The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 16, 1936 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, November 16, 1936
Page 5
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Page FivJ Tte Daily Clintoifan, Cttafcn, InSfil Monday, Novcmter 16, 1936 Frisco Marks Bridge Opening Santa Clara Has On the Way Out? LOCAL BOXERS SCHEDULED TO BATTLE BRAZIL Field Day Against St. Mary's Gaels iSANTA CI.ARA. Cat.. Nov. T' This a gala day in picture.!"' 'aunia. Clara valley -thu fane .1 ROGERS HORMSBY I TO RECEIVE HEW ! ST,10JSFiACT New Browns Officials Promise ! Rajah Free Hand; Salary Boost to Replace Cul of Gale '.oi. . v : ':-fM. ' 4t-, " ; "home ol tin prune." I' Today the prime, takes second I place. They are still chewing for , Uwien.'e "linck'' Shaw and Vis Mucking Broncos of the Cinverslty ..... ,.nlv ealcn WPA Team Will Clash with Clay ' County Outfit Theaer Here; John Barcus to Head Card Boxing motclici between the first amateur learn of th local recreational department of Vermll-llon count v mid lb Cluy eonnty rarest loutil fan. will be held ' " Capitol theater Monday. Nov. 23. Cinl Ceorge, local hoxtng roach, i'.i tiewev. Clay county coach. MW ' - ro.s ;;1TI I , I ' absww ". gV j r oi r.aui i it..... ".v - and untied tcuiu on tin- "'' (oait . The 13-year "Jinx" ''dwar.l I "Slip" Mailluan. coacli of Hie si MarW Duels held over l he Hr was .mushed yeaieidnv b.'fore uioi-than '. I .'MM) persons In fan Fran Cisco's K-zar stnillum. The Broncos walloped the Gads I to 0. ! The average Santa Clara student j was only 3 years old when the Broncos last heal the Gaels--and thev 'won that eame by only 10 to n. ST. I. OI'IB. Nov. IB Rogers lliirnl.y will f'gn a ut ' coutiuct us manaper of the fit- Lou's H'owns. It was larnd toriav following Urn conference botween the Kajnh I and the new owners of the American j LonpiM club. I "We intend to give llornsliy our f no percent support.'' Lnrtald Barnes and William Dewltl. nresi-; dent and vice president of the syn- j jdicnte which has acquired the club ' frnin the Phil Ball estate, dclared. Free Hand i Hornshy will . have complete charge of -he club on the ld and whatever disciplinary 'measure he i deems necessary to conduct and ! kee, the team at Its best morale and playing strength will receive our , whole hearted approval." Barnes , f:,I.I . i "We've laid some plans for 1937." mmomi. that their teams have been truinlOK diligently for two months, no a Rood fight Is mtlel-pated. downstairs from ,n! 4 s y vt . ,m 1 3 (J.J I i i' 3 FX W X 4 I M, g" r, lv 1 --OU.iPOSM.AS COACH 'fmm" I w ) I ' auist come op unn . e- FEMALE POINTER CHAMP BIRD DOG MOT-NT VERNON. III.. Nov. 16- -iuuirt Hide held the derby chain- front as tar back aa the balcony will be ringside seat. Rarcus Heads Kill John Barcus, who hfl been making a name for himself with the Studebaker Athletic association, will lead Uie card. Another well-known leather-pusher la -Chuck Col-derbank in the 155-pound class, other local flghterB will be Bo and ,ftm Russel, 118 pouada; Frank Anderson, 112 pounds, and Art Jones. Among the Clay county fighters will he Mort Bradsbaw, 13 pounds. .. . .1 UlinnlD tlirrf i - MiiMMrTifrtfr1"- m j Dewilt said. "hut. of course, It's too I early to divulge them." 7 pionship or tne soiniiei " doc trials today. V-feiaa Aerial view of Ua bridge gaa t. The white and lemon colored ie- I'm not predicting any overnight One Opinion male pointer, owned oy penants." Hornshy chimed 1n. "but Wvue and Clarence Park of White i i the world s longest and most expensive bridge, cost- tmrt ne-haif miies' inclu"n was sVsnW with the formal dedication of Bay bridge at Sancu3co "u5E?& .Francisco with Oakland across th. bay via ta fiuenl island which appears in the enter of the above aerial view. ... For What If s Worth 'lalns. N V.. and handled by B. f ;p,,rson of Vibjtn. Okla.. won the lije here yesterday. Wayside Beck. (jolden Glovie champion; Jack Dun-liar, 128 pounds; Flash Gordon, 135 pounds, A. A. V. champion; Jim i Oliver, 150 pounds; Norm Brad-i shaw. 175 pounds, and James i (Slim) Crocerhara, ,180 pounds. by Davi J. Walsh the winner's little sister, owned t do exiiect mucli Improvement. V'e're looking be'ond 19""." llornsliy said bis new contract will he as a player-manager, but that he'd bench himself If he round he wasn't up to major league standards." In his new contract, it was learned, he will give up his right to 25 percent of the club's profits in lieu .1. B. Daniel of Kairfteld. Ten., and ilso handled by Epperson, was a 'loe second. Nola. owned by R. L. Jones ol ,ViKHl'RST. N. C, Nov. li Upon this hallowed ground whr,! once, so long ago, the likes of Don LEAGUE BOWLING AMERICAN M5ACH1S southern locale .for the first .Unit; and to give it greater point and, it has been movni hack a few months on the calendar. Among the 117 starters today will New Madrid, Mo., winner of tn Bamboo Is a Grass Bamboo, thoi'gh used as wood, i , really a grass. Home of England's Kings Only 2i mile from London stands- the .royal borough of Windsor with its historic and architectural tressure'S. How True There are no sleeping mi's m the road to success. Among Independence Signers Twentv-three of tne ntty-six men who signed the Declaration of Independence had attended collea mori,.,.., Vield Futurity over the of a salary boost. His present con tttondinas same course last Wednesday, tailed to tract calls for a salary of tlS.Ot'O a ald Ross and the Fownes tamn.. stalked throush stubble and pine l.r tbo&e 103 pants that looked like, Pet. .000 ."AO .000 Teams ' Won Lost American legion . .: 3 0 1 Hutterkrust u r.llx.nlan . . .. . . 3 0 1 place. year. be the names of many to whom posterity is inevitable. Six of them are t sleeve, the annual cuan-i'i""-1 .ttoo j ii 3 0 1 ship of the Hrofensional Golfers As- j Tlie Law of Average r..j rr,,nro kdv the law of 1. G. A., champions of other years, Tommy Armour. Walter Hagen. Leo Diegel. rani Runyan. Gene Saiazeu and Johnny Revolta, who toiik the 1 . --.v A soriation will make a Uriel oneisam-i-1 today to the beautiful tradition of .onu .000 .000 .000 lIUU average asserts itself in the way IMrnlels 0 J Dreamland u Winters 0 Mike 0 a man with the smauest meas uc the bigast words. title a year ago and is deiending it now. the past and then get on brisKU v.-up the tbroat-iutting. It will opeu with two lS-hole gualifving rounds today ajid tomorrow .between the admlttri. Teaclies Sugar Work Training the youth of Hawaii to learn sugar-growing for their life work is part of the curicula of the University of Hawaii, westernmost federal land-grant eollege. Area of the Great Lakes Superior. Michigan, Huron. Erie and Ontario are the live Great lakes. Together they have about the same area as England, Scotland and Wales combined CONCESSIONS FOR SALE AMERICAN LEGION INDOOR FAIR One Week November 23-28 Averages Hope 12 V. Meyers 12'J He didn't, by the rules, have to engage in the qualifying round, hut Player's j Stewart. . . .175 Cooper 166 Horney 151 Carey US Varda 15 Daniels 142 Montgomery. 122 i Colllnes 121 1 masters of a nation, start into maun play on Wednesday and wind up with the finals on Sunday. . .IKi Uses for Glycerin Glycerin is used in the treatment of leather, in soap, cosmetics, as a culinary ingredient to keep baked goods fre3h. to prolong the life of rubber products, in brake units, in i,,oi.' and in vulcanizing. iie will. Why Because he wants the qualifying medal. Briefly, the only thing a professional golfer doesn't want is a hanging lie. Ice Cream and Novelties , Fowl .... Rader . . . Bentley . . . J. Reudaci Hnin Ealin? and Drink Concession Ktrkman . . .(140 . .116 . .110 . .115 ..114 . ..139 ...138 . .137 Rates Reasonable Apply Mr. HallocK, Uimon j Named After Queen etreeL in Honolulu, Ha Case beer. StPvenson bundle. . . Tate tl....bVS li.J ; - j Glycerin is also an important in- . gredient in the manufacture of high grade inks, typewriter ribbons, By that time, there will be sv r-ed jugular veins gaping horribly from half of the haberdashery around the place. This is just not an awfully refined event. It is. in fact, the last of the three big golf huiniiiiialiiDa. being held in a a mnst western city. .135 Sunshine in Lapland In Lapland, for six weeks the sun does not rise above the horizon at all, and the only sign of it is a is named atter Queer, i-.nima. of M. White US C Meyers... .113 Manship 120 ilarding HI p. Nora HI M llHndRi'l . . l"lfi carbon paper ana priiuicB the Hawaiian monarchy brief twilight at midday ii. . i r s. i-r u . e UY U. N. M' P. Van Horn 135 Lemstra. ...130 Griffith 130 Muzzarelli. .128 Weir 125 Berrisford . . 125 Mattloda. . .127 Bartlett. . . .127 Smith 128 Archer 102 ! Welker 101 1 THIMBLE THEATRE i nriN'T twf THE PUT HIM BftCK iwiu Winters l Burroughs... 88 Bonomo 80 V vni i PP mot 60ING TO DCiOFVF Wic, POPPft fNO ( Wr0'S f ftK on ) n r r,nfT .P,UT VOO 1 thw rcpcTE Tws THE 6f6 SWV. POR KEEP VOUK V-HSlHtc. FCt no iM TKPCT CfStAT IKtrM n HOfAt 1 KF THfXT . Lt i in' " ...... CRfKTE UKE r BEcYiT, 1 S XI N. a fArr fUU ' . 1 I " ' ' j f A, , I . , I X X,; , - -ZZ L rMlNOTE" i W Toniglit's Schi-dule 7 P. M. I-eglon vs. Butterkrust. Daniels vs. Dreamland. 9 P. M. Clintonian vs. Mike. Winters vs. Rexall. "Mutt" Show Hilo, Hawaii, has its annual mutt" show, rivaling the shows ol other parts of the- nation. Pet dogs of very mixed pedigree are entered fArk From Portugal Portuguese cork forests supply about one-half of oil the cork us.e.1 in" the world. Smiles That Don't Count "I like to see people smile." said Uncle Eben, "but de facial expres- -;r:'? - ; BySSESTOVER TILLIE THE TOILER . 'r;;- "f t-ve rrl(( J that MASSAee NEW rji Imqvuj w . 1? 1 A (CT 'lf V,LUE slonoi a man iium w ij go round never did eem to signify intellectual enjoyment." i Longfellow's Relatives Longfellow was a descendant on his mother's side from John Alden and Priscilla Mullens, of whom he wrote in '-The Courtship of Miles Standish." Early Mrrls Dales The average minimum legal mariage age for girls in the United States is fourteen and si tenths years bl nine states per-rnit girls to ma y at the age ot twelve. ' '-"-ira v 1 ifr, 1 1 i' ' PAN DUNN Secret Oper-tive 48 1 . . .. . . ..n urvTci riAtJ AND WOLF KiriR-.nV'D ?USPECT ,Vc a uinpouT- Possesses Queeu's Piano Joseph B. Polndexter of Hawaii irs'tha only American governor who has in his orticial residence a grand piano formerly the property of a queen. The piano, made of koa wood throughout, and perhaps the only one of its kind in that particular, Was formerly owned by Liliuo-kalani, last queen of the islands before they were annexed to the United States in 1698. The instrument was a .coronation gift from her subjects. TUIS PLACE TH' PRINTING 1 i, ALL. EW DONE 11 J r , WE'RE PX. IN HIS COUNTERFEITING RACKET AN' HE'S fr It Vf WHV DID V Miorr t '--'-Sr-'-in I euv I A TRUCK I '2&T Ik THt PU6' ON A BOW AND NO OON AS I GET DREViED, WOLF, WE'LL GO OVER AND -SEE TOMMV. HIS MEN MAV HAVE mic eu IT AfLE - A.ML GOIN' TO OPERATE . 1 nftlktl I r r: m r-a . BARNACLE KNOW WHERE LOCATED ACE BART BV numerous if a 1 I A THE BOAT IS Wtuw THIS TIME r LAVOUT, EH if sap' DANCING G Z a x Dorman's Tavern Good Orchestra Your Favorite Beer On. Tap Wine Liquor Mixed Drinks BARRELS " a "S.r-if-?i.I I 2 UNLOADED. arw-a: rw-, . , ,

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