The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 16, 1936 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, November 16, 1936
Page 4
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Monday, November 16, 1936 Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Page 4 IForced Murder Probst YESTERDAYS "Sweepstakes on Love" O by MAY CHRISTIE THE DAILY CLINTONIAN November . Miss Lois Shaft was hostess for the regular meeting of the C. A. U. - .. . r. r. rinllora ti rnt her ' .... .J.lmnrtrAf1 (IT niietll IIUIW' uvm. - - ---- The Cliuton rnuuuwi Society al the home of Mrs. uia Editor and Publisher cvwOPSIS I tion following ww I house on Kast 68th Street tor tne ... .-.-JwXdL. Darling- 1" "SL relwe'd foT-rm. r I rarv . . . Doyle in South Kourtn street a.iv evening. Miss 1M"S 5n7e7ea-a7ih ton .nd' ReginaHyd. .r. rival, ior nTary increasing in M , ? es, and th. lov. of Roger Dexter .eligible n , thousand . week was reached years cumundl'henrself the neCes- k.h.ioi.. Although Diana .v,.. .nit dnuirhter stared at leave . for train Momhr Indiana Republican Editorial Association Walker gave an Interesting report of the state C. A. R. convention held eaer'eS thra dollar, young DBvnciui. : enjoy, a much highr .ocial po.i-rJ ' .. t..:. h latter . . ac ha raiBTinriiiP lu iicu 1 . , National Advertising Reprentative: 1 1 1 Hrt are weeK oner r : an was wnive-i-tcu. recently in Terre Haute. Oames were played and refreshments served. closely followed by an option for three hundred weekly was not to be sneezed at, in these hard times. "It sounds wonaenui, put wwi " ... a :nnavuvf 1 It means GEO. 11S General Motors Blug-. D-tioil i Hollywood, not ; Long htandl The UOn man ----- - wealth .eem. to more than balance th. .cale.. Diana want, to work but her mother, Genevieve, wUI not hear of it Mr.. Darlington secretly make. . living by .ending her friend, to different modi.te., beauty salon., tc. Her one hop. i. for Diana to m.rry wealth a. oon a. possible. 80. .he arrange. long iHitmu - . . :t R it. 1 wnnld man 1 It wa. cold in wew n-r. would be gloriously .unny in Call-forflia. She had a cough tobegm rid of. and Diana too would be bene- Phone 1 1 7 tnree muiium an. - would have to leave everything Phone 41 Mrs. Otis Black entertained with a miscellaneous shower last evening ,,t her home in Houtu Third street in honor of her daughter, Mrs. Wal-uir who uulil two weeks ago my friends and an - . i. --j nuna Hut we mtfaiiy"iei-"i""'- 1 unarrflwiiu. , can stave Oie offer off for week or mave o younR two. till Roger returns, " . . 'imniv did not be- tor ner oaugnur """ - at the Parkview Hotel furni.hed THE DAILY.CUNTONIAN'S TFORM:- "a"' cf to-heVS that Hi. fortune had entirely 'was Miss Mtirjorie liarlinsliouso. Iti ...iv ui,ei were nresont. Mrs. "free" by th. management ior uw . u. via th "best pUDUCIiy lu wa 6"" . . , U 1." h would attend the tTesV. and withdrew Diana, and Hollywood Ccnevieve irlanced at page one, al Vnhr. party. Even th. champagne i. gratii. donated by the very "com Ant casually, then with widening ".ij ' ffi removed him eV. i m I fmrn PpirinA. r "" 4. 'SrClmton and make it th. moat .Uractiv. cit, -wnars v" v7., , ,Uw in none too eooa What's th. latest murder u:wr ..;V of Hi lilt m the ewe. anvbody auing u. ior u u"-a v... -.m.. .nnnkv of vou Weir received H number or ve.y p.eliy gifts. Refreshments were nerved. The Jollv (Muli met last nlghl at the home of Mrs. Robert Reynold. The evening was spent In playing bunco al three tallies. were awarded to Audrey Vales, high: .Visa Barbara Frame, low. and Mrs. owe?" . .. ., niann. to keen that movie offer up mi tr.HI.IN'S WISE DECISION mon" Alfred Megenscnun. mer bootlegger but now a reipect-abl. liquor merchant. In return, Genevieve i. forced to invit. th. ocial climbing Flegen.cholti family. Roger .hower. Diana with attention and everything goe. along .moothly until the champagne run. out and the .pitefui Regina ug-ge.t. that the party go to her house for further libation.. Roger was It in laava. He did Genevieve's moum nu iave!" Nor had Roger told open. She was staring at the printed Ilvr "eVt interest in his page. Diana was alarmed. tUndTwork in the scenery of the play Mr.. Victoria Bm"B 'a0"" 1,n th Lot Angele. District Attorney office after investigator, promised her a renewed probe of th. my.ten-ou. .laying of her P1 Reid Russell, found shot to death Tn th. wt.ta of novelist'ur ,Morri.. The death wa. ftrrt atti ib The Kev. Charles E. CoMin ha, wisely decided to retire from ,Ke rad.o and to leave political affairs alone. Thai hi. decision .' 'r from her niother. Headline, Reg.n. had starreoin. r: .nrunc; out at her. picture wo.h-j - ,:-.::... in uini'it v."!' .,s 1 . huii nnt ttiAmrnr Huiut:it;iiu v John Frame, bunco. The next nieei-f club is to he at the home "PAC,HTae-" ''"D J th. star to make fr an not accept Regina. invitation, , nisn, farar! but. in- "Oil Companies y..U-3?V li Wasn't she infinitely better uted to uiciu. of Misses Janet and Barbara Frame. look- . pun to Mi lions or uoi nun w - than Diana, ana witn iuaua May , lars Owing to Fiwur. 'Below dignant with hi. friend, for clearing out .0 .ummarily, went to the more talent? Famous Armour nm , THE STARS SAY Harvard viuo irweau. i,am t.: a nlav for chantv Miss Phyllis Jean Sowers of Kingman. Ind.. Is visiting here at the home of Mr. and Mrs, Glenn Hnmm of South Fifth street. To tell the trutn, rtegina w was a decided exhibitionist and always yearning for new worlds to "Biggest oil-fields of SanU Bar She, of cour.e, has the leading role. bara dry ana owners m...- come, after a plain demons.ra.ion that he ha. lost tne m-,ur whatever influence he may have had does not detract from the wis- dom of his decision. , TV radio priest exhibited a reckless and intemperate attitude in hi. discussion of social, economic and political questions. He paraded an indefensible rudeness in reference to the president, usms language unmatched by the partisan political speaker of recent ramPCer7ainly the Catholic church was not benefitted by his partici-, N, i. nv church apt to profit from such activity Kor Tuesday. November 17 By GKSKVIKVB KHMKIjH a ',tieiilrlv lively and eventlul conquer naa l-hciuc J .:. f. long time in connection with U10 a mil ix-ells? Why Diana i. the nit 01 tne .now her beautiful .inging and dancing. The enviou. Regina put. .oap flake, on th. .tag. staircase causing Diana to fall. Recuperating movies. .., ine i... ------ -, the owners why, that's Roger and Why not go to Hoiiywooa nercii : Why not tackle the movie moguls in his father!" gasped yiana. day is forecast from the major oper-t imnnrtnnt planets. These November 1. Iti ri..ri viller of St. Bernice and ... 1.. n,i,allhv Ilexters person : . ine enor'' J r j ,, - sh had boundless beiiei m oer Indicate outstanding ana pruB,-give occurrences of a sudden nature, were ruineu uj - --"t " .hiiitv as an actress. She woma soon one of the biggest land owners and i-arfino- farmers in the county, will lnn.1 in Cainornia as u a-- - - which may change the course oi put It ovei. ,,,11. But not now. It would look too pointed to follow Roger and Diana "Though surety ooo nu entire life. These call for a cimus uauon in pun"1-0' , on the part of its ministers, whether they be priests, preacher, or at home, Diana., receives offer. Next come. Regina. debut It wa. to be more lavah than .nything Society hd .ver before witneued. Although lame from her accident, Diana attends, accompanied by Roger. Her happme.. know, no bound, when he tell, her of hi. love. Regina contrive, to let Roger away from Diana by Spiking" hi. champagne with . , " c.n alaa takea Dl- to ao wnn Biiyw"a - , earthquake!" sobbed Genevieve who to tne wesiwBi r-. 1 1 ratAt Kean TWlttCU of the environs, associations ana m- irnmisn ereat prospei- one nau ' 1 " " " .' -. , ' -about Roger, and condoled with over literally ana !"" leiemo. "- " . ity and enhanced popularity and had her hopes crao. " . a ao ia in the earth by the time this paper reaches all but its city subscribers, have taken for his bride Mrs. Helen E. Flack of Terre Haute. Only the Immediate relatives were to be present at tho ceremony. Mr. Miller, as is well known, is the father of Attorney Frank R. Miller and Dr. Dan Tucker Miller of Terre Haute. the loss 01 ni. vast iorvuii. "It won't make a bit of difference between Roger and me!" she fairly Mother. They never knew it, but there was an enormous pocket un- there was an enormous pocket un- social as well as financial sianum. Friendship and marriage are alao d fc tner when der the wells and .round them. They came rushing round to the house aer uie wens u ------ r oil disap spat 01 iiBiiB , she came runhinff round to the house ana horn. Next mormng, h. doe. . not know what to think when rabbis. , , , , In this country it ia fundamental that church and state be septate This will not long continue unless the division is scrupulously observed by those who serve the church. Religious leaders can preach their doctrines in this country as they please and safely leave political skirmishing to laymen. t . cotk Ctuaif tn hnVP thfi dl- betokened. just caved in, and the If This I Vour Birthday hn. birthday it is are p eared. :wa.notbroken.he.rd,.stuinr wm 1,1 , ; , not had uiana was Genevieve, for had she on the threshold of a year of great m-osnerity. with rad- Roger, through hi. butler, bream an appointment with her and goe. on a trip without .aying good-bye. It wa. not Diana Roger wa. running away from, however but Re-eina to whom he feared he bad committed himself whil. work in pictures?" asked Iiana innocently. rij rail. 24-vear-old son of Mr. a DIBrieiuia ,tVv. . ------ 1 j m c.i narharn? mauea irum " 1 ' L , 'JNo. 1 mean ne wjiu iw and Mrs. James Call of North Ninth ical change affecting the whole fu ture. New environs and interest. Terribly sorry nr noger . f th ight of my party was, would not tluscattrophe gwe ,et hfs loBS of motiey him an opportunity to show the stutr ana Regina rapped f which he was made? ... Tm street, was killed in Crown Hill ,i Nn a Monday evening, while with love affairs and trienosmi.. assisting Herman Clinton in nhot CHAPTER XII ..... l,a inimitJlhle up ,rom her mav influence popularity and pies-tige. Cultivate those in high raance are happily combined in this merry college comedy featuring such talented performers as Johnny Downs. Betty (J cable. Dixie Dunbar. Stuart Erwin. Patsy Kelly, Jack Haley, Arline Judge, Judy Uarland and Anthony Martin, not forgetting the Yacht Club Boys and their clev ririn The man was not found tor V;':'t nick- was that WXJtoJWi" tell ma you're 'some three hours after he Had died places. when I spoice 01 nau inK enlraged to Roger?" She raised her a,., hum nir In other words, tne engageu , ' , , . , MOVIES M0V1SS MONUAY EE "I Married A Dot-tor" At tho Columbia Director Archie Mayo has given this later version of "Main Street" a quiet and moving sincerity that leaves you with a feeling of knowing the characters In the story as oli us vour neighbors. Josephine ferKins uuu - i- me-up that had a familiar sauce a? iU base, and is known among the gay blajie. of England a. a "prairie . hi merry Harvard class . M.- H. M. Ferguson returned A child born on tnis oay mj efficient, progressive and ambition. In life, attaining high position and old family fortune's gone up in 7' invitine her out to Santa smoke! Or more accurately, it -a Trom nimin over. Kninidav evening from a 12-day burning merrily somewhere in l" .nt..and he never .aid 'visit in Oak Park and. Chicago. groat personal popularity. center 01 moiner "":. ,den. word about being engaged." .ha 1 aee it no more! UU ls.aen .,i,f a,,,,A hntlv - . 1, im in n.eiriiia. louri.., I xii.... -... puf h entertained at nitely out, ana e.oow-Kr. h ich wa. a rare thing for her to do. er songs. The plot is of minor importance. A football game and several special numbers done to the tunes of "Balboa". "You're Slightly Terrific." "It's Love I'm After," You Do the Darndest Things, ifcniii wow on. 1 - 1 , . j 1 uAf4 s.mriav evening for Miss mate, arrived. Perkina had three Tom Collinses ready. . By the time they reached Pennsylvania station, Roger's spirits had "Tco'nTutter reached Diana from the unknown Mr. Bene, of the International Film Company. It urged her to come to his office Aim 4-Mt. world's workers. , , ,,j AtAt say I had accepted him, I Clam Schuhardt. Miss Anna Trine, iXT wr. 1 1 j tnii nil 11 iv i.ij 1 . . . I i wm s.iiihavdt. of Terre Haute, L JS3L."1V. SnorUy after that, she left. COURT NEWS NEWPORT.' Nov. 16. John J. Marietta of Clinton has been appointed administrator of the estate ... .h Mn'rieita. late of Clinton. Guy McTaggart and Robert Carlin neglected him appallingly in the last rf Hutchinson Is the attractive and In telligeut city girl who marries a small town's favorite doctor Pat O'Brien and comes to the town to live happily with lior devoted husband. The narrow-minded, petty j townspeople make no effort to be of St. Bernice.. ior a nruYiuv-7 Baby" and "The Texas Tornado" aie of most appeal. "Knock. Knock. Who's .There?",- Fox Movietone News and a Silly lew years, o .-"'," ld came to Grand Central .tation ui toB"" !-' " 8M Diana and her mother on r?r en tann hA believes 1V . . I . , nr. .- I . : . . j - th. hntiiTJie west vvunnt.. New York offices w tJJ l VOT , deceased. Bond was approved by $10U,Oou and then his troubles mul "Perkins -pnonea wj - Vrmm ohotoaraphers turned out news directly it broke n tne .'"- mmA tiavt dav's naoeTS car- Symphony in color called "Toby Tortoise Returns" are special short dress on u,.-..-- - , he court at $12,000. York paper.. I packed pronto, ana ' " with the caption lea pictuiro ,i.m ----- tiply. Eric Linden and Cecilia Parker who appeared with him In "Ah. iD..t; nahntante Wins Splen subjects. KTSirar '. Genevieve "f" -VT . -f. - 1 Tliino., I Wilderness" provide the love unci did Hollywood Contract." K 1 -niallM, ilt llaV. VU phis to Santa Barbara. mngs could not be worse. In fact, ir we luwu i' , k imme- est. Supporting players include J Mary E. Turbeville of Fairview Park filed suit seeking a divorce rom Warner Turbeville in Vermil- xrer saiaij., " greatly exaggerated. . are w exiov, a diately. I'm thinking of accepting a inw, ' - absent ..fMir. lie Perkins, Robert McWade, Delniui friendly and deliberately niisiinr.i-pret every move she makes. Robert Barrat, Mex Mayer. Louise Fazendu. Ross Alexander and Cluy Kibbee make a fine supporting cast. Paramount Newsreel and -Carnival Days", a comedy in color with Henry Arm-etta 'are other "Old Hulch" Al (lie I'ulaoe Wallace Beery has one of the it-.wt hitman voles of his acting car- SOT.?Sr. S3 en of th. Watson. Donald Meek unrt Elisabet ., i,-ciilt court Friday atternoou. Which .was odd, Fox week. ind The moment, tne u-am, Diana and her orchids and her gUte, Btarted to move, Regina declared to Phyllis and Maude: International Film Company (he's a I'Ue complaint alleges cruel and in- weeks beioru nwir www., ,,o -old Hutch", the laziest nmii sort of talent-scout ior trxatment. Plalntirr asi" we run 1. ;", r'' definitely Patterson. The part seems made-to-jrder Tor tile talents of the screen's oiemost character actor. , A radio Musical Comedy, cartoon ' -lowsrecl are added short .i.j. .ho he given the custody of "She'll flop. You mare my wo. She hasn't what it takes to mak. any kind of a hit in picture.. Certainly she hasn't," agreed turned down. Seventy-five dollar, a in town who stumbles on an unexpected fortune and then has real work Irving to get rid of it satisfac ...,ir ii Donald, age lis inomu, her 10 tmkjs jw "'itM fashionable to be in the movi"and undoubtdiy H was lucrative. Genavieve knew that. 1UC . r.t wa. worrying together with reaaonable support. week in the An utiuiu,"- -r.j ..,n h acenery, Maude the stooge. -11 1 -w. 11 t i'A a nut and ahow them I'lg-kiii Parade" r!3ed a Wt flntastlc atth.t torily. Fishing i his business, his pleasure and his hobby until finding what real ability it 1 At the Wabash i Laughter, music, dancing and ro- over Rcr. which w a go .. time, aa you can we --- "Provided Kegina ta her, Maude!" sneered Phyln.. ArpliCiUion for maintenance peim-ing divorce and suit money has been Eiled and hearing set for Nov. 30th. Plaintiff is represented in .court by Attorney Robert E. Ouinn. Clinton. rh'wiofhouTiocaxe it s tne goea iw. . . .. "ight letter to Bene., grabbing it while the grabbing is good. How I Looks Like a Real Thanksgiving Pinner! "Such a cneer-ieaoer v sibly be left behind!" "Ill Jolly well hop on the first train with you, Regina," chirped W1SB 1 couia -toinvtto i there won l its . ------ you tp. since our house ,u .to be sold that His aoiiai mi -t- 7 -7 that M young men in love were "klttle-catU and must be given induced to directly, in 'utI w Clarence. Tne cren ter and brighter Englishmen who ra their iolly old way around. l,.bt Ities. Tree-Like I-'erns in Puerto Rico Delicate and varied forms of many species of ferns are found abundantly in the cold regions in c?"7orS, a. Roger mort "mTbelirfh. went off. to Thafs what I nr. Nobleut oblige. and baily gooa mannw ..... Vnn'aa B 71 Ui haa saia 11 oeLu,c v-v v 7 but fate intervenes-otherwiae the well-own "act of God" anus ui. .T snapped Regina Ul-temperedly. I the fact that he had drunk too much herpa.andledhimor, to say SOUnOS ittliva.-,.. - -7 . wouldn't taae you on m i Dm Ufaarv-Maker. itill hardly believe 11. 7"-- 1 ney wa w - - - . for drinks, and tor. Diana to pieces. nTwcow.riTy of him to "God bless you. aear u "As always. "Roger. She went to the telephone. She clear out as he did." wna "" Puerto Rico, where a tew species have reached tree-like site-Giant Forest Hog Largest The giant forest hog is the larR-est of the pigs, and bears a Latin name, Hylochoerus Meirrtzha-geni, in proportion to its size. Threa times s heavy as a wart-hog an adult may weigh up to 500 pounds it is often compared in size with a donkey or mule. Numbers of Long Ago Not ao very long ago many words Meantime, on th. ttaia raw w carrying them past the sparkling water, of the Hudson River, Diana .at among her flower.. chin was no.K--- . . , called up Mr. Bene- of the inter b. 3r it" WISEST- think aTl more of yo? if national rum .,a..,. ,, cepted his offer. It meant Holly- A new life wa. opening e . . mn the one fore ner. a-vu.. - . .-thing eeaential to her bappinoM. rood anil H.0KC1 ; . , . ,.t t ...i,-dian(l a friend 01 mMmVghtihi-point, 1 1 " . T11:--.. .t;.t Mr. Roger uexwr. . mine, a very iiriiram a...- T- : M-llail i-nnlc- you 11 - They would be in me am- - Blarnu ' Roger liexter - edly. "Aaanertra.magbe. Andre dio! She would aee him every oy. nSS'Tfo Hollywood K"SJ TlWSTt. can up Mr r ... . .1, frnm Mun She would arrange mu they might meet in the eommiaary at mid-Hay, and he would ofton be h In the evemnn. I denoting numoers weie i cise as the are now. Once a dozen meant either 12 or !3, a score I meant either 20 or 21, a hundicd studio. 11" "! " -, day," said Mr. Bene" nriskly. Ben- 'right awayj and make thj. ap P"Tni.rJrZw wa. made r.enevieve would probably have ipatai-..---t. off.r (To Be Continued) been dead against the move to rlony been aeaa aifaiii' "- " - MMWiailMtw. Three oaya iaw - ' i.Jrl dollar, a week on a IMf meant 100. 112, u, 1- and a thousand meant either X.ou,. or 1,200 Collier's Weekly , wood had .he not received an offer 1 tkrVmonthe' contract, with op Army "Birthday." "Birthdays" of various U. S. army regiments stationed in Hawaii are observed as a holiday, with tups to the beaches, sports, and free movies. FRIST FUNERAL HOME Apples of Sodom The apples of Sodom arc not apples at all. but a seeming fruit with a beautiful covering and ashes within. Tiiey grow on the banks of the Dead sea Useful Tree Lauhala - weaving is a growing American industry in Hawaii. From this tree' leaves are mace napkin rings, coasters for glasses, upholstery floor mats, table co 1 ers, bed cover., pillow covers, fans I and iiade-the-face hats. On Makint Friends If a man does not make new ac- aCe A man should keep hm "endslup in constant repair. AnimaU That l.aek Tail. Many animals' tails are used to keep off irritating insects, like those of the horse and cattle. But some animals have such mere apologies for tails that they cannot . ba of any service at all. Nature has left the elephant and the lynx mere scraps of tails, whilst the guinea-pig and the aus Beware Coughs from common colds That Hang On No matter how many ntonM yott DAY OR NIGHT k , AMBULANCE SERVICE PHONE IOd have tiiea ioi yuui wub, 1 l of broncSal irritation, you can get re- tralian wombat have none i rel now wim v-' w""1-"-- rouble may be brewing and you con- 1 - j I - 1-iDe Legislators ! lndiana will fine up to $1,000 a I member of the legislature who in-I tentionally absents Inmself W break n aunrum. ' When yon see the new 1935 RYTEX CHiUSTMAB CARDS you ...1 1 t hir smart designs not anora to tac - - hing less than Creomulaipn. which oerigU u Ove seat of tne trouble o aid nature to soothe and heal the nninied membranes as the germ-laden ilileiim is loosened and expelled. Ewn if other remedies have failed ioii't In- discouraged, your drusg 1st .to ,tli,ried to guarantee Crcouiulslon ;i d refund your money il you are not DR. 6. H. SELLERS DENTIST 2491 South Main Street C'llntou, Indiana and fine paper and large French Fold size - -and also at their extremely low price... 50 for gl.00, including your Name on the card, rind Sit envelope, to match. The Daily Clintontau. rSraetCulstonrtghtnow.(Adv.)

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