The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 16, 1936 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, November 16, 1936
Page 6
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Monday, November 16, 1936 The Dally Clintonlan, Clinton, lndiana Six Kaisinir Minds to Activity Crude minds are never m much oused to ui tivily as by some puntc tippeui to leer or hale. Something to Come Home to! CLASSIFIED ADS CASE IN CITY COURT WlUiaui' Taylor of Ninth and Jk street as arrested Sal 111 day night on intoMcaiioii rhaiges. lie will he ined in city court today before Major c. M. Ziuk. READ THE ADS CIRCUIT COURT'S NOVEMBER TERM CONVENES TODAY (Continued irom ruge 1) ship el .Vlallhew M . Krotl from .llil !i. j t ::s . until .visy 22. in;i5, while he served w receiver of the (,'lhitoli 'trust ruiul'iiii . There are a number of civil i hs''-oil the docket to lie set. Juries Dl'tlH H AMERICAN LEGION POST No. 140 I f HI' SI- N TS t HARRY II A AG INDOOR CIRCUS I XXNK WIJJHW-O.IMON. IMH.U.I t Rates for Classified Ads and Paid Notices First day of insertion: 8c for each reading Hue (one column line, like one of theBel. Next I wo diij'B insertion: the mime 8r charge (ou get throe du.vs at double the cont of the first day). Next three du.vs insertion: the ame tic cLame (you get a whole week, six dujs, at tliree tliuua the cost of one insertion). Each group of three days thereafter, 8c a line. tllaek J-aee (like this), 10c per line. November 23-24-25-26-27-28, 1936 2C ALL PROFESSIONAL CIRCUS ACTS 20 Admission 10c to AU I The traiid Hud petit juries lor the j in w term ore as follows: Grand j jury Alva Current and Charles I Aiid"iHc.n of Highland township: William Lucas of Kiigeue township: I John ciltnour. Humphrey Marshall uid Walter Jj-ui' of Clinton lown-! ship. ! petit jury: ,.Mally ;olin. Wil Markets CHH'AUO. Nov, lli. -livestock: HOtiS. .HK.OIMI. Jll-l!ie lower: holdovers. 1 .fit'O ; lop. H -ti t ; hulk, f 8 .Ullft H.5H: heavy. $8.8,ri f(i K.tiH: nedit'in, Jli.liodi .((: liK'ht. $ . T jrlM":' IlKhl IlKhis. 8.2C .T6: packing sows. t . it C iji H.25 : pigi. ftUHIlil 8.1HI. CATTbE, til. (MM): steady. Calves. 8. (MM), steady. Hoef teer: good and choice. JD r.d fn 1 2.un ; conuiion uud medium. 7.uiK(t H.f.ti; yearlings. l).(Mi f(i 1 2. nil. Butcher cattle: heifers, H.&lKfi 10. Mi; cows. f 4 2:11; MM; IhiIIh. 4.f.ll(il li.tfi: calves. $4,511 Iff II. (in ; feeder Hleein. f 4.6liifi 8.IMI: stocker slews. 4.5M ji7.rli; stocker cows and heifers. IM.HSifi li.2i. KHfeiKI', 12.0IMI; steady ; medium and choice laiiihs. 8.r.o iv H.imi; culls and cointnon, If ti.00 (ft 7. fid ; yearlings. ti.&d fi h.nti : common and choice ewes. f 2.1111$ 4.00: feeder lulnlis. $11.00 C(l 8.1MI. OHirACO. Nov. iti. In colorless trading, grain futuies opened irregular mound Hie previous closing Jove! today. Wheal wus ',c down to "Ac up. Corn to c off and oats uncliiiuged to t' up. WHEAT: Dim'.. tl4i-U7; May. 114-114 ' ; July, loii'li - V C.OKN: (new I Dec, 102'-W: May. r. ,i-H5 y, : July. II2,-VL. ; (old) May. IMT-lt'!i; July. iH. OATS : Dec. .M;iy, 43 U- ; July, 40 U. f K i f, ... ,- ' 1 . x - i 1 f , ' ""N J :, Nettle Faye Cooper ) " . All classified ads including; memo-riaiua and notice of nil kinds must lie paid in advance except those ly regular customers whose aecoiuit are paid monthly or tliose front organizations whoso bills must be allowed before bi'Uig paid, lu Uie latter oasc the person asking the iiuhltcation of the notice will be ueld resHusllle for its payment. OODLES OF FUN LACE FINAL TONITE NEWEST, HEART-WARMING HIT! If ycu liked "Ah Wilderness," "The Champ" and "Min and r.i'i," you'll hove the time of your life at the adventure of Old Hutch, who was broke but happy , , , U"tU he found : : Business Services John-HiaTko. the Picture Man, has moved to 118 S. loth St. ttt liam Oiii'land. William S. Beam. A. Dickon, Km urn Gilmore. Milton Collin. William M. Harper, James Milton Crane. William Daniel Holt. Frank Dunn. Hurry Harper, Russell Pool. Siimuel Harvey. Fred A. Gregg. Kdgar Johnson. David Griffith, Ceoivi. 1 Jackson and Mary Solln rs. Molecules Sorted fur Size Chemists can sort molecuies for si.e just as a juocer can sort ec.cs. apples utid po:al-cs tind t,rae tl.'-ni Mahogany Log Sold for $7,000 A single log of mahogany with unusually, fine grain was sold in Mew York tor C7.UI.U in the IbSOs 1 I . '2 HI 1111 I i I I I K 1 I I I I 1 '4 mm Kl'UNACK REPAIRING. Have that umiikp n,ne renewed now. Ksti- 1'hone WALLACE : -. w inates true. Koy 'luyior, M7-W. till It V B "I't . y-wtm m v. v FOR SALE STOMACH ACID, GAS PAINS, IN GERMANY, JAPAN FLANK RUSSIA IN ARMED ALLIANCE Students at Louisiana Tech at Ruaton, La., apparently believe in giving the alumni some reason for returning as they chose stunning blonde NetU Faye Cooper to reign as queen of their annual home- OLD HUTCH DIGESTION victiuiB, wny bu"' ' For quick relief get a free sample! msmsm VUII 11115 a uu VUWl A w b wctu enwwu. of UDUA, B doctor s prescrijiuuu - i.llliH UhnrillRIlV. SCU "I a I ; '. I i i' ' ' .... - '( (Continued from Page 1) COLUMBIA with ERIC LINDEN CECILIA PARKER Planes, Tauks Supplied by Other Countries Employed With Deadly Effect in Spain's Fascist Revoli Last Timee Tonight U. S. Caves' Age Disputed The age of various United States cuverns is called exaggerated, according to an expert. Geologists upset the stalactite ring theory and 6uy caves were formed since the Ice age. Upright piano, walnut finish and complete new action. Hii piano bench with drawer for music, $37., Call at 1U01 South Main street or phone 1S3. JH Jersey cow. Two gallons milk a day. John Toffolo, Eairview. 1 1& j ilW Ul JjU JrllvlH It dki;am ok j.; r 4 'O.VIK J'Kl'K? I (Continued from Page 1) i-' H is lal hoi' as I be ton ii lelldel . . . hel' fllthiir was- Authentic word of an understand ing between Berlin und Tokyo tomw at a time when biller charge.B an being hurled between Germany and Russia, especially over c-p!osed interests in the Kpunisli civil war. and When a number of German citizens have been placed under arrest in Mobcow. Numerous recent clashc-nlong the .Mauchukiui-Siberian frontier, and allegedly Japanese-inspired revolutionary movements In Mongolia have kept Russo-Japanese relations near the breaking point. Kussi.u A'eul UP 1 hen I he Coal range, 5; library table, $4; used 9x12 linoleum rug. $1. Mrs. Harold Ruhv, 240 South Sixth. the tJWll .lowfor. EXTRA JOY- Nt w of the Day . . Cartoon J . Musical Act L Ultima Thule In Roman days Scandinavia was known as Ultima Thule. or the End of Nowhere, beyond which there was nothingness. ymwywaymuiMPyw' "J ; rX mm i Z'riv.ti 1 stnokc. ' This ended one haule of tanks usi n miniature of what is happening every day in this most bitter of modern wars. Wicker gunroom furniture. Cheap. Can be seen at 1125 S. fith St. til) TUES.and WED. Thanksgiving ducks, alive $1.00, dressed $1.50. Mrs. Bob Carlin, phone 1)26-13. tlu US' Furniture. 553 N. Third St. r TTn . iff il RUSSELL DEATH RE-ENACTED TO FURTHER PROBE (Continued from Page 1) Feathered Legs of Eal The sea eagle, feathered to the knees, was first used as .he U. S. emblem, but today , the golden eagle, feathered to the toes, is employed. Prefer Stone Tools A race of blacks so backward that they prefer stone adzes to modern metal ones exists in New Guinea, says J E. Williams, British lecturer at Honolulu's University of Hawaii, westernmost U. S. land grant college. oiiu'dy "CARNIVAL DAYS" with Henry Armetta in Technicolor Paramount Newsreel 10c and 15c Used lumber and bricks. Ninth St. at K. R. crossing. YOU ARE LOSING MONEY ON furniture and other household articles which you are not using Cash In on them through the or Sale columns. Tightest Knot of All When someone speaks of the marriage knot they are not just merely using a figure of speech; lor a long time the tying of a knot has had an important place in the wedding ceremony. Carthaginians, says Pathiinder Magazine, tied the thumbs of the betrothed couple together with a leather thong; the Hindu groom places a ribbon about his bride's neck and ties it in a knot ; and the Parsees tie the hands of the groom together. History's Unforgettable Love Story! LOST right hand. One theory is Russell sat down. Shot himself through the head and then collapsed on the swing. But the bullet, which passed through his head and emerged behind the left ear has not been Tire, rim, tube. 7.50x20. Between Shepardsville and Terre Haute. Notify Mr. R. Beai of Shepaidsvllle. TTtS I i MM For Sale Coal found. Pmulc Police did dig from the padded side of the swing a .22 calibre bullet but the one that killed Russell was of 32 calibre, they pointed out. Mrs. Morris gave investigators from memory the contents of the "suicide" note she said Russell left alee rapeir Camels' Seise of Direction Camels possess a wonderful sense of direction to any place where once they have watered and fed, and for the first two or three days after leas'ing a village or oasis, the camels often try to turn back, but once away in the desert, they stick close to the caravan, and thereafter have no need to be roped instinct tells them that to stray means death. Kor good coal phone 797-W. 8"tf FOURTH filN COALi, UNIVERSAI ANI MIAMI NO. 4. HAKI-KY HUFFMAN. PHOXE 10- PAID NOTICES her and which she burned in the FOR EVERY PURPOSE Siamese, Kesin Lamps In northwestern Siam tiie native? burn holes in the mai yang tree to collect resin, which they use in their crude lamps. For: presence of Lila film actress, several days after the tragedy which occurred last Sept. 25. Mrs. Morris explained she found the note tucked away on her dresser several days after the tragedy and decided that since authorities had concluded it was a case of suicide thai it would be best to destroy it and prevent additional publicity. CAllK tVF THANKS We wish to thank our neighbors, friends. Frist, minister, singers and all those who donated cars for their sympathy and kindness during our recent bereavement in the sudden death of our wife and mother. A. p. Hart and Eastwood family. ir ' , " ' : ' a ' j FOOD SAJjK! At Swinetiart's store at 10 a. m. Saturday, r,ovember 14.. Sponsored by the Woman's Home Missionary Society of the Methodist Church. t For: Picnics Dinners Lodges Home Use CORN ABOVE '34; LATE FALL AIDS CROPS IN STATE (Continued from Page 1) it's time to think about t'bristmas u.i ihi- friends on your gift list. Banquets Reunions Socials Scenery Sleep With Eyes Open When horses lie down to sleep their eyes usually remain open or partly open and they sleep so lightly that they are awakened by the faintest sound. They seldom lie long in the same position because their great weight cramps their muscles and prevents the under lung from functioning. Impeachment Proceedings When a President is impeached, the United States senate sits as a court of impeachment, but the chief justice of the Supreme court presides. Vonr phoK'iiapli is the newt personal and ippiociated of ull gift- awhner Sti dio. ,0" ui mmagf; salk! At Morg n'B building November 23 and 24. Sponsored by south section of Me hodist jchurch. tl5 Pasture was reported as heing 74 per cent of normal. It) points uhove the October 1 figure, and four poijils above last year. Tobacco yields were higher than expected earlier with the yield being estimated at 700 pounds per acre and a total production of 4.3(),0II(I pounds. Apples in Noorthern Indiana sized well following the rains, boosting the total production to 4X7,110(1 bushels or 2li per cent of last year. Girls Chew on Explosives Cordite, a high explosive composed of nitroglycerine and nitrocellulose, is used as chewing gum by girls working in munition We Have Installed a 'Jiffy' Re- Winder Clean, White Newsprint in Convenient Rolls No Cores to Carry! No Deposits Required! mmmmmmimmmmammmmmlmimm 10c MON.-TUE. 25cJ IN MKMOMAM In lovuir remembrance of Elf Haase, who passed away one year ago today, r.oveinuer 16, ll);li. Away I cannot sav, and 1 will not say That he is dead. He is just away! Willi a cheery sinlle and a wave of the hand He has wai dered into an unknown land And left us dreaming how very fair It needs musi be, since he lingers there. And you O you, who the wildest yearn Kor the old-time step and the glad ret urn-Think of him faring on, as dear in the love of There as the love of Here; Think of him still as the same, I say: He is not dead he is just away! The family. t! FOR RENT Silly Symphony """"TOBY TOKTOISK" Fox Movietone News Knock, Knock, Who's There" THPfCFURS TUNEFUL! HILARIOUS! HAPPY! To be sure that a roll of the size you will require will be waiting for you, we suggest that you call The Daily Clintonlan, Phone 41 or 117, and order paper from the Jiffy Re-winder in advance. Rolled to Your Order IN ANY AMOUNT 10 Yards Equal One Pound Paper Is 34 Inches Wide 2 lbs. 25c Save wear and tear on linen. Just use clean, white paper on the tables at your next organization dinner. It costs only a few cents and may be burned afterward. Try it once. That's all we ask. ,-room house, close in. B. V. Harrison, 657 Elm street. tlO WANTED Watch and clock repairing. I. D Johnson. 343 South Main St. 14 tt n n ' ine juaiii v umo tcoraae River bottom land. Will purchase tracts of 80 acres or more. Give nariiculara and price. Write Box Henry Hunter and Judith Barrett in t26 61, Alvin III. WEDNESDAY THURSDAY 'YELLOWSTOINL READ THE ADS

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