The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on August 1, 1921 · Page 1
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 1

Fairmount, Indiana
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Monday, August 1, 1921
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V I- E FAIBMOUNT NEWS i IT t. PRINTED FOR A PURPOSE TO It ELI FAIRMOUNT GROW TWICE A WEEK Monday and Thursday. - SOUTHERN GRANT COUNTY FIRST ALWAYS. Forty-f ourth Year FAIRMOUNT, INDIANA, MONDAY, AUGUST 1, 1921 Number 72 1 i Pi u ID KIWANIS CLUB FOR FAIRMOUNT Real Worker Could Start Out Today and Win a Ford Sedan THE NEWS FACES PROBLEM OF REALLY AND TRULY GIVING AWAY FOUR VALUABLE FRIZES MANY SUBSCRIBERS WAITING TO BE CALLED UPON WHILE FIELD FOR NEW SUBSCRIBERS HAS SCARCELY BEEN TOUCHED CANDIDATES URGED TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF 125,000 EXTRA VOTE. QUAKERS IX MARRY BY OLD CEREMONY Richmond Young Man and New Castle Young Woman to Wed According to Old Church Form Thomas R. Barr, Jr., of Newcastle and Miss Warna I. Johnson, of Richmond will marry themselves, August 18, in accordance with the old Quaker ritual in the Friends Church in Newcastle. Mrs!" Daisy Douglas Barr, pastor of the Friends church, and mother of the bridegroom, will "announce the marriage." The wedding, according to the old THIRD CASH PRIZE BEING OFFERED TUESDAY 'I THE PRIZE LIST FIRST GRAND YrIZE A self starting, electric equipped Ford Sedan Car, purchased of the Universal Motor Company, sole sales agents for Grant county, through M. Brock, Fairmount representative. SECOND GRAND PRIZE A $150 Vietrola, purchased of The Pioneer Drug Store, Fairmount. THIRD GRAND PRIZE A $143.75 Electric Washing Machine, purchased of the Broyles Electric Company, Marion. FOURTH GRAND PRIZE A $75 Seller's Kitchen Cabinet, purchased of Parrill & Lewis, Fairmount. SPECIAL CASH PRIZES Special Cash Prizes aggregating at least $50.00 will he striven away from time to time. NO LOSERS There will be no losers in this campaign, for any candidate competing to the end of the campaign and failing to win a grand priie or a special cash prize, and turning in at least $25 in cash subscription business, will be given 10 per cent commission on the business he (or she) brings in. ; PRETBYTERIAN CHURCH AT MATTHEWS REOPENS ASSESSORS FILING YEAR'S ESTIMATES Figuring Out Expenses For the Coming Year So Auditor May Make ! Estimates For Assessments j Township assessors are filing their i estimates on aroraisnient vnen ! for next year with the county auditor J I as required to be turned in from all i j assessors. Six assessors have al- j ready reported. This year's estimate ' j will differ from that of last year, as ! ( the real estate was not included in the ' i 4cicmmf K., ti.. i The fine list of valuable priies which the News is offering has not stirred up the enthusiasm hkh we had hoped for and general apathy and in-difftrence il! have to be fought and conquered before an automobile or any other prie is won. Any real worker could start out now and easily override any contestant in the race and d it ith two or three days canvass for subscriptions for the News, Any person billing to take advantage of the slowness of the workers in general can jump in NOW and receive a Ford Sedan Car for a little effort. If yea are not actively at work, start out today. This work is interesting; it brings you out into the pen; you meet your friends and neighbors and you have something to etfer them j for their moseytheir home paper .qqqD SOAKING RAIN estimates so far turned in are a fol-j Watered Garden." - Home made ice cream was rved i spirit tha" h witnessed in ? lows: There was a larce congregation in to Mrs. Henry West and children, of j Fairmount for many year, accord- ! Washington Township, Charles J. ! the afternoon at 2:30 o'clock, when Kansas, Mrs. Edd West also of Kan- to statements of some of the old-1 Bradford, township assessor-Salarv j the pastor preached again, on "The sas, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Coahran, inhabitants. Mallard who is Large Audience Attends Services and Hears Sermons By Dr. E. I. , Williams j The reopening of the Presbyterian churvh and the home comine meetinsr at Matthews, Sunday, July 24th, was a great success. Parents presented ; . . . . their children for baptism, nme were baptised. Four persons were publicly received into the church. Dr. E. I. Williams preached in the morning on VA snhipt- "Tl Pluireh TVinr n W!1 Progressive Church," from the words of God to Muse. "Go Forward." The 1 stress was laid upon the habit of regu- j lar church attendance. . .T . anu yiai we should go forward in all the Ufa of the ' church, both soul winning and mis- i sionary work. j Persons were present from Marion, Middletown and Hartford City. Sne- j cial music by the choir and a solo by Mrs. Hall of Hartford City, was highly appreciated, Dr. Edgar I. Williams, the pastor, will take his vacation in Aucrust and preach one Sunday for the First Pres- i bvterian church of Indiananolis. and! - - 1 T -j iorw Sunday for the Tabernacle church in the same city. RAND BOYS HONOR FORMER BAND MEMBER. ln honor oi Mr. and Mrs. cnaries nnre nmcwer rnnn!lovrnsn,P assessor salary ana sumiry ""- ; Farmers Happy Over the Outlook , Since the Steady Oownfall of last Thursday Night . Evervbodv is feeling better, thar.k ju and tho crops; are worth today several thousands of dollars more than ; i . u.. k-.-v. tHht.-- ' and by tar tne ocst paper puousnea in this sv:ion. And you are tund d to win a Prise or a big Cash commis- K-.xr., fcr thct are no losers in our j can-.psign. Sor.-.e of th workers seem to think that, Every Ksiy has Subscribed who, is cxy.nsr ts subscribe.' We think; differently, for thus far of the long ! list of people who were taking the -.. .-v.., iw. .ct r.nK- a small percentage, only ore out of every Most of fc rv.r WILL RENEW if the pro- position is PUT UP TO THEM, if nraing. The remarkable rain of" Fairmount Township, James W. J ;Relf. townshio assessor Salarv and : - - - - - PRELIMINARY STEPS FOR LOCAL ORGANIZATION TAKEN AT BIG BOOSTER MEETING Business and Professional Men Get Together Over Fried Chicken and Other Good Things to Eat at Big Meeting Held in Masonic Temple Thursday Night Marionites Help. Preliminary steps looking to the organization of a Kiwanis club in Fairmount were taken Thursday night' at a meeting of some forty business and professional men held in the banquet room in the Masonic temple, the arrangements for the meeting had be?n rather hurriedly made after word had been received from Marion that r.ill Mallard, state organizer for the Kiwanis, could be in Fairmount that evening, and that if arrangements for a meeting could be made he would be accompanied by Lewis DeWolf, president of the Marion Ki wanis, and Dr. Horace Gear and Walter B. Stephenson, and "Chick" Hut-chins, 'Marion Kiwanians. As many of the business and professional men as could be seen or notified in the short space of time were asked to attend the meeting, which was to have banquet features attached, in the way of a fried chicken dinner, and the Mas onic bnnquet room was secured for the occasion. Forty or more responded to the invitation, and the meeting developed more real enthusiasm and get-togeth- " nnism" took charge of the meeting " V i r-li nroc iA,-kA r,-i v V,. T nfn T?iK oie. 1 Mallard is not onl a booster. but considerable of a singer, and he lead the crowd in singing some of the Kiwanian songs, from the Kiwanian song books one of which was at each plate. It proved to ba a delightful surprise how many good voices were in that crowd, and the singing brought the spirit of good-fellowship out of every fellow there until he was ready to concede that his dinner companion was one of the best fellows he ever met. During the progress of the dinner, and there was a bountiful supply of mighty good fried chicken served by Ralph Moon, of the Moon Eat Shop, the enthusiasm ran high, so that bofore the conclusion of the feed every one was converted into a real Kiwanian booster. The Kiwanian handshake was given when each diner introduced by his first name his companion sitting on his right, and then the Marion bunch began talking. Stephenson talked. Gear talked, Hutchins talked, and then Dewolf told what Kiwanis had done for Marion, and how through the Kiwanians Marion was being cemented together in a real working organi zation for the upbuilding of the town and for everything that meant pros perity and progress. By the organization of a Kiwanis club Fairmount, he said, had an opportunity to start a forward movement that would make Marion sit up and take notice, and not only that but every other town in the state, for Fairmount would have the distinguished honor of being the smal lest city in the state, if not in the country, with a Kiwaniclub. Mal lard went into detail regarding the national Kiwanis organzation and also explained the method of procedure for the orgnization of a local Kiwanis. At each plate was a blank application for membership, and when these had been gathered up it was found that some thirty had been signed. Fifty charter members are required before a charter will be granted, and it was unanimous vote of those present that the fifty be secured and secured at once, putting Fairmount in big, big letters on the Kiwanis map. Taking necessary preliminary steps for the organization of the club temporary officers were elected as follows: President, Lafe Ribble; vice president. Will Parrill; secretary, Earl Morris; treasurer, Victor A. Selby. Temporary trustees were elected as follows: R. A. Morris, Dr. C. N. Brown, Wayne V. Fowler, L. E. Nolder, Kenneth Hol-lings worth, E. H. Lafler and Palmer Ice. . During the evening short talks were made by most of. the local men pres- , ent all expressing themselves as hear- -tily in sympathy with the movement. Another meeting will be held during (Continued cn Pae Four) I v J . . Quaker discipline, will be the first one that has taken place in that church for j fifty years, it is said. Miss Johnson is the daughter of J. M. Johnson. The party will enter the Quaker 'church, August 18, attended by eight persons and will follow out the old , Quaker ruling, which prescribes that I "after joining hands they shall pro- ceod in substance as follows, he speak - ing hrst: in the presence ot tne ixra Xtr;Cro'u'b."e. promising, with divine assistance, to be unto thee a loving and . faithful husband (or wife) until death shall separate us." This form of marriage without a license is recognized by the state. - . SURPRISE PARTY GIVEN TO MRS. TOM DYSON. Friends and neighbors of Mrs. Tom . ... . Dyson gathered at her nome r riuaj evening to remind her of her seven- tieth birthday. She received many nice presents, one especially being a verv useful one. Millie Coahran, tthel joanran, airs. Arel Vinson. Mr. and .Mrs. Blame C Ketz ana cnuaren, ir. ana Jirs. u. . . . ti t o xr:i r rieiu anu sun uiui .nio. uoc ler and daughter Margaret, Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Folger, Mrs. Jennie Terrel, Mrs. Racheal Jones, of Washington, D. C, and Mr. and Mrs. Tom Dyson. All departed at a lata hour having had very enjoyable time and wishing Mrs. Dyson seventy more jolly birth-davs. EPWORTII LEAGUE 11 Af I. t , f M E ne r-Pwrtn L.eague oi me ai. A4.4.L,rt cnurcn enjoJeu a home of Vern Ross, Wednesday even ing. The devotional services were h?ld at the church at 7:30. Those enjoying the roasted weinies were: ueioras acniagennai . mxt.i ti T,-a Pnrk- j-ml- pftth Harrv Haueh. Merle j j. Byron Traster, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Ross, Orpha and Frances Kirkwood, Elsie Sweeney, Chase Day and Celia Hayworth. Deloras Schlagenhaft was announc ed as the leader for the Wednesday evening meeting. Any boy under the age of 18, whose parents are members of the association, or any member of the associa tion who is of age, will be eligible for ( township will put a strong team in . tne fidd and be a lively contender for nonors. The first meeting for the ! purpose of organizing the team and 1 f or practice will be held at the home of Jos. A. Holloway of rural route 3 out of Fairmount on Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock. The meeting of the x Fairmount townshin unit held at East Branch last Wednesday night Nras one of un usual interest and a large attendance i was present. Otis Crane, of the Ma rion high school, gave a talk on the conditions confronting the farmer at this time. He also spoke on the care necessary in the raising of chickens and especially m the cuiung or hocks Frank Tippey, county chairman, was also present and gave an interesting talk, , " J. T. Hill, of Hill Bros, meat mar ket, and family, are spendiag . the week at Lake Tippecanoe . I they are impressed with the fact that ris:ht WOrkevl miracles in the fields of ; preen Township, John Rybolt, town-they are net only getting a srood value county. Corn, late potatoes and ' shiP assessor Salary and sundry ex-for thiir money but they are boost- tomatoes were, perhaps, the crops 1 Pauses, $650.00. Last year's expenses ing their town by helping a home in- ; most benefiteil by the rain. Frank ?S50. stitutien. Tippey, president of the Grant Coun- j Considerable amounts over last The f.eld for NEW subscriptions has tv Agricultural association, Friday ; year's appraisement expenses will re-scarcely been touched. ANY PER- expressed himself as especi- j lt this year, as the real estate is SON interested in Fairmount any 'ally gratified over the rrobable sav-i included in the regular appraisement person WHO IS INTERESTED in iRsr efTt of the rain on the late po- expense. Formerly this was not done. BOOSTING the value of his real : tatoes, but was rather doubtful as to j Every township assessor must file tate his busin-ss even the value j whether the rain came soon enough to 'these estimates before the tax levies and rermanencv of his job, who does' do the clover crops much good. I computed, otherwise, the county not take the local paper is NOT DO- Enough rain has fallen lately, b? said auditor will makeu the estimates as Kiefer, who are the guests of friends, i Mae Salvers Liora Brown, Bertha the members of the Fairmount band ! Hayworth Evelyn Taylor, Ruth Weav-of which Mr. Kiefer is a former mem-! Uya Salyers Hal Langsdon, Alva ber and leader, gav; a lawn party at m BeharreU Curless, Jack Bonar, the home of Orville Wells and Miss Robert Rollingsworth, Leslie Wilbem, Margaret Wells, on Henley avenua, -. . . Briles. Vern Ross, Thursday evening. The members of the families of the band boys, and a few friends of the honor guests, made up a jolly bunch of about 75, who partook of refreshments, and enjoyed a band concert later in the evening. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Keifer and daughter, Esther; of East L i.UIua IllLItL WUAU Uvail rtw-uv n vi.wt ad vnthil in a s-entle ? ana c-akinc: doxrnrour through the i to cause farmers in some localities to start their fall plowing, f armers an over the county are enthusiastic over the effects of the rain. SALLIE WINSLOW STEVENS mES 1X INDIANAPOLIS, Mrs, Sallie Winslow Stevens, a missionary to eo out from Gran cty, and who spent many of the of her life jn India, as a meJcal missionary, serving all those years without accepting any salary whatever for her services, passed away at the Methodist hospital in ItKjianapolis, Saturday, July 23. Her mains were brought to Jonesboro, jwnere she was born and passed her early girlhood days. The body lay in state at.tha home of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hall, and the funeral ser- vices were held Tuesday afternoon at th Jonesboro M. r. cnurcn, me paa- and sundrv expenses. $1,077. Last ' expenses. 'year's expenses, $749.00 Pleasant Township, A. G. Ricgs 1 expenses, $1,050. Last year s expenses $637.00. Lnter Township, C. F. Hollowell, township asessor Salary and sundry 'expenses, $4t."it. Last year's ex- Tenses, $2,910.65. J Jefferson Township, Hallick Benoy, ; township assessor Salary and sundry j expenses $1,040. Last year's expens- es. $653.00. i -r ; sundry expenses, $1,160. Iast year's expenes $54.00. ne ae-ms necessary. FINALLY TAKE TRIP PLANNED FOR MONTHS. The Summitville News has the following about a couple of Fairmounters and what they were doing on a recent Sunday: W. M. Coahran, J. W. Fraxier, county superintendent; John R. Little, trustee of Fairmount township and David G. Lewis, Fairmount nur seryman and former trustee there, enjoyed a trip Sunday to the Shrader grove, northwest of Pt. Isabel in How ard county. They had planned the trip for several months, but condi turns for making it did not come aright until Sunday. The chief point of interest was a grove of thirty acres 0f native trees on the Shrader farm. sucn as can be equalled in few places i ln Indiana, tiiant nonlars. sveamores and from four to six feet through are to be found there, along with many other varieties of native timber which are almost extinct. On the way home the party stopped at the F. M. Brizen- , .. . f, y mTvnv iwrrvm " ".1" . TO POST IN ALASKA. ' about five hundred miles up the Kus- kokwin river, and that he is to take Brady; Mr. and Mrs. Geo.. E. Fayton, , Mr. and iMrs. Will Stewart and Mr. FARMERS TO CONDUCT and Mrs. Louis Bender of Alexandria; ' COUNTY B. B. TOURNEY. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Little, Mr. and j t a meeting of the board of trus-Mrs. Ora Couch, Mr. and iMrs. Bernard 0f the Grant County Agricultural Allred, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Riggs, j association, held in Marion Saturday Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Brown, Mr. and night, it was decided to hold a county Mrs. tOtis Wilbern, Mr. and Mrs. Hal Dase Dan tournament, and arrange-Dale, Mr. and Mrs. Throckmorton, Mr. J ments looking to that end were made. and Mrs. WTaype Heavelin, Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Costion, Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln Stookey, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew rain. Miss Marearet Wells. Miss Clista Smith, fiss Lora Brown, MissL piace on the teams. Fairmount -ING HKJ FULL DUTY to his OWN mrv The Xews invites every- body who is ot subscribing to do so j now not only because we want your s subscription, but because YOU need' the News in your homo if you are to : be informed on the daily life of the s communty. If you are now a subscriber we know that you will renew; if you are not a subscriber, we know that you win or, but if you want to assist a candidate in the race, hand your FAVORITE your subscription TODAY NOW and assist the HUSTLER of your choice to WIN. Extra Totes Tba workers who did not win man i '" wees are urgea to cue aavmntagc w the 125,00 Extra Vote given this week and push to the front. Another Cash Prise ; A cash priie of $10.00 will be given tomorrow, (Tuesday) to the candidate ,who turns in the greatest amount of cash subscription business for the week. DR. RIGSBFE GOES TPO MAYO BROS, CLINIC. : Dr. S. T. Rigsbea, who racently sold his dental officeto Dr. C. L. Fenton, w)a imdnated this spring; from the dental deoartment of Indiana Uni versity, will leave this week for Rochester, Minn., to attend the dental clinic of the Mayo Brothers Hospital for a week or ten days, before roina: ' to clarion, whrc be has formed ' partnership with a prominent dentist of that city. Dr. C I. Fenton, whe succeeds to Dr. Rigsb2s Fairmount practice, tok possessio-; of his office j j tor, Rev. Edgar Moore, assisted byjand oaks, several hundred years old. Rev. Glenn Appleman, of the Friends church, in charge. UNDERGOES OPERATIONS xxx irVt irnnx OF KYES. a. m. w - - - . . . . dine larm near t. isarjei ana Olfather, during the past rA Waneta Throckmorton, and Messrs Dae Briles, Beharrell Curless, Emory Adams, Gregory Dale, Loren Cain, Tamer Adams, Leonard Montgomery, Wilber Ellingwood, Robert Heavelin, Bryson Wells and Orville Wells. PROSPECTS BRIGHT FOR EPWORTH SEMINARY Pmf fL E. Atkinson, nresident Rnworth seminarv at Enworth. Ga and who with his wife recently left Fairmonnnt for the south after spend- ing their summer vacation at their home here, writes to The NewsJthat fh nrosneeta for the seminarv for the coming year are exceptionally hriirht. He says that their Enworth friends anticipated their coming ana had a well filled table ready for them and their house all in order, and that they met with a most hearty welcome. The mountain air is fine, he says, and they are sleeping under light comforts every night. tt week, has undergone two operations in hopes of relieving an affliction of the eyes with which he has suffered since childhood. The first operation was performed Tuesday last in the Grant county hospital, and the second j Mrs. Florence Bartholomew recent-on Saturday, morning. After each ly received a letter from her nephew, operation Gerald returned to his home Leo W. Bundy, written Irom Seattle, in Fairmount where ne is being given in which he says' that he has been as-every attention. He is rapidly re- signed to one of the best radio' stations covering from the effects of the oper- located at McGrath, Alaska, located ations and it is hoped that the difScul ty will have been removed after his - ' full charge of the station. complete lecoTery. ' Saturday. . ,

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