The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on August 1, 1921 · Page 2
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 2

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, August 1, 1921
Page 2
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS ty would soon find his trade declining. Our business men are too square to be attracted by such methods. o AUTO BATTERY FROZEN IN BIG CAKE OF ICE. Mr. Bahr, representing the B. & G. Battery company, of Marion, gave a BIG FAMILY REUNION AT HENRY YARBER HOME. One of the most enjoyable family reunions of the season was held at the home of Henry Yarber in the The Fairmount News Published on Mondays and Thursdays A. S. ROBERTS, Editor and Publisher. Minnie Me Lucas Roberts, Associate. MISS DAY GIVES TALK IN CHICAGO CHURCH. Miss Uva Day has returned from Chicago, 111., where she was called in connection with her missionary work. While there Miss Day made a talk before seventy-five working girls in the North Shore Congregational church. This is the church where Dr. novel and interesting exhibition of the j Home Town Business -Making Business Friends TELEPHONES Office: Main 265 Res, Black 382-1 Success in lite is regarded by many battery manufactured by that com-j Yarber grove about two miles south-pany, Saturday on Main street in ' east of Fairmount Sunday. The re-front of the Ellis Auto Supply com- j union was held at this time in honor pany's store. One of the batteries !?f Josepvh Pay?e d &y' , , . . i burg, who are here from the Northern had been solidly frozen m the center ! Lakeg for a visit with friends As is of a large cake of ice, and Mr. Bahr j USUal, th chief feature of the occasion ran his auto from Marion to Fair- was the bier dinner which was SDread as a matter of luck. Others consider!11 aer, noiea nsu i vo v v,xa whose lectures throughout this part DR. C. L. FENTON Dentist X-RAY Rooms over Postoffice Honrs 8 to 11:30 a. m. 1 to 5 p. m 1 ' " " T E. B. COUCH DENTIST Rooms over Hahne Drug Store Office hours: 8 to 11:30 a. m.: 1 to 5 AUCTIONEER STOCK SALES A SPECIALTY. Call at my expense, Phone 2. on. 19 Fowlerton. C. W. DICKERSON vtt CA v iitv nuv u&-wv vw J SUBSCRIPTION RATES. (Within Indiana.) One year $2.00 Six months 1.25 Three months To have some exceptional mentality. of the country attracted so much attention, and his family have their In the maioritv of cases neither of !,c ,r.v0f, Jo m-twi- Fnrtunp ; church membership His three sons Sunday school ! , (Outside Indiana.) J mount with the battery on the back i on the lawn and was replete with all seat of the machine, connected up with ! the E00 things that go to make up a tvm AottiA n are memoers ui One year 53.00 is: a orchestra of this church. Six months 1.65 her are usually upset by some flirt of basket dinner. lTiose present to en Miss Day was accompanied horns the engine in the usual way. On lfcree mondis -?u;her restless tail. As for superior joy the day were Joseph Payne and family, of Leesburg, Ed Hannon, wife and son Philip, of Summitville, Charles Rogers and wife of Upland, Virgil WTinn, wife and baby, of Hartford City, Charles Leach and family, of reaching Fairmount he placed the cake of ice, with th battery, on the running board, the battery working perfectly. The demonstration was for the purpose of proving that this expiration of subscription time un-'.of quite ordinary mentality win a big! main until his parents, Dr. and Mrs. less renewal is received prior to ex- ; business trumph. ! Miller, who. are expected the latter piration date. j Success comes by degrees and as a j part of next week, arrive. , Entered as second-class matter at result of taking advantage of oppor- the postoffice at Fairmount, Ind un- I tunities. Two men of about equal IMPROVEMENTS MADE TO der the Act of Congress of March 8, j abilitv start even in life. One ! PATTERSON ART STORE. 18'9' s man will reach out for bigger things, j Mrs EUa H patterson has made make of battery is not in any way I Fowlerton, Ed Ribelin and family of Summitville, Orville Hasty, wife and daughter Mary, of Summitville, and j Elsbury Payne wife and daughter' At the beginning he was not capable material improvements to her art of any greater task than the fellow ! store n Main stree the front hav- affected by cold, and will not be put out of commission by freezing. An auto owner using this battery (can run his car in the garage in the winter and let it stand without having to remove his battery to keep it from freezing. Ttie Ellis Auto Supply company will be the distributor for this battery in this territory. Madeline, Dave Payne and family,! Clyde Dean and wife, James Payne! and family, Zimri Payne and wife,' Otha Compton, wife and daughter! TWO SPOTS. The people who left good comfortable homes and an abundant living in th3 country, frequently complain bitterly because they can't find any houses to live in in the cities. Good many people would like to go into farming in Grant county if thsy could borrow the money to hire help that would do all the work. he started with. But each opportuni- ing been remodeled, changing the en-: ty grasped gave him training and ex- j trance door from the north to th i perience and fitted him for a bigger south sjde cf tbe room, thus giving a i job. As he keeps on taking advant- much better window display of goods, I age of openings, he gets more and and a more convenient entrance. The more fitted for big work, until finally ' jnterior has been also remodeled, the the great chances come to him. He . sales being enlarged by the re- jhad no more ability than the fellow , movai 0f the partition between the -4-V n-ltAm V a cf o t-u- Aran Knt Vi . . i v . Mildred, Ben Underwood, Basil Underwood Russel Underwood, Creed Yarber, wife and daughter Bettie, Henry Yarber and wife, Dan Payne and family and Wessie Payne, "wife and daughter Martha Louise. The people who can never afford to!;, ""7" " C kJV ' rooms, rowing me , - . developed his chances better. 'interior into one large room. This rooms, Eyes Tested, (i lasses Fitted by State Registered OPTOMETRISTS Dr. C. C. FARIS and Dr. EMIL FARIS put My muueni ,.;iFiv, WW 1yi ! this hAve any modern t ; eives ample room for showing goods, their country places, are Hie Mini: . . . . Just this, thatian(j a(Jds materallv to the annearance - home town Dusiness : Were you out-of-town yesterday? Call Main 265 and tell them about it. ICE CREAM FOR THE GROW-UPS AS WELL AS FOR THE KIDDIES Only ONE quart left! But it saved the day for Mrs. Smith who had forgotten all about it. A quart of the milk of human kindness could never have caused the sensation that Banquet Ice Cream did that hot summer evening. For sale in Fairmount by Xen Edwards. Advertisement. ones who never get a decent when they want to sell. and convience of the store. ! likely to open to those who have many Exclusively Optical 0 'business friends. When you form THE RURAL SCHOOL TEACHER'S pleasant business relations with peo-CHANCES. j nie in vour home town, you create a Friends of Russell Stephens, who recently sustained serious injuries in iiarion Suth Sid Sonar FRANK RELFE AUCTIONEER FARM AND STOCK SALES A SPECIALTY Phone 1921, Route 9, Marion, Indiana Call us at our expense YOU CANT BURY AN ADVERTISEMENT IN THIS PAPER. THE. NEWS IS READ THROUGH. Did you have company last week? Main 265 will be glad to hear all about it. Better call now. One reason why so many country eie 0f people who are personally in- an automobile accident and who was school teachers complain of the poor terested in you, who will throw things discharged from Grant county hospit-pay given in rural schools, is that your way if they get a chance. al, were alarmed Friday by a relapse many of these teachers fail to see the i Qne cf the Dest ways to get business which he suffered, but he is reported gains they could make by taking a friends, is to make it your practice to again on the road to recovery, position of leadership outside of school everything possible in your home S " hours. Although teachers live very community. That gives you a wide j busy lives, yet many of them some- acquaintance in your home town, and , how find time to organize boys and develops a circle of people who would '; girls clubs, ran village entertainments jjg to see you succeed. Some day and start many community move- roTTie of these ambitious young fellows ' will have a chance to- say some favorable word about you, which will open some door of opportunity so you can enter. THE NOBBY TREAD ments. A teacher who can do that as well as look after classes, makes herself invaluable. Bigger towns are constantly looking after girls of that efficient type for fine positions. What frequently happ-ens is that the country town where she works feels that her service is so valuable, that it can not be dispensed with, and they make special inducements to keep her. TJ. S. Slat's Diary Friday ma has ben in a mitey good yumor here of lately. I dont no what is xactly the rea VThere the groirig is specially heavy with snow, mcd or sand, in hilly country where maximum traciion on tne road is a factor, no other tire tread yet devised is quite ?o effective, or so wholly approved by motoring opinion, as the U. S. Ncbby Tre&d. Its very simplicity three rows of diagonal knubs, gripping tne road-is the result of all the yeais cf U. S. Rutbx-T experience with every type d road tte world over. , - - " 1 M f 4J son unless she has ben a playing tutch and go that is when she tutches pa & then goes to the store & spends it for things. Jake cum down tonite & sed he had a empty tikket to the pitcher show so I went along for his cumpny and occupied It. Sat.. as I past mrs. Davises house I seen her turning HOME DISCONTENT. i Many a man who is amply equipped to make a success of farming or other rural occupation, yet finds his work hampered by discontent in his home. His wife and children crave an outlet for their energies and ambitions that is not always found in country towns. To make a success cf country life, a man must have the hearty and happy co-operation of his family. The best thing to do is to give a little of his time and effort to build up the community organizatons, that shall supply social life, wholesome sports, and intellectual stimulus to his wide awake women folks and children. It is cheaper to do that than to have his children quit the place and to have his wife discouraged and disgruntled. jw&Mty cms i Os. F mm IS m mm m t i MI V VI MM mr fi K k.T r" J -HM ' Tt HiiutlJ . IT F IT ham-Midk Itafel gsw a ice cream Ireezer so I fent in & offered my assistants. But then I discovered it as a new kind of a mop bucket. But 1 was game & stuck till it was done. & she give me a nickel. All the same I got fooled for ice cream cost 10 cts. a dish. Sunday pa tuk his friend for a drive & when he cum home & we ast him how the henry got a long he sed it seemed to be suffring frum inflima-ticn of the inner tubes. His frend cum frum away out west & is a very rich man & has had 2 wifes a broken arm & a operation for appendicititis. Monday ma sod they wassent very FOP and talk to the next man yuu see with U. C. Tires cn TWO PRICE SYSTEM. Recent investigations of prices al- j lege that a tendency exists in some ' places to have two sets of prices. If a customer looks as if he could not af- ' ford to pay. the high price, he will be charged the minimum, but others will : be soaked a top figure. Some people might argue that this would give peo- ' pie of small means a favor to which they are entitled, but it is a danger- ous principle in business. j "Stop and talk to th nrxf man yoa ae with U. S. Tina on hi a car." moths in the close up stares. The two price method is prevailent . menny cxr. Asl. him why. 3 Ioet likely j'ou'll hear .n inter-tstis- iitory about his tire experi-iiiciits before the answer was f .u: waited. PromiFes unkept. Trouble on the read hu-moiXus to every, oue except the man who went tLtoah it. Finally U. S TLs, And U. S. Tires ever since. m Europe. Alien imigrants show they think it exists here by the way they try to chaffer and bargain, and offer less than the established fieure. pa sed the women was a wareing such short skirts they was starveing the moths out & they wud soon be a thing of the past, went in to the harwear exervthing by the V7ay of r-tasreerin; bargains, "hurrah lJsoct::-t.s". "discontinued lines at i-ss" a:d .-. fenh they know what not ro get. They want a fresh, live tire. With a good reputation. That's everything it says it is. With the people behind it who back it up. There are 92 U. S. Factory Branches. Your local U. S Dealer is drawing upon them continually to keep his stocks sized up, complete to give you service. Whenever he p;ets one or a hundred tires from -s r. SjF-j-rtory Pranch, they are newly made this season's tires. Sold to you at a nef price. Full values. Square-dealing. A reputable maker. A reputable dealer. The whole transaction as befits the leadership of the o'dest and largest rubber organization in the world. It has been to the credit of American j store & ast the price of a new bysickle. business men, that they have not in j 32 $ and a half, it diddent hurt no-the past usually cared to trade on , thing to ast the price of a bysickle. that basis. They establish what ! Tuesday pa stepped on a tack & seems to be a fair price and tell peo-! punchered his heal & cussed & ma sed pie that if they do not wish to pay it, j You shud ought to use a little self they can go elsewhere. But these are restraint & pa answered & replyed United States Tiros arc Good Tiros U. S. USCO TREAD U. S. CHAIN TREAD U. S. NODDY TREAD U.S. ROYAL CORD U. S. RED & GREY TUBES tricky times, and the old fashioned They is no use of ennybuddy useing Perhsps it's the experience of U. S. Tire buyers that makes thtrm more emphatic in ineir preference than ever this year. When these men tanr tried most Spates y ot, m self restraint with all the queer laws congressmen is passing. Wednesday ma telefoned down to the store & sed to send her up a dress to put on a round the house & the smart ellick of a clerk ast her how big was the house, my she was mad. if she ever gets that mad with me I think I will begin taking lessons on the harp. Thursday A book v agent trde to sell ma a book on politeness A she sed if it wood make pa polite she wood by it. . The agent sed Madam this book win make him so polite he cud kidnap the Quueen of Sheha & get by with It. ' hut tna new the queea of Sheha issent lrriing so she diddent by it. OirDfed States ideas of honest trade seem too slow to some folks. . The objection to charging two sets of prices, is that it will lead to a great deal of exhortion, and it will never be possible to tell when a dealer is asking a fair price or not. If a merchant found that he could get an enhanced price out of a certain part of his trade, he would be apt to try to work it bn everybody. Soon he would be charging prices way beyond reason, without any regard to whether customers were able to pay his swollen figure or not. - ' . The best way for people to protect themselves against such methods, is to boy goods in their home ' town. There is very little of the kind of referred to in Fairmount and it could not be worked in a place Ule tii wilLott exci'Jr. attention. A mcrtLzr.t x.Vjo pot i 'retxtion fr J. C. AlbcfUca, Fcirsount Fowlerton Grac Fowbrtca, Indiana Chca. V. DaTb, Pi. Ircbc!, lad. ' Alonxo Cline received word of the t.zX& of a sister Hviaj in Cisjtria. Cans. The wta' treU to nartTord CUy. EzzZzj tzr txll

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