The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 17, 1936 · Page 1
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 1

Clinton, Indiana
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Tuesday, November 17, 1936
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THE DAILY CLINTONIAPI WEATHER t nd Wednesday: Isy. ANA ST-T Tr"t" Conr FfcoaJd Ts M to Rmiic Tmr DAILY CIJNTONIAN hf 5:30 P. M. Phoae II w II awl copy will be browcht ta ftm al tmcr. Prico Three Cent. Clinton, Indiana, Tuesday, November 17, 1936 F. D. R. JR. AND HIS BRIDE-TO-BE Volurre 25 Number 10 .HoOwToPffllNG WILL CELEBRATE STREET LIGHTING REBELS BOMBING ! CITY TO ASSIST INFANTRY DRIVE Roosevelt Leaving Today for Journey To South America it lit from odletse. This picture was Mr. and 3fr. Kusene liorKmt. nar- . ! I' , ! .... Franklin Itelno RMri'U Jr.. third Mm ft rtir rrr .Mk-nI. s 4mii with hi fianm-. I ibH Itaip'inl. rf ihr enTnoal wallhj and powerful aia-ilicHK. rainil) vbo rmtrfhuii Urre Minn to ilrim ihr pmilent for . Voa Franklin and Mi. Itupont Mill br marrird some to Xw Y"rt by perially chartered plane. Faces Nazi Wrath EafMrn soc5fty karmd witb asass-mmit that Earry Ewxk, Genaaa "TO:ran- asd World War "brro" ns cn orc.rry sajor aiod ts bescf Md in Srm York for deportation, fiwn t said to fear retarn to Ger--ranr hf re he voold have ta faoa ' muoat be claimed be bad oara a;ied. RELATIVES FAIL TO BREAK STORK MARATHON WILL ''rT5 " ' " Bearing Children; Lawyer Describes Derby as TOseracertsT TORONTO Cut- Not. 17 Reia-ts'-ff s-tiEp to upset tsie will o' "feari Van- Msiaar on the claim hs prttrzzwn for tsae S 7Jt "stork aarainon" ai-aacsi; public policy me flbejr firn M-'ba' todiy. 3 JmsIi-- MiddSeron bfluntly related to : delay aresamens to irmit physi-coans. fierjtiss and oifcrs to testiy ireqsjeni cbt'dbinhs were injurious no mothers and bsldreo, "I don't s-e thai tfae reproduction of h- human ra is contrary to pubilK morals," Jsj-ii M:ddlon de'-'Sared- oTftij-r a t-..zriBg on tise ei- 'yifr svi: :aT.or. tar a ralinr on tfce Ta3:diy of :he ir-vao provid-jee lif prix-- i"j t?j- Tormito mohr btarikr t- uot ir. r'drn n tn yirf -r d-ah sn 12. ?x co' h? ! are h-hi rijjd in a ts. T-atmny Atf:da riSfr w-r- su?ir:iif-d f-cial ofr:aI r:d d'or who a)m-d ' ra;iid i-arins of chil- drea m:tigad aga:nst th heal'h of the moiijere aid aainct the mor- aJ. socia.1 and matr,a5 weHare of ehildrn of suh famjlis I F. Hell3iuth. co-z-oansel for two r-3ajr tizkirm the j3 said ' such clause insplr-d rhiidren to be born !fk- rabbits." m-n and rfaJ'i it the 'baby race" I It v " f ... v . -"'--- - "i" . i r i m ,. 1 ; : ' ,; u :; ' f ' President Plans Speedy I t ii rn a i i np; win Atiena Buenos Aires Sessions SON WILL MAKE TRIP WITH F. D. R. WASHINGTON. Nov. 17. Presi dent Roosevelt departs tonight on a fast good-will run to Sooth Anierka from which observers predict will evolve, earc in the new year, a new American neutrality proposal to all of tbe war-threatened capitals of Europe. Because of the shipping strike raging on both coasts, the president withheld a final decision to remove himself so many miles from Wash ngton. At the last minute, however he told the mayors of coastal cities: F. D. R-s Choice "As between this particular strike and whatever effect my visit to South America may hare on the peace of the world, the peace of the world is the more important of the two. ' The president leaves the capital this evening by special train for Charleston. S. C. At that point he will board the cruiser Indianapolis tomorrow forenoon and bead for Buenos Aires at a speed of ?5 knots or better so he may be present to open the inter-American conference he and Secretary of State Hull were instrumental in assembling on December 1. Confererwe Brolness One of the most important mat ters on the agenda of the conference among the nations of the western hemisphere is "conclusion of a con- Continued oa Page Atlantic Storms Take Lives of 3, Disable 2 Boats NEW YORK. Nov. 17 The tail nd of an unusually widespread torm today wreaked havoc with two freighters in the Atlantic, killing the aptain and two crew members of one and causing both to send out distress messages, according to advices from. Radio Marine Corporation and Mackay Radio. Both ships, the SS Tweed Bank, of Belfast. Ireland, and the SS Sheaf Spear, of London, ran into difficulties withiu 20i miles of Bermuda, the radio advices said. It was the Tweed Bank which was reported as losing captain and sailors. RCA's Chatham. Mass.. station reported on that ship as follows: "SS Tweed Bank reports in position 37.00 north. SI.J0 west, in heavy gale, hove to now. Captain killed and two men washed overboard. Radio operator is marooned in radio room and cannot get to bridge. Heavy seas running " The United States weather bureau here charted the position given as about SOU miles northeast of Bermuda. A 5.2"-ton ship, the Tweed Bank carries a crew of about 35. It is owned by the bank line Ltd.. Belfast. The name of the eaptain could not be determined Immediately, but was tentatively given by the Bank line office here as Mackenzie. TOWNSHIP RATES GIVEN APPROVAL Approval of the school township and civil township budget and tar rates as filed by the taxpayer of Clinton has been made by the state board of tax commissioners of Indiana according to word received from Philip Zoercher. chairman of the board. The budget and tax rates are fixed every fall and sent to the state board for approval. MRS. EHRMANN " INJURED IN FALL Mrs. Cordelia Ehrmann of west of Clinton sustained a broken left arm yesterday when she fell down Id the barn. She was taken to the Vermillion county hospital where she is Mayors of Coastal Cities Make Effort To Pacify Strikers I c WASHINGTON". Not. 17. As the l man' : me strike entered its fourth i week of deadlock, mayors of coastal .!i's today anxiously awaited re- : p!ie to their reqti??t that the ship- owners and unions submit their d?'- ferfn-e to arbitration boards. FoIlowinE their conferenres with the president and Secretary of Labor I Perkins in an effort to start peacf ; neeotation. Mayors Anrelo Ross: of San Francisco and Fiorello La-: euardsa of New York rested tbir I -a miih the shipowners and ; unions, for the time b-ing. f Mayors representin? eight coastal I cities sirned an aereement promis-' in? interTentton in the deadlock pro-' ridine both sides immediately sign !a truce and agree to arbitrate later : throueh special boards to be set up j, by the president. The nietinir of the coastal mayor was called by Rossi after he and La-gnardia conferred twice with the ( president and Secretary Perkins at the White House. AFL PRESIDENT DOESN'T FAVOR CIO EXPULSION Green insists Federation Grve Approval to Suspension, Allow Lewis to Take Blame for Rift TA M PA. Fla. . Nov. 1 7 Presi dent William Green today headed a strcne movement within the American Federation of Labor annual convention here, aeainst explusion , ., . . inhn OI in FUSptHOU srI uniun , . , .-.. f in(inBtrial organization. President Oreen revealed to International News Service that he saw no way to heal the breach between the new and bumptious industrial union movement of Lewis and the traditionally craft-union A-F. of L. He simply felt that expulsion would be bad strategy. Green's Plan Instead of expulsion. President Green demanded within the inner A. F. of L. councils, that the Feder ation convention adopt a resolution anproving the executive council's suspenion of the ten Lewis I'nions and let the matter stand. Such a step. Green contended, would leave the Federation free to advise its members truthfully that the A F. of L. did not throw out the commit tee for industrial organization, but rather that the Lewis forces themselves took the step cracking the half century old united front of or ganized labor wide open. Green's sentiments keynoted jittery A. F. of L. convention torn with Indecision over the vital fight i precipitated by the defiant drive of jjohn Lewis' of the I'nlted Mine Workers, to go out and organise ' workers under a set-up embracing single unions for each big industry- at a reception this Friday but their ages she's 43 would make any difference in their happiness. We're In love." explained Hog- 6r- ln' " Ka1 ruuni. The friendship, which recently ritiened into romance, began back , the silent picture era when Miss pickford. then married to Douglas Fairbanks, cast Rogers as her lead ing man in "My Best Girl." Bo3dTnc in Hewt of Spanisli Capital Are Targets for Insurgents N taking Air Attacks - WHITES PREPARE TANK OFFENSIVE MADRID. Not 17 RVS arr-: j)SaiBi raE7r4 iSrntfr tm l.ti i"-dar as rB.Ta4 it ? :n!-;rsa-.j. advaT - i !);. ly r"e, t-ii!i rh rnj' Ce:t aFt'r a rtt-'-ad irrS anBltpry F!?H! rf r'Bwr.J Vm!r iarst'a5j'l danB'.-i'-a;Ff'r 5 " on th- ., nonJB priKn In n111 (faat d rampio ' H"or. it Mt2K3 barrafti aod o:!i)r b!tt:!djr.e.. Srmal fE nar former tjra! ptafa- 2Ei f th Isal-i- i?B -ml)iar. Lorain trews ?-iir tp a mVi?-' f-iw-n an an tfifoirif to 'im?' th Til CirT-riniR'-isS a-non nf( -; Iaqn hiiinie f a nJiaul s-ont rn : r-a n a - k 'i nonh nnif- fiant. :h oTra-!; TOist (faSn r3aEffisd- MooHta tiroiojpi in on part off rnirrEtT Ci'.r wr Torned fctap-lfc: Ho th.r "oriiztimal jo!-!rD" from the pbilosnphf' 5a"uhr BjinsMarus. a roniniunqu sasd- A part off in r-tl for1 mas sur-: round-d and a quantitr of war ma-trfal? ized. It was admitted in-' a rerun's ralred tb "aa Yela5Ca-z djrscp its niebl. Violent sfe-I!iiij- in Itae Casa fe CanacM and I'nsvemitT City area in- read hoorlr doriae the dar. frir-( tKr the impression the rebels were ma k ire a "now or Brer" drsr to win Wadrsd. In therr seond eounr-a?ta"k the loralitsE attempted to surround roci- ptetelf th enemf eronps before they : tare abi ,u-rosir re-infferoBt " ' " The rebels had massed their force around the o$d race course, opposite ITnirerHty Csty. A rif!e and machine-gun tornado swept aero? both sides of the rirjr. The rebels broueht up a squad- i ron of speedy whippet tanks, and loyalists believed stois was In preparation for a new attempt at -a mass ; eTwmz of fee rirer. Christian Church Homecoming Will Be Held Sunday Sunday. Nov. 2!. is the date set for the annual homecoming of the Christian church, which will be held 1 at the church and will be an al! day affair. The Sunday schoo! hour and preaching services wiii be held a; the usual time, to be followed by a basket dinner at noon. A program j has been arranged for the afternoon : and a prominent speaker has been eccaged It is anticipated that a large crowd will attend as invitations . have bees extended to all former members of the church who live i outside of Clinton. LEGION TO MEET THURSDAY NIGHT Third street, ursed lo attend. All members are greeted shakes. the reporters with hand Morgan looked surprisingly well His handihake was firm, his step springy. His color was good-He wore a blue suit with a pin stripe, a heavy gold watch chain spread across his vest. Hjs gray intmft was closely trimmed. He is bald-headed, witb a fringe of iron gray hair around and back of his ears. He is a powerful man. at least six feet tall. He dealt caeily with the press, as he parried questions relating to business and politics. T feel fine." he said in response to a question about his health, as be settled hack in a chair and pulled Coariinaved oa Page Coonocial dob MJm. Plan for bxaosnsraboa Co cximxucs far New System of of Dhmiratioa MAYOR ZINK TO TURN ON POWER FltaBS for a gaBa HwlE-flay 0tnmf jbjjJ liefcirsty CbftMwa at t'EiiBsnB; FrSdac )wf-iaslj-'r raa. ir'fe a ra il K.e ivrnm? Hfee bw b-wsiBami !r-rti1:B.e om Wain nr-fl a we"!! a -9ne pfwgsw4 Chtrmm BagS-i- vetrr arnS an the r-xna2ar mte"irc-; CBiisfloa CmarajrTia rlnnb Ba-wt ar"g!lnt ft BD5ia ma pre-' iMfled fey a 8:m-mer- PfkHCiiall Bwri m-HBE jf-oTOTiai-gr flbff tnrsiiia on of nte flor & Uirslt tame.. fmr-Indiimg a addr"- ffajy Mayor C ML Zfiok. wio miiSE pr- a mpemtraJ twiHr-h liamiirc on aSl ol! nil liras- f:pfiia. mmlir and ntoen fiiifff are- alo planccd. L w t ftp A ill Ir-iaso Bora-aes an tfcie Minis WffW! it5i will r-ia3B os for lii rWiiH anad many wti!l fciav tfcar ChrMPBaa aerc-haa-ia' on f3ay tor lite ffir-st t.Bse.. Ra4Bt of it Btr tradlisig area sra!rTo!fflEd- DBJT i"iili(lflHB wall B BEVS!td P-d nls T-tjlrde is sis a ratty and a car-aaaraH iraft m-iB! prevail- If pffBl piana off te Rtail Mmrliault-s AsHa!tioB ar carried naiL mipwr'aa! Cmnfftoaas lurbt waHS fear b?o iE-MjEild from F'ra to Via wr- Ivefore DnBit-ir 4 and sb v-jll be tnrned on at tfa fBe (tpnaii IVnaraftna I A aroiMftsall so pr&vid? and inma! j tbew lir-kM for ?! ra iad aod J apprormi a" IB mewlae: and torn- j mMn-m?u wra at wars locay lat for a 4m to Boane the rat, Sae-tVarloc ra!l far if'eea strands f i Istkts rafh stretefeine frora ; rnMinaed oa Pace Additional County Cases Dismissed In Circuit Court NEWPORT Not. IT- rpon mo tion of pro-vN-T.slt.IT Attorney Robert E- CaiBD. -yrn addsUoBa! eriaaioal eases mere d ism owed Id Vermillion j rtrtr-jlt Aourt Monday, acd fir ciri! i! suits were a3-o dismid. in each ra on Bac'Son of the plaintiff. The criminal ease dismissed ; wr lodged apaiost the following . prsocs: F3o-i Walton, insanity: " Oewey Salts raver, fraudulent chk: Mke Clwrfo- ineanity: Henry King. ; pekls drTjistr: Raymond Cilfof-onraTiBtt: a Seaed mjne without bondmg the payroll: William Bract. faJure to fcoi.d payroll, and naude j rmnalev. lr.Bity. Th civil cases were: Ceorge i N-&tH vs. ifetta Uouise Stewart aBd i Mhm ref'S ioD to aeil real ettai Oeorge W. Neet vs. Uva Parker and " others, anit on note; Carl Cillis and others vs. Made McKe. eompiajn: 10 qciet title: Mr. N'eet vs. W. U. Robertson, suit 00 note, and Mr. Nt vs Mr. Robertson and others. suit OB nole. REV. PEARCE TO SPEAK TONIGHT Revival ferrlee are being eon- ; ducted at the MelhodiM church here j th week ith Rr. C C. Pearee in i efcarre of tLe wmooi and Walter A Kteaart the florin?. Her Pea-ee will hare as his to?(e , for this ereEinr's serrlee "What Is 00 Tour Trail". j A p rarer meet ins; will be held at li a m. Wednesday at the home of Mrs. Roseoe fonklin. Sl Walnut Street DOCTORS MEET ON WEDNESDAY George J. Garceau of Indiana- i otis will address the Parke-Vermil-lioo Medical society at a meeting to be held at the Vermillion county hospital "Wednesday. Nov. He will speak on orthopedics. A dinner will be served at 7 p Bland the address and meeting will bgio it I p. a. THE TKMPKRATt RK By The Ciintonian thermometer' a. Bi., JS, noon, S4. ; j i Ja 3 i ! Plea Made for Old f Buttons to Put on j Clothes Given Away j A pA for old buttons and bu'k! is being made by Dr. Odell ' rcfiier. township tru!ee. These buttons, plain or fancy and , any siz. are to be used on gar- ; ments distributed to people on di- rert r!i-f. It will mean a savin eg the township, as the price of the j buttons would har to be taken ont ' taxes. T-r;e Hau made a similar plea and two fcuh-ls of buttons and -t!-s wer siren on the first plea. ..uyora- i.iiTjnc nuuons see ur. 1 Arcner or can j and the articles: wijl he pkk-d up. County Meeting Of Odd Fellows, Rebekahs Soon A royti'y meet ine of al! R-bkahs and Odd Fellows will be held Monday Nor. 2?. at he I O. 0-T Kisli Jr siown. a-cording to ir:f"ma?:on nb'a!n-d oday. Thi ir;-etine will start at 7:30 m. and al! njnib-ers; atnding are &ff-d to brine pi- or sandwiches. Anyone from hre wishing to at-tr.d i to n.-t at the I. 0. O. F. hall on South Main street at 7 p. m. bus has been chartered to fnrnteh transportation. SERVICES HELD AT U. B. NIGHTLY Rev. S. M. Smithart of Terre Haute is conducting revival services this week at the t'nited Brethren church on South Main street this week The services becin at 7 p. m. each evening and special music has been arranged. time in June, after be k sradnaled taken at "Mr et." the eta'e ir .ents of the brkle-toK, MURDER VERDICT IS HANDED DOWN IN TAYLOR CASE : Corooer Dedmf Farrafin Test Shows Soothern Belle Coo Id Not Have Turned Gun 00 Herseif LOriSVILLE. Ky-. Nov. 1: Mrs. Verna tiarr Taylor, riraoous widow and the beSSe of this s t of theThern rim of the blue era-e country, dsd not ffir the huHe! which killed her T- nizht of Syv. 6. Coroner D. L. Rirketts of H-nry county announrd toiay- Parafin test, the coroner sid. show she did not cotr mit 'du ine a contended by Brig. Gen. Hnrr H Denhardt. her eld-r!y fiance, wno is at liberty on f ?S bond cr.arc-d with br murder. VerdiX li-nuiil-J The coroner's statement was'-tn res po Bis to the detr.atid of ham Overs rf-et. h-ad of tb i-a? counsel by Genera! Tr- hardt. Ri k-tts Raid he r-ouldn't -noun' the ruis of a slmliar Hatinn''d on Page 6 CONTRIBUTIONS TO RED CROSS Following is a list of contributors and their donations to the Red Cross' Biases' Store. $1: Mrs. Laniso Poletto. II: Co-lumbo Serriee Station. II: Ria-ida Stares. II; Vito Dagastini. Il: James Maenabo1-co. II: Joe Voto. II: Elizabeth Pf- acder. II; Cbinoto Gioranini. II: Pete Constantino. II; I.ouis Beltrami. II; Mary Vinco. II; Columbus Cooperatire. II: Allen Wilkinson Lumber Co.. II; Corbet Kemp. II: Angelino Vietti. II: Frank Ro-dich. 50c; Charles Pool. 5c: Cbirles Mosk. 5c; Floyd Earle. 50c. .BIDS REJECTED ON BRIDGE JOB Stating fie ii res received exceeded estimates made ou the, work by government engineers, the state highway commission today rejected 3 II bids whkh hare ben made on repair work planned for the Wabah river bridge her1. Bids were closed on the job at 10 a. m. today and The blanket rejection stitemnt was ifciid shonty af'r noon Repairs needed on the bridge will for the most part entail steel work. Several o' the vortical sun- ports are badiy rusted on the north side of the structure. and wiK ftonn of to of His p A j j Ht an "iDfttU t' m'.inanhnwl. an in- A meetine of the American Ie-fy't to t!;e comujuhiiy. and afr en- rioo will be held Thurbday nirht at '-n?3!3E i!!-e?Tinuicr." s o'elock at the home on South Providint h- eouid hae home (niinaed oa Pace Engagement of Mary Pickford to Buddy Rogers is Latest Hollywood J. Pierponf Morgan Docks Today With Nothing Much to Say About Anything; No Indication of Illness Sensation; Friendship Began Early HOLLYWOOD. Nov. 17. Pick- fair, the rambling 'dream castle" of , Charles called his father and didnt Mary Pickford overlooking Los An- 'make it clear It was a secret and so geles. was being bombarded today j everyone knows. But it's all right, by congratulatory messages from t I'm so very happy. friends and admirers of "America's I Rogers, the handsome 32-year-sweetheart" following the announce- old actor and orchestra leader. Just ment that she and Buddy Rogers irinned as his pretty fiancee talked, wilt be married in the spring. ! He diin't think the difference in NEW VORK. Nor. 17 i. Pier- pont Morgan returned today from a Itrip to En Eland and Scotland, looking entirely recovered from his ill ri-s of four months ago. He had "nothing to sy. howerer. concern- mg America's improved business onditiont. the recent presidential election, or the possibility of war in Europe. The ift-y ear-old financier arrived aboard the line Queen Mary, af com- panied by his ralt-swretary. Aft- er breakfatine in the sitting room of his suite he azreed to see a fw of the newspaper men. "You are expecting me to cackle, bit I bar nothing to cackle about." chuckled Morean as he removed a long, curved pipe from his teeth and "We're roing to be married in the sprinc. probably in Hollywood. KAid Miss Pickford. "when Buddy rer'irns from England to make a picture." where he is - f:o!den-haired Mjry. her voice hrcaktnc with excitement, made no effort to conceal her happiness as she talkd. "V intended making the formal ; announcement to a group of friends j ; . those davs the Pickfbrd-Fair- Contlmtrd on Page ' setting along satisfactorily. She is ; the mother of Mrs. Knks OTerpeck, ..

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