The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on July 28, 1921 · Page 7
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 7

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 28, 1921
Page 7
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THE FAIRMODNT NEWS INTRIGUING US TO NEW STYLES IN EVENING GOWNS Shame Th em. on IMPROVED UNIFORM INTERNATIONAL v Lesson 7 By REV. P. B FITZWATER, D. D.. Teacher of Ffciftlish Bible in the Mocdy Bible Institute of Chicago.) (, 1921. Western Newspaper Union.) RHAPS there are a few mothers who do not know the virtues of Fletcher's Castoria. Perhaps there are a few who know that there are imitations on LESSON FOR JULY 31 the market, and knowing this demand Fletcher's. It is to ALT, motherhood, then, that we call attention to the numerous imitations and counterfeits that may be set before them. , It is to all motherhood everywhere that we ring out the warning to beware of the "Just-as-gqpd". For over thirty years Fletcher's Castoria has been an aid inther upbuilding of our population; an aid in the saving of babies. And yet there are those who would ask you to try something new. Try this. Try that. Even try the same remedy for the tiny, scarcely breathing, babe that you in all your robust womanhood would use for yourself. Shame on them. if JUL p 11 111 I r. Jil SAUL TEACHING AT ANTIOCH. I.ESSOX TEXT Acts ll:19-30. GOr.DEX TEXT A wiioic year they assembled themselves wrlh the church, and taught much people. Acts 11:26. REFERENCE MATERIAL Acts 5:42 1 Tim.. J:?i-7; II Tim. 2:2. PRIMARY TOPIC Carrying . Help to Jerusalem. JfXlOU TOPIC Saul Helping in the Christian Life IXTERMEOIATE AND SENIOR TO! IC Entering I'pon a New Career. VOVXi; IEt)PI.E AND ADULT TOl'iC A Year's Teaching in Antioch. Children Cpy Fop When tiod was about to launch llie missionary enterprise among the (Jcu-tiles. lie arranged Tor a new religious comer. Antioch was admirably adapted for such a center. The upper classes were tlieeks and used the Ureok language. The government officials wore IIoiii.-ius and used the Latin tongue. .WhUe the masses were Syrians, sprinkled among them were Jews who bad come for commercial purposes; ais. travellers from all parts f !!; world were in evidence. t r:nwnL-3 PER CENT. I. A Religious Awakening at Antioch a vtNthk IVpoarationlorAs - J (w. i:--Jl). ' :-Ht;,itheroodbYKegul&-1 v VI 111 1. The occasion (v. l'.'a). The perse lingthcStomacis andBowclsa cution at -lei usalcm scattered the liciples abroad. Tlii Jod permitted !!i orIer to separate tli'i;i trom The home peril 0c at Jerusalem. !l Thcrctn-PromotinDiOcslion 1 PKoorf,, m ;; and RcstCofltiLto The preachers (v. l'.Ul. neither Opiam. "Morphine nor were onlmarv men and women. t"t rtllcirds. h-,i thev were tilled with the Mineral. Kot RAhcotw yearning doire for lot souls - and of i ho iik underdrss is round, with vvi'mssoti of the Lord 4'i:s in the H KHK i a lov iy evening pnvn, anions: the first to he presented five narrow French folds form ins a power of the Holy t.Jhost. hand alwit it. The laco overskirt is 3. What they fvv. Ph, 2i). Thev prenchetl the "Won!" and hither at the hack than at the front. with t ho st amp of the now eaon upon It. Its leauiy is calculated to reconcile these who t:e questioned or where there is no definition of the iht " I-oid -ler:." All w I.o preach the Your Friend, the Physician. The history of aU medicines carries with it the story of battles against popular beliefs : fights against prejudices even differences of opinion among scientists and men devoting their lives to research work; laboring always for the betterment of mankind. This information is at the hand of all physicians. He is with you at a moment's call be the trouble trifling or great. He is your friend, your household counselor. He is the one to whom you can always look for advice even though it might not be a case of sickness. He is not just a doctor. He is a student to his last and final call. His patients are his family and to lose one is little less than losing one of his own flesh and blood. Believe him when he tells you as he will that Fletcher's Castoria has never harmed the littlest babe, and that it is a good thing to keep in the house. He knows. MOTHERS SHOULD READ THE BOOKLET THAT IS AROUND EVERY BOTTLE OF FLETCHER'S CASTORIA GENUINE CASTORIA ALWAYS Word will preach the Lord Jesus oppvei the edict of Pans which tie- j waist line, and a smile of woo leu dares fr lore skirts this fall. But heads emphasizes the classic lines of lor He is its center. The real reasou Remedy fcf the dress. A verv simHe and mod- :g this srwn. i f American manufacture why there are not conversions today em rosette of satin ribbon is posed is the failure of ministers to preach ! the Word. at the right side, (me can imagine the elegance of this model in hlack -r ncc rif Sleep A. To whont thev preached (vv. IV. resulting mwfromjnjrfan lace and white silk, or in dyed lace over harmonizing colors. It is au ideal lac Simile Signatoreot dinner gown, adapted to all sorts of evening wear. Its lines ane flattering to all figures. The evening gown of black lace is Bears the Signature of reveals a:: excellent management of styles and maierials an understanding on the part of its designer that has ren".:t in a stately and altogether charming creation.. The makers of suits and tailored dresses for strict wear refust- to take the initiative in thi maner of much-lengthened skirts It is fits x vision for self determination on the part of the American woman and for the street she will, in all liki:hood decree for herself the shoe-top length. The foundation of the gown pictured i i. ri weave, high-luster silk with drapery of Guipure lace. The laoe forms an overskirt and a graceful sort of mantle, ending in panels that are finished at the edges with a piping of silk. The hot torn of lhe overkirt is Ko finished in this way. The neck the most useful of things in ward-roles that do not run to evening clothes, because it can be varied by the accessories worn with it the hashes, girdles fans and jewelry may be in one or another color. Lream colored or white lace has this ad Exact Copy of Wrapper. CtNTAUW GOMMNV, Nl YORK CITV. vantage also. Dyed laces are to be reckoned with for those who must have a variety of dinner gowns, made "JU), 11) Some of these .disciples who were scattered because 'f persecution went among the Jews only with the gosju-l message. They had not yet cone to see that the gospel purpose was wider than the Jews. (2) Some preached to the tJrecians also. These were from Africa vnd Cyprus. They were further removed from the Jewish center, and therefore were a little more liberal. The success of their preaching was so great that the news of it reached Jerusalem, the mother church. II. Barnabas Sent to Inspect the Work at Antioch (vv. 22-24). This was a wise selection. 1. The character of Ilarnabas (v. 24). He was a good man. It is highly important in sending a man to follow up a work of the Spirit that Ids character be good. He not only must be of an unblemished character, but his sympathies must be broad. He must be capable of entering into full appreciation of the things about him. Much mischief often results from sending injudicious men to look after the Lord's work. He was full of the Holy Spirit. This is an essential qualification for pastoral work. Only History Made Interesting. It was during ancient history period tip with always dependable satins or crepes. one day that I felt so embarrassed, l waft tired of reading about Julius Caesur ami wanted something new. I PARIS OFFERS NEW IDEAS pulled oT lhe old stunt of placing a book, a story book at that, in front of IN WRAPS FOR SUMMER my history, and thcyold camouflage held cotil until I was jlled on to read. Thoughtlessly I stood up and in an IVostorn Canada Offers Health and Vcallh and has brought contentment and happiness to thousands of home seekers and their families who have started on her FREE homesteads or bought land at attractive prices. Tbey have established their own homes and secured prosperity and independence. In the great grain-growing sections of the prairie provinces there is still to be had on easy terms Fertile Land at $15 to $30 an Acre land similar to that which through many years has yielded from 20 to 45 bushels of wheat to the acre oats, barley and flax also in great abundance, while raising horses, cattle, sheep and hogs is equally profitable. Hundreds of farmers in Western Canada have raised crops in a single season worth more than the whole cost of their land. Healthful climate, good neighbors, churches, schools, rurrl telephone, excellent markets and shipping facilities. The climate and soil offer inducements for almost every branch of agriculture. The advantages for excited voice began to read: 'The lights! The lights! The lont is sink Tomorrow Alright NR Tablets stop sick headaches, elieve bilious attacks, tone and regulate the eliminative organs, make you feel fine. "Better Tkaa Pifl For Lirer 111." ing. As the cold water rushed on the deck " Here my voice ran ofr to a mere whisper as I realized what T had been reading. "Interesting history," my teacher a Spirit-filled man can appreciate the commented dryly as I hastily sat down. O, man! How the class roared! Chicago Tribune. workings of the Spirit of God. lie was also a man of great faith. 2. Work done by Harnahas (v. 23). Dairying, Mixd farming and Stock Raising: ne gladly endorsed the work ami Positively Absurd! Au airplane flew over an Irish asy earnestly exhorted them to steadfastly ct continue In the faith, clinging unto lum, to the consternation of the in make a tremendous appeal to industrious settlers wishing to improve their circumstances. For certificate entitling you to reduced railway rates, illustrated literature, maps, description of farm the Lord. There are many allurements itiates. Next day two of the lunatics were discussing the machine. to tempt young Christians. The re opportunities in Manitoba, bas Joicing of Itaruahas shows that he One said: "Io you know, I dreamt on was a man who could reioice in the last niirht I made one of those con katchewan. Alberta and tirt-tish Columbia, etc., write M. 1. JOHNSTONE 215 Traction-Terminal Bldg. Indianapolis, Ind. work of others. He did more than mm mm trivances ami flew to Australia in sixtv minutes." Inspect the work; for -many people rere added urito the Lord. roubt- "That's strange,"' said the other. "I less he preached. had a similar dream. I went to Melbourne in sixty seconds." Quickly Relieved by WAKEFIELD'S Blackberry Balsam Wakefield's Blackberry Balsam has been t the surest ani Quickest remedy for Dlar- I rhoea. Pysemery. Cholera Infantum and ! Cholera Morbus for 76 years. While It Is i oulck and positive In Its action. It is harm- HI. Barnabas Brings Saul (vv. 20). "How did you go?" "Right through the earth." "Look here, my friend, you're not a The work grew to such an extent that help was needed. Barnabas had CIgvj ILiiG lor SioEi Urn idlOt, less and does not constipate. It checks the j the good jugment to seek Saul for lunatic you're a blitherin: that's what you are " this important work." Barnabas knew irouole ana puis me siui;i..i n huu uuweis i i tbeir natural, regular condition. Of the mil- ; lions cf bottles sold, no case has been re- ; ported where a cure was not effected when j directions were followed. j Every home should have a bottle or more ! on hand ready for sudden attacks. 6t and $1.00. f 100 bottle holds S times 60c Bie. Soldeverywhere. j that the bringing of Saul would mean his taking a secondary place. It is the duty of Christian leaders to seek Independence. "What is independence?" "Eating onions without caring who knows It." Eatonic Uorhs Magic out men who are qualified for the Lord's work and bring them. from their places of obscurity, setting them to work in the Lord's vineyard. There are many men in obscurity which it Youthful Envy. Billy was entertaining his youug auut's caller until she was ready to appear. The y. a. entered the room as Billy was saying: "You don't has to wash your knees you wear long pants." requires a Barnabas to bring forth. Poor Roads Disliked. Once in the city, the young folks are not willing to travel over the had roads hack to the farm Better Roads. IV. The Disciples First Called Chris ryllRF.E names, world-renowned in tians (v. 26b). This season will be rememliered as one of capes and eapelike wraps, A cape of black satin lined with a lighter contrasting color is shown at Tiiey were not called Christians In I have taken only two boxes of Eatonic and feel like a new man. It has done me more good than anything else," writes C. O. Frappir, Eatonic is the modern remedy for acid stomach, bloating, food repeating and indigestion. It quickly takes up and carries out the acidity and gas and enables the stomach to digest the ood naturally. That means not only relief from pain and discomfort but you get the full strength from the food you eat. Big box only costs a trifle with your druggist's guarantee. derisiou, as is so often asserted. It was a consequence of Saul and Barna the center of the picture. It has a scarf collar and long slits at the sides HAYFEVER Good Road Advantages. A good road picks up a farm ten uules out and moves it five miles in. B. F. Yoakum. bas teaching there for a year that X the realms of fashion are signed to these three wraps for summer wear. It is easy to see at a glance that each of them is made to be a practical protection in climates that are not always genial, even in summer time, and that they embody styles that are not too fleeting. Paris has presented many wraps of many kinds this summer; the late arrivals among them fore-shadowins a changed silhouette for they were called Christians. The name was a consequence of the teaching. In through which the arms may be thrust. For elegance and usefulness combined - Ask Your Druggist for M. A. P. We Bosltivelv roarantee to conquer any ease all Saul's teaching he showed the nothing excels a wrap of this kind. of HAY FEVER, no matter how long standing. The designer of the last wrap pic Community Is Benefited. Good roads "benefit a community by making travel quick, safe, arid unique relation which the Christian sustains to Christ. Since the body tured must have cast a lingering and closely resembles Its head, Christ, they regretful glance backward apparent Hundreds have been restored to neaitn, wny not you? Why suffer all the agonies of this dreadful affliction when you are guaranteed relief. Any bank will tell you we are reliable. Literature upon request. NO CURE NO PAY MAICNEN CHEMICAL CO. were called Christians. ly he was lured by the long lines and V. The Church at Antioch Sends Re casual adjustment of last winter's lief to Jerusalem (vv. 27-30). . , inl Ealaresi styles. This wrap is of smooth. 422-5 Sscuritioa BMg. Dss Moias The Holy Spirit . through Agabus beige-colored wool cloth with an em Thinks Next Is Better. Bad reads are with you every day. The tourist has the happy thought that the next county has a good stretch. Tlssaes, Curb, Filled made known a great dearth through fall. With all the instability of styles, transitions cannot be too abrupt and t;ie wise French know it. The graceful coat at the left can never be entirely out of style. It la male of light weight wool coating In tan color, with long semi-fitted body and moderately full skirt portion. The military collar, front facing and border at the bottom are of dark brown Teadons oree out the world. This came to pass In the days of Claudius Cesar. Every placement of black satin, in a curious figure, at the bottom. An applique of the lighter cloth on the black ground makes an effective decoratlod. The FROM FACTORY TO CON'SCMER! Buy your roof paint, house paint, barn paint, automobile oil. tractor oil. from the manufacturer direct and save dealer's profits, sales-, man's commissions and other unnecessary overhead. Our prices will surprise you! Write us for prices and color cards. Republic man according to his ability deter Much Money for Improvements. Braises or strain; stops Spavin Lameness, allays pain. Does not blister, rsmova th hair or Uy up the horse. Only a few drops required at sach rained to send relief unto the brethren In Washington, a hill authorizing very full collar Is apparently a ruffle I which dwelt In Judea. They made up of the coat material lined with black Prod. Co.. Inc.. Prospect Uldr., Cleveland. U. j Agents. Canvassers. lrddlers. mall order, j homes write only once for anything without ; exception, tremendous profits. Special sys- j . . I u Innniri. tnr nttfn useless ' money for the poor saints at Jerusalem appropriation of $100,000,000 for road improvements was passed by the house. far. The plain coat sleeves set snug- j satin tin. application. - or delivered. BooU 1 A free. and sent It by the hands of Barnabas and Saul. This act not only proved ly txwthe arms and are tinisnea wun a row of round, overed buttons on proposition. Morris. 1135 11th St., Chicago. W. T. TOOHG. 1st, 31 Tl St.. the genuineness of the work at An lb Dr. tloch, but ft emphasized the fact that the forearm. The skirt of wis coai j Is oien at the front, disclosing the 0? Tsr dM mt b Poultry House Floor. A concrete floor is especially practical for a permanent poultry house. FRECKLES W. N. Ci., Indianapolis, N6. 31-1921. there is no division between Jew and dn-ss under It. Gentile.

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