The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 8, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, June 8, 1936
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS VOL. XXXI11—NO. VI T«<5 UOMINANT NKWHIWKU Oif NOKTHKA8T AKKAH8AB AN 11 BOUTIIKA8V MI88OUIU Mlytbevlll* Courier HlytluvU' l*tly Newi ,>,,,,„,,,„,,,,,, » , ~~ Htrnid MIMU.J-' -tlley L**l«r MM 1 HKVll.U',, Alt KANSAS, MONDAY, JUNK 8, I HUG SINOI.K COPOSa FIVE .CBNT8 10 GOVERNOR LANDON FADES E. D. GiHcn Dies Sunday At Home in Texarkana Musi Provide Levees and Under New Bill Land (or loccKviiys Local interests, in Mississippi, county alone, must provide rights- ,.„ of way and easements at an esli-t* ' ' mated cost of al least $250.000 as, their share of the SIU.OOO.OUO St. Francis valley flood control program, authorized by congress last week. Uncertainly as to tile extent of local participation required by lhe WilEon-Overlon bill, as finally puss-1 ed, was dispelled by Hep. W. J. Driver in a tcTegram in reply to' an inquiry from the Courier News.JW li r\ , "Local interests will be required VVtl! ^ Ulll E. D. Oillen, once a prominent business man and civic leader of this city, disci at Texarkana Sunday. Hi! had been in 111 health for some time. Mr. Ciillen was tlie owner ami operator of the Oillen Furniture company here for many years and was widely known among business men and residents of lllis city. lie .served us one of th eearly presidents of file local notary cub and look an active parl In chamber of commerce activities. Mr. and Mrs. Ciillen moved from Ihis cily to Texarkana Kouleof R D. K.VllisloneToiir" several IIETS 111! Dislribulioii Will mencc Tuesday, Com- Posl-l •oquired (o furnish rights of way and pay damages for casements necessary for flood works," he wired. Musi Apportion Costs John w. Meyer, engineer for Drainage Dislrict 17. said this morning that he believed signature P romses \s Agreement to Send I ,000,000 Back lo Jobs master Cross Announces! Plans for lhe handling and distribution of hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of government bonds, which veterans of tlie World •War are lo receive next week In cxc'nange for Iheir adjusted senici compensation certificates,'wore announced today by Postmaster Herman Cross. Mississippi county veterans, It i I has been estimated, are entitled to receive more than $80:1.000 worth of bonds. The Blyihcvlllc postof- nce, it Is calculated, will handle about $250,000 of these bonds, all of $50 denomination. Hi-livery Tuesday The bonds lor Blyihcvlllc nnd Mississippi county, Mr. Cross lias bcsn advised, will be placed in the ~ N>..'. I N "iswTlJ Arrives al Vincenncs June M for dedication of Clark Memorial Ml). WASHINGTON, D. C, Depurliire June li Hetuni Juno 15 Arrives ul Dallas Jiiiu 12 to at Texas Centennial ^* «u$s.T"*i«~'O L '•N s. c Arrives Little Hock Jtino 10 lo speak at Arkiinsas Centemiiiil PARIS. June 8 CUP)—One hundred thousand coal miners struck " li> " & st - Louis at 12:01 n.m. next today in the north while a mil- i Monday, June is. They will arrive of file Hood bill by President lion jubilant strikers in other ' lcre " ml <1 - 1 J' uut actual dlstribu- Roosevelt. expected today, would be I areas awaited leaders' orders to 1 llon ° r them will not start before followed by an effort to arrange| return lo work after it major vie- j '1'uesdny, June Hi. They will be dean equitable way of apportioning! tory. tlic cosl of rights of way and casements among Ihe local interes's which will benefit by completion of the flood control work. Chief local cosl in Mississippi county, he pointed oul, will be involved In the proposed widening of Illvcr lloodway. District owns practically all of the land which will be required for setting back the east levee north' of tilt Highway 18 bridge bill to widen the floodway from the bridge to the PoinseLl county line, as contemplated in the plan, will require the acquisition .of much privately owned land, a: good deal of which .'is highly "developed. Mri Meyer- estimates that ris'ht of way over about $181000 worth of land in Dislrict 17 and about $75.000 worth -in District 16 must, be acnuired, either through outright purchase or throue'n purchase' of flowage rights While the floodway will lie large- The coal miners slruck despile an aGi-ecinenl by which employers conceded demands for higher pay. vacations with pay and other cci ic ess ions. Government leaders hoped to llvcred to the the recipient, addressee only and f nol known lo the clerk or carrier, iiiusl be Ideullflcd by someone known to tlie clerk or carrier bsfore lie can receive his bonds. Distribution of tlie bonds will be Taking j:art In historic celebrations in Arkannis. Texas and Vln- ceiinus, Incl. President Roosevelt. In bis latest torr, was scheduled lo follow Ihe Itinerary outllncjd above. After launching Arkansas' centenary Wednesday, June 10. lit- was lo cnlrnln for Kan Antonio. Texas lo visit the tamed Alamo. Alter a slop In Austin, he was lo speak, on Friday, Ju-.e 12. at Dallas, focal point of Ihe Texas Centennial. Ihen leave for r-'orl Worlh. The chluf executive's :iexl slop was lo be Vlncennes. Incl., on Sunday, June 14, lo parllclpul, dedication of the George liojcrs' Clark memorial. Then, iiflcr a Kentucky stop, he was return to Washington June ved In the Government leaders hoped to I DLstnmilm » <" l"e bonds will be file Little m | lhe I1CW sll . ik(J UJckK , T| | through the regular postal service 17 already believed it was due in narl'lo tlic!* 1 wl " be made as «xP«lllion5ly fact- thai provincial newspapc]^ could nol be published this morning because of the strike and that the miners did not know of the agreement. ,Ninc thousand Michclin rubber employes of the plant al Cler- monl-Vcrrancl went, lo work tills 1 ixjssible, Mr. Cross said, veterans may expect to receive their bonds from city or rural carrier at, one of the posloftlcc windows, just as they receive other mail. They must be present lo receive and sign for the bonds in person, however, as, postal employes will morning, intending lo occunv the ! lavc "° autno r il >' to driver them facfoiy oii strike, but"found'gates ° an S'one-bul,.the addressee. - : locked against them. The new Sccialist-Communlsl- Radlcal Socialist government which effected., the ..agreement In early hours of morning solini Possible' If „. leagii(:...j^eftisqs .to -Act,. Can Be Cumerleil !nlo Casl To assist veterans w'iio desire Ic convert their bonds into cash. E E. Ridings, assistant postmaster and ivcrson Morris, clerk, have made ready to take its first, great! f 1 ™' 1 clcsignatcil certifying offlccrs stride in its new deal ly in Drainage Dustnct 17, Its con-1 , )rogram ((mm , row . striiclion w-.ll be of greal benefit to rite is a project for national- lands in Drainage District D and - aMoil of walr nldllstric . Its sub-districts, Mr. Meyer point? out. He is hopeful thai an arrange- menl can be worked out for almost, county-wide participation in mset- ' Ing the costs of tlic flood program, which then would not be burdensome on any part of the county Most of the county, he believes/will benefit directly or indirectly from (lie security against St. Francis and Little River overflows which the program will provide. AVill Lose Assessments Whatever arrangement is made Dislricl 17 is certain to bear a major portion of <lie local financial burden. Aside from its share of the cost of acquiring rights of way the district stands lo lose $208,000 in good assessments on land to be included In the floodway. It is nl: so likely to lose abonl $800,000 iu assessments on the so-called Bis • Kike lands, .if the east Icvce of Big Lake is set back as is expected, but that will be largely a p.ip. loss, as t' lands arc paying no laxes. Tlic estimated $250.000 worth of light of way w'-.ich must be provided in Mississippi county is of course only a small part of whal is needed for Ihe entire St. Francis valley program, which provides for work in seven counlles in Arkansas and in five or more in Missouri. U will be necessary to obtain cxteii-s- ivc flowngc rig'iiU in Poinselt comity for completion of the Little River part of the program, in whicl Mississippi county is primarily interested. The Poinscll lands involved, however, are largely undeveloped, according to Mr. Meyer. Criltenden, Cross, Cratghead Greene and clay are lhe other Arkansas counties in which work Is contemplated. Pcmiscct, Dmiklin Butler, stoddard, Wayne and possibly other Missouri counties are . affected. mcnt con(rol legislative ' ' rllp S' will assist veterans in preparing applications for payment of their bonds in cash and will the bonds lo Little govcrn- s tor- Rock. powerful Postage free, for exchange. Appli- "inerchnnls of death" who make callls " ot known to the certifying armaments for Ihe French and ° mcc '' s m "sl b» Identified by re- many foreign governments. | sponslblc persons before I'.ielr bonds can be accepted for payment. Vcl- erans turning in their bonds will receive receipl^? from the ccrtify- Gathering at Shrevcport !,'!,Lniy' cc ? s ii T , , , » . f amount of their bonds will be sent them from Little Rock by mail. If not converted into cash the Veterans of Confederacy SIIHEVEPORT. La., June 8 (UD-Rcmnante of .he South* bonds will d^^e p^r e I once greal army reunited here terest until 1(147. today where one of lhe last flays of the Confederacy was hauled down in voluntary surrender. A fourth of the 0,000 men in gray were expected lo answer with lhe rebel yell tomorrow when the forty-sixth reunion of liie United Confederate Veterans open.-, a four-day session. old soldiers (Byrd high "Bad" Eggsjfatch in Sun CARL1NVILLE, lll.-A poultry .company used the shale pile near J lhe South Mine here as a dump for rhicken cut's which refvsetl to hatch after being given every chance in an incubator. Local residents, led bv Join- Bar racks for the arc at Camp Lee school), where breakfast was sorv- — ed today.. General Hurry R. Lee pras( 'r. mine manager, could hard- commandcr-in-chief, was present-1 ly utl|il ' vp 'heir eyes today when numerous chicks were seen lio)>- pln» around Ilic shale pile. T!u poultry company captured tin chicks and estimaled that more than ISO had teen halchecl In the hoi sun this week. si! with the keys of Ihe city by Major Sam S. Caldwell. Tlie U. S. Marine band. Louisiana Slate University, Little Rock hiKh school nnd Southern Methodist University bands will be among those providing music for] the reunion. City AlloriH-y, 85, on Job ONTARIO. Cal. <UP>—This cily believes il has lhe. oldesl active Huge Sllirecon Caught PORT CLINTON, O. (UP) 1 OS-pound sturgeon, six feet, inches long was caught In Lake Erie by Bill Hoil""iy and Cort city iltlor "' ; J' '» "ic" United Stales! j 1 , l!llcr - who °! leralc " nshln K llo! "E - "• Jolllffc - vvho recently ob- u wns «'« i;lr 6esl caught In this ... . , served Ins 8Dlh birthday, has been reappoinled lo lhal post by the city council for live yc.iv. wns «'« i;lr 6esl caught In this i^i ... r ,-« i ,^OK ct "' weral \cars. Ihe 12(h consent- CIOSIIW ' Stock Pl'lCCS ' J Chicago Corn July Scp open high low 57 1-8 57 5-8 57 1-8 Livestock dose CO ri-8 57 1-2 EAST ST. LOUIS, III.. June 8 (UP)—Hoes 10,000 Top 10.15 110-230 Ibs. 10.00-10.15 v MO-1GO Ibs. 9.00-10.10 Bulk sows 8.GO-8.90 Callle 4.500 Steers 8.00-8.50 Slaughter steers 6.00-8.75 Mixed yearlings and heifers 6.50-7.50 Slaughter heifers G.CO-8.50 Beef cows 4.75-5,f>0 Cullers and low cullers 3.25-4.50 New York Cotton NEW YORK, June Colton closed ste.idy. open high July llfiO 1165 Oct. 1080 1088 Dec 1077 1084 Jan 1070 K,8ij March 1078 1081 May 1078 1080 8 (UP) —] NFW YORK. JlllH- 8 (UP) lightening tit lhe tension li French finances today was re Heeled in a smart recovery in tlie Coiiimiiinslic l.ilcrn I u r c Fount! in Homo o[ Arkansas Union JVh'iiiljers MliMI'lllS, .h-.'u- tl HJI'i -1'i.llce Chief Will D. Ij'i- ivvi'Hled lodiiy he liutl sel/.ed a lin:u- quantity o f t'cmmunh:llc liti-raliue In a raid on n negro liouu- here when In nm-slcd live negro mi-nibi'rs ul I lie Houthern 'iVimnt l-'aruur.-i Union who tilaimi'd llu-y had been forced to leave t-iistc'in Arknnra plantations. The confiscated lUcrnlure t^ hllillcd by Chief UT ttidny li i-ludcd magay.liR'.s and nrllc'i ranging from Karl Marx's "Com- mimlst Manife.slo" nnd un arli'.:!t by Josof Slalin. liussian dlclalor lo soclnl wrllluiis of Ameilcan collciji! l'iilrt-11 Will I'm Nf«ni:s Meanwhile Gov. J. M. Fiiln-l! of Arkansas announced from Lille Rock Hint i:i m'grors lield li lull In CrltlcHden county, Ark "cr activities In connection will- he slilke would lie rclens.'il lulu is "Ihev hnve l:i".-n sulflclentiv punislied." Clovcinor I r ulrdl apparently 1m Kit received u letlcr from II. I. Mitchell, union execi'tlve secretary (lemandlng lhe release of ull.ntrlki -riscners. lie acted following a report from Snm 13. Whllakcr, .special fcdei-al Investigator, who (cpoid'dly came to Memphis today after completing an Imesll- gulion of conditions In the strike Direct Negotiations Wilkj High Court Declares Fish M nccm :r»i Pr»cc-,Klrt Tf .,..,1 P^.^.. /~*_....'..-':' LONDON, icror Ifnile June 8 (UP) Selassie may Em- go lo tome lo negotiate directly 'miller Benlto Mussolini If the league of Nations refuses lo fill- ill its obligations to oppose firmly Italy's conquest of Ethiopia, well informed French .quarters iaid today. A little while before Haile Selassie lied from Ethiopia, 11 is known now. Mussolini was ready lo offer him retention of Ills Ihrone and rule over a portion of the Amharic provinces of Ethiopia. ' ' [ The fact also, lhal a Iwcen Mussolini and lassie miglil provide a welcome c-icape to the League, Great Britain and Prance from their embarrassing situation. was not overlooked, clirecl agreement he- Halle Se- and Game ' Illegal mmssons L1TTLE ROCK, June 8.'<UP)— The slate supreme court today ruled thai the Arkansas fish and game commission order proiilhlllng ihi- hunting of deer with dogs was Illegal. The decision was In the case of a group of Grant, county hunters who opposed the rule which applied lo Ihclr own and several oilier counties. The court held thai the commission's rule was Illegal because li specified only n section instead of lhe stale as n Whole. 'Hie suit of Slate Comptroller Crnllin Smith, who .soughl to col- Iccl $5.000 from lhe bondsmen o Roy v. Leonard, former stale- trcas- Mrs. F. D. R. Plans Visit to Colony M KM I'll in, June 8. (UP)—Mrs. Franklin 1). Roosevelt, (raveling u Iny attend ol ',ier husband, is cx- in'cU'd to arrive here by train lo- inurrow and then go by motor on an in.spcH'linn trln io Dycss- Colony, In Ml.s-slssippl county. \>llou'lii|! the motor trip Mrs Hoosi'vi-ll plans lo relurn to Memphis lute In Mm day lo cutch lliu iirc'slcli'iil's siH'clul train ul mlcl- lil for Hoi Springs and I.lttli- Hock. Ik-r visit lo the Dyess colony wilt he (o gel hnml Informiillon on what Is being done lo rehabilitate tlie deserving- farmers who have been placed there under govcrn- tncnl supervision. Directors of ,l!ie colony iintl Col, j Lawrence Wostbvtmk, assistant nu-' llounl WPA director, also will vlsll trio i-ulony ul file same time. Mrs. ItoosevelL Is scheduled Ic make a (nlk to colony residents ul approxtmalely U p.m. five negroes arrested here were lo be Irlccl In city coml liiis £ifli-i}'ooh onl clnii-ges of lircutened breach of the jirac Campaign lo Raise Centennial Funds Merc A campaign for the $2.500 ccn- Icnnlal fund quota assigned Mississippi county by the Arkansas. Loyalty League will be conducled throughout Ihe couuly during the week of June 21 to 27, it was an- urer, was denied by the tribunal j charged falsely. Smith, as a stale olflcer, soughll lo collect that sum as Ihe amount lost by the sl:il<> In the closing of the Planters Bank and Trust company of Forrest Cllv. '. The court held dial because the attorney general had advised Leonard lo accepl $5,000 in full settlement of a J10.0QO deposit held,by Ihe slate al the lime tile bank i||sor<liTly conduct,._ and..'vagrancy. Asks Kclf-usc ' o'f l'rlsnu£-r!j" r '' " Mitchell 'today asked Oov. Pu- trell to release nil persons held lu connection with the Enst Arkiin- SILS cotton clioppcrs strike and to remit lines collected from other. 1 already convicted, Tile union offidul. In a lengthy leller lo thc (governor, insisted Hie arrested and convicted union leaders had committed no act of violence and that therefore Arkansas officials had no right lo Interfere wllli Iheir nctlvllles In promoting a "peaceful" stijike c/i farm laborers. He reminded Governor Pulreil of ills promise Saturday Ui release all persons lield and remit all tint's collected If federal inicl slate Investigators found they had been Houses and Crops Suffer; Three injured N e n r Slillmmi Sunday LEPANTO, Ark,. Julie 0.—Rnlltl- Ings nnd crops near Flynt Bend and Stllliuan, northeast of 'here in Mississippi county, were damaged and a number of persons sulfered minor Injuries in a wind, hall and rain storm thai struck shortly af- • M ii* ' i'-ifl n ' '• W nounced today by H. A. who has been appointed chairman. One-half of the money raised in Lynch. comity eloscd thai his bondsmen should nol be maile to pay the (inference. Stuttgart was granted the right to issue $75.000 worth of bonds for t'nc widening and paving . of Us streets In a decision against H. E Rhodes, who, as a taxpayer, sought to prevent the issue. Rhodes, in a suit,, declared thai the election of October 17, when (he bond issue was app was an Illegal one Because 11 hail not been proue.'iy advertised. The amount received from the bond Issue will be. matched wilh $67,000 from the tills county be retained for Siiots closed quiet at changed. low 11(50 107!) 1H4 I07G 1077 1078 1178. close 10SB 1084 1035 1081 103J Ull- New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. June 8 (UP) — The cotton market ranged from small declines to small advances today. The clcsc was six \niiils higher to one lower. open high low 1157 1159 1155 1074 1083 1073 1'W 1078 10<i<> 1071 1078 1071 1073 1073 1073 fninc to above tlie gold and a rise of fractions to mure than two poii:!s in Ihe slock nmv- kcl. A T and T 1(55 5-3 Anaconda Copper 335-3 .Bethlehem Slcrl 52 Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola General Amr-riran Tank General Electric General Motors International H.irvcslcr McKcsscn-Hobbins Montgomery Ward New York Central nlal commission In advertising tlie resources-of the county. The rest. along with n $150,000 allotment, by the federal government, will be- used by the Arkansas Centennial commission to advertise thc slate through maps, literature, pictorial material and welcome point stations, which are to be erected where tmpottant highways enter Jvly Oct Prc Jan March May close 1157 1082 107S 107R 10701i I07flb Spots closed quiet at 1187, oft I. 93 3-1 4 1-4 100 1-1 38 1-3. SO 7-8 85 1-4 9 43 1-2 35 1-6 Ihe stale. The Arkansas Loyalty League Is sponsored by the Arkansas Bankers association, in cooperation with the state centennial commission, and bankers have mimed to courtly cliairmau- 1935 •f.f Three-Year-Old-iBby Is Victim of Colitis WILL TIIKE STUES ler 1100)1 Sui)dny. i "• ' hi rim'r?" *it-ftb/ii ii ct • In manv Eiustanccs ([milage by wine and hail morn than olfsel any ben- edl lo be derived from Hie moisture. Three ileslrnycd One blouse on the J. 1 ] . Holiiuan place nnd Iwo on the properly o( the Missouri Slate Life comimm were destroyed. Liuvvcncc llarkci and ills three-year-old son were Injured when w'ind wrecked Ihch house on t'ne llollman place. Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Torre] rushed mil of (heir house on the Missouri Llfr property In time lo see il smashed by tlie wind. The home of Mr and Mrs. Aubrey Vance was alsc destroyed and Mrs. Vance was injured. Some fields of corn were virtually destroyed by rain anil liall. Cot- lou suffered less seriously, fiomr damage was done all Hie way from l£panlo lo West nidge and stlll- iiliiii G. 0. P, Support for Wages and Hours Amendment Grows Cl.KVHLAND, O., June 8 IUP) —Ston-l.andon forces weie capitulating on (wo fronts today. Senator William K llorah balked ut public participation, in tho com'enllon's anil-Kansas coalition. Old guitrd lenders: conceded that a slate home riijc constitutional nmenilmciit on ' wages and hours had nu even chance, for Inclusion in the 1MH Republican piesldeii- tlnl platform. Ttie st<jp-l,aiidon movement no\v confused, minus some of lib expected leaders, and In full re- rent. Pennsylvania hus 75 convention votes untl limy now sliool ll(c works on Laiulon on the second biillot at Hit! latest,. New York ilrciidy Is Imltway on the Lando'ii wagon. Thc Texas delegation in caucus voted unanimously to cast Its 25 tallot.i for Governor'. Ah* Lniuloii on the first roll call. Mcclj at '11''Tomorrow Senator .CH-orge H. Moses 1 , ICnox-for-prcsldcpt, spokcbman and nn opponent'of constitutional change said lotlay: that the question no longer wns whelhei the platform woulitc! cmlorsu stato rule In matters of wages, hours, and labor bul was merely a mailer of a choice of words , Tlic Republican imllonal con- venllon will inert nt 11 A M lo- morrow ami Is ahnosl certain no'w to nominate L,amlpn . foi picsl- rtcnl on an early ballol Thursday,. Leaders virtually were pgtccd on Ihe broad principle:! 'of a , (arm i/.'.llVd,'! Lawyers and Others Will 1 lave Opporlunily lo Hear Roosevcll Oircuit court,, coiu'ening here this morning, will recess late Tuesday until Monday, June 15, in order I'nai court oflicla:;. attorneys and others may attend Ihe centennial celebration in Littlir Hock Wednesday when President lionsevcll will be the stale's guest of honor. Hall, Wind al I.osl Cane S'iiowers, which fell yesterday over much of .Mississippi comity were loo llghl, for the mosl part to decisively end tbe dry spell gradually becoming a drouth, but In some sections, particularly the Cane community, heavy ruin- fail was accompanied by wind and hall, causing considerable property damage. Tenant houses were blown off blocks on two IX)Sl Cane farms and a barn was nnroafcd on another. Two houses on Waller Vnstblnd- er's farm wers pushed off their blocks by Hie heavy wiml anil nn: INI- .sunu.-> IliiL'Sl VI Honor, I ,, * J '. Jurors will report tomorrow, to- ~ hcr °V T- McClllllcv fnrm ' ' he rof *'" l ° n °" R tarn on day's session being consumed in tlic setting of the trial docket and tlie hearing of various motions by Judge Neil Kllloug'n, of Wynne. An unusually light trial docket awaits disposition at this term and allowing Ihe rain ami hail lo soak hay and corn stored within. There was a fair shower in the vicinity of Osceola and consldcr- Forrest Valentino Sanders, three- year-old son of Mr.'and Mrs'* J K. Sanders, died at Ihe family home, 1209 West Holly street- al two o'clock yesterday . afternoon His death was attributed to co- Funoral services were held al Cobb chapel tills afternoon with tlic Rev. w. V. womack, pastor of tlic First Methodist church, officiatins! Interment was made at, Maple Grove cemetery. Tlic Cobb Funeral Home was in charge of funeral ar- rflllBemont'; • ' prospects are that court will ad-! nl)ic r!1 ' n in " 1D " cst central ami ijoism Wednesday or Thursday of 1 southern parts of (he county, ac• coinpanied in places by damage toy Packard 10 I-8 Phillips Petroleum 395-8 Uadlo Corp 113-4 St. Louis-San Francisco 2 Simmons Beds 28 3-4 Standard of N J 58 1-2 Texas Co 31 1-2 U S Rim-llms SO U S Slc-el '• 6! 3-8 Warner Bros 97-8 this county calls for the sate of 250 Loyally League memberships n* $10 each. Before the opening of the campaign June 21 Mr. Lynch plans to perfect local organizations al Blytlicvllle, Osceola, Wilson, Manila and Lcachville lo handle the sale of memberships. ' . | Chicago Wheat July Sep °Pen 83 3-4 24 3-8 high 84 5-8 84 T-8 low 83 1-2 84 1-3 Ho-w three brolhers, James; Mauri Vernoti. 'ice anil next week with the [rial docket wiped clean despite Judge Killough's announcement that in «-oulcl iiokl court Into a third or eMrn week if necessary lo make up lor the days to be lost this week. Orders for tile removal of Uvo cafes against tlie Frisco railroad and one againsl J. c. Penney store company lo federal court and an order of dismissal of a sull against the cotton Bell railroad played a considerable part. In reducing the trial docket. I Among the cases left for trial arc I tho suit brought by W. D. Lynch against the East Arkansas Build- rain nnd hail, but around Blyllic- villc and over most of file north- cm part of the comity the rain wns loo llirht lo do any real good. The drouth siluatioii over most of tile county has not yet become .. .. volcis of Ainerien's "bread imkot" bul there iviis . Increasing dissent over proposals' for n .constitutional imciidmcnt, lo glve'slntcs the right 10 fix hours and wages nlul grow- !ny demaiui tor a short platform vritlen in simple clear 'lingup,e Ilcniii Ai-ulnst Amendment Foremost nnd busiest . nmong those testing their strensth against stiggesllons arising from- the London cniup was Senator, William B. lioiiih, who ciuickly' cslabllslicd contact wltli a dozen ; tate Iea(i»!io and promised to set oft the liVsl big cannon cracker under iv.c plntform makers later this afternoon. F3orah is strongly against nny constitutional amendment to por- mil slates to fix hours and wages iiul on Hint point he tins sup- ucrl nmons leaders who believe that such a plank would aid llh! New Deal campaign more than 11 would help Republicans. -•• Another plank on which controversy developed was a sugges- lion by Lamlpn men for a cleclaro- tlon for sound currency.' wllh- tlrawal of Hie prosldenr.H power to fix the value of the dollar, ai\i) l>erhaps return to the gold stands ard when and If conditions warranted. : Eight Assessed $10 Each ; for Public Drunkenness Pines and forfeitures were ordered in ejghl' cases of public drunkenness by Municipal Judge Doyle Henderson this morning, following an -unusually active weekend* on the part of police. Those meted out $10 fines included Cud Jones, Zllnn Milton. Randolph Jackson, John Toland, T. J. Woodson. P. D. Campbell, Noih Erwin and Eugene Crowe, negro. '.'.'. Duke Gillick was fined $10 for operating a car without a .c'lWiif- feur's license. . i Girl Vuffs Trophy Cigar . DERKEILEY, Cal. (UP) — Miss Bobble Hunt, Santa Cruz freshman, bet she would smoke a cigar serious. Gardens arc hard hit and I if the University of California some corn Is beginning lo suiter ! succeeded In gelling a trophy but cotton as ;.-el is in excellent | room. She smoked half of the el- condition, jgar and Uie remainder will be kept in the new trophy room. D rilrse A woman's purse, w ,Ui snatched by a negro, near the Main and Seventh street Intersection, earlv Saturday night. Approximately six dollars was in the purse, the woman, who rejwrted the u>«s to officers. stated. No record of Hie woman's naur ers Supply company and that of {Danirl Crump, negro, agalnsl the Silver Fleet, fnc., scl for June 16 Lynch seeks reimbursement from the Rist Arkansas company for damage to Ills car and personal injuries in a highway accident while Crump asks damages for injuries received while working on Ihe Sll- vi-r Fleet truck terminal here. was made Ul 3-4 the report. recclvill s f'lnislopher Columbus' voyage fi' db-covery to America cost only atom Slim He was paid about $v>0 for his work. Newport Gels Heavy Hain LITTLE KOCK. June 8. (UP)— Rain during tlie past 24 hours broke the drouth in some central nnd northeastern sections of the state according to weather bureau officials here. New-port received 2.49 inches of rainfall. Little Rock received 2.42 Inches of rain Saturday night and Sunday while Joncsboro received .6 of an Inch and Darctanelle. In th> west central part, had 1.9 inc'nes. Planters in thc southern and eastern sections of tlie state reported their districts had received no rainfall while some sections that did receive rain reported thai' It • ••> ( i. 1 ill 1 1 IVJ/V1 IfU til.It 1L i IUL C as too light to be of much benefit,! year. WEATHER Arkansas—Fair toniglit, Tviesday partly cloudy, local llumdershow- ers in northwest and extreme north portion. Memphis and vicinity—Partly' cloudy tonight and Tuesday. Not much change--In. temperature. Tlie maximum temperature here yesterday' was 93, minimum: &&. partly cloydy with .02 of an Inch rainfall, according - : to.,-.Samuel F Norris, offlciar «t>alhttr-.-observer. Saturday tlic maximum temperature was 97, this riottesl day of Ihe

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