The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 25, 1938 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 25, 1938
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEViLLB (AUK.) COURlEIt FRIDAY, JIAKCH.25, I'JSS , , HEWS COMPLIMENTARY TICKET This Ticket WIU Admit J. T. Slalcup and Coth'lunloii 117 E. Vine iutz TII ,— to sco— w BAR 20" FLAPPER FANNY By Sylvia -COPH. 13>8 BYNUStlWCC.IHC. 1 u. Rcc U Has 'Qluli. A centerpiece of lilacs, nurcfo- f>UE'cs!?.ri'ii tapers <ftis" used oiv llic dlniiit table when, Mrs. R. F. Kirsi\iicV entertained monitiiis of the •Thursday Lunclicoh club' yrs- tcrdiiy at her home.- Dfirigc \vns , playctt following lunch. Mrs. 'Ro'ss D. Hughes held high' score • atid Mrs. Everett H. Gee, second high score, in the liridge Game. : * * * Club lias Guests Irfees and jonquils decorated the lib'm'o of Mrs! Cecil Shane \vhen she entertained the Mlcl-Week Bridge clul> with a luncheon yesterday. Besides the members. Mi's. IJ05"Welch,'.Mrs. M. A. ISTUCS, Mrs. limi'tcr C. SWis-an'd Mis. o. H. Willey were tjucSls. Mi's. Jl.trry W. Hniiip.s received Ui6' club prize, a contbinalton ash tray 1 AIM pi.Vecard sal-, and Mr.* Welch, :'ie guest prize, a vise. Tlje' liosfass |-rcsi?n!ert i\lrs, .VIIIo.v Milli a irohlK-, Vj'>'ch liinlchci her wt.'iis a ivtrcwcit jl'ft b?foi'c :•!«' if.ovte to Oxford, Miss. ' • * • li.'S limner tarty Miss Mis Aiikcii ciilcriaiucd the £eve|i girls who,.are employed in (he Graber department store, al a dinner Tiite'dny.iilglil a I the home of tier parents, Mr. and Mrs. p. H. Aii&en. Lilacs were arranged throughout the home. Fo'llowlng (lie three course dinner, the guests attended church. 1.;-: , t *,•>, .*..,. : . "Tl;c , Wciiteii 1 ^^KcvFewctl Claire BoDlii's, exposure .of the '|iV'eaker :l sex,, ''The Women". \va£ reviewed by .Miss Mildred itoare at ii meeting .of the Blytlievtlle Litlic Theater at the City. Hall la-,1 rjurini; 'the business session which preceded the -review 1 , the vice presi- dent,^Jaincs; Edwards, presided. At nils] tifne,' a of "A Jr'uH lioujic" \vas nrmonnc'ed for Tuesday ni'jlit at 1:30 o'clock n't The CUV Hall:!. '. .-.•-.. "it's my biriJiday, Faii. Couldn't. I takd tli'o day off?" "Noiic, Inil wail milil you've 30 or s.o, i\w\ whenever you have a birthday you can take off a fe\v years." 'tc're:!. These wore worn during the tlitinci 1 and the program dnnc'c which followed. During the danc- l;!t! eucsls cluKe llicir irartners by matclilug geometrical designs. CiliccTs of this club which meets 'svery other Thursday night i\rp: Jolin C. McHnney, iiresiclfnt; V. |G. Holland, vice president; Hull, seciclniy. Mr. will be tl\c crowning of the Queen whose Identity ha: been kept s'ticrct. Adliilssldli to llils musical pro- ducllBii will be 10 and as cbnts hup UIR proceeds ivll! B" l( ito tile memorial fmvd 'of 'Hie 1MB class Ua-i Club i'arly Nnrcissuscs and joiuiults In small silver v.ises were used on (he tables when Mrs. John P. Lentl was hostess to the Thursday Contract chiu arid Mrs. Walker H. Baker and ..' Mrs. Fre:l Child sit n lunclicon nt her home yealcrday. Easier tnllies in keeping Miss Sue Marshall To Give Sewing Ihstirilcki'dn's Bits olf New* Mostly Personal Cecil Ki'iisie iitli'iided Io biiiil- )C3.S III LHI1 : JiOck Vf.'il o.lay, Mrs. Norman Bund), Mis. Ira '' and ^ii5s ford spent yesterday in Memphis, Mrs. John Smith, of ptifcora, Is he guest of Mr. and Mrs. R. P. l'arks s Mr. Sihlth, who Kiftrtmy ived here, is now able to be iiii liter having teen ill from InflueiVza Expect Many Visitors To Attend Women's Club Meeting Many of the 1,000 active mcm- .Iters of Ihu 23 Wo'ihcn'ii clubs of rorthenst Arkansas are pliinnlng to attend the mc'ctlng of ijic Fpr- Vcst City District Federation "of Women's clubs, which is to nicet here 'Hiesday ahd Wednesday, April 5 and G. It has iVccn announced by the .special convention committee. The date of (he convention niul other plniis were made nt a meet- Ins In Memphis thin week, which wa:; attended by members of tlie convention committee, Mrs. O. U. Rofclnspn of Eiii'le, dlslrict presl- jieul, Mrs, J. W. Chinwoilh vif Eailt'. district pro^rahi cltaii'inan, . vicii" the new ill ul Mrs. J. L. Rosa o( Helen a, I the Vor' Grateful Frock for tlie past two wccit's. Mrs. 'Georgb W. ' ' Spirt . I'cstcr'daV nflci'hnoh for Mobile, Ala.. wh'cr'c sh'c was tailed because of the serious llhVess of licv liro'tiier W. S. Black, William 'Ca'de, wh'o has Jweii cciiiiccted with the Dr. Pepper Bqt- tliiVp 'Company here, was tran's- feiic'O yesterday ttt CattiUiersville jvlftre the ccinpAhy Is eslablishUYg • \viirelrqiisc. Ray IBcck, who uinierweht an (ip|i'eiic!cctoiiiy ii montli ftgo, is iJciVv able to he out. but will ' hot return to his wbi'k hi Cariith- crsyljlc for two weeks. Roy Parks, who Is now 'employe^ In ca'iie Glraideau, will be JoliVert in the next few days by Mrs. Parks. They will make their home there. Mrs. Josephine Wert, wlio .lias been very j|l, is no\\< Improved. Her daughter, Mis. F. W. Broderick, of Chicago, who was called litre two weeks. ago. Vvill remain with her for another week. Miss Bobbie Lee Kins went, to St. I/nils today to spend the w'cekeh'd with relative:!. Mr. and Mrs. A. O. Hudson fyr tended to business In AJcihjihls yeilertlay. JNlvs, L. L. liiibciier, U. W. M«i- iins anil his iiiothc'r, Mrs. U. W. Mullliis si'., jsptnl yesterdny in Mchiiihis. Aiiiong the Blytheviile people chiihiii.iii of (lie Fine AMs of the convention, pi'd- , Members of the coiiveittlo.i coin- liiitlce, whq were n'piiointed by Mrs. E. F. Blomeyer. president of \lio hostess club, are: Mrs. S. S. ijicrnbcig. general chairman; Mrs. Thj program has not yet been announced except, that there will to a luncheon meeting Tuesday, which will Include a toUr of llic city, and there will be a night hieeliilg. Mrs, HoSs is to be In chari^ the Fine Arts program to be given nt the Tiicsday afternoon session, Mrs. Edwin Bcvins of Ho ! Springs, a former Mississippi K tun- ty iT.slilent »;)ip has been Iwnprn many tlWc.i by women's 'orgahiza- llons. ivlli l;c the speaker at the higlil mecluij. On Wednesday morning the dtlcgiillon will ii'ip'tor to Dycs^ to library for which r'rest City district, played n leading role in nbtnlitln; Ijoolrs. lAih'ch v/ill be f.e'rvcd there before the visitors ie'.ii'.r, to lhi>lr homes. Extensive plans are underway for the entcrtaiinneut, of tin- visitor:; froih I he 12 counties who will _.. . . „, , 0 -y^ —- --,.... *.*.... LUli> II UJ11 I UU \£, tUllllllCS WXIU Will Paul L-.. Tipton, program; Mrs. be. here, the Blytn'eville chninber Eamuel P. N'orris. publicity; Mrs. ' ]l. l). • Barksclale, an-anscnieiits; Mis. J. W. AdaiiiK, lu'ncii'coii; Mrs. '^-orse M. ice, hospitality; Mrs. B. Biigg, .dbcoiations; Mf.s. E. M, Terry, cii'lct'talhm'cnt; Mr.-:. J. P. Friend, finance; Mrs. liarry Kirby. iia'B'cs. .. The hic'ctlng, which is io licgi'n of commerce lias voted to cooperate with tlie Woman's club in making the meeting a successful one. Women's clubs in these cities will send delegates; Piygott, Dec lor, Clay county; .loncsbmo. Craighcad county; Chatfield, Craiv- fordsillle, Earle. Marion, I'rocto.-. , wheii llic Eleanor Xioose- '"•'elt lltral-y Vvill be dedicated. An inyUallon had been eJifaideci to Mrs. ItiJpsevclt to nttend this Uc'tl- 'icntloh by Mrs. Roblnjim, iviib is a pci'sb'nai friend of Ihe p'resi- 'rtenl;s wife, ihd although she will fc uhafele Io attend this lire she plans to visit the colony later iii the year. Who allcnded n Osceolti coim (ion: Jllic approaching holltlny were use for the bridge games which follow- Women of north. Mississippi)last jiigh't were: Xtiss Mavy Frali- iimty will be Riven free inslrnc- ccs 'Gcurih, Miss Jeaii Stacy Miss MIS in Miss Sue Mar' Frances Little. Miss Jean Bourlaivd nil, slate rioUiliig export cf the Miss Jessclyn Blomeyer Miss :tciislpn service, who will be hcie|Kat!ieri'h(! \Vntisalc, Barhes Crook, Wednesday. toiinlc Modliiger, FraiVk Bell Van' [Hi ..Elio will-have n meediiR at .thcljjllldtl, j 0 i )n Mcbowcli 'u'tiio (C(( Woman's club Wednesday riVornlng Barnes, George Cross jr SaWdWr'd another (hat afternoon td hincli. Mrs. J3. E. Keck recciVc'd " lllc Moulln community lioiise. It ms been announced by M'..->s Cora Lee Colcman, rouiU'y home clcm- ugcnl. . r . Singihg session At Number Eight Sunday .. .^j uiicliita:Baptist College at Ar'kii- An afternoon.singing will lie held Bocne, Leo Untzenich, ii. /\. fon, Herman Carllon, and James Terry. ; and Mrs. O. Silonyo left Tuesday jiiovniu'B. will be coii- Turrell. West Memphis, Oritteiiden cindcd \Vn!i.csrliiy morning at county; Wynne, Cross comity; Black nbek, linbadcn, Uiwrciice county; Mariaitna, Lee connty; Brfuklcy, Monroe county; Helena, MaiTcll, Phillips county; Harrisburg. Marked Tree, Tyroma, Thi- niann, Poliisctl county; Forrest City, St. Fi-iiiicts county: Cotton Plant, Wooclruir coiihty;. Blythe- viile. Lcachvlllc, Osccola, Wilson Mississippi comity. HID 'hoina of his son, Sara Darnell. He is survived by two sons, three daughters, and several grandchildren and great grandchildren. Number /Vine ftews Mrs. Qitencb Mason is with her rtnushler, Mrs. Kirt Nelson, who is ill at her ho'nvi in Arniorel. Mr. and Mrs.. Turner and children, of Barfielcl, and Mr. and Mrs, Worth Gctlniaii, o'f Arniorel. were the Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bean and family. Mr. and Mrs, 'Ray Gilddy, of Ciimilou, Mo., spent the week end with Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Stovall. Mr. and . Mrs. Paul Collins and family and Mr. and Mrs. G. J. Whittle, of Pu'sico, were dinner guests Sunday of Mrs. Alice Coats, who observed her 21st birthday. Jouncr'Be'anj.whp has bsen quite ill. from .the-.measles, is'-."much im- 'and Miss Ruth Bu'tt suent yestei-- 'day in Paragpuld wlVc'r'e they at- tenclcd a inig h'bpkhig party. Miss Jiivnlc Nichols is ill at the home of her. sister, Mrs. Harry Wcldmaii, oh Davis nvciuic. wiH--\vor); •wit tiie ~i liii> T?rv ^ni- , oLiltla'rioik, w fio h i'hcre'brldgB was played. The Eas- scliool ai!d B. t. u.t' 05151 " 1 '' 5 wrre alEO lls « '" Ul « secretiry for Arkansas. MR Graham was secretary of the '*---'-'•"--" ', cjincli jvcj-c before he j tallies and the salad plate which was cervttl.. A nest of ash trays wns present- chtetea school. He attended Jones- - Cl! ' vlrs - Louis Anplcbnnm for . .. . by R. E. L. Smith, pretidcn't 61 llic Peiniscot couiily convention. ' boro:College for Hvo years nnd this year^ntefed Ouachlta as a junior. At nre:?em, he is loading the B. S. TJ, students in an enlargement cam- associate director of tlie Red, River Comity B. T. U. Association. Al one lime, lie \vas conducting 53 classes in 18 churches. . , - * ,*-.•. • ftVelctV Officers Prcsjiit. ofiice'rs of the Uci'ean ry tchopl class of lii tcorc in the games. To Raise Memorial Curtains " ol:rrl - WCI ' C removed I , •«•--•—••. * ! T>|,,|H'r...lll.. t.'^_l.ll^t 1J. L On Senior Follies Tonight New curtains for llic high school stage which arc (he memorial of ' class of 1037 arc Ix-h.g in- Presbyterian church were reflected in a meeting last night at the hoine of Afrs. D. C. McLean. Truvreelcdcd officers arc: Mr:;. J. NIck-.Ttioinas, president; Mr.s. Het.tie.Mead, vice president; Mrs. Dick. Webb, secretary nnct treasurer; Mrs. Mallie Alien, teacher; Mr.-,. McLean, assistant tenchcr. 'the | stilled today nnd will |,tor the first, lime in tlic Senior |7vifmorial Follies program 'which will tc presented loniglil. at .8:00 o'clock al the school aurtiiovluni. Tv;o one-ail, plajr, with a cast i:f 26 people, directed by Miss Luna !!. Wilhrltn and ,MK; Jlarv Bnin, nnd a number of choruses nntl iiJrcinllie.t in which '10 people will lake part Sunday for Mobile. Ala. They plan to be gono a week. Mr. and Mrs. \y. T. Darnell and '<)HUglilcr. Billy Muric, niui Mr. B'arne'U's molhcV, Mrs. N. M. Burnett., of Salem, Aik., have rctiim- 'cd from Fort Myers. Fla., where they Jin.d be™ since the early part of Fcuniiiry. C. M. Gray nifltored (o Memphis J'cslerday fdr Mrs. Gray, who has been visiting her son, Marion. Villcfi States navy' for the past two years, left tlie Panama Canal zoite March 11 nnd will arrive in Memphis Saturday having come front Charleston, S. C., whcra lie landed Mfifch 17, He will lie inet in Memphis by lils parents, Mv. nn<l Mrs. w. M. Frnscr, John Fra- srr. Miss Mary 'Gpforlli, Mrs Eyell Blytheviile hospital.Io their apart- Hireon, Wiir6ld iniisbn a'n'd Billv nirht t' in a 'Cobb ainb'uUricc. Prascv. Mrs. John liu'nmi're of tvicinphis. j Mrs. W. J. Pollard. Mrs. W. D who was injured Iii a highway acci- Chainblin, Mrs. Farnsworlii Black :lcnt near here Tilcstlay. was '.lis- • mlMcd frcin the Blytheviile hospital yesterday. Blily Pipkin, of Wilson, has been nilmiltnl to the Memphis Baptist hospital. L. O. Smith w;is taken to the | Memphis Baptist hospital yesterday. At the Hospitals Mrs. .!. T!. Stovall and son. John Hie will take part make up tonight's follies program. Miss Kntiirvn Asocial hour followed the imsi- i . n ' rcar ;m<l wis ' ;i Rhode.-, aio di- :ss session at which time the dc- 1Tclin 8 I he cliorus and specialties. The climaxing feature of lor.lght'r, ness session at wru'ch time the cle veil guests asked ccnundrunis. and the hostess served refreshments. * * + Biiile Study Meets . Mrs. Harry Sansom was Icatlcr or the study taken Irom the 15th and 10th chapters of Roman; when nine members of the Ladies' Bible i Study of the Church', of Christ met' at the horns of Mrs. O. D. Grimes Wednesday afternoon. Prayer was offered by Miss Willie Baker. Tins group will meet Wednesday at the home of Mrs. E. M. Huffman. Will Have Bex Slipper An bid fa box slipper. under auspices of/the Jewish i/xtl- ies Aid, will be held Tttcscfay higiit at 7:30 o'clock at the Osceola Com- jnunlty Jloiise. "There will te dahcitiii following supper. .' ' : • ' • • * - Stjipor tliif) flVccia, , ( Aii April Fpol's'scheino V,as carried put .when Mr; and Mrs. t'. H. ( Atton and Mr. aiid-Ki'rs. ,'A. G. Hall [> cntertainec; the liiciiiBcrs of the •i Thursday Supper club and six ;1 guesti, ^{r. and Mrs. She'lbourae ;j Brewer, Mr. ana Mrs. J. P. Holland S Miss Margaret jftnc Actoii aiid; J Miss Marianne Natters 'at tVio hut' ' last night, : •:-. '"•'• Bridal wrea'Ui, Jonquils, and oilier spring towers. deePrted life table i v>h*re a-ycltow :ind green color Mhcmo was; used.- In keeping with" Hie. April:Fob!- id?a,'dunce caps' (V were given the guesu as they en •A(!AIN THIS V1CAK WK \VH.I, HK HEADQUARTERS FOR AUTO SEAT COVERS NKW I'ATTBUNS To innke loom for our ticv.' •-feck Of seat covers we an- clctiiij out our rrcsPnt Mock al fcslow to-it pi ices. COMK fX TOOAV. SAVE TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. SOI Walnut I'honc BARGAINS JN CIII'ISTS 01'' Koi/ci's '^G |>ici:c'. set. 50 year giiavantce, Kogtilnr price S:i2.riO. 11.5.75 K. \V. \Vn)];tte & Sons 2(i iiii>n> set. Uh'coiitli- linnally C! u ;i ra n Iced. S 12.05. K. \Vallrtcc ;\nd R< pinco set. Ucfi'.ilar SH).05 diest. Spcciiil $5.95 Sec lliem in our display window. \Vo carry Pumples of Slei'linir by H. Wallace. Sec lliem and luakc your selections. Pm Corner Main i und Sis. Next to First National Bank ROXY Admission always lOc * 2Cr. Mnllnccs Saturday <t Suinlay Onl> Miv Ai/d .Jifrs, Floyil Hamlet and 5011 diid Mr. Hanilet's parents, of .CooVct-, •drove tp'bdnfpiraii Sunday tp visit reliu'vcs. ifrs. tipuisc Ha'mict sWn't Monday in KTchn-ett with Mrs. Lucille Rogers. . ;i.Mr. a'u'd Mrs. Jack Wllkersbn ond daughter, p'f Itfcnipnis, spent tile week .'en.-l jVitri Wfrs. Wilk-r- son's iftfciits, Mr. arid Kl'rs. i? c Holt, f-torace Narlor and now. of.Chicago, ill formerly., of ; he re friends ."here. nds ' P. U. stii'dy courses Jobii will begin Monday night "and will last throughout, the week. TJiev arc to be. held at the. Baptist church T - 1 - Darnell ciieci Monday at checks COLDS and FEVER first clay Headache, 30 minutes. Liquid, Tablets .Salve, Nose Drops Try "Kub-My-Tisrn"-World's Best Liniment 24 HOUR imDAl $ERVICE Only Authorized ScVVIcc In Mississippi County Commercial or Residence Jobs Pfafofe 67 E. 6, Gee 'Sates C* E. !f». 'ticc, Mgr. , ^ 103 _ S. ^Second ^St. Friday - Saturday Code of the Rangers wilh Tiin McCoy, Ucx Lcas am) Judith Fonl 1 t«i slarts Ins own private «ar! lie's ivr.-iiiiij; a IMiiRer Imlgr nun . . . artrt that means Rlm-lrniiblr for flMper.irtnrs! Aso railoon ft "Tim Tvli-r.s Lurk." Coiilinuo'us shuwini; Saturday. Also K'ovclty Short ami Comedy Sunday - Monday WAYNE M()f|i> FOR YOUR ENJOYMENT WE SUGGEST \Vo wtmtd like to mnim! t'linsc who ^ike .unod ice cream .'that we will ai>iiin fcutiive I''ortimc's Ice Cream this .sea'soii, ihc Hoiith'.s ttiost faminw liraud. All, POPULAR Pints (In Brick) . Pin is (tlippwl) . iU-ls (dipped) . 25c. TRY A HI'KClAl, "HOSTESS I'ACKAOK" This convenient jiack- ase serves- three g'cnc'r- oiis porfious. • 15c Rustic Inn (ni'visj'bh aiid DiKt storms of the past few .cars nrc only miniatures of Ihose Ihat occurcd before the Ice Age. Fossils show that entire herds of horses wete b'urlfd bine'atli drifting dust and sand. TOO LATE TO CLASSIFY IPOR SALE ' Good grocerj' 'arid market, making money. Will ^cil stock nnd rein fixtures, Owner .inusl quit account, of health. Write Box "DM", Courier News. 25-i)k-29 FOR RENT Newly decorated 3 room furnished apartment. 313 N. Second, phone 198. 25-ck-28 OHT COUGHS ,'due io Holds.. .'checticcl without "dosiiig". l> PROVEO BY 2 GENERATIONS Everything^ for your enl«r tJuftnlenit ah'd comfort. iimL«io!i Matinee I0o & 26o Admission Nifht IGc & 3Go Watch Society Page Of Cburier Nfews For Fre« iShow Guests Ideal for post-Lenten teas, luncheons and bridge parties is this graceful frock of soft rayon sheer iii n muted aqua tone wi'th short sleeves and yoke of patching trn- pnnto lace. The high neckline, draped fullness through the bodice an'cl sleekly flared skirt arc! important fashion, uoii'us. I TODAY ONLY New Arrivals for a Smart Spring —,-is pictui'cd, styled of blue gabardine. ;<« pictured, : abaV'diiVc for SAJN'ML —as pictured. A l;ii ; black slio'e ^or Slio'e's ah'd HoBierV with Fi«hl MORGAN YOUNG • Maty ASTOR • Ednit Ma; OLIVER • Florence RICE • Regitwld OWEN i.17 Hull • Hinnin Bi Also Selected shorts. Admission Matinee 10c.Si.2Gc Admission Night l(Tc <6 3Gc SATURDAY Calt'ocft it new serial "Secrets of Trpastir'c islail'd." Continuous showing. Adriiistion ijjl 5 p.m. lOc Sr 26c Admission after 5 p.m. IGc jfc 36e Sunday - Monday il> WONbERFUL . .. simply MARVElbUS!" CJ- AltA^PaUttiraiit News & Cuinedy. Csnlinoods showing SuniJay AtHnissioi) Sunday Malinrc and . .N'1'Kllt 16c & 36c Admisslcn Won. Matinee lOc i w c Admission Moil. Night ICo ft

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