The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 22, 1946 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 22, 1946
Page 8
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,*AC;K KKJHT BLYTHEV1LLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TODAY'S SPORT FARM>K. Foul Rule Worrying Lesnevich In Forthcoming Title Defense (tiler Defeated In The Eleventh , E«*di« Mayo's Double Scores Winning Run Against Cleveland >:. BY CABI, LUNDQIIIST Hailed Prets Sports Writer NEW YORK. April 22. .(UP) — Sound strategy and the gambler's litck that made it work, pul basc- btli's smiling Irishman, manager . ... Steve O'Neill Of'Hie Detroit Tigers ' ^\ c " lu ' ""fends his title ngalnfit in even a more Jovial mood than ni1tis1 ' Em !"' e Champion Freddi-; By OSCAK KKALEY ; United Press Sports Writer NEW. YORK, April 22. (UP)— Cl'js Lcsncvlch, the muffin-mouthed lUfht heavyweight champion of tlic world, takes off from LaGumdla Field today for England with plenty of faitU and 'hoiw and very little charily In his heart. Gus has faith in hlifisclf and 111'.' Hope that he'll be able to succ^.v.s- fully buck boxing's foul usual today. O'Neill borrowed an old world (cries trick lo sweep an Important two-game series with the Cleveland Indians by refusing to play his ace uainst an ace. Mills in Ixjndon May 14. As for the charity section. FrciMlc will havo to tr.kc care of his own chin. But it's not the chin which is worrying Gus and his cortege, namely Mnnngcr Joe Vclla nnd Trainer All!; Kldecwny. It's Die sub-abdominal He caused a few raided eyebrows section known as the groin wlikh week when he' said that he wasn't going to use Hal Newhouser yhen Bob Feller pitched for the Indians. That made it sound as If tie thought Keller was a better pitcher than his left handed artist if'ho won 54 games in tlic past two Masons. • "There Isn't any sense in sending ypur best man against Feller when you have more chance to win with him in another spot." he said. That was no admission that he thought Feller Ihe better man. it was simply his Idea of .shooting for one fairly certain victory and gambling jor two. And it worked. ". The tough part, of course, was in beating. Feller, but the Tigers did it . 11 Innings yesterday, 3 to 2, after Newhonser won thc Saturday game. Eddie Mayo's clutch double scored Fxldie Lake with the rtin that beat Feller after Bullet Sob had held Detroit (o five hits and struck out 10 up to that lime. Virgil Trucks, who gave no hits after rclelvlng Frank Ovcrmire in the eighth, was the winner. Ovcr- mire gave up only four hits himself, all the Indians got. "The victory moved Detroit lo transposes ordinary box fighters Ino thcsplnns of Ihe calibre of the Barrymores. And the nib Is Hint In Finland von still can lose a litlc by "iuca- n fighter with a low blow, something which lias been wiped ofr the books In n draninti"- consctous America. But over ill B.'i- lain il still Is considered n noteworthy performance lo take cine below the belt, fold like Hie hc-rome East Lynnc mid be crowno'.l champion while yroiiulng (Int on your back—if you can get away with il. Addenda: Home town boys usually succeed. Jiickir; Patlcrson, England's My- weight champ, recently gathered in European bantamweight honors by just such n process. Chopped lo the deck Ihrce times for nine counls by Thco Medina of France, Jackie took the lltle prone on a foul. And Fast Matches Are Promised Here Tonight Buck Lawson and Henry Hurrcl will taken on Leo "Sailor" Newman and William Canny In Pro- moler Mike Meroncy's weekly mat show at the American Legion Arena tonight. It will be one ol the usual knock-down-djag-out affairs labeled tag match. The participants for this little bout are a good Indication of wlint is In store for thc fans and Meroney, too. The foxy Lawson. who lias appeared here many times, Is teamed wllli Harrel. a newcomer to this nock of ihe woods. Promoter Me- loncy says thai Harrel should do nlrlght for him^lf, and Mike is usually right. Newman, an ex-Nnv.v Champion, U a well built lad with plenty on , the ball. He has an exceptionally ho was,,l irusling anybody too fa,. ^ op^enfZn,'^ % & tcctli. He Hkcs to play the game fair and above board, but If some one starls something lie Is right n there with tile rough stuff. He weighs about 200 iwnnds and every bit of lhat Is clynamlte. Newman's partner. Canny, is a that happened In London and just last month. It Is sonuihinH which bothers Lesnevich and Vella'. thc lend In the denied lease which brought BriU'.;!i heavyweight champion IJiiicc Wojil- cock to thc United. Stales to inset, Tami Miuirlello otic day before I.i-'>;- nevich (joes to the post. They aren't certain Just where they stand. "It sure would Ijc LI helluva w. y to lose the title," Vella, a swarthy, pudgy little mitn admitted as he fretted out the flight. "I'm goiiu to have to try lo talk 'cm out of that foul rule." Velta asserlcd lhat a close .scni- llny of the records revealed lhat Mills never had won a ixnit by way of a low pilch and that Freddie had sent to the United States for a protective device such as Amerlc.m ftljhlcrs wear. He also added thul Voisellc. Each pitcher gave up se- . ven hits. Errors also gave the St. Louis .within half n game of the leading 'Boston Red Sox. who were beaten for the first time yesterday in splil- ting.H.double header with the visiting Philadelphia Athletics. Ted VVil- Itans singled home the winning riin for a 12 to U victory In 10 Innings in the opener, after (he slugging Red Sox made six runs three on George Mctkovlch's homer to tie the score in llic ninth. Bobo Newsom pitched a three-hit, 3 to 0 shutout to win tlic abbreviated five-inning second game, trcaling the Boston sluggers the same way lie did the Yankees In beating .them on .three lilts in his fir^t start. Jack Wnllasea, Sam Chapman, and George McQuinn lilt first game homer for the Athletics. ; Spurgeon 1 (Spud* Chandler's six- hit pitching gave hhn his second straight victory for Hie Yankees. l> tp 1 over Washington at New York. Joe DiMaggio and Charley Keller hit Yankee homers and Oscar Grimes batled in two runs with long flies to give Chandler all tlic Bipport he needed. The St. Louis Browns, economi- sing on base hits, won two games pn : four safe blows in each, topping 46-year-old Ted Lyons In the opener, 2 to 1, and edging Lefly Thornton Lee and Prank Paplsh tji the second game, 4 lo 2. Johnny Serardino's two run single with th«-bases loaded and two out in . Jhe"iii n th ruined Lyon's dream of ^ _I to 0. shutout In (he opener, jrt jvhich .'Nelson Potter scattered se- fPn^ hits. Wildness by Lee. who Bilked seven baiters, gave Brownie piteher Newman (Tex) Shirley ri iline-hit victory in the second game, ' Brooklyn swept its three-game sc' ries with the Giants nl Ebbcts Field. Winning the finale, 2 to 1 behind rookie left-hander Joe Halten. Giant 'errors by shortstop Bill Rigney and first baseman Johnny Mize gave the Dodgers the deciding run In; the third to ruin an otherwise good performance by hard-luck Bill Cardinals a 7 (o li victory over the Cubs at Chicago. The lied Birds, sweeping the two gnmc scries, were behind, o to 4 when sliuier Ray Prim of Ihc cubs hurt his nrm in the eighth. Errors by Don Johnson and Stan Ilnck produced one rim after which pinch-hitler Bill Endi- ."ott doubled home two inoi'e on a fly bull Unit Hill Nicholson misjudged. George Kutowskl and Duster Adams lilt Cardinal homers. The Cincinnati Reds, slinking off their bad luck, defeated the Pirates in two games at Pittsburgh, 8 to 2 and 4 to 3. behind solid pitching by Ed Heusser and Joe Bcggs. Shortstop Eddie Miller drove in five runs in the opener with a homer and double. The Reds wiped out n 3 lo 0 deficit lu win the second game in which Jim Russell lit a two-run Pirule homer. The Reds previously had dropped four nines, nil close, In which bad jrenks decided things. Th c Philadelphia PhlU also wor for the first lime, dcfciitlni; Ihe «lolling Braves. 3 lo 1 allcr Bostor won the opener, 3 lo 2 In 11 Innings. A snuecw! play bunt whlcl Wliltey Wlelelmnnn beat out diovi In th c deciding run for the Braves In Ihc opener as Johnny Sain uu'.- pitched Lyn I Schoolboy! Rowe K gain his second victory. Al Jurisich n Cardinal throw-away, pitchcc three hit ball in thc seven Innin second (;iimc. holding Boston hitles. lor five innings. Frank McCormickV two run homer In (lie third i;av him his winning margin. knowing just wlint can and happen under Ihc foul rule. Every weight division Ims its precedent. There was. for Instance, Die bout, in which Max SchmelliiK w:m the title In his ellmlnallon tig!!l will) Jnck Sharkcy In 11*30, fallow- iiiK Gene Tunncy's retlicmcnl. Dt-r Max simply donned Ihc Ihealrlrn's as he was held on Ihe floor by his mnnngcr. the nstiile and sharp- voiced Joe Jacobs, whose cries cf "foul" could be heard In the last row. They cave Max (lie tlllc. And. driving Ihe point even clou; 1 . 1 lo home when added lo Ihc Paterson job. is a French first nightcr in which Marcel Tliil proved his dm- malic qualities to the home loixs by screaming foul murder lo lane Ihc middleweight crown from Gorilla Jones—another American—-in 11)32. The foul rule lias been lossccl out here and [he losv-struck fighter simply wins thc round. Hut this isn't Knfjlrnid. .so Gus will look for fniMx and hope in hend shots—and wait for his chnrity .until he gels Yesterday's slnr -r Eddie Mlllei Ihc supposedly wenk hitting Cin cinnnti shortstop whose homer am 1 double drove in five runs in an i lo 2 victory, over Ihc Plralo.s. Hi also got n hit and score a nil in the 4 lo 3 second game win. My Regular Deliveries Have Been Completed I Still Have Available * few bushels of High Germinating PIONEER Hybrid' SEED CORN in Popular Varieties •'• " CAU. OR SEE Mrs. Howard Bowen Luxora, Ark. ' Phone I-F-11 I'camit Charge VANCOUVER.. B. C. (U.I'.)—As or its importance, this story Is wmiLs, but-. Vancouver police arrested Mike 'Ida and charged him with steal- ng from a du'parlmcnt store rc- enlly. His loot consisted of two pack- eji o: peanuts—worth 25 cents. Baseball Standings SOUTilKKN LKAGUK W. I,. Pet. New Orleans 7 2 .113 Memphis 0 2 .750 Allanla <i 2 ,V:iO Nashville 4 3 .571 Cl)altanooga 3 4 .429 Little Rock 3 5 .375 Birmingham 2 6 ,1f>0 Mobile 1 8 ,111 NATIONAL LFAGDI-; W. L. Pet. Brooklyn 4 4 St. Louis Chicago . Boston . I New York Pittsburgh Cincinnati Philadelphia villliin knows from the old school. about every trick In He the profession and has no inhibitions about using lliem. The rougher It is, on hl.s opponent. Ihe better he likes it. So, Newman can depend on (idling plenty of teamwork out of Canny. Preliminaries are usually thought of as ]u*t lime passers, but in the case of Ing matches it looks like that most of the science for the entire evening Is displayed in these short bout-s. Hnrrel will give a prevue of his mat. ability when he opposes Newman in the first preliminary. Canny will find himself up agalnsL 200 pounds of fasl skillful wrestler when he fnces Lnwson in the second, Lawson is as good as nny lo appear here In recent weeks. The^ first preliminary gels under way promptly at 8:15. Kx-Navy Champion Let) Ncwtnon Is scheduled to wrestle at the American Legion arena tonight. Newman is teamed with Bill Canny opposite Buck Lawson and Heniy Harrel. HEADACHE, Liquid CAPUDINE WRESTLING Legion Hut, Monday, April 22, 8:75 p. m. Adults. 36c, Tax So—Total 45c. Reserved Seats IZe, Tax 3c—ToUl, 15c. Children's Seats IZe, T»i Se, Total, ISo. Reserved Scats on Snle nt the Legion Arena Every Monday From 6 p. m. on CHAMBLIN Appliance Co. "The Appliance Center of Blytheville" AMKK1CAN LKAC1JK Boston . Detroit . .'.. New York .. Cleveland . St. Loui? ... Philadelphia Chicago . .. Washington SCO .BOO .(iOJ .600 .400 .200 W. L. Pel. . a . 4 . 4 . 2 . 3 . 2 . I . 1 ,C07 .!>|JO ."iOO .333 .200 Whits in, Hoke Tie For Honors In Blind Bogey MONDAY, Al'JtlL 22, 1940 AMERICAN MKAGUK Detroit 3, Cleveland 2. New York 6, Washington 1. Boston 1-0, Philadelphia 0-3. St. Louis 2-4, Chicago 1-2. Whilsill and Wallace Hoke tied for first honors in the Blind Bogey competition of golfers yesterday afternoon at Blytheville Country Club. A golf tournament will be held Sunday. May 5. with the southwestern College 'team of Memphis. In preparation for this competition. there will be an elimination contest next Sunday Here to select the team, it has been announced by Wendell Eaton, local pro. ticw) Courier Newt •Want Yesterday's Results SOUTHERN LEAGUE Memphis 9-0, Mobile 3-4. Birmingham 3-7, Chattanooga 2-5. Atlanl'i 1-G, Nashville 4-3. Little Rock 4-4. New Orleans 5-2. NATIONAL I.KAGUK Cincinnati 8-4, Pittsburgh 3-2. Boston 3-1, Philadelphia 2-3. St. Louis 7, Chicago 6. Brooklyn 2, New York 1. — Records und Accessories. IJaftcry and Electric Radios 219 W Main I'hon'e .'M<i;j en for Business!. TAYLOR SAND AND GRAVEL CO. Specializing in River-Washed Sand and Grave 1 Plant and Office Located On River at North End of Bushy Are. CARUTHERSVILLE, MO. TAG MATCH Harrel and Lawson n. Canny and Newman Also 2 One-Fall 30-Minute Matches LEO NEWMAN vs. HENRY HARREL BUCK LAWSON vs. WM. CANNY VOH THE MOST VALUED COIN OF ALL RADIO REPAIR I »nd 2 day Service on any make or rnoHel Reliable W«»rkTnariship. PHONE 2642 We Call for and Deliver Frad Collihon Electrical Appliance Co. "/S22 FOR 'HIE MOST VALUED WHISKEY OF ALL . •. wn&fi, -f/ou da.//' / / ' </ 106 So. First St. WHISKIES SINCE 1157 $cagrams Stttc... L BLENDED WHISKEY 86.8 Proof. Seagram's S Ci<wn, lly,*/, Grain Neulial Spirits. Seagram's 7 Crown, 65"/i Grain Neulial Spirits. Seagram-Distillers Corporation, Chrysler Building, New York Don't Say Bread Say • • • _ ^ .. -., HART'S Bread America's Largest Airline Relies On Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil Exclusively Today's Games SOUTHERN I.KAGUi; Memphis at Mobile. Nashville at Altanta. Little Rock at New Orleans. Chattanooga at Birmingham. NATIONAL LEAGUE Boston at Brooklyn. New York at Philadelphia. St. Louis at Cincinnati. Only Bailies scheduled. AMERICAN LEAGUE Detroit at Chicago. Washington at Boston. Philadelphia at New York. Only games scheduled. Six-tenths of the iron ore an 1 imestone used in steel manufrvc- .ure comes down Ihe Great Lakc:i in huge ships. CHICK THEATRE 'Where Happiness Costt So Little" WM* nan! RUrta »« 1 •. » I-ast Time Today 'Swing Shift Maizie" with James Craig nnd Ann Sothern Also News and Shorts Tuesday BUDDY NIGHT 15o to All 'Underground Guerrilla" John Clements Mary Morris Also Shorts New Theater Manila's finest Saturday & Sunday, Mat. 1 o'clock Sunday A Tuesday N'Ubt*. S:M o'clock AD other nithts. 8 o'rlnrk- Last Time Today 'DANGER SIGNAL' with Zachary Scott News and Comedy Tuesday BARGAIN NIGHT "SWING HOSTESS" Plus Serial and Comedy Admission io c and' Me RITZ THEATRE * Manila, Ark. Box office opens at 7:00; Ficture starts at 7:15. Last Time Today 'Getting Gertie's Garter" with Dennis O'Keefe and Marie MacDonald Tuesday —BARGAIN NIGHT— Admission lOc and Me "HOTEL RESERVE' with James Mason Erie Thnnptin, rffirorr/f.i „/ Amcrie^rt Ai'rlinca, Inc., wtoiie plant* utt /Vnmj/Irant'a J/ofor OH eitlutittly. \ America's largest airline, American Airlines, Inc., relies on Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil exclusively Lo lubricate its great fleet of Flagships. Give your car the .same protection given costly airplane motors. Ask your Sinclair Dealer for Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil. It lasts so long it saves you money— gives your car _:•*«•, quieter lubrication. B. J. ALLEN Phone 2005 — Agent — Blytticrill*, Ark. OPEN S-.AS: STARTS 7 p. m AIR CONDITIONED Last Time Today 'Meet Me in St. Louis' (In Technicolor) Judy Garland Margaret O'Brien Paramount News Also Shorts TUESDAY PAL NITE 'Babes on Swing Street' r«S8>' Ryan, Ann Blylh Serial: "The Monsler A The Ape'' Also Shorts -A

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