The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on August 26, 1976 · Page 74
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 74

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 26, 1976
Page 74
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DlS-Palm Beach Post, Thursday, August 26, 1976 'Promotion' Voted for Washington WASHINGTON (AP) - The House voted Tuesday to promote George Washington to the rank of general of the armies despite an objection that it "makes us come off looking like a bunch of jokers." : The bicentennial bill to make Washington the highest ranking Army officer in U.S. history as of last July 4 was approved by the House, 275-107, and sent to the Senate. But Rep. Lucien N. Nedzi (D-Mich.) said George Washington's place in U.S. history is already assured and he "certainly doesn't need an extra star from us." . Nedzi noted he had earlier compared Congress' gesture to "a house painter touching up the works of Michelangelo" and said he's heard a new one since then. "It's like having the Pope offer to make Christ a cardinal," he told the House. The bill's chief sponsor, Rep. Mario Biaggi (D-N.Y.) said he never intended to have Congress try to improve George Washington's status. He said he only offered the measure "in the spirit of the bicentennial." But Nedzi said it was not clear that the bill would even make Washington the highest ranking U.S. Army officer ever despite its language that it would so so. It would make Washington "general of the armies of the United States of America" and Nedzi produced a 1930s federal finding that Congress gave Gen. John Pershing that same rank after World War I. The ruling by Congress' comptroller general also held that Congress had created the title for George Washington in the 1740s although President John Adams never nominated Washington to receive it. Chairman F. Edward Hebert (D-La.) of the House armed services subcommittee that first approved the bill said he assumes it would make Washington a six-star general. George Washington was made a lieutenant general after his command of U.S. revolutionary forces 200 years ago. It was the highest rank at the time but now is only a three-star general. Tourist Flow to U.S. faimachcfcademy Setting a Record t WASHINGTON (AP) - The American bicentennial celebration and the recovery from the recession are combining to attract a record number of tourists to U.S. shores this year, the U.S. Travel Service said Tuesday. . It said that 7.4 million foreign travelers arrived in the United States during the first six months of the year, a 10.6 per cent increase over the same period in 1975. An agency analyst estimated that the number of foreign arrivals would reach 18.1 million by the end of the year, an increase of 15.3 per cent. Most of the travelers are from Canada and Mexico, but visitors from overseas nations were 18.8 per cent above a year earlier during the first six months. But even more important for the U.S. economy than the number of foreign tourists was a sharp reduction in the gap between Americans traveling abroad and foreigners visiting this country, a travel agency official said. Don Wynegar, manager of the agency's international research program, said that during the first six months of the year nearly 9.2 million Americans traveled abroad, down five-tenths of one per cent from the same period in 1975. He estimated the total of American travelers would reach 23.2 million by the end of the year, just seven-tenths of one per cent higher than in 1975. If the estimates are correct, the difference between arrivals and departures would be 5.1 million, which is less than half of the 1972 travel gap of 10.7 million when the number of arrivals totaled 13.1 million and the number of departures was 23.8 million. Wynegar said the travel gap has been narrowing steadily since 1973 and has played a key role in reducing the U.S. international balance of payments. He said the big factor in the increase in foreign travel to the United States during the first six months was the improvement of the U.S. economy, as well as recovery from recession and economies of other nations. Bicentennial attractions probably were not a major factor during the first six months, but he expects they will be a major influence in attracting tourists during the second six months of the year, especially for July and August. Canada led other nations in the number of its citizens visiting the United States during the first six months of the year with a total of more than 4.5 million, up 10.6 per cent over the same period in 1975. Others' are Mexico, 948,000, down 2.8 per cent; Japan, 347,000, down 7.9 per cent; United Kingdom, 230,000, up 23.6 per cent; West Germany, Teenage Dare Fatal For Girl 'There Was a Bet Police Disclose VANCOUVER, Canada - A 10-year-old girl was stabbed to death on a teenager's dare, police said Tuesday. "She died because someone bet someone else that he didn't have the guts to do it," a Vancouver police detective said. "Someone took a dare." He said the girl, whose identification was withheld, was stabbed 47 times with a knife on Monday. A 16-year-old boy, also unidentified, was taken into custody after he telephoned authorities to report the killing, the detective said. He said the boy and two other youths apparently lured the girl into a low-rent apartment near her home on the pretext of playing "hide and seek." The girl was killed as she hid under a blanket in the bathtub in the apartment, the detective said. "It was senseless, wanton killing. There was just no reason for it, none," he said. "There was a bet. Some money. Some small amount of money, that's all. How much was bet? Not much . . . how much does any 16-year-old have in his pocket?" The dead girl's father was believed to be vacationing in the United States. 162,000, up 24.3 per cent; France, 88,-000, up 39.2 per cent; Australia, 76,-000, up 41.7 per cent; Italy, 61,000, up 37.4 per cent; Brazil 58,000, up 36.6 per cent, and Venezuela, 53,000, up 49.6 per cent. 1926 - Graham Eckes School - 1971 An Independent, Co-Educational Non-Profit College Preparatory Day School for 7th-12th Grades. Small Classes, Advanced Placement Courses, Flexible Curriculum. Transportation from Boca Raton to Tequesta John H. Colbaugh, Headmaster 690 North County Road Palm Beach, Florida 33480 (305) 848-4301 office lAAAAAAAAAAA AAA A A A A AAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA A i mi MB MONTH- SMOI IEARANC 207 Clematis St. Downtown Wist trim I seek VALUES TO 32.95 NOW SALE PRICED AT 10 99 and 16 99 Tremendous savini on such famous names as Florsheim. Joyce, Hill and Dale. Jack Ropers, I'enaljo. Cobblers and many others from our reiular slock! Styles for Hearing now. for your vacation, for eierv occasion included in this assortment. Of course, broken sizes, so shop early. ALL SU.KS HNVL r MOST ONE OUNCE DRINKS .."aw dm LADIIES DAY Mon Tues Wed ALL LADIES' ONE OUNCE DRINKS I ! ASTI SPUMANTE i 4 A' Fifth GERMAN Liebfraumilch 153 Fifth BEER SALE 6 PACK BECK'S 2.99 SCHAEFER . . 1.29 MILWAUKEE .. 1.39 ST.PAULIGIRL 2 99 HEINEKEN'S . . 3.39 GREAT WESTERN N.Y. State Champagne 3 for 11.00 IiT Fifth AMARETTO DI Fifth SARONNO Full Quart- fj"BLACK" mfi ""STREGA1 Italian Liqueur Fifth IMPORTED ITALIAN ASTI SPUMANTE Fifth CAFE LOLITA COFFEE 439 LIQUEUR Fihh Full Quart Fleischmann London IT Gordons YODIA FUISCXIAIIV f 1 Drv VPail I Ce 47 85 ) Qt. Whitehall Gin-Vodka .... 3.79 Qt. Schenley Gin 90 4.19 Qt. Burnett's Gin 4.49 Qt. Gordon's Gin 4.99 Qt. Seagram's Gin 4.99 Qt. Gilbey'sGin 4.99 Qt. Beefeater Gin 7.49 5th Bushmill Irish Wiskey ... 6.79 5th Irish Mist 8.79 TAYLOR NEW YORK STATE TABLE WINES QiMagnum f c.e47 85 Pi MARIE BRIZARD a&x3 ij()$5 FLAVORS UtZS Full Quart GORDON'S VODKA Qt. Fleischmann Vodka .... 3.99 Qt. Taaka Vodka 3.99 Qt. Samovar Vodka 4.69 5th Old Fitzgerald 100" .... 5.49 5th I. W. Harper 100" 5.79 5th Wild Turkey 101" 8.49 5th Old Overholt Rye 5.99 5th Southern Comfort 4.99 5th Chartreuse Green 9.95 PERNOD 90 PROOF HoUr Q'- I ROSES Qt. . I W Qt. -Half-Gallon-GOLDSEAL Catawba Pink-Red-White Full Quart FOUR ROSES Philadelphia 3 99 PM 3.99 Carstairs 3.99 Guckenheimer Blend ... 4 49 Barton O.T. 4 69 Imperial 4.79 Schenley Reserve 4.79 Seagram 7 Crown 4.99 Fleischmann's 90 4 99 FULL QUART Wolfschmidt 100 Proof VODKA BLUE NUN Vintage Qualitatswein Liebfraumilch U3 Fifth g 1 ri Qt. fl fcnjGwyl'l Q- IP 9 Cast 53 85 Imported ITALIAN LAMBRUSCO I 24 or ft m iAimmi I HARVEY'S Bristol Cream SHERRY Fifth Full Quart KING GEORGE Qt. 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