani visueu me iuurim. ami u.i-e i an.... . ... .... . ..... EFFORT TO ENFORCE REMOVAL OF ALLEGED NUISANCE CAUSES WARM CONVERSATION Petition Presented Asking That the Board Declare the Halperin Junk Yard a Nuisance, But Action Deferred Suit to Enforce Completion of Wilson-Paxon Road. The regular meeting of the town board Tuesday night was out of the 'ordinary, in fact unusually interest- ing and at times inclined to be heated. Junk was the chief topic of discussion during the evening, and the members of tha board were "assisted" in the talk by some fifty citizens and property owners, and Lee Halperin, owner of the junk yard on East Wash- i ington street. The citizens were pre- sent before the board in opposition to the continuance of the junk yard in its present location, while Mr. Halperin was there to defend his rights and interests. A petition was presented to the board asking that the junk yard be declared a nuisance and ! its removal to another more secluded j location be ordered by the board. J The protesting citizens presented 'and argued the claim that the junk I yard in its present location was a detriment to the property interests of ; those living in the vicinity, and like- j wise a nuisance, in that various and ; divers odious and noxious smells and 'odors eniinated from the iunk vard. ; to tho 1iostriK.tion of the pi..u.e and .,f ti,t . jthus affronted." In like manner it ! was asserted that the rust accumulat- ing on the mass of old iron which was I accumulated in the yard was a source jof great annoyance and discomfort. inasmuch as the rust dust being blown i miner and tnitner oy the genue, or le, or pene- . otherwise, breezes, frequently I 4 i j l. .. j : : . jl . .1 1 1 ait-ii uk- (iminii rooms vi me residents of the vicinity with the result that food on the tables not f roque-nt- j. - . - - should not remain where it is. t i.,r.,.. at- AIII.IWIIUv-iv-mv- .til h;s own detense .lr. Halperin denied that his place of business was i.t. ...- , r claimed, and in support ot this he presented a remonst ranee .ifainst the petition numerously signed. He asserted that he had taken unusual precautions against giving cause for any such complaints as had been lodged against him, and that his premises were as clean and odorless as any such place could be. He admitted that he did have a few hides stored in his warehouse, but with these he had used every precaution,, annoint-ing them with deodorants approved by those who know how to approve such things. He pointed out that an enforced removal to any other location would entail upon him heavy expense and financial loss. The problem as presented proved to be an exceedingly knotty one for ths board, and no definite action was taken Tuesday night, the board deciding to engage legal advice in order that it might know wherein its powers lie, and just what action might legally ba taken in the matter, the question being laid ovsr until another meeting. Another matter that called for considerable discussion and not a little caustic comment was the condition of the Paxon-Wilson road. It was point ed out that although the time limit for th'6ompletion of the road had ex- just one year ago, the road was in an uncompleted condition, be- really in a worse condition than before the contractors began work on it. It was claimed that all efforts to indues the contractors, John A. Jones and William Williams, to complete their contract had failed, and inasmuch as all of the" leading industries of Fairmount are located on that street its present condition was not only deplorable but a serious handicap to those industries as well as to the residents of the east part of town. The board ordered that legal counsel be employed and suit be instituted immediately against the bondsmen of the contractors to compel them to complete the road according to the specifications. Crushed stone for the repair of streets was ordered purchased, and a petition for the repairing of East Third and Vine streets was granted, the work to be done as soon as possible. R. C. Smith was granted per- pirar ami nng has demonstTateil what results a lit- charter membership, and the indicate real effort will bring about. Miss tions are that before the charter list J. D. OSBORN AND WIFE H AVE SILVER WEDDING Hnppy Event Celebrated at Their Home Near Carthage With Grant Ccunty Friend There At 0:30 Sunday morning, July 31, Mr. and Mrs. John 'Juller left Fair- nt neighborhood where uve automobiles hllOvl with re- ,at,vrs- and trionds hJUt gathered at l,om; of Woods so that; all might journey together to Rush county near t arthage to the beautiful home of John D. Osborn and wife. The reason for this pilgrimage of Grant county people at this particular e was that they might assist in the celebration of .Mr. ami Mrs. John Osborn's silver wedding. Each took a well filled basket containing rhiekoti. honev and all the accomnani- incuts that go to make a silver wed-. oing dinner complete. I pon their nr- rival, the delicious odors assailing them as they entered the dining room, oA tho euests to the kitchen w here 'chicken and dumplings, sweet corn, ic- ed tea and everything to apprease the rppetites of hungry motorists was in t ie course of preparation, for were v . . net these people trom good oia e.rant county? (;rant COUnty, where Mr. .,,! Airs fslnrn started life s lour- ..v. ...... . r. .f ney together, later moving to Kush -.-i - i,t.l ll ! c 1 11 or n lvOid iimi i - - - in a com local tv, surrounded with ' . . . . . everything to make hushand, wito and .on on,,v iife to th e luueMv exit m. as God 'intended his i lium vit iv n . . 1. After beimr seated at the table. Zimn u... ;...,l....l ,, .1;..;,,., lil,io,,iv iniimnti.-ltilv aftll iisnrrii. li uiri vi uiv nv-i, "ivnrn which Lewis, nrewer. of Summitville, presented Mr. and Mrs. Osborn with; :ri ;i.. r,,jf .uh xviiiii "'"U1 Vl ."v. their friends from their home - . . . . neichborhood had puixha l for them . : 1 -1 J,v.- ,iff If Tn T ' " c "i vi i i ttnuiiv Hilt It was fit - .. . , .. , . l. . n . . . ting 1 hat. .Mr. nrewer iun- me nrr- ; ontation stieech as he was the only member of the company wr i n.omber of the company who was pres- - - , ,,, nf Mr n.t Mrs. ; 0sborn which took place at the bride's home in. Rush county twenty-five v III CI Ir I I 1 X V VlUlllfc, j years before. More than thirty made the trip last C-umiHV, me outer eries f the partv being the parents of Mr. Osborn, Mr. and Mrs. Zimri Osborn and Mr. and Mrs. Josenh Leach. As both Mr. Osborn and Mr. Leach ara in poor health, it was an added en - jovment to have them make the trip with the i..rant county cieiegauon ana to take part in the celebration. One Tho s there. MARION PRIMARY VOTE PROVES VERY LIGHT. A light vote was cast in the Marion nominating primary election Tuesday, little interest being displayed, and the rain keeping many of the voters from the polls. The main interest centered in the Republican mayoratity contest, in which Dr. George R. Daniels won over the three opponents by an unofficial plurality of 94 votes, he receving 1,125 Marshall Williams, 1,031, John Grant 793 and H. Ed. Mc-Cjure 541. Claude Hamilton, present Republican clerk was renominated without onnosition. J. M. Wallace. Sr., for mayor, and Mrs. Ada McGuffin for clerk, were chosen without opposition by the Democrats. FAIRMOUNTERS MEET WITH AUTO ACCIDENT. Glen Peacock and his sister. Miss i , . ' ' 1X1.1 Ilil.1.:! l it., i.. t : . . i..-v Kimbnuie-h. however, is not the only .. i. . r.-;,,- si, ;a followed bv Miss Imlus Teirce, Mrs. fifty secure a charter. The first Herman Jones, A. J. Weyler, Mrs. meeting was full of pep and enth'usi-Leu Kimes. Miss Leva Mexn, Frank a?'" and the meeting tonight will be HiHon. Mis. 7ola M. Little. Mrs. D. E. . a veal miser, it is promisee!, with Aieeimsr 10 ie item m Masonic inn- ing Room Tonight With ltig Eats and Hot Talks. Invitations hav - been issued for a second meeting of the proposed Ki- Ciun, to eo he ub, to be held in the Masonic mi-s-?c i'V'iii in?- itii.iMi i vim- .... .... iti..,.. '?. c can ihhm oy me urn- tvir-ivr iM!infh-o i 3 1'i't.x.t af til. lirf . i w ....... ...v v .......... ..v ...v ..... meeting held last week. Tho 01-000 1 IlC I IVIV?- e ptopoi- ,n n. viK... .s.v . i-'".'s vim, i.i i,..i- i ... te: i..i. t.-., mount has mot with a most cordial and already . . .... - .ii.i-.-. ir)v.i .vr...i sun l.'in.iiis tor . ciosod u win contain man "- names than the Toounvd nunreer o mighty good eating, and st me talks that will make those present "sit up pnd take notice. Bill Mallard, that live-wire Kiwanian from Chicago will pe present and well, BUI has promis- i . . j . . i i j: i 1 lUs going to be a real, live gath- i 2ring of live wires. ' BUS IX ESS GIRLS CLUB , ri" 1 First we go to Essie's, The next house is EstelPs; And then if luck is with us, We'll go where Jennie dwells. tha invitation to the mem- f - I '5, Richards, Mrs. Minnie Crecraft one or two others. Extra Vote. Until Saturday, August 6th, and we wilt trive 120.000 Extra otes for (.very 00 wtrth cf business turned iw s1 ,wuutr e Bt in; until Mondav, Aueust Sth, we will j first meeting, and that will be sing-give 110 000 Extra Votes for every j s-o-m-e, all will concede. There $iW worth of business turned in;wl. be a number of Kiwanians from unt.l Tuesdav. August 9th. we will ; Marion, present also, and they promise give 100,000 " Extra Votes for every , to bring, with them their singing $20 00 worth of business turned in.ces and their talking vocabularies. . . If yu wxuld win you will take vantage of these Extra Votes. acl- Another Cash Prite of ten dedlars wilt be piven on next Tuesday, August 9lh, to the worker who turns m the greatest amount of cash subscription business for the week ending Tuesday, August 9th. mile bridge and the ashington street K,.;.,,, i.i M..ri.,n t,i i Kiim tho eomli. . IH.V .V- r tion of the two structures. The Wash- tr.t bridge has become ex- tromolv .li.n-l.-i..l mill tlio winiilon ....... Wwksart. jn bad shape w tua mmraiilim,r, i .--" .v.v.v. i-., ..v - to cover tlv entire road bed crossing . the bridge with a coat of mulsihed as sified as- !,., - j, This will make a perfectly sorfnre " . . In considering the four mile bridge 'tV, iiinr fn.m.l that renairs HIV VV't4Iv v l-.-v m. - - on th. bridge hjul been inadequate for fiv . that th d r . pntirelv rtbuil. -- ....- . " - MOTHERS' MEETING FRIDAY AFTERNOON. i r IW 1 j A Mother's meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. M. W. Hunt, 73J gouth Main street, Friday at n.nn n.n. v,vi-n.tri,v .cM. 2:30. Mrs. Delia Kirkpatrick, presid- ent of the Back Creek Union, will de liver the address. Program will be as follows: Cornet solo Loren Cain. Piano duet Gladys Tygart and Bertha Todd. Reading Suzanne Baurrett. Mandolin solo Willard Peacock. Violin solo Marcile Brookshire. Reading Mildred Elliott. Address Mrs. Kirkpatrick. Vocal duet Carolyn Wallace and Marie Hunt. Reading Dorothy Dyson. Solo Irene Thompson. FIRST REUNION OF J ACADEMY CLASS '20 The 1920 class of the academy held their first annual reunion at the academy, Sunday. A picnic dinner was enjoyed by all. Ice cream was served in the afternoon to the following: Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wright, Misses appointed to make arrangements for the next reunion. i 1 Ther? can be but ONE WINNER of i " - nwu fV!the War Mothers meeting which was , , . . ..ibers of the Business Girls club to tne , . , , e first grand priie; because of allr13, .. ... . ... held Monday evening at the home of This is regular mommy inccuug "' ... T . , n. . , , . . n. . o , , Mrs. Nettie Hollingsworth. The meet-be held Tuesday evening at 8 p. m., i , . v , . . , r- rv. , ing was opened with prayer by Mrs. sharp, and is sent out by Misses Essie f wvs..v tL 13 T:::,: x7;: i Edith Bevington after which the fol the the superior workers in the News contest there can be but ONE that is the LEADER OF ALL, one who stands out conspiciously, head and shoulders above the rest. To win the News Ford Sedan Car, a WORKER must be pre-eminent Thus far, NO WORK- ER in this race has developed from the rank and file, so it can safety be ? NEW DORMITORY FOR CAMP MEETING GROUNDS. A new dormitory is being built on j ! Jnk' Estella Jenkins and Mm - i nn. . Z T su?n; The affair will be in the na- progressive party am kd VT surprises will be the " . of the iMU.MHLi eicrkii v MISSIONARY SOCIETY. The Missionary Society Christian church held their regular monthly meeting Wednesday after- Merle Peacock and Leslie Harshbarger Nina Powsll, Ruth Lloyd, Thelma formed an automobile party which Holloway, Violet Webster, Zola Lit-cams to grief,' Saturday, morning, at tie, Mary Ratliff and Ethel Howell, a point one mile southeast of Mat-1 Messrs Alva Rich, Worth Moon, thews, when the machine collided with Stanton Davis, Raymond F.cott, Claude a post at a sharp turn in the road. Moon, Harry Davidson, Loren Cald-while enroute to Wsst Milton, Ohio, well, Paul Harvey, Kenneth Rsnson, where they expected to be the guests Gordon Howell, Orville Allen and of Rev. I Lindley Jones, a former Don Brewer. pastor of the Friends church here. ' Committee composed of Worth Miss Peacock and Leslie Harshbarger Moon, Pauline Wright, Nina Powell, were thrown clear of the machine, re- Gordon Howell and Alva Rich was the Wesleyan Methodist camp meet- noon at the homa of Mts. Caroline j ing grounds, west of town, the new ' Ainsworth, on South Main street, j The East Branch Prairie boys de-building to be 16x43 feet, and will j After devotions and the lesson, "Mis-, feated the FeVlerton Whoppers in a give accomodation to a large number sUm Fields around the World." base ball game at Fowlerton Satur-of the camp meeting visitors. Ths i Strangers Within our Gates, talks day afternoon by a score of 14 to 4. outtook for the coming meeting, : were given by Mrs. Ainsworth, Mts. The East Branch boys had the Fow-which is to begin soon, is exceedingly ( Frank Goodalt, Mrs. Jason Smith and lerton boys outclass! from the start, bright, there bein? a larger number j Mrs. Guy Letfis. A vocal solo was although the Fowlerton team put up of applications for accommodations j given by Miss Louise Smith, of Gas- j a hard fight, and the .game was re- tonia.N. C During the social hour.plete with brilliant playing through- jceivinfr painful injuries, which neces- sitated the postponement of the trip, than ever before, making the erection of the naw dormitory necessary. refreshments were served. Contiued on Page Eight

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