The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 16, 1936 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
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Monday, November 16, 1936
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Monday, November 16, 1936 ' t fiaifv Cllntonfan." Ci'inton, Indiana The REGENT NEWS Hot ,..w.i.iW.iiuit.wiiisnMniiil.ynHiln.i iiiMWiaim.uawai iiii.ii.imii,i n .. . . u... .. . ') "-- . ,-r ' ' rntri. ir I i FROM CAYUGA ABW MEWS By Beatrice Biggs Flashes.lQ . OF Mr. and Mrs. Fred Baldwin aeti box. will not be shut up, ana Auny Andrews will sing some more comic songs. Johnuy Augustine un.l his Weekly Farm Paper Review THE BEST IDEAS FROM THE BEST FARM PAPERS By WILLARD "' " The National Radio Forum will mornina; "Filature Time" lirnnrom. begin its seventh year on tlie air tills Is assort if lie is rilntod to Muitm eveiilns with Secretary or fon.mer.-o ' hulhor the rrformatinulst. fa Ml re-Dan I?1 Roper a the Ural speaker. 1 villi ul.-k "'' mil ll H. will he hoard over MIC al !i: 30 'imiulror so off KORKle-eyed. 'It a no ..... .......... .h ....iiv ..ntruili. indeed. The Martin Liilh.T hunzt iii-esMit new arrangements ot Household Goods, flan lo Leave, for Ariiona CAYUOA. Nov. IS. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bnldwln had anle or their housohold goods Thursday. They plau to leave here and go lo Ariaona. Sam Mr-Kef sold bis household goods and farm eqmpiui'nl Satiu- popular liils. WINDOW GLASS Glass Cloth Cello-Glass . Putty, Paints, etc. STEVENSON lUr.iEERCO. a civ oi'iicrum celebrating Ihe nroirruin Herios will be eondii. ted by foui-teeulli anniversary of the Cap- Hrv Me will leave soon to live iti.l Family nrogrums will ne broad Poultry " roaltry demonstration records In on county In South Carolina hv oroved. year after year, that Inrelllk-ont poultry-keeping is probably thi naut-payins farm occupation In tht c.uioty, according to Poultry Tnbunt. On Keneral farmur with less than 600 ben made a profit over feed cost of $001) in eight months' time. On this basis, in a year these 600 hens would provide as much net profit lllrnols farmers mads last year on nearly 9 cows averaging 800 lbs. of butterfat since 22 of the best cows on test in that state only made an averaga igutlt over feed of per cow. kA th. !r. nnnrxat Illinois rows on test actually lost 62c each, una good Willi his ulster. he Is related to Is his brother. . . . It you've wondered what's happened to the Three Kings' you used lo hear with Harry Hosnl.-k and Hal Kemp . . they're slnirina tin Willi the National Barn Paii.e (V t,.le. . . . Ed Wynu. like Charlie Hntterworth. was a newspaper cast by s group of guesi slurs unile lb., untiling band of the g.-nlal Mi' The local printing office. .The H-inld. will he moved Saturday Into ..... i...ii.ii,v Jol- Bowes over CHS mi Sunday from I Irt: 3ii to 1 1 ::! a. in.' Hh',hlirl't-d J part of the J. 1. simps. .. ......u.... The Hornl.i Is owned and operated hen would have made Illinois farmers far more money than. they made on t by Lee Cole. Oliver Owen Ktihn. nuiliatslua editor ol the WaabinKton Slur. Kiihti will conlliiiip to liiliodiiee oiitxiBiidlim JlRuref. In public lir-eai'inet nffleei. mninbeia of rnimress. heada "f tin-various federal bureaus and iik-eni-lm nnd national lenders no! diriwily nected with the covernrnent. Cm the openliiK forum. ' Sei -rotary Jloiu r will Itiiiore all i.oliilcal aiiKle.- In telling listeners about the present status ol the trade ana eniujnereial relationship wbieb are of most vi-tul interest In Hie entire country. ni.iu hefore beconuiic a sui-ceM.Mil Mrs. Marunret Malone has gone to south Bend for an Indefinite visit with her daughter. Mrs. Robert (irubbs. cemeUlun. Wynn wrote u syndicated humor column till Floyd Clhbons, globe-trot line news-B.-ithtTer. lias n iinliiue adlo enn-tract.' HihijoiiH. co-stai-re.l nn "The Speed Show" with Vincent Lopez, has u clause in his contract releasing him in the event of war in which Mrs. Dune Harper, Mrs. Rosroe EAGS and COTTON MATTRESSES lC LB. n,,nrk snd Mr. and Mrs. Mux Har- In the hour of eut"i liilnuieni win n a rt.tnedy sketch by i;j Kast and Ralph Ihinikt-. CMS Quality Twins." in which Major Howes hlmsolf will lulte part. The mujor's r.'milar irniipe of artists, many of whom have been with thy family for yours, will also contribute to the celebration. They include Helen Alexander, coloratonra soprano: NIMiobvi Cosentino, opera tenor; Edward Matthews, baritone; Char-le Magnate, accordionist: Sam Herman, xvloplionist. and Waldo Mayn't, vev were in Danville Friday. Mrs Ilonrk visaed George Parks ul Lake vw,- i.nanKnl He 1-eniains In a very any of a good many thousand poot cows in (iiai siaie. Peaches Seven years of study at the University of IllinoU have demonstrated that the addition of I lb. of alnc sulfate to a spray mixture of 8 lbs. of lead arsenate, 8 ibs. of hydrated lime, and 100 gallons of water, has a narked effect in reducing spray injury to peach trees.Praine tanner. Shaving the Corn Fields A Jackson County. Michigan, correspondent of Michigan Farmer stronglv recommends the use of a home-made "safety razor ' for the last cultivation of corn. He made it himself by removing the back teeth of a one-horse cultivator and bolting a sharpened flat iron bar to the outside legs. By setting the wheel sn that the front teeth do not dig too deep, this rig gets every remaining weed without aiaturbmg the com roots. Silage for Horses After the last drouth 'the University of Missouri proved that draft horses could be successfully wintered on ration containing a large percentage of good corn silage. They brought a bunch of Tnatnre mares through the winter in good shape on a roughage ration of 24 lbs. of silage nlus 6 lbs. of hay per day. Care should be taken to avoid feeding frozen .case he'd leave Xeiv York to "cover" serious condition. The "I,augh with Ken Murray" program -will reach a new height of insanity on Tuesday when Ken Murray becomes the. proud owner of a enwless ranch nnd his supporting Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hancock the front. . . . WOWO and Kill,, stations al Fort Wayne.. Iml visited Rev. and Mrs. Frank Peterson of Monienuma Thursday. Mrs, have been added to the networks of p.-fers..!! has. been III the past five Water Street Phone 267 weeks and Her condition remains: players, which include -Us-waia. Mil. Eve Arden, Hnss Jtorpan and Fred utiol un eonmletelr western in a pro-- Lulu Belle and Scotty Natlouut the same. : Barn Dance stars, pooh-pooh the gram to be heard from 7:30 to 8;"0 hies that when a slnr marries his l'HIXiRAM ht;hi.k;htk mommy 7:00 -Horaco Heidt's Brigad'ors. CBS WBIIM , WHAS. trnnhles begin. When a fan recent Largest Fruit of Kind The double coconut of the Sey-chelle Islands, in the Indian Ocean, is probably the largest single-seeded fruit in existence. 1 ly asked them which member ol' the fnn.Ilv receives the most fan mail, 7:30 The Voice of Firestone NBC WMAQ. WIW. S::)0-Richard Himher's Champions NBC WMAQ. WTAM. p. m. over CBS. .Phil Megan, the prize tenor of the ow country, will be heard in several musical numbers, , but lias declined on advice ol' counsel to sins "I'm an Old Cowhand." Rubs Morpan, not having the wherewithal lo consult an attorney, will lead his orchestra through the musical maze of ,this svlnrtion ns well aB several others having a Rocky Mountain tlnpe. CBS WBBM. WHAS. 10:30 Eddie Duchin's Orchestra 9 ; ;; n 4'rof essor Qui?, nnd his lirriln- mm I Tt1f " busters CBS WnBM. WJR. T1'K!IAY 7 00 Log Cabin Dude Ranch NBC WENR, .KDKA. 7:30 "Uwrh With Ken Murray CBS WBBM. WHAS. 8: on Ben Bornie and the Lads-NBC WENR. WLW. RAYNES-FRAZIER Farm Hardware of All Kinda 323 South Main Phone 33 they (ooked at each other, chuckled and said, "reckon mehhe it's Linda Lou, our ten-nwinth-old baby daughter." As n nmtler of fact, marriage has meant much to Lulu Belle and Scotty as radio stars. When they were first teiimnd together, officials of their sponsors company feared it miglit not he a good idea, but as soon ns ihey were married fan mail began to increase. With the birth of Linda Lou. u new character entered the picture. Dirts of every description poured into the Wiseman household. One fan sent a wood carving showing Skyland Scotty playing his five stringed guitar and rocking Linda Lou's cradle with his foot. or mouldy ailage as it will give horses indigestion. Wallace s armer. Bighead Missouri Agricultural College has the following to say, In Missouri Ruralist. about "bighead" in sheep. The causes are.not definitely known but they are connected with drouth and extreme heaUand eating Jan-gerous weeds because of lack of pasture is under suspicion. Symptoms are swelling of the ears and the slim of the face; Sick animals should be promptly removed from the flock and placed in a eool, dark places-arid both sick and healthy sheep should be provided with hay and a little grain, together with shade and an ample supply of salt and fresh water. Turkey Fattening The Oregon Experiment Station is one of the leaders in the turkey field, hence their report on cost of fattening turkeys is doubly interesting. Based on 1934 costs for feed, it cost 17c per pound of gam to put weight on Mammoth Bronze toms, after October 1st, where they were fed whole grain ixclusively about 13c per pound for a ration of grain nnd milk about 14c per pound for grain and low-protein mash and about 14 Vic for grain, high-protein mash and milk. Turkey World. Orchard Irrigation Michigan State College reports that in sections where short periods if drouth mav be expected, the yield and quality of apples may be greatly mproved blossom end rot may be completely -controlled -end blossom iron may be radically reduced hy proper irrigation. And an Ohio correspondent of Michigan Farmer writes that irrigation has increased his apple yields at least 25 and produced fruit of ,o much better quality that an expenditure of $12 per acre for irrigating has produced increased profits of at least $100. j .. Grain Pasture for Hogs I Southern Agriculturist brings ua reports of hog-feeding tests at the South Carolina Experiment Station. Similar lots of hgs were finished on white corn and on yellow corn part of them in dry lot and part on winter : i .uTl. ilAA horia-rr nnts nnd A check field Of raOO. CUS WHAS, WFBM. FRIDAY 7:30 Andre and Or chestra 8:30 Twin Stars NBC WENR, WSM. 9:00 Sbep Fields and Orchestra finest Slars NBC WENR, KDKA. 8A.Tnm.iY 7:3u Kay Jyser and Orchestra Ed Tborgerson CBS WBBM, WHAS. S .00 National Barn Dance NBC jWLS, WSB. 10:00 .Roger Pryors Orchestra CBS WBBM, WCCO. WVDAY 5 30 The Baker's Broadcast XBC WLS, KDKA. 10:30 fleorge Olr.on and Orchestra CBS -WHAS, WFBM. 1VKDXKSIMV Cab Calloway, famous bi-de-bo singer nnd band lender of radio, stage and screen, will join Hen Mer-nle and AH the Lads for a session of hot music on Bernie's program Tuesday at S:n p. m. over NBC As nn added treat the old maestro is calling hack to the microphone one of his former stars, and now an outstanding hand leader himself. He Is Pick Stabile, one of the "hottest" saxnphone players in the country. Btnbilo and his hand are now playing at the Hotel Lincoln in New York, where they feature u new style of "swing" music, based on the sax-snhone section. Cab and his hand ?:00 Fannie Brice: Victor Arden's O reheat ra NBC -WENR. KDKA. 8 -on Irvin S. Cobb and Paducah We order stove repairs to fit any stove and make stovepipe any size. We have Alcohol and Antl-Freeze for your car. W.S. LEWIS Hardware 149 S. Main Groceries Virginia Verrill, -vivacious young star recently signed for the movleB. Joins Al Pearce and His Gang as guest vocalist in their program over Plantation NBC WENR, KDKA. s:00 "C.ang Busters" CBS WiBBM. WT1AS. THI'KSIIAY -00 Rudy Vallee: Variety Hour XBC WMAQ. WLW. 7-30 Eddie Cantor; Renards Or I CBS on Thursday from 2:00 lo 2:M arc the attractions nt New York s . chestra . CBS WBBM. WHAS. n m. Tizzv Lish. conking ana famous Cotton Club. health expert, will give new recipns Thesgpasture-eroTOwery'foiMiO-iiili'a-vl! utmost Identical value for tog.'1 9:0(i onerftl Motors Concert for disrupting orderly households .Mujor Bowes Amateur Hour NBC Tt5JAjr WTAM. News and Notes: When Paul 4rin T!n is. the human chatter Luther the reformaiionisi,. r.i ' Mill INSURANCE I 7uiMUffll5'ti 1 but there was a wid. spread in the value of pasture between white ana yellow corn. Pasture saved an average of $9.65 per acre with the white corn lots and only $5.29 per acre with the yellow corn lota. Tramping Silage ' Tramping silage -may make it possible to get a little more into an upright silo and it may keep a little better but when short of labor it is not necessary to keep a man in the silo for thif purpose, according to Michigan Farmer. If the distributor pipe is tied in the center of the silo, and a man goes up to spread the heap of silage evenly about once an hour, results will be entirely satisfactory. Sorghum Silage Sorghum should not go into the bIIo until the heads are matured and the seeds so hard that thev cannot he crushed with your fingers, according to Indiana Farmer's 'Guide. Light frosts will not harm sorghum and if it is cut too gTeen it will sour. Water should be added if the stalks rr very dry. Dark Beef Apparently .he old belief that grass is responsible for dark beef is a ot of h.ioev. Ohio Farmer carries a report of experiments at West Virginia Experiment Station in which it was found that the color of the beef was due to the finish alone and grass had nothing to do with it Rye Pasture Under general cornbelt conditions it is possible to sow rye for pasture any time between August and December, but Iowa State College recommends sowing it in August for best resalts.-Michigan Farmer. and Surety Bonds Old Line Stock Companiae ROBB c GILMOUR Dependable Insurance Since 1890 141 S. Main St. Phone 18 RYTEX PERSONAL CHRISTMAS CARDS USED CARS V 1 Always PUTS ON POUNDS QUICK AND THICK! The real "showdown" on hog feed comes in the feedlot. There's where Purina Pig and H6g Chow makes .Many Makes and Model I i FOR Chevrolet Cars 1 rucks CLINTON AUTO COMPANY f 1.1 niucknian l'liune Wt . vr V and holds its reputation for .saving corn and making profitable pork. There'i where the proof of performance shows that "The Purina Pound Is the Most Profitable.'' Come in and look over ome feedlot records that show what Pig snd HogCbow can do for you! tin im m kit nn I f C. COLUMDUS COOPERATIVE STORES PRINTED WITH YOUR NAME Here they are these ultra-smart cards that are always so individual. French folder Btyle . . . exquisite stock . desiRns especially created by Rytex. a.- JH II rnul 0Ue How! it '! i 1 i - 2256. HOGS r 6 MONTHS fi5 K0S2I 111 7 tun jn - 5 1 FARMERS! mm We Pay Highest Price For Grain .-'V2ii",kT ami Butchering Season Is Now On! Use Morton's Salt for Seasoning. Feeds of All Kinds RIVERSIDE MILLING CO. 158 Water Street Phone 5 COOPERATIVE STORES 959 North Ninth Street and Corner Maun & Vine Streets LEAVE ORDERS AT THE OFFICE OR -SEND REMITTANCE TO THE DAILY CLINTONIAN 1

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